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    July 23, 2024

    Elon Musk Gets Personal: Own Kid’s ‘Gender Affirming Care’ Experience Opened His Eyes

    That particular activist movement could hardly have chosen a worse person to go to war with than Elon Musk. The…
    July 23, 2024

    WATCH: The AK Guy Debunks BlueAnon Conspiracy Theories About The Trump Assassination Attempt

    Plus, there's a pretty epic added bonus at the end ...
    July 23, 2024

    Kamala Poised To Secure Dem Nomination As Dem Political Machine HIts High Gear

    The same Dem power-brokers that made it impossible for even a freaking KENNEDY to run against their octogenarian incumbent have…
    July 23, 2024

    The Cheatle Hearings On Butler PA: She Blew Smoke… But We STILL Learned Some Things

    For a guy who ran on being 'No Malarkey' and the 'most transparent' administration ever, ever, ever... his people sure…
    July 22, 2024

    Could ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Please Explain This ‘Migrant’ Working For Venezuelan Military Intel?

    Right from the get-go, Kamala was tasked with identifying 'root causes' of illegal immigration. Did those include intel ops by…
    July 22, 2024

    BOOMERANG: 2020 Media Hit Piece Launches Kamala ‘Birther’ Narrative — Meanwhile, Where’s Biden?

    The media website has already edited the 2020 story to mitigate the damage, but the damage was already done. And…
    July 22, 2024

    BIDEN v. BIDEN: WH Staffers Torch Frank After Public Statement About Brother’s Health

    Republicans can say whatever they want about Joe, and the press can be turned loose to frame them as politically-motivated…
    July 22, 2024

    Fixing Federal Law Enforcement — A Modest Proposal

    It is clearly evident both the FBI and the Secret Service are in dire need of reform.
    July 22, 2024

    Attempt On Trump’s Life: Lone Lunatic or Fall Guy?

    At this stage there are more questions than answers. The more we learn about the assassination attempt at a rally…
    July 19, 2024

    TRUMP ART: ‘No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper’

    For all of those who’ve been praying for President Trump … Thank you!




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      TRUMP ART: ‘No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper’

      For all of those who’ve been praying for President Trump … Thank you!

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