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Jennifer Thieme is the Director of Finance & Advancement for the Ruth Institute, a project of the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund. The Ruth Institute educates people as to why marriage must be defined as between one man, one woman, for life, for a truly free society to survive. Stay updated on the marriage issue by subscribing to the Ruth Institute newsletter, and instantly receive a free download, “Improve Your Marriage, Even If Your Spouse Doesn’t Change a Bit!” Signup here: ruthnewsletter.org

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  • Heather

    We must be willing to safeguard our natural and pre-political liberties
    at whatever cost to us personally, or else we will lose them. I am
    sincerely afraid that good people are backing away from the support of
    gendered marriage due to fear and ignorance, not because they
    proactively understand the consequences of genderless marriage. We must
    take courage and do what is right, because the change we’re debating
    will impact our posterity far more than it will impact us. After all,
    most of us had a mom and a dad, but we’re telling future generations to
    be happy with “parent 1” and “parent 2.”
    – Amen.

  • mantronikk

    I fight the fight against homofascism at heteroseparatist.com. A heteroseparatist has a hate-free disagreement with the glbt lifestyle and supports true marriage; between one man and one woman. http://heteroseparatist.blogspot.com/2009/07/12july09.html

  • TribeofLiberty
  • George Castro

    Aside from mis-characterizing the Lisa Miller case, this polemic boils down to “gay marriage will affect traditional marriage because gay marriage will affect traditional marriage.” There is a complete lack of specificity and, not coincidentally, logic. This new meme of “genderless” marriage is utter nonsense and has not had the dire consequences predicted in the six states that currently recognize same-sex marriage.

    At least this is a change from mentioning the the same aged four or five “outrages” from states that don’t even have marriage equality. Presumably, that hapless wedding photographer in New Mexico lost traction.

    Ruth Institute is a “subsidiary” of National Organization for Marriage. Both function as a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. There is nothing wrong with that but they tie themselves into pretzels when they attempt to turn a religious objection into something that has secular reasoning.



  • http://www.politickles.com/blog F.R. Duplantier

    “We are undermining resistance
    With our carefully plotted persistence:
    Rather than disparage
    The institution of marriage,
    We’re defining it out of existence.”

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