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DEAR VOTER: The GOP ‘Elite’ Is NOW Pronouncing Trump, ‘Dead On Arrival’ … Do YOU Agree?

Trump was predicted to Crash and Burn before… are his critics actually right this time?

Trump could just quote Mark Twain in response:
“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

GOP honchos are afraid Trump has gotten “off-message”. Rumors are that some are trying to reign him in.

The group of GOP heavyweights hopes to enlist the help of Trump’s children — who comprise much of his innermost circle of influential advisers — to aid in the attempt to rescue his candidacy. Trump’s family is considered to have by far the most influence over the candidate’s thinking at what could be a make-or-break moment for his campaign.

Pence and others deny any such intervention.

What are they reacting to? Here’s an example”

Stunned Republicans began seriously considering the idea of an exit ramp after an extraordinary few days during which Trump continually lashed out against a Gold Star family critical of his position on Muslim immigration, declared that he’d “always wanted” a Purple Heart but that it’s “easier” to receive one as a gift, and declined to endorse top Republican candidates including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

What is the counter-argument? Trump has outlasted 16 other GOP opponents, defying all the odds. And defying the supposed wisdom of all the pundits. More than that, he was wildly successful at packing stadiums.

The Gurus that are staging an intervention have been in the political wilderness for the last 8 years. Some would say that THEY are the ones who needed an intervention… and that Trump was that intervention.

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