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  • Phire – Here, for the morons too lazy to bother to make sure the news they read is true.

    • mac12sam12

      Morons? Your own party thinks you’re low info, Gruber.

  • Phire
    • tr60

      Unfortunately Phire, the more times you repeat it the less they’ll believe it. Perhaps the author of the story got the parties mixed up…

  • Phire

    So you’re more willing to believe some random quote from basically ANY right-wing site, than you are a fact checking agency which you have no base to claim is inaccurate.

  • Phire

    Which should make it really obvious to you he didn’t say it.

  • Phire

    The fact is unless you see a video feed of something it’s usually bullshit.

  • queenOFhearts

    Whether this is true or not, I do believe that it is something of a “political game” for both Carville and his wife Mary Matlin. I don’t think either of them truly care what either the Democratic or the Republican Party believes or thinks, it’s probably just an adrenalin-rush filled game of one-upmanship to see which one of them can do the most influence peddaling with their political punditry…

  • roy hoco

    whether or not James said “like a herd of cows” the US is suffering from a herd mentality a large one. for instance reality shows, millions flock to the tv to watch that stuff. millions rush to be the first to see the latest movie. millions stand in line all night to get the latest phone or athletic shoe. and this is just a few cases. mooo mooooo

    • pb

      That’s because millions have been taught to not think for themselves, to use a little common sense, it goes a long way! Remember, “it takes a village”? That’s what we’re seeing now…the whole “village” concept! Sucks, doesn’t it??

      • tr60

        Let’s say 2 million people show up to watch a movie. Out of 350 million that’s .57% of the population.

        • pb

          AND? I’m not sure what it is you’re getting at? Are you saying it’s a paltry amount as to even be negligible?

  • Km

    Takes someone clueless, to know someone clueless! He knowingly managed and guided criminals, so that makes him one also!!

    • tr60

      …and you’re clueless enough to believe it…

      • Km

        Mr troll, or Mr. stupid – go away!!

        • tr60

          Oh, am I disrupting your delusions?

          • Km

            Nope, I’m trying to cure yours!

          • tr60

            You’re the one believing there’s any truth in a bogus story on the internet.

          • tr60

            You’d fit right into the 14th century, finding witches…

  • getthemlibsout

    80%?….low ballin

    • pb

      Well, that was a generous moment for him….plus he didn’t want to have to lump himself in that too!!

    • tr60

      Hell, go for 100%! The story is a lie so you can say anything you want.

  • SirRobertson

    First time I’ve ever ALMOST agreed with this turd. His figure is much too low, but at least he admits what a bunch of goosewalking morons the democrats are.

    • pb

      Couldn’t agree more!! I wonder if he’s said this on O’Reilly! Bill must be elated Carville finally got some sense into that bald head of his!! 80% is pretty high, but I don’t think it’s high enough either. More like 99 & 44/100% of the fools that are politically clueless! Hell, aren’t they clueless on just about everything?? 😉

    • tr60

      Well, you don’t have to. The story is bogus but people like you are swallowing it hook, line & sinker. This story really says more about you than it does about Democrats, liberals, Socialists, Communists or all the other people you despise.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    I knew that James Carville would eventually say something that made sense, it is just that his numbers are a bit low…

  • ZZMike

    80% seems a little low, but it’s probably in the ballpark.



    • Cougar Smith

      Nah, though Carville is a worthless liberal, he does have an ounce of honesty and knows the truth.even when it harms his party.

      • LADYL


    • pb

      Don’t get your hopes up! IF he said it seems to be at question, and IF he did, you can bet there’s a reason for it….like they don’t want Killary running, they want Liawatha Warren instead…because she’s soooo out left she’s halfway to Hawaii!!

      • Mark B

        You are a real creep aren’t you. Do you talk like this as well – it’s like guys at bar who are drunk.

        • pb

          Hit a nerve, did I…..oh well…sucks to be you!

          • Mark B

            No – it’s great to be me – I’m not hindered by religious BS.

      • LADYL


        • pb

          That is exactly what we thought when we seen it!!! Can’t trust them fools for nothing!!

    • tr60

      In October 2012 the above-referenced quotation in which James Carville purportedly likened the Democratic constituency to “a herd of cows” received wide circulation on the Internet. It appears to have originated with an unsourced posting to the which has been reproduced on a number of other web sites. However, we found no news article, speech, interview transcript, or printed source documenting this statement as one actually made by James Carville, and a representative from his office confirmed that the purported quote was not something Carville himself ever said:

      Apparently the quote was falsely posted by an unknown user to a quotations website called We have contacted the website and asked them to take the quote down. James Carville never said these words, and this quote in no way belongs to James Carville.

      Feel free to distribute my response, so people know the truth that this quote was 100% falsely attributed to James Carville.


      • mac12sam12

        Snopes has no credibility. It’s a husband wife team that uses a search engine, just like the rest of us.

        • tr60

          Alright then, you show me where Carville actually said this.

          • mac12sam12

            Jonathan Gruber said that in order to pass the ACA we will need the low information voters, he wasn’t talking about the republicans. I don’t know if Carville said it or not and it doesn’t matter, the words were true, Gruber.

          • tr60

            Nooo…the story is about Carville, not Gruber. You’re “moving the goalposts”, stay on topic.

  • pb

    That was exactly my thinking….I don’t believe them anymore than I do Killary….or the trolls who grace us with their presence on here!!

  • pb

    Great!!! Someone has it figured out! Love it! 😉

  • JoeBlake

    Jimmy Boy also disagreed with Professor Jonathan Gruber,,so which is it Carvey?

    • pb

      Great point, Joe! Thanks 😉

  • MIKE6080


    • pb

      Yeah….funny how that works…wonder if they’re included in that low figure of 80%

      • Mark B

        The snark meister is back/

        • pb

          Ever listen to yourself, Mark? Try it sometime….speaking of snark meisters!!!

          • Mark B

            But I thought you were part of the superior race that never did anything wrong and were always polite.

          • pb

            So many sweet compliments, thank you!

    • gladdrial

      Yes, they are the ones getting all the feed!

  • pb

    He’s also a huge Clinton person….so with Killary running, one has to ask themselves why he’d say such a thing that could possibly turn voters against her? How about because they really don’t want Killary, they want Liawatha Warren to run instead!! So get some high-powered Libs out there spouting things they absolutely don’t believe and the next thing ya know here comes Liawatha, “who just HAS to run, the people want her!!!” Anyone want to place bets????

  • pb

    Even if he doesn’t believe it for a second….they have their reasons. Something’s in the wind….like Liawatha Warren!! She’s ever further left than O’anus!!!

  • pb

    Ain’t that the truth!!! Actually, you can even go back to 2008

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    And that is why this jerk is bbbaaaaacccccckkkkk–to get Hillary elected by the 80% of clueless, dumbed-down D’s!

  • InternetSavage

    Oh there’s a news flash. If you are loyal self described democrat you should kill yourself because you are pathetic.


    that is hillaryious … carville is a piece of trash…. so many years he has championed and played the dumbo crats … against the pubies…. you will pay for your scheming baldy


    what is the name of that tasteless bitch wife of his ?

  • huey6367

    Carville stating what we have long speculated.

    Now how do we change that? Education? They’ve got a strangle hold on that. The media? Ditto. Shout your message from highest hill? They’ll just call you every name in the book and the uninformed will buy it. Idk

  • Karll

    What refreshing candor from that absolutely weird looking character!
    He admits the Democrap party is simply the party of lies, designed to fool the weak-minded.

    • Mark B

      You’ll swallow anything, being as gullible as you are.

      • Karll

        Swallow this.

        • Mark B

          Where is the childish cartoon?

      • mac12sam12

        Karil’s not a member of the Gruber party.

        • Mark B

          No just the insane clown posse.

  • lisarichards124

    Carville stated what we conservatives and Republicans have always known, however, he used that Group Think psychology to get Democrats elected versus Republican conservatives. Now imagine had he used his know-how to get conservatives elected? What he is saying is he used group Think tactics to help destroy this country.
    OK Jimmy boy, now, are you going to help us undo what you just admitted to handing this country that led to Obama—the Clintons! Because Democrats are politically, socially and morally as clueless as sheep to the slaughter and cows coming home!
    On that, you just answered something I have asked since the Clinton 1992 campaign: Is this guy setting the people up, because he cannot be that stupid to believe Bill Clinton is the answer when his AK record is despicable. I said you may look like you rolled out of the swamp, but you’re too slick to be rolled over by the Clinton steam, and I said you had to be conning everyone and they are falling for something you’re feeding. OK, I was right, but you still pulled it off, now you admit what you did you SOB, and you’re laughing at it, but the fact is, as dumb as the Democrats are, you gave us what we have by getting to fall for your lies and scams you created and they believed. Had you used that with truth about a conservatives and conservatives since then, you could have been the bald, Cajun William F. Buckley. No, you decided on scamming votes because that paid bigger. I hope Mary beat the sh—out of you, because I would!

    • tr60

      In October 2012 the above-referenced quotation in which James Carville purportedly likened the Democratic constituency to “a herd of cows” received wide circulation on the Internet. It appears to have originated with an unsourced posting to the which has been reproduced on a number of other web sites. However, we found no news article, speech, interview transcript, or printed source documenting this statement as one actually made by James Carville, and a representative from his office confirmed that the purported quote was not something Carville himself ever said:

      Apparently the quote was falsely posted by an unknown user to a quotations website called We have contacted the website and asked them to take the quote down. James Carville never said these words, and this quote in no way belongs to James Carville.

      Feel free to distribute my response, so people know the truth that this quote was 100% falsely attributed to James Carville.


      • speedle24

        I don’t argue that Carville never publicly made these comments, but you have to believe it is exactly what he thinks. It’s basically what all democrat/progressive politicians think these days. It is the Saul Alinsky political strategy that calls for massaging the “useful idiots”.

        • tr60

          And you’re being a “useful idiot” for believing any of this. Also for buying into the Alinsky “boogie man” storyline.

  • John W.H.

    You must be one of the big tough sons of a bitches hiding behind your computer, you Kool-Aid drinking troll. Crawl back under your rock before someone steps on you !!

  • tr60

    Maybe because they are just bright enough to understand the law?

  • tr60

    And the Republicans rely on idiots.

  • tr60

    Did you go to school?

  • tr60

    Yet you believe it… do you still believe in the Easter Bunny?

    • jd332

      Easter Bunny? NO. Carville’s assessment of democrats, YES. As an ex-JFK liberal democrat I left the party when I saw the America hating scumbags taking over.

  • tr60

    Because he never did say it.


    Carville needs to be JIMMY HOFFA’d

  • ActualConundrum

    Wow he stated the absolute truth. Because he knows it won’t stop the stupid from remaining stupid. Because the clueless don’t look for truth. And will never read his words.

  • ADRoberts

    Mr. Carville has admitted his lack of integrity. And in doing so he also has admitted that he does not believe in God OR heaven and hell. Slowly but surely, he is the tool of the deceiver. He has prostituted himself to the money he is given to deceive, regardless of what damage it does to the country.
    God have mercy on him.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Wow! James, the “truth” at last! The only question is only 80%? I thought it would be at least in the mid 90’s or higher.

  • 8355378

    i been saying this for years,dems only watch nbc abc cbs and they sure as hell won’t report on anything that goes against the dems so no wonder the dems are dumb

  • jaydee

    And he has so much fun doing it, besides all the perks and $$$ he gets. All he cares about is his ability to manipulate people…..he is a loyal student of Alinsky.

  • FSHNT21

    Whether he originated the quote or not, Skeletor is spot on in the assessment.
    Sad, but what the GOP fails to do and the Democrats do VERY well, is get their stupid constituency (alive AND dead) to vote on election day…

  • TexasOlTimer

    I went to to read the rest of the article and found it had been posted by an individual who had also posted links to two websites as sources. I went to those and neither had such an article. Using my search engine (I don’t use Google) I finally found it at but I can’t find where the original was said – tv show, interview or wherever. Does anyone have that?

    I have no doubt at all that what’s in the article is the truth. I just want to find the original source to show to some very closed-minded Dem friends of mine in hopes to wake them up!

    • Steven

      If the people you want to convince are part of the 80%, having James Carvile personally tell them wouldn’t open their eyes.

  • John Cunningham

    I about dropped my jaw to the floor. The King Of Spin? Or, at least one of many, talking from his brain, whodathunkit?

    I moved to Florida a little over a year a go. Now I know the area but, haven’t been it for a while. New Port Richey area. ore New Yorkers in Florida than in New York. Of course New Yorkers are flaming Liberals. My neighbor is one of the individuals.

    Very opinionated and can’t get through to her. When she blurts out a tirade about Conservatives, she changes the subject when you dispute her claims. Like a wall goes up. Now this person won’t hesitate asking for favors and one of those favors is money.

    The big problem for America is that the 20% of Liberals who are paying attention, are beating the pants off Conservatives getting out the message. They have been able to strong arm America for a few Gay Rights people and made this and the Abortion issue very powerful entities.

    If Conservatives continue to sit back and cowl towel to these small but super concentrated Liberals, we will get Hillary for sure. Or maybe not, Elizabeth Warren I believe, is just waiting for an explosion of People tired of Hillary and her Mafia and uses the momentum to propel her to the White House. Either senario, will be a Nation killer.

  • Barto

    Carville has said what many of we Americans have known for some time, most of the Democrat voters are mindless, uninformed puppets who do what they are told. This coming from a Democrat Godfather should tell the Democrats just how well they are thought of by their un-American party.

    • shamu9

      Most are WELFARE Suckin’ Recipient Race Leeches!

  • Joken Joe

    80% are clueless, that’s why their called zombies. One jumps off the bridge and the rest will follow.

  • CleanSweep

    80%? Please! Try 99%. Their one percent leads the rest around by the nose. As has been said…those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything. They are a mix of useful idiots and just plain idiots and when whatever S may HTF, they will be the first to go down, most likely without a fight.

  • empty pockets

    So this is Carville BRAGGING that he’s nothing but a political hack, a greedy opportunist using psychology to exploit the dumbest of society…for a paycheck, not for true beliefs on his part. A whore of the worst kind.

  • JulieB

    Snopes is financed by George Soros so disregard anything you find there.

  • bet1125

    Which is why I always say that it’s OK to be a democrat, but for God’s sake don’t ever vote for one.

  • 7papa7

    I guess his republican wife, Mary Matlin, is finally getting through to him. Maybe she will even convert him. Truth from a democrat, amazing.

  • Maggietish

    Carvel is an example of the arrogance of the Democrats. He is saying to 80% of American people don’t have a clue and had he had any insight as to what the voters are thinking, or even care, he would realize that most of us have had just about enough of the Democrats Is he really that stupid that he thinks he can insult the American people and we’re just going to take it? Democrats are so obnoxiously arrogant that they think they don’t have to answer to us anymore and we have had enough. They work for us! Had they had an ounce of intelligence they would realize that the last election was a referendum against them and President Obama. The one good thing that’s come out of these last few years is that the American voters realize that we need term limits and we need to kick these career politicians to the curb. It’s obviously they have been in office too long which has only lead to unending corruption. Carvel needs to go back into the hole that he dug himself out of and stay there. He’s a typical example of a narcissistic obnoxious arrogant Democrat.

    • Daniel Gray

      Who said 80% of the American people are Democrats? All he said was 80% of the DEMOCRATS are clueless.

  • larrygrant876

    Well you have to give it to James on this one. He probably arrived at his conclusions by listening to his Conservative Republican wife, Mary Matalin, because as he says, democrats are easily led and basically stupid.

  • sargeant rock

    Not only are Democrats politically clueless, they are mentally challenged… He is right, just put out enough freebees and they will come running… They are nothing but leeches on society and those who work for a living…

    • mtman2

      And also 90+% of (D’s) that do work are on some form of govmint origin- ie- tax money from true the producers in America that provide all the needs of life’s nuts and bolts.
      That 90+% are gov employees of some sort or teacher/profs(property taxes+grants) or media lefties.
      Gotta be that less than 10% that are in that category- but vote Conservative.

      Problem is 60% of moderates+Center Rightward just don’t show up to vote and we’re the majority ~!

  • reggiec

    Carville is correct and it seems that the left has wholeheartedly adopted the strategy explained below :


    Snow is black quote

    –Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, 1951

    …”I think the subject which will be of most
    importance politically is mass psychology…. Its importance has been
    enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these
    the most influential is what is called ‘education.’ Religion plays a part,
    though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an
    increasing part…. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to
    persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided
    by the State with money and equipment.”

    “…The subject will make great strides when it is
    taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship…. The social
    psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on
    whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that
    snow is black (a metaphor). Various results will soon be arrived at. First,
    that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done
    unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to
    music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that
    snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I
    anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and
    discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow
    is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark

    “…Although this science will be diligently studied,
    it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be
    allowed to know how its convictions were generated. WHEN THE TECHNIQUE HAS BEEN

    Now think a little and see if
    you can name areas where it is not snow but where other realities are being
    manipulated by government, the left and powerful special interest groups. (
    Common Core, anti-gun indoctrination, cyber manipulation, etc.) Why are we
    allowing it to be done?

    The debasement of, traditional and classical knowledge,
    individualism and independent thinking is necessary if a government is to
    control its citizens and convince them to accept an ideology that a legitimate
    education would cause them to reject.

    Our public schools no longer teach critical thinking; they
    have replaced it with massive and continuous liberal indoctrination that denies
    reality and logic.

    This debasement must be fought against at every turn.

    Consider this statement by Vladimir Lenin.

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I
    have sown will never be uprooted.”

  • JimBob

    ….and Carville should know. They’re very much clueless. I generally never mention the word democrat without including the word communist in the same sentence.

  • Daniel Gray

    Finally. This bald headed human tampon speaks the truth.

    • mtman2

      Careful now Dan:
      This is a great tool to keep for reposting, Jim may even switch parties.
      His wife Mary Matalin is a Conservative class act and even the forehead
      has said he’s a lucky man that she loves him and puts up with his party stand.
      He doesn’t believe 1/2 the Lib-blab he puts out, he’s only been a Dem for the money ~!

      • Daniel Gray

        So I shouldnt speak the truth? LOL

        • mtman2

          Having heard him over the years(and shocked at his (R) wife) seems he’s getting worked up to something with this admission, he just might be jumping parties.
          Mary Matalin is one smart gal and he may just be doing it- because everything he said is true and can be used against him and the Dum-b party.
          Or he’s senile now and can hide the truth of the lie he’s pretended all these years.
          Either way this is friendly-fire that can be used over and over ~!

          • Daniel Gray

            probably. the hildabeasts top moneyman for her campaign just quit because he says he cannot deal with her lies on the contributions and the emails and other questions swirling around her. Whoops there goes her money for her campaign. now whats she going to do?


          • mtman2

            You know Dan I figure MAO’bama can’t be seen to not support the Clinton machine! And he has other replacements in mind and is working behind the scene to set up a take down that won’t directly go on him.
            Meanwhile if she drops out she has to give up that campaign cash to her choice of a candidate, like that creep John Edwards had to. I think their just using her and honestly I don’t think she really wants it or the hassle getting there, maybe ~!

          • Daniel Gray

            does anyone think for one second that with all her problems and troubles and Billy Boy being associated with a convicted pedophile, that she is going to actually be elected to anything?

          • mtman2

            “Well”, the “CLINTON CHRONICLES” can be googled for the many mysterious deaths and ‘suicides’ from during the their governorship in Arkansas thru the WH. Now Benghazi etc.
            They’ve gotten away with murder so what more can stop them(Clinton-Machine) ?
            And still their supporters are like Alice the Goon following then no matter what!

            MAO’bama has done worse, as well as creating Benghazi; Christians are dying every single day directly because of his policies overseas and here as well. Baltimore is burning as WE speak.

            People are now hardened to it all as- “just normal daily news” -and they figure on just sliding thru in the confusion of the fools, useful-idiots and lo-info sheeple.

            Who’d of thought this level of stupidity would be the norm in the USA for so many.
            The silence of wisdom in OUR town square is deafening in these socialist day’s.
            The Founders would be ashamed and outraged as how low things have gotten ~!

          • Daniel Gray

            yea, BUT when you start hanging around with a convicted child molester…the “ewwwwww” factor shoots up to an astoundingly high level and will cause anyone with children to back away from you. Just like the hildabeasts top moneyman who quit her campaign just recently

          • mtman2

            Of course these scum for leadership are thieves and liars.
            But still it is amazing that it just keeps going on like it does.

            Any person that keeps a (D) after their name and does nothing to stand against these criminals are guilty of treason and sedition. OUR Founders would have had them horse-whipped if not shot as an example of what happens to traitors to the Constitution and the American people ~!!

          • Daniel Gray

            exactly. maybe we should bring back public horsewhipping, and start with the Congress. Then maybe the rest would fall in line.

  • TXPatriot

    This may be the most honest thing I’ve ever heard the “forehead” utter.

  • libertyluvur

    that needs to be on billboards all over this country.

  • desert

    And that coming from another clueless freaking dumocrat!

  • David Lango

    Goyim have trusting gullibility bubbling from their loving hearts. The Jewish owned media media says ‘collapse’ and we loosen a belt buckle and burp.

    Question everything.

  • bandit

    I REST MY CASE ! ! !

  • mtman2

    I’ll have to make this one exception for Carville here and now !
    I’ve always said- “if they’re a (D) and their lips are moving they’re lying”………not this time ~!

  • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

    80%?…I’d say he’s being kind.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Would have thought it was more like 99%

  • VictorLandry

    Has anyone noticed how much Carville looks like Golum in The Lord of the Rings? Even some of the facial expressions are the same. One would think Golum was based on Carville.

  • Demon Two-Six

    Note that this is not being covered in liberal media…. Not that it would matter. Carville, knowing which side of the bread his butter rests on, would step out of the shadows again, issue a suitable “mea culpa” and explain why it is such a very good thing that the cattle enjoy the hay…

  • 4arrows

    While I have no doubt that Carville and many other leading democrats may believe this, I find it hard to believe that he would actually admit it outside of a small inner circle. It would be nice if this had a reliable source listed. I did a quick search and found nothing from any recognizable source.

  • Enough’s Enough

    Wow! Did Carville actually have a “Jonathan Gruber moment?”

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