• Benjamin

    No thank you!

  • StevenO

    Chicago sucks.

    • obhfwb

      So does that boy obama big time the worthless piece of crap he is.

  • covert1968

    There isn’t enopugh money to get me anywhere near there and if I did believe me I would be well !

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.adams.7902 Terry Adams

    and our pres would have the rest of the states in the some condition.. but its ok cus time just made him person of the year. lol what have we come to.

    • cdoc

      Person of the Year. Nobel Peace Prize recipient. I think they’re even looking for a crown of thorns…. Are you kidding me!!!

      • Bandit

        No they already did that, there is a museum in Chicago that has a painting of him in just that light.

        • LadyforLiberty

          Bandit: Seems like Chicago is not keen on reality!

      • stonemike

        What they have is a CROWN for a CLOWN, this arrogant imbecile is typical of megalomaniacs down through history! How do you figure a guy more suited to be a “janitor” ending up voted into the presidency by millions and millions of non productive “wards of the state” , while our military vote was subverted and openly discouraged! And then we have fraudulent………………., oh well!

  • underthewire

    And to think it’s a shoppers attraction.

  • tampapatriot

    Why doesn’t Fox Ed Henry ask the president/or press nut Jay about his tears he is
    shedding over the murders in Chicago. Why isn’t he out there consoling all the families.
    Answer: it doesn’t have the political clout that pretending to cry on tv. What hypocrites,
    liars, slimebag potus.

    • LadyforLiberty

      I agree. The visit to the stricken school community was nothing if not Opportunist!
      Still we have to expect this from our politicians! But WHY??
      Another “gun story”…Now in Chicago…!
      Before the Final Assault on the 2nd Amendment we can expect lots of stories about human tragedy…all containing features about GUNS!
      From what our lame duck president has already stated, we ALREADY KNOW he is a dab hand at passing EOs to avoid Congress.
      He also is a great one for speeches. (not one word however about the agenda he is hiding to “solve” his “fiscal cliff” problem)…apart from the floated stories that he will NOT agree to a GOP/Dem compromise, but, after his presidential promises there will be NO TAX HIKES, what do we hear about the Fiscal Cliff?? Obama insisting that unless GOP do not agree to HIM getting responsibility of setting the TAX threshhold, he will insist on higher taxes! (Which is Exactly what he did the very LAST time there was a fiscal stand off.)
      Obama has never run a business, he has never held any significant office, he has talked his way into the WH…twice…cos the welfare prone gullibles in US now have a lot to lose if ANY president actually takes the $17 TRILLION crisis seriously!
      The financial markets are getting uneasy that there is little sense of urgency in Obama`s White House.
      Well, as China is beginning to slow and IT holds a large proportion of $US, it could well be that the New Chinese President may try to tweak Uncle Sams tail.
      Will Obama threaten them with more taxes too??
      With the USA on the brink of financial disaster can someone explain world finances to this Second Term No More chances President??

  • Captain Chaos

    Allow me to repeat myself, the only good things that come from Chicago is Tootsie Rolls. Rahm Emanuel and the others in charge would probably screw that up if they could.

  • barto

    Who have figured, Chicago, the land of Obama, the Mob and other assorted scum…the world’s new Sodom or Gamorrah OR for those non-bible readers, SIN-CITY!

    • victoryman

      The only thing missing is an upcoming state run media report stating that, “It’s all Bush’s fault.”

  • VirgoVince

    Is there any doubt that 99% of the crime is ni666er related?? No mention of that??

  • Don’t tread on me

    It is no suprise that a city with stringent gun laws is the murder capital of the world. Almost everyone here agrees. Almost nobody here is a liberal. The Obama talking heads in the main stream press will not even mention true figures. You are preaching to the choir. I have no hope that our 2nd amendment rights will survive, or any amendment rights for that matter. It is interesting that gun sales have increased 200 percent. The gun grabbers should be aware, gun control won’t happen over night. It will start with restrictions on sales, then banning sales, then banning private ownership with amnesty for those who willingly surrender their guns, then open civil war when obama forces come to take the guns from those who will not surrender or compromise one single God-given right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Walter/100001083842339 Tom Walter

      Well Said. I Will Not Surrender. MOLON LABE III%

      • virtualjohn

        Become a marksman.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

      It will happen as you say, and we will join togeather and fight, there will be enough warning. Semper Fi

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

    Well libs, there is your proof that gun control doesn’t work. Of course you are too blind to see truth, and no one expects you to anymore. Keep your socialist ideals where they belong, in the toilet.

    • Bandit

      Gun control, It is not about guns, IT IS ABOUT CONTROL. and the government wants to control all the people. Think UN agenda 2, that”s all this is going to boil down to, all too soon.

      • Glen

        That’s UN Agenda 21, but I agree that it’s all about control. People concentrate on the “gun” part of “gun violence” and forget about the other part. How about “violence control”?

        • Bandit

          What they should be doing is crime control. Control the criminal and that would be a start. More shootings are committed by gangs than by anyone else you control the gangs and the violence will go down, And agenda 21 that should never have been pushed through that org the only thing they are going to do is lower the population down to around 500 million or less and at the same time they are going to take our guns by force.

  • blackhawk132

    Where are the tears for our 58 million MURDERED babies? Anyone who believes they were real tears should stop taking pot. This slime ball will do anything ,even fake tears.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Blackhawk132: Look on the bright side. REAL AMERICANS responded, COAST TO COAST to the attack on the school by a nut job. Flowers, toys, condolence letters, dammit people EVEN Drove from other STATES to show their support.
      THAT is AMERICA!!
      See Obama shedding his Crocodile tears? Made me wanna puke!
      His next public pronouncement? He is “Going after” assault rifles and big magazines!
      No mention of sensible mental health checks on the vulnerable to allow progress.
      The bright side is that our Constitution SPECIFICALLY FORBIDS Congress from making any law to remove the 2nd Amendment,so, unless Congress is totally supine and the Supreme Court actually been bought, there is NO LEGAL WAY to alter the Constitution, without of course acting Unconstiutionally.
      Still you never can tell with determined Socialists!

  • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

    The Obama Administration has signed a whopping 923 Executive orders in 40 months. What did congress do in those 40 months?

    EO 10990 Allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of all highways and seaports

    EO 10995 Allows the government to sieze and control the communications media

    EO 10997 Allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petrolium, fuels, and minerals

    EO 10998 Allows the government to take over all food resources and farms

    EO 11000 Allows the government to mobilize civilians into work bregades under government control

    EO 11001 Allows the government to take control of all Health , Education, and Welfare functions

    EO 11002 Designates there of all persons. The postmaster General to operate a National Registration

    EO 11003 Allows the government to take over all aircraft including commercial aircraft


    EO 11005 Allows the government to take over all railroads inland waterways and storage facilities.

    EO 11049 Asigns Emergency preparedness funtction to federal departments and agencies to consolidate 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a 15 year period

    EO 11051 specifies the responsibilities of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to pull all Executive Orders in affect in times of international tensions and economic or financial crisis

    EO 11310 grants authority to the Dept. of Justice to enforce plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judical and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions and to advise and assist the President.

    EO 11921 allows federal emergency preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of , energy sources, wages, and salaries, credit and the flow of money in the U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, congress can not review the actions for six months.

    Feel free to review the Orders yourself these are just the major ones the remainder of this article can be read at


    • Glen

      I am getting tired of seeing all those E.O.s attributed to Obama. I despise B.O., but the first 10 of those (at least) were drafted by John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis. But, I expect our Glorious Leader to draft a gun bill by Executive Order and not wait for the legislative process to happen, as the Constitution demands.

    • Glen

      OK, E.O. 11310 was signed by Lyndon Johnson, 11921 by Gerald Ford. Obama signed 139 Executive Orders, from 13489 through 13628. Instead of going into panic mode, why not check things out. Like, Wikipedia? Or: http://factcheck.org/2012/09/obamas-executive-orders/

    • stonemike

      Every, and I mean every Congressman that voted for this oppression should be assassinated in the “name” of American freedom, these people are no longer our leaders! Nearly ALL LEVELS of government are now controlled by militant progressives and they are busy taxing us to death and providing unlimited benefits for themselves and illegal alien criminals!

  • cdoc

    Chicago is the poster child for “why you don’t want to disarm honest citizens”. This is what you get… a city of armed criminals with no fear of their victims.

  • b351

    The worst city and under dem. control for years. They are crooks and liars. O’bobbleheads proud city!

  • SniperToo

    First of all my condolences to the families who have lost their love ones (school principle, teacher, etc.) and to the parents who lost their angels. I have held back in committing up to this time, because it always takes times to get the right info out. There were too many red flags (AGAIN) that went up (even the mother of this lunatic was trying to get him institutionalized) and NOT enough people were helping and with speed. BUT, no one is going to see Chicago (home of the corrupt Marixst, Black Fraud Mafia, capital of the Black old/new Panthers and Farrakhan Muslim thugs) move into the 21st century and get pass the black skin plantation mentality. If the school teachers had any sense of servival/common sense of what is right and wrong; they would tell numb nuts Emanuel, “allow us to carry guns (training first) or we will walk out of the schools.” Chicago is destroying themselves and they DON’T get it. And to the nauseating evil bum in the white house of shame, you make me ill to no end by grand standing/phoney Hollywood movie tears, and playing on the mangled hearts of the parents who will never see their angles againsHow dare you. You are on the news every day lying your @ss off while you destroy this country and peoples” souls/lives through the back door. You are a heartless pig. Burn in hell.

  • michael lawless

    obozos home town

  • Reelman1946

    Virtually everything in the utopian secular socialist world of its arrogant apostles is upside-down…nonsense…in conflict with reality…that is because they run a fantasy-based system which also must, by nature, be deception-based.

    The current dimdem socialist system is held together by 4 tactics: bold lies, smears, demons and distractions. These are the ways of utopian socialists all over the globe….we are especially deceived because their pawn media changes their dirty diapers 24-7…we have no strong national media watchdogs, just lapdogs. They are equally guilty of rotting a great nation.
    Chicago is a symptom of the utopian socialist disease rampant these days.

    • An old Marine

      A frightening, but very accurate analysis.

  • DefendConstitution

    See, their form of gun control works real well doesn’t it? Time to start employing my form of gun control. Two hand grip on my Sig, Glock, S&W or Bursa. When the defecation collides with the rotary oscillator, we will see which is more effective. Anyone want to make a bet?

  • cwgf

    Chicago is a model city of Libtards. Murder capital of the USA with the strictest gun control in the nation.

    America is past the stage of having simple thugs running our cities. A hellish type of evil is running rampant through our land from the cities to the top echelons of the Federal Government. Starting with people like the chief usurper and power-mad banshees like Hillary Clinton. Be prepared…we’re not even close to reaching the bottom of this pit.

    • Cincitiger

      That’s why we call it Shitcago. What a corrupt gangster town.

  • Jr1776

    put the government in charge of the sahara desert they would run out of sand in 5 years.

    • tom

      Now bidin and holder will be in charge of gun control. Lol what a fn joke. Joe couldn’t pass a mental competence test if his life depended on it.

  • Smilinjack

    I will deliver mu guns ammunition first!!

    • WES


  • Smilinjack

    Funny how those who squawk loudest (Hollywood and career politicians)about getting rid of guns all have ARMED guards around them…………..Just sayin’

  • Moose853

    When Criminals are in charge….EXPECT IT!

  • CaptTurbo

    Impressive considering that their worst criminal has been living in Washington for the last four years. Instead of banning guns, they should ban “stupid” in Chicago giving their citizens a break from the ravages of the democrat party.

  • johnanaguski

    Gun control in Chicago puts the guns only in the hands of criminals, really makes a lot of sense does it not.Duh.

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    WE can see the crocodile tears. WE can see the cynical amoral people that are in this administration. Unfortunately the GOP is made up of the same type of people- RINOs out for themselves. When politicians think they are OUR BOSS instead of OUR REPRESENTATIVES this is what happens. WE need to change that…and SOON

    • LadyforLiberty

      Live freeordie: UNfortunately Obummer is well on his way to 2016!
      And he is also working on a way of making the opposite of what you say come true.
      Welfare/food stamps/ Programs that contradict the Constitution. All are tools the Communists used/still use.
      If the GOP cannot emulate Reagan in 2016 with vigor and commonsense rhetoric, the USA as we know it may be doomed.
      After all, who would put it past those who tinkered with voting machines in November to make a move on Presidential Term Limits??

  • franklinton

    Again I say: We have at least two MASS MURDERERS (OBAMA AND HOLDER) blabering about gun control when they are the PERPS of fast and furious and Benghazi. This is all about transforming this once great nation to a third world country from which this SO CALLED president is from. Where is the birth certificate from Kenya???

  • franklinton

    Again I say: We have at least two MASS MURDERERS (OBAMA AND HOLDER) blabering about gun control when they are the PERPS of fast and furious and Benghazi. This is all about transforming this once great nation to a third world country from which this SO CALLED president is from. Where is the birth certificate from Kenya???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1668431048 Tim Lucas

    Rahm Emanuel would make a good gay “Ken” doll replica. They could call it the new Ben and Ken set in a background of Chicago socialite’s zone free of chicken packing Chick-fil-A. What they are? A state that can testify that guns laws fail and people die. The highest murder rate per capital gun free. Since judges declared gun restrictions illegal I expect the murder rate to come down because of gun ownership. Just the opposite of gun restrictions. God made men of different sizes but colt made them equal. You can deny a gun permit to a business owner. Big deal. Go run through a sauna naked in Chicago on the South side.

  • agbjr

    “A government that does not trust it’s law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself unworthy of trust.”

    James Madison

    • LadyforLiberty

      agbjr: I heartily Concur with your sentiments. Unfortunately the Guy in the WH and his faithful-but- deluded acolytes are working hard to transform the USA into something they think the world needs….another supine.. Socialist State!!
      If this present day President and Washington came face to face with the Founding Fathers of yesteryear, the todays incumbents would be tried and hanged.
      the charges? Treason!
      There must be a passage in the Constitution to cover what these socialists are doing to America!!

      • agbjr

        Article II Section 4:
        The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

        • Pendy1

          True, but the present incumbent has no use for the Constitution, and our spineless Republican representatives will not stand up to him.

  • ort

    Chicago alderman are allowed to conceal carry, but it’s citizens are not–unless one is a gang member. Hypocritical, elitist pigs!! Apparently THEIR useless lives are more important than the legal, law abiding citizen who actually works for a living; Unlike the alderman, who make reams of money for doing little. It also is a part time job for most of them.

  • lizaz

    How’s that “gun free” stuff working out for you in Chicago???? A city where only the crooks have guns, I guess!!!

  • The Big Easy

    ‘Gun free’ in chicago just means that the criminals went out and got the weapons WITHOUT paying for them !!!!!!!!!!———–What a bunch of pukes—————-

  • http://twitter.com/Sonnyjelly1 Sonnyjelly1

    Why doesn’t the media, fox news or any other news outlet report on that?

    • LadyforLiberty

      You don`t KNOW THAT?????

  • James Maxwell

    While the make it all but impossible to legally own, posses or carry a weapon in Chicago
    I bet that ever elected Thug official in the city has either a weapon on their person, armed
    guards all around them or both. But the honest citizens of Chicago are left defenseless
    while armed gangs of drug dealers or thugs roam with impunity across the city committing
    murder and mayhem when and where they please with out worry.

  • HadEnuf

    Ill make this perfectly clear: This Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions don’t give a rat’s ass about the sheeple. They want to create as much havoc as possible to rid “their protected, guarded , elitist lives” of us, the riff-raff! – too many people on the planet! They have security and live in gated communities so they do not have to deal with the killings as we, the peon sheeple have to! The less sheeple, the better for them! They only need so many worker-bees to wait on them! Wke the ef up, wise the ef up and rise the ef up – YOU’VE BEEN HAD BY A BUNCH OF GODLESS GHOULS!

  • conservative

    The people of Chicago deserve all these murders. They keep voting for the morons that keep them from having the legal guns that they need to defend themselves.

  • Tonto

    Isn’t it odd how all the large enclaves of “entitled” and democrat party supporters are also the most crime ridden and earn accolades like “Murder Capital” or “High Crime Area”? Could there be a commanality there? Why are “gun free zones” also targets for gun crimes? Why is it that in many of these “gun free cities” the cops themselves will only go if heavily armed and with guns in “ready” position? Odd is a good word for it huh?

  • S Rubicon

    Just as the government did in New Orleans during Katrina, federal troops will be ordered to go house to house, break in doors, and ransack homes searching for guns. Which houses will they pay the most attention to????? Why the ones where gun owners were forced to pre-register their guns, so such searches could take place. When? As soon as gun laws creep along becoming more & more restrictive, under the “reasonableness” guise we are being fed. Its all reasonable, each time they become more & more oppressive. I suspect the real questions will eventually be, when will the military realize they are being used by a global elite cabal who seek power & wealth, through the oppressive control of the people. Just as national health laws which are now restrictive, demanding, and onerous, so too will gun grabbers seeking control under the socialist process & equating irrational emotional reactions, with good, common sense laws. Arm the teachers or put armed guards in schools & stop the problem. Israel had a similar problem w/ mass murderers. They armed guards in schools, malls, almost everywhere AND they armed the people. Mass killings, other than bombs, almost stopped. Wonder what gun grabbers will call for when the criminal element & the deranged opt for bombs??
    Please note the Conn. shooter broke numerous laws. Laws did not stop him & more laws will not stop those intent on killing. Only armed response will stop them.

  • .45 Peacemaker

    Aren’t too many of us forgetting that what is assumed to be bho’s armed force is really composed of our own volunteer citizens?!? And he is trying to financially gut the best military the world has ever known. I know many in the military and they have stated emphatically that they took an oath to the Constitution–not to some fraud of a wannabe dictator–and that they also have a duty NOT to obey an unlawful order… I have friends in law enforcement that feel the same….the clowns in TSA are hardly up to the task of disarming the country–and besides they are us too!

    I have faith in our military… I don’t intend to give up any personal property (i.e., guns) to anyone. I have a God given duty and right to protect myself and others and I will not permit any government agency to try to take that right from me. Beware to Bloomberg, Boxer, Feinstein and all the other liberal do-dumbers (for want of a better term) that think disarming us makes us safer (it only makes them and their body guards feel safer).

    I was born free and I will leave this planet the same way: Free.!

  • Carol

    When you aproach Chicago all you see is a black cloud in the distance. I didnt know what that was at first till the end of the first day when I washed my face. That black was in all my pores. Chicago is the most run down horrible rat ridden place Ive ever seen. How can any polician be proud of it. Of course you havent heard much about Chicago during this election. They want to avoid it like they avoid the birth issue. Just too telling. The outskirts are decent and rich but the center is totally destroyed. Kind of reminds me of Washington…..looks good around the sides but at the heart its black and evil.

    • Pendy1

      Chrissy (Tingles) Matthews has also designated any reference to “Chicago” as a racist “dog whistle”.

  • obhfwb

    Thugs and drugs and don’t forget the boy obama’s home is there. Well, maybe they are killing liberals who hates guns and people who own them.

  • Ernest Murphy

    The gun free windy city, is proving only the criminals will have guns.

  • James Pollock

    …..also, at what point to we “pull out” of both Detroit & Chicago like Iraq; or do we ARM the citizens to reduce the problem?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Hey, let’s have more gun control so every city and village can be as safe as Chicago.

  • sha49tn

    DUH! Until Daly retired, & ‘allowed’ Emmanuel to become mayor, Chicago has ALWAYS been controlled by the Mafia. This younger generation has no earthly idea what they are like. When I was just a kid, growing up 80 miles southwest of Chicago, they had high murder rates even then. By the ‘officials’ disarming the honest, law abiding citizens, all they did was open the door for more violence, against the innocent.

  • Wunnetu_nta

    Why isn’t Chicago some kinda peace filled utopia? Lets face it: Laws mean nothing, because criminals do not follow the law! Lets all get real here & breath & allow some Common Sense to return….

  • armydadtexas

    Once again, Gun Control has proven to be a complete failure. This city Chicago has been controlled by Leftist Democ-rats for decades. It is filled with the unemployed and with murders (gun related and other related) GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. Remember B.HO comes from Chicago. He wants to turn the United States of America into a larger version of Chicago. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t believe the model Chicago sets is good for our nation

  • am2sweet

    How funny that Chicago is ‘gun free’ and yet more people are murdered there than anywhere else. You would think the libs could see that banning guns isn’t going to solve the problem. Amazing how stupid libs can be but then the whole thing is about control and not guns. They don’t want us armed so we can shoot them when they get worse in their behavior.

  • DividedWeFall

    It’s funny how this is such a one-sided thread. It’s like watching the view with a bunch of whinny b$%#^ who argue to each who are all on the same side. Get a life. Yea Civil war worked out great the first time.

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