Depressed After Election? Here Is Some Encouragement

Going through election depression? Here are a few words of encouragement, from yours truly to keep you from jumping off a bridge.


  • Victoria

    Sweet. Girls and guns. I just subscribed!

  • Suzanne Olden

    Doug, your girls are awesome!

  • mark l

    Remember God told us not to put our faith in men to save us. We are to have faith in God. This election loss was his way of chastising us for our hubris. God is going to need WARRIORS! Let us march into the fires of hell with assured resolve that God has everything under control. With God carrying us through, We will become the tempered weapons he requires us to be.

    • TimAZ

      What were you thinking Mark? Why did you engage in all that hubris behavior? So that the rest of would be judged by God for your behavior? I don’t know why you are throwing French words at the rest of like the word we? Did the rest of us engage in this hubris behavior you apparently have partaken in? Who is your God that would hold so much hate and contempt for his children that he would insure such suffering?

      • Lynn Courtney

        Tim, Tim, why don’t you go to your local Denny’s and complain about them
        using the words ‘a la carte’ on their menu? Did you look up the
        word ‘hubris’? And YES, you did engage in hubris behavior so are
        responsible, too. Equating telling the truth with “hate and contempt” is
        getting tiring. Sometimes
        love looks like hate and anger when the truth smacks into the lie, and
        “Lie, be gone in Jesus Name.” But is is His love nonetheless. I say a
        liar is the one who is hateful and doesn’t care about truth. Read the whole Book would you?

  • MarieJ27

    I do not believe God punished us. Obama supporters asked for a king and got one. They won. But, of course they have no idea what’s ahead for our country. The cowardly Republicans can do nothing and the organized unions will proceed ahead with what Obama promised them.

  • politicstick

    1. Demand a treason trial (for all involved) for the purposeful inaction during the Benghazi massacre.

    2. Be aware that hours after the Obama election win the current administration called the UN to ask for a reiteration of the UN Small Arms Treaty.

    3. This: (copy and paste into new tab or window)

  • Mexiasianblack

    I like to pump her full of my bi-racial seed. Yummy

    • Robin Smith

      And I suspect you KNOW it is “yummy” because you have tasted it, right? Good luck with your new gay marriage rights, cream puff.

      • Mexiasianblack

        We’re coming for your sons and daughters and we’re going to impose warm creamy gay marriage all over their faces

    • Wayne Ogilvy

      I got my money on her, I bet she pumps you full of bi-metal seed you rapo piece of crap !

      • Mexiasianblack

        We’re coming for your sons and daughters and we’re going to impose warm creamy gay marriage all over their faces.

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