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Mike Troxel is a right-wing, rabble rousing, Constitution loving, Tea Party starting trouble maker. He threw his locality's first ever Tea Party event, helped start and served as his local Tea Party's Vice-President. He is currently the Communications Chair for the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and was accidentally elected to public office, by write-in, on election day. His interests include kayaking, rock climbing, chess, assassinating large woodland creatures with his bow, and over a decade of mixed martial arts. He holds an undergraduate degree in Print Journalism and a graduate degree in Business Administration.

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  • Todd

    Guns won’t make schools safer. What if the teacher trips and falls and the gun is picked up by kids and they start murdering everyone? How stupid is this author and the NRA?

    • Dajake

      Easy…outlaw tripping. Problem solved

      • Pat C

        Thinking like a liberal to talk to a liberal. I like it!!!

    • Carl Stevenson

      It’s a crime that the teachers and administrators, like all others nation-wide, were, and are, prohibited from being able to actually defend our children.

      Just as TSA is feel-good security theater and the Israelis actually know how to screen threats, in Israel teachers and parent volunteers are trained and armed so that they can actually prevent/stop such acts of mass murder. Here we have large, well advertised zones rich in easy targets that are prohibited by law from being defended in a timely and effective manner.

      Here, there is a call (it started minutes after the crime was first reported) for more onerous gun controls (victim disarmament) that will do nothing to stop this sort of crime and will, in fact, make the problem worse.

      Teachers already must pass stringent background checks before they are given access to our children. We should make training and ready access to defensive weapons in the school a job requirement and part of their certification.

      Before someone says, “Guns in the schools, are you crazy?”, consider a few facts:
      1) As just stated, teachers are already checked and presumed to be trustworthy.
      2) The ONLY thing that will prevent these attacks, or at least minimize the body count, is an immediate response that terminates the threat (plainly put, kill the perp ASAP)
      3). Federal government statistics prove that law-abiding people who carry a gun are more than 5.5 times LESS likely than the police to shoot an innocent bystander, despite the fact that “civilians” justifiably kill many more criminals each year than do the police, as they defend themselves or others when faced with violent crimes.
      4).Guns themselves, when responsibly handled by properly trained people, NEVER harm innocents. They do NOT “just go off”. Their presence under the control of properly trained teachers and administrators would pose NO threat to the children. On the contrary, it is the ONLY way to prevent, or at least rapidly stop, these sorts of attacks.
      5) As these mass shootings show, signs and laws don’t stop criminals and psychos, who don’t care about the signs, don’t obey laws, and usually plan on dying, either at their own hand or through “suicide by cop.” Less children and teachers would die if they got their (death) wish as promptly as possible at the hand of a properly equipped teacher.
      6) Every moment of delay in neutralizing the threat equals more dead innocents.

      • WellNowDear

        Liberals solutions to any problem is to pass more laws, requiring higher taxes, providing them with more money to spend, hiring more liberals.

    • Carl Stevenson

      It’s called a positive retention holster. About $40 at any decent gun shop, sporting goods store, or on line.
      I use one daily. I’ve fallen several times. Pistol stays put. Never goes off. Very safe. Certainly 100% safer than being disarmed while a nut is shooting at you.

      • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

        It’s amazing to me the number of times gun owners get diverted by the lib’s “what ifs” having .000001? probability. As a result, the action having a 1% probability gets ignored.

    • hypervigilant

      What if a chicken flying over your head, lets go a mess that hits you in both eyes – temporarily blinding you – such that you step off the curb against a red light – at the very instant a skateboarder bumps you – sending you careening into… well, it just goes on, and on, and on, and…

      • paul

        I like that.. but Todd.. he’s probably a teenager living in a home with a bunch of liberals and doesn’t have a clue.. that’s exactly what La La Land living will do to you.. no reality can enter.. it’s all about the what if world.. never actually happens but it could… and if something bad happens .. well it didn’t really happen

    • paul

      taking your more than ignorant comment at heart.. no one should drive a car. or cut a steak with a knife or ride a bike or play a sport…how numb does america have to get before we stand up to protect our children and innocent civilians.. Todd.. you need to re read your comment, .. read it and see if you think it is something that will actually happen .. and then go to counciling

    • Proud Texan

      The schools are not as hap-hazard in their thinking as you. The guns would be locked up and controlled just as guns owned by any individual with a young child or a mentally challenged person in the household would do. This author and the NRA are not nearly as misinformed, uninformed and too lazy (this is in response to your ignorant word…stupid) to search for the truth as you.

      • WellNowDear

        As a fellow Texan, you should know the schools can and often do hire police to monitor the parking lots and doors of the school. Not sure if they do now but, for years through the 80’s Paris, Texas high-school had just such an officer. He was in the parking lot to stop any vehicle and could have seen if anyone got out of a car with a weapon.

        For most schools the only problem is to budget the money for hiring before the budget must be turned in in October. My point is that until the budget meetings in September, the county would have to pass an emergency measure to position officers at the schools. The community could petition them at any of the meetings.

        In Texas the local county and city governments meet twice a month. Anybody can get on the docket by approaching the county judge or mayor in advance. They will then be allocated a time to voice their concerns publicly or to petition the local government for school protection.

        Educate yourself about local officials and make an effort to get acquainted with them. They will appreciate your interest and are more likely to be on your side.

    • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

      It’s amazing to me the number of times gun owners get diverted by the lib’s “what ifs” having .000001? probability. As a result, the action having a 1% probability gets ignored.

    • TxPatrick

      Leave the bath salts alone Todd! :-)

    • WellNowDear

      You are right. Guns don’t make schools safe. People do. Having responsible teachers, parents and students is necessary for a safe school. All schools are governed in Texas by a board of people from the local community. These school board members are elected by popular vote and responsible to the community. They have meetings at least monthly open to the public. It has been my experience that very few parents attend the meetings. Why is that? I would think that any responsible parent would at least attend part of the time.

      • WellNowDear

        My advice to students’ parents is, attend the meetings and question school board members. You have a right to know what measures they are putting in place for your child’s safety.

    • Rezzy

      Good grief! What if a frog had wings???

  • bungicord

    The odds of a kid getting shot in school is 30 times less than getting hit by lightening. Sometimes bad things happen to people good people. Gun owners want bad things to happen to bad people…. Wake up

  • gavinwca

    The NRA wants armed guards in the schools because the Fascist Goverment has made the area around these Schools gun free . Then made it impossible to commit to mental institutions those who are mentally ill and serve as a threat to our children. Someone has to protect them. The Goverment refuses to.

  • realist

    Lets take guns away from Obama’s Secret Service guarding him and his family, all Policemen, all Military. Confront the killer with a law book. That will stop him. The liberals will feel a lot safer.

  • Reb Biker

    We clearly have a constitutional right to defend our lives. Why does that right stop at the school yard’s perimeter?

  • Mort Leith

    So now the LibTards say it’s “fascist” because we want to protect our children ? ?

    Niiiice.,, what sickFKs they are

    • Proud Texan

      They are fighting a battle to disarm America so they can do what they want without resistance. If we allow them to win the war, we all might as well leave the country we love and have fought for.

      • GA Patriot

        We can’t leave. That is our dilemma. We make our stand here.

        • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

          How do you plan to make a stand? Keep in mind that the voting booth is no longer a solution to saving our country.

          • WellNowDear

            We can all make a stand by becoming involved in local affairs. We need local officials on our side. Organize a group and put pressure locally. Attend school board meetings and every local government meeting you can. Voice your concerns. Campaign for local candidates who are sympathetic to you. You can make a major change in just a couple of years. Don’t disdain these methods. It is how the liberals gained control. When I mention doing this the only response I get on forums is scorn. Don’t you want the local judge to be a fair and honorable one? How do you think that will happen? By osmosis?

      • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

        Where are you gonna go?

      • WellNowDear

        That they are now calling names shows how desperate they are. They only get desperate and call names when opposition shows up.

    • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

      Very sick. However, we still pay them attention and pass laws they favor. So-o-o… who is sicker?

      • TxPatrick

        ” We” do not pass Laws “they” favor and did not vote for obama either! :-)

        • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

          You made my point about our ballot box being obsolete. The laws the libs favor on gun control are now laws, aren’t they? And the mooselim-in-chief is a re-elected POTUS, isn’t he? So now we know the problem, don’t we? Do you have a solution that doesn’t involve the vote?

          • TxPatrick

            “They” do not like the “Stand your ground” Laws that “WE” passed. The “Castle” Laws ? “WE” did not re-elect the gay moohamid, “they” did, HaHa!! :-)

          • WellNowDear

            I do. Start putting pressure locally. You would be surprise how agreeable local elected officials are to someone who is willing to put out a good word for them.

            Just in my little local community we made radical changes from corrupt liberalism to conservative leadership in just a few years. Yes, it took lots of organizing, effort and just plain hard work. We had to be willing to confront people and stand up for what is right. We had to be willing to hear ourselves called names by the liberals. They even threatened to file charges, accused us of theft and filed law suits. None of their attempt worked simply because we were a DETERMINED people. We were mad as hell and we weren’t going to take it any more.

            We still have a long way to go. It will probably take at least a decade for us to undo the damage of 50 plus years of liberal local corruption. We will be working on it for some time. We can’t become complacent.

  • cwgf

    Wow. Was LaPierre (NRA) advocating national police guards in schools? I agree with the author this is a very bad idea…a fascist idea. I also agree that teachers with permits for concealed carry is a good solution. No further intrusion by government, zero cost to the taxpayer, and the level of protection needed these days for children in school.

    • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

      You are correct. However, what is the probability of this happening in 2013? I believe that is what the NRA looked at. They decided the lib school board allowing an armed police officer at the door has a probability magnitudes higher in the short term. When a few of them get killed or unable to save some children, perhaps the SB will get the bright idea to arm a few teachers. This of course, won’t happen until many years down the road.

      • cwgf

        You may be right mathchopper. But the author correctly points out that bringing national government into this situation, like any other, will make it nigh impossible to remove them when the time comes. I have less heartburn with local law enforcement or even state-level police, but not national police. Once the federal govt is involved, they stay involved and expand regardless of what the people want.

        • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

          You are correct. I was certainly thinking of a LOCAL police officer, paid by the local taxpayers. Did I miss “federal police” in the article? It makes sense that a lib would inject to “divert” the gun owners from the real issue. They’re very good at that. That’s why they have the power they have.

      • TxPatrick

        Is that “1013” AD or BC ?

        • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

          Oops! Glad to know someone is reading my opinions. Thanks.

          • TxPatrick

            May not always agree but I`ll help a brother out ( or sister?) :-)

      • WellNowDear

        Hey, out there. The school can already have an armed police officer at the school. It is a state and local government issue not, national issue. There is nothing to prevent it except money to hire the officer.

  • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

    Like everyone else, the NRA has to pick the battles with the higher probability of success against insane Dumbocraps. If the NRA wants to protect the children (and teachers) in the schools, which is more possible in the short run, armed police or armed volunteer teachers? Think about it.

  • Finally

    This is what I have been saying all along. Just eliminate pistol free (violent criminal safe) zones. Takes away the criminals reasonable belief that he would’nt be confronted.

    • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

      This won’t work… too logical for the libterds.

      • RacerJim

        Not only too logical for the libterds but also too simple.

  • Buckknife1950

    You are a moron and would bash whatever suggestions the NRA had. I thought it was a good first step to open a conversation about an alternative to gun confiscation.

    • cwgf

      Consider this Buckknife. Give the federal government “permission” to come into our schools with their national “school police.” You’ve just given the federal government another excuse to disarm local citizens, including teachers.

  • Dennis

    Do you even know what fascism is? It has nothing to do with guns. It is government control of private industry, something we are rapidly heading towards. It falls just short of a complete totalitarian takeover of all production by the government. Saying carrying guns is akin to fascism is like saying conservatives are Nazis when it is common knowledge that Nazi is short for the Nationl Socialist Party, i.e. the left in this country. Yes that is right – Hitler was a socialist, lefties. This is progressive projection at is most insidious.

    Teachers carrying guns works in Isreal and some school districts in Texas. Why should individuals not be able to defend themselves and those who are too young to defend themselves?

    • cwgf

      I think people here understand fascism more than you think. Yeah Webster’s definition of fascism is state control of private industry…as is communism. The end result of fascism, communism or any similar ism is state control of everything. Not just production. Hitler was able to impose his fascist system on the German people by first taking their guns, enforced with his brown-shirt nazi thugs. We don’t need national govt thugs (i.e. think new black panthers) policing our schools. We need teachers trained for concealed carry.

      I’m an NRA member, and I supported LaPierre’s statement if only because it was such a delight to hear the Leftwing MSM propaganda organs shrieking and howling in rage. But after reading this thoughtful article, and giving it some thought, I agree with the point that national police in schools is not a solution. Teachers with concealed carry is a solution.

      • WellNowDear

        We don’t need government thugs on the local level. It is a community, school issue. Each community should have the right to decide that issue.

    • WellNowDear

      You know the libs have panicked when they start to call names. They know their brainwashed minions will take up the shout. The Nazis were indeed socialists. The reason they fought the Communists was because of competition for power.

  • Randy131

    Strange how it seems to be okay if our elite ruling class in the US Congress sends their children to private schools that have many (a lot more than just one) armed security guards, but if the common person wants the same for their children by asking for just one armed law enforcement officer to be assigned to each public school, this BOZO of an author of this article considers it ‘Fascism’. I wonder if Mike Troxel has any children, and if he does, does he send them to a private school that has armed security guards? It always amazes me how much hypocrisy the public accepts from these self proclaimed elites, without showing any righteous indignation. The safest schools in the USA are the ones that the teachers are not only allowed to arm themselves, but are asked to by their communities, and there are quite a few of them, just not nearly enough to protect all our children. President Bill Clinton asked the US Congress to appropriate $60 million to do exactly what the NRA is now suggesting to do, to solve the problem of security and safety for our children at their schools, and these liberal hypocrites were all for it at that time, what has changed since then?

    • WellNowDear

      In my state, there is nothing preventing the school from hiring a security guard. This is not a government issue.

      • Randy131

        In Brevard County, Florida, where I live, the Sheriff assigns an armed Deputy to each public school in the county, who stays on campus until all the children have left for home. That is a policy agreed upon by the Brevard County School District and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Offfice, local people protecting their own.

  • http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ Ted R. Weiland

    “If it’s crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy,” LaPierre said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    I, for one, call it crazy! That the NRA is promoting the same position that Bill Clinton once advocated only goes to (once again) expose how compromised the NRA tends to be. Think about it, the government shouldn’t be involved in the education of our children in the first place. Why add to the tax burden by hiring a policeman for what two or more armed teachers can do. For every teacher armed the potential for protection is multiplied that much more over one lone cop.

    Check out Gun Owners of America for an uncompromising gun organization. Listen Executive Director Larry Pratt’s views regarding the Biblical responsibility to bear arms in protection of ourselves, families, and neighbors versus the Second Amendment “rights” to do the same at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/tapelist.html#goa.

  • http://www.highcalibersystemsllc.bravehost.com Bayou Castine

    I mailed the following letter to the Speaker of the House, Louisiana on December 24, 2012. I hope this does not exceed the # of characters allowed.

    Ref: Committee to Study School Safety in Louisiana
    Honorable Speaker;

    I read of your desire to study school safety problems in today’s “Dead Pelican” and
    fully agree with your concerns. Consideration of my thoughts and those of Mr.
    Steve Jones as expressed within his letter to Governor Jindal dated December
    21, 2012 will be appreciated. I found his letter in the JPFO newsletter [Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership] dated Saturday, December 22, 2012; http://www.jpfo.org. A copy of his letter is enclosed for your review.

    Mr. Jones makes several excellent points: [Paraphrased here]

    Ø The use of our military service veterans as a “Home Guard” for schools etc.

    Ø Thus relieving LEOs, EMTs etc to address their responsibility of responding to emergencies that may overwhelm these services during any ‘mass casualty” event.

    Ø His recommendations for funding/supporting such an organization [I would add the
    advantage of keeping such an organization out of the hands of the federal
    government and in control of the State of Louisiana.]

    Ø Where and how the suggested program/system is working:

    “In Time of War – The Israeli answer to terrorism” [Mr. Lantz was a terrorist.]
    In his letter please note the first two sentences after the phrase:

    “What to Expect in the Near Future”
    “In the late 80’s, I was working with army special operations. We war-gamed many different scenarios. I believe that we would not have done that if someone did not think it could happen………”

    Our US Armed Forces Veterans who are fathers and even grandfathers [and many who
    are not yet fathers but hope to be] with children in schools will have a higher
    vested interest in keeping harm from schools – and other locations – than LEOs
    or others who are ‘hired’ to do a ‘job’. No bad reflection on those men, just a fact.

    A great number of these vets have experienced and survived the crucible of intense
    live fire gunfights against those who were intent on killing them. Where else can we find a well trained [or equally well trained], experienced and available force to meet and subdue those with evil intent upon the weak?

    How many of our veterans already have Louisiana’s “Concealed Handgun Permit”?
    [Sometimes referred to as a CCW permit] I suggest that there are thousands of such veterans in every State of our Union. What a grand resource to tap! What a grand method to promote to every State!

    Advertise your position and the suggestions of Mr. Jones state wide to all the citizens
    of Louisiana and bring this matter before the State Legislature. Let us be proactive.

    Sir; I appreciate and respect your work and attention to this matter.

    USAF Vet – Korean ‘Conflict’ era

    Enclosure: Mr. Steve Jones’ letter to Governor Jindal,December 21, 2012

    PS: It is my understanding that the children of the President, Congressmen, Senators, other federal government ‘leaders’ as well as most of the major national news media personalities and many union officials all go to schools where armed guards are posted. [??] I have read that there are 11 armed guards at the school that Obama’s kids attend. And they get their drawers in a knot when we ‘ordinary’ citizens begin to discuss having armed guards for the protection of OUR children/grandchildren?!!

    PPS: How many Louisiana State Officials have their children enrolled in schools where armed guards are employed?

    CC: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Representative Marcus Hunter, Monroe; Louisiana Senator Francis Thompson, Monroe; US Representative Rodney Alexander, Monroe; US Senator David Vitter, Radio People 540 KMLB Monroe; Moon Griffon

  • ChrisCrossCharleston

    Mike Troxel is a good, decent man. He is well educated and he is absolutely right. And I agree with “Realist” 100%. Didn’t i just read that Obama’s oldest daughter has something like 11 armed guards?!! His kid is no more precious than one of ours and he is trying to tell us not to be armed and not be able to protect one of our little ones? He and his kind are so two faced until it is sickening! Do away with his family and his personal armed band of soldiers following them all around the world on VACATIONS and then the rest of us might consider doing the same. Never happen, huh?

  • rivahmitch

    Agree that armed staff is “the optimal solution. However, I’d suggest that, as an incentive to those who shoulder this responsibility, the school system pay for any required firearms training and CCW permits.

  • colorado NRA member

    Does Doug Giles belive the crap in this column? If he does I’m very disappointed. Will be unsubcribeing soon.

  • agbjr

    Frankly, this isn’t the business of the federal government; witness the Second, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments.

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation and foreign commerce.”

    James Madison, 1787

  • DAY

    GIVE ME A BREAK! It is only Fascism when it is oppression. This is strictly for protection! Quite a difference! If the guards were there to make sure the kids stayed in line, then I would worry. They are there for protection only you idiots….

  • dsmith

    The NRA has made a proposal that focuses on the problem of defeating the evil rather than ineffective gun control. You, too, are not helping and are just as ineffective as the gun-control idiots.

  • TrendyT

    I.m sorry ClashDaily but I love your site but can no longer stroll thru stories that are lined with acts of prostitution, sex and degradation.

  • WellNowDear

    I don’t know about schools throughout the rest of the country but, in my state they are controlled by local governments. It should be the local school boards decision as to how much protection is required at the school. Many schools already have armed guards including the one “o” has his daughters enrolled in. Sooo, what exactly is the issue here? It is the same old accusation of the communists to call conservatives Fascist, implying they are Nazis. The truth is that the Fascists were all socialists and closer to the communists in ideology than Conservative people could ever be.

  • John

    Great point but the heart of the matter is this- we no longer, as a people, have the backbone to protect our own children, much less our liberty. We are a weak, stupid society. Wat is the problem with our society? It is us.

  • lmg

    My granddaughter is going to be a teacher in a couple of years. She currently teaches in a pre-school while going to college. She cried when she heard about the shootings in Conn. She also has a concealed carry permit and spent a full day training on how and when to use her gun. She would have no problems carrying it at school if she was allowed. I prefer to have her safe along with her students should another monster decide to enter her school with guns blazing. Police can only come after we report a crime and almost never are there in time to stop the crime. A school in Texas recently voted to allow teachers who wanted to carry concealed weapons to do so. I can almost guarantee that this school will now be much safer and not have to worry about a monster with a gun entering their front door. It is not rocket science folks.

  • Kerwin Hieb

    An interesting perspective regarding government involvement. In my personal rush to back the NRA’s idea for armed guards in the schools I didn’t look at it from the limited government perspective. And I have to agree; “The government that governs least, governs best”. Let those teachers that are willing and qualified to carry do so. They have the most invested in the school system where involvement with the children is concerned. And I’d be willing to bet that there are plenty of teachers out there that would accept the responsibility.

  • robo77155

    Mike Troxel is an inept idiot! The reason for a lot of these shootings is following the example of the Tyrants’ in the Federal Government. If these Tyrants’ continue on the
    course they are taking there is bound to be a Second Civil War in the U.S.A, God forbid.!! There should be armed plain clothes disguised as custodians or teachers and packing a weapon. NO One needs to know who they are with the exception of the school principal, vice-principal and local authories! Get the Stupid A– News Medial the H— outr of it!!

  • Chris M.

    The tax payers all ready spending lots of money guarding the children of the elite(politicians and their cronies) why not use some of that money to protect the common folks kids? Great opportunity to put some folks to work or use the resources we from military cut backs, retired police officers, and young bucks wanting to get into criminal justice careers. Give them a part time job while they are in school studying criminal justice. and help pay for the training and education.

  • William

    We already have armed guards on airline flights and nobody complains. Fascism is an
    Italnian word which represents rods bound together. Such a symbol used to be on the back of the Mercury dime. E Pluribus Unum is in the seal of the United States. Naziism
    was German which killed Jews in something like abortion centers.

  • namasu

    The NRA does not want federal troops in schools. We need armed security, not federal controlled troops. My son is an armed security guard at a National Guard base, and he is NOT federal. He is paid by a private company who contracts for security jobs. Schools can do the same. Security can also be private. Only an idiot would say armed security in schools must be federal. If funding for it comes from federal sources, so what. Federal government gives states money for hundreds of reasons, including roads. Does that mean our roads are “federal highways”? NO. The only fascism here is in the minds of the liberal idiots.

  • alan_1969

    The NRA may have an agenda. They know the government will make some excuse to go against what the NRA wants and so the NRA throws out a worst case situation and the results actually being what everyone pretty much wants…the teachers being able to defend themselves and the students. The government uses the same tactics, such as threaten to take all guns away or have greater restrictions, but then they might say okay we won’t do that but we will instead limit how many rounds a magazine can hold and the people fall for it. It is a salesman trick.

  • djstucrew

    Way to go, Mike! “Facist” is hardly inflammatory!

    What you miss, however, is logic. The NRA proposed a plan that could be implemented IMMEDIATELY. That was the point. They also took a clue from what we did for the airlines after 9/11, putting air marshals on a significant number of flights. I didn’t hear anyone hollerin’ about “fascism” then! Congress also authorized pilots to be armed. I’m sure the NRA would approve of authorizing properly trained/licensed teachers to also be armed. The POINT is that it’s a practical solution that doesn’t need to wait.

    In context, it’s more of a shift than an “expansion” of police power; a way to respond instantly to an armed attack rather than waiting around for police to arrive. Given the furor over the CT murders, something IS going to be done. We freedom-loving pro-gun folks need to be in the lead on this and point the clueless in the right direction, not use inflammatory language to piss people off into tuning us out and watch as they blunder at our expense. We saw that movie before.

    • michric

      that level of protection is reserved for the children of the elite

  • armyvet

    The government has no right or obligation to educate our children either! But they have taken this away from it’s citizens and the churches (the first ones to establish schools), then they should protect them like they do our president, legislators and their children!

  • michric

    The Obama girls go to a school that has eleven armed guards. How is this even an unreasonable solution. Since the schools were made gun free zones, they have been the target of the lunatics. They know they can go in without resistance. Just another terrific policy set up for the lowly citizens while the children of the elite are truly protected. Another little piece of the class warfare promoted by the regime.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5TT4IWNCFNCIBUL6FKSWCAC65U bob

    Well , this article makes it easier to lighten my mailbox. I no longer want this trash delivered to my mailbox.

  • hangman57

    If Obama had been serious about jobs when he become President . Maybe we would have not come to this point of our lives . Remember Obama world about Obamacare and not jobs .The first 2 years he was President. We have over 23 Million people out of work ,and to much time on their hands. When people don’t have jobs,crime will go up in the United States. Even shootings in schools. Alot of this could have been pervented if Obama done his job. We just can’t continue to allow people to come into schools and shoot them up,along with our kids. Liberals fought to put signs outside of schools ,They say “This is a Gun Free Zone”. Funny isn’t it! Liberals actually believe signs will keep criminals out of our schools.We have these signs at banks,theaters,some stores and restraunts. But never seen a sign stop someone from robbing a bank .Have you? This is what I would do to stop active shooter from getting into our schools. Security locks on all doors,Security cameras at all doors and videos of surrounding areas of the school. There would be 2 armed Security Officers on site during school hours. One Security Officer would monitor video at all times,with radio contact with the other Security Officer.Doors would be locked down during schools hours. Teachers who want to carry a gun would be allowed only after training and they have a CCW permit. Teachers would have to conceal and keep weapon on them at all times. Teachers would not look for a active shooter but lock kids down in their rooms and have a weapon to kill a active shooter that would enter their room. Their weapon would be for protection for themself and their children.

  • Nina

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!! I have known for years that the NRA is a cover organization. When we lost Charlton Heston we lost the NRA! Gun Owners Of America has an excellent track record!!! GOA people NRA is no more!

  • Tyler

    Right wing? So you support the king, or I guess its a queen now. Thats what right wing means, supporting monarchy/aristocracy. That thing that happened in America in the late 1700s was sorta inherently left wing, it was a you know REVOLUTION. I apologize for the all cap there. I am glad to see you are against this cops in school fascist nonsense though.

  • Jimmy Mack, Chicago

    I’m not aware that the NRA supports a “policeman only” approach to
    school security. I think they have offered to train teachers to carry.
    We have many different pro-2nd Amendment groups out there; the NRA is
    simply the largest and most well known. Other groups, such as GOA (Larry
    Pratt), generally take a more hardline approach. JPFO, 2A Foundation,
    CCRKBA, as well as others, all bring something to the debate for our
    side. I am a member of all of them.

    While the NRA is not, nor
    should be, immune from criticism, (and as a NRA member, I have done just
    that), I don’t think now is the time for us to be sniping at each
    other. Should the NRA roll over and support restrictions on our rights,
    then it would be time for revolt (the NRA’s “Cincinnati Reforms” in the
    early ’70s corrected a dangerous change in course for the NRA back

    While I find radio talk show host/author Michael Savage a
    sharp and intelligent spokesman for conservatives, he seems too often to
    focus on attacking or criticizing Hannity or Rush, and other
    conservative voices, rather than our true enemies. This takes away from
    the real battles that must be fought. We are in a vicious war with a
    ruthless enemy that will abolish liberty, and the Bill of Rights, unless
    we defeat them. Now is not the time for bickering with those on our own
    side. Plenty of time for that later. Let’s stay focussed our true objective.

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