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LAPTOPPING: How Biden Loyalist Media Are Gaslighting Us AGAIN

Now we've got a word for it.

Of all the the 2020 election’s dirty tricks, the nastiest was when the media and the IC abused public trust to suppress an entirely-true, but highly damaging story about Hunter’s laptop.

Because Blinken leaned on his buddies to suppress the story, the New York Post scoop about Hunter’s laptop had been suppressed.

Polls have since told us that enough Biden voters in battleground states would have changed their vote based on that laptop information that the Presidential race would have turned in Trump’s favor. The truth eventually came out — in the Hunter Biden prosecution this month, ironically — but the Biden was sworn in and the damage was already done.

One Conservative voice has given it a name: Laptopping.

This week we are seeing a prime example of ‘laptopping’ with the media volunteering as an echo chamber for the White House use of the phrase ‘cheap fakes’ to try to convince us all that some of Joe Biden’s more spectacular public failures are not what we can all see them to be.

Obama did NOT take Joe by the arm and lead him off stage in that Hollywood fundraiser.
Joe did NOT have to be directed back to the photo op by other world leaders when he was distracted by another paratrooper off camera.
Joe did NOT stand still and confused for a long time while everyone else at the ‘Juneteenth’ celebration was dancing along to the music.

No less a flunkie that Brian Stelter has volunteered as tribute to help spearhead this round of laptopping:

He has no idea that he just invoked the same ‘two movies one screen’ analogy that Scott Adams used to explain how Democrats can look at the Charolottesville Hoax, which (in its full and fair context) obviously did NOT endorse racism that Trump specifically and explicitly condemned.

Of course, Martha McCallum was one of many Conservative sources who played the entirety of clips the White House was complaining about in which there was NO evidence of manipulation or jump cuts.

The fact that they are working so hard to debunk all evidence of Biden as mentally diminished is because it’s getting harder and harder to deny that Democrats KNOW he’s no longer half the man even HE used to be, and yet they STILL back him as President, not because he’s a good or trustworthy leader, but because he’s a means to an end for the policies they want to push.

It’s time for a generation to step up who’s willing to tell the world that the Emperor has no clothes… and damn the consequences.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck