• Andy

    I’d say he was 80% right.

    • FLFF

      I’d say more like 90 to 95 percent.. I know a number of libretards and their thought processes are so out of whack it is incredible! A number actually believe that O’vomitCare will be FREE and once implemented, life will be instantly fair and things in the land of Oz will be wonderful… bubble-world fantasyland dwellers.



    • talonspoint

      He’s not turning on his own, he’s exhibiting the same narcissistic arrogance of a murderer who is convinced he’ll get away with it, and he just may.

      • Jackie

        He already has, all the progressive elites have effectively put America on a path to destruction from which she cannot recover.

  • erehwon

    Conservatives have been saying for years that the Democrats are basically sheep being led to the slaughter by evil men who tell them lies. Now Carville admits that it’s true.

    • slickzip

      YEP ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Scottlac

    Ole’ Snakehead is finally fessing up. What a low-life.

  • Not True
  • usam1981

    Carvile is being generous. I would say more like 95%, maybe 96%, no higher then 97%.

    • mudguy1

      That also includes the doumbocrats in the government. Obummer, Scary Reid and Pigloisy are at the top.

  • http://www.twitter.com/xthred Rick Evans


  • Observer

    “As quoted on Amazon.com” and it’s a link to a forum on Amazon? You have no reference in this article whatsoever. You might as well open up the article with “I heard someone who said they heard someone who heard James Carville say…”

    • voter suppression

      i seem to remember a lot of democratic fairy tales so i believe it is true.
      Or some one is learning the Democratic craft of disinformation.

      • guest

        After minor research…it appears tge original source has retracted. Sounds like this story was a hoax.. However just because he didnt say it does not make it untrue.

        • Tom T

          I am quite sure that, as usual the source retracted right after the obligatory “wood shed” phone call from the party hierarchy.

  • thismustend

    An honest Democrat, wow, I didn’t think they existed.

    • jeepdude911

      They don’t. This is an anomaly.

      • tere

        Be very careful when they leave their track,,, something is up. Be wary.

    • Conservadiva

      Carville has turned himself in as a puppet master! Not honest, but pathological. What a creep! What does he plan to do when the country fails?

  • bobbi

    If I was a democrat I would vote just the opposite just to prove him wrong but then I have never been a democrat.

    • voter suppression

      you mean like democrats do>

  • John Douglas

    I would be ecstatic if he had actually said this but doubt he did and will not repeat what I can’t authenticate.

  • gundog9mm

    If you had sat for 12
    hours in a poll in the heart of the ghetto as a poll watcher for Romney as I
    did yesterday you would know how The Marxist trash won!

    The steady stream of both white and black moochers, parasites, and general
    trash that flowed through there like a polluted river was frightening. I could
    only cringe and say to myself “My God! These are the people who will choose
    America’s leader for four more years. Our country cannot recover as long as the
    takers outnumber the producers. Santa Claus always wins. These voters only
    wanted what Santa Obama has in his bag of goodies, bought with our hard earned
    tax dollars.

    America we are sooooo
    screwed!! I would not want to be the ones with an Obama bumper sticker on my
    car or wearing an Obama tee shirt in about a year when the big crash hits. It
    is going to suck to be them. I will still be wearing mine that I have worn for
    the last four years that says “Don’t say we didn’t warn you”. Just

    • chuckie2u

      Now one can appreciate why our founders set up a Republic. After one clears through the smoke the educated and wealthy have always controlled the uneducated classes one way or the other. Lenin was right about the “willing idiots’ and the Democrats,bless their hearts, have perfected the winning formula to stay in power .

  • Tom Harmon

    Its not “just what it says about most democrat voters”, but what it says about the character of James Carville. The American people are “lazy” when it comes to really evaluating the consequences of their political choices, especially the “moral choices”.

  • Tonto

    I’ve heard this guy’s message before. Arrogant as hell, but correct in every aspect. Spread the silage and the cows will come…… This would be much more amusing if we weren’t in the situation we’re in now. Now we face years and years of socialist engineered stupidity and misery…..needlessly. Americans are dumber than a ball-peen hammer.

    • creeper

      It’s phrases like that…”spread the silage and the cows will come”…that make me think this could well be a legitimate quote. That’s Carville’s style all over.

  • Doug

    For once I agree what Carville has said.

  • challie

    Very good carville , republicans are either too cheap to offer the silage for votes or are totally oblivious to it. My opinion is they are too tight fisted, except for Romney, he would have been our constitutional savior of the right temperament to even be a beneficient dictator, instead the bad and the ugly opted for obama the conan destroyer. Maybe this homosexual pres will be done in by his own black constituiets and homos for not giving them enough !!!!!!!

  • chamuiel

    Well, now they are even admitting they are stupid. They must be proud of it too.

  • earlycsa

    This may reflect reality,but Carville did not say this publicly or in an article. It is an internet scam.

  • $821192

    How come Carville didn’t say this before the election?

    • ride2live

      I think he did. This is not a new story- it popped up around Sept.

  • jd332

    Wow ,how refreshing a democrat telling the truth. Not a first but very rare.

  • jb80538

    Need to rephrase that a bit…80% (or more) of democrats are simply clueless, not just politically!

    • CaptTurbo

      I think Andy had it right when he responded: “He’s about 80% right”.

  • Neil

    What’s sad about this is that this comment (if indeed he ever said it) does not merely apply to Democrats. Any operative of either party could have said this; it is an excellent description of the American body politic. Democratic leaders and operatives, for some reason, feel less need to conceal the wickedness of what they are doing, but both parties are bereft of conviction, empty of moral courage, and spiritually bankrupt. Republicans care only for the increase of their own power; Democrats exalt one form of naked depravity after another. No wonder we have not once but twice elected a “president” who combines all the charming characteristics of Mussolini, Stalin, Chavez, and Mao. Yes, of course he stole the election, but there is something TERMINALLY WRONG with an electorate that would put him close enough to make such a theft possible. If such an organism can get even 30% of the vote, we are done for as a civilization. Bring on the Vandals and Visigoths.

  • Betty Hanicke

    Does Carville give a hoot whats good fo maintain Americas FREEDOM for his daughters generation and beyond or is he just interested in dumbing down America by going with the democrats? I’d say he was complementing the Republicans as the only intelligent Constitutional Americans. I hope his wife in putting HER values in their children!

  • CaptTurbo

    And yet he works tirelessly on behalf of their destruction.

  • ride2live

    Are you really using an internet quote by “Who Dat Nation” from the Amazon comments section as your source (who sources an unsourced quote from thinkexist.com)? As much as I loathe Carville, fabricated stories such as these only undermine your credibility.

  • ssmith

    A widespread story circulating on the Internet about James Carville calling 80% of Democrats “politically clueless” has been debunked by IJ Review. Snopes had called the rumor “probably false.”

    This author reached out to Mr. Carville’s office about the blistering quote and received the following response:

    Mr. Becker,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Apparently the quote was falsely posted by an unknown user to a quotations website called thinkexist.com. We have contacted the website and asked them to take the quote down. James Carville never said these words, and this quote in no way belongs to James Carville.

    The quote posted previously on IJ Review repeating the rumor has been removed. The author encourages other websites to dispute the rumor and to issue retractions as well if necessary. Mr. Carville is a well-respected pundit by both the political right and left, and his professional reputation should remain in tact.

    (Let’s be sure to fact check. Much as this would please us, I can not find a source that can confirm this and he claims he did not say it.)

  • JRu4Life

    And the fact that Carville will admit this and still keep working for the evil on the left only proves what a political whore and scumbag he is. Mary Matalin – what is wrong with you?

  • James Foley

    The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows lay out enough silage and they come running (attributed to James Carville) — A fairly intensive google search for attribution comes back dry on this… If James Carville doesn’t want to lay claim to it I would proudly step forward and claim it! After all, simple observation of facts shows the “quote” to be true whoever actually authored it!

  • B. Alan

    November 6, 2012, will go down in infamy, as the day, when THE COUNTRY SCREWED ITSELF!!!

  • Phil

    Thanks to our school system being in the hands of unions.

  • kenhowes

    Where’s the original source of this? I’d like to believe it–but I would like to see where he actually said it. Lots of fake, or incorrectly attributed quotations floating around the internet.

    • sickandtired

      And you believe the liberal snopes?

      • kenhowes

        I didn’t say that; but I could not find an original source for it–a newspaper, a newscast, a magazine article by him, etc.. Nothing I would be comfortable citing if I were going to write an article on the subject.

  • Liberal Lassie

    Carville is getting damn arrogant if he really believes all that. I don’t think so for one second. People want what’s right, fair and TRUE, always. That doesn’t change.

  • Kevin Law


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJ3DNEWI7NWP7KKWFGVC2NS5IU Walter

    Is that bold, or what? The morons want even get mad at him, because he is a liberal. That is scary and sad at the same time. The fraud mentally challenged people taken to the polls to vote. These poor souls didn’t know what day it was, so that’s what make the dems so scummy.

  • Sherrilee55

    I rarely (if ever) agree with James Carville. I can’t believe he would say this. It’s true, but I think he has too much political savvy to say it out loud.

  • Calvin Dodge

    The quote is a hoax. Please remove this article, or add a mea culpa to the beginning, like “the following shows why we should check everything for veracity”.

  • slickzip

    For a change he is telling the TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • redcarol57

    Wow, I finally agree with James Carville on something. Go figure.

  • Stan Parrish

    I never liked Carville before and now I like him even less. He knowingly led stupid people down the primrose path. Promising what could not be delivered and convincing people to vote against their own convictions.

  • Jane18

    If you read one new thing on the computer, read ‘The History of the Frankfurt School’. These Germans have accomplished exactly what they intended…………………..

  • Jdeg

    except it turns out he didn’t say this….

  • Happy Customer

    readers: this article may just be 100% horse-poopy… don’t even bother…

  • http://www.aaronsenvironmental.com MacAaron

    Ya, and conservatives are oh so better informed.. O.o

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Marshall/1738727638 Dennis Marshall

    Carville is almost right, 80% are uninformed and the other 20% are idiots.

  • It’s A Secret
    • creeper

      Anything negative about Dems is false according to Snopes.

      • It’s A Secret

        Aside from not addressing the facts presented by Snopes, way to read into the zombie bin by responding to a 2 year old comment. FTW! LOL

  • jrstudioboss

    For some time I’ve been saying that Democrats don’t treat their constituents like they are selfish and ignorant, they rely on it! i feel vindicated!

  • WASP

    That can explain the Democraps sheepleness, and we all know how most blacks, illegal aliens, and other America-haters will vote, but what about the “independents” and so-called “conservatives”. The applicability of labels breaks down in today’s libtard media obsessed world.

  • Saltporkdoc

    And the only news is that it comes out of James Carvell’s mouth. Probably explains the success of his marriage!

  • theworldisnotflat

    you all sound like a bunch whiney, sore loser republicans. get over yourselves, the world is not coming to end, and neither is the country. here’s a needle to pop the bubble you all live in and look at the facts; you know, those pieces of information in books and newspapers that reflect reality. the country is doing better. you think the republicans in congress think for themselves? theyre either sucking grover norquists dick, karl rove’s, or the church’s. get a fuckin clue. idiots…

  • tommyboy

    Has. This been verified if so
    We”ll be seeing him on Fox soon

  • chuckie2u

    What is going to happen when the money runs out or the Middle Class says enough is enough. When the Democrats raise taxes to 65 to 75% to pay for all those “Free Stuff ” programs maybe the producers will see the light.
    I agree with Marx and Lenin,”Those who will not work will not eat !” : )

  • judylolley

    There are a lot of Republicans that need replaceing. They have sit there for 4 years with a illegal President aand did nothing to kick him out.

  • paco12348

    We are so in need of term limits. 2 terms is enough for any idiot, regardless of Party. Besides, Parties have become Unions in DC. They turn off their brain and follow the Leader. That’s why both Parties dislike the Tea Party. Put a stranger in the herd and both Parties become conflicted. Follow the leader is the name of the game.

  • dba_vagabond_trader


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