O’Reilly Destroys Anti-Christmas Punk

Many of the actions against public displays of Christmas are taken by Atheist organizations.

So, Bill O’Reilly decided to talk to David Silverman, President of the American Atheists group, in order to find out what the atheists beef is with Christmas.

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  • Jon

    O’reilly is a moron. Christianity isn’t a philosophy. That was a horrible argument and did no such thing as destroying the Atheist. Christianity is a religion. If he hadn’t said ‘philosophy’ there are many other ways to defend Christianity against Atheists. Atheism is a religion as well.

    • yipyap

      Was shouting at the TV the same thing! I’m sure Jesus is glad to find out from Bill O’Reilly that what He did on the cross was philosophical!

      BO is absolutely clueless…

      • fidder

        In order to look “professional” he tends to take a third part approach. In so doing, he disowns his own catholicism. He tries to have it both ways.

    • deejay02

      Judism, Islam, Budist, Zen, Christianity and any others are belief systems but having a christmas display is not establishing a “state church”.

  • iamtrue

    Thank you Mr. O for a great interview. You were correct on every point.

    • Mathchopper

      O’Reilly was NOT correct regarding Christianity not being a religion. That was not the foundation to use to win the debate.

      • Sue

        Completely agree and the idea that everyone is completely equal is communistic. It’s also odd that no one mentions the 42 foot high menorah on the White house lawn including this “atheist”?

        • True Patriot

          That’s a very good point, Sue. You see, their real goal is to destroy Christianity. They are just anti-Christian bigots.

          • Shanghai

            These marxists want to end all religion. They cannot control the society is f their is a counter leader from any religion. Why do you think that they do not want politics preached in churches or religion taught in school? If their dictums cannot be challenged by any other authority, they will rule.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

            they should shut the he– up and leave our traditions alone.

          • WASP

            …playing right into the hands of the Ragheads International, and the amoral, atheistic fascist-democraps.

        • http://www.facebook.com/baleisen B Alan Eisen

          Nobody asked us if we want that usurper to insult us with a menorah. Hunukkah celebrates a small group of guerrillas beating the Romans. Exactly what we need right now.

      • Tom T

        O’Reilly was correct “Christianity” is a philosophy different sects of how that philosophy is observed are religions ie Lutherans, baptists, Catholics, Amish etc.

        The first amendment speaks of no “established” religion which referred to the creation of ” Church of America”. We had gained our independace from England which had the church of England which, if you read the founders writings this is what they were intending by the “establishment clause”. If you read the constitution you will find that there is no mention of the term “separation of church and state” as it’s only mention was in a letter from Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists in 1803. At the time Connecticut did have an established religion which was Presbyterian.

        • Mathchopper

          Monotheist is a philosophy. Believing that Jesus is the son of that “one god” is a religion.

          • panors77

            Well……we’re only believing what Jesus himself claimed and proved by rising from the dead, but I digress. Difference between “religion” and Chrisitanity is therefore that religion is man’s feeble/failing attempt via “doing stuff”(meditation, works,chanting into altered states of consciouness,etc.) to reach God. Christianity is the other way around with God reaching down to man(and connecting) via the sacrifice of his son Jesus. Thus, Christianity is neither a religion nor a philosophy but more a “relationship” with the Eternal God through Jesus the Christ. It is a relationship based upon what GOD has done rather than works that man tries to do “lest any man should boast”.

        • iamtrue

          Thank you. This guy is nothing but an anti-american thug (hiding behind a word that means nothing) And like aways trying to change what our Great Country was founded on. Do we need to update everything ? Yes. Do we need to change the core of our Great Country ? No. And the worse part about it is they use our tax dollars to do it. How pathetic is that ?

        • LLinLa

          I heard a discussion (Beck maybe?) about “established religion” in the State (I don’t know facts, but Connecticut may have been one State). I believe others had one also. My point being two-fold. The Federal Constitution prohibits “establishment” in opposition to the Church Of England, a governmental institution which eliminates establishment of ANY other religion. But depending on a particular States’ Constitution, it would be their prerogative whether or not to include such a clause AND to permit a State religion or not. And that would SUPERCEDE a federal limitation

          Likewise, besides never Constitutionally mentioning a “separation of church and state” in so many words, it would logically be inherent to speak to the difference between the words “of” and “from” in context. “From” in the “religion” context in the Constitutional form would have been a distinct prohibition from government doing anything religious. HOWEVER, the carefully chosen word “of” should leave no question as to the intention of the phrase. Finding: We should not ever execute an Atheist but we do have to listen to their incessant whining by law.

    • Rattlerjake

      Whether you believe in religion or not, Bill O. was not at all correct. I am not an atheist, I am agnostic, I celebrate Christmas as well as other holidays, but I agree that tax dollars should not be spent by government on ANY religious holiday or event. Atheists are not against people celebrating Christmas, they don’t agree with subsidizing religious events that they don’t believe in through taxes.
      And I have to say Bill O. didn’t “win” this debate, he simply prevented the other person from presenting his side.

      • ken345

        Bill did make a mistake about Christianity but currently this country is still 78% Christian and only 4% of people in this country have no religion. I’m all for every religion being equally represented by allowing them to display representations of their beliefs in public spaces. As long as the government doesn’t deny any display they are not going against the constitution.

        The government always subsidizes things that I don’t believe in through taxation, which is not necessarily a reason to stop it. I’m not against the atheist who believes that everything came from nothing for no reason, or having displays stating such ideas on government property, so why should this small group be given the power to destroy the observation of belief held by the vast majority of people in this country?

        • Rattlerjake

          You assume that this country is 78% Christian, but you are far from correct. When you add Mormon, Jewish, muslim, and asian religions alone they now constitute far more than 25%. And of course you can’t help, as a Christian, but belittle non-believers with your claim they think “…everything came from nothing for no reason”, which just shows that you don’t even know or understand (obviously don’t want to) what their belief is. I, on the other hand, came had a Christian upbringing, so I know the Christian mentality, but made my own decision based on what I have learned. And the point is not that anyone wants to deny a religion to celebrate religious holidays, but it shouldn’t be funded by government. And true government subsidizes a lot of things that both you and I may not like, and NONE of it should be done with tax dollars. Financial (and other) aid should be done by established organizations and foundations, private donors, and religious organizations as was done BEFORE the government took over and began wasting our tax dollars, because then your donations would be spent on what you believe should be funded.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/O3HPFVO3XM6F5PTZ2KB3UDWCZI Lynne

            Still. The majority believe in a God, or one God. The atheists believe in destroying that which they don’t like or believe in and THEY are the minority. They need to just sit down and SHUT UP. They need to believe what they want and live and let live. UH OH……if they did that though, and behaved decent, then someone might mistake them for believing in a God and having a decent religion and they sure wouldn’t want that, would they?

          • Rattlerjake

            So it is as simple as them sitting down and SHUTTING UP? So there goes freedom of speech.

          • iamtrue

            I’m all for you sitting down and being quiet. Better yet, grab a history book do your research and learn something.

          • Rattlerjake

            Not a single one of your replies has any substance. All you do is reply to hear yourself talk and try to get the last word.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

            their freedom of speech is to shut us the hell up, num nut!

          • deejay02

            I consider Mormans to be christian. I have cousins that are morman and they believe in GOD and in Christ.

          • Rattlerjake

            So, you may, kudos, but I know a lot of Christians who are very negative towards MORMONS. In the past, anyone of the Mormon faith who thought of running for higher office was severely scrutinized by the Christian faith (including Billy Graham), including some of the negativity toward Romney. It’s interesting how every reply to my comments, is someone who is or claims to be Christian and their main goal is to convince me (and others) that they are.

          • iamtrue

            Again go back and do your research. That’s washington not thee American people.

          • Rattlerjake

            Not a single one of your replies has any substance. All you do is reply to hear yourself talk and try to get the last word.

          • iamtrue

            That’s lame. Get a life.

          • Mary Mary

            Out of curiosity, what do you think of Universalist Unitarians?

          • Rattlerjake

            I don’t think about them, but if there was a discussion about their belief I would at least try to understand it instead of immediately becoming defensive and say they’re wrong as most of the commenters on here are doing.

          • Lamb Chops

            Universalist Unitarians CELEBRATE [the goodness] everything… although “atheism” is probably not included since there is nothing to celebrate for atheists.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/O3HPFVO3XM6F5PTZ2KB3UDWCZI Lynne

          Whatever happened to “the majority rules”? These few idiots like atheists and the like are ruling over the majority. And that is just wrong.

          • ireAmerica

            America is NOT a Democracy of majority rule, America is a Constitutional Republic with government of representatives. Meaning, if you were the only Christian left you could still celebrate Christmas (in public).

      • $26222150

        “Atheists are not against people celebrating Christmas” What? If you don’t think atheists are attacking Christianity you either have your head up your butt, or you’re one of them. The fact is, by attacking the predominant religion of this country, atheists are trying to install ATHEISM as the official religion of the US. Also, it is a false argument to say that by allowing religious displays the government is trying to establish that religion. Ludicrous. Besides, the government today is mostly Marxists and leftists and they obviously don’t believe in any higher power, so no way they are trying to establish any religion, particularly Christianity, that teaches we are all acountable to God for our actions – they don’t want accountability for the evil they are promoting. As far as subsidizing religious events you don’t believe in, no tax money is used for setting up those displays, they are not maintained with tax money. And we could talk all day about Christians subsidizing “events” we don’t believe in such as abortion, the government that is trampling all over our rights, schools that do not teach but indoctrinate, airports named after senators, ad nauseum. It wouldn’t hurt you to face the truth. Or maybe it would and that’s why you don’t.

        • Rattlerjake

          They can’t make Atheism the official religion because atheism is not a religion, it is just a belief that there are no deities or gods. And, yes, taxes are spent across this nation on Christmas decorations to include nativities. So what about the numerous Christmas trees brought to and decorated in the White House? Not all are donated. And there are religions in both parties, many on the left are Jewish and Catholic as well as other Christian faiths. As far as public education goes, there is no argument as to the indoctrination. But religion does not have a place in school (if you post the ten commandments then you will have to post religious documents for all religions), but we should salute the flag and say the pledge of allegiance.

          • $26222150

            You are mistaken. Atheism is a religion; it’s a worldview like any other, that influences your daily decisions and beliefs. You might want to read “Philosophy for Dummies.”

          • Rattlerjake

            So the Dummy says. …a religion, with clearly defined rules, eschatology and a philosophy by which to live. Religion is a means of understanding our existence. Atheism is the disbelief of religion, not a belief. Likewise it is not a worldview either, because beyond disbelieving in religion, atheists don’t have any common philosophy, belief, or rules to live by. Try googling Atheist and go to multiple sites and read more than one definition and explanation. I’m no atheist, but I do know what the word means.

          • iamtrue

            Well it’s about time you face the truth and admit you’re a dummy.

          • Rattlerjake

            No one can have an intelligent conversation with you, because you are unarmed.

          • iamtrue

            If you are correct that would mean, your argument doesn’t hold water.

          • http://www.facebook.com/baleisen B Alan Eisen

            Don’t call them Jewish! If you don’t follow the rules you aren’t Jewish.

          • wadesws

            “It is a BELIEF that ther are no deities or gods” Your quote just goes to show that it is a religion. A religion, most simply put, is a BELIEF in something without proof. I can’t prove that there is a God but I can believe in one. They can’t prove that there is no God and the believe that there isn’t one. Atheism is a religion!

          • Rattlerjake

            Oh, so I mis-phrased it, Atheists do not believe in deities or gods. It’s not a belief, they have no belief. Not believing is non-religious, so atheism is not a religion. Christians as a whole will argue over the most mundane subjects.

        • Irma

          Wonderfully stated, Happy Clinger! Atheists are miserable and want everyone else to be miserable – that and they are just plain jealous that people don’t particularly care for them.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

          right on!

      • iamtrue

        Either you do not know what you are talking about or you are out right lying to everybody here cause during the Christmas season these thugs spend every waking moment attacking both residence and businesses when ever they try to put up Christmas displays and a true American wouldn’t do that how sad.

        • Rattlerjake

          Now you’re spewing garbage. I am not taking either side, but I can listen to both views without animosity. Atheists don’t attack individual religious rights or tell private sector businesses what they can celebrate, nor do they spend their time telling a baptist church it can’t portray a nativity scene, unless it infringes on their right not to believe. Atheists are against government promoting religion. It’s their right to do so, just as it is your right to disagree with them. A true American would understand the Constitution.

          • mbh2mt2d

            I suggest you go back and listen to past interviews of this guy, he spews that he has the right to display what he wants too, but he objects that others display what they want. He wants the government to foot the bill for his displays when Christian displays are privately funded. “Donations to the WTC memorial?” If they want a display, go ahead and fund it!!!

          • Rattlerjake

            We’re not talking about past interviews, the discussion is about this interview and what was said and how Bill O. prevented Silverman from speaking. Again, I’m not on either side.

          • iamtrue

            The interview is not about that. Again go back and do your research.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

            good for o, i love it, shut him the he– up.

          • iamtrue

            You know what ? I don’t believe you are a lier you truly do not have a clue what you are talking about. So please go do your research and learn something.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

            yes they do! they try to get it taken down in many places what ever it is, which it is the nativty, they can’t stand to see that up any where.

          • http://www.facebook.com/baleisen B Alan Eisen

            Here in Pittsburgh the Atheists are trying to tell churches what they can display. I don’t care what they display on their own property. My problem is having the city pay for holiday lighting while it is broke. Enough spending already. And now all the free parking in the strip has been converted into paid parking using your license plate. Nobody complains.

          • Rattlerjake

            Atheist activists are no different than religious activists in that they stick their noses where they don’t belong. No one has any right to tell someone else how, where, or what to believe, but we the people all should stand against government spending taxes on anything that promotes or benefits one cause, it just promotes separatism and animosity.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

        that a bunch of bullsh–!

  • Mathchopper

    I’m on O’Reilly’s side regarding celebrating Christmas without interference from atheists. However, from a debating point of view, the “punk” won big time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Lebischak/100000493555704 Nancy Lebischak

    Merry Christ’s Mass.

    • iamtrue

      Merry CHRIST-MASS right back at ya.

  • Lucius_Junius_Brutus

    O’Reilly, an overgrown blustering loudmouth, never has, and never will “destroy” anyone. His infantile outbursts and posturings are not acts of destruction. They are simply entertainment for the easily entertained.

    • bwheeler

      O’Reilly is right on many issues, but not this time. Despite what this date has meant in early history, Christmas was created to celebrate the birth of Christ, and rightly so. Easter was created in honor of Christ’s death on the cross, I think that is what we should keep in mind when we celebrate those two holidays. I make many of my own Christmas cards and I always add somewhere on the card “Remember the Reason for the Season” Some, however, thinks that we should ignore the real reason , To those people I would say, if it were you would you like having someone throw a birthday party in your honor and not allow you to attend or be a part of? I don’t know what has happened in recent years that would allow the very principles that his nation was founded on be abandoned.. While growing up I did not attend church regularly but I learned enough to know that the end days would be an anti-Christ era – I’m wondering if we are there. I’m sure if we aren’t we are very close

      • Fedthehellup

        bwheeler, I like your post, but Easter is to celebrate the day Christ rose up from death. Not to celebrate his death.

  • bobalo59

    LMAO this guy was owned by Reilly. My thoughts are if you take Christmas off, you don’t get paid for it. Or that if you do take a paycheck for that day, then you have to work for it. That includes president, congress, senate, courts, postoffice, banks, any government bureuocracy. This also then should include Sundays, Easter, or any other “affiliated” holiday. Lets see how fast these as.holes scream bloody murder.

    • Rattlerjake

      Silverman said nothing about getting rid of the holiday, his complaint was that government was basically subsidizing one religion when it should not do so for any religion, or if they want to celebrate it, it needs to be celebrated as the ‘winter solstice’ so that everyone can equally celebrate it and not feel like they are celebrating another religion. This doesn’t mean that Christmas doesn’t exist or will be renamed, or that a ‘tree’ or lights and decorations can’t be put up for the holiday, just that it shouldn’t be centered around one religion. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

      Yelling and preventing Silverman from presenting his view is NOT a win!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

        well, is all i like to say is, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

        • iamtrue

          And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  • Chris R.

    Sorry Bill, you lost this argument. The atheist owned you in this debate.

    • mbh2mt2d

      Wrong, Bill won, no one is making this man take Christmas off, he is the owner of the organization so he can mandate his business. I am sure he enjoys all the financial deals while shopping for “Christmas” as everyone else. Christains tolerate everyone, atheists tolerate no one. Majority rules.

      • Rattlerjake

        You are far more wrong in that Christians are the least tolerant and most hypocritical religious group on earth. One example is that Christians for the most part hate ‘gays’ for no other reason than the bible says so, those that don’t are not following God’s teachings (that’s hypocritical). Not being religious, I also dislike ‘gays’, but my reasoning is based on moral values and science, which shows that homosexuality is a genetic flaw!

        • caskinner

          I am Christian and I DO NOT hate gays. I don’t believe the Bible says to hate gays…..it just says that homosexual behavior is wrong. I agree with you on one point……homosexuality is a genetic flaw.

          • Rattlerjake

            I didn’t say that the bible says to hate gays. I said that for the most part Christians hate gays, there is a big difference. It’s similar to the attitude of Christians to other religions. Christians for years have shown a strong dislike or hatred for Mormons, why? Because they aren’t Christian, or because some of them practice polygamy? Growing up, this is what I disliked most about being around religious individuals, how they are so intolerant of anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

          • caskinner

            One example is that Christians for the most part hate ‘gays’ for no other reason than the bible says so,
            Taken from your comment. What did you mean by that then?

        • mbh2mt2d

          I am Christian and I don’t hate Gays and have defended their right, just as I defend your rights and mine, Mine just seem to be more under attack.
          As far as Christians bein the most intolerant and hipcritical of Gay, last time I looked, Islam beheads them, but thinks nothing of subjecting boys to sodomy and mutilating young girls…You really are a hateful individual for “preaching” this mentality, and it is YOU who has the genetic flaw.

          • Rattlerjake

            So now it’s obvious that you are lying about being a Christian or you are a poor one. The fact that you support ‘gay’ rights proves it. According to the Christian faith, marriage is between a man and woman not to men or two women, so your support of homosexuality is against your faith. Additionally, I never said anything about being tolerant or supporting of Islam, but you claim I am hateful. At least I’m not ignorant and confused like you.

          • Light_V_Dark

            Describing IT, as GAY, is ANAL_agous to blaming bad weather on GLOW-BALL-WARNING—
            Snakey, if you get dressed as Little Bo Peep and give GOB-Jobs to 30 guys a night, that’s your RIGHT—Don’t do it in the town square or with children, and we will be JOLLY-FRIENDS, FOR EVERMORE.

            YOU DO HAVE A GOD—BAAL-PEOR¿!¡

          • iamtrue

            No you’re just a donkeys ass that doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Rattlerjake

            Oh, now isn’t that the Christian reply!

          • iamtrue

            It’s call freedom of speech. If you did your research you would know that,

  • Brit Capitalist

    O’Reilly is a pompous Ass and certainly did not “destroy” the atheist punk. When I last looked Jesus Christ was not listed in the “Top 50 Philosophers” and has never been referred to as such. Christianity is a religion Mr. O’Reilly and the fact that you do not recognize that fact makes you a non-Christian by default. You are just another Rino making beaucoup moolah by pretending you speak for “The Folks” as you patronizingly describe Real (Christian) Americans.

    • Fedthehellup

      O’Reilly at no time said Jesus was a philosopher. Judaism is the Religion that Jesus studied.

  • Keith

    Thanks Bill. You always stick to the facts. I don’t always agree with you but I know you to be a fair guy on all the issues. Keep up the good work. And “Merry Christmas!”

  • rulken

    I just love it, when O’Reilly takes morons like this apart.

    If he,(Silverman) feels that Atheist are so persecuted, then go somewhere else that is more appealing to their views, and stop trying to shove Atheism down our throats! As I have posted before, these people are no more Atheist, than the man in the moon. What they are, are Muslims hiding behind the Atheist movement, to try to disgise their views, and be more appealing to the majority of the public’s sympathy.

  • Bill

    This jack wagon athiest is an idiot stating 99% have Christ mas off. If you include those idiots, firefighters, police, doctors and nurses, correction officers, store clerks and gas attendants, news and weather, military, toll booth attendants… Yada yada yada. There is far more than 1% working on that day. Oh Jesus works that day too.

  • Jeff Dixon

    To say that O’Reilly destroyed anything in this debate is absurd. The atheist wiped the floor with him.

    • Geraldine De Cave

      I totally agree with Jeff Dixon, The atheist did wipe the floor with him. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have a depth of knowledge on any subject to have a civil discussion, which is the reason he yells in their faces and talks over them. I truly don’t know how he manages to stay on the air. Btw, I am a devout Catholic who goes to Mass everyday, and I celebrate the birth of Christ.

    • Esther

      In the same way you (and your colleagues) wipe the floor with people?

  • fiddler

    If we are all SO worried about “religion” and wring our hands at the though of tax subsidies, have you thought about how the early Congress conducted itself? Benjamin Frankly wrote that not only should a prayer be offered before a session, but that a sermon should be preached. Whatever the “court” and lawyers want to say about the “establishment clause”, the actions of the early Congress don’t seem to line up with modern interpretations.
    The tax exempt is just a launching pad for anti-God rhetoric. Pastor Doug Wilson said that there are two assertions atheists make:
    1. There is no god
    2. I hate Him.

    • iamtrue

      Well if there is no god. Then there is no one to hate. So they have no point.

  • yancie

    I’m with O’Reilly, if they don’t wish to particiate, then go hide in a closet. There were morons hide.

  • Jim Henderson

    Anyone can certainly leave a comment that they disagree with BO, but why do liberals who have always found a reason to hate O’Reilly have to post hateful comments and name-call?

  • Al

    Alright scientist who believe in God have done research on the birth of Christ. Great article a few years ago about it and they found Christ was actually born in April. So maybe we need re align our holidays. Celebrate Christmas in April, and move tax day to the first Tuesday in November, election day.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O3HPFVO3XM6F5PTZ2KB3UDWCZI Lynne

      I can get along with that.

    • deejay02

      Where do you get April from? Mary got pregnant in the 6th month of the Jewish calendar (Adar) which corresponds to Feb/Mar in our current calendar. 9 months later would be Chislev in the Jewish calendar or Nov/Dec in our current calendar.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

      no one knows when jesus was born, but they put it to that date cause of the winter salus(not spelled right i know)

  • Fedthehellup

    Religion is man’s attempt to reach God
    Christianity is God’s attempt to reach man
    Therefore, Christianity is not a religion

    • iamtrue

      exactly. the case is closed. oh and thank you.

      • bill

        well said

  • Light_V_Dark

    As a Civilization, we stopped reaching EMOTIONAL ADULTHOOD around 1968.

    Communism is self-labeled—THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN.

    EVIL PEOPLE OWN AmeriKa. ADULT-CHILDREN, no matter how they vote, are EVIL!
    Isaiah 3:4;

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    And I will give children to be their princes, AND THE EFFEMINATE shall rule over them.


    And I will give children – Not children in respect to age so much as in regard to talent for governing. I WILL COMMIT THE LAND TO THE GOVERNMENT OF WEAK AND IMBECILE PRINCES. This would naturally occur when the wise and great were removed;

  • Victor Passenheim

    O’Reilly did a terrible job here. How about the fact that our Constitution and our historical record is quite clear on this. Public expressions of Christianity have always been allowed and even promoted by our government from the very beginning. The free exercise clause. The only concern the Founding Fathers had was the establishment in the federal government of a particular sect of Christianity.

    Check this out: http://www.wallbuilders.com

  • Jane18

    It really is sad when someone doe Not believe in God(Jesus Christ). As far as Dec.25th(according to our calender now) being the birth of Jesus, wrong! It was approximately the time of His Conception. Then approximately nine months later, the end of Sept. around the 29th, was the birth of Jesus(why do you think September’s sign is Virgo, the Virgin? In the Bible it is the time of The Feast of the Tabernacles). If real teachers of The Bible(GOD’s word) would study as to when the course of Abia was taught, how long the priests taught, the approximate time it would take Zacharias to return home, then impregnating his wife Elizabeth, they would know the truth of when the birth of Jesus really was-Luke1:5——-. We have soooooooo many lazy, deceiving and worthless preachers, teachers, pastors, fathers, holy fathers, and don’t forget all those reverends*! Check it out folks. *Reverend is one of GOD’s name, also holy, makes you wonder if some of these folks think they are something, doesn’t it? Reverend is written one time in the Bible, and that was to say it is one of GOD’s names Psalm 111:9.

  • Light_V_Dark


    You BEG, for herhim to stop trawling the bus station, making its living on its knees.



  • Light_V_Dark

    Carl Jung was a metaphysical Christian, as am I. He coined the word, SYNCHRONICITY. For the top quote in this group, I will post a link, in a minute.

    NOTHING CAN BE MORE STUPID THAN GODLESSNESS{emphasis}, however cultured.
    There is a GOOD PRINCIPLE which created ORDER, LIGHT, and MAN, and an EVIL PRINCIPLE which created CHAOS, DARKNESS, and WOMAN. Pythagoras

    • Light_V_Dark

      Not long after I was saved, a Brother_Of_Light gave me a Bible and he told me to read a Proverb a day___there are 31 of them. GREAT ADVISE, BOB!

      “Next come ‘SCORNERS,’ WHO MOCK AT GOOD. A man must have gone a long way down hill before he begins to gibe at virtue and godliness. But the descent is steep, though the distance is long; and the ‘SIMPLE(ton)’ WHO BEGINS TO DO WHAT IS WRONG WILL COME TO SNEER AT WHAT IS RIGHT(emphasis).
      Then last comes the ‘fool,’ the name which, in Proverbs, is shorthand for mental stupidity, moral obstinacy, and dogged godlessness,—a foul compound, but one which is realised oftener than we think. A great many very superior intellects, cultivated ladies and gentlemen, university graduates, and the like, would be unceremoniously set down by divine wisdom as fools; and surely if account is taken of the whole compass and duration of our being, and of all our relations to things and persons seen and unseen, NOTHING CAN BE MORE STUPID THAN GODLESSNESS{emphasis}, however cultured. The word literally means coarse or thick, and may suggest the idea of stolid insensibility as the last stage in the downward progress.”

  • believe

    Silverman, Your an Idiot . Get the Hell out of America, people like you need to leave our Country before you have something more to complain about.

    WE follow GODS LAWS NOT MANS, so the GOVERNMENT should take it up with GOD, because the Government is under the AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT, We support it , we hire the people that ARE in office,So DAVID GET OUR SORRY AZZ OUT OF OUR JUDEO CHRISTIAN NATION, that has been before your grand parents were here in this country that they probably fled to find peace from the country they have lost all rights.and produce
    down through the chain of human nature to have you and you dogmatic ideas.
    Keep them to your self.
    You can’t image how stupid you sounded on the interview with O’Reilly, you made a complate fool of your self.

    SO we DON”T NEED YOUR STUPITY and tell The AMERICAN people how they should except your ANTI GOD Trash talk.

    We will not conform to your ignorance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers


  • Guest

    About 99% of the “CHRISTIANS” I meet, HATE ME AND WOULD LIKE TO KILL ME.

    You are actually WORSE than the Fire-Breathing-Gaetheists¿!¡


    Negatively, he {Dostoevsky} tried to show that if the existence of God is denied, then one is landed in complete moral relativism, so that no act, regardless how dreadful or heinous, can be condemned by the atheist. To live consistently with such a view of life is unthinkable»»»»


  • http://www.facebook.com/sherry.cesnajke Sherry Cesnajke

    At one time it was an arrestable offence in America to celebrate this christianized pagan holiday. Christ is not in this holiday but the son of the Queen of Heaven, Tammuz, is. This holiday is the first seeker friendly act by the Church. Oh, yeah, God is pleased…not…

    • iamtrue

      WHAT ?????????????

  • Tom Harlander

    David Silverman was quick to point out that “Congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of religion,” but he failed intentionally to continue the Amendment “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” because that would undercut his argument completely.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O3HPFVO3XM6F5PTZ2KB3UDWCZI Lynne

    I’ll bet Atheists are democrats. One in the same as far as I’m concerned. If they don’t like something, then no one else should be allowed to either………that’s the way they roll.

  • Patrick Thomas

    We kill all atheists and Muslims.

    • iamtrue

      Now now lets be civil.

  • MYS77

    Poor atheist….. their sole existence relies on prooving God doesn’t exist and that we shouldn’t believe in HIM….. and if they got their wish…. then what would be the point of their existence…. Join the group that believes in nothing, have nothing, are nothing,??? Sure would like to know where these people home lives were like… I daresay…. that would explain their anger, emptiness, and hopelessness they spew out of their mouths. They just can’t stand the words… hope, peace, love, joy, salvation, heaven, eternity, faith, Jesus especially…ect…. Instead they like the words…emptiness, hopelessness, misery, unhappiness, death, darkness… and nothingness!!! Yeah… those atheist… everyone should want that…LOL

  • ireAmerica

    Wednesday eve, I watched in horror as O’Reilly LOST an argument with an atheist over the celebration of Christmas. Bill’s argument was “CHRISTianity is not a religion… “?!?

    This is how the loons, as he calls them, are winning.

    A prior quick read of the 1st Amendment would’ve tuned him up for the debate. Instead, both Bill and his guest foggily botched the letter and intent of the “establishment clause”. The left gets away with deception and academic pretense because we fail to do our homework.

    Our best defense against tyranny (like imposed freedom-from-religion) is a solid understanding of the founders’ intent and documents. In any “People’s Republic”, I always carry a pocket Constitution.

  • Jeff Rhodes

    Thank you Mr. O’Reilly. I’m sick and tired of atheist pushing to change Christmas for us. If you dont believe, then that is your choice. You are not “forced” to celibrate it. It’s your choice, but you do not have to right to say we can not. Cristmas trees have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is a symbol of of Christmas/season. As far as Christmas being a holiday, its been this way for a long time and atheist dont have the right to remove it. I will celebrate Christmas and these morons will not stop me. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • MontieR

    I hate to admit it but I agree with Mr. Oreily, atheism has evolved into fascism.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dwayne.wolski Dwayne Wolski

      It is bssically a hate group based solely on their hatred of religion.

  • $15774159

    MERRY CHRISTMAS,Mr.Silverman.

    • iamtrue

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. To bad i can’t put up a display.

  • $15774159

    We go thru this every Christmas. It has become, old, tired, and boring. Atheist, please find something else to whine about.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dwayne.wolski Dwayne Wolski

      Give him time…he will.

  • Laurie T

    O’Reilly’s assertion that Christianity is not a religion does not get to the heart of the debate. The issue is whether the establishment clause prohibits the federal government from declaring Christmas a federal holiday. A careful reading of the writings of the framers confirms that while they did not want an “established” church in the manner of the Church of England, they also understood the central role that religious faith plays in the lives of a truly free and self-governing people. They did not intend that the practice and expression of Christianity be relegated by statute to church buildings on Sunday mornings, since that would be antithetical to the entire concept of liberty.

    As to Mr. Silverman’s assertion that one “can’t” go to work on Christmas Day, this is false on its face; many businesses are, in fact, open on Christmas Day. Mr. Silverman’s offices will be open, as he himself attested. Nothing is preventing any business from being open on December 25 if the owners choose. The fact that the vast majority of business will close on Christmas Day is a matter of custom, not federal law, and I suspect that most Americans who have the day off would object to being told that they couldn’t have it off (including the ones who celebrate it as a completely secular holiday).
    Everyone who is “offended” at our national celebration of Christmas has too much time on their hands. They should put their energies into something worthwhile.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dwayne.wolski Dwayne Wolski

      The owner of the previous business I worked at closed for Christmas eve and Christmas day and sometimes even the day after Christmas and he was Jewish. So, it’s a business decision to close on Christmas day, not a religious one as the atheist would have everyone believe.

      • Laurie T

        This is true; however, no one is legally prevented from working on Christmas.

  • theEdenFiles

    Way to jab, Bill– but IMHO, the haymaker is not that Christianity isn’t a religion, but that Atheism IS a religion!! Humanism is a religion! AntiChrist, Anti-God, anti-prayer, anti-faith philosophies are just as much Statements of Faith as any religion!– Duh!
    ” I believe there’s no God. I believe in Man. I believe in King Me.
    I believe in Chance. I believe in Chaos. I believe in The Big Bang. Etc…”
    Yes, constitutionally, these should be protected. But, if they are allowed to rule & be established as the NATIONAL RELIGION?! — like a black hole, they will destroy all real religion, legislate a total faith-vacuum in government, a bare naked public square, where government is not allowed to pray, quote the Bible, honor God, put up God-honoring displays or mottoes on buildings! And this One Ruling Atheistic Government would be unhealthy, undemocratic & UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    • http://www.facebook.com/dwayne.wolski Dwayne Wolski

      Those aren’t religions, they are beliefs. Just like if I said i believe that walking under a ladder brings bad luck. It’s a belief, not a religion. Atheism, however, is a denial of religion. Atheism’s stance towards religion is like a black guy saying white guys are inferior. It is a denial of a right. The black vs white is the denial of our right of equality based on tge hatred that a black (who might make that statement) has against whites based on our skin color. Well, the athesists are just trying to deny the right to.practice religion or have religion based on a hatred of religion. Period.

      • iamtrue

        Well put.

    • Light_V_Dark


      —————-This is the signature on my outgoing e-mails
      I have never seen the second quote, till last week. WTF¿?
      There is a GOOD PRINCIPLE which created ORDER, LIGHT, and MAN, and an EVIL PRINCIPLE which created CHAOS, DARKNESS, and WOMAN. Pythagoras
      Bad men cannot make good citizens. IT IS WHEN A PEOPLE FORGET GOD THAT TYRANTS FORGE THEIR CHAINS. Patrick Henry

  • http://www.facebook.com/dwayne.wolski Dwayne Wolski

    As much as I like Bill O’Reilly, he had a bad argument. He should have merely said that atheism is NOT a religion, it is a LACK OF religion. In fact, it is a DENIAL OF religion, which basically says that you are a hate group trying fo deny their freedom of religion. And since winter solstice is a celestial event, that does not make it a religion. Therore, the government is not choosing one religion over another. So, unless the guy is a druid from thousands of years ago, which we don’t know enough about to say it they celebrated things at Stonehe and the like, for religious purposes or just celcelebrating a celestial event marking a key passage of time during the winter season. So, again, no conflict here with religions because there is only one religion involved. I mean hey, the guy said he’s an atheist and he celebrates the winter solstice, so the winter solstice cannot be religious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.taylor.12720100 Joseph Taylor

    That Moron is a PERFECT example of whats going wrong with our nation, we’ve worried so much about being politically correct that we’ve let ungodly trash stand up in public and Blastfem God! I love Jesus and believe in the Bible but if that idot was sitting there in my face, I just might have to defend the Lord with my fist and his face for just a minute, I know the Lord wouldn’t aprove of it, but I could ask for foregiveness afterwards. You never know, it just might put the fear of God in him. We need to rid this Cancer from us! Bill O Your more a man than me, I don’t know if I could stay that calm. This guy and ALL his buddies better wake up and find Jesus while they still can! He’ll foregive them for this. Just ask him. America turn to God, he’s the only one that can right our nation! NOT man, we’ve messed it up!

  • True Patriot

    This atheist is nothing but an anti-Christian BIGOT. He couldn’t even argue with O’Reilly. He kep interrupting O’Reilly. But, Bill handled him real well. Way to go, Bill.

  • Jack

    The person that Bill interview that claims to want his group to be fair with its views How about being fair to the people that like to celebrate christmas on there state captial that is the 99 percent that want that .The children that were told they can’t celebrate christmas at there schools because one or two spoil brat parents who were losers in school.That want attention decide that they don’t want those kids to celebrate christmas.Is that being fair no!!!. Have anybody of these groups have been harm because they don’t celebrate christmas by the people that like to celebrate christmas .No .I like to see these same people said anything about other religions holiday other then a chirstain holiday.They are no where to be found . What a job they work one time a year when the holidays show up they work to scream for no more christmas . What a job. What lazy wimps hyporcrites . I wish the media would stop giving these groups so much attention .They are bullys who think they should not be look at as space aliens for there stupid thoughts . They should

  • Light_V_Dark

    This is an experiment—Since 0mama hatched on the WORLD-STAGE, she has been QUEEN OF THE VAKKING UNIVERSE.

    Worshipping the #1-Headcase Of The PARTY, IS OUR STATE RELIGION.

    I posted this video on my Fussbook wall, but it has been DISABLED. I’m not sure if Youtoob, or FB were the ones who pussed out.

    Seducing somebody else’s children to SPREAD YOUR GOSPEL, IS PURE MARXISM¿!

  • Light_V_Dark

    This may have been true several millenia ago, but HATE IS YUCKY, in PEE_CEE_AMERIKA¿!¡ FORNICATE, DON’T HASSLE, DUDES»»»
    Proverbs 29:27
    THE RIGHTEOUS DETEST THE DISHONEST; the wicked detest the upright.
    New Living Translation
    THE RIGHTEOUS DESPISE THE UNJUST; the wicked despise the godly.
    English Standard Version

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Yothers/1287832584 Ruth Yothers

    wow, i didn’t like o, but he was great with that scum, loved it.

  • FG54

    The ‘progressive m0 rons’ (which I think loosely include atheists too) will not be happy until they destroy each and every long standing American tradition. Yes, I consider Christmas as a centuries old, beautiful tradition it has become, rather then purely religious celebration. I am of jewish ancestry (wasn’t Jesus a jew BTW?), but I love its festive spirit and I put a Christmas tree in my home (is it called a ‘Holiday’ tree nowadays?). I LOVE to see Christmas trees & ornaments, Menorahs and Kwanzaa related decorations in the SAME display at the stores. Isn’t it the best proof of mutual tolerance and respect? These idi ots either willingly or not incite distrust and absolutely unneeded tensions between people.
    We have ENOUGH REAL problems and people are justifyingly angry. We don’t need these self important m0 rons to add this non-issue to the mix. They need to shut up and do something really useful or just go away.

  • jimpeel

    The same people who scream “Stop trying to push your values on me!” are the same people who do so while trying to push their lack of values on everyone else.

    This is a prime example of the tyranny of the minority.

  • majorl3

    This atheist will end up in Hell and find that Jesus is Lord Of Lords and King of Kings and every tongue will confess and every knee shall bow to Him!

  • kalamawashington

    The guest quoted, sort of, the amendment of the Constitution which has to do with Religion. I wanted O’Riley to ask him: “Can you quote to me the “Law passed by the Congress” that has “established” a “Church” in the United States.” If there can’t be one quoted, the whole discussion is moot. No Law, No Violation of a Law.

  • stj

    Proves my point again. Only christians are required to be tolerant of others.

  • AppraisHer

    Atheists are as pathetic as teenage goths or vampire believers. Look at me!! Look at me!!, I’m different, I’m an atheist. Why do minority fringe groups like these get attention at the expense of the majority? Because Barry has divided us into so many splinter groups all vying for their 15 minutes of ballbusting the norm. What happened, Silverman, did they kick you out of Temple for being a dork?

  • studly

    Below, Rattlerjake says atheists do not believe in subsidizing religious events they don’t believe in through taxes. If we are all “equal” like the idiot in the interview says, and atheists have the right to demand change because they don’t believe in things, then I am equal too and demand some changes: I don’t believe in welfare for able bodied people of working age, so it must be stopped! I don’t believe our tax dollars should go to drug users in the form of welfare they can turn into cash to buy more drugs. I don’t believe in atheism, so it must be stopped (cuz I am an equal, right?) I don’t believe we should allow illegal immigrants to remain in this country, so it must be stopped. I don’t believe in political correctness and I demand it be stopped. I don’t believe pro athletes and entertainers should be paid millions per year while teachers, police, and firemen make very little, so this must be stopped. I don’t believe men should wear pink or purple, so this must be stopped. Just because we are equal, doesn’t mean the government caters to our every desire. (although I really do think our giovernment should fix many of the things I mentioned) Where would it end if we tried to do what every minority group and fringe group wanted? We would no longer be America!

  • iamsurrounded

    I agree with the Atheists – so now government employees will not have any of the “religious” holidays off with pay – we may save some money.

  • Dennis

    To predict what our government will do with this issue. You must first eliminate reason and logic, whatever political advantages are left will probably prevail. This administration spits upon the Constitution, so don’t rely upon constitutional values to carry us through.

  • underthewire

    Another loser bites the dust. Good luck with your winter solstice holiday. I want it off as well. Ho Ho Ho

  • WASP

    Let’s hope this weasel suffers the same fate as his “predecessor” in Athiest painintheassism, Madalyn Murry OHair.

  • Stan Parrish

    I have a problem with idiots like Silverman trying to impose their view on everybody. To get what he wants he would have to erase the entire history of this country. To Silverman and everybody out their like him I say, “Get a life and quit messing with my 1st amendment rights.”

  • Ted Drury

    Political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt compiled a list of the fourteen common characteristics of fascists. Number three on his list reads as follows: “The identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause – The people are rallied into a unifying PATRIOTIC frenzy over the need to ELIMINATE a perceived common threat or foe, be it racial, ethnic, or religious…” The frantic need to get rid of any mention of “Christian” in the public sector is definitely fascist, but you heard Mr. Silverman go ballistic with his “I am a PATRIOT!”

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