Voter Fraud: Obama Won 108% of Registered Voters in Ohio County

Let’s face it. Obama won the election. Just like Putin and Ahmadinejad did theirs. The only difference is that unlike Iranians and Russians, Americans won’t be gathering in the streets to protest their disenfranchisement at the hands of the corrupt Democratic Party machine.

First, he received over 99% of the vote in districts where GOP inspectors were illegally removed. Next, he won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland. Well, he’s gotten another lucky break!

Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year. That’s right, Mr. Obama won the majority of Wood County’s 108% of registered voters. That’s not a typo.

In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

Secretary of College Democrats Morgan Holliger chimed in, “We won Wood County, we won Ohio.”

Mr. Obama did indeed win Wood County, along with its 108% of voters.




  • Wellington Green Santa

    Does anyone really believe that Obama actually won this election? The American election process is completely broken in this country. 4 years ago, Obama stole the presidency by voter fraud committed by ACORN. There were thousands of cases caught and who knows how many never detected. But all of those cases “under investigation” just mysteriously disappeared after his inauguration. All day long yesterday there were reports of voting machines changing peoples votes from Romney to Obama and only reported when people noticed at the last confirmation screen. Again, who knows how many went undetected. I didn’t hear one report of machines switching Obama votes to Romney. They claimed that it was because Obama was the incumbent. Isn’t that convenient. It was discovered that the national labor unions have been registering illegals to vote and pressuring them to vote Obama if they wanted to keep the jobs that they shouldn’t have had in the first place. All the money spent, and the effort and time put into this entire process was a waste, because it was a forgone conclusion. Obama has already been bypassing the Senate and the Congress and making laws by “Executive Order.” And as Obama whispered to the Russian ambassador, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” There’s no reason to now believe that he’s not going to ramp up his efforts to destroy America. Our beloved country is done for.

    • terrie

      Our government thinks we think our votes don’t count so they ADD lib votes. It is sad as I know people who even voted who said their vote didn’t make a difference.

    • slickzip

      AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Phuchough

    Just goes to show ya whoever owns those machines doesn’t know what they are doing *snickers wildy hahahaha

    • moonwinx

      George Soros owns the company that owns DIEBOLD voting machines. Go figure!

      • slickzip

        Soros also owns ODUMBA lock,stock and barrel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Steve

    here are the wood county board of elections results. Obama won but not by 108%, not even close, where are you getting this nonsense from?

    • slappymagoo

      If those numbers are accurate or close to accurate, then at least in Wood County, Romney is part of the 47%!

  • wondering

    Why can’t people accept a defeat with dignity? This is becoming pathetic!

    • danstewart

      If it were a fair election, I would accept it. FAIR, obama has never ran in a fair election.

      • slappymagoo

        So to prove Obama didn’t win fairly, you’re commenting on an article that inaccurately claims Obama won a county by 108% which has been disproven, but you claim it disproves nothing because Obama didn’t win fairly. What does that prove, exactly? “Obama cheated.” “How do you know?” “We heard he cheated in Wood County!” “Where’s your evidence?” “There IS no evidence…because he cheated! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh!”

        • MOONWINX

          You can talk to the uninformed but you can’t talk to the misinformed. That’ where your at. MISINFORMED!

          • slappymagoo

            That makes no sense. You must be a Republican. There is evidence Obama won 50.9% of the vote in this county. There is NO evidence to indicate that the county is claiming Obama won 108% of the vote i this county. Using “evidence” and “facts” I assert that no one except stupid people are saying the county is claiming Obama won 108% of the vote. The vote totals are public record, you can find them just as easily as other people on this thread have. Yet, I’M misinformed.

            OK, Sparky, make sure you poke some holes in that bubble you’re living in so some fresh air can seep through.

          • slickzip

            Suck buttermilk

          • slappymagoo

            Look, I know it’s difficult, but try not to be stupid for a minute. If you believe the election was stolen, why would use as evidence an article that takes 2 minutes going to the county’s official tally sheet to learn it’s bullsh*t? It makes you look idiotic, and then if you ever did find REAL evidence that proves the election was stolen, no one would believe you. Let it go, dimwits.

        • slickzip

          Guess you are in line to kiss ODUMBAS butt ,,,,,,

    • moonwinx

      We will accept when Obama shows some dignity and holds an honest election. If you believe this past election was honest, you better go back to school or something to learn what’s going on.

      • slickzip

        ODUMBA is going to cancell all elections and rule as KING for life ,,,,,,

    • slickzip


  • Amy Mae-Zoss Massey

    Seriously? Do you really believe this? OMG find something better to waste your time and energy on. If you want to make a difference… instead of spreading more shlock perperuated by the media we all know is conservatively biased you would find a more productive way to fight for your party. And comparing our elections to Russia or Afghanistans is downright offensive.

    • danstewart

      What rock have you been living under???

    • Arthur

      I’m sorry, conservatively biased? You’re joking. This wasn’t even very public, and it never will be, so ignorant…

    • LoneTree, WY

      Well Amy… Conservative or liberal notwithstanding, Obama or Romney set aside, can you please provide a reasonable alternative explanation on how Obama received 104% of the vote in that county?

      • Aaron

        That’s easy, he didn’t receive 104% of the vote, he got 50.9%. The number you’re looking at was an increase in the number of eligible voters that voted in this election cycle. If this were a real issue, Romney or at least Rove would have filed a lawsuit. Besides that, the Election Commissioner in Ohio is a Republican! Why would the Republicans cheat for Obama?!

        Beside, you should all have seen this coming. Obama was leading in every poll going into Tuesday except the Republican polls where they screened out most of the Democrats. You guys live in an information bubble where you lie to yourselves and each other and Tuesday was just a health dose of reality crashing down upon you.

        Stop lying all the time and stop with this made-up fearmongering and nonsense so we can have a substantive policy discussion.

        Bring back the Republican Party!

        • OpposingVue

          Correction: the increase was in the number of voters REGISTERED, as compared to the previous year’s census, not the ones who actually voted.

          • Aaron

            Yes but the original assertion was that Obama won 108% of the votes as a percentage of registered voters in Cook county, which is just plain false.

            Your analysis was spot on and I appreciate the time and effort you took to do it.

            The difference is registered voters versus the population increase, and that alone is nowhere near enough to suggest any kind of impropriety.

    • Randy Gaiser

      What is offensive is Barak Obama, your MUSLIM Presidential Pretender. This person is OFFENSIVE in every sense of the word.

      • MOONWINX


        • Brenda L. Herbert

          And he cheated

  • Nick

    Steve’s comment intrigued me, so I did some checking. Full disclosure, I’ll start by saying I’m a conservative. I love crunching numbers, so I figured I’d see where this took me. The question lies in figuring out why there were so many eligible voters in the county. Mind you, this is only about 10 minutes of looking at the US Census Bureau so I didn’t fully resolve the question. Obama won with 50.9% of the votes cast, 4.18% over Romney. The US Census Bureau reported a population that was 94.3% white in 2010 and estimated 94% white in 2011. Given that, I believe we can at least take any arguments about race out of the equation. 62,069 votes were cast for President, or 57.5% of eligible voters. According to the census, in 2010 the population of Wood County was 125,488. The US Census Bureau also estimates the population grew in 2011 to 126,355. Of those 126,355 people in 2011, the Bureau estimates 21.3% were under the age of 18, which would be roughly 26,913 children. That would translate to 99,442 eligible voters in the county, and equate to the registered number of voters in the 2012 election at 108.6% of the eligible voters. Now of course the math is a bit fuzzy, the Census Bureau numbers are from 2011, so how many people died, how many turned 18, etc. in the last year? And how many people are ineligible to vote for whatever reason (felons, noncitizens, etc.)? Those numbers aren’t given. The best we can say is there is a legitimate question as to why the total population grew by 867 people between 2010-2011, but the number of eligible voters apparently grew by 8,572 between 2011 and 2012.

    • OpposingVue

      With all due respect, Nick, I’m afrid that your numbers are not right either.

      See,for this last election, 62,069 was the number of votes counted in total. Not 108,014.

      Barack Obama did not get 62,069 votes (which would net him 100% of the vote) from Wood County, Ohio; instead, President Obama got a much more modest 31,596, which is a mere 50.6% of the total votes cast… again, the total votes was 62,069.

      Here is the proof:

      Now… yes, there may be a bit of confusion over the number of registered voters (given that people do move around all the time and may have come to the county a short time before the election), there might be a reasonable cause for the confusion.

      HOWEVER… that cannot take away from the fact that, even if the valid number of registered voters is supposed to be 98,213.(wonder where they got that number from), you cannot argue that even 98 thousand registered voters is far MORE than the ACTUAL total of votes cast, which was (as I said) 62,069. As such, there is *NO* proof of illegally cast or invalid ballots.

      • Nick

        Thanks for the post OpposingVue, I love a debate and civil discourse; it’s one of the pillars of democracy. Please reread my post, my numbers come from the Wood County election results and the U.S. Census Bureau and are correct. I agree with you, as I did say in my post, that the total number of votes was 62,069, or 57.5% of eligible voters (I should have actually stated registered voters). I also noted that Obama got 50.9% of the vote and won by 4.18% of the vote. I stated exactly how I derived my numbers.

        Numbers from my post above:
        2011 population from U.S. Census Bureau = 126,355. 2011 percentage of persons under the age of 18, from the U.S. Census Bureau: 21.3% (126,355 * 21.3% = 26,913). 2011 derived potential voters (those of voting age, population minus those under 18) = 99,442 (126,355 – 26,913). Potential voters should be higher than eligible voters, because some people in the county may not be eligible to vote (as I mentioned: felons, noncitizens, etc.) but we’ll assume all 99,442 are eligible voters for this argument. This number should still be higher than registered voters, as not everyone cares to register, but again for this argument we’ll assume 100% of the eligible voters actually do register. You should therefore have no more than 99,442 registered voters in the county. Again, not everyone that registers actually votes (this time only 62,069 people voted, as you and I both point out). The difference between the number of eligible voters based on the 2011 US Census Bureau numbers and the number of registered voters according to the Wood County Board of Elections is 8,572, meaning that yes 108% of the eligible voters are registered to vote (when compared to 2011 population numbers).

        That does not mean that many people actually voted, and it also does not say this is an incorrect number. I mentioned in my previous post that the math is a bit fuzzy with the information we have on hand, as 2012 population numbers are not currently available from the U.S. Census Bureau. How many people died, turned 18, moved into or out of the county, etc. in the last year? From the U.S. Census Bureau 2010 numbers, 11,277 persons were aged 15-19 in 2010 (and would be 17-21 now, assuming nobody moved). Assuming an even distribution, you could estimate 9,021 from that group are now of voting age and maybe that accounts for the difference. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of Wood County grew by: 1990-2000 = 7,796; 2000-2010 = 4,423; 2010-2011 = 867. And in the last year, where we don’t have census numbers to compare against, the population of eligible voters grew by 8,572. It doesn’t mean that’s wrong necessarily; it means there is a legitimate question that deserves a more thorough examination.

        This isn’t as direct as saying Wood County is definitely blue or red and voted
        differently all of a sudden, because they didn’t. They are a true swing county; they’ve voted for the winning president in every election since 1980 and also have a history of supporting initiatives on both sides (against the individual healthcare mandate but in favor of keeping union collective bargaining rights, for example). Interestingly, the state of Ohio also follows however Wood County votes.

        Resolving the question about Wood County is not going to change the election. Obama won Wood County by 2,599 votes and Ohio by 103,481 votes. For this to affect the election more than just Wood County or Ohio would need to flip. Romney and Ryan could have helped their case by winning at least their home states, which neither did. However, the legitimacy of our elections should be without question and has come up too many times in recent years. Whether it is military personnel not getting ballots in time or being purged from voter rolls, people standing in lines so long they have to leave for other commitments, machines that register the wrong vote, people attempting to vote more than once, or anything else that has been charged by BOTH sides, our democracy is undermined by these events. It should be the focus of both parties to ensure all eligible voters have the chance to vote, and each person has one and only one vote for the person they choose.

        • Nick

          One correction, at the end of my 2nd paragraph it should state 108% of potential voters are registered rather than eligible voters. As I mentioned, from the information I reviewed at the Wood County Board of Elections and U.S. Census Bureau I didn’t see any references to the number of potential voters that are ineligible for whatever reason so I don’t have those numbers available.

          I didn’t directly state it, but the reason may just boil down to election officials not updating the voter rolls in a timely manner when people die, move, etc. In my opinion it still presents the potential for someone to at least question whether there may be fraud and should be fixed. Our elections need to be above question.

          • OpposingVue

            I have one final point to make about the whole issue, and then I’ll let it drop.
            Even if we did accept the idea posited by this article, that there were improper voter registration incidents, what has also not been shown was just who registered them, and registered them for which party. Is it possible that the extra registrations were down by someone on the conservative side? I don’t see what it would get them; perhaps it was meant to act as fodder for some distraction on the “voting rights” issue.
            In any event, I would say that this whole story has been adequately proved to be completely false.

          • Brenda L. Herbert

            Well , it’s not like they did’nt try updating the voter rolls. Holder fought updating voter rolls tooth and nail . Siting voter fraud etc. Also fought voter id. Who would do such a thing , if they were on the up and up? No, it’s very obvious that the vote was stolen.

        • OpposingVue

          I firmly believe in rational discourse and debate, as long as it remains exactly that: rational. Sadly, far too many responses that I have seen in these political blogs (on both sides of the “left-right” spectrum) seem to boil down to blind acceptance of the arguments of “their side”, with tones approaching those of a religious nature. (Unsurprising when one considers how often religion pushes its way into politics.)
          Regarding the issue of population and registered voters, I would submit that there is still no sign of any impropriety. Yes, there is a difference between 2011 numbers and 2012 numbers. People die, people are born, people move, people reach the age of majority which allows them to vote. Does there seem to be an above average increase in the population during the past year? Possibly, although that still does not indicate anything more than a high number.
          As for the legitimacy issue… well, there certainly was controversy over what happened in Florida in 2000, as well as Ohio in 2004, both of them involving voting machine irregularities. On Election Day, there was that video that was circulated about the voting machine that, when the guy pressed “Obama”, the machine visibly registered a “Romney” vote. (And, yes, the week before, there were similar claims on the other side in North Carolina.)
          Honestly, I think that the election needs to go back to paper ballots that are manually counted. Yes, it will take longer to tabulate results, but if all these voter identification laws are passed to ensure “voter rights” and to stop “election fraud”, then how about using the same due diligence to fight the fraud that may exist on the voting machine side?

          • Nick

            I agree it’s amazing how many issues we’ve had with voting machines. Every smart phone, and i-anything is a touch screen, but the voting machines get out of calibration with much less use and all of a sudden have a much larger area for one candidate (on either side)? Come on, seriously? And I’ve mentioned to friends about paper ballots. It’s slower, and some people will say the boxes can still be stuffed. I’d rather have a tangible record of my vote that CAN be recounted rather than a machine whose harddrive can be erased if we can’t guarantee the accuracy any better than we do. I work in the software industry, and I find it VERY hard to believe the machines are that buggy unintenitionally.

            Here’s one for you. The parties fight in this country back and forth over voter ID laws, spending most likely billions in the courts and legislatures. Meanwhile, the country of Ghana this year instituted biometrics for voter registration and their election. The articles I’ve seen didn’t mention what specifically was used – fingerprints, eye scan, or something else. Regardless, a country in Africa with less people than the state of Texas (2nd), less land than the state of Michigan (11th), and a smaller GDP than the state of Alaska (46th) put the political willpower behind the issue and solved it for their country. We should follow their example.

          • Brenda L. Herbert


    • Katherine

      Thanks for crunching the numbers. Now, imagine the tremendous advantage of taking a software program that converts 1,000 votes into 10,000 votes simply by adding ONE digit. Beats the hell out of busing people to the polls, doesn’t it?

      • William Henry

        I just heard of a computer programmer that wrote the code that would flip 49-51 results either by a register flag or counter flag and there is no way to know unless there was a paper count. How many states are refusing to count the paper ballots by hand?? Many!!!!

  • Aaron

    Thanks Steve. I think these people are starting to lose it

  • slappymagoo

    The link to the original article at no longer works.

    I went to’s home page and did a search on Obama and 108%. I get links to their original article, but when I click on them, the links are broken.

    It’s possible it’s a momentary glitch which will get resolved.

    It’s also possible someone at frontpagmag realized they didn’t do teh math right, but that news has yet to trickle down here to clashdaily.

    To quote the immortal words of Asia, Only Time Will Tell.

  • Fred Mitchell

    Obama did win, but that dion’t say he won legal,prove it, no way all the bases are covered,that the frist thing they do.We’ve got him, come hell or high water. But I will never be happy.

  • Not a Fraud

    Hey Gov. Kasich, how about putting a hold on your electoral votes and an investigation? Especially by an unbiased computer expert? Can’t have more votes that are registered.

  • Barb Patton

    He did not win and he does not care a tinker’s benediction.. His army of union members, thugs, muslim brotherhood and panthers did all the work for nothing —- for love of their ayatollah barack. Golf anyone??

  • moonwinx

    Mr. Obama wouldn’t cheat the American people now, would he??
    that’s the crap you get form the media. They ought to toss him out by the scruff of his neck and the seat of his pants, right out the front door of OUR WH.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Vote fraud is another tactic that Obama has at his disposal.
    So far everything Hussein Obama has done parallels the Saul Alinsky doctrine
    and principles as a Marxist. By using community organizations as fronts to ply
    their tactics of manipulating a weak voting system and allowing multiple people
    and dead people to vote, effectively cancelling out legitimate votes, vote
    fraud continues. Supported by Soros and other anti American money, these
    splinter Community organizations have effectively infiltrated the US and are
    using our own system against us. Couple this with the Socialists in the US Gov.
    ( Todays DemoRAT) they make sure NO voting ID verification exists. If it did
    they would be out of a job. The average American has their head up their A__.
    They are NOT aware of their surroundings. and are easily bought off and silences by the mainstream media. Mainstream media I mean is taken in a larger context. It is a DIVERSION away from the real on goings. The average American is fed junk yellow journalism ( junk journalism) to brain wash and manipulate. Couple that with their head into their GD “smart” phone , waiting for the next generation of phone, wondering what kind of tattoo to get, watching reality TV that glamourizes decadence, stuffing
    their fat faces with junk food they just drift and wander unaware. Joseph Goebbels would have been awe struck and proud. There is a revolution coming and eventually when these average American’s wakes up it will be too late…..

  • Fred Mitchell

    Same as in Pa,elections were rigged.This was all planed ahead.Every thing had to look honest,they did that good,Obama likes Putin, He gave Obama alot of ideas,Putin is still in power, and not going no where.That is what Obama wants,Obama won’t be like a Dictator, he will be a dictator.

  • $8105658

    Ill-gotten gains, Sargent, Ill-gotten gains :-)

  • slickzip

    And jesus ODUMBA walked upon the waters and calmed the seas

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