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HILARIOUS: ANOTHER Leftwing Cancel Culture Juggernaut Is Handing Out Pink Slips

After waging a long war against ordinary people, the time has come to pay the piper

The slander and spear campaigns of the political left have finally started catching up with them.

Remember when the FBI claimed that Catholics with a preference for Latin Mass were a possible domestic terror threat? The FBI’s only source for that assertion was the SPLC.

Moms for Liberty? They’re a ‘hate group’, according to the SPLC. Along with pretty much every conservative group that’s ever been assembled. And who can forget the shooting at the Family Research Council back in the days when Chick Fil A was the left’s biggest boogeyman? The LGBT shooter picked a target based on a ‘hate’ list put out by — you guessed it — the SPLC.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is laying off more than a quarter of its staff so it can place a greater “focus” on racial justice issues, the nonprofit’s union announced via X on Wednesday.

More than 60 SPLC employees were fired, functionally eliminating the nonprofit’s Learning for Justice program as well as its operation providing free legal representation to immigrants detained in the southern United States, according to the union. The SPLC, alongside other initiatives, publishes an annual “hate map” which places mainstream conservative organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom and Gun Owners of America alongside groups widely regarded as extremists, like the Ku Klux Klan, hampering their ability to fundraise.

“We announced internally the consolidation of certain programs and activities as well as the elimination of others, resulting in staff reductions,” the SPLC said in statement, according to the Alabama Reflector. “This was a difficult but necessary decision to focus and align our work with our programmatic priorities and goals. We deeply value the contributions of all our staff and their commitment to ensuring the promise of equal justice is a reality for all,” it continued.


They’ve faced withering criticism for it from within. A very long social media rant vented it’s spleen against the SPLC as only a jilted leftist could.

A sample of the larger whole:

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Wes Walker

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