Back in the 1950s and even later, many high schools had shooting ranges. Students even brought their own rifles to school. What changed in society that we could trust such activities then, but not now?

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  • Julio

    Our kids are possessed that’s what!

  • marineh2ominer

    If memory serves me , we worshipped GOD and taught moral standards back then , instead of the supposed utopia of godless socialism .

    • Richard Forrest

      If you need a belief in god in order to have morality, then you have no morals to speak of,

      • WillVMI68

        That’s a dumb statement. Define “morality” and then list the underlying basis that you use to determine a thing “moral”!

      • Bruce Pal

        I hear what you are saying…a person can live a moral lifestyle and not believe in God. Actually, I find that better than being a religious hypocrite

  • Bgetya2

    I was a member of “The Highland Rifles” in Jr High, class of 68. Imagine 30 teenagers with real guns in school. We were taught the proper handling of guns and never shot anybody.

  • $9913635

    The godless communist took over. They rewrote history and made America look bad with lies, half-truths and omissions, but mostly lies.

    Then they raised phony taxes to keep parents working and busy while they manipulated our children at school.

    Then they took over Hollywood with movies designed to brainwash and question moral authority and rearrange our thinking.

    Then they raised the racist guilt to put in a negro who would then be immune to criticism and unleash their assault on the Constitution.

    Then they slowly handed out “free” government money to hook you on entitlements and lowered consumer good prices at the same time by farming out jobs to communist China to keep you “materially” occupied.

    Then while you were not looking they look down your pants and up your skirts just for kicks. It’s not about security at all. Since all terrorist attacks are false flag operations.

    Now they are coming for you at the redline. THEY WANT YOUR GUNS!!! ONLY THAT STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND A PYCHOPATH THEY CALL your leaders.

    In short you are being ruled by mad men and psychos doing it for sadistic purposes of creating human misery and suffering.

    Look at all rulers, from Mao to Stalin, to Clinton to obama. Need I say more? Examine their lives and see what rules and motivate the sons of Lucifer.

  • Light_V_Dark

    I belonged to a town sponsored rifle team when I was a junior in high school.
    In Postmodern_AmeriKa»»»because, all the cats are dead, THE MICE HAVE MORPHED INTO GAY_SUPER_RATS_FROM_HELL¡!

    I didn’t watch Mike Huckabee’s video regarding the whereabouts of God, during the school shooting. I waited for the sneering little ghouls telling this Good-Man, to go ##ck himself.
    A couple of years ago, when this *video of some Demon-Possessed-Earth-Firsters came out, I made some comments on it, EXPRESSING GREAT DISDAIN. WHELL, DIDN’T I GET RIPPED TO SHREDS FOR THAT¿?

    I had visions of GUILLOTINES, SPROUTING UP IN MY YARD! All the FORGIVING-CHRISTIANS, helping me up the steps, DEMANDING, I FORGIVE THESE CHILDREN OF JESUS, before I die and go to hell, for being an ANGRY-JUDGEMENTAL-HATER—-Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo—-

    • Leota Scott

      I was wrong before, you need professional help, call a psych. Dr in the morning, K?

  • Light_V_Dark

    The ultimate EVIL in history is GODLESSNESS, which begets NIHILISM, which begets mass hysteria, insanity and P-A-C-I-F-I-S-M. ARE YOU LISTENING, SERVILE- CHRISTIAN-POSSUMS?
    Ephesians 5;
    8 FOR YOU WERE ONCE DARKNESS, BUT NOW YOU ARE LIGHT IN THE LORD. LIVE AS SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF LIGHT(^) 9 (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) 10 and find out what pleases the Lord. 11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.

  • DavidTUSAF

    Even in the 70’s and 80’s, at my school, if there was a gun rack in a pick-up, there was a rifle in it. We carried knives to school all the time. The Hunter’s Safety Course was taught at the school. We didn’t know what a Gun Free Zone was. I could buy ammo at 14, with no questions asked. More and more restrictions have been put in place, to make us safe. How has that worked. Training, not regulation, is what is needed.

    • WillVMI68

      What a GREAT point !! Let’s get gun training back in the schools (NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” program perhaps?). At least then, kids will be told that it is a bad thing to shoot innocent people.

  • mom2marine

    I am 54 years old and can remember that all the boys had rifles in racks (back windows in their trucks) and no one would have dreamed of pointing a gun at someone….EDUCATION not IGNORANCE is the key.
    HOWEVER….it is a package….it must be included with Godly moral teaching, good work ethics and RESPECT for your country and fellow man.

    • Leota Scott

      People did point guns and shoot each other too, there was drug abuse, child molestation and rape. The difference you refer to is the media, now you hear of things in area’s you would never have heard of before. People want to go back to some idyllic time when everyone was nice and women baked pies. (That was a TV show, get over it) life has never been leave it to beaver, you just didn’t know what was going on, like now.

  • mom2marine

    Explore the free course offerings from organizations which are ideologically-compatible, like Hillsdale College. Hillsdale offers a few free, online courses on the Constitution and Western History. Dennis Prager also opened Prager University recently. It offers free, 5-minute videos which teach fundamental conservative concepts to online viewers.

    Read more:

  • j.r.


  • Bruce Pal

    rap music.

  • Bruce Pal

    rap music.

  • Tanya Woolard

    Even in the 90’s ….I lived in Montana in 1996-97 and the high schoolers were also allowed their hunting rifles in their trucks as long as they were in a gun rack. I got my hunting licence at age 12. I often talk to my children who are 5, 6, and 8 about gun safety and as soon as they are 14, they will be going to the range with me.

  • Tanya Woolard

    Even in the 90’s ….I lived in Montana in 1996-97 and the high schoolers were also allowed their hunting rifles in their trucks as long as they were in a gun rack. I got my hunting licence at age 12. I often talk to my children who are 5, 6, and 8 about gun safety and as soon as they are 14, they will be going to the range with me.

    • Leota Scott

      Wonderful for you and your family. That doesn’t mean everyone should have a gun.

  • Bil Jac

    im not being racist… but think about this: you ask what happened? it was called the cival rights movement. think about the agenda and the mentality of the people in power at that time… think real hard.

    • Jessica Savage

      Why? Is it because black people wanting equal rights were afraid that racist white people were going to shoot them dead?

      • Theo Brinkman

        Actually, it’s just the opposite. The first ‘gun control’ laws were created to prohibit the oppressed minorities from owning the arms with which they might otherwise have been able to defend themselves from the racist oppressors.

        Strangely enough, the KKK and their ilk didn’t like the idea of being shot at when they showed up to terrorize some poor family.

        The NRA was founded to overturn those laws.

        • Jessica Savage

          I hadn’t considered that. Interesting point!

  • Edgewalker

    Cuckoo… you got that part right.

  • Robert Johnson

    The Soviet military called it, “Ideological Subversion”. Google “Yuri Bezmenov” and listen to the 1983 interview where this KGB defector details the methods used to destroy America from within. First, you destroy faith in God, destroy the family, destroy any faith in American history. Break up and destroy faith of our traditional institutions that give cohesion and stability to our nation. This phase can take a few decades and leads to chaos, crime and economic collapse. Then a dictatorship is offered to the people as the answers to the crisis. Sound familiar? Also watch, “Agenda, grinding America down”.

  • Klabauterhuhn


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