Massacre Prevention Alert: Ban High Capacity Idiots, Not High Capacity Magazines

SandyHookBookThe composite of Satan’s spawn, Adam Lanza, is starting to unfurl, and unfortunately we are forced to learn more and more about this murderous grunt.

Reports from family friends, relatives and schoolmates describe Adam as, “intelligent, but unloving and anti-social.” By the looks of some of his Manson-like school pics, Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that this toad was channeling some major voodoo.

My question for the deceased Nancy Lanza is, “Why the heck would you teach this demoniac how to shoot? Your kid was seriously jacked up, and your answer was let’s get him into guns?” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, lady. Eternal hindsight’s 20/20, eh?

The full version of this column is now only available in Doug Giles’ book, “Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away”.

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  • Victoria

    The way they’re portraying Adam Lanza is that he was a victim of circumstance and not evil.

    • Regina Weiner

      If you consider having a pervasive developmental disability with accompanying mood and behavior disorders in a culture that glorifies death and depersonalization, I suppose you could say he was a victim of circumstance. I truly fault his mother, his first murder victim.

      • TashaTchin

        What, no blame for the conveniently absent sperm donor who walked out on his spawn, leaving it with the poor mother to take care of all alone? I’d chalk this one up to “no fault” divorce and a cowardly, irresponsible father.

        • caskinner

          I take it you know the personal circumstances of the dynamics of this family and the reasons for the divorce.

        • Conservativesniper


          How do you know the father deserted the family? That’s a pretty hateful thing to say, especially if you have no factual evidence to back it up. From where did you get your facts? …crickets… After all, he was paying pretty hefty child support/ alimony. If he’d deserted them I doubt he would have been paying child support and alimony, and her lifestyle was not affected. Besides, the courts almost always award custody to the mother. That’s probably why she had custody of the little monster, not because the ‘conveniently absent sperm donor’ deserted them. I have an ex who has a rare blood disease, now in remission, and she wanted a divorce. And got it. Of course, she had also cheated on her husband with a former lover prior to the divorce. Yep, it’s ALWAYS the man at fault, right Jan?

          Remember, it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      • Conservativesniper

        I fail to see how a birth defect makes anyone guilty. This psycho should have been institutionalized awhile ago. Do you honestly believe that she wanted to be shot to death and her psycho son unleashed upon an elementary school? Really?

        Upon which evidence do base this litany of disabilities and disorders? Are you privy to his personal medical records? Remember, it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Benjamin

    I’m stunned, given this guy’s bio, that she had him any where near something so dangerously.

  • Jack


  • Jessica


  • Bryan Sikes

    I completely agree with your assessment. The responsible, law abiding gun owners are never the catalyst of these horrific situations. By definition, if you were said gun owner, your firearms wouldn’t be accessible to a twisted little sub-human in the first place. I find it insane that when something like this happens, the political response is to fiercely regulate guns, well you can’t regulate stupid. Furthermore, I am disgusted with what media outlets consider “gun experts.” These morons spew some of the most inaccurate information I’ve ever heard. Lets be clear, rifles and pistols alike, are no more dangerous when painted black, hold more than 5 rounds, have 16 inch barrels, have pistol grips or are “aggressive in appearance.” (That last one were the words of a CNN “gun expert,”not me. ) Firearms are no more dangerous than the person holding it. Intent of an individual is how the danger of a firearm is measured, not the appearance of it.

    • cwgf

      You nailed it. Please don’t ever forget: the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is not to protect the citizen from psychos & criminals. The right to bear arms is for protection from tyranny by an outlaw Federal Government. Today that government, a servant of the people, has become in truth our master, led by leftist control freaks, and we are its slaves.

      • Granpa David

        “government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master . ” George Washington (maybe)

      • Granpa David

        Freedom has prices, lack of freedom has more.


        GOVERNMENT can only evolve into being the “master” of the people when the people do not realize that the government was formed by the people, to be the SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE!!!!
        Communist Goal # 17 (Congressional Record 1963)
        “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”
        Communist Goal # 18
        “Gain control of all student newspapers.”
        Communist Goal # 19
        “Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.”
        (READ all 45 end-goals; Google: Communist Goals (1963)

      • Lady for Liberty

        cwgf: Agree totally! In fact if you read 2nd Amendment you will see that it states quite clearly that “Congress shall not make any law which IMPINGES UPON the rifhts of citizens under the 2nd Amendment”.
        Earlier this week. Pres Obama decided to put together a team to “Look into the possiblity of restricting the ownership of” …certain kinds of weapons, with assualy rifles and large capacity magazines!
        So, the FACTS ARE!
        The 2nd Amendment states that 2 Amend. “Shall not be Impinged” (by congress). It does not mention the President thanks to the separation of powers evident in USA!
        Therefore if Pbama wishes to control weapons, he should according to the Constitution consult Congress! He has set up an ad hoc committee, reportable to HIMSELF!
        His request is not for a committee to discuss the events in Conneticut.
        His request if for a partial committee of HIS CHOOSING to discuss HOW the President can bring is bans of specific fire arms!
        It will no doubt report to him, with No vote in Congress, and no discussion, allowing the President to make law without input from the legitimate law making branches of Government!

        President Obama has just issued a statement that he is to impinge that very Amendment!!!
        There needs to be a legal challenge at this point!
        However, the media have attacked the NRA to a purpose, so that if they defend 2nd Amendment the scare stories fro media will be on Obama`s side. (No change there!)
        It isclear that President Obama not only is not aware of the contents of the Constitution, he is willing to take unlawful steps to allow him alone to alter what the Founding Fathers wrote to underline the Freedoms of CITIZENS!!
        For if CONGRESS is forbidden from making law to undermine the 2nd Amendment, then the President, however highly he holds himself in his own esteem, is forbidden also!
        Simple fact. Just READ, then PUBLISH what the wording of the Second Amendment actually lays down as LAW for Congress!

        • Conservativesniper

          “…shall not be inFringed.” INFRINGED. You should look up the words infringed and impinged and see which fits. Just a friendly correction so if you post outside of this page, you won’t be ridiculed and your competence questioned. And being a Second Amendment supporter you should really know what the Amendment actually says, otherwise, your argument won’t be taken seriously.

    • noweareman

      Yeah-I loved it when one of the CNN twits called the gun a BUSHWACKER!
      They’ll probably start to blame W now since it has “Bush” in BUSHMASTER!

      • oldgringo

        That’s right….It is, was, and will always be Bush’s Fault…..According to Ed Shultz of MSNBC fame!….Sorry I forgot to mention lezzie Rachel Maddow, Jenifer Granholm, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Mathews, Pierce Morgan and the rest of their Commie Ilk!

    • darkcyder

      Truth is that he could have killed more with a pump shotgun (only one shot apiece) and those will NEVER be outlawed. So, why don’t we focus on the real problem- the difficult one?

      • Regina Weiner

        Hope you’re right about that, darkcyder. We may all have to make do with what hasn’t been confiscated. And soon.

        • oldgringo

          Save those chair and table legs….They make good weapons!

      • Vietnam vet, gun collector

        Actually they make semi-automatic shotguns. Just pull the trigger. Some nut out there will say that a shotgun, if modivfied, can only hold 7 rounds. BULL. They make kits that will take 20 rounds plus what is in the gun.

        • darkcyder

          I meant that with a shotgun, he would have not spent the time putting multiple shots into his victims. A shotgun is generally a single-shot kill in close quarters. That’s why thye’re popular with Bear and the like. Yes, there’s even a shotgun that looks just like an AR out there. That type of shotgun will probably hit their outlaw list, though the semi-auto hunting versions may not.

        • oldgringo

          The law says you can only have 3 rounds in the mag tube of a shotgun…..That is if you are hunting…..If you get caught with more than that you will be ticketed and fined….No limit on self defense shotguns…..You can shoot a bad guy as many times as you want or visus versus!

          • mtman2

            Well the 3 shell rule for a shotgun tube is for waterfowl hunting which is Federally regulated, probably so U don’t shoot the whole flock w/several hunters in a blind. All you could keep track of any way, to go get them in swamp, lake or river.

      • Conservativesniper

        I’m a little confused about your post, ” one shot apiece”?

        • darkcyder

          The reports say he shot each victim multiple times Had it been a shotgun, I doubt he’d have felt the need to place multiple shots into his victims. A 223 leaves only a small hole, and I suspect he felt he needed to ensure his victims were in fact dead. The results of 00Buck are visually apparent. Therefore requiring only 20 shots to be fired for 20 victims. As I pointed out in a previous post, that is why shotguns are the logical choice for bear hunting. They are also the most effective home protection weapon because very little aim precision is required. I’m not trying to be gory here, just pointing out that for such a massacre to take place shotguns are more effective and unlikely to ever hit any gun-ban list. Reports indicated that the killer in Colorado turned to one when his AR magazine jammed. I wonder if there was an outpouring of press sentiment to outlaw axes after the Lizzie Borden thing.

          • Conservativesniper

            The range at which these innocent children were executed a shotgun would have left a single hole, albeit much larger than a .223.

            No argument on a shotgun being an effective home protection weapon. But you do have to aim, it is essential. “A note on shotgun spread: firing your shotgun does not create a diabolical cone of doom destroying all in its path. If you have a typical defense or riot gun with an 18″-20″ open-choked (Cylinder bore) barrel, the pellets will spread out about 1″ for every yard of range.” So, therefore, the close range at which the shots were fired your argument is facetious, at best.


    THE IDEA OF FOCUSING ON THE MENTALLY UNSTABLE IS INVITING;; but it is a slippery slope as well, currently it takes two [2] family members and a certified psychiatrist to institutionalize someone. [unless you are obama’s regime], they can do as they please, there must be controls so this can not become a weapon for the government. I also know from a friends experience with her schizoid son ; parents often resist the problem, it reflects on them.

    • Ms MoomMist

      Nuts, I say! This is exactly why this happens. Mommy and/or Daddy don’t want to be a failure, now the whole family is a failure, so where is the so-called “Win-Win” situation? When I was growing up it was “Winner take all!” and share SOME! Now, it is Win-Win and Share EVERYThing. So sorry to see all this ! God Bless the U.S.A. and hope and pray that we can all make some sense out of this.


        and your point is????

        • BigUgly666

          If you don’t already understand, no amount of education will ever bring you to that point.

          • DAVID PEACOCK

            well big ugly devil; I bet moonmist is glad there is ONE OTHER fool out there;; you have no idea my ability assimilate diatribe like yours and hers; do it all day.

          • BigUgly666

            Pea-cock – Of course you do, Dear!
            You really should not “assume” so much.

          • DAVID PEACOCK

            are you displaying you liberal ignorance by trying to get personal and insulting;

    • WellNowDear

      Your information is not correct for every state. Each state determines the standards separately.


        i did not say every state did i?

    • Regina Weiner

      Commitment laws vary from state to state. There should be 50 sets of state legislators looking at what’s on their books.

  • cwgf

    The murderous little freak is a result of trading in discipline and family life for worldly goods, 2-parent careers, electronic games, and the raw sewage pumped by Hollywood into our living rooms day and night. Society has been lulled to sleep by the lie that human beings are “inherently good.” They are not. Human beings must be trained, not coddled. Adam Lanza is the product of yet another failed philosophy from the bizarro left.

    • caskinner

      His parents were in denial, possibly. Some parents don’t want to admit that their children have issues.

      • Regina Weiner

        This poor lady was desperate to “bond” with her son by sharing her interests. Bad judgment call.

      • cfwendel

        Let’s not forget that Satan can enter into a persons mind and control the person. Read the Bible. If the victim hasn’t the faith needed to fight off the Devil, the Devil wins, and this is what happens. Parents, give your children some kind of Faith in the Lord to hang onto. Our nation won’t get any better, and they will need it badly.


      GOOGLE: “How Dr. Spock Destroyed America”

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        He admitted he might have made a mistake with that book during the ’72 campaign, which was AFTER he’d “wrecked” an entire generation!

        • mtman2

          It’s an ignorant person that believes anything they read by so called experts that never knew what their talking about in the 1st place. Someone had to promote that message, why did the idea + book sell? They threw the Bibles message out, to correct + “improve” society. The “un + irreligeous” people were ripe for lies-EZEKIEL 13:19

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Well yes, but Spock was a pediatrician; and young mothers were, for the first time really, moving away from their extended families, so didn’t have their support as in our past they had. They thought he DID know what he was talking about; it was how they were raised too. That book was practically the “bible” for raising kids in post-war America. And I think he meant well; but didn’t grasp the need for religion, as so many focused in the sciences of that era failed to do. And he DID recognize and admit it HAD been a mistake; which is more than most of them EVER do!

    • oldgringo

      How True!

  • Ms MoomMist

    On TARGET! Wish I had had the courage to say it so perfectly. And Dad is still hiding under his desk at GE, I hear!

  • Trappedincalifornia

    I own a dog whose Mother was rescued from a fighting ring when she was pregnant with him. I adopted this dog from the SPCA when he was 8 weeks old and even at that young age it was clear he would be dominant. Although I attempted to socialize him as I had my older dog it was obvious very early that my dog was animal aggressive.
    At the age of 3 my dog has had 4 trainers and gone through 6 weeks of canine boot camp. He never leaves my property without a muzzle, an electronic collar and a training pinch collar. We live in the country and have a large padlock on the gate to our yard where my dogs play and exercise.

    I have considered euthanizing the dog. But his behavior got much better after his 6 weeks of boot camp. When I went to pick the dog up I found him in a room playing with the trainers 5 year old child, which surprised me. But the trainer told me my dog was not a danger to humans and was a great watchdog, just keep him away from new dogs, was the trainers advice.

    My dog has good points, but also some bad ones. I have learned to protect my dog from himself. Too bad Mr and Mre Lanza did not do the same for their son.

    • MontieR

      I would never trust that animal around small children. You should trust your initial assessment. Dogs that have been taught to fight are dangerous no matter how well behaved. You have already shown the extremes you have went to to control this animal.

      • Trappedincalifornia

        Don’t think u read my post. My dog was NEVER taught to fight, he has never even seen a dog fight. His mother was rescued from dog fighting ring when she was pregnant with him.

        We have no children, large or small so he is not exposed to kids as he was at trainers house. I go to extremes because I am a responsible citizen and dog has gotten much better since training. IMHO, the people who had the dog fighting ring should be destroyed and we should try to save as many dogs as possible.

  • James Maxwell

    Hindsight is a great thing sort of like an arm chair quaterback after the game is over. The
    problem is to identify individuals before such an even takes place. Then we come to that
    slippery slope of how do we insure that we isolate those with problem from those who do
    not and insure that those who are not a threat do not have their civil liberties infringined
    upon. We can all look at the aftermath and come up with solutions to the problem but
    you have to take calm, rational look at first the problem and second all solutions that
    are available to you. Banning guns is not an option because then only criminals will
    have weapons. Arming teachers has been brought up but that again is a long slippery
    slope. Lots of issues to be addresed and reviewed before I would arm any on in a
    school. Puting trained, qualifyied guards in school, again a slipper slope. They would
    have to be sworn in as police officers and trained to react properly to situaitons that
    arise. We can go on all day on this issue and still never find an ideal solution. But
    we do need to look at this problem using civilian, police and militay ideas to keep our
    schools safe. There is no “Weapon Free Zone” plane that will work if a criminal has
    thier mind made up to cause harm.

  • caskinner

    I sure can’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong with this sick kids mother.

    • Granpa David

      She was the victim of creep and familiarity. You live in the rising swamp and you don’t notice the slow rise and the swamp becomes your normal. . Add mother’s love which is bottomless.

  • camden coughran

    good stuff, Doug. keep up the good work!

  • guest

    You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.


    With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

    • mtman2

      Very nice reminder or wake history lesson for our uneducated{NEA} youth. Yet you are about 100 million short, probably trying not to over state. I’m doing the same thing , and these people think Americans are ugly monsters. I ask how high would the figure be IF there never was an America? That to horible to dream about. The Earth would be a irradiated dark world with what people left living like Road Warriors communities. Fun to watch Mel as entertainment, too scary to live it. America is a big brother to the world because we can + if we don’t WW3 won’t be far off. Ask an immigrant that’s escaped horror + tyrants how thankful + grateful that there is a U.S.A., + that their here! I don’t see any body trying to climb over the wall to leave. Oh yeah, there’s no wall.

  • Patriot

    Doug—–you are absolutely correct. This is only one of many acts that we as a nation will probably face because we have an unravelling society, and everyone stands around wringing their hands, wondering why this happened and where was God? And the solution for this mess is a governmental commission to study the tragedy. Now that is brilliant, especially when we realize that they simply want a gunless electorate who can be controlled and intimidated by them and the criminal element in this country. History is replete with past scenarios of this type of idiocy. The problem we have is that not enough sheeples are smart enough to realize where we are headed and what history has written about such folly. The major question looming out there is whether or not they can be successful in completing a political agenda on the coat-tails of this tragic event? It is our own fault for allowing our culture to deteriorate into such an abysmal mess; it has occurred over generations during which time we have lost our moral compass which is why the questions even need to be raised. The truth of the matter is that evil exists and it visited Sandy Hook with a vengeance. It was an evil person who killed his own mother and all of those dear people and children, and we have a civilization that today does not even like to acknowledge that evil exists. The only way that he could have been stopped was with a gun; oh, that the principal who attempted to heroically stop him had only been armed. And for the people who anticipate this government will come up with a magical solution to the problem, I quietly ask, “What happened with Fast and Furious and what genius came up with that program?” Do you really think that government will keep guns out of the hands of criminals when they were complicit with putting them into their hands? Get real. We, as citizens, have a right to be able to protect ourselves and our families. If someone does not want a gun in their possession, that is their right; if a law-abiding citizen desires to be able to protect himself and those he loves, then he should have that right. Otherwise we all become food for the predators. May God help us.


    How come the LIBERAL MEDIA doesn’t mention that attack in CHINA where the guy USED A SWORD and HACKED UP SCHOOLKIDS. No guns available to the masses in Chi-Com land but -oh my how could that happen?- a guy used SOMETHING ELSE to KILL. Ever hear of “MOLOTOV COCKTAILS” or a 1000 other ways to KILL. If a human being is filled with rage that EVIL will UNLEASH ITSELF- YOU CAN NOT LEGISLATE IT…

    • TashaTchin

      The media also isn’t mentioning the largest school massacre in US history, either. In that massacre, 38 children and 7 adults were killed in the Bath , Michigan school BOMBING of 1927. Nearly half of all the town’s children were wiped out and no guns were used in the massacre. So, I guess, that school massacre doesn’t count in the eyes of the media propagandists’ assault on guns and gun owners.

  • Proud Conservative

    Finally – someone with the courage to tell it like it is (or should be). Truth is always the best option and you stated it perfectly. Thanks for writing what the rest of us are thinking.

  • John Smith

    This article was awesome and so painfully true, I loved it.


    “NEVER let a crisis go to waste” ~ Rahm Emanuel

    “In order to overthrow a nation its people must first be disarmed” ~ Karl Marx

    We have Marxist Communists, who like to call themselves “Progressives” walking in the White House and halls of Congress ……go figure!!!

    • oldgrihngo

      I agree….No matter what they call themselves whether it be Liberals, Progressives, Socialists or Marxists…..They are all Communist with little distinction!


        If you can find one of the old history books from the 40’s-50’s era you will find that Communists were….SOCIAL DEMOCRATS!

  • del

    Where was the rich dad who donated to ovomit while this freak was going unfettered? Why so many guns? Someone at that school should have been armed and that situation may never have occurred…Now old ovomit will blather on along with his commie minions to try to remove the people’s guns. Our right to arm is to protect us from a government gone amok just like this one!

  • sovereigntyofone

    We as gun owners are considered guilty until proven inocent when ever something like NewTown, CT happens. It’s not the idiots that put up signs that says ” Gun Free Zone ” that’s like ringing the dinner bell for all the human whacko sharks that want to commit mass murder.
    Then we have our Government talking heads, yeah I’m talking about Eric Holder, Obama, Dianne Fientstien, and Harry Reid. Eric Holder/Obama’s Fast and Furious has killed more people in Mexico than 20 NewTown Massacres, what happens to Holder/Obama, nothing. Obama claims executive privilage and seals all files on Fast and Furious. Dianne Fienstien wants to lead the charge on gun bans and gun control, what a two faced liar she is. Dianne Fienstien in 1995 got one of the ONLY gun carry permits issued in San Fransico to carry a conceal weapon ” I figured if they wanted to take me out, I’d take them out along with me “.
    Harry Reid carried a concealed weapon, ( and probably still does judging by his popularity). We have all these Democommies wanting to take our guns and put more control on what’s left while they get away with ” speical privilages ” to protect themselves and families. Well, got news for them. I AM NOT GIVING UP MY GUNS to liars and criminals running this country….EVER !

  • jerry sweet

    but there are so many of these commie clowns.where would we put all of them?oh i have an idea,but!?!

  • bradybunch

    This reminds me of the book “Defending Jacob”. That mother made a difficult choice to protect the world from her psychopath of a son. Every time I hear one of these stories I say a prayer for my sweet, compassionate daughter and am glad my husband taught her how to handle a gun safely and how to shoot if the need ever arises!


    I just want to know if he was on SSRI drugs. That would explain everything to me!

  • sagebrush6

    You’ve got my vote on this one.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    The problem here is NOT gun ownership by private citizens; the PROBLEM is a society that has gone completely amoral, and allows CHILDREN access to visual and audio violence for which they haven’t the emotional faculties to properly process, and combine that with a lack of discipline, so that what is raised is a monster without conscience! Before guns, blame video games, movies, television programming, AND the current excuse for “music” ALL of which surround children with violence toward others often without ANY sort of countering evidence of consequences to that violence. Before you blame a gun, or even a gun owner, necessarily; look at what the individual is surrounded by, and to the parents, if the individual is still a juvenile, who are permitting that! And THEN look at the media moguls promulgating all that, and blame THEM as well, for continually putting it out there, KNOWING it’s falling into the hands of CHILDREN!

    • Trixie

      Don’t forget texting, facebooking, twittering….where you can say whatever you want without having to look at the person you are hurting in the eyes.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        You’re looking at results of the problem, as much as the gun rampages are: I was pointing at CAUSES! Those simply prove my point that amoral behavior results from NOT being accountable for one’s words/actions!

    • Ebnas1

      Sandra you’re 100% right! Our kids see only hate around. Video games is #1 enemy. Children get addicted to violence. It’s like drugs – more they get more they need. We have to stop violent video games immediately – they destroy our nation.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Not only video games; but what they watch on TV, listen to {called music, erroneously}, even read, is so heavily laced with amoral behavior without consequences that it’s what they learn!

      • Jon

        Oh, so now it’s back to Video Games again?
        You know, America doesn’t exist in a vacuum; there are OTHER countries (Canada, for instance), where sex, violence and examples of immorality are available to the developing youth there. But funny thing, they don’t seem to pick up assault rifles and blow away schools full of kids like OUR developing youth do. Do they play Call Of Duty in Canada? You betcha, they do. Yet America leads the world in gun-related violence.
        Maybe. It’s. Not. The. Video. Games.

    • LadyforLiberty

      SandraLeeSmith: Very good point.
      My sons went through school in the 70s & 80s. But also we decided that MOM would be at home, like our parents were.
      They were taught MOM and DAD rules. (Today they teach THEIR kids Mom & Dad rules).
      Nothing difficult about that. so with luck our gradkids will also teach Mom and Dad rules.
      Rules on honesty, dependability, your word being good, all have been set aside by society and its Programs.
      USA and All the WORLD, needs to get back to how morals ruled neighborhoods without intervention on race sex morals respect etc!
      For when We were schooled there were no “Gender appreciation” classes, no sex education lessons. (We had Biology instead), there were no “minority issues” classes, and theraces mixed and were friends.
      Liberals have set out to replace the American way, as they pray before Marx and Lenin!
      If you have grandkids tell `em your stories so they can repeat `em to their kids, and together we may just be able to Save USA!!!!! For Gosh sake do not leave things as important as this to POLITCANS and/or MEDIA.
      Relating the real Tea Party to grandkids will enable them to know the REASON why America grew its Constitutional basis, and will instil pride in country.
      THAT MESSAGE is much TOO IMPORTANT to leave to paid employees!!

  • Hawker

    Ah yes, so much easier to blame an inanimate object that the fool behind it. Using logic
    like this the next thing to ban is drunk cars. After all they kill more people
    each year than guns. Oh yes, let’s not forget spoons and forks because more and
    more obese people are dying every year as well. Until personal responsibility (and
    that includes parents) is part of the equation then nothing is going to change.
    Now we’ve got parents buying armored vests for kids. Good grief.
    And current laws don’t help either otherwise the criminals would obey the ‘no gun zones.
    Obviously the government can’t see the correlation between these ‘no gun zones’ and the tragedies like this.
    We’ve had Colleges, High Schools and now Grade Schools targeted, all no gun zones. Thankfully no gun shops or police stations because then they might have to explain why
    they wasted the idiot that was shooting at them. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed!

  • kurtpo

    I am absolutely convinced that the degradation of society as a whole is a
    contributor to these crimes. I have read in the past the evils of administering
    Ritalin to kids, and now it is more important than ever to expose the industry
    of psych drug therapy for what it is doing to our society. They are attempting
    to replace God in our society, and creating a monster in the process. “Pills
    in, God out!” You won’t hear of that in the main stream media though, will we?!

    Just where are all of the demons? Could the Physic drug industry have anything to do with creating people like this?

  • Texas Tanker

    This young man was evil incarnate. He remains solely respnsible for this atrocity. There have always been evil people in the world. I have personally seen their handiwork during my military career. In 1978 at the legal border crossing between Schirnding, FRG and the Czechoslovakian Peoples Republic, a group of Czech nationals attempted to defect by crashing a tour bus through the border barriers. The Czech PS (Border Guards) opened up with actual assault weapons, not the semi-autos our moronic politicos and press talk about. The next day, our patrol witnessed them clearing away the aftermath from a range of about 4 kilometers through observation scopes: 40 stretchers with adult-sized corpses and 18 stretchers with 2 or 3 child-sized corpses covered with blood-soaked sheets. Those guards were not taking Prozac, Ritalin, or any other psychotopic drug. They were evil because they bought into a system that allowed them to kill their own countrymen without a second thought.
    The Liberal/Progressive mind can’t accept this concept of evil and individual responsibility. Neither can the media. Both groups MUST have something or someone to blame. They must be able to pass new laws, conceive new & far-reaching Government programs, and be able to congratulate themselves on having DONE something in response to what happened. If they admit to themselves that it was a random act of evil that is the individual responsibility of the actor, then their whole raison de etre begins to unravel. For that would mean that society as a whole is not always to blame for such atrocities, that individuals bear sole responsibilities for their choices and actions, and that more Government is most probably NOT the best solution to every problem. THAT they can never and will never do.

  • David Gray


  • Guest

    Someone is failing to read between the lines here. There is much more to this shooting than a messed up nut case kid being mad at his mother. Without getting into details, I will simply say that someone with an agenda and some resources saw an opportunity to make use of this young man’s loose marbles, and with some very careful and deliberate planning, took complete advantage of it for political purposes.

    • ilpatriot58

      “without getting into details”……I think we are thinking about the same “details”…..agree with you 1 million percent…………

    • Jon

      Wait wait..! Let me get my ‘Alex Jones approved’ aluminium-foil helmet scotch-taped down on my cranium TIGHTLY, before I re-read your post.. so that the secret government rays don’t block your “between the lines” implications from reaching me.

  • Hornman

    You said what needed to be said and in a hilarious way.

  • Moose

    Maybe the government should start looking into the prescription drugs being given to our school age children. They have been linked to 90% of school shootings. Does anyone outside of the medical community know this? It is not generally known and I wonder why?

  • Bob Cordon

    Good advice on the exorcism. Too late now. Leaving guns accessible to Edward Scissorbrains was a fatal mistake for mom. All too sadly, her flawed judgement caused a heart-breaking tragedy of heretofore unknown dimensions. Parents, you have GOT to be on the ball. If you suspect something, DO something.

  • Guest

    You little Mensa_Boys_&_Ghouls, trashing Doug Giles—NOBODY EVER SAID THAT EVIL PEOPLE WERE STUPID—

    Most geniuses cannot even CONCEIVE of a Supreme_Being. Thus, YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT’S GOOD AND EVIL. And, if you DO, BELIEVE IN GOD AND GOOD VS. EVIL, YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF DOING WHAT IT TAKES FOR THE GOOD GUYS TO WIN. Take Albert Camus, for instance—-

    Here are 2 quotes from Camus. The FIRST, on what GODLESS-NIHILISM IS BRINGING. And the second, where he CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. AND, WON’T EVEN TRY!
    His (Camus’) essay, “The Rebel”1 paints a terrifying picture of “how metaphysical collapse often ends in total negation and the victory of nihilism, characterized by profound hatred, pathological destruction, and incalculable death.” ——————————————————

    “There are causes worth dying for, but none worth killing for.” ― Albert Camus


  • Light_V_Dark

    Mrs. Lanza WAS EVIL, DOUG. So were Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, The Suntan Mom, the RELIGIOUS WOMAN that drowned her 5 children in the tub, the rich woman who ran her cheating husband over 2 or 3 three times in her Mercedes, with HER TEENAGE DAUGHTER SITTING BESIDE HER.



  • Light_V_Dark

    NOTHING CAN BE MORE STUPID THAN GODLESSNESS HOWEVER CULTURED(^). The word (STUPID)** literally means coarse or thick, and may suggest the idea of stolid insensibility as the last stage in the downward progress.

    **_I believe Suicidal-Pacifism and Islam are TIED, FOR SECOND PLACE.

    Note; DAN SAVAGE IS SATANICALLY EVIL. If I see 2 gays kissing each other, I GET AWAY AS FAST AS I CAN. GAY-BOYS-&-GIRLS, on average do not make it into their late 40s. Only DRUG ADDICTS DIE AS YOUNG.

  • Light_V_Dark


    The guards are mostly, big burley black guys»»»GOD BLESS THEM!
    All of MY life {I’m 61}, we have just ADORED COMMUNISTS AND COMMUNISM.
    Now, all things Islamic—ESPECIALLY, TERRORISM¿!¡

    Godlessnessness has been the ULTIMATE_INSANITY_STUPIDITY_&_EVIL in history.
    There is no such thing as a Conservative-Atheist, or a Liberal-Christian. Neither SWARM HAS A CONSCIENCE.
    The Puritans fled England because they used English_Language_Bibles, which was punishable by death. It STILL IS, in ISLAMIC, Communist and SEXULAR_PROGRESSIVE_COUNTRIES. Would you like to know WHY?»»»
    Isaiah 19:14
    “The LORD has poured into them a spirit of dizziness; they make Egypt stagger in all that she does, as a drunkard staggers around in his vomit.”


    Addendum; We have made this Satanic-Suicidal-Self-Loathing-PIG, A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE and a MAJOR APPARATCHIK.


  • Light_V_Dark

    Bad news for you Suicidal_Pagan_NIHILISTS»»»I don’t believe IT’S OVER, TODAY.

    According to Revelation 21-(WYC), MORE STUFF HAS TO HAPPEN—–

    6 And he said to me, It is done; I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. I shall give freely of the well of quick water to him that thirsteth [I shall give freely to the thristing of the well of quick water].

    7 He that shall overcome, shall wield these things; and I shall be God to him, and he shall be son to me.


  • Honorary

    Obama forgot to say that: ‘If I have a son, he will look like Adam Lanza, regardless of politics.’

  • BeriBeri99

    Come on Doug . . . now tell us how you really feel . . .

    I for one think you hit the nail right square on the dead with this one.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Satanic Gliberals»»»The Helmet_Headed_Undead_Molested_As_A_Child_FREAK, went on a rampage and slaughters a bunch of innocent little kids____GUNS, GLOW_BALL_WARNING, HOMOPHOBIA, WAR, FUNDIES, ANTI_CHOICERS, SECOND_HAND_SMOKE AND TTTTRANS_FFFFAT, CAUSED IT¿!¡


  • Storm

    As usual, spot on!! The shooting may not be her fault, but its damn sure her responsibility. Your kid is so screwed up that you threaten to commit him and you leave a bunch of guns laying around the house??? Seriously lady, how obtuse can you be?

  • Gym Shu

    You couldn’t discride an obama, palosi, or a reed voter any better. As they would say, it’s not this demonic person, it’s the gun.


    Great article and to the point…She should have saved the poor frogs. How many other animals did she torture. I see my children clearly. I love them, but I see them….Parents must do the loving thing for all of us….

  • Jhon Kacan

    All is a big lie,hight magazine capacity,is not make no diferent.I am a former law enforcement officer and have a trainee for kill,with magazine ten bullit I can easy kill ten peoples,include with COps inside,because who will be kill is don’t care nothing and will go and kill a COP first.Bin laden was arm and have a guard and with all a soldier was broke in and kill him,because a soldier have especial trainee and is profeccional in kill.Control weapon must be sure to who sell a weapon,mental and responsability test.When any one are a COP,a most treasure can guard is a own weapon,you loose a weapon and you are dead,and I now more of one case where a COP was loose a own weapon.Cop must be much more professional and pass every six month a mental test.

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