Lobbyist-Establishment’ Complex Responsible For Romney Defeat

Speaking at The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s “Restoration Weekend” in Florida on November 16, Pat Caddell indicted what he called the Republican “consultant-lobbyist-establishment” complex for losing a presidential campaign in 2012 President Barack Obama had no business winning.

“No presidential campaign should be run by consultants,” Caddell said. “They should be run by people who are committed to the candidate and not into making big money.”

Caddell, the former Jimmy Carter adviser who consulted on the “Hope and the Change” movie that profiled disaffected Obama 2008 voters who were not going to vote for him in 2012, warned Republicans that the consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex may threaten to take the party into oblivion if not marginalized.

The Romney campaign, Caddell said, was driven be establishment consultants and was a failure of mechanics and message.

“But most of all, it was a failure of imagination,” Caddell said. ““It was the single worst campaign in modern history of a challenger who had a chance to win … and that’s the truth and nothing can take away from that.”

Caddell said “Republicans never attempted to put a frame around the national election” because “the people who run the messaging in the Republican party and their consultants refused to do it.”

As a result, Rommey lost decisively to voters who voted for the candidate who “cares about me,” which was more than 20% of the electorate. Many of these voters are Reagan Democrats and independents.

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  • Candace

    Move over Rove.

  • dean29685

    The Republican establishment never intended for Romney to win THEY ARE NOT Conservatives but are instead globalist progressives for two elections they have put up Milquetoast candidates with no thought of wining only the typical progressive show of We are in charge.

  • gypsy314

    Democrats wanted Romney to win from the get go I wonder why??

  • haditinsd

    When are they going to admit Romney was simply the wrong man for the job and that republicans avoid the truth almost as much as the democrats. Remember what Romney did to Gingrich in Florida? Remember Romney passed Romneycare? Remember how the RINOs announced Romney the candidate before even half the population had voted in the primary? Remember Boehners fraud vote count at the convention when the RINOs decided the grass roots was to stupid to elect a candidate so now the RINOs will be in charge of the party? Remember how Romney failed to hold Obama accountable for Bengazi, gunrunner, breaking the laws and mocking the constitution? Remember how the party caved on the debt ceiling? Remember how the party had the power for two years to defund any and every thing but did nothing?
    Sounds like Romney ran a democratic campaign. Maybe it is time to try some honesty in politics. Might work as nobody has tried it for a long time.

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