• Candace

    I hope to God the right realigns. Its messaging is lost on this generation.

  • PPTA

    We need to change the Reublican Party Leadership. We need to vote out all Democrat-Republicans called Rhinos. We need,as a party, to go to court and really push voter ID. And e-verfy for all voters, in every State. Voter registration should close, at least four months before any, election, Nation wide. This would allow enough time to e-verify all new registered voters. The machines that registered Obama, when Romney was selected, send them back where they came from. Ban all machines from that company, to be used for anything in the Uited States.. This would be a start. How come Cain had all hose votes against him, that came from no where, right at the end? Voter fraud, that is how.
    Then, we need to refine the Republican message. We ned to expose the corruption, and fraud in the Democrat party. Then, and only then, will we have fair elections. not like 2008 and 2012. The Democrats have a electronic program called Dashboard, which corolates the fraudulant activities of elections now. We need to destroy it. It can be hacked. So do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.ruane Don Ruane

    It has gotten to the point that I cannot believe anyone, Democrat, Republican, Media, Consultants,Talking Heads, Pundits, the President, the Entire Congress, Generals, the Supreme Court, all the Federal Courts, Our Institutions of SO CALLED Higher Learning, our Churches and I am even beginning to doubt myself.
    I cannot believe that any of our REVERED Members of Congress really have the BEST INTERESTS OF OUR COUNTY as their guiding principle.
    It is only and all about the MONEY, the Money, the Money and if I may say so the Money.

  • markinla

    The RNC had to push Romney on us. We “Paulbots” told you over and over that Romney was toxic and nobody liked him. He was another Blankfein – blaming Americans for not starting their own hedge funds and it would not be pretty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.sluszka Karen Sluszka

    This election was STOLEN by the PRETENDER, with rigged machines and voter FRAUD.

    • $9913635

      The negro has no business in that OFFICE!

      He is not qualified, he knows it, we know it, everybody knows it except Chris Matthews and David Letterman, and he has no integrity at all. He said talking big that if he can’t change the economy better in 4 years he should not have another 4 years.

      But looks how he runs another 4 years and no one calls him on this one.

  • Abby

    Grea!t analysis

  • bob

    We live with a bunch of idiots. The message would not have mattered-they were going to decide to stay with the idiotic administration no matter what.

  • Bill Weston

    The failure here is the “two party system” and not the failure of liberty. The democrats have sold out to radical socialism (big brother will take care of us) and the republicans have sold out to multinational corporations (the “bread and circus” of ancient Rome) Both concepts result in ultimate tyranny. “We, the people….” are caught in the middle and catching on. The outcome of this threat remains to be seen. My hope is that liberty and justice will prevail. May God bless America!

  • johnnywoods

    Democraps are diabolic and Repubs are just stupid.

  • Idadho

    Wow, 1897 words just to say that we have too many chiefs and nobody to carry a consolidated message to the people. Does he suggest that Madison Rising should or can carry the message to the people? Problem was we had a brainwashed LDS jerk on a power trip trying to claim the US of A for Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith could not do it way back then and Mitt cannot deliver the good even with Rove’s misguided help now. We need a conservative Constitutionalist Christian who has not sold out to Rome or Salt Lake with a previously vetted closet empty of surprises and free of foot-in-mouth disease. Somebody who can learn to communicate the Pro-Life message without throwing stuff into the fan. While we are at it we need to shut up the Rick Warren and Bill Hybels types from spouting neo-conservative ecumenical drivel. A few candidates willing to call a terrorist an Islamic Terrorist will not hurt either.

  • $9913635

    I don’t agree! We lost because of too many stink’n dumb-ass voters. I have talked to some and they are about as dumb as a piece of rock.

    A lot are immigrants who just deep-down hate or resent this country and think “whitey” should hand over the dough no matter WHAT!

    Most are young single women who vote for Demoncraps no matter WHAT!

    I believe we should not let single women vote. The country has gone downhill since the women were allowed to vote. They always vote Demoncrap no matter WHAT!

  • mhojai

    Making pop culture the “holy grail,” something to which one should aspire, or at least, pander, makes you no better than a self-indulgent, brain-dead liberal…NO THANKS!

  • mhojai

    Dismissing voter fraud in the face of SO MUCH evidence, is criminal in itself. Ignoring what is actually important, – that the sytem is rigged, so corrupt as to be totally unworkable, and unfixable- in favor of becoming more “hip” is so juvenile as to be beyond belief.

  • Grizzly

    Let no one accuse you as being someone who “incessantly promotes their pet project.” Your “solution” to the problems of the GOP and America sound to me like rank self-promotion. Then again, you are a promoter just doing your job.

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