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  • Abby

    I enjoyed all the MSM freaking out about how bad he did. It was funny.

  • Matthew


    • Rachel

      He IS a child in trouble…a lazy petulant child with a big mouth who never stops talking hoping you might not notice he’s not doing his homework.

      • NHConstitutionalist

        If he had grown up in Chigago, NYC, or the Barrio he’s the kid who’s face they would have kicked sand in. However, he was primed and programed to be the Manchurian president, tucked away until the time was right.
        Bright??? Not as bright as the media wants us to beieve. Articulate??? only if your as ignorant and gullible as the media hopes you are, and you have a proclivity to swallow BS.
        O is just a Chicago punk in an expensive suit. He reminds me of the title of a 50’s song, “The Great Pretender.”.

        • Rachel

          I agree 100%. It’s amazing what a deep professorial voice, a million dollar smile and audacity can do for a man with a barely mediocre mind.

  • John Kirkwood

    Classic, as only Doug can tell it.

  • John

    Bye,Bye Chris Matthews without Obama you fade to a fat faced second rate commentator with a second rate show sorry but not really! Oh by the way FOX NEWS is not looking for any network rejects maybe staples will hire you, President ROMNEY will give you a good recomendation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Loved the skit that Jay Leno did on his show… having Chris Matthews in a strait-jacket while doing his ranting and raving, and having the men in white coats come and take him away! Yes, they’re coming to take me away, yay!

  • Cheryl Lynn

    I must admit, I did something I have not done since Scott Walker won Wisconsin….again. I tuned into MSNBC.

  • axmickl

    Its fun to watch the evil one squirm along with all the vermin he drags along with him. Trouble is, it matters not how stupid he looks without his teleprompter, they will still vote for their court jester.

  • del

    He showed exactly what I have thought about Mr. ugly for 4 years….no class, no competence, no knowledge, and no leadership skills….It astounded me that anyone voted for the bufoon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

    The empty suit body language was fantastic!

    • Rachel

      He kept looking at his shoes. I figure he was just checking to see how big the puddle was after he peed his pants— because he realized he was embarrassingly outclassed.

  • dad666

    As I listened to the debate I found onlly one thing disappointing in Romneys otherwise superb roasting of the fraud in the white house—–It was rumored that he would put his finger to his nose every time Obozzo spoke a mistruth. Unfortunately he did not do this and It left me disappointed until I realized, after a few minutes, that he would have had his hand on his nose all evening and that would have been tiresome,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

    I wonder if he had to have a teleprompter to get through college, or did he just buy a degree on-line, paid for by foreign sources?

    • SniperToo

      Dan, I wonder the same thing. I truly believe this bum does not have a degree, only in being a pathological liar. he probably received an A+ for that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.conway.9421 Lisa Conway

    Good One!

  • caskinner

    If his supporters can’t see him for the fraud that he is after his nonperformance at the debate there is no hope for them. He has spent the last 4 yrs playing on the taxpayers dime. Time to send him home, wherever that is.

    • Rachel

      there IS no hope for them. The hope is there are more of us than them.

  • NHConstitutionalist

    Romney was Romney and that was the best part. I did not have to see another fraud pander and morph into what he is not. Romney is a gentleman and that takes strength of character, confidence, and self control. Everyone was clammering; be strong knock, the fool out, and in the beginning I did too. But I stopped long enough to hear words from the past, from the greatest debater, Daniel Webster, “Nothing is stronger than the TRUTH” And then the knock down came like a bolt. Obama and his minions can’t stand up to the light of truth, and with persision timing, that lightening bolt knocked him on his asster, and the rains came down and pisssed on his parade.
    You know it could be the alititude, from the exhaulted height the media placed their CIC, Collutionist In Corruption on. Obama fell off his high horse.

    • Rachel

      Confidence is the right word to describe Romney. He has it in spades because he has a long track record of calling all the right shots and having one success after another. Barry on the other hand has no confidence…he only has audacity.

  • http://twitter.com/MacdonaldCory Macdonald Cory

    I am suprised that the silly libs didn’t say that Obama’s dog ate his debate notes.

    • Rachel

      Maybe that’s why he ate the dog.

  • slickzip

    Yep ODUMBA got his butt kicked real good ,,,,,,,,,

  • Evantoo

    “it was probably the realization that, as of that night, he’s actually been married to Michelle for 20 years.” That wouldn’t cause him to be flustered, that’d cause him to commit public suicide! But then, I repeat myself.

  • Take 2

    What must the World expect from an American Nobel Peace Prize President with a well known but personal HIT (Kill) LIST? (America and World list)

    It’s best to tell the Islamist Mexican Gun Lords Islamist Killers and Russian Communist Presidents etc., Barack Obama jr. is more “Atheist” verses Christian – less Peace Loving deserving of a prize verses rape and murder following “many” global order moves.

    For only 8 bucks you can buy “Dreams from My Father” by Barack Obama and find out who Barack Obama truly is on your own. You will need to research Lolo – (Ann-Mom)
    Barack Obama I – Franklin Davis – Rev J Wright.

    It does make him little richer “but” is your American duty.

  • Steven Janiszewski

    During the first debate, Mitt
    Romney’s theme was consistent and simple:
    States’ Rights. He defined the election as a battle between States
    Rights and Big Federal Government. That plays well for him in the
    individual Swing States. And he means it. As a Mormon, Romney
    idolizes States’ Rights. To gain an existential understanding of the
    cult that produced Mitt Romney, and to get your socks scared off,
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    Its unwilling, part-Mexican Mormon assassin dramatizes the Mormon
    superiority complex, manifesting it as racism, sexism, jingoism and
    an anti-federal government temperament. His research in the new
    library reveals ominous similarities between Islam and
    Mormonism. The spiritual power behind the cult, which is not the Holy
    Ghost, acts out.

    “With a clarity of language and
    vision unsurpassed in contemporary American prose, Steven
    Janiszewski’s Assassination of Spiro Agnew takes us into a
    U.S. mazed with madness and Mormonism and all things Utah, a U.S.
    that was then and still is. Readers, welcome to a masterpiece.”

    Tom Whalen


    Read The Assassination of Spiro

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