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Chinese Police Are Now Working With Impunity In FOREIGN Countries… Is America Next?

We already knew they had 'shadow' police stations... now they're doing extrajuducial extraditions

China is making it clear that there will be NO sanctuary or safe place to hide from the long arm of their secret police… even if you flee the country.

Does THIS story explain what’s REALLY going on with all of those fighting-age Chinese citizens jumping the Mexican border?

FoxNews reports a 7000% jump since the beginning of Biden’s term, with a projection of 14,000% if these numbers hold to the end of this fiscal year.

In 2021, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended 342 Chinese nationals. In 2022, that number jumped to 1,987. Then, in 2022, the number rose to an astonishing 24,125 — which, of course, doesn’t include the “gotaways” who made it past the Border Patrol.
Still, nothing compares to what’s ahead. So far, this year’s numbers have already eclipsed 2023 with 24,296 arrests — and we still have six more months to go in the fiscal year. Chinese migrants are among the fastest-growing groups illegally crossing the southern border. Even more concerning, the overwhelming majority of these Chinese migrants are military-age males.

The article says nobody but China knows why. And that’s true in the broader sense. That doesn’t mean we are without clues. For example:

Chinese police hunting international corruption targets were allowed into Australia by the federal police and subsequently escorted a woman back to China for trial, in a major breach of Chinese-Australian police protocols.
The revelations, contained in Monday night’s Four Corners program about a former Chinese spy, prompted a sharp rebuke from federal politicians who are concerned the act may have undermined Australia’s national security.
The Chinese police were permitted to enter Australia in 2019 to talk with a 59-year-old Chinese-born Australian resident.
The woman was targeted under a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) anti-corruption drive called Operation Fox Hunt, which relies on police from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) to make arrests.
Her case is one of 283 cases documented by an international NGO, Safeguard Defenders, in its recent report, Chasing Fox Hunt.
While Fox Hunt is described by the CCP as targeting “economic criminals”, human rights groups have said it is also used to silence dissidents and abduct people around the world.
ABC Australia

For context, here’s what authorities in America — and around the world — were sounding the alarm about just last year:

The spokeswoman referred to the United Front Work Department, an arm of the Chinese Communist Party linked to the overseas police stations, according to previous reports from Safeguard Defenders.
Safeguard Defenders has documented more than 100 of the outposts in dozens of countries, and officials are increasingly worried about them as a way for China to spy and keep tabs on its people abroad.
The suggestion of additional Chinese police stations in the U.S. comes after the Monday arrests of two New York men charged with running one in New York City’s Chinatown. The men conspired to act as agents of the Chinese government in establishing and running “the first overseas police station” in the U.S., according to the Justice Department.

Maybe — just maybe — that open border policy the Democrats are defending so passionately is a REAL national security threat, rather than the fake kind they keep trying to accuse Trump of being.

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