Caroline Kennedy-“I can’t stand to hear Obama’s voice.”

Ed Klein’s blockbuster new best-seller about President Barack Obama chronicles Obama’s insulting snubs of staunch supporter Caroline Kennedy, the sole surviving child of President John F. Kennedy.

Caroline even became so disgusted by Obama she called him a “liar and worse.”

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Klein’s just-released book “Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House” skyrocketed to the No. 1 spot on the New York Times best-seller list in its first week in publication and has remained there for the third week in a row.

Klein offers surprising behind-the-scenes details about Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s relationship with Caroline and other members of the Kennedy clan.

Like Oprah Winfrey, Caroline Kennedy is among the high-profile Democrats who have been “largely frozen out of the White House,” in part due to protective senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Klein discloses.

During the 2008 primary campaign, Caroline enthusiastically supported Obama, comparing him to her father JFK. She and her uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, broke long standing ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton to strongly back Obama in the contested 2008 Democratic primary.

Caroline even described Obama as the heir to her father’s political legacy, writing, “I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president — not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans.”

And Caroline and Sen. Kennedy’s support even caused a rupture in the Kennedy clan, known for its tight family bond.

Bobby complained to his uncle Ted Kennedy about the “outrageous way” the Obama camp tried to hang the charge of racism on Bill Clinton.

Bobby grew angry listening to Caroline praise Obama at a family luncheon and squeezed his glass so hard that it shattered in his hand, “shocking everyone and causing a sudden silence,” Klein reports.

Ethel Kennedy was so gung-ho for Obama during the 2008 campaign that she even stopped talking to her son Bobby, an Obama critic.

After Obama won the election, Ethel invited him to visit her home but her request was met with silence. “Ethel was so angry that she went on a rampage inside her house, cursing the president and turning over furniture.”

Seeking a position as an adviser on education policy, Caroline sent the White House a long memo detailing her suggestions for reform and asking for a meeting with the president. She never got a response.

Caroline again sought a meeting with Obama while he was vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 2011, staying at a house close to Caroline’s. The president spurned her overture, and “a presidential snub had turned into an insult,” Klein observes.

Caroline heard back from White House sources that the president and first lady made catty remarks about how badly the Kennedy women dressed and how their homes were shabby.

Caroline felt that Michelle didn’t want the Kennedys to be part of the administration because she feared they would have too much influence over the president.

At a White House reception, Caroline said shaking hands with the first lady was “like shaking hands with a cold fish.”

Caroline was annoyed by what she called “odious” comparisons in the media between her mother Jackie and Michelle.

Caroline ultimately became so disillusioned about Obama that she said: “I can’t stand to hear his voice anymore. He’s a liar and worse.”

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  • pateboo

    Add “can’t stand seeing him, he makes me ill” to her comment, and that would make at least TWO of us.

    • annmarie

      but they will vote for the jerk because they are DEM’s….. sick

      • chickief

        somehow, I don’t think so.

        She has seen the error of her ways AND made the admission. No doubt she is recovering her sanity.

    • paco12348

      3 of us!

      • 19gundog43

        At least 48% of us.

    • Janice Handel

      When his lying face appears on TV I quickly change the channel. Cannot stand looking at him……Nor his wife!!

      • Spookie 2


      • Spookie 2


      • Spookie 2


    • omegaman

      Pateboo — Try “millions of us”.

  • Jack

    Watching liberals go at each other is fun

    • pam

      haha truth

  • Moi

    They’re soooooo used to everyone kissing their asses. This stings them! Poor Kennedys

    • chickief

      This is about the awakening of the Kennedys, and shows the attitude of BHO toward not just them but the rest of US too.

  • ves

    Well she and her uncle damaged an entire nation with their thoughtless backing of the liar in chief!
    The American. People have paid a heavy price for her uninformed choices!!

    • metheoldsarge

      Interesting that I haven’t seen any of this in main stream media. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

      • Sylvia

        Expect the worst, and hope for the best in news. Thank God we can look outside the proverbial ‘box.’

      • jude

        miss prissy caroline was snubbed by missy michele, it was in the news, missy caroline will be a speaker at the DNC, how’s that for I can’t stand to hear his voice another lie by the liberal base.

        • metheoldsarge

          Maybe they got to her and made an offer she couldn’t refuse.

        • Guest

          get a life!!!!!

        • Guest

          get a life!!!!!

        • Guest

          get a life!!!!!

      • Iknow

        Read the book Amateur, its online for less that five bucks, but worth hundreds.

    • nans

      just shows how,ignorant, stupid and braindead they really are, if they couldn’t see thru this lying pos from the getgo, however slick willy even says, ovomit will remake America from the ground up!!! what does that sound like to you, WORLD DOMINATION.

    • ogieyoungnhip

      The remarks Ms. Kennedy made at the DNC belie the comments she supposedly has spoken and the fact that she now says she can’t stand the sound of Obama’s voice. She must have heard some of the criticism she received from her public after her remarks at the convention and is now trying to separate herself from him. Too late Ms. Kennedy- you and your uncle aided and abetted his election and thus the change in our country which your father loved. He must be turning over in his grave and you should be ashamed of yourself

  • rosemarienoa

    odumbo’s chickens are coming home to roost!!!

    NOBAMA 2012!!!!

    • Andy

      Nobama is right, But this split and snub of the Kennedy clan shows a side of obama that he has tried to hide. He is no democrat in fact he could care less about any of them. He will use any of them then throw them under the bus to further his socialist/communist agenda. Some are starting to see that. obama and his inner circle just laugh at the other democrats and the stupid masses that support him like the lemmings they are. We have to defeat him in November.

  • frank

    The kennedy’s have always figured they were special!!! It’s somewhat refreshing to hear of her getting snubbed by the obamas, even though i despise the obamas!!! Begs the question, why isn’t she front & center blasting obama for his LIES that she claims?!!! she’s as fake as they come! More about charades than anything else!!!

  • TheAztecPatriot

    Kennedy’s got suckered by a sucker! I love it!

    • pam


    • Janice Handel

      Many people now realize how Obama suckered them into voting for him when he would give his awe inspiring speaches. Hopefully all of them have come to their senses & will now give Mitt Romney their vote? This country cannot take another four more years of Obama…….

  • Chuck Holmes

    If he is snubbing the Kennedy’s, Doesn’t that seem racist? She looks about 70 years old. She should pal up with Pelosi and find out who stretches her face for a referral. All in all, some of us can perceive a loser from a long ways away. Obama is just another con man the same as Carter and Clinton. They are around so many con men and woman on Capitol Hill that they think this is normal for everybody. naught!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chickief

      by making a personal attack on Caroline you are no better than the libturds that do the same.

      She has seen the error of her ways AND made the admission. No doubt she is recovering her sanity.

      • MARK

        Not so quick w/that praise~!~Let her earn it by her actions & personal & public condemnation of that bastard~!

      • jude

        And why is she going to be a speaker at the DNC in Charlotte?

      • omegaman

        What a moronic statement.

  • David Heath

    None of us can stand the sound of his lying voice, not the look on that smug Muslim Face, Caroline.. you are not alone.

    • CinciJew

      His voice sounds like a donkey braying. Just download a donkey braying and sound it next time you hear Obama speaking his lies, the sound is identical. His ancestor Yishmael is likened to a wild donkey which is a destructive animal just like Obama.

    • jude

      She is lying don’t believe what the media tells you. She will be a speaker at the DNC.

  • Sylvia

    When a Kennedy says that about a ‘Democrat’ President, you’re in big, big trouble. Oh, so many of us feel her excruciating pain. LAWL

    • Homer

      Does any one here give a flying flip who any Kenedy backs for president?

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Caroline it’s your fault he’s in the white house so sit down and shut up!

    • chickief

      She has seen the error of her ways AND made the admission. No doubt she is recovering her sanity.

      • $2274472

        Errors of what ways? She backed a Dem who is snubbing her?

        • Bruce Darling

          Princess Caroline is upset because she has been snubbed. Her shabby treatment is a reminder that you are likely to be infested with fleas when you sleep with dogs.

          • Bruce Darling

            I mean no offense to dogs but to liberals.

          • Leah Haley Morrison

            Caroline’s ego is almost as large as BOs.

          • jude

            yes and she will be singing his praises at the DNC in charlotte

      • Macdonald Cory

        Kennedys can never recover their sanity. That dispicable clan has used their family members deaths as a leverage for power and have helped destroy this country. Even though John Kennedy was a scum bag in his personal life, he never would have gone as far left as Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy must have been dropped on the head when the was a baby. To bad he didn’t catch a bullet before he damaged this country.

        • Guest

          Are u a retard?? well obviously

        • Guest

          Are u a retard?? well obviously

        • Guest

          Are u a retard?? well obviously

    • $2942628

      Let the woman speak . . . hell hath no fury like a woman scorned . . .

      . . .

      You’re running again?

      April 4, 2011

      Dear President Obama,

      Normally when someone applies for a job they have a record and a resume to present. Even a birth certificate for certain positions of higher responsibility. I’ll let Mr. Trump handle the birth certificate thing, he seems to be real upset over it, and so long as he never utters the words “third party” he has my full and complete support in his endeavor. In your case we have something far more valuable, albeit costly in lives and wealth, but valuable nevertheless. That would be the experience of having you as our President. As with most liberal democrats it has been extremely expensive and XXXXXX.

      When you were campaigning you banged the anti war drum so much you looked like that Indian from F-Troop. All you lacked was the war paint. Yet, as President you slathered yourself in all the warpaint you could find. If I were in a middle eastern country I would be sleeping under the bed in kevlar underwear. I’ve got to wonder if you were lying to your core supporters then, or are you lying to the American people now? Doesn’t it seem even slightly odd that you would expect the same people who voted for you based upon the astroturf from the “anti-war-bush movement” to now be motivated to vote for you? Sure does to me. In the 60’s this drug infused movement voted happily for Nixon, though they never admitted it, because they had witnessed what LBJ and McNamara had done to this country. It is comforting to see Secretary Gates at least marginally call you out for your misguided leadership.

      Domestically we can’t be in worse shape. You have placed the American peoples collective XXX in the ringer and you are squeezing every productive bit of milk out of it that you, and the rest of the liberal democrats, can lay their hands on. Which is odd considering that you are converting the insurance companies into tax collectors and doctors into subsidized agents of the federal government via Obamacare. The next time I go for my prostate exam I’ve little doubt they will be searching not only for any signs of cancer, but anything of value I may be hiding, because if you win in 2012 that is the last place any American will have to place anything for safe keeping. Sure hope Barney Frank is not around to write the legislation to fix this problem. As for the job market. It is dead in the water. Worse, sinking so fast James Cameron is considering making another film about it and casting you as the Captain of the USS Obama, you can forget sending out the life rafts they were sold to pay the interest on our debt so you could pay off your union friends.

      As for Americans on an individual basis they are as shafted as ever. In order to keep our homes our 401k’s are nearly gone. Bearing in mind that the government used trillions, to cover over the whole Fannie and freddie scam that worked on foreign countries right up to the point that we could no longer carry on the scam. Maybe you should have hired Mr. Madoff to run it? As for you, Mr. Obama, you were hired to repair the economy, fix the housing market, and end the war. While I disagree with the end the war part. You spoke, and the people decided. You could say “Obama lied and people died.” I’ve got to know how much did you pay that guy “Ed” in your first campaign video to lie and say those words, because if he believes them I’m a monkeys uncle.


      Joe Doakes

      • hyedenny

        Brilliant! But we all know who the REAL monkey’s uncle is.

  • tommyboy

    I have nopity on her or any other kennedy. Historically it was the the kennedy presidency that started the moral decline of the U.S.. They were encouraged by the press to act as they saw fit, turning the White House into a brothel.etc. From there on anything goes until we are where we are. The whole kennedy clan are nothing but white trailer park trash with inherited ill gotten money. P.S.Trailer parks have a lot of decent people living in them and I am not referring to them. I am merely using clinton era verbiage to describe the kennedy clan.

    • Uzitiger

      I agree, the Kennedys think that they are special but they are the scum of the earth. Joseph Kennedy their patriarch made millions selling poisons to Hitler before the US entered World War II. His son Ted murdered his pregnant mistress by allowing her to drown and the local police did not even charge him with the crime. May the Kennedy curse come to fruition on all of Joseph’s descendants.

  • Larry Major

    I can tell you how Obama was voted in the liberal media, wanted the first black president and the voters who had no idea who Obama really was since they went to government schools voted for him on a cliche of Hope and Change and that is all they needed to hear, he hypnotized them, at a voting place they interviewed as they came out them and the interviewer asked them question about politics and government and they had no clue !

    • 19gundog43

      Don’t forget white guilt. After three years of this train wreck in our WH I see far more white people driving cars with Obozo’s bumper sticker for 2012 than blacks. You just cannot fix stupid.

  • Count Hogula

    Kennedys are scum who want to dictate how we live while they live off a tax free trust fund headquartered in Fiji. Suck on it Caroline.

    • chickief

      spoken like a true libturd, how tolerant of you. You sound like a an o-bot.

      • omegaman


    • Guest

      Were u born with a brain? or just an illusion???

    • Guest

      Were u born with a brain? or just an illusion???

    • Guest

      Were u born with a brain? or just an illusion???

  • rivahmitch

    I can’t stand to hear any Kennedy or the Kenyan Marxist (to whom they’re tied) so I’ve no sympathy for the dumb B.

  • Larry1

    Someone mentioned Valarie Jarret: Part of her job description is to protect obumer so people don’t catch him in another lie, i.e. make sure no one is around when he doesn’t have his teleprompter.

    • 19gundog43

      It appears she is Soro’s puppet master in the WH. She keeps her hand up Obummer’s backside like a sock puppet. Obozo would run around like a little lost puppy if she didn’t hold his leash.

  • brs02

    “Caroline ultimately became so disillusioned about Obama that she said: ‘I can’t stand to hear his voice anymore. He’s a liar and worse.’”
    Caroline and I finally have something in common. The betrayal finally gives the Kennedy’s a thread of a link to everyday a America.

  • logic thinker

    The Kennedys are upset because they feel they are entitled to special access to the White House. This is not a monarchy; the Kennedys think they are royalty.

  • Doris

    It is a wise person who changes her mind in light of new facts!

    • MichaelH1836

      She hasn’t changed her mind one little iota. She still believes that Kennedys have a right to be controllers of America. She’s just pissed that Obama hasn’t given her the ‘go-ahead’ to take her rightful position.

  • ORT

    She is whining now, but when the next liberal douche’ comes along she will fall in lockstep behind that person. Toe the party line, carolyne…….you can’t help yourself.

  • Pakinpastor

    Dems atacking dems! I wish this was on pay-per-view. Then we could pay down the debt!

  • John Beam

    Regarding listing to Oblamer speak, it’s torturous to hear him whistle those SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS’s. Sometimes they’re eardrum-piercing.

    • MARK

      Have you not learned how to switch channels the moment his mug appears on the screen?? His face & voice is as welcome in my home as that of Jane Fonda~!!

  • Ms_V

    You campaigned for the idiot – shut up. I think it’s funny that you now have to listen to his ugly wife be compared to your mother – just desserts for being so stupid. Better wise up where politicians are concerned; just because you’re the daughter of a politician and a brilliant woman doesn’t mean you are in the same league as they were. Perhaps if you lived in my world awhile instead of your ivory tower you could come down to Earth and see what reality looks like – it’s where Obama looks like the liar, crook, and charlatan he is, along with his trashy wife. She was disgusting in Dayton, OH., talking “ghetto” to supporters, trying to fit in with them. She was worse than anyone there.

    • chickief

      She has seen the error of her ways AND made the admission. No doubt she is recovering her sobriety/sanity.

  • MichaelH1836

    While I may sympathize with poor Caroline, in the back of my mind there’s a sneaking suspicion that she’s REALLY upset because she wants the Kennedy liberal tradition of running the lives of Americans to be continued through Obama. I respected JFK for a lot of reasons, but the “new” Kennedy clan is sure of their entitlement to be leaders. I wouldn’t grant them that. The current Kennedys and the entire Obama regime can go straight to blazes as far as I’m concerned. Both bunches are anathema to our nation.

  • reggiec

    How do those buss wheels feel Caroline?

  • Texasgirl

    (This article reads like a cheesy article in Us Magazine or the National Enquirer.) Caroline and so many others should have used better judgement during Obama’s campaign for President. The man from nowhere, with no record, was blindly trusted and accepted by the Democratic Elite and everyone else who wanted to prove they weren’t racist by voting for him! Please vote him out while you have the chance!

  • SallyE

    JFK would not be considered radical enough to be in today’s Democrat party. And comparing Michelle to Jackie is a sick joke. I turn down the TV or radio whenever I start to hear his voice. It helps to keep me sane.

  • Sue

    Caroline couldn’t touch the hem of her father’s trousers.

  • $2274472

    A day late, and a dollar short.

  • Not fooled

    She can say she is mad all she wants. Does anyone think she will vote against him in the coming elections? I say no way. She will vote for him, mad or not. It’s the liberal way. I can hear her now. “I don’t really like him but…”

  • EdinNola

    Its hard to disagree with the sentiment, but “she made her bed”. If she doesn’t like it, she needs to do something about it, and I don’t see that coming.

  • lizaz

    You aren’t alone, Caroline!!!!

  • Buster

    Can the Democratic party say duped? Don’t feel sorry for them . They have been out Alinskied by a more studied practioner.

  • GDC

    I can’t stand to see or hear him!!!

  • noweareman

    Who did “Uncle Teddy” back for President again?

  • ImAPepper1942

    One can best be assured that all the old whities who stayed at home in 2008 because they never dreamed that a black man would get into the whitehouse, will be out there to vote to assure that Nobama will be a “one trick pony” and will not be in the whitehouse for another four years! Ya betcha!

  • jb80538

    I can’t stand hearing his voice either. I also can’t stand looking at all the photos of him looking smug and arrogant. He could drop off the face of the earth today and I certainly wouldn’t miss him.

  • ImAPepper1942

    I have also noticed that Nobama does not speak any more, he shouts! He sounds like a dictator and we can do without a dictator! Caroline Kennedy for president!

  • ImAPepper1942

    Yeah, braying donkey!

  • redpens

    Don’t feel bad Caroline. O bamboozled millions more too and continues to lie to get reelected

  • Macdonald Cory

    I put every broadcast device on mute when Obama comes on. So, now I have something in common with the Kennedys whom I dislike like.

  • Bruce

    My goodness…..all lhe did was put her in her place! She’s nobody. And she has been told so on no uncertain terms.
    Now, her feelings are hurt. “He doesn’t want to talk to me” Sounds like a jilted teenager.
    However, if the Kenyan thought she’d be worth a few votes he’d call her. Then she’d go right back into hero worship, might even crawl to the white house.

  • victorbarney

    Caroline, I’ll say this: your father was the ONLY Democrat that I ever LIKED! Just saying…

  • KarenWI

    President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do FOR YOU, Ask what you can do FOR YOUR COUNTRY” obama is quite a difference from this – he’s definately an ‘ask what your government can do for you’ kind of person
    If Caroline really understands what her father said, she’d see what a bad president he is.
    I’ve often wondered why the Mitt Romeny campaign doesn’t pick up on what the DEMOCRAT Kennedy said…

  • Fksht

    Caroline, you’re a dupe. You wanted to be, and you were sucked in, now you’re pissed. Too bad honey, it’s your own fault. Is there a chance you will wake up? I doubt it, once a lib dummie always a lib dummy. So no one is going to be shedding tears on your behalf any time soon. Live with it.

  • jdbixii

    Having never put any stock in the judgment of liberals, (one only needs to do a “then and now” comparison of what they have said or done to prove a lack of discernment) I am never disappointed in them. It is always heartening to know that they displease each other with their inconsistencies. Live and learn.

  • AG

    It’s SO much more than Obama’s voice that should be bothering and concerning ALL of us. Seriously, watch and spread this video, please! “The Lying, Dying Liberal Communist Agenda in America”

  • Cheryl

    She’s another liberal who lives in lala land and got a pretty big shock from the fraud-in-chief. I’m sure she regrets not staying loyal to the Clintons, but she is still a liberal.

  • Barb Patton

    So daddy’s little girl is opening her big mouth now (after the fact) and is pontificating about the ayatollah barack hussein obama!! give me a break – another one of those women that needs to wear Depends because everytime they see the ayatollah they drool. Enough already

  • Jacqui Zollner

    This article is pathetic……..just feeding the fire. Maybe he didn’t like their breakfast choices too? Or maybe better yet, they didn’t get to bed ontime.

  • majorl3

    Oprah Winfrey was tossed under the bus buy Obama also. wonder what she thinks about him now!

  • Herbie

    Obama sucks but Caroline would still like him if he gave her a job…..Caroline Kennedy and all these star struck libs are really out of touch in their gated communities and are bad judges of character. The” best and the smartest” of our nation are the people that destroyed our economy thru incompetence, corruption, and selfish greed. They did to our economy what Al Queda WISHES they could have done

  • Janice Handel

    So are the Kennedy’s going to now back Mitt Romney? Would love to hear if this is an option now that they are so disgusted with Obama.

  • rightofcenter

    Contrary to popular belief, the Kennedy’s aren’t that bright. So, they’re mad because the black man running for President, used whitey Kennedy’s. Ted is dead. He can’t embarrass himself anymore. Caroline has shown she really doesn’t have the brains for politics.

  • Mike Won

    [Welcome to the club!]

  • Jamie

    What a surprise for her – the flag-dissing liar turned out to be….a liar. Couldn’t see that one coming? Gosh-a-mighty. Does that mean she’ll fall for the next liberal liar who runs in the years to come, then “find out” he is, by some coincidence, a liar?

  • Luis D Rey

    Janice Handel,

    Did you mean?
    The Mudslum and The Moose?

  • Luis D Rey

    I won’t believe a Kennedy, not even on my death bed !! i

  • stevenmarkpilling

    Hell hath no fury like a Kennedy scorned!

  • Citizen60

    However had he invited her and engaged her, therefore acting like she had something of value to contribute, although she doesn’t, she’d be singing his praises. The fact that he is a Marxist doesn’t seem to both the Kennedy’s.

  • Sylvia

    You know Caroline..Did you ever bother to ask what “Hope And Change” truly meant, as a WHOLE LOT of the rest of us DID? Everything I remember him saying vs doing, has proven to be in diametrical opposition. He’s drastically restricted our economy, and our freedoms. So, as Barack said, “He doesn’t care. His daughters will always be ok” so can YOU say. It’s the average little guy out here bearing the brunt of you, and yours alike’s, bad decisions of supporting a man who had nothing but ill intentions for America. Do your research next time.

  • Leah Haley Morrison

    If you had been paying attention you would have know he was a liar and a socialist BEFORE he was elected. Shame on you for supporting him. And it’s people in the middle class, like me, that pay the price for your ignorance. So stop whining! BTW, I’m a republican but I voted for John Kennedy and would do it again. The Democratic party is not what it once was. There was a time when they actually cared about this country and I voted for the man not the party. We didn’t have the slime of Pelosi, Obama and Ried. God help us.

  • Bruce Sims

    I want to apologize here: I want to say I am sorry that BHO is in the office he is in w/out proper documentation, I want to say that I am sorry Mr. Obama hates this nation when IT/WE gave him and education, and gave him something most never get…a chance to live at 1600 PA Ave (legal/Illegal) I want to say I am sorry that people couldn’t see this before it happened i want to say i am sorry some people think the man’s color(s) would make any differance I also want to say i am sorry that the Black panthers ONLY want to draw everyone into a race war. I am also sorry that sooooo many GOOD and decent black friends will not say enough is eneough, the past is the past and what happened in 1865 and in the past is history…we will not go along w/this! I am sorry that the Democrats etc can NOT see that except this nation “RETURN” to our roots…we are history as a nation. I am sorry that GOD has NOT effected people w/His goodness for people to see…that w/out God we as a nation and singularily, can do NOTHING! Lastly, I am sorry that this message will LARGELY go unnoticed and unheeded!

  • katie

    Don’t buy any of this. She is giving one of the promo speeches at the Democratic convention. She is no different than the “Liar in Chief.”

  • Talluluh

    I see NO comparison to Jackie Kennedy! Not even close!

  • nannie74

    If she can’t stand BO’s voice, why is she speaking at the DNC?? Would seem a conflict of interest !!!

  • jude

    WHAT A LIE! She is one of the speakers for obama at the Democrat convention that does not sound like a woman who can’t stand his voice, now does it.

  • Iknow

    I have no empathy for her, anyone who gets treated the way she has through the half-breed Jarrett and still supports the likes of this president and his cronnies deserves what they get.

  • tidalpool

    Teddy (call me Chappaquiddick) Kennedy and his niece, Caroline both advocated Obama with no knowledge of his background, his resume or his assorted relationships with convicted criminals. They liked his speeches. Thanks bunches folks, you lot have cash out the kazoo, its the American people that are paying for the most part.

  • Elizabeth

    Caroline Kennedy said a while back that she hates Obama and she can’t stand the sound of his voice. It makes her sick and she turns off her TV. She even called him a liar. Now all of a sudden, she’s going to speak in the DNC and plans to say it would be a disaster for this country if Obama isn’t re-elected. Who’s the liar now? He’s being backed by Ted Kennedy (and we all know his reputation), Bill Clinton (we know when he’s lying because his mouth is moving) and now Caroline Kennedy (He’s a liar and I can’t stand the sound of his voice). Oh, brother. Give this country a break!!!

  • XX

    the Kennedys got used and dumped, Oprah was allll starry-eyed over Obama, she was used Big Time and dumped after she gave up her show and moved to be near him, uh I mean them, and everything, poor girl. Obama reminds me of teen boys when I was a kid. They used to laugh about being in the 3F club, “Find em, F— em, Forget em”

  • Apolloone

    Wasn’t she at the Democrat Convention saying how proud Ted would be of Obama?

  • Debbie

    if she hates him so much, why did she speak at the convention

  • swan

    Can’t stand him or his lies , but go out and vote for him ??????????
    What wrong with this picture ???

  • darkcyder

    Her father was considered a conservative democrat. WHile Richard Nixon was considered a liberal republican. JFK’s beliefs were closer to what the Republican party shows today- especiallly the RINO’s than is the Democrats- who mostly seem to be socialists.

  • Bud Risner

    ah too bad. typical democrat response. she would sell her soul if she could sit in on the meetings of the mighty. this is the kind of people we don’t need. sounds like all the kennedys would love the pres if only he included them in on his plans

  • krdave

    You couldn’t have heard her speech at the convention and then read this article and thought it was from the same person. She apparently lied somewhere. She made Obama sound like the only one who could save us. Lying Beeotch

  • Shamus McQuade

    It just goes to show you, money can’t buy you common sense….if they had any they would have figured out BHO long before he started campaigning and save themselves the disappointment remember…….There is no honor among theives

  • montcoman

    Didn’t she just endorse him at the convention? Duh? Apparently this is old news and just gossip. I wish it were true.

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