Dumb Girl Alert: TNA is all Her DNA has going for Her!

Watch Miss Venezuela give a very awkward response to a question posed to her at the 2012 Miss Universe Competition.  She was still able to recover and receive second runner up status.

Watch at foxnews.com

  • Benjamin

    I have no clue what she said.

    • bobbknight

      But I liked the way she said it.

  • LLinLa

    . . . you forgot to press “1” for espanol . . .

  • http://twitter.com/TravisAubreyFL Travis

    ‘[no more laws needed, just everybody do what works for you, what you love]
    ‘ basically.

    • bobbknight

      She basically said we have all the laws we need, what we need is more liberty to pursue happiness.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KMIMFI2ZNGZ3XF6CXRAB3K634U H.DA

    No comprende her English, also sounds like hollow brain to me, ya know?

    • Jay

      Bc you don t master another language that doesn t make you a hollow brain,she should ve stuck to spanish,as far as beauty is concerned ..oh mamma!!!… c’mon baby we ll make our laws and break the rest,she is awesome.

      • Margaret Nahmias

        We she may not be but that the impression her bad English gives. No offense.

  • Jay

    Beauty queens aren t supposed to have a brain,just look beautiful,wave and smile,I think the problem was that her english wasn’t good enough to translate what she had in her beautiful head,she is beautiful and she looks like she is funny, she sounds like she wants less govnmnt intrusion,she is so cool….classy and beautiful.

  • Jay

    She would make a great president,one that would leave us alone,looks great and beautiful and she looks like she can laugh at herself and great sense of humor…Yeah…Miss Venezuela for 2016… she is not american you say?.. we have a certain kenyan man with questionable birth place at best…let Miss Venezuela run against Hitlery and whoever wins the swim suit contest be president.

  • Jay

    My fourth comment on this topic…she is beautiful and I am in love.

  • Jay

    She is adorable…I want a club sandwich too..or I want whatever she is talking about,she is like the Venezuela version of Sarah Palin,beautiful but sometimes I don t have a clue what she is trying to say or her doesn t have a clue either,but so beautiful as well.

    • BobK

      Liberals have no idea what Sarah Palin says – they don’t understand anyone who actually has character and tells the truth.

  • Margaret Nahmias

    Give her a break her English is not that fluent either she mixes Spanish with English. She should have just answer in Spanish and let the intrepreter does his job

  • Rattlerjake

    Why in the He!! would you ask a woman that looks like that anything other than the obvious, My place or yours?

  • jonhartz

    Her big mistake was not answering in Spanish. For those not very fluent, English is the most difficult language on the planet, coming as it does from almost all other tongues. Poor girl just was in over her head.

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