Abducted, Tortured, Executed: Mexican mayor sacrifices herself to save her daughter’s life from drug gang

The woman mayor who was kidnapped and murdered by a Mexican drug gang pleaded with her attackers for her young daughter’s life, it emerged today.

Maria Santos Gorrostieta, who had already survived two assassination attempts, was driving the child to school at around 8.30am when she was ambushed by a car in the city of Morelia.

The 36-year-old was hauled from her vehicle and physically assaulted as horrified witnesses watched, according to newspaper El Universal.
They described how she begged for her child to be left alone and then appeared to get into her abductors’ car willingly.

The little girl was left wailing as her mother was driven away on Monday November 12.

For the next week, her frantic family waited by the phone for a ransom call that never came.

Gorrostieta’s body – stabbed, burned, battered and bound at wrist and ankle – would finally be found eight days on dumped by a roadside in San Juan Tararameo, Cuitzeo Township.

She left behind her daughter and two sons as well as her second husband Nereo Delgado Patinoran.

Hailed as a heroine of the 21st century, her death has prompted much soul-searching in a country ravaged by violence.

The decision to withdraw her security team in November last year – and her police escort in January – has come under particular scrutiny.
Gorrostieta was elected as mayor of Tiquicheo, a rural district in Michoacan, west of Mexico City, in 2008.

Almost immediately, she received threats. The first assassination attempt came in October 2009 when the car she was travelling in with her first husband Jose Sanchez came under fire from gunmen in the town of El Limone. The attack claimed his life but Gorrostieta lived.

She battled back from her injuries in the face of overwhelming tragedy, but she was not destined to know peace.

The next attempt on her life was just three months later, when an masked group carrying assault rifles ambushed her on the road between Michoacan and Guerreo state. The van she was traveling in was peppered by 30 bullets. Three hit her.

This time her wounds were more severe, leaving multiple scars and forcing her to wear a colostomy bag. She was left in constant pain.

But with unimaginable courage – and despite being a marked woman – she remained defiant to the very end.

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  • Victoria

    Horrible. Our troops need to slaughter these cartels!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Henry/1009472057 William Henry

      The cartels have better weapons and do not have a commander in chief that would punish a soldier for breaking the rules of engagement.

  • caskinner

    Mexico must be hell on earth. I hope the people that tortured her and then killed her are found and executed. May they burn in hell.

    • $3846549

      Then indict the whole country of Mexico. They have a bandit mentality.

      • caskinner

        I am thinking there probably are some decent people in Mexico so just go after the bad ones.

        • URKiddinMee

          Mexico is a total CHIT HOLE and corruption is the norm.

  • serenity

    Bomb the Mexicans!

    • Sandra

      What are you talking about? You are blaming every Mexican? At least this Mexican heroine had moral values that some Americans don’t have. She is few in the world.

      • $3846549

        Her country allows this to happen. The politicians are corrupt. It will be coming here. And yes I blame the Mexicans, what do they do to make their resource rich country a good place to live? Nothing and they haven’t for centuries. Coming to America.

  • JBQ21

    America needs to wake up to the real motivation behind “fast and furious” and its connections to world socialism. The same goes for support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

  • doug63

    Just another day in Mexico…soon to be in USA

  • richard

    have to wonder if the guns used were from “fast and furious” supplied to the cartels by eric holder and obama and the rest of our federal law enforcement types. But maybe it is time for a march back into Mexico like the one led by GEN “Black Jack” Pershing arourd the turn of the last century.

    • Godisalive

      My First thought as well.

  • ves

    The key is ALL the people that observed and did nothing to help her during this last kidnapping!!!
    The idiots in the US want to happily let people from these counties flow into the US and immediately become citizens!
    US Leaders are Moron and Cowards they daily bring more danger into Legal US Citizens Lives!!
    I now believe they want it to get to the point where we have large numbers of beggars .. drug dealers … prostuties … daily sucide bombings … murders and abductions on the streets of the US in ALL major cities!

  • Dean


  • jackenauf

    liberals want to take our guns so we can be at risk like the mexicans where we cant even defend ourselves with our firearms

  • jackenauf

    holder specially sent the guns to mexico in the fast and furious debacle in conjunction with barf obummer

  • Nic

    Amen VES that is what we got to look forward too

  • Nic

    jackenauf, What is amazing is how well Gun Controll is working in Mexico.. And we got
    a lot of folks wanting to apply the same rules to us.. Lay the guns down and we’ll be laying in the ditch with the rest of the Mexicans!!

  • adamenochnoah

    Legalize drugs & you kiII the international drug-dealing cartels. Oh wait, we can’t have that because the govts make money off the drug trade.

    • $3846549

      Legalizing drugs won’t make any difference.

      • adamenochnoah

        It absolutely will. Organized crime needs their products to be illegal in order to make huge profits. When a product is legalized, it takes away the profit motive, & the crime bosses will move on to something else.

  • Sandra

    If Americans just stop using drugs Mexico wouldn’t have to suffer like this! .

  • Sandra

    I wonder if we should bring our troops from Afghanistan and move them to Mexico to fight these cartels. But then again I don’t want to put our troops in the hands of these monsters.

    • ritha

      Our troops that are in Afghanistan are already used to these types of people,. We could clean that cartel out in no time, if it were the Marines. It may be what we will have to do to protect our borders and lives eventually.

  • $3846549

    Coming to America

  • Dempseycoleman

    With many thanks to Obama,Erick Holder, Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano we will
    see plenty more of this for years to come all in order to convince Americans we need
    more Gun Control I find it totally disgusting that every DemocRAT will defend this Illegal
    Administration. Only thing to look forward to is we will never see a single one of them in Haven.

  • Dempseycoleman

    I am so glad Richard you mentioned General Black Jack Pershing another trick
    he used in wherever it was he was fighting some Muslims he had a few prisoners
    and wanted to make a strong statement so he put some Bullets in Pig Fat and
    killed all but 1 and sent him back to his Comrades so as to let know they would
    have a problem getting into their heaven and receive their 72 virgins because
    pigs are not on their menu therefor I think we need to advertise that from now
    on we will soak all of our Ammunition going to any Muslim country will be
    lubricated with pig fat for Muslim Consumption because everything tastes
    better wrapped in Bacon

  • URKiddinMee

    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon thanks to Obozo, Holder and Associates.

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