ABCs of Anarchy:  Making Rebellion Cool for Kids

by Loretta Baughan
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

I recently bought some U.S. flag stamps at the post office. Four different designs, each emblazoned with the red, white and blue accompanied with a word describing an American principle:  Freedom. Liberty. Justice. Equality. 

Equality … really? Equality of opportunity or equality of outcome? In today’s America, I have no doubt it’s the latter. 

It’s not the kind of equality where through an individual’s inventiveness, ingenuity and industry, along with lots of sweat and hard work, a person can achieve their own American dream and gain whatever it is they view as success. No. It’s about punishing those who are successful. This new brand of equality applies to the end results with the government ensuring equal prosperity for all. Wealth redistribution. Robinhood Economics. Theft.

This kind of “equality” is known by other names:  collectivism, socialism, liberalism, anarchism, communism, progressivism or  egalitarianism, to name a few. Call it what you will, it’s the exact opposite of freedom, liberty and justice.

Yet, thanks to progressives redefining our language, “equality” has opposing meanings.
And now they’re hard at work redefining the ABC’s for kids, too. Gone are the days when children learned “A” is for apple. Now “A” is for anarchy. 

Anarchy means freedom. No leaders. No rulers. No masters. Don’t listen to your mom. If you feel like sleeping in all day, go ahead. You are your own master.

When you do get out of bed, put on your black hoodies, tennies and ski mask to go protest with fellow juvenile delinquents as a “Black Bloc”. 


Black Bloc is a tactic used by the Occupy Movement, among others, so when bricks start flying through store windows, goods are looted and businesses torched, the violent perps will blend in with the rest of the mob of rioting hoodlums, as a way to avoid getting caught by the police.

“J” is for Job. Who needs one? Remember rule #1:  you are your own master. Besides, “E” is for Egalitarianism, so Big Daddy Government will give you money, food stamps and a free cell phone — and what they don’t give you, just take because “S” is for squat. After all, chances are you can’t read the “No Trespassing” sign, anyway.

Since you are your own master, who needs rules, traditional values, morals, church, religion or even family? Rebel. Destroy it. Do what you want. Be what your want. Believe what your want. Set your own moral compass. Be free. Be a Nihilist.

Now that you have no home, no family, no sense of right and wrong, no one to tell you “no”… no God … hook up with the Animal Liberation Front or Earth Liberation Front – or both. Become a radical, earth-worshipping, ecoterrorist who believes animals should have the same rights as humans. Why not?

“L” is for Liberation, so join up with these criminal extremists who spike trees in the Pacific Northwest, firebomb universities, attack farms and car dealers, commit acts of vandalism, theft, violence and wage a war of hatred against people with whom they disagree.

Since an anarchist’s belief system doesn’t recognize or respect an individual’s right to own property, build a business, employ other people, make a profit or to become prosperous, they have no conscience or remorse for damages and injustices inflicted on those who “have”. To them, the ends justifies the means.

Anarchy isn’t about freedom or equality.

It’s about rebellion and getting their way.

Source:  ABC’s of Anarchy by Brian Heagney (2010) 

Loretta Baughan is a conservative school board member who homeschooled her children and supports parental choice. Over the past twenty-five years, she’s been self-employed as a professional photographer, webdesigner and raising hunting spaniels.



  • Dracula131

    Very well said!

  • Red Emma

    Swing and a miss!

    “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt”

  • berkman

    You really don’t get it and that’s a shame.

  • Brian Heagney


    First, thank you so much for choosing my book to discuss on your blog. As much as I disagree with you, I am glad you took the time and resources and actually read and critiqued the book.

    Second, because this is your blog, and I’m a guest commenting on the entry, I’m going to keep this as short as I can, while addressing just a few of the issues that I think need to be addressed.

    1. Making Rebellion Cool for Kids: The title of this entry makes it seem like you don’t think Rebellion is “cool”. I went and looked up “rebel” in the online etymological dictionary and saw this: “Meaning “supporter of the American cause in the War of Independence” is from 1775″. I’m fairly certain you and many other US citizens would think of that rebellion as “cool”. While literally referring to “war”, there are other acts of rebellion that I would hope all Americans would seem “cool”, such as rebelling against slavery, or Susan B. Anthony rebelling against the leading factors of her day to assure your own right to vote, Loretta. Rebellion IS cool, it’s historical, and without rebellion, where would our country be?

    2. You say this: “Anarchy means freedom. No leaders. No rulers. No masters. Don’t listen to your mom. If you feel like sleeping in all day, go ahead. You are your own master.”

    I think your interpretation of the drawing on the first page is indicative of your gut reaction to the word “anarchy” itself. In drawing this first page, I wanted to include things that any of us could categorize as a “master”, something that in some way rules or has influence on our lives. Clocks, TVs, calendars, and yes, parents. I was trying to start off the book with a little excercise of thinking about all the things that rule our lives, whether we allow them to or not. I don’t think the book implies that an anarchist wouldn’t listen to his or her parent. Anarchism is the framework we can use to analzye our lives to figure out who or what we are allowing to rule our lives and to determine those influences on a consentual basis.

    3. I understand your hesitation for the concept of equality/egalitarianism, I think we may have some similar thoughts on whehter or not people are “equal”, and what that means. I took a long time to write the text for “egalitarian” to make sure it was right, and I think we actually agree on it, (even though you didn’t mention it). Here’s what you say in the beginning of your piece:

    “Four different designs, each emblazoned with the red, white and blue accompanied with a word describing an American principle: Freedom. Liberty. Justice. Equality. Equality … really? Equality of opportunity or equality of outcome? In today’s America, I have no doubt it’s the latter.”

    Here is the text from ABC’s of Anarchy:

    “In an egalitarian system, all people have equal access or opportunity to power and resources.”

    Wow! We both see egalitarian/equality as equality to opportunities! Our values overlap somewhere! I’d love to continue this discussion somewhere else, as I have some other issues with your analysis.

  • MsPony65

    Srsly? This is nothing more than an uninformed slam against anarchy – about which the author is woefully ignorant.

  • Nick Lenarz

    Ms. Baughan,

    WOW, what unvarnished hogwash! You started out well, but for some reason segued from the false dreams of ‘egalitarianism’ and ‘equality’ (as I said, a good start) to a complete misunderstanding of the concept of anarchy. Following that, the rest was just so much blah-blah-blah, I couldn’t even appreciate your attempts at hyperbole and satire for the glaring, overflowing ludicrousness of your error!

    What you describe is NOT anarchy, it is naked, apolitical rebellion. Anarchy comes from the Greek ‘anarchos’, ‘an-‘ meaning absence, lack, or not; ‘-archos’ meaning ruler or leader. Anarchy is NOT open rebellion, it is simply a system of society WITHOUT leadership, WITHOUT GOVERNMENT.

    Think of it: Life without government. Consider what the government has done “for” (rather, TO) you in the past, what it is doing TO you now. Consider the so-called ‘leaders’ of this country, how they have become the laughingstock of the world and dictators and tyrants to their countrymen. You would prefer submission to abuse like this? Consider the alternative: Life. Without. Government. Is that so bad?

    Personally, I know I can judge my options and operate within my daily life, make my own educated choices, much better on my own, than those which are arbitrarily and dictatorially forced upon me; not much of a ‘choice’ there, more of a command. As a Freeman (I simultaneously reject and embrace tenets of Libertarianism, conservatism, Constitutionalism, Voluntarism, and Anarcho-Capitalism), I chafe and rail against anything that would force or direct me; I won’t even forward emails that say, “If you agree, forward this! If not, burn in hell!” I’d rather burn than kowtow!

    I like to think I know more and better what’s best for me, my life, and my household than some bureaucrat, remote organization, or self-serving totalitarian ‘government’ that attempts to rule rather than govern, that does not represent me, that has no interest in my life save that which most benefits THEM. They don’t even care about how MY life could benefit OTHERS, because their highest concern is still how the lives of OTHERS most benefit THEM! This is better, how?

    Ms. Baughan, a word of advice, if I may: Stick to photography, web design, and spaniels, and leave the journalism to those who would actually do the research work to know what Anarchy truly is.

  • Hart Noecker

    “Since an anarchist’s belief system doesn’t recognize property, they have no conscience or remorse for damages and injustices inflicted on those who “have”. It’s about rebellion.”

    Wow, that’s actually totally accurate, and I’m pretty damn sure myself and every other anarchist would agree with you. I’m kind of astonished that somebody on the far right understands this stuff.

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