‘Red Dawn’ Then and Now: Critics Recoil at Pro-America, Anti-Communism Messages

The original “Red Dawn” hardly won over film critics, and understandably so.

It’s considered a cult classic today, but “Red Dawn” served up plenty of cheese along with its stirring story of young Americans battling against a Communist invasion. The film’s critical drubbing was about more than just storytelling hiccups, says National Review contributor John J. Miller.

“Better dead than Red Dawn,” sneered the Washington Post’s Rita Kempley, who called the film “sick and silly.” Janet Maslin of the New York Times labeled it “rabidly inflammatory,” “incorrigibly gung-ho,” and “a virulently alarmist fable.” Bob Thomas of the Associated Press condemned its “bathos” as “unrelenting.” Perhaps these were the honest assessments of dispassionate reviewers….

The makers of Red Dawn, complained Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times, “spent too much time playing to the rabid anti-Commies.” You know: The movie must be awful because those icky conservatives approve of it. Even today, many liberals resort to knee-jerk denunciations: “Its guiding ideology is actually fascism,” wrote David Plotz of Slate in 2008.

That was then. This is the response the “Red Dawn” remake is getting from movie critics.

The Chicago Reader calls it a “Tea Party wet dream.” Time Magazine says “both movies play like hokey advertisements for the National Rifle Association, injected with high school pep rally enthusiasm.”

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  • Daniel

    I thoroughly enjoyed both versions!

  • JoDunn

    Ms. Rita Kempley and Ms. Janet Mason should possibly come out to the Rocky Mountains where men are men and women know it ! (On second thought Stay Home) We certainly don’t think like the folks on the East coast or even the West coast do. If these same conditions were to happen as did in the movie I could without a doubt see myself fighting just as in the movie with no hesitation ! The way things seem to be headed the story line is not an impossibility !

  • RightStuff

    Cleon Skousen called it correctly in 1958! We are sunk, until we arrest the takeover of our country by the leftists who have been working for over 60 years to do so! The leftists need to be ferreted out, identified, and lampooned as losers on a daily basis. We should begin with our current thug-in-chief. It is a fact that there is not a prosperous leftist economy/government on the face of the planet. There never will be, either.

    • slickzip


    • rick0857

      The leftist takeover of the country you speak of is in fact a lot older than a mere 60 years. This leftist/communistic takeover has been going on since the election of Woodrow Wilson the first true progressive in a short line of like minded idiots and they are FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and ObaMAO!
      Think about that for a second two hundred thirty six years as a Nation and we’ve elected 8 men that have done more damage in their short miserable lives to our Nation then the other 36 Presidents combined.

      • KroekerMom

        If you want to be honest, you had better throw in both Bushes as well. For all of his faults, Kennedy was much more conservative than either Bush.

    • DAY8293A


      • Twitch

        That and get rid of the amendment allowing the Income Tax

  • Patriot

    I think when the time comes, someone should hunt down those critics and watch them squeal like the leftist pigs they are! The arrogant a-holes! Typical leftist tripe!

    • slickzip

      Thats a good idea ,,,,

    • hold_my_stones

      Thats right Patriot. When the SHTF, & it will, those lame stream media libs will be the first to go down. They think they will have protection from patriots taking back our country, but those blue press flak vests won’t protect them. At least not from me and many others I know.

      • richard

        But Hold we would not have to waste our time and energy hunting them down, after two maybe tree days tops, although they will be starving, the belly crawling scum they are always :helping” will kill gthem because that is how that part of our nation pays back the people that helps them.

  • Amerika

    this movie was awful. There was no pride for our country, just pride for the Wolverines. the american flag was barely shown…they might as well have made this a fictional/generic country.

    • RedMeatState

      I think we’re already there…..

    • slickzip

      Go intercourse yourself ODUMBA lover ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • disgusted democrat

      And by your name(amerika) you say it all!

  • Storm

    JuDunn you are so right-let the clowns come to Texas we will make arrangements-

  • RedMeatState

    I’ll wait until Pravda does a review. They’re bound to be far more objective.

  • Cannon Six

    The problem with “Red Dawn” is that no belligerent nation would have to attempt to take over the USA by force of arms. All it would have to do is offer free cell phones and at least half of the citizenry would say, “Come on in!”

    • Maynard

      What gets me is why do people who always complin of having been slaves against their will, vote for slavery at the voting poles. Under communism, those people thought to be worthless or useless, regardless of race are to be liquidated, especially jews and christians. You could be a trillionair and be tied to a post beside a poor man and be shot down, and who do you think would havbe your money.

      • freedomringsforall

        Yeah liberals do seem kind of suicidal.

        All through history they keep wanting communism, socialism, and any kind of dictatorial government and then when they get it instituted in their land they are the first that get slaughtered and sent to the gulags.

        What a bunch of sick puppies.

    • slickzip

      You have a point ,,,,,,

    • John Goult

      sad but True!

    • freedomringsforall


  • Maynard

    As a person who has studied the communist and guerrilla warfare for 60 years, I enjoyed the First “Reed Dawn,” and have asked people to watch it and learn from it many time on the internet during this past election. I’m now interested in the new version. I can see from the photograph some of the errors in the first version have been corrected, and therefor it will probably be much better. One thing communist love to do is trash patriotic Americas by calling them fascist, or nazies, both of which are forms of socialism just like communism is a form of socialism. Then to further degrade us they call us crazies or rabid anti-communist. Well I’d rather be a rabid anti-communist than a communist ready to sell out my country. Americans have failed their country by not learning about the various techniquies they use to take over a country, and guerrilla warfare. Every election year this failure has been present, but they wont wake up until they feel the bayonet at their throats.

    • slickzip

      AMEN ,,,,,,,

  • Maynard

    If the muslims crossed over the Mexican boarder in force, whiles asian troops landed along the coast of California, and russian communist troops along our Atlantic coast, and guerrillas rose up inside America all at the same time, who would you fight with or fore? Well I personally will fight for freedom regardless of the name of our country, or what flag flies ovedrhead. There would not be time to think of things like that. I would think about the lives of my family, weapons and ammo, proper clothing and food, I would learn survival techniques, evasion and escape, and how to do the most damage to the enemy as possible. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!” Don’t Tread On Me!

    • slickzip


    • Berzrkr50

      And those on the left would either cheer on the invaders (thereby earning their own case of spontaneous lead poisoning) or cower in fear and ask those on the right to protect them from the big meanies. Nice!

      • TexasJester

        “Lead poisoning” – I LIKE!! Lol!!

    • $18476877

      In a senario such as that. I would aline myself with the county sheriff. Find out where I could bet provide assistance. Maybe try to organize with my neighbors to create a common defence network.

  • Strap

    The Communist of journalism in this country don’t like it for obvious reasons, they are on the WRONG side.

    • slickzip

      How right you are

  • slickzip

    GREAT MOVIES , I liked the first better BUT the second was also outstanding ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • D. Guardian

    The only redeeming quality of communism, if it can be called that, is that when they take over, they will kill practically everybody over thirty, They only leave “la creme de la creme”, All those over thirty that were symphatetic to communisn. will be get rid of first, along with the most intelligent and vociferous. Anybody over thirty, can not be trusted. They did just that in Cuba a few years back, “El Paredon”, remember?

  • mperkins2

    Well! It’s official this must be a good movie since it out raged the liberal press.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rocca.rottweilerpitbull Rocca Rottweilerpitbull

    I have never heard of Rita Kempley, Janet Maslin or Bob Thomas.
    But I have heard of RED DAWN.
    Nuff said!…

  • bill

    american indians have a saying todays as good as any to die

  • Dennis

    I got news for you people.When the original Reddawn came out it was a different time.I was in highschool then and it was a different america than today.Ill guaruntee this could happen now.Want to know why? Because wed have communist,marxist pukes in our own country helping them thats why.There all over the place even in our own government.They wouldnt need a sizeable force.Thats what you people arent getting.Many here would help them.Our arrogance and pride sure aint helpin either judgeing by some of the posts im readin here.The only thing that has kept this from happening so far is the hand and will of GOD and his protection,which by the way,i think is soon to be lifted.Im sure, those here older than i(45) could attest to the fact we were a very differnt country 30,40,50 years ago.America was once great.Now? Not so much and we are getting worse as the days pass.

  • Bulldog74

    I was going to give this movie a pass (liked the 1980s version and didn’t see the need for a remake), but if the critics hate it that much I think I’ll go see it just to tick them off.

  • freedomringsforall

    What in God’s name is with these ignorant socialists?

    They must be suicidal or something.

    They must know from history that all nations that turn to socialism immediately turn to marginalize the liberal people that worked towards turning said nation to socialism.

    History has shown us that they immediately move to do everything from simply shunning them to enslaving and mass murdering them.

    It is like they are hell bent to eliminate themselves and people like themselves!

    Is this what psychiatrists are talking about now days when they are inferring that liberalism or progressivism may be a mental disorder?

    We need to unite and stay united against these crazies.

    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist codling bunch of scum
    out of power in these United States.

    Then we need to work our bums off to get our freedoms and rights restored.

    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.

    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

  • marineh2ominer

    I am a Viet-Nam veteran , I am proud of that service because I WAS KILLING COMMUNISTS . Any time you can kill communists and muslims you are doing the entire world a favor and saving humanity from a life of misery . I have NO prejudice against any race , creed , or color , however my level of HATE for communists and muslims , regardless of race , knows NO bounds . My disdain for communists include American communists , even though they call themselves progressives , liberals , socialists or any other Anti-American cabal or organization .

  • Jack

    The only way you will get people to figh to protect this country is that there cell phones and computers to be grap by our goverment or by the country that wants to attacks us.The only way that anybody would have any idea we were attack that a bullet flys and hits there cell phones off there ears.For the media who don’t like this movie if this movie was about the us attacking a country and the citizens fight back and won.The media would be in love with the movie .Even though most of the people acting are the Kardashians and Paris Hilton. They would want this movie to to win ever movie award they would

  • You Just Cannot Maker this Stu

    The problem of killing a Communist, leftist, liberal or whatever definition you want to call them, which the bullet has more value than they do. Why waste a costly bullet on such scum, a rope would do the job just as well, and can be reused.

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