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    • Nomadd

      Hes coming , with 100 million Angels , and with a white hot sword protruding from his mouth, I will gladly die today for him, and be riding with that crew,

    • John

      No we don’t like the people who ignore his message and propose violent solutions and will not look after the planet. Mostly interested in idolizing themselves and materialism.

  • zerbedianna@yahoo.com

    Praise God! Thank you Jesus!

  • waterman

    You know tihis really doesn’t bother me. We are suppose to have Jesus in our hearts. Not in graven idols. These idols are what they are “idols” they mean nothing, the athiests and the far left demobats can’t take Jesus from your heart or make you believe something else other than the gospel of Jesus, it they want to take down a statue of Jesus let ‘em take it down. It shouldn’t deminish your belief or take away your belief.
    If we did this and let the idiots take away our rights then we have, then we would have the right to take away theirs. The point is that they can’t stop us from having Christmas at home or on our private property and in our house. The other thing, is that our belief is spiritual not physical, fleshly or carnal, we are to be spiritual. If we are true Christians we are able to recognize the spiritual things of God, the athiest can recognize nothing they will be nothing and they are nothing without God.
    So let the stupid nothings have nothing. Idols are nothing and we don’t need them anyway. If you are catholic your in trouble anyway, we can’t help you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QMVD3JV5ZSMOQLYUMTRAUTHOL4 J

    Email text contributed by L. McGuinn, Jan. 29, 2004:


    In Florida, an atheist became incensed over the preparation for Easter and Passover holidays and decided to contact his lawyer about the discrimination inflicted on atheists by the constant celebrations afforded to Christians and Jews with all their holidays while the atheists had no holiday to celebrate.

    The case was brought before a wise judge who after listening to the long, passionate presentation of his lawyer, promptly banged his gavel and declared, “Case dismissed!”

    The lawyer immediately stood and objected to the ruling and said, “Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? Surely the Christians have Christmas, Easter and many other observances. And the Jews — why in addition to Passover they have Yom Kippur and Hanukkah… and yet my client and all other atheists have no such holiday!”

    The judge leaned forward in his chair and simply said “Obviously your client is too confused to know about or to celebrate the atheists’ holiday!”

    The lawyer pompously said “We are aware of no such holiday for atheists, just when might that be, your honor?”

    The judge said “Well it comes every year on exactly the same date– April 1st!”

    “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.'”
    Psalm 14:1, Psalm 53:1

    Analysis: Although several readers have forwarded the above story to me for verification, it’s quite obviously just a joke at the expense of unbelievers, and not based on any court records or news reports I could find. The earliest iteration of the text I’ve located online is dated June 2, 2003.

    A different version of the story attributed to the “Maryland Church News,” was published in the 1997 edition of The Speaker’s Quote Book by Roy B. Zuck (Kregel Publications):

    An atheist complained to a friend because Christians have their special holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, and Jews celebrate their national holidays, such as Passover and Yom Kippur. “But we atheists,” he said, “have no recognized national holiday. It is unfair discrimination.”

    To which his friend replied, “Why don’t you celebrate April first?”

    And yet another, more minimal variant was published seven years before that in, of all places, an advertisement for Sunday church services in the Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Gazette, March 28, 1990:

    April 1st – National Atheist’s Holiday
    “The Fool hath said in his heart
    there is no God.” Psalm 14:1
    Come celebrate this gala event
    with us on Sunday
    Lambs Creek Bible Church
    Mansfield, PA

    Lastly, the more developed form of the joke we’re familiar with today was presaged by this famous one-liner from Borscht Belt comedian Henny Youngman (1906-1998):

    “I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up — they have no holidays.”

    See also: April Fools’ Day – History & Origin

  • ocarol500
  • Doug Ferguson

    Just like cockroaches, atheists can’t stand the light.

  • Lindy

    I happen to be an atheist who loves Christmas and respects others for their belief in God and Jesus. I would never think of stopping someone from believing. I may not believe in a God but I do believe in Santa and Reindeer’s and elves. Atheists who insist on forcing their views onto others are no better then those who believe that I am going to hell because I do not believe. Everyone needs faith in something or someone and it’s best not to interfere in what people choose unless of course it will harm others.

    • bobalo59

      Then please, if you are an atheist, tell your fellow atheist to leave us the hell alone. I believe in my savior Jesus Christ. I respect your right not to, but don’t jump on the national athiest bandwagon just to feel like you belong to something. As for your believing in Santa and Reindeers, and elves. Unless your six, I think you may have a priority problem. How can you believe in something commercial, yet not believe in a God, and Savior? I’m a little confused.

      • Mathchopper

        Let me unconfuse you. Lindy believes in the SPIRIT of Santa. i.e. the SPIRIT of Christmas. He also believes his rights stop at your nose.

        • Lindy

          Thank you Mathchopper.

          • Mathchopper


      • Lindy

        Christmas is a happy time for family and especially kids. I am still a child at heart and see joy in many things. Too bad you don’t. I love the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Leprechauns too. Too bad more people didn’t feel the same then maybe the world would be more at peace. Lighten up.

      • stantonlore

        You are not seriously asking someone to run around and order other atheists to leave us believers alone are you? Do you think they are organized in a group with mailing lists, etc? The man is doing his part by being open in this forum. Enough for me.

      • John

        Because there are no gods. The problem is that YOU are the ones that keep stuffing Christmas in our faces. We may celebrate the winter festival that you coopted but we don’t want you using government money to promote religion.

        • John Spencer

          I don’t see how stopping private individuals celebrating Chrismas saves government money. As most of the displays of Christmas that are put on are funded privately, with perhaps the expection of the odd municipal Christmas tree, and most of the efforts by misguided atheists to stop Christmas displays are aimed at displays that use no government money, then your post is moot.
          As Lindy says, she can welcome Christmas while still being an atheist. So do I. I also have no problems with the Ten Commandments being on display in court houses. Like it or not, they are the basis for our laws, whether dictated by God or not.
          So Merry Christmas to you all from another atheist.

  • slickzip


  • doug63

    I AM AN ATHEIST. I don’t care what anyone wishes to pray to or whatever. I say merry christmas. I have the family over for christmas. I wish the (atheists) would leave the christians alone. Christmas is for the kids. muslims are another story. The idiot (atheists) on tv and the news do not speak for me. I wish they would shut the f%^& up.

    • KarenWI

      God bless you (really) for being open minded and let people believe and worship if that is their choice. You are more Christian than you realize!

      • jerry sweet

        Wrong.i like his honesty but unless the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to the truth of the Cross and accept the free gift of eternal life no one can even believe,let alone become a CHRISTIAN period.Its Gods way or hells highway you atheist’s may not believe now but you will when it’s too late.for all of you who believe Jesus is just another religion.wrong again.its a personal relationship with the very one who created us.let me see.HE made us from dirt&HE lives inside fire.case closed.believe,repent and accept or burn forever in the flames of HELL.All religions will be there!!!!

        • Mikebark

          Read your bible. Matthew 12:31,32 Mark 3:29
          Atheists cannot repent and be saved. If they tried, they would be condemned to eternal damnation. Best to reject religion and guarantee an eternity of peace in death. Besides, I feel sorry for those of you going to heaven if it existed. You will be spending an eternity on your knees, kowtowing to a childish narcissistic entity.

          • Christian Joe

            You have those verses entirely wrong. They do NOT mean what you think they do. Your understanding of the Bible is lacking.

          • Mikebark

            Yeah, I have it all wrong…not! It’s there in black and white. You hypocritian humanists twist the bible around the same way Libs do the Constitution! Why do you celebrate Xmas anyway??? Where does it say ANYTHING about christmas in your bible??? Or Easter??? Those are HUMANIST holidays! And we’re still making up the traditions as w go!

          • karolh

            I think you need to check the meaning of blaspheme. I find it hard to understand how someone could profane, mockingly abuse,curse,revile or be contemptous to a being you obviously know nothing or little about. My God is a forgiving God, loving to me, brings me great comfort and supplies my needs. Not wealth untold, my needs! I will not spend enternity on my knees, kowtowing, God will re-create the earth, as it was in the Garden of Eden, and I will be right here, with my Saviour enjoying a life of contentment as God originally intended earth to be. Satan will be no more, therefore, no more sin. You might want to rethink your decisions, as there is no peace in death. There is peace in believing in Jesus and accepting His love. Maybe, you should spend some time with a Christian Pastor and find out what is true and what is satan trying to make you believe is true. You have a wonderful surprise waiting for you, just ask.

          • Christian Joe

            Matthew 12:31, 32 as well as Mark 3:29, does not address atheists, but rather, all who die in their sin by rejecting Jesus as Savior. You aren’t dead yet. Atheists can be saved. There was one notable atheist who lived on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. His name was Marthaler, though I am not sure of the spelling. He constantly wrote the Mississippi Press telling Christians how stupid they were to believe in God, let alone believe Jesus could save them from their sins. A day or two before he died, he called for a press conference and told them that he was wrong, and that he had repented and asked Jesus to save him.

            Something You totally overlooked in the Scriptures, is the story of how Saul, before he changed his name to Paul, a Pharisee, who was given authority to persecute Christians. He stood and watched while Stephen was stoned. Saul thought he was doing the right thing. Saul was on his way to Damascus to have more Christians come to the same fate as Stephen, but the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Saul along the way. Saul then accepted Jesus as Lord and God. After this, Paul became a great Christian, and was the apostle to the gentiles.

            If you think being an atheist is different than one such as Saul, you are wrong. Saul rejected Jesus as the Messiah, Lord and God. If Saul had died before he repented, then the verses you sited would have applied to him. They apply to all who reject Jesus as Lord, before they die. There is an exception given to a group of people in Romans Chapter 1, to those He gives over to a reprobate mind. Once that has happened, then you cannot be saved at all, because you will not believe at all.

            Another serious flaw in your understanding, is that you will not die and enjoy an eternity in peace. That is a false belief taught no where in the Bible. If you remain on the course you are on, you will go to Hell, a place of burning with no means of relief. Then at the end, you and all of the inhabitants of Hell, will be brought before the Judgment Seat of Christ. There, you will knell before Him and confess Him as Lord – Philippians 2:10,11 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

            You will either bow in love and gratitude to Jesus who saved you from the penalty of sin, which is eternal separation from God. In Heaven, all believers will enjoy peace. No more tears will be shed.

            However, those who die in their sins, will bow their knee before him at His judgment Seat. You will bow before Him, and you will have absolutely no option on that at all..

            I was like you. I too did not believe in God. Thankfully, He had great mercy on me and proved Himself to me through His word, the Bible, and I heard those words by those Christians He put along the way.

          • EMIRCITNA

            MIKE, I was a confirmed atheist for over 50 years, and I just turned 70.

            NO ONE could convince me that there was a God in the heavens above, not even my Mom who drug me to church by the ear in my youth!
            One night I went to bed completely exhausted expecting to fall to sleep quickly when words, out of the blue, kept flowing through my mind that made no sense at all, at the time:
            Those words would not cease repeating over and over, causing me to toss and turn for over an hour UNTIL I sat up in bed and ….made sense of them! ~ WOW, what sense they DID make!
            NO, I’m not going to reveal its meaning as it is up to YOU to figure it out for yourself, my friend!
            That incident was a “KNOCK on my door” by the Holy Spirit, and I thank God to this day that I ….opened that door for Jesus Christ to enter my life!
            Bottom Line; ONLY an atheist can save themselves from themselves, my friend!

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Clifford/1017534800 Larry Clifford

            This is what I love about you bible thumpers…..you can be a child molester, a killer, a rapist, a robber, an abuser, heck you could be Hitler and if you repent and acknowledge “God” you get into Heaven. If your a good law abiding citizen, never hurt or cheat anyone but, are an atheist….. eternity of of suffering and damnation…..I prefer to be a free spirit rather spend eternity in servitude.

          • Dotprince

            @Larry Clifford — I’m not a Bible thumper but I know that many who are do a lot more thumping before they understand what they should be saying. First of all, to TRULY repent of your sins, you must first confess them (meaning you recognize them for what they are), then express GODLY sorry for having committed them in the first place (and believe me that is MORE than just realizing you might get caught in them — it means you must TRULY be sorry for having committed them in the first place), then you must forsake them completely and finally. That means that once you realize you have sinned and what that sin was and that you are genuinely sorry for having done it, you vow never to do it again and you do your level best to keep that vow. God knows whether you are sincere or not. Merely standing or kneeling at an alter and SAYING you believe in Jesus Christ does NOT absolve you of all your sins. However, in order to do the kind of repenting I’m speaking of, you MUST believe IN Jesus Christ, but you must also BELIEVE Jesus Christ. The mere act of saying you believe will not absolve you from sin. That said, please believe me when I say that we are saved BY GRACE, not by our acts. BUT, those who are saved by Grace will perform the very acts that show where their heart is. By many who call themselves Christians I would be considered a non-Christian because I am a Latter Day Saint (I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), better known as “the Mormons” and many do not consider us Christians. I figure our actions speak for us. We revere and worship God, the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son and the Holy Ghost, so we are Christians. We also believe that God loves ALL His children but will eventually stop striving with them if they turn away from Him. God even loves YOU, Larry Clifford. And we won’t be in servitude in the eternities — at least not the way YOU see it. The God I know is NOT a narcissistic being, but a kind and loving Father who loves his children even when they don’t behave as they should. And we will be serving EACH OTHER in the eternities because we will all love one another — much like a family serves one another because they love each other. I love my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart and I don’t feel like a “servant” in the sense that you think of one being a “servant”. I AM, however, a WILLING servant and happy to serve in whatever capacity He asks me to serve. And if ever there was a “free spirit” that would be me. You CAN be a “free spirit” and still serve a loving God without feeling like you are being used.

          • taliesin319

            How can you have eternal damnation if you believe its not there ? You can’t be damned if there is no force there to damn you. Why would you repent if you absolutely believe there is noone to explain your lack of belief to ? Call your friends, head for the pub and lift a few. Let us weird and happy Christians do the same.

          • thismustend

            You already spend your time on your knees worshipping a childish, racist, narcissistic entity who goes by the name of Barack Hussein ObaMAO.

          • Mikebark

            WHAT in HELL makes you think I would worship that fa@@ot loving ni@@er!? Are you retarded?? I’ve stated many times in these forums, whomever puts a violent end to his administration would be admired as a hero and the savior of the country by many including myself.

        • CMY


    • Mathchopper

      The Atheists who have commented here are conservative. The atheists they’re complaining about are liberal. I don’t hate blacks, I hate liberal blacks. I don’t hate gays, I hate liberal gays. I don’t hate women, I hate liberal women. See a pattern here?

      • JulieB

        Exactly, you nailed it right on the head!!!

    • Twitch

      If only more atheists were like you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Clifford/1017534800 Larry Clifford

        Atheism is an individual feeling or non belief in a supreme being…..it is NOT an organized movement…..most atheist I know could care less if you call it Christmas or Hanukkah, or just the Holiday season……it is mostly a celebration of peace on Earth and Good will toward man..(Mankind) Celebrate it according to your beliefs and quit insisting it is only for Christians.

        • Mathchopper

          It’s not the Christians who don’t want to share the joy of Christmas, it’s the liberal atheist who doesn’t want to accept.

        • thismustend

          Sorry but the birth of CHRIST does have a lot to do with Christmas & no one said it was just for Christians, God accepts EVERYONE, but we will not remove HIM/God/Christ & pretend He doesn’t exist to appease you or anyone else.

      • taliesin319

        Yeah Doug, maybe you could give a few seminars. Thanks to the miricle of computers I, for the last two years ( am 73 and just learned how to use Photoshop courtesy of my 8 year old grand nephew ) have sent my 2 Athiest friends a great card showing the heavens and the Eagle Nebula.
        On the top is the phrase, ” Season’s Greetings ” and on the bottom, “Nobody Home. ” They now send it to all their believing buddies.

    • CMY

      Thank you, your thinking is going in the right direction…God Bless you and your Family…


      IT IS THE FEW that make the nightly mainstream media “news” that paint an indelible image in the minds of the masses that blemish the majority within their groups! ~ Intelligent people with COMMON SENSE will realize this without anyone having to tell them, but unfortunately they are a minority in America today!

    • Bulldog74

      Merry Christmas to you too doug, and I mean it, no sarcasm intended.

    • TrueGrit

      WOW ; This sheds a new light on things ,but it makes sense that conservative atheists would not be acting like progressive ahteists. Lets face it ,Liberals SUCK whatever catagory they hide out in.

  • B. W. Wright

    What a wonderful message you have given in this article. I have NEVER been able to understand why people will not believe in the message of love and peace that is given to all in the Bible. Then sometimes, I forget that Satan is working very hard to defeat our Lord Jesus Christ, which I know he will NEVER do. Praise the Lord and Merry Christmas to all!!

    • Mathchopper

      The message of love and peace is NOT the issue. Most religions preach love and peace. The issue for liberal atheists in the USA is Christianity and Judaism in the USA.

      • B. W. Wright

        And, what do Christianity and Judaism teach? I did not say it was an issue, I specifically stated that that is what the message says. I’m trying to understand YOUR difference.

        • Mathchopper

          Thanks for your response. I believe the conservative atheists who have commented here also believe in love and peace. The liberal atheist just doesn’t want anyone celebrating the thought that the love and peace comes from the Judeo-Christian god. Not being an atheist but rather, a theist, I hope I’ve thought this out correctly.

          • John

            “Love and peace” – since when is shooting small animals for fun “love and peace”. You don’t give a crap for looking after the planet – only your toys.

          • Mathchopper

            Huh? You talkin’ to me?

    • jerry sweet

      they will, after its too late.in hell they will experience great sorrow,regrets,pain so agonizing they will scream every second of a timeless eternity.Jesus reaches out in love and people repay that love with vile wickedness.they like the darkness so they can do the wicked things God hates.but HIS light pierces the darkness, so they hate Jesus even more.

      • John

        Wow – you have been truly brainwashed. Heaven and hell are totally impossible. I liked the idea of what Jesus taught but almost none of YOU follow it. Always want to kill Muslims and anything else that moves

        • B. W. Wright

          Sorry, JS, not this time. And yes, I do follow what Jesus taught. WE do NOT want to kill the Muslims – just opposite – THEY want to KILL us and it has been evident for a very long time. And when was the last time a conservative killed anything that moved? Heaven and Hell are real!! Too bad you are going to have to face your maker before you realize that fact. And you WILL face HIM.

      • Mikebark

        6And you worship a being that would do that to people??? You even sound like you would take pleasure in that! Are you sick? Are you a sadist?

    • John

      Because clowns like the writer of this piece believe in weapons and guns – NOT PEACE. They also believe in materialism and have no interest in looking after the planet they say their god gave them. Just pure hypocrisy.

      • Mathchopper

        Why is it so-o-o easy to spot a liberal Dumbocrap?

      • B. W. Wright

        No, I am sorry, John. You have it wrong. If Christians believe in weapons and guns, it is for hunting purposes only and possibly defense in this crazy country. Since when did a Christian conservative shoot up a place? And no, we do not believe in materialism – we believe in God who created the planet you are talking about and takes care of it Himself. You are obviously running with the wrong crowd. Back in the early days of God, weapons were used to kill animals for food. They were also used for sacrifice. Pray tell, how can people take care of a planet that Obama STOPPED NASA from exploring? Our job is not to look after the planet – it is to look after the will of God and keep his laws and commandments – and yes, that means PEACE – when Peace is possible! Do you truly think Peace is possible with Muslims that want to kill us and with the Iranian regime who is trying to destroy Israel and America? There have been unavoidable wars throughout all time!

  • jasch203

    Perhaps they should be exempt from the federal Christmas holiday and either have to work or take the day off unpaid. We don’t see or hear them complain about that. Do we?

  • Nomadd


  • Granpa David

    Jews don’t act like that, they wish their Christian friends Merry Christmas. Why hate instead of love. ? It just seems to me , nasty people are drawn to the atheists and the Democrat party, because that is where you find them.

    • John

      I see plenty of nasty people here thanks. It was the religious that turned me from religion.

      • Granpa David

        I agree with you, too many everywhere. But I do find more liberals and atheists being nasty. I was just saying Jews in general set a good example. Don’t be nasty.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000110720070 Ronnie Humphrey

        It is about your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Nobody else matters. What other Christians do should not interfer with your relationship with God. We are all sinners and we all have to repent of our sins to keep our relationship strong with God. It is all given to us through Grace and that is it. I have always felt that church is like a hospital for hypocrits. Be responsible for yourself first and that relationship that you have with God….all God wants is that continous relationship with you. All that other stuff you are referring to comes from the dark side and will always be here until the end of time so just turn from that and forget about it. God Bless and carry on!!!

  • jeepdude911

    Very well stated. Merry Christmas all.

  • Star-Dust

    ATHEISTS are going to feel might sad when Jesus second coming with his army to defeat evil. I want to wear the armor of God and Jesus.

    Since obama been elected twice the harassment and being bullied is getting worse on the Whites and Christains.

    When obama ban the day of prayers, then kneel down with the muslims to pray, is when God’s punishment came to American.

    • John

      Based on the behavior of the Christians I have seen he is going to be going after you and not the atheists I know. You are the jerks destroying his planet and the animals on it. You are the ones polluting the air. I have nothing to fear.

      • Old_Gringo

        All you have to fear my friend is you yourself.

  • http://inquisitionnews.blogspot.com/ Blaine Bosserman

    I am a Christian, and I do not celebrate Christmas! Just because I do not celebrate Christmas, doesn’t give you the right to consider me an Atheist! The following shares my views of Christmas!

    Jim Staley -Truth or Tradition – Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter? http://youtu.be/PNuIz63zBjM

    • dshevlin

      You are a liar.

      • http://inquisitionnews.blogspot.com/ Blaine Bosserman

        One Major Reason Atheists Get Their Panties in a Wad Over Christmas http://inquisitionnews.blogspot.com/2012/12/one-major-reason-atheists-get-their.html

        I am a Christian, and I do not celebrate Christmas! Just because I do not
        celebrate Christmas, doesn’t give you the right to consider me an
        Atheist! The following shares my views of Christmas!

        Jim Staley -Truth or Tradition – Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter? http://youtu.be/PNuIz63zBjM

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

        Has he lied. Or has his eyes been opened and your eyes remain shut.

        What has a bunny and eggs to do with Passsover. What has Easter do with Passover. What has a sleigh and a fat fellow in a red suit to do with Christ’s birth. Flying reindeer.

        Perhaps Blaine has passed beyond childhood and grown into a man. Perhaps your eyes can be opened and you too can grow. Growth is given to the man who desires it not, but to the man that is willing to shed that which he has believed his whole life.

        According to Isaiah. They cut down the tree and gather it before them. They fashion it that it stand upright. They decorate it and their women make bread. What is done at Christmas was done by the Hebrews centuries before Christ entered into this world.

        You enter this world and you depart this world. One man departs naked, another departs clothed. The naked man has no salvation. The clothed man has been clothed and his clothing made white by the blood of the Lamb.

        • dshevlin

          Dude save your BS, no Christian does NOT believe in Christmas. That is a lie.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

            Did I say there was no Christ. Did I say that Christ had not been born into the world. Did I denounce or reject Christ in any manner.

            What I said was that Jesus Christ was not born Dec. 25. There is no support of this whatsoever.

            Oh, how man foolishly thinks he is a sweet aroma before God, who says I will celebrate that which I will, whether it be true or not. God shall overlook my visitations unto pagan rituals, festivities and celebrations. For do I not do so in the name of Christ.

            But who is Christ and who is God that one should separate one from another. Is not the one who entered into the world also the one who brought forth the world. Is not the one within the other that man cannot fathom. Whom was the first of creation that men would say there are two Gods. Is God bound to one place or another that his presence is limited. Is God not in all places at the same moment. Can any eye behold God in his full glory and magnificence.

            You know what you know because it is fed to you by the hand of another. Because you rely on another’s hand to feed you, you cannot see that that food is tainted and therefore harmful.

            The salvation of God. You see that it is given to the body. But what is the body. Is it not a place of dwelling. Does it not provided residence to one who dwells within. And what become of the house when has been brought to desolation. The house thus comes crashing down, but what of the dweller within the house. Does the dweller go where the house has gone. Does both come their end in time.

            You are quick to bring judgment because you have no understanding. Not that you cannot, but do not seek it out. Can he who feeds the smallest of his creation not also feed you. Bread given to the house returns to hunger. Bread given to the spirit is filling and thus does not return to hunger. But hungers that more be given for understanding. With understanding comes wisdom. A man thinking himself wise of himself is made a fool. A man who as a fool desires that which he cannot understand, is given understanding and understanding sets him on a path to wisdom.

            Should I shun the truth and hold fast to deception. Christ is truth. Christmas, as you celebrate it is a deception.

          • dshevlin

            Listen Donald, like I said – save your BS for someone else. Why do atheists embarrass themselves year after year trying to eradicate Christmas? You are the deception “donald”…………..

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

            Such an attitude you display like a garment.
            My suggestion to you, if you believe what you say, look over the scriptures. Let them guide you rather than flesh and blood.
            You have cited twice the phrase BS. Please use whatever scriptures you have that rejects what I have stated and that which stated.

            Please provide me the evidence that supports the winter solstice as the birth of Christ. You will not because you can not.

            What shall you call me next, an SOB.

          • dshevlin

            Why do atheists embarrass themselves year after year trying to eradicate Christmas? Christians do not try to eradicate your holiday, in fact we even mark it on every calendar the same day in the same month every single year. Do you even have a clue what day that may be? You are sofa king we todd did if you can not figure it out………………. Hint: It is dubbed April fool’s day.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

            Foolish man. You perceive that I am a non believer, but you base your allegation solely because I reject Dec. 25 as the birth of Christ. By your allegation you made accusation and thus bearing false witness.
            For a man who who believes, answer this. God said to Jeremiah, “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”. What was meant by this. That is my question to you, who are so wise.
            Now, here is a bit of food to chew on. God gave his promise of salvation. You agree on this. God gave his promise before the foundation of the world. Do you also agree on this. If you agree, then to whom was the promise given. Those living and in need of salvation. Or those who were not, yet forthcoming in the creation.
            You entered the world through the womb. Your days are short upon this world. When the days have ended, where will you go. Will you rise up, or be delivered downward.
            Christ brought fulfillment to the promise. Tell me. Is salvation for the flesh of man or the spirit of man. If in death the body and soul of man return to the dust, and the body and soul of the beast also return to the ground, what advantage has man over the beast. What advantage has man, can you answer. Are the scriptures silent.
            You make much ado about nothing that benefits you in your spiritual walk. You hunger and are not fed, you thirst and are not quenched. The food and drink is given to them who ask and ask through the heart and the spirit.
            You desire to attain heaven and it will be given you. In fact it is given to all to enter the world, come to the end of days and leave the world. I suggest you study your Bible and cease putting faith in a thing that brings no man to salvation. The thing that gives a man over to foolishness. For a foolish man does according to his own pleasure.
            I believe in God. I believe in Christ Jesus. I believe that all things within the Bible are true and given through the prophets as inspired by the Lord God.
            You argue a case which has no truth, which is baseless as to one’s salvation and is deception masked to appear as having truth.
            When you leave this world, where will you be set. To the left hand or the right hand of Christ.

  • jerry sweet

    obama will face Jesus! he will drop to his knees so fast it will break his kneecaps.this STOOGE wouldn’t have been allowed to be a rat hiding in the grain bin at Christs birth.we have him because we in the church crawled into the closet back when the vile homosexuals were crawling out.that’s right i blame the Church for this.WE showed God we would rather be ruled by Stooges than to be free in Christ Jesus.So what does a Holy God do ,he puts in power Stooges to try&wake us up.both clintons,both bushes even reagan,carter ford,nixon,lbj.at least eisenhower tried to warn us what we would get if we denied our protection.Jesus Christ.we deserve every bit of wrath God throws at us.lock&load people we are in for a brutal dictatorship.i won’t be here for one of two reasons.the snatching away of believers(rapture) or i go down with my guns blazing. I WILL NOT LICK OBAMAS SHOES.die like dogs or stand and fight for some freedom.

  • rmn

    If it’s liberal spray it with Raid. They’re all cockroaches.

    • John

      And you are a rude jerk – what’s your point? Proving that Christians are inhuman?

  • WellNowDear

    They just hate for anyone to be happy. That’s it. They are evil trolls who foam at the mouth and have a fit anytime someone smiles and is full of Joy. Merry Christmas.

    • John

      You are the ones doing the foaming. Bill O’Reilly is your cheer leader joined by that cretin Ann Coulter. I just wonder why you think this is the time of year to get your underwear in a twist? Guilty much? Festival of materialism and gluttony?

      • Old_Gringo

        And your cheer leaders are: Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, et al?

  • Weasler

    I agree with this article, but there is another reason as well.
    Consider: Who are the atheists? They are typically hard core leftists. And who are they? Ugly feminazis, sick homos, loser druggies, and other rejects of society. Now what is Christmas a time for? It is a time for joy, happiness, and most of all, getting together with families. And the one thing that ugly feminazis, sick homos, loser druggies, and others like them have in common is NO FAMILIES. For them, Christmas becomes a very lonely time. It absolutely kills them that while all the so-called “right wing” Christians are eating, drinking, and having a merry old time with their children and families, these losers are sitting home alone or with their fellow losers (who wants to celebrate with them?). And instead of trying to deal with that loneliness, they just as soon see Christmas destroyed. THAT’S the real reason why they hate Christmas so much.

    • WellNowDear

      Amen. They just hate the “black hole of the holidays” where they are no longer in control. They can’t control us. We defy them and say, “Merry Christmas”. They can have the delusion the rest of the year and snicker but, not at Christmas. All the lights and music are just to much to ignore. They just can’t stand it. All you Christians out there drive around with you car window down playing Christmas music. Hum a carol everywhere you go. Say, “Merry Christmas.” Take those left over Romney/Ryan signs and glue a sign over them that says, “the reason for the season”. Make this Christmas the biggest, noisiest one ever.

      • John

        You can do what you like – just not use government money to do it. How clueless of a victim are you?

        • Weasler

          Oh, SO WHAT!!!! If you’re a true atheist, why should you care about ANYTHING? To you, it’s all just a bunch of chemical reactions anyway, so what does it matter?

    • Mathchopper

      Let me expand ever so-o-o slightly. Those “people” you described above are not unhappy just because they’re atheists. They’re unhappy because they’re LIBERAL atheists. And, of course, most of them are Democraps.

      • John

        No – we are intelligent well adjusted humans who don’t like violence and screwing up the planet like you miserable lot. You lot have to believe in magic still.

        • Weasler

          You people believe that man is heating up the globe, that one species begats and nurtures another species, that blacks are not criminals, that gays are not child molesters, and that most feminists are not ugly. There’s five fairy tales right there.

          • Weasler

            Oh, and you also believe Booga-Booga is not a socialist Mudslime. That’s six.

        • Mathchopper

          Huh. You talkin’ to me?

    • Roger Long

      The trouble with the holidays is, they should be practiced everyday 365/24/7 not just one day. Like going to church on Sunday and being good and the other six days living like God doesn’t exist.

  • infidel81

    I figured they got all upset because they weren’t making enough money off it.

  • Dennis

    Well said Doug. The Holy Spirit is doing His job.

  • GDC


  • stantonlore

    Atheists, by definition, cannot hate God. I was an atheist until age 49 (1996) and was outspoken about it. My dad derided believers in God as weak people who need a fairy tail crutch to deal with the inescapable fact of death, when we each return to the same eternal state of nothingness as before we were born. I didn’t hate believers, but I didn’t respect them, yet I would have given anything to be one of them. But I preferred to live honestly without belief in God rather than sell myself out pretending to believe in God. But at no time did I ever think about hating God, for doing so would mean I really DID believe he exists. Those atheists who cannot stand the thought of any display of a religious nature and sue to take down crosses, etc are just hateful unhappy people without meaning in life and try to fill the void by tearing down other’s beliefs. Sad really.

    • John

      Since your beliefs are unprovable I don’t think they should be used to control people’s health care. We don’t object to your displays – just the ones on government property.

  • Mikebark

    “panties in a wad???”,”societal hemorrhoid???” Such vulgarities from a so-called CHRISTIAN??? Oh, I get it! You’re a HYPOCRITIAN! At any rate, I do not know of any organized atheist group who would be attacking christians at xmastime. As far as I see, it’s always the christians attacking atheists. We sometimes have to defend ourselves with lawsuits.
    Then the Hypocritians attack us with jokes about our single holiday being April 1st? I guess that depends on which side you are on? Christians do not have a holiday that they did not get from the pagans Xmas = festival of lights, easter = EOSTER (pagan). Why don’t christians come up with their OWN holidays instead of stealing them from other religions?

    • Mathchopper

      Christians believe Christ was born sometime around the beginning of the year. If they want to celebrate that occasion each year, how do you suggest they do that without a lib like you calling it pagan?

      • Mikebark

        Now THAT’S a SERIOUS insult! Calling me a LIB ! I have voted conservative in every election since I’ve been old enough to vote.

        • Old_Gringo

          I “seriously” doubt that my friend.

      • jeri

        I’m a Christian and don’t participate in the pagan holidays, but keep the feasts of the LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are shadows of things to come, some prophecies that have been fulfilled and some prophecies still yet to be fulfilled by His second coming. You don’t speak for me as to when Christ was born. If He wanted us to celebrate His birthday He would have set that celebration up. But anyways my “guess” is He probably came to tabernacle among us at the feast of tabernacles, sukkot. Jesus isn’t going to be having Christmas when He comes back. Zec 14:16 And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles. Zec 14:17 And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain.

  • noweareman

    A true atheist would give no more attention to ANY religious holiday (holy day for those in Rio Linda) than I would to any druid or wicken “celebration”!

    • John

      Unless the government was paying for it. Which IS the problem.

      • Old_Gringo

        John what IS the problem? You want the Government to pay for everything else. Why not allow Christmas and Chanukah displays in public places? Our taxes, monies stolen from working citizens, pay for all the freebies given to the non-productive in our society.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

    I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Bible and believe it is the inspired word of God, given through the prophets. But I do not believe that Christ was born Dec. 25, First, it marks the winter solstice. Second, the shepherds where in the fields at night. Third, it is highly doubtful that the census of Augustus would have issued and conducted in the winter months. Fourth, it snows even in Israel. Fifth, the birth most probably took place during such a time that both a feast and the census were in effect. A feast such as the feast if first fruits.
    Nowhere in the scriptures is a conclusive date of birth given. That was not the purpose Christ came into the world that we should give reverence to the time of birth, but give reference to he who came.
    Christ was about 30 years of age when he began his ministry. His ministry began some months before the first Passover of his ministry. He died before the third Passover during his ministry.
    Because a church says that Christ was born Dec, 25 does not make it so. And there is no evidence that it was so, nor has evidence been produced that supports this claim.
    Even the nativity scenes so many people put up outside and inside their homes are an inaccurate depiction. Those three fellows from the east. They did not appear in the manger, not at any time Christ was an infant. They appeared when Christ was about 2 years of age.
    Don’t believe it. Check the scriptures.

  • John

    Wow – are you people nuts. There are no gods. Are you people babies and still believe in Santa? We are not getting our underwear in a wad over Christmas – you are. Poor old Christians wawawaaaaa. Cry babies. Why don’t you pray to your magic God? Oh – you DID and you lost the election. Can’t stop playing the victim card.

    • Old_Gringo

      I am neither an atheist nor agnostic. I believe in a Supreme Being, call it what you may. We, the Conservatives, did lose the election. It was bought by pandering to the base of moochers, leaches and other assorted low life’s that want everything given to them by their benevolent Government, also known as Sugar Daddy Barack Hussein. When they finally awaken to the fact that the worker bees will eventually grow sick and tired of being forced to support their “lifestyles”, whatever that may be, and simply stop doing so, then these dregs of society will take to the streets, rioting, pillaging, stealing and turning on their fellow man for their sustenance. We Conservatives don’t cry when things go bad, we just roll up our sleeves and go to work endeavoring to alleviate the problem(s). The cry babies do just that, they cry. Why? Because Big Daddy has let them down and their freebies have ceased.. Oh how sweet will be the day when this occurs.

  • bigkoala

    As an Atheist since the age of 10, I could no more hate a non-existent god than I could hate the Easter Bunny or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. How can someone hate something that doesn’t exist?

    If people want to worship a fantasy, I believe they have that right. But they don’t have a right to require that I do this, and they don’t have a right to use public resources to indulge their beliefs. They can have creches and statues on their lawns, on the roof of their houses, in their churches, stores and factories that they own, etc. But if I have to pay taxes to support a public park or building, why should I be required to finance their religious beliefs? And make no mistake about it, CHRISTmas is a RELIGIOUS holiday. Let believers celebrate it as they wish, as long as they don’t use public resources.


  • Sagebrush6

    Most of the ones I know that claim to be atheists, are just too cheap to spend money on Christmas so they use being an atheist as a excuse.

  • Sagebrush6

    I think every one should be able to believe in what ever they wish as long as it does NOT AFFECT ANYONE ELSE in any way shape or form.

  • davienne

    im agnostic… AND, .. I WANT TO WISH YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS… thats how a civil society reacts… respect others beliefs…

  • Fitzmom

    We also need to get rid of the moon!!! Do you realize it is there almost every night and people can freely gaze upon it and might become pagan moom worshippers!!!!! This must stop now!!!!!

  • $26222150

    That’s a very good analysis. We do not talk about sin enough. I would only add that the big part of the equation that explains the hatred atheists have for Christianity is that goodness highlights their sin and convicts them, and they cannot tolerate that. They hate that they are not good also, so they have to attack anything that is good.

  • Stan

    Well said Doug! I agree 100%. Also they should be thankful we are not like Islam and just get rid of them altogether! And if the President was a true Christian, he would object to being portrayed as the Lord and Savior! May God have mercy on his soul!

  • $25772586

    The only way that I will ever kneel down to Comrade NObama, our wannebe king, or any man for that matter, will be to assume a stable shooting position.

    • Mathchopper

      You’ll need that at 1,000yds.

      • $25772586

        I’m qualified at well over 1,000 yards.

        Marine Corps ShooterSniper 1959 through 1971. Marine Aviation from then to 1980.


        • medivac

          I wondered where you had gone to, Top !! I’ve been divulging in a few small schrimishes with some commie here and there on forums. Used some methods on them and they quit in a hurry. Survival schools were good to me !! BTW, I still love the M-14 !! My two pets are Ruger minis in the 14 and 30. Easy to work on for me !!

          • $25772586


  • marineh2ominer

    Their problems have little to do with Jesus Christ , they are just so enamored of communism that they want to destroy all American cultural mores , religion included .

  • Earl M

    Finally someone hit the nail on the head and pegged the real reason that atheists hate Christmas. GOD is dividing good and evil on the earth, and we all are having to decide which team we are on. GOD is the winning team…choose wisely.

  • CMY

    Good job Doug, I love your article!!! Keep up the good work, Lord knows we will need
    all his Divine help…MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherry.cesnajke Sherry Cesnajke

    Why do Christians celebrate this ungodly holiday year after year when God tells us not to worship Him using idoltry? Its not Christ’s birth on the pagan holiday celebrating the birth of Tammuz. Can the clean thing make the unclean thing clean? No. I believe God is using athiests to pry from our grip a holiday He is not pleased with!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

      You know that answer already.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.montalvo3 William Montalvo

    Excellent article, Doug

  • JoJo58

    Very good article. Funny AND makes a great point. I’ve read other articles that point out that the reason this movement has become even more powerful and hateful is because the LGBT community is now throwing in with the atheists. It makes sense. The gay community needs America to lose its moral compass in order to promote their lifestyle. NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) is pushing to remove the stigma of men being with young boys and legalizing this type of relationship. Yesterday I read an article about pedophiles in California pushing for laws to protect them using the gay argument “I was BORN this way” and the “you can’t help who you love” promotion. If you’ve seen phrase being used, they need this thought to become acceptable. Soon they will have old geezers getting married to four year olds.

  • Dennis

    Personally i think this is funny.As a christian i learned a while back ,as anyone can if you take about 15 minutes to research,that christmas is a heathen practice and has nothing to do with the birth of our savior Jesus Christ(Yeshua Messiah)In fact.We have no idea when he was actually born and i personally think this was done on purpose by GOD(YAHWEH) so as not to worship a day(creation) in any way shape or form.Practicing celebrating a birthday is also a heathen thing.The word of GOD makes it clear we are to do nothing that the heathen does.What do christians not understand about this? So not only are atheists way off base so are christians on this issue.Also to know that Dec 25th is actually considered the birth of a few pagan deities,which again,can be found out in about 15 minutes of research,why would anyone want to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the same day!!!!.

  • Augustus Gustavius Salvatore C

    XMAS was adopted from a pagan holiday. God, Jesus, etc. are fantasies to sooth those who fear death and uncertainty. I also fear death and uncertainty… but I am not going to live in a fantasy world. Muslims and other religious believers are also worshiping a fantasy. It is okay by me that they do so…. as long as they let me alone. In addition, I will take a pass on the commercial aspects of XMAS. Santa is used as much for control as it is used for fun.

    Ho Ho Ho


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Clifford/1017534800 Larry Clifford

    Catholics, the most intolerant people next to Hamas on the face of the Earth…..everything either revolves around them and their beliefs or they wish you dead…..Christ was NOT born in December!! This Holiday was originally a pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice…..because the Church couldn’t lure their people away from this celebration and no one knew the true birth date of Christ, the Church decided to celebrate “His” birth on this day….Dec 25. Now you all try to claim that atheist are trying to steal it(back)? The Holiday season is for everyone NOT JUST Christians…..Celebrate the Holidays as you like and please everyone have a fantastic season…..I do believe this is still a free country…..remember the founding fathers did NOT claim this country as a Christian nation but as a nation with freedom of religion……the Constitution says: “all men are created equal. They are endowed by “THEIR” creator, (NOT THE CREATOR). One of the basic purposes of the revolution was to be free of religious persecution, and have a Government by and for the PEOPLE….and not run by any particular church or religious group!!!
    In “God” we trust and one nation under “God” are products of the middle 20th century…NOT the founding fathers!!

  • Carol

    Atheists are just like any other poster child congress pushes down our throats. Its not about equal, its about advantage. Its about giving them the right to take your right away. You cant object, you cant disagree, you cant say no. Then they in turn support all those who made those bills when they are rich. They are simply bought and buy congress in return. These tactics are common in Washington , you know the things most Americans would go to jail for doing.

  • regulus30

    THE NONBELIEVERS are just afraid to know what lies ahead when they meet their maker;; even if their maker is a liberal one celled organism;; the unknown scares some animals……..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barry-Levy/1091577549 Barry Levy

    Atheists, if you want to celebrate your faith in nothing, feel free to do so. don’t think anyone is going to stop you, but stop with destroying and attempting to destroy and harm others.

    Or you can prove that your religion, that of atheism is true, but good luck with that.

    Better yet, take your outrage out on Muslim religion, and see how well they tolerate your disbelief, but then that would take real courage, and most atheists seem to protest from the safety of attacking others, and then running crying to some lawyer when they get put back into their place.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629591346 Gary Jones

      The problem is that Christians, Muslims and Atheists think their way or the high way and all of you don’t understand that your arguing, divisional attacks only give the politicians a pillar to limit everyone’s rights. The problem is people that think their causes is greater than life, get a life and live it as a free person.

  • lainky

    And So they will spend ETERNITY burning in HELL

  • Blessings

    Not being filled with the holy spirit is so sad. Muslim are not as well. Angry, jealous, hateful people are easy to understand. God, thank you for sending your Son, our King. We Christians will continue to celebrate your love and holy spirit of promise. I will continue to pray for these lost people…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Don’t like hearing my joy, plug your ears. Don’t like to see my Christmas displays, turn you head the other way…

  • kpjlaw

    Both the gay and aetheist groups contain reasonable persons. It is those others that want to shove their agendas down everyone else’s throats that are the problem. Those people should just shut up and leave the rest of us alone.

  • jimpeel

    I tell Atheists this:

    One of these days, one of us is going to be very disappointed for a long, long time.

    If things are, as you believe, that there is no God, Heaven, Hell, or
    afterlife — and all that will happen is that I will “poof” into
    nothingness, and everything I have ever been or ever striven for
    evaporates into nothingness — then there can be no disappointment as I
    will simply cease to exist.

    If, however, things are as I believe you are going to be very disappointed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

    If Dec. 25th were removed from the calendar would a man loose his salvation. If the cross were removed from all structures would a man loose his salvation. If it was given us to know the true time of the birth of the promise, Jesus Christ, would it not have been given by the prophets. By them who were with the Lord, who witnessed the works of healing, casting out devils. If it has not been given then it is not of importance that a date should be assumed and given for men to celebrate. What is important is that the one promised did come, was crucified and rose again. He became the Passover to them who believe, not because eyes have seen, but by faith.
    Do we hold dear the very device that put the innocent one to death. Suppose instead the Lord had been executed by bow. Do we then hold dear the bow, or the arrow.
    The things believers ought focus upon is not celebrating either a date of birth to which even the writers of the New Covenant did not give. Nor the very thing which Christ was put to death upon.
    What is important first and foremost is that Christ came to fulfill the promise of salvation given by God before the world was fashioned. Rejoice not in a birth which has been chosen by men to accommodate the celebration of the winter solstice, but rejoice that the fulfillment of salvation had been accomplished through Christ. Rejoice not on the cross, which brought a means of death, but to the resurrection of the Lord, who was and is and is to come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629591346 Gary Jones

    I’m an atheist and my non-belief should not overshadow anyone’s belief or their rights. I’m not offended by crosses, nativity scenes, the pledge of allegiance or god we in trust on the dollar bill. History of the country, civil war flags, the oath to my country do not desecrate your views it is a part of our country. Why do people get their underwear in a bunch over unimportant things in life. When did people become so thin skinned that they would limit others right’s and lose the right’s of everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629591346 Gary Jones

    There is holidays, birthdays and other celebrations that go against the biblical teachings, even belonging to groups or being ordained by man. My whole family is religious and I have respect for them to believe in what they have the freedom to do according to the Constitution. I’m an atheist and never needed a crutch to live my life as a free person but if religion helps people to live their life and be better people so be it. Everyone causes is not freedom it is only a part of the problem.

  • thismustend

    Unfortunately it is not just the atheists, it is the anti Christian MEDIA, Hollywood, PUBLIC SCHOOLS & judiciary that have largely succeeded in wiping Christianity from the public view.
    Almost every business & their employees refer to Christmas as “holiday”, ditto with our public schools. No more wonderful children’s Christmas parties, we now have winterfest & winter break. Santa & decorated trees are now banned from the classroom because they are considered “religious” symbols which is amusing since they were originally pagan symbols meant to distract from the real meaning of Christmas. No one calls these businesses down for being BIGOTS or points out that 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas & it is part of our culture. The most troubling part is that Christians won’t even stand united & boycott those businesses that refuse to acknowledge Christmas while lining their pockets & using Christmas symbolism, colors & decorations to lure in the brain de ad masses.
    When you get emails, mail & flyers from businesses advertising “holiday” shopping make a point of contacting them & letting them know that because of their anti Christian bigotry you will not be suppoting their businesses.

  • Russ McManamy

    Once again Doug, well said. Thank you for your courage to speak the truth.

  • Bob

    Hey, you’re trying to explain this from the standpoint of logic, when these weirdos operate from purely emotion. If it FEELS good, it must be right. Liberalism is a form of mental disorder, haven’t you figured that out yet?

  • JohnLong88

    Thank you for your article Doug. Merry Christmas.

  • maxximus

    I do not believe that America should allow ATHEISTS “time off” for the Christmas celebration time. Employers should know who is, and who isn’t a Christian, and give time off, with pay, to Christians. Yes Doug63, Muslims and all forms of Athiests can just work during our time of celebrating Christmas, and, of course the time of Jesus’ birth, who is the Lord Of ALL, and not receive ANY Christmas gifts, or stay at home and not receive compensation for doing so!

  • medivac

    WE STILL have a chance to “get rid of it”-legally! You must be aware
    that presidents are NOT elected by “popular vote”- -they ARE elected by
    the Electoral College; that group does not meet UNTIL Dec. 17th, this
    If you go to your search bar and type in
    “petition2congress”, right there on page #1, is a fax/ petition titled
    “Petition to Refuse Vote in 2012 Electoral College”. This petition asks
    your US Senators to advise their home state’s elector to “withhold”
    their Electoral College vote. If we can get just 17 states to
    “withhold” that vote, it will then fall to the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
    to “select” the next president!!

  • Helen Allen

    The ACLU has a double standard. Why doesn’t the Mosques cause them to vomit like the Cross they claim makes them violently ill when they see it? Why not the statues of Budda, Wicca, Lenin? No, down deep inside that dark twisted mind of theirs, they know these other religions are false. It’s only the Christians they have problems. It’s their own dead soul, which is controlled by Satan. If they don’t like it, then they don’t have to look.
    Better still they need to leave this country and go to China, Russia, or better still Cuba.
    No, they want to dictate what you and I can believe and who we worship, that is Jesus Christ, Lord of Lord and King of King. These fools will face God then what will be their excuse? They will answer and spend eternity in hell.

  • $3846549

    Whenever virtue declines and vice predominates, I incarnate as a Avatar. In visible form from age to age to protect the virtuous and to destroy evildoing in order to reestablish righteousness. Bhagavid Gita Verses 7-8

  • $3846549

    I grew up in an atheist family. They did like the Christmas parties. However as a little child, hearing the glorious Christmas music, walking home in the snow, seeing the twinkling lights, my heart would swell. I knew it was holy.

  • $3846549

    For the punishing Christians, the hell fire and damnation Christians, the my way or the highway Christians, this is where I get off your ship. I am a lifetime scholar of ancient scriputre, the Avatars speak of God as love and wisdom and justice. Does the Father of Justice condemn his little children to an eternal hell for the mistakes they make in a single life when they are spiritually immature? Doesn’t sound like justice to me. How about all the other paths to God, the godly pious Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, all into the fire? Not buying in from what I have read (which is massive) Would God, the creator mind of the unending universe, have the small mindness of a sect of people? Not the One I know. This exclusivity is as primitive as any radical Muslim. Re-read the Lords Prayer, “lead me not into temptation.” These ideas are the tempation of an ego. God may harden your heart, until you have suffered enough from your own pigheadedness that you learn the lesson, that all are the children of God. God reads the heart. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways are higher than our ways.

    If you read the scriptures, it is clear that Jesus spoke of himself as a human being (the son of man) and as the Christ Consciousness (the Son of God) when he spoke in the Spirit from his Cosmic Consciousness, he said he was “the way”. The way to God is through a man’s consciousness turned inward to the Christ Consciousness (the Son)which is in the creation and evidenced by Avatars or Christs (annointed )such as Jesus and from there to God Consciousness, the ever-new ever-existing Conscious Bliss Spirit. It is the only way, but you have to understand the concepts that Jesus was teaching and he was clear that the masses did not understand and that he was teaching his disciples the logos. It is really quite fabulous, but not for the small minded. Everything is God, emanated from God, and now physics tell us so too.

  • tarheel T party

    So we’re still pretending the Bible is real?

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Christmas, God and Jesus bring inner conviction on atheists and liberals and they don’t like that. It makes them feel uncomfortable. They want validation, they want people to tell them that their sin is ok and that it doesn’t matter.


    I wouldn’t call myself an atheist, but I don’t lie to myself either.

    Christmas in December is about nothing more than religious recruitment. If it were about Jesus’ birth it would be celebrated around the time of his birth. They moved it to late December and came up with the gifting, etc to compete with the Pagan ritual of Festivus.

  • depaz

    Those atheists who rail against Christmas sure as hell enjoy the day off, don’t they? I’ll bet not a one of them goes anywhere to “work”. There are tons of shelters / soup kitchens / etc., who would love the extra hands. . .

  • Jen

    God prefers kind atheist over hateful christians, remember that when you judge and spew hatred. I am a proud atheist who celebrate the love and kindness of the season, I work many a Christmas helping to bring new life into the world. I have volunteered in third world countries to make other peoples lives better, I am a good person who tries not to judge other and I treat people with kindness and respect. Please continue to tell me how wrong my life is and how much better you are than me.

    • Mikebark

      How did you find this forum? It’s over a year old. I can’t believe it’s still open for comments.

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