New Rule: All Teachers Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns


My heart is sick. I feel so sorry for the children that were murdered, as well as the parents and loved ones of the slain kids and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Connecticut—and all of us here in the U.S., who still have a soul, pray for those whose lives were just senselessly shattered.

But imagine if at least one teacher (with a concealed weapons permit) had their .40 caliber Glock with them, locked and loaded, when this weed Adam Lanza began his murderous mayhem today on the Sandy Hook Elementary School campus? What would have happened differently?

The full version of this column is now only available in Doug Giles’ book, “Sandy Hook Massacre: When Seconds Count, The Police Are Minutes Away”.

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  • Victoria


  • Benjamin

    I am gutted. A trained teacher[s] could have shut this mad man down.

    • DefendConstitution

      Yes, a trained teacher. We must avoid the knee jerk reaction here. A properly trained and willing teacher could make a big difference in a case like this. Also must be careful not to give a gun to an unstable teacher, they are not all mentally stable.

      • Irma

        For some of our military men and women coming back from service, teaching would be a great career for them in their civilian chapter of life – teaching from a prospective of service and honor for our country and KNOWING how to defend OUR homes, schools and community, and having a great appreciation of how fragile liberty can be. It makes no sense to disarm the good guys when it’s the bad guys who will use whatever instrument of destruction possible – whether it be their bare hands, a knife, a tire iron, a brick, a baseball bat, a rope, poison, fire, water (drowning!), a car (hit-and-run), or any type of gun: the list is endless. Laws to guarantee incarceration and a death penalty would be far more helpful – and even if the killer is deemed “mentally unstable and insane” (isn’t it a “given” that anyone who does such things is sick and insane!) society is better served to put the killer six feet under ground, or better still have the killer cremated. Anyone who does such vile things has given up the right to be called “human” in any sense of the word.

        • tellitlikeitis

          put a soldier coming home in every school in this country,that will be his career,taking care of childrens safety is an honorable career,and pay them the same as a teacher,they deserve at least that.these guys won’t flinch if an armed intruder enters the least the kids will have someone there to respond within seconds not minutes,it makes a huge difference.

          • Dark Patriot

            Why? Just arm the veterans that teach. Most of us were armed anyway. Criminals don’t follow gun laws and they rarely have to deal with people they care about getting killed and then having to deal with their parents. What would you tell a parent? Their kid died a hero to the anti- gunners? If enough kids die the violence will stop? Grow up!

  • Marge

    If we really want to protect our kids we need teachers on the front line of defense.

  • ThomasP

    Oklahoma just passed a law leaving it up to each school to decided whether or not teachers/admin can carry inside class.

    • Bob Miller

      Question.. who PROTECTS the Teacher from the CRAZY STUDENTS.. that would gladly.. attack them for a gun??

      • rulken

        A tazzor gun?

      • Shawn Brasseaux

        Did you ask this purely for the sake of argument or are you really this stupid? Any student that would attack an armed teacher would definitely stab one that was unarmed with a pencil.

        • Dark Patriot

          I taught in the worst school in the district as punishment for being honest. I was always asked if I didn’t fear the students having guns. I felt very comfortable with armed students. If that axxhole would have come in there the security guard would be asleep and the kids would swiss cheese the fool. Of course word got around when I snapped a fly in the air. My sleeve sounded like a rifle shot. All I could think was,”Thank you, GOD” I hated the school. I liked my kids.

      • Alvin

        Stupid question Bob. Here’s another one. What if a purple bear wanted to dance on your face?
        In fairness. To answer your question without cynicism. The other 40 armed teachers.

    • eastergorilla

      Teachers should be ALLOWED? … should be REQUIRED!!

      • $29890281

        Sorry but I can’t agree that most if not all teachers (in public schools) would be qualified or even entitled, being liberals who promote gun control, abortion, ad nausea. No, it’s liberalism that is the enemy that should be addressed. Liberalism is why we have who we have in the white house today crying crocodile tears for Sandy Hook children while he promotes murder in (and outside) the womb.

        • JJM123

          I somewhat agree. There are many teachers I trust to do the best to teach and protect – there are others I absolutely do not trust. I do believe that teachers and admin should be allowed to carry but only after careful training and mental evaluation.

          • Dark Patriot

            Thinking carefully. I didn’t think about this before. The teachers who I would not trust to carry I would not trust to teach my kids either. I never realized that. But then, I would have home schooled.

        • jerry sweet

          well said.someday obama will bow his knees and confess with his mouth Jesus Christ is Lord.then Christ will throw this God hating, white hating,Christian hating thug and all who support him into the LAKE OF FIRE.they will BURN forever,without end for the very short life they had on earth.Stupid is what stupid really does.obama is one stupid person.but he just became the most dangerous stupid person on earth!!

          • $29890281

            Jerry, you mean he won’t go to heaven and get 23 perpetual virgins, etc, etc? Come to think of it I don’t think Michelle would like that anyway.

          • txicare

            What is Michelle going to get?

          • $29890281

            You know, I always wondered about that. Let me know if you ever find out.

          • txicare

            My guess is that she gets to be one of the virgins? Whoops!

        • BeautifulAmerica

          Right. We gotta change their minds on that now.

      • Granpa David

        1. White male
        2. goes to a school
        3. kills both teachers and students
        4. kills self
        Question – what are these schools doing to white males? No politics, just recognizing the pattern.

        • helioquois

          Granpa…you nailed it. The manly virtues are not being passed onto our sons. Schools are purposely being set up with programs and curricula that diminish young white males for our little girl’s success stories, all the while lacing PC group think into the program of instruction that white males are a societal problem. With vocational education on the wane, these young men can not find their way to success and see no prospects for a happy and successful life. Male rights of passage have all but disappeared…and if you look at the church’s moral perfidy, the infiltration of Boy Scouts by unsavory pedophiles, our boys are locked in front of the computer from parent’s fear of just letting them play outside. We have a man problem in suburban and urban America. Thank God our families in the country can still provide positive examples to their sons, and raise young men we can all be proud of.

          • felix1999

            In contrast the BLACK male can be as crude and ugly as they like. It is the WHITE MALE that is being socially castrated. Yes there is a war on males and it is the WHITE MALE that is the target.

          • Granpa David

            Big joke in movies – kick white male in testicles. Ever see kick woman in boobs?

        • Ciaran

          He wasn’t White.

          • EQ4ALL

            How did you come to that conclusion

          • Granpa David

            I saw 2 photos, one recent, one about 9 years old. He was dressed in white skin for both.

        • felix1999

          Neglecting them and trying to turn them into effimate males. I can see why they are angry. Ever see a WHITE male RESPECTED in a commercial? Instead you see the FEMALE as the one in control and the WHITE MALE as the IDIOT.

        • jerry sweet

          simple.obama and bush (both),clinton’s(both)even reagan our so called gipper was a socialist to his bones.if they can convince the public it just whites doing the killing then the idiots who believe it will demand no guns.then these same idiots will be rounded up and slaughtered.

        • Dark Patriot

          I can’t answer this here but not only white kids do this. Only they are reported. Black kids don’t usually kill themselves.

          • eddyjames

            Black kids don’t act alone. They have to be in a gang hence “The Flash mob phenomenon” You never hear of one Black kid going against a group, usually 5-25 Black kids jumping 1 or 2 like a pack of Hyenas.

        • edodaniel

          The “pattern” you suggest applies to recent mass school killings and injuries here in the US but doesn’t hold water on an international scale nor does it apply to older attacks on school children.

          Expanding from schools only into all mass killings in the US in recent years between 1982 and 2012 shows a different picture. Of 62 mass murders in the United States between 1982 and 2012, 21 of them were by other than “white males” and of the same 62 only 18 were 25 years old or younger.

          That certainly doesn’t indicate any validity to any specious argument that “mass shootings are particular to Young White Males” that some liberal “professors” and sociologists are pushing.

          The 62 meet criteria here and are listed here

          As a percentage of the population it appears that mass murders are more apt to be carried out by older men and are more apt to be carried out by Blacks and Asians with Hispanics being under represented. All things considered though race of shooter or victim doesn’t appear to be of as much import as the shooter’s mental problems.

      • sagebrush6

        Wrong, it should be mandatory.

    • Stephen Ray Hale

      Must be getting dyslexic…I thought your posting said Obama just passed a law….
      I guess it is true that most folk read fast by seeing the first letter and the last and presuming the internal letters…going by contexts alone.

  • JDMedia

    No liberal Fruitbats…it says “ALLOWED’ and ‘encouraged’ but not forced—u idiots. The mere ‘chance’ that these shooters will run into armed Lawful citizens… is a major deterrent.. They are cowards.

    • Alvin

      I agree!

  • Ncrdbl1

    Oct 1 1997 Pearl Miss. Mentally unstable student killed mom then went to school shot GF and 8 others was heading out of High School heading to Jr HIgh to continue his killing spree. Vice principal went to truck and retrieved his 45 automatic. Was able to subdue and hold shooter until police arrived and arrested shooter. His actions saved dozens of lives.

    • Jacob Broussard

      Don’t forget that the Principal’s pistol was ILLEGALLY in his truck. If he would have been obeying the law he would not have been able to stop the shooter. That is a case where no one can argue the fact that the stricter gun laws would have caused additional deaths, had it not been for a hero willing to risk prison to save his students.

      • Alvin

        I agree with your stance on guns. Me and my friends had gun racks in our trucks in High school WITH shotguns and rifles in them. The only security guard we had was an old woman who drove around trying to catch students sneaking out of school early. NOBODY got shot in school back then 1988-1992.

        • stj

          I remember the guys in school had hunting knives on them, and many would go hunting before school. and had guns in their trucks. No one thought any thing about it. This was back in the mid 1980’s. So not too long ago.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        How was it illegal? His truck was 1/4 mile away to comply with the not-near-schools law?

    • evocatus

      Recent study by Davi Barker of 93 mass shootings in the US…

      Average number of deaths in mass shootings stopped by police is 19.3…

      Average number of deaths in mass killings stopped by an armed citizen is 2.3…

      Looks like a no-brainer even for a politician or school administrator…

      • Daniel F. Melton

        I wish you had provided a link to that datum. It’s not a ‘no-brainer’ observation for politicians and school administrators. It’s completely opposite to everything they’ve lived and breathed since their liberal indoctrination. They can not comprehend facts about ‘gun control’ or armed response that contradict the consensus of the politbureau.

  • Jamie

    In your commentary you mention “with a concealed weapons permit”. Why should the state dictate whether or not we can carry at all. The 2nd amendment makes no exceptions. Anyone should be able to carry either concealed or open as they choose without the states permission. In my opinion ALL gun control laws need to be repealed. These laws have done nothing to stop someone from committing a criminal act. Replace them with laws punishing the criminals actions

    To quote Robert A. Heinlein “An armed society is a polite society.”

    • Shawn Brasseaux

      This is gospel truth and I thank you for sharing it.

    • felix1999

      I couldn’t agree more!

      I am so tired of reading where people are basically targets with NO WAY to protect themselves.

    • TLady62

      Amen, Jamie! As we have seen time and time again, criminals are not interested in obeying any type of laws, much less gun control laws.

    • evocatus

      I’m with you…
      Had the alert office employee who opened the PA so the shots could be heard thruout the school also drawn her handgun, confronted and placed a controlled pair of JHPs into the thoracic cavity of the killer, the biggest problem anyone would have today is deciding when to honor her courage with an award, and where to have the ceremony…
      And as RAH might say, the head of the killer would now be displayed “on a spike next to the front door, reserved for that purpose”…

      • jerry sweet

        there were two shooters.they made sure the idiot was killed,then he fled under protection of all the leo’s on site.

    • Ed Scott

      The reason states have concealed carry is because a lot of people the moment they see someone with a gun, they freak out. The conceal carry, rather than open carry is to prevent these people from becoming slobbering screaming idiots.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        The answer? Desensitization. Like the media-democRats do.

        • e4g67

          +1, which is why I open carry on my own property in the communist state of Illinois. Too many people have been conditioned to panic when they see a firearm.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            I was watching a British production of “Wallender,” which takes place in Sweden. A householder was asked to help the police using his own gun, and it was no big deal; normal. That’s how it should be here. I;m glad you are setting an example.

            Sadly, your description of Illinois is accurate, from what I hear.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Maybe they’re slobbering, screaming, LIBERAL idiots to begin with?

        • FedUp

          The Founding Fathers never envisioned gun nuts like you who could care less that 20 children were killed in a matter of minutes. Even the NRA isn’t talking after this. But you just don’t get it. Do you. Twenty children died and you’re talking about “liberal idiots.” Too bad them dead teachers and kids ain’t as smat as you, Goober. Your mom must be proud.

          • Dan Stewart

            IDIOT, I’m fedup with nuts like you. Yes I was shocked & dismayed at the extent of this tragedy. But, it has to be said, if the principal had a gun, she could have taken out the nut & saved not only her own life, but also 25 others. Don’t even try to say I’m wrong.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            The Founding Fathers were ‘gun nuts’ like me. I don’t have time to throw a few volumes of quotes at you. Pick any of the signers of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution and look ‘em up for yourself.

            Do I care that children were murdered? I am devastated. That does not undo the murders, so the next best thing is to ensure it never happens again.

            Perhaps the NRA has been neutered by lawyers and PR flaks.

            Yes I’m talking about liberal idiots. They are the very breed that have so perverted this nation and were instrumental in bringing about this tragedy. Thank the aclu for giving the mentally ill the right to wander free and refuse medications so they can be victimized, imprisoned, or commit such acts as was done in Newton Connecticut. I suspect that the shooter had a recent change in medication or took another med that interacted and caused his psychotic break. Strangely enough, the medications for mental illness can exacerbate the very symptoms they purport to treat. Hell, even the meds to help smokers to quit can cause a violent psychosis.

            My Grandmother taught me to shoot.

      • Reagan Conservative

        Ed while your right about some people freaking out when they see a gun.
        But here in Indiana the law allows open or concealed carry.
        Most Hoosiers do not freak out when they see someone open carrying.

    • jerry sweet

      its because the people,the gutless stupid people didn’t care about their own safe guards the Constitution and Bill of long as we had Jesus Christ no power in or out of our borders could touch us.well we kicked Him the freedoms Christ gave us are now given over to the slave did it to your self.HOPE you like the CHANGE.

    • jhorenka

      Jamie – I would generally agree, but the Founders probably never conceived of just how sick and violent America would become. Here in Michigan we just passed legislation awaiting the Governors signature that enhances, streamlines, and opens up no gun zones for concealed carry. A CPL here requires a back ground check for felonies or other lunatic behaviors. I am sure you will agree that in your lifetime you have met or known people you would never want to carry a loaded gun. The best bet is to push for reasonable gun laws in your state and make the ones you have even more amenable. JMHO

      • mhojai

        The point you’re overlooking is that most of these cretins are COWARDS…that’s why they shoot unarmed children. The simple knowledge that someone else had a gun would be a STRONG deterrent to these clowns even considering it. With your “gun laws” they’re getting tacit permisssion …think about it, for God’s sake!

      • BeautifulAmerica

        The problem is that we can no longer trust either Repub or DemocRats to create any sort of “reasonable” or just law; so that’s not the answer.

    • wildbill1940

      The principle was the first to encounter this piece of crud. She tried to stop him with her hands, just think how many people would have died. Possibly only two the piece of “crud” and his mother.

  • Light_V_Dark


    Most pacifists are suicidally INSANE. Asking a Pixie_Faerie_Princess, to learn how to use a handgun, to KILL A BAD GUY, would probably land you in the electric chair for a couple years, for FRIGHTENING, THE POOR GIRL.
    “The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to taking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists, whose real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration for totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States …” 

    ― George Orwell

  • Bob Miller

    Have you watched and thought about ARMING all those UNION THUGS that are TEACHERS.

    I Israel.. they are all TRAINED as military.. at a young age..

    My wife taught for 35 years.. and about 99 % OF HER FRIENDS. would pee their pants in a crisis.

    Those that can not DO, TEACH.

    I would gladly approve.. any MILITARY VET that is a Teacher.. as long as they have been trained in Combat Arms..

    But even some of US.. are mentally unstable.

    Who selects, trains and keeps training and testing those that would be allowed to carry arms in a Class room.

    • sovereigntyofone

      I don’t know about ALL states that allow CCW permits but in my state you are required by law to requalify every two years even though the permit is good for four years. In Israel they are also required to serve 2 years in the army right out of school.
      (unless that has recently changed). As long as we have gangs, gang bangers and those that should be in mental institutions instead of free on the street to roam, we will continue the see more of the same (killings and mass killings). It’s not the law abiding gun owner that is killing people, it’s the whack jobs and gang members that the liberal left defends and protects their rights instead of the victims.

    • $29890281

      Bob, I dare say 99% of your wife’s teacher friends ARE union thugs, who voted for Obama who promotes abortion anytime but who cries crocodile tears for the children at Sandy Hook. What a fraud! In your comment about Israel BTW, they have values lacking here.

  • mathchopper

    Do you really expect lib Democraps to accept this logic? Of course not. They haven’t accepted it in the past, why now?

  • sovereigntyofone

    I have often felt that teachers should be able to carry guns a long time before the event at Newtown, CT happened. My reasoning was, with all the gangs and little ” punks ” in public schools now days a teacher should be able to defend her/himself and their class against gang violence. Now with the mass murder of little children I feel it must be mandantory, or at the very least have an armed security guard. With violence skyrocketing now days something other than more gun control is needed. Now the problem, most teacher are ” liberal ” and hate guns to begin with, so how do you convence them to carry. With their ideological lobotomy of the lefts way of thinking seared into their brains hiring a security guard is probably the best way to go. ( This comment is not aimed at all teachers, I’m sure that there are some that still think rationally. ). In the ” real world ” you can not ban guns your way out of this problem. An old bumper sticker comes to mind: If guns were banned, only criminals would have guns. This has more truth in it than most realize. If we ban guns the criminals will have a feild day knowing that their victims are disarmed. In the history of human evens only a fool thinks that events like the Sandy Hook mass killing will never happen again if all guns are banned. When you allow fruitcakes and whack jobs to remain free in society instead of put in mental institutions this type of crime is bound to and will continue to happen again. If they can’t get their hands on firearms, there are many other means of mass killing people and you can bet they will find them and use them.

    • aschark

      The sticker read, “if guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns.”

      If the teachers had guns, that would put them on the same playing field as the students. Dress codes, pledge of allegience, and a silent moment of prayer was banished, thanks to the ACLU. A large percentage (1% is too much) of kids are from a single parent family upbringing, so disipline and respect in the schools could help the parent at home, where it should begin. It’s tougher to raise a child in todays atmosphere, but having disipline and respect is basic.

      • sovereigntyofone

        When I was growing up disipline was part of life. If you got in trouble at school you got the ” paddle ” and when you got home you got it again from your parents. Now days if you even look at your children the wrong way you have Social Services wanting to take your children away from you under ” child abuse “. When you allow the government, local or federal to dictate how to raise your child you wind up with what we have now.

        • aschark

          Dr Spock, on his deathbed (he waited until then so he wouldn’t be bombarded with questions regarding an entire generation, passed on to the next generation, etc), confessed on an amazing discovery: he was wrong.
          “We have reared a generation of brats. Parents aren’t firm enough with
          children for fear of losing their love or incurring their
          resentment. This is
          a cruel deprivation that we professionals have imposed on mothers and
          fathers. Of course, we did it with the best of intentions. We didn’t realize
          until it was too late how our know-it-all attitude was undermining the self
          assurance of parents.”

  • Dwightmannn

    Maybe all teachers should be cops too. . .
    Some teachers are to weak to have a gun. A willful child could just take it away. . .
    Welcome to the New Old West!

    • $29890281

      Weak? you mean liberal don’t you? That describes most public school teachers today.

    • dmbunce

      Do you want to keep school kids alive? In essence, teachers are cops! And what willful child is going to take a gun away from a teacher and kill 28 people?

      • Dwightmannn

        Cops are trained in self defense, law, weaponry and the like. Teachers are not. It would be hard to argue with a cop, especially if you are a kid. There would be greater safety at the schools also.
        The next thing would be to guard the minds of our progeny, so as not to be brainwashed by a liberal agenda. . .

  • rulken

    Not only should the teachers be, “allowed” to carry guns but they should be required to take shooting courses, that would make them proficient in the use of them.

  • Lowell

    All Teachers should not be forced to arm themselves but depending on the number of students a number of Teachers should be designated. Those designated should be trained,capable and willing. At least there should be Law Enforcement present.Attempting to disarm America will not work.

    • john goult

      leo, do not Stop things from happing, they Report on the thing AFTER it Happens! You, By Law are to be the one to Defend yourself. Not the LEO! Ask your Lawer! Ask your “Law Maker”!

  • heartbroken

    I said almost the very same thing as I watched the news last night. If someone in the front office of that school would of had a gun loaded ready to go, they could of stopped this guy from killing these babies and teachers. Letting only the bad guys have guns is just wrong. It makes me sick. My heart breaks for all the families that lost loved ones yesterday. Praying for all of them.

  • skyhawk

    There would be a limited few who were capable of carrying a handgun, who could maintain control over it, and be able to use it. However just the knowledge that there was armed people in a school would most likely prevent this type of thing from being planned.

  • Jim Naugle

    I Agree with teachers who want to, to be trained and allowed to carry, but while we are at it, we need to allow prayer back in the schools. Many in this generation have not been taught to respect life.

    • $29890281

      What we need “back in the schools” is values, including prayer. Anyone who thinks most teachers (in public school) are mentally qualified (read NOT LIBERAL) to carry much less own a weapon must have voted for Obama both times, and supported abortion inside and outside the womb.

      • deanplmr

        There is no place for religious dogma here.

        • $29890281

          There you go again. Trying to confuse people by confusing the issues. I’m talking about constitutional rights and values, not the religions that have those same values that not surprisingly you do not have. Take your bigotry somewhere else, there’s no place for it here.

        • Granpa David

          Yes there is. You don’t get to throttle our speech.

  • bg

    Do you really want these socialists leftists to really be armed.

    • dmbunce

      If you want to keep school kids alive – Yes!

    • caskinner

      My sister is a 3rd grade teacher and she IS NOT a socialist nor is she a liberal.

  • Dan Christopher

    Absolutely…Trained, certified…possibly deputizes Teachers. As w/ the Aurora )theater) shooting. The law abiding folks left their guns in the car, or at home…(theater policy dictates)…as a result, only the bad guy was armed!!

  • KarenWI

    How about keeping track of people with MENTAL problems who could be a danger to other people, instead of keeping track of people (99.9999% who are responsible) who own guns?

    • JohnWIS

      Because people who are mentally ill, do not stand up and proclaim they are mentally ill.

    • dmbunce

      Wishful thinking.

  • Mikey

    Hey, the liberals are already out en masse ready to solve this problem. Gun bans. Doesn’t matter about the 2nd Amendment (no, that part of the Constitution they’re ready to change or ignore) and never mind that the liberals (who live in Utopia) never realize that while that might be a nice thing (nobody has any guns), it will a) never be achievable because that bell (existence of firearms) has already been rung, b) only the law-abiding will abide by the law and the bad guys and the whack jobs will still get firearms and c) the bad guys and whack jobs, even if hypothetically they didn’t have access to firearms would find other ways to kill people. I don’t think teachers carrying at school would necessarily be a good thing either. What would you do if a kid wrestled that firearm away from the teacher? Your reference to the “Barney Fife” type security guard is the problem that needs to be fixed. You need professional, trained, armed security. And maybe that security is not highly visible (like air marshals). You need video capability to help identify potential threats before they enter the building. But, I do agree. Somebody needs to be armed on campus to stop these losers from attaining their end-of-life goals. Their plan should be thwarted and there should be no hesitation.

  • Bill G

    This kind of social madness has transcended any discussion of firearms, wether they should be legal or not, allowing teachers to carry them or not. The question that we should be asking is, just what has happened in our society that promulgates such outrageous behavior? Columbine, Virginia Tech, the movie massacres in Denver, the recent mall shooting in Oregon and now this school shooting in Connecticut. Take away the guns from the equation, and you still have people with an inner rage and a propensity to do others harm, and they will find a way to do just that. Something is broken in our society that is allowing or nurturing this kind of behavior.

  • futurelife

    Are they nuts? Teachers are dumb as it is, can’t fire them due to unions and they want to carry guns? Look how many get involved with young boys or girls now, that is sex I am speaking of. NOPE, there must be a better thing to do then give these freaks guns.

    • caskinner

      Don’t assume that all teachers are dumb. There are good teachers and bad teachers. It is like that in every profession……doctors, lawyers etc.

      • futurelife

        This I know but was talking about the ones can’t can’t be fired and who won’t teach but rather get out money and etc. UGH

  • CaptTurbo

    All administrative staff on school campuses should be trained and armed.

  • Bud

    How many times do we have to repeat history???? (Those how forget the past are doomed to repeat it!). Years ago, there was a study by some ‘experts’ as to why Israel did not have this problem in a gun riddles world any more..(they were plagued by this for years until they implemented this one simple rule)…the answer is what these ‘experts’ did NOT want to hear….ALL the teachers in Israel carry guns!!! NOW…they don’t HAVE this problem any more.
    But here we go again!! “Let’s do a study!” Go back into historical records …AND READ IT this time!!!

  • Mark – Oklahoma Patriot

    This is the proverbial nail in the coffin for gun rights. The govt will start by banning online weapons/ammo sales within the coming year. Why? Because TPTB have struck at the heart strings of our society. Yes. I believe there have been dark powers at play to grab our guns. Why they have stooped this low is beyond me.

    • aschark

      I don’t think so, Mark. If one of the teachers had a gun, maybe the carnage might have been smaller. I know, that’s a theory, but a good one.
      Obama and SoS Clinton are trying to get around the Second Amendment by giving the right to ban gun sales in America, to the public to the UN. Hopefully, that doesn’t work.

  • Allamerican

    Mass murders such as this will continue as long as Americans tolerate socialism. The socialists want this to happen so that they can force their adjenda on the americam people. Self defence should be allowed, not restricted. Christians should stand together and return this nation back to God. Gun Free Zones are inviting criminals in.

    • Dark Patriot

      I love Gun Free Zones! My house is a Gun Free Zone! They make too much noise. OK! It isn’t really a gun free zone but I promise that I won’t shoot a burglar I’ll be having too much fun dressing them for the smoker. Long pork, anybody?

  • Jane

    Maybe teachers should be required to carry a handgun. Knowing that teachers are armed would be the biggest deterrent to these murderers. As a wise person said, “When seconds count, cops are only minutes away”.

  • $29890281

    Doug, I’m sure your suggestion to arm teachers is wishful thinking. You know as well as I that most if not all “teachers” (in public schools) are liberals who support and promote liberal policies and agendas, such as Obama’s gun control, while they love abortion that kills many more children than people ever could using guns. (Notice I didn’t say GUNS kill children).

    • dmbunce

      Those teachers in that school who are still alive are probably rethinking their liberal stance. And a lot of parents there too.

      • $29890281

        Parents maybe, liberal teachers no. Common sense and reason is antithetical to liberalism.

        • dmbunce

          Well then, I’ll just bet we are going to see this happen AGAIN. Probably sooner than later.

          • $29890281

            Yes unfortunately, that’s a given as long as liberalism is not recognized as the evil. Keep in mind that who’s in the white house, legal or not, is the most liberal America has ever seen in politics.

    • Jane

      I know many public school teachers who are most definitely NOT liberal (me included, thank you) and who would carry (and train regularly to be as effective and safe as possible). And I too, am an ‘actual practicing Catholic’.

      • $29890281

        Well Jane, glad to hear it! However my compliment is entirely contingent on whether you voted for (or otherwise supported) the most liberal (and fraudulent) president in the history of this country. If not, then you are the exception to the rule today among teachers. Please notice I indicated “most if not all” teachers in public schools in my comment to Doug. Nevertheless I removed all of my 4 children from public schools over 25 years ago because of that liberalism, so there’s no doubt in what column MOST public school teachers stand today, and what they’re teaching.

  • lexi1

    I agree completely with Doug Giles. The president is protected by men with guns along with plenty of high profile stars,etc. Why not push for the same for the chldren who are a captive audience in school?

  • tomtes

    I’ve tried to say the same thing, but you hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

  • TN Mom 38464

    My husband, who was a crack marksman and also a teacher, hated the “gun-free” zones of the schools where he taught. He always believed the teachers should be trained and armed, especially as the lack of discipline got worse and worse over the years.

    • Palrak

      My caucasian brother taught high school in So. Central L.A. back in the ’60s and 70s (including the Watts Riots.) I don’t know if CCW was legal back then, but he carried, and no one messed with him.

  • DocJimmy

    My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who perished at the hands of this young wretched soul. The Liberals will no doubt use this heathen act as fuel for their anti-gun agenda, but; the reality is nearly thirty are dead because the Good Guys were unarmed – essentially helpless to quell this cold blooded assualt on innocent and helpless children and teachers. Nothing was inplace that would suggest to this young murderer that he might NOT get away with his mission. It is about time people start learning from the history books about the down side of “Gun Control” and from the countries that require at least one firearm per household. With the way our society is headed, those who died are probably in a better place and God will look after them now. This type of activity can be stopped, but; taking away the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is NOT the answer.

  • Bo Kassa

    Great Read!Great idea!!!

    I teach, I carry and I am locked and loaded!!!!Even in Church.

    • deanplmr

      Unfortunately, the pop-culture commercial mass media and the entire liberal population will use this tragedy as one more “example” of why all guns should be outlawed in our society. All this did was hammer another nail in the coffin of the 2nd Amendment. Even if we tried to do it, there is no way to remove every single firearm from American soil (other than our trusted and efficient police of course)! Someone, somewhere is going to have one – maybe buried out in their yard – safely hidden until the government jack-boots leave. Thus, even though I hate this phrase, I have to remind everyone, “When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns.” Nut cases, fruit loops, criminals and troubled kids will always be able to get guns. That’s just the way it is! Personally, I believe that a strong offense is the best defense. I will never give up my right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of protection of my family, property, and most importantly, liberty.

  • ron

    the problem was the teacher had guns and her son used them at the school. Her son had access to them when he should not have because he had mental health issues and she shouldn’t have them in the house.

    • dmbunce

      It doesn’t matter that his mother had guns! You don’t get it! If the teachers were packing and everyone knew it he wouldn’t have gone there in the first place!

      • caskinner

        Who knows what an unbalanced person would do. He obviously was not thinking right. Maybe he would have wanted to be shot by a bunch of teachers.

  • ron

    i agree we need more safety at schools,,an armed person would help

  • Marlin208

    If the word got out that all school teachers and principles had guns at school, how many of these creeps do you think would show up there? None.. They show up at school because they know it is easy pickings and they can go in do all this damage and leave safely.
    There is no common sense in this country any longer. It started years ago when they removed prayer from school. And by the way, did anyone notice that after the teachers had herded the kids into closets and bathrooms that they started to pray. Very odd that they would turn to the one thing that they banned so many years ago.

    There is not a gun problem in this country there is a soul problem and we are now reaping what we sowed so long ago when abortion started in this country. Before abortion started in this country you never heard of any of this stuff going on in schools and malls and the like, now it is becoming common place.

    You can not have a generation raised with abortion being the norm and prayer taken out of school and Christ removed from Christmas and think that all will be well with the world.

    • terrie

      Also, I dare say, divorce is a HUGE simmering pot of anger,resentment and hurt and grief for children and adults alike. We need to help families stay together, for love,country and God.

  • Myptofvu

    This just isn’t well thought out. So now the shooter first kills the armed teacher before killing students second you would prob have 5th or 6th graders overpowering the teacher to take away their weapon. Having an armed guard in the school just as pointless doesn’t seem to work for banks.

    Would arming teachers be a deterent? who knows and just because a teacher is armed and trained doesn’t mean they will use their weapon when the time comes.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      You ignorant, STUPID jerk, If the teacher is armed and (properly trained) they would use the weapon, correctly, safely and (without hesitation) when the time comes. There are training courses that properly train their students in defense above what our police have experienced. The laws about “gun free zones” are an invitation to the criminal of being “mayhem by criminal, crazies zones”. The blood is on the hands of those who would infringe on the rights of the law abiding to self protection while ignoring that it has NO effect on the criminal or deranged. Have you No Power Of Reason? Israel had some of the same criminal experiences until they trained (volunteer) teachers to (PROTECT) their charges.

      • Myptofvu

        Dude chill out I was just saying it should be thought out a little better not that I was opposed to it. And I would be for having armed Israeli teachers unfortunately we don’t have Israeli teachers. Just because someone is trained doesn’t mean they have the mettle it takes when it counts and knowing a lot of teachers in this country I doubt you could even get them to go along with the idea let alone act responsibly when it counted. So that leaves the downside of what happens when that gun gets taken away from a teacher by a student (which will happen) am I putting my kids in more or less danger all things considered. Just how long do you think it will take in a place like Newark NJ before that happens? I give it less than a week. So now do we say its a good idea for some schools but bad for others? If so then didn’t we just make targets out of the schools that aren’t allowed to arm? Again my point is more thought needs to be done instead of just jumping in and claiming that’s the answer. Now for my personal view I think that the issue is that the teacher has the right to carry whether or not they are successful in the outcome. Those opposed to guns like to twist the argument and say that studies have shown that more people would be killed if there were armed people in the Aurora movie theater, but that’s not the point. It’s not about statistical success its about the right to defend yourself whether you are successful at it or not. Or another way to say it is the right to go down shooting instead of sitting there and hoping you don’t become a statistic.

  • brabbie2002

    We don’t need concealed weapons permits, we need to be able to carry where ever. It is time to give the whackos and criminals a taste of their own medicine. If more people were carrying in public places and you didn’t know who, I, myself, would think the bad guys wouldn’t dare pull a weapon. It may sound crude, but if the teachers and custodian had been armed, this tragedy would have ended before it began. And I am still wondering how this mental midget got through a supposedly “safe” deterrent door? The way these things are happening, I am beginning to believe those people that say the government has mind control going. This administration will do anything to stay in power or to take away our defenses. And these events are happening in too rapid a sequence to be consequential. As for the parents, siblings, wives and husbands of those killed, I cannot convey enough sorrow for your loss. May GOD hold you in HIS powerful hands in the wake of all this grief.

  • Kookie

    agree with this article.

  • AIM

    I agree with your article – the key words are “weapons trained”. It would be very bad if an evil person got his gun by taking it away from a properly licensed teacher or someone was injured because a properly licensed teacher did not know the definition of “Imminent and unavoidable”..

  • AIM

    Gun owners should be required to have a secure, lockable safe. The shooter’s mother, who owned the guns, should have had the guns locked in a secure safe.

    • Palrak

      That’s the first thing I learned in my Handgun Safety class. Taking it a step further, if teachers were locked and loaded, what would prevent a curious young child from finding it, thinking it was a toy? Having said that, I do agree with the article, as long as there’s a way the children can’t get to them.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. All Teachers Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns ….

    Allowed? How about Mandated?

    And airline passengers and crew, too.

    That way we will have no more hijacks and may be rid of the Junk:eteers in one foul swoop!

  • gfsomsel

    New rule: All teachers should be REQUIRED to carry a gun and to be proficient in its use. That wouldn’t be a bad rule for all citizens as well.

  • AIM

    I know, people cannot protect themselves with a locked up gun; however, all of one’s guns should be locked up except the one on one’s hip. Also, one does not need an accessible gun at home when one is out-of-town.

  • rodon

    Jamie, the reason there are gun restrictions is that the black-robed, bench degenerates have developed methods to restrict the common meaning of the 2nd amendment. Now, Barack Hussein Obama is going to do his best to steal ALL of our guns since it is easier for a despot and despotic government to enslave the citizens if they are not armed. Any excuse will be work for these defective-minded control freaks who follow in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

  • T.R.







  • Mike Burns

    I totally agree with Doug’s post. I’m a retired teacher who was once reprimanded for wanting a hunter safety program within our school system. I’m a firearms instructor these days and teach teachers how to shoot back. Thailand passed laws a few years ago allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom mainly because of the radical Muslin problems in the south of that country. No mishaps there to date! At my former school we have two armed police officers. Elementary schools do not have the need thus a coward picked an easy target. You can bet there will be countless gun legislation over this horrendous event although most have been in the works for some time waiting for a tragedy to catapult their anti-gun agendas. I do pray for the children.

  • Rock Pierce

    100% agreement with teachers carrying guns. It’s the only sane thing to do.

  • Crashaxe

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are
    neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • gmhunt4

    If it were a requirement for every school Principle to be armed and trained how to use a 9mm, think how many lives could be saved.

  • LesD

    I think everyone should be allowed to carry hand grenades….It kills much faster and is much cheaper….It is a concealed weapon and is very effective… can kill an entire class of kids instead of only 20……very few people use a gun to defend themselves,they use it to kill others. a hand granade is much better for you gun nuts.

    • Palrak

      That was sarcasm, right?

  • True American

    PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, NOT GUNS. Where’s Obama? For 4 years people are getting killed by crazy people. Why isn’t he working on that problem? He should push for locking up crazies, lifting the privacy act of crazy people so cops, schools and others can tell who is crazy and possibly dangerous.AND, after pissing away $1Trillion on Green BS, TARP, Stimulus, auto and financial bailouts, he hasn’t put cops or armed security in schools and fortified the actual buildings with bulletproof doors and glass? Mr. Obama get off the golf course and do your job!!!

  • George

    Someone stated in a yesterday’s comment box, that if NO ONE had any guns, these things couldn’t happen. I replied (and the same reply is here) “ANY ONE, passing a junior high science class, or watching these absurbedly violent television shows, has enough knowledge to make a home made bomb (or such) which could take down a whole building. Those “sick” enough to take another person’s life (except in war) WILL and CAN find a way WITHOUT A GUN to harm the helpless. The MORE defense we have, the LESS likely those sick O’s are TO do these horrid things. I agree, punishments should be severe for those committing such acts…BUT, do you realize,MOST of those committing such things…are SUICIDAL any way. PROTECTION is most important, THEN… KNOWING they could die before accomplishing their “dastardly” deed…ABSOLUTELY would cause more of them to THINK before they ACT.

  • terrie

    Maybe we need to restructure the staff and fronts of schools. Principles be counselors and the ‘principal’ a trained, watchman or woman to guard and protect.

  • Peggy

    It works in Israel. Oops, that’s a dirty word to most American politicians.

  • caskinner

    I am more inclined to have an armed professional on campus such as a police officer or some kind of security expert.

  • Chris

    Because state laws make it a felony for a convicted felon to possess a weapon. Carry permits are convenient in that is the person is stopped and found with a weapon, the police doesn’t have to do a background check. Carry permits are also handy becuse you don’t have to wait for a background check to purchase a gun.

  • John Sipos

    PUSHING BACK against Gun Control Nuts:
    The 2nd Amendment contains no qualifiers, the Constitution’s saying we have a right to bear arms trumps all. Period. Amen. Agreed, in certain environments, such as in a school filled with little children, it would be wise if the school, NOT the government regulators, required monthly live fire teacher, administrator, and janitor training to reasonably assure that discharged rounds found their intended mark — reducing, though not totally eliminating the risk of hitting a kid. Clearly, our schools would be a hell of a lot safer. Remember! — the first airline hijacking was a success. Bullets well placed in the torsos of copycats brought an almost instant end to that. As for radicaLIEberaLEFT Mainsewer Media cries that all good, honest, decent people surrendering their guns to the Marxist and Thief in the White House, and we’d all then be safe, BULLSPIT!

  • Fireboatman

    Doug, you should post some of the success stories where students armed themselves and caught up with the killer as it happened at an Eastern University and many other like events. I would also point out what gun laws in those respective event areas had influenced the outcome of those events. Another thing, that 20 year old must have been a Sharpshooter or an Expert. He must have had a lot of practice. A Sig and a Glock, he kills 27 and no reported injuries? He ran out of bullets? He was certainly methodical and cool during his carnage, otherwise some of those bullets would have missed their target. I do agree with you, at least half of those children could have been saved if a courageous citizen or teacher had been armed and used it to stop the carnage.

  • K Strickland

    Your heart is sick. Yes it is. As a kindergarten teacher and a parent of young children, this disgusts me beyond measure. Shame on you.

  • average joe

    If not the teachers whom are around in this case small childern. The best persons to be armed would be the princaple or jannator. Some one that could be anywhere at any given time. These are the people that do not stand in front of childern all day. These are the people and the areas of A school childern do not normaly occupy. This is where the guns to protect our childern should be. I do not think we should make childern beleive we live in A war zone that needs to be armed to teach and learn

  • Jane

    I’m a high school teacher. I have a CCW permit and I have found a great instructor with whom I train about every 6 weeks. I have kids in class with all sorts of problems and who are on all sorts of medications. For the most part, they are good kids dealing with issues children (or adults come to that) should not have to deal with. I have seen kids snap when their saturation point is met – but no one knows what that point is. Our school building is sprawling and there is no way the police officer assigned to us could get from one end of the building to another in less than 10 minutes (on foot). The communications system is “iffy” at best. Not all the classroom doors have locks. The only way I could protect my students is by whacking the perp with my teacher’s edition textbook which must weigh about 20 lbs. (It has BIG TYPE and lots of pretty pictures.) I wish I could carry; there are several of us with CCWs and a few with military training. We could, at least, be ‘force multipliers’ until the big boys could arrive. No ‘cross shooting’ need be involved; just several faculty members armed at various points to help contain an active shooter or shooters. With thoughtful training, it could make a difference. At least I’d be doing something other than cowering in a closet, forced to be a victim by leftist ‘do-gooders’. Oh wait – no closet in my classroom either.

  • Ben Pennington

    The left would never tolerate a teacher wearing a gun visibly while teaching because that would wind up demonstrating to students that everyday people can responsibly carry a gun and that would inevitably convince more children to be like their teachers and be gun carriers themselves when they grow up. I do believe however that if a teacher wants to keep a gun in their classroom they should be allowed to do so if they have passed a training course tailored precisely for situations such as we had yesterday. There are plenty of small 1 gun safes on the market which can be opened quickly in case of emergency by someone who knows the combination. Most teachers would probably not want a gun in their room but, for those who would I think they should be allowed.

  • DrPuzzle

    I checked the Connecticut laws. Carrying in schools is allowed with the permission and knowledge of the administration. By law.

  • swimkin

    Amen ….no one has mentioned that this same day in China a man wielding a large knife started hacking kids in an elementary school there. Apparently Chinese citizens are not allowed to own guns, but that didn’t stop the mayhem there.

  • Mo86

    Amen to this article.

    You know the really frustrating part? Christians will be the first ones whining at other Christians who say this, echoing the liberal line, “It’s not the time”, “You’re politicizing a tragedy” and all the rest.

    How do we deal with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who say such things?

  • lizaz

    “Gun free zones” mean nothing to these deranged people and officials act in an ostrich-like manner when they support these “zones”. It simply says to the sick individual that he or she has the upper hand and won’t meet with any resistance. Isn’t that just the opposite of what officials want???? CCWs may be the final answer…..but it will not come easy because liberals want all weapons removed from law-abiding citizens leaving them defenseless against criminals and crazies who will always find a way to get guns!!! We pray for the victims and families of the Sandy Hook shooting……..

  • RockyMtn1776

    Let’s not forget many teachers are Libs to the core. No way would they even touch a gun, let alone learn how to use it !
    I don’t know what the answer is to this without having a armed security guard standing outside the door of every classroom in America. The school had just installed a state of the art security system, here’s a guy, on camera, standing at the door dressed in some military clothing, a camo vest, carring 2 pistols and and rifle and they unlock the door. Whoever unlocked the door no doubt knew the shooter and probably knew he had mental issues. What a cluster f—k this turned out to be !

    • Jerry Miller

      If you want to teach, then you need to be instructed on how to shoot and be required to carry a sidearm.

  • sagebrush6

    Our wonderfully, ill educated, totally & wildly misleading media is one of the biggest problems when something happens like this . In this case, we had (from CNN, NBC, NWCN, ABC and the rest) 25 different renditions of what was happening broadcast every two minutes non-stop and 95% of it was WRONG! Anything for a story. Right or wrong – they don’t care.
    These fruitcakes want to get their names in headlines and our media makes them happy. Should be NO NAMES of the shooters. Their name in headlines is what these wacko’s want. Noterioty.

  • evocatus

    Dr. Ignatius Piazza, owner and founder of Front Sight has a standing offer of a free 4-Day Handgun class for any teacher…Check his website at…
    The Israelis had this problem with mass shootings, and their solution was arming the population…Mass shootings dropped off sharply…Learn by their example? Du-uh-uh?!
    But the pols don’t want mass shootings to end because the passions mass shootings stir up (with the ghoulish assistance of their servants in the media) serve the agenda of gun control…Read: Civilian disarmament..
    If the American people are unarmed and defenseless, we’re easier to mold and bend to the will of a would-be dictator…Or truck off to the gulags if we dissent…
    Is a picture of the future these “progressives” have in mind for us forming in your heads yet, America?

  • Ed Scott

    Gun free zones, Criminals laugh at these zones. To them it simply means no one in these zones will have a gun to stop them. It is bad enough to have gun free zones, but then to advertise the fact with a sign out front is like saying “I am unarmed, come on in and shoot me.” To me this makes no sense whatever.

    Same with the drug free zones.

  • charlie

    I do not think that all teachers should carry guns. However the principal and vice principal are paid much more and probably one of them should earn that pay.

    however there needs to be safe gun storage at the school that is very secure.

    Even with this some kids may be killed, but if the shooter is killed soon it will act as a deterrent. right now the mass shootings in gun free zones seem to be a viable method to act out their rage.

    kids in school are dependent upon the school staff to protect them! Let’s not make them suffer.

  • txicare

    Obama flaunted Park Joe-Sang , a Korean rapper who said the American mothers and babies should all be killed, in front of the American people just a few days before the nut-job took up the call and did just that. After Bengazi Obama jumped in to condemn a man who made a video, about his prophet, and had the man arrested. Where is the notice and the outcry about what Obama did and probably caused?

  • Jerry Miller

    I told my wife this morning, here it comes from idiots like “Chris Matthews” we need to out law guns. “NO” we need to have anyone and everyone that is working for any school in the U.S. to carry a sidearm. From the guy/gal that mowers the campus lawn to the President/Principle to carry a sidearm. The only way to confront a gun is with a gun!

  • Ed Scott

    I spoke to a 14 year old Grand Daughter about not carrying guns in School. Even in Texas, they have security guards in the Schools. She says inside the School buildings, the guards may carry stun guns, and mace, no guns.

    Outside the building on the School property, the guards may carry guns, but cannot enter the buildings with the gun under any circumstance. I don’t think a security guard outside the building would be of much use, even with a gun, if they cannot enter the building.

    I don’t think a security guard armed with a stun gun, and mace inside the building would have prevented the horrible shootings that took place in Connecticut yesterday.

    A concealed carry permit holder is not allowed to carry a gun in a School, nor can they carry at any School athtletic advent from a t-ball game, All up to and including a professional game.

  • Jerry Herr

    You must remember that these teachers taught these kids that the most important rule is “keep God out of our schools” pray and be expelled. Now shut up I’m yur teecher.

  • logic thinker

    …..and do away with assault weapons sold to the public…

  • Ed Scott

    I. myself am an older man. I am too old to fight the bad guys, and too old to outrun them. This is the reason I got my concealed carry permit, that and the fact that the apartments I live in have had several older people robbed and beaten. I have not had to use my legally carried gun, I hope I never have to, but I am ready should the need arrive. As a older man, I can understand it better from a woman’s point of view as being the weaker sex susceptibile to young criminals ability to overpower me. It is not a pleasant thought.

    These people, instead of wanting to outlaw guns should be finding ways to make punishments more severe for those wanting to use guns to commit crime.More should be done to weed out potentially mentally ill people from owning guns, because lets be honest some people should not be allowed near a gun, let alone own one.

    • TaskForce16

      Having a fully armed populus would do much of what you desire. The more of us that carry side arms for defense of self and others, the quicker we can weed out criminals (most of them anyway) and the dangerous mentally ill. hmmm…that sounds redundant, doesn’t it?

  • Jaime Cancio

    The only problem I have seen with the concept of arming teachers; there are some real brain washed idiots and outright nut cases who are teachers; I would not trust them putting on a condom and I surely don’t want them teaching any children of mine. Here, in this incident in CT, is overtly proven that all guns laws, the government and the police cannot protect us. Here also is proven the need to protect ourselves….

  • RyansDad

    No, school teachers and administrators should be required to complete weapons training, an annual refresher course and be REQUIRED to carry a concealed weapon. And I agree that the 2nd Amendment prevents ANY STATE from requiring any permit to carry a weapon, open or concealed. Reasonable restrictions on convicted felons and mentally deficient persons excepted.

    • TaskForce16

      Sorry to burst your buble about restrictions on felons and mentally deficient persons, but there are NO qualifiers or exceptions, as to who can or can’t KABA, in the 2nd Amendment. Unless we want to amend the Constitution to reflect desired exceptions, all restrictive gun laws should be considered “null and void”.

  • Deborah21

    I don’t get it… Libs keep passing stricter gun laws and are working at taking away our 2nd amendment rights and yet there are more attacks on our innocent babies. It seems to me the more gun control, the more crime and carnage abound.

  • noweareman

    Another “Gun free zone” success story!

  • Doug Frisbie

    Think about this would some one like this go to a firing range and start shooting at

    people there Or would he seek out a group of hunters in a camp and walk in and start shooting. As you can see these people would have shoot him after the first round was fired he might have got one of them but that would be it.

    Doug Frisbie

  • Texas Tanker

    The hue and cry has already begun for more stringent gun-control laws to prevent this sort of atrocity. These cries neglect what Mr. Giles points out in the article – that mass shootings occur in Gun-Free Zones, better known as target-rich environments. Also forgotten is that Connecticut has the fourth-most stringent gun-control laws in the nation according to the Brady Gun Control Folks. Moreover, the shooter was 20, making him ineligible to legally possess a handgun in the U.S.
    Evil is out there in the world. In my military career I saw it first hand. Taking away the means of personal protection is not the solution. Doug is correct. Had even one teacher had a weapon and training in its use, that cowardly swine would probably not have achieved the high body-count. That’s why these scum always try to commit suicide before having to face someone with a weapon.That is why they do not attack police stations, shooting ranges, gun stores, or other places where there probably will be one or more armed person present.
    The SCOTUS has ruled as a matter of law that no police department has the responsibility to protect an individual citizen. Their purpose is to protect society IN GENERAL. That means the individual is responsible for their own individual protection. Yet the liberal politician and mindset cannot accept that the individual can do anything. They want the individual to look to government for everything. Additionally, they fear that an armed polity might at some point take umbrage at an increasingly intrusive government.

  • JJW/Claremont

    I’ve noticed that no one has addressed the issue of the “shooter” versus his method. Our society is fed a constant diet of violence from Saturday morning cartoons to prime time evening TV under the guise of entertainment. For years movies have been a contest of special effects as to who can create the biggest explosions or the highest body count and goriest depiction of death (ie: NCI and NCIS and numerous “action” films). The hypocritical, big political contributing media disclaims responsibility for desensitizing people to violence while others push for rehabilitation of various criminal offenders through exposure to similar but opposite content re-training programs. The dumbing and numbing down of the public is only surpassed by the conspiratorial hypocracy of the media (minimal coverage of the “sharp edged weapon” attack that left three dead in a recent school setting) and politicians. If violent media doesn’t influence values and behavior, then rehabilitation must be ineffective. Let’s see how China addresses their rash of knife attacks on school students and personnel.

  • Jimmy Mack, Chicago

    Sadly, we must have this debate every time a tragedy occurs; the gun
    control crowd reflexively regurgitate and reiterate their not only
    ineffective, but maddeningly counter-productive “solution”, which is to
    disarm the “good guys”. The proof, if anything more than common sense is
    needed, was demonstrated in Pearl, Mississippi several years ago. The
    loss of life in that situation would have been far greater were it not
    for a teacher in that school, running to his car, retrieving his
    handgun, and returning to confront and stop the killer before he could
    continue what would have remained an unchallenged killing spree.
    Virtually all of the media meticulously scrubbed any mention of a
    firearm being used to quickly end what most certainly would have been a
    far worse tragedy, vaguely stating that the killer was simply stopped or
    apprehended by the teacher.

    I, for one, am fed up with, and
    sickened by these fools who seek to put guns and gun owners on the
    defensive, when in reality, it is precisely the criminally misguided
    policies that they espouse that allows the deadliness of a madman’s
    actions to be compounded exponentially by eliminating the possibility of
    any defense.

    The longer we continue to entertain the utopian
    delusions of these foolhardy miscreants instead of adopting serious
    policies that provide real defense for the defenseless, we will have
    learned nothing from these senseless tragedies.

  • Kent

    Has anyone seen this photo? Teacher with suitable weapon.
    Elementary school class in Israel.

  • deanplmr

    Had it gone down differently, the well armed and well trained teacher – having saved the children from being killed – would have gone to prison (or worse, the death penalty) for shooting poor Adam Lanza, a troubled, but innocent 20 year old boy. This reaction is an issue of hindsight. If you take medicine to prevent a disease and you never get sick, then how do you know if you would have really gotten the disease? This is an impossible situation because if the teacher had been able to take down Lanza, then the only “murder” that would have been committed would have been by the teacher. The only REAL benefit to arming the faculty would be in it’s deterrent value. Perhaps had Lanza known the teacher was armed, he might not have killed anyone.

  • 9Spoon9

    Some teachers may be weapons capable enough to maintain proper control and security of a weapon. The issuer of this very URL page depicts why not all should be considered. Look at the young, left-handed woman in the included photo. Must think she’s “Miss Cool” with a pistol as portrayed in this pose. Where’s her left index finger positioned?

    I have a sidearm on me at all times when outside of my domicile. I remove it as prescribed in Missouri Statutes when entering the Courthouse, PD and on rare visits to schools to partake in Grand Parent Day activities. I’ve worn a sidearm since age 14 when “on patrol” with my State LEO father. A sidearm (revolver or pistol) is not carried for any different reason that the spare tire you lug around everywhere you drive. Both are there for JUST IN CASE/. No one in their proper mind wants to use either unless necessary.

    I taught high school for 9 years following my retirement from the USAF. There was one occasion that I would have physically deployed my weapon. I encountered a situation where I felt foolishly helpless when an off-campus student began shooting some students involved in my after-school activity on school grounds. Thankfully, it was a low-velocity BB/pellet rifle; nonetheless two students had BBs beneath the skin. Talk about raging mad and feeling useless! His parents probably still hold a grudge against me for calling the Sheriff’s Office and filing the complaint. The “system” let him off by sending him to attend classes at a secured facility (daytime class and home afterward) for troubled kids. I wanted his ass hung out to dry!

    ARM ALL…within reason, be it in schools or where ever. As noted in another post, “An armed society is a polite society.” The answer is an expedient court proceeding with a televised public execution no later than six months (sooner would be better) in the town square, at the old oak tree or from a purposefully-constructed Gallows!

    Keep your head on a swivel…the Administration and the NWO under the UN is gaining momentum in attempts to control everyone. They want us all disarmed and defenseless. It ain’t happening with me and several million others that understand that the RKBA IS the keystone of all other Liberties!

  • John W.H.

    I am sick at heart for what happened to those young kids yesterday, I pray for their parents, their is nothing worse than losing a child, parents are never prepared for the lose of a child. The ideal of arming teachers is really the dumbest think I have ever heard. Teachers and the crap they are teaching our kids is dangerous enough already. The though of a crazy left wing liberal teacher with a gun is really scary. Maybe a better ideal would be to let grand parents who have a CCW. take over the security for the schools, let some one try to hurt one of my grand kids, or any kid in front of me. at the same time we could keep a close watch on the teachers, make sure they are teaching the kids what they need to get ahead in life. get rid of sex education in school, and quit coddling the little dopers. Put prayer back in school, and screw the atheist . I am sick of a few morons, forcing their ideals off on ever one else. while we are at it get rid of teacher unions, who keep the sorry teachers on the payroll. we need to keep the good teachers, and get rid of the bad ones.

  • Jimmy Mack, Chicago

    Sadly, we must have this debate every time a tragedy occurs; the gun
    control crowd reflexively regurgitate and reiterate their not only
    ineffective, but maddeningly counter-productive “solution”, which is to
    disarm the “good guys”. The proof, if anything more than common sense is
    needed, was demonstrated in Pearl, Mississippi several years ago. The
    loss of life in that situation would have been far greater were it not
    for a teacher in that school, running to his car, retrieving his
    handgun, and returning to confront and stop the killer before he could
    continue what would have remained an unchallenged killing spree.
    Virtually all of the media meticulously scrubbed any mention of a
    firearm being used to quickly end what most certainly would have been a
    far worse tragedy, vaguely stating that the killer was simply stopped or
    apprehended by the teacher.

    I, for one, am fed up with, and
    sickened by these fools who seek to put guns and gun owners on the
    defensive, when in reality, it is precisely the criminally misguided
    policies that they espouse that allows the deadliness of a madman’s
    actions to be compounded exponentially by eliminating the possibility of
    any defense.

    The longer we continue to entertain the utopian
    delusions of these foolhardy miscreants instead of adopting serious
    policies that provide real defense for the defenseless, we will have
    learned nothing from these senseless tragedies.

  • jerry sweet

    this terminal turd was just the drugged out patsie.the real shooter,a black ops villian had his escaping back window blown out.Conpirisy.why were all leo angency’s on the site ,within munutes.btaf,fbi all local and state police.why???is it because these murdering thugs are dancing to obamas tune to disarm us.look at every country that got away with it.mao slalin,idi amin,pol pot,castro.britain and autralia and canada are just waiting for america to become disarmed.then the worst carnage in the history of the world WILL take place.obama played it pretty cool the first 4 passing congress,illegal executive powers,fiat directives,czars who answer only to this madman has been unleased,i pity all you vile just put in power the man??that is going to murder you

  • Bob Cordon

    I like the idea of arming faculty in schools. But, be ready for the counter-argument that will sound something like this: “So who takes responsibility when a well-fed teenager who stands well above his female history teacher, decides he doesn’t like his latest grade and, knowing where she keeps the gun, takes it from her and shoots her dead? There is no place in schools for guns.”
    You have to know the liberal opposition will paint pictures like this all day long to make us look like irresponsible, trigger-happy rednecks. We’d best have our responses ready.

    • TaskForce16

      If the teachers fire arm isn’t on her hip, in a good retention holster, it’s in the wrong place.

  • Laird

    To those of us who are able to think rationally, everything said here makes perfect sense! But, to the average Left-leaning educator, the mere mention of the alternative measure of arming responsible and trained teachers is anathema. Therefore, we need to find a way to circumvent these educated idiots so that our little ones can be safe. The shame is that we can’t trust even the (so-called) conservatives in Congress to do anything other than compromise with the enemy! Maybe the strategy should be to go to the local level and begin to propagandize with the TRUTH in order to influence the parents of children like these.

  • golface12949

    Concealed maybe, not in the open. It would scare too many kids. They first must pass a hand gun safety class and qualify. The doors must be secured once the kids are in . Know who you are letting in

    • Public_Citizen

      People are afraid of what they do not understand.
      Children being exposed to firearms in the classroom and taught proper firearms safety from an early age won’t be scared of their teacher carrying a firearm.
      Once the training and dissemination reaches a critical mass the children will be more afraid of the classrooms where the teacher is ~not~ carrying.
      Why? Because they will ~know~ that they are not as safe in the no carry zone.
      An armed society is and has always been a polite society. It is also safer for the average citizen, the shoot-em-up- fantasy depicted in Hollywood Westerns notwithstanding.

    • TaskForce16

      Kids will get over their fear of an openly carried side arm in short time. Many Schools have resource officers that are armed LEO’s, do their openly carried sidearms strike fear in the students? Not likely.
      I carry openly all the time. Occassionally, I come in contact with children in stores. Most don’t seem to react at all at the sight of my holstered pistol. One little girl of about 7 or 8 yo asked me one day if my gun was for protection against bad guys. I told her it was. Then she asked if I could protect anybody with it. I answered that I could, including little girls like her self. THAT put a big smile on her face…and her mom’s, who was with her.

  • marineh2ominer

    AMEN !! But all teachers should be trained and REQUIRED to be at all times armed .

  • Steve Duffey

    Police stop shooter/killer incidences only 15% of the time. Everyone is dead within seconds. The best police response time could not help. Average gun incident last 2.8 seconds. To See, Decide, and Respond takes on average 1.6 seconds. Law enforcement or better-a trained tactical force must be onsite. Learn from Israel and protect your people or die of ignorance. The Brady Bill blames firearms. Brady is the definition of ignorance… Your 9000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than a firearm. Tell Congress this and doctors will no longer be able to practice. People die. Sad of course but its time to arm the school districts and taking the video games that kill away.

  • Steve Duffey

    Another Gun Free Zone. I’d say to arm the teachers but if they are liberal- I have to question their mindset. Liberals are the problem. If a liberal is introduced to commonsense solutions to commonsense problems and keep educating the liberal- they become a Conservative. So it’s true? An educated Liberal is a Conservative…..

  • usfrog

    The former NYPD detective appearing on FOX stated that there should be people on the staff who should be armed because these killings always occur on “gun free zones”. Seems like plain common sense to me.

  • Chris

    I do agree that armed citizens cut tragedy short, and that not having an armed presence in schools is a mistake. I believe in taking steps to prevent loss of life wherever possible.

    But the point could also be made that we’re treating the symptom and not the cause. (treating the symptom is good, we do it all the time when someone is sick. But treating the symptom and not the cause is eventually fatal.).

    Our country has an issue with sin. We’re selfish, don’t practice perseverance. We have failed to instill the next generation with a Christian values. We’ve taken God out of culture, and with Him has gone not only morals but also the sense of value and worth that stops people from sinking this low. People would be less messed up if they knew that they were created by an awesome God who loves them and has a purpose and a destiny for them.

    Guns save lives. We need to be prepared to protect ourselves and others, but let’s also fight for the virtues that will go against this culture’s rapid decline.

  • PEC-Memphis

    ” I bet that 100% of the parents who lost their children today wished that their child’s teacher had a gun in order to defend their now deceased child.”

    I disagree with you on this statement. Sadly, many people believe that an armed defense would only mean that more injuries because of misses, cross-fire, etc. I think that is a misinformed opinion, but they are still quite prevalent.

  • stevenmarkpilling

    Dear Doug: I am one of those chunky, arthritic security guards with a plastic badge. But I agree fully with your narrative. Like a number of my ilk, I’m retired military and supplementing my pension in this manner. In the last six years, I’ve guarded all sorts of installations; to include office buildings and, occasionally, the local Girl Scout HQ. Everywhere you see these idiot signs with the circled pistol with a line through it. And this is in Houston! I should mention here that I’m also a retired military COP. I’m well aware of the terrible vulnerability of these places. The only reason an office building hasn’t been hit yet is because the cops are usually too near. A suicidal death freak (who’s been raised on porn, video games and MVT) wants the maximum time to kill a lot of innocents before blowing his own brains out. Notoriety is what he’s looking for. I’m also aware that, if one comes through the door of someplace I’m guarding, my life expectancy will be measured in seconds. As I continually tell the managers (to their faces!), that “gun free” sign, to a killer, only means “easy pickin’s inside”. Should school personnel be licensed carriers? Absolutely… assuming they themselves are not predators, cougars are some other form of lowlife. The rise of the teachers unions has made the quality of too many of them problematical. Maybe the school janitor! Or perhaps a corps of volunteer parents who are retired military and can patrol to campuses. There HAS to be a deterrant that a crazed, gun wielding kamakaze type will understand. Getting blown away after three seconds inside is one. No notoriety. And the kids are safe.

    • Public_Citizen

      Gun Free Sign = Gun Wielding Homicidal Maniac Magnet

  • stj

    Anyone else find it odd that any time there is more gun control issues up for debate there is another shooting? I’m beginning to think it is not a coincident. Makes me scared of who is setting these people up to do this stuff.

    • TaskForce16

      You’re not alone, stj. Just this past week it was announced the the 7th Circuit Appalate Court ruled against Illinois ban on citizens “bearing arms” outside the home for self-defense. The majority ruling gave the State 180 days to legislate a carry permit system for the residents of that State.
      I can’t help but wonder if there is any connection between the courts ruling and the Conn shooting incident.

  • David

    I have just finished my conceled handgun course, within the hour, and we discussed the merits of teachers having conceled weapons. It was 100% in favor of allowing it,

  • 4th grade teacher

    The person who wrote this is an idiot. How many days until a frustrated
    teacher would kill a student or a Principal. Way to think it through

  • TexasJester

    How about this, especially where students are unruly: All teachers carry openly. First round or 2 are rubber. Kid starts misbehaving badly, rubber round center mass. Then Teacher asks “how many more are rubber?? SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!”

    ALL teachers should carry – in school, open carry. A hand cannon like a long-barrel .44 magnum (like Rick Simon in “Simon and Simon” and Dirty Harry carried) being aimed at you would be enough to stop most of these cruds.

  • Tina

    Why aren’t teachers armed???? One thing you will never see is a shooter trying to kill people at a gun range or a gun competition. They want unarmed people or children so they can “shoot fish in a barrel” with impunity. They are sick!!! No amount of gun control wll stop them. Only an armed citizen can. And, they will always find a way to get a gun, legal or not. Wake up people!!!

  • Stephen Ray Hale

    You guys are crazy. There should be a law that forbids kids from stealing their parents weapons, that should stop the crazy kids from killing all our children.

    • Stephen Ray Hale

      How many of you recognized the above as satire? Here is my real rant:

      How long does it take to sink in that government IS a gun,
      but one which is backup…when we need more than one person to confront a perp? In this respect is government important. We give THEM the right to pursue or be the
      manager of the force of the community which is us with our weapons of self
      defense. Whether or not you believe the
      Bible, the government principle comes from the Talmud law of two or three
      witnesses which is also found in scripture where the wisdom is revealed that
      two are better than one and two can prevail against one perp and a threefold
      cord is not easily broken – all Biblical principles.

      If government is a gun to back us up then it is up to us the
      public, the victim to be in the eyes of a predator, to withstand the initial
      few seconds of the perp’s wrath or treachery…so where in that government
      school system was anyone available to meet the perp at the point of his
      predation? Who is it that disarms the
      people in a dangerous world, never made perfectly safe, no matter what the
      machinations of the PC folk?

      Why do we have a system against the wisdom of our founders
      to be weak by color of law by having our weak and defenseless children in the
      hands of those who are unwilling to arm themselves against folk who are
      suicidal? John Locke in his Second
      Treatise of Government hit it right on the head when he said that SUICIDE is
      not Liberty but License. Suicide cannot
      be tolerated by claiming it a right and it could never be a moral right for a
      citizen of a community because how many recent suicides are committed without a
      seeming desire of such folk, unwilling to love themselves, to take a few folk
      with them into the void of death, where they will meet their maker and He ask
      them why?

      Do NOT give us this putrid whiney question about
      violence. Suck it up, in this world of
      sin and no desire to account to the Creator why we behave the way we do, there
      is going to be violence, and that Maker tells us that those perps who murder
      must not be allowed to die a death of natural causes. There truly is going to be a time when we
      beat our swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks but that time
      will come when our maker comes back to rule over Israel and the nations. Until then there MUST be diligence and the
      people MUST not be artificially disarmed, because until we consider cutting OFF
      our right arms, there will be those willing try to murder their fellow men.

  • Public_Citizen

    In college I had one law professor who was an ex state Supreme Court Justice.
    On the first session of each term he would explain the reason why he wrote on the chalk board with either hand.
    It was so that he could easily access the shoulder holster carried gun that lived under his suit jacket without having an unnecessary interruption to his lectures.

    I have never had such a secure feeling in any other college classroom or learned as much from one teacher in any other college setting, military higher education courses taught on active duty military installations excepted.

  • Deepizzaguy

    That is true. If all teachers carried guns on their possession a criminal would think twice of committing a crime. The complaints from the gun control crowd is we would be the second coming of the Wild Wild West tv show.

  • Marc Lizotte

    I would rather see armed guards (m-f) in our public schools! Teaching is a VERY stressful job and to add police work on them is not too smart, period. Having roving guards to me is better than having a teacher having to secure said gun, make sure it is out of childrens reach and being able to reach said gun in time to protect kids in case of need. Nope , get a guard(s).

  • JR

    The solution to have trained and armed teachers to stop murderous rampages is so painfully obvious that I have concluded that the powers that are do not want to solve the problem, and are in fact using such rampages to further their anti-2nd amendment political agenda for other nefarious reasons.

  • Eagle 1825

    Exactly my thoughts. When will the leftist morons understand the bad guys don’t recognize “gun-free zones!?” Oh, I forgot, they don’t want to understand. They just want the guns of the law-abiding!

  • Jim Barnes

    It is time we started to hold our “anti-gun” lawmakers responsible for acts like this. They passed the laws that make school .grounds “gun free”. No one has ever went into a gun show and started shooting people, because they know that they would last about 10 seconds.

  • Jim Barnes

    Once again I say it is time our lawmakers share the blame for things like this. They are the ones that passed laws to create “gun free” school grounds where no one can have. the means to protect themselves or someone else. No one has ever started shooting people at a gun show, because they know that they would last about 10 seconds.

  • Andy

    My wife and I both have concealed carry permits; we have both take firearms instructions and know how to use our guns. My wife is a preschool director with over 100 children 3 & 4 years old. The preschool has divorced, exhusbands, exboyfriends, estranged fathers of children. I have said many times, one of these days one of these guys is going to come in and take out his rage on his ex and maybe even his child. Many times I have wished my wife could carry her gun in her purse to defend and protect life, but the crazy law says she can’t carry her weapon on the property.

    I have a second gripe in this regard. Have any of you veterans noticed that when Obama became president, one of the first things he did was post “No weapons, including knives” permitted on VA property. Here the military, who have risked their lives to protect the freedoms we all enjoy, can’t be trusted to carry a weapon on federal property. What an insult. I’ll not say what I’m thinking at this point.
    I’m 81 years old and carry almost all of the time. I’m a veteran, and by golly, I’ll risk my life to save the life of a young person if given the chance. Not only that, I’m a 51 year ordained clergy person.
    Get armed! Get trained!

  • James Scheuer

    I agree teachers should be allowed to carry, but no one should be mandated to carry.

  • TaskForce16

    If the teachers and staff of our public schools cannot arm up to protect the kids, then the parents should pull their kids from public schools and homeschool.
    Now, I don’t know if I’d want to see “every” teacher armed, some are whackjobs.

  • DocRambo

    Many Israeli teachers openly carry,maintain their certifications, and some have thwarted terrorist attacks on their children. Unfortunately, our teaching professionals are mostly unprincipled liberals who would never dream of actually protecting the children they serve. Sheep versus sheep dogs, and the evil doers know they can feast on the unprotected lambs.

  • Norma Loquendi

    You can say the same about any number of massacres. Remember that piece of human excrement Colin Ferguson? Doesn’t ring a bell? He was the one who walked up and down a Long Island Railroad train shooting white passengers (he being black). The train had originated in New York City, where private gun possession was banned, so nobody on the train had a weapon to stop him while he shot, calmly reloaded, and continued shooting. He waited until it had left the 5 boroughs of NYC so as not to embarrass Mayor Dinkins (also black). As a side note, Ferguson’s crime was never called a Hate Crime, despite police finding reams of anti-white scrawlings at his apartment. Wonder what it would have been called if the races had been reversed. Hmm?

  • “Tommy_Gunner”

    The PROBLEM we have is threefold. 1.)The lessening of ‘moral concious’ ( God ) in our culture- self reliance, responsibility, accountability for actions, etc.. 2.) The bliant display and graphic depiction of violence in all of our entertainment. 3.) The overmedication of our children and society in general with psycotropic, mind altering prescription drugs – with known side effects of violence and suicide. All of these are promoted by the liberal / socialist / ‘Fairness’ for all / progressive left.

    Guns, which are only inanimate tools, do not kill on their own any more than flies create garbage or pencils misspell words !!! We need to get the conversation straight. It’s is not GUNS !!! It is a breakdown within society and quite possibly a bad decission by medical professionals and big pharma to try and correct mental problem with chemicals.

    As to arming teachers and administrators !!! Since fully 95 % of them are liberal / socialist / progressive / left in nature , I doubt that even intensive training would make them effective in defending even themselves. A much better solution would be to ‘FIRE / TERMINATE’ some of the excessive administrative staff and HIRE a ‘FEW GOOD MEN’ – Ex Seals, Rangers, Mercinaries, etc. for each facility. And then post new signs – instead of “GUN FREE ZONE” – Crossed M-4’s and PRO Active !!

    Just my two cents.

  • mike88

    Doug Giles, I could not have stated these facts any better than you and you are spot on correct, but until we get these simple minded administrators out of their offices and put into their place people who have the common sense to understand and realize this simple fact, none of our schools where we send our kids to be educated in a safe environment will actually be safe since all school zones where armed School Staff members are not permitted to be are safety free zones. A gun by itself can do nothing to harm anybody, it takes a crazed lunatic with the intention in mind to harm or kill people to pull the trigger. I agree with you all School Staff members and administrators should be armed either concealed carry or open carry upon contingency of their being hired. After all they are there not only to educate our kids but also to keep them safe from harm, they can’t do that if they are unarmed.

  • Chris Gerlt

    heart goes out to all the family in Newtown Ct. But lets not lose sight
    of the real trouble, it was not a gun that walk in and starting
    shooting it was a Nut, It was not the Child driving drunk that killed
    them, it was not the water that drowned the Child.. I say this as I lost
    my Son to a Gun Shot, lost my Grand daughter to drowning.. fact is
    their are so many ways to take a person’s (or child) life just stating a
    fact God Bless all The Family in Newtown and every one else that has
    had to deal with a loss…

  • Jerry Reames

    about time for some with some sense

  • Light_V_Dark

    ···And, if you notice, the GLBTG_SERIAL_MURDERERS, were QUITE INVENTIVE, doing away with their victims, WITHOUT FIREARMS»»»

     In 1992 two Jeffersonville, Indiana lesbians, aged 17 and 16, abducted a 12-year-old girl whom they accused of trying to “steal a girlfriend.” The little girl was pushed into the trunk of a car, stabbed repeatedly, and beaten with a heavy metal bar. While still struggling, they poured gasoline on her and set her ablaze.

    Note; We shouldn’t persecute gaes. NOR, SHOULD WE SANCTIFY THEM!¡ GUNS ARE INANIMATE OBJECTS. Gaes have a predisposition to satanic_savage_VIOLENCE and SEXUAL_DEPRAVITY¿!¡

    • Light_V_Dark

      This one, then good morning»»»A marine recruiter came to my {small bore} rifle club, when I was a junior in high school. Before this Spit_&_Polish_Hero arrived, I had already shot prone and off_hand and gone out back for a joint. WE GOOFED ON HIM WHEN HE CAME.

      It took me about 35 years to forgive myself for being such insufferable @§₩H0L€.

      Instead of going to Vietnam, I stayed drunk and stoned until 1975, when the Grace Of God rescued me. But, I hooked up with a beautiful, albeit EVIL-LITTLE-WOMAN-CHILD, who, with her Femarxist friends, EXSANGUINATED ME, IN 1991.

      So, with a LIFELONG-RESTRAINING-ORDER in place, I am not allowed to ever own a rifle again. I DO HAVE a couple of pellet guns, that could be just as lethal as a 3030, if I were SO INCLINED.


      I WISH I could have a Do_Over and go to Vietnam to EXTINGUISH LOTS AND LOTS OF FILTHY COMMUNISTS»»»Instead of letting them VAPORIZE MY CHILDREN AND ME, HERE»»»


  • Phillipe Violette

    Noooo. If teachers have guns they may accidentaly shoot an innocent bystander. All those victims were innocent victims. This guy was a saddist, my God shot three to eleven times. Thats a lot of hate.

  • Paul Christensen

    All of the shooters actions were cowardly. He even shoots himself to avoid the police. Any one with a gun would have been able to stop this coward.
    The absence of guns was the problems. He would have still been able to get the guns.

  • Mitch

    I have begun the process of not only teachers and administrators to carry, but licensed and trained volunteers – parents – to protect their children from this insanity. At the Aurora theater, it took 1-1/2hrs to take the shooter into custody – with cops all around! The Virginia Tech shooter had over two hours to roam campus! If someone had been there, armed, trained and prepared, it would be a very different story. Please join me in encouraging our elected officials to put teeth into our communities, protect our innocent and helpless children!

    • jime


  • Mitch

    Sorry, forgot to include my Google search results: SInce 1996, over 80 school shootings around the world have resulted in over 1,000 casualties and over 600 deaths. Where is the justice for our murdered children? How many more must pay with their lives before we learn the lesson??

    • jime

      Are you blaming guns? If you are you are nearly as sick as those who did those 80 school shootings. Did you miss the story about this happening in China the other day? In that case the nut-case only had a knife to wield his anger. It’s SICK minds, not guns! Automobiles KILL far more folks than guns, do you advocate a ban on the automobile as well? Use the logic available to your large brain.

  • undunder

    My thinking is this, I agree that this 20 year person should not have had a gun. Not all 20 year old are so damaged. That damage is not the fault of the gun. I believe that to blame the gun is as stupid as blaming the car for the death the drunk driver caused when he chose to get behind the wheel impaired. These killings are choice things; they are caused by mind things. Things that impact thoughts and interpretations of cause and effects scenarios are responsible. What affect does Hollywood glorification of shooting, killing and causing mayhem have on weak wobbly minds? Should we ban Hollywood? (That might not be such a bad idea.) The government has already started the “don’t let a tragedy go to waste” march. Government leaders are so stupid. Criminals and deranged people are not gonna follow the law. That’s why they are called criminals. They ignore the law – which makes punishing gun laws all the more dangerous. Disarm law abiding citizens and they have no defense against criminals and deranged nut jobs that intend to do harm. There are laws against illegal drugs – has this put a stop to illegal drug use? Nope, it is more prevalent than ever. The government leaders over estimate government’s is influence on criminals so they go after law abiding citizens and punish them.

    Again, guns are not the problem. People who use them wrongly are the problem.

  • Jime

    IF teachers want to be armed so be it. However, I have an alternative, or a supplemental idea to assist in protecting all of our school children. There are several million retired grandfathers in this country, many if not most who like a little more to do. I suggest a volunteer Grandfather Squad. Each school should be able to attract a half dozen or more local grandfathers to take shifts at close by neighborhood schools. Most grandfathers would be simply be willing to volunteer their time, most are already armed, most are fed up with the wanton disregard for human life, especially children’s lives, many are ex-military, and nearly all are really pi**ed off.

    The 2nd Amendment states: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Who may I ask is more deserving of feeling free and secure than our school children, WHO??? Well we can, without any Federal cost, put this into practice around our schools with little difficulty. All it will require is ONE SCHOOL DISTRICT to give it a try!

    • DEfromDC

      Sounds good to me as a grandpa. I’d help!

  • Al_in_Ottawa

    Change ‘allowed’ to ‘required’, as in “all teachers should be required to carry”. With regular range sessions and yearly pistol qualification, of course. As a bonus the more strident anti-gun teachers will quit in protest preventing them from influencing the children.

  • Drik

    We arm pilots as a last ditch protection against armed criminals. Maybe its time to arm the teachers. Require that they demonstrate a level of physical fitness and firearm proficiancy so that our children can be protected. No more sedentary teachers with cankles.

  • gfsomsel

    Amen ! My only quarrel is with the title of your post. It should not be “allowed” but “required.”

  • Franseen2day

    When Israeli teachers had an Uzi in their top drawer, Islamists didn’t break into classrooms and take hostages. those teachers had done military service and were trained to use their weapon. when Israel stopped doing that Islamists did break into classrooms and take hostages. As a parent which teacher would you prefer?
    another thought on weapons, even ” assault” weapons. I never hear a gun, rifle or shotgun that said, “Shoot me.”

  • Sudarshan Datta

    It is a matter of worry, when terrorism or plain massacre victims are innocent people & children.
    Surprisingly terrorism, crime, even suicides or mental stress instances were rare in the culture of India, it was only barbarian Islamic invasions, which our culture could not comprehend being only too civil, the other was consumerism and materialistic view of the west; propaganda of big-Lie success stories, which holds the key to business progressiveness!.
    Thanks to science, and scientific attitude of few westerners, imbibed to masses by National Geographic, Discovery channels and like, that some good education is being imparted to the masses focusing upon rational approach to things, rather than imperialistic, brand advertisements or missionary propaganda.
    At least we are zeroing upon facts, an approach originally Indian, as in our culture, from Vedas to Shri Guru Nanak, the principal focus had been upon truth, which gives depth!
    Propaganda whereas only produces ignorant zombies, who at times shoot, drink, attack, or else commit suicides!

  • Rob Morse

    Doug, from your lips to a school administrators actions. I believe that some rural schools have implemented that approach.

  • kmacginn

    As a school teacher of 25+ years, I vehemently disagree — and NOT from an anti-gun viewpoint, because I am pro-gun and have recently been taking classes & considering getting CCE. I disagree, rather, from the standpoint that this would be yet ANOTHER responsibility society is yet again dumping off on the teachers and schools. Parents have already shirked their responsibility to adequately clothe & feed their kids, along with not teaching them ethics, not teaching them about sex & personal responsibility, not being their teachers at home. Besides being educators, we are now surrogate parents, therapists, social workers, etc., etc., etc.

    Also, I have colleagues that can’t operate their computers or run the photocopier properly. The idea of them carrying a gun scares the everliving daylights out of me!

    Solution? Hire professional security! My building has had a police officer (not ‘just a security guard’) on campus full-time for over a decade. I imagine this might actually be cheaper, if not the same cost, as training all teachers in gun use & SWAT team tactics, paying for their guns and their certifications. I’m sure it would also save money in ongoing “professional development” and maintaining skills.

    • DEfromDC

      I agree for the most part, but feel teachers with concealed carry permits should be allowed to carry their weapons. The fact that some teachers have guns, without knowing which ones, would be a deterrent. A trained police officer or ex marine guard makes sense for most schools. Make use of the returning vets who will be without jobs with the cutbacks.

  • Chris Cole

    I agree with teachers being able to carry. It used to be important to learn to swim from all the deaths from drowning. Now it is to the point where everyone should know two things… 1. How to shoot… 2. How to defend themselves and others.

  • Carol

    All common sense and decency is gone from Washington. They are untouchabel and unstoppable. They could care less what the nation deals with. If it doesnt make them money….its not important.

  • Term Limits

    There will always be people who are not comfortable with carrying a gun. That’s fine. They should not have to. But, they should not be allowed to prevent anyone else from doing so. As far as getting a concealed weapons permit, I think it is a good idea. Anyone who is responsible enough to go through the training to obtain that permit is probably responsible enough to be trusted with such a weapon in the pubic presence, even a school. Since there are wac jobs out there, requiring a minimal amount of training is still a good idea.

    As long as we continue to let these well meaning, uninformed liberals attack our constitution it won’t be long before we no longer have any rights. “We the people” need to start standing up for our rights and our constitution before they are gone.

  • Waldo the Pig

    This is a good idea, However three other things are necessary. Those being thorough training (Police type) in the operation and safe use of that gun, legal support when the weapon is used, and ammunition in the gun. We have forgotten that the sailors on the USS Cole had machine guns and no ammunittion. The Marines in the US Embassy in Cairo on 9-11-2012 had guns and no ammunition. And on and on.

  • Light_V_Dark

    The Pseudo-Intellectual-Fabian-Gae-Godless, and Forgive-Only-Evil-Christian-PU§¡€$ Verses the INNOCENT. GUESS, WHO’S WINNING¿!¡

  • LeSellers

    We ought to insist, if government-run, tax-funded welfare schools exist at all (and they should not), that all teachers carry as a condition of their employment and licensing. If they cannot protect the children who are there because the state forces them to be, why are they there at all?

    If any teachers have the idiotic notion that guns are evil, that they, as the purest of the pure, cannot touch one, then let them open their own schools and attract parents as stupid as they.

    Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Terry

    Ya, because the chances of a teacher losing it and pulling their gun are zero right? Wrong. LOOK AT THE FACTS! Nations with more regulations on guns suffer thousands of less murders per year.

  • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)


    I don’t like the Idea of having a cop, retired or not, in the schools. Other than the fact that it would be know that this person is supposedly guarding the school and is the one you should avoid, is the intimidation factor of having a student with an armed guard there all the time. A better solution would be to have those teachers who are so inclined to carry weapons provided with a pay package to cover their weapon and training. and a stipend to keep the training current It would be cheaper than having an armed guard posted and it would probably be more effective. Right now in many states CC is the law and many muggings/roberies are prevented because the perpetrator never knows who is packing. With this system every teacher may be carrying so the thug does not know who to pick on or who to avoid. Store security(rent a cops) are effectively dressing in customer style clothing so that the shoplifter has no idea who is watching him or her.


  • Lorraine E

    In addition to guns teachers should be provided with pepper spray, guns that shoot pepper spray bullets as well as other self defense devices. It is a fact that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Our 2nd amendment rights must not be eliminated or diminished in any way.

  • VirgoVince

    Aren’t WE forgetting that most teachers are idiot libturds in idiot libturd schools, indoctrinating our kids to be idiot libturds??
    They’re afraid of guns, which is why they want guns banned/outlawed!!
    They’d be more comfortable with a spray can of hornet/wasp spray!! It can reach about 20 ft and causes great discomfort on human skin!! Definitely a distraction to a shooter!!

  • Idadho

    Would a lock box in a desk require a CCW permit? CCW is just a veiled for of gun control. The staff should be allowed to carry without a CCW. Jamie is right.

  • 4b4mac

    Another fact: Over 99% of the time the cops show up after the crime has gone down. What good is that? The police do fill a need in capturing perps – but, again, its posthumous. I’ve had a thought for a placard / sign: “Should an armed, law-abiding citizen save your whiney, liberal ass…… I expect you to kiss his (or hers).

  • maxximus

    The vast majority of teachers do not even know HOW to point a gun, or even what end of a weapon discharges the round, or even HOW to FIRE A ROUND, so don’t give us this crap about teachers; most are women and they are NOT gun enthusiasts. Their job is to teach, which most do not do, not to carry weapons and give a false sense of security to our children. 99% of schools do NOT HAVE ADEQUATE SECURITY MEASURES! I say we disband schools, and give the responsibility of teaching to P A R E N T S. Haven’t we been hoodwinked long enough already to actually think that teachers actually teach, and children actually learn? My wife and I homeshcooled ALL of our four children, and I can assure you that our children DID LEARN and DID NOT ACT BELIGERANT TOWARD US. Unruly children are a BIG part of the problem in public schools–mostly stemming from not being disciplined by their parents to OBEY their elders who are in a position to supervise children away from their parents (which is the REAL PROBLEM)!

  • June Gagnon

    Another reason we need “armed security guards” in ALL schools. If there had been one, in the entry hall, at Sandy Hook, the shooter would not have gotten past the front door!


    Teachers as a rule tend to be as level headed and the more stable although the most liberal people of the community. I would rather have someone armed who didn’t like guns than someone who is too ready to use them. The types of weapons used is also a question that is needed to be determined. The heroes that put themselves in front and between the shooter and the children to no avail deserves the ability to defend themselves and the children. A small revolver holding five shots of a 410 Gage shotgun shell with 4/0 loads would stop anyone and not go thru walls to another classroom.

    Regulations that the teachers must keep it on their person at all times. secure holsters should be required to prevent falling out or removal by a student. The entire guidelines would provide a safe environment and protection without adding police in our schools.

    If we have visible uniformed police around too much kids have a tendency to not show respect to things too familiar. They all so begin to accept the police state.

    Could a teacher abuse the gun? Nothing is guaranteed in life, have we seen proof that the “Gun free zones ” do not work? A definite YES. We have tried the gun free zones, why not try arming teachers. Guns protect lives as well as take them. the problem is perception. Our media does not think that using a weapon to save lives is a spectacular story, but a deviant going on a killing spree is front page headlines.
    God bless America.

  • victoryman

    Couldn’t disagree more with the idea of arming teachers. Have you spent any time with today’s teachers? Government controlled union drones – most of which have the IQ of a turnip. I wouldn’t trust them with a hand mixer, much less a handgun. Can you envision these ignoramuses walking on their picket line – armed? A scary thought. 90% of these folks can’t teach so what makes you think they’d be a help carrying handguns? Maybe if they were paid more money they’d become proficient in handling a weapon. The left has their mantra of paying teachers more $$ and they will become better teachers. How many of you out there are in a position to hire and fire? Ask yourself this question, “If I have an incompetent employee will paying him more $$ make him a competent employee?” Of course not. Are you aware that the majority of delegates to the democrat national convention were…..teachers.? No. No handguns for these twits. If they area llowed to carry concealed, the next time they are doing what they do best – stapling placards to a stick for their next demonstration – a handgun might accidentally fall to the ground and go BANG – injuring or killing someone. Besides, when they are marching in a circle carrying a picket sign (Multitasking) it’s hard enough for them to remember the the circular route much less cary a firearm responsibly. Police, Retired law enforcement, veterans, these are the people to guard schools while armed. Why doesn’t our “Commander-in-chief” sign an executive order to have out of work veterans screened and hired for these positions? After all, he, his angry wife and the incompetent retired general at the head of the VA are always telling folks to hire a vet…..wink, wink.

  • Steve

    I am in absolute agreement with this solution to the problem of these massacres. Let’s show these murdering bastards that they will be DEAD wrong if they attempt to commit any of these atrocities…

  • disqus_gK4pz83b8X

    The Second Amendment is not negotiable, nor are any of the others in the Bill of Rights. These rights were bought with the sacrafice of patriots. Their Blood is Sacred. Those who would challenge the Bill of Rights are doing so with the treat of treason, because they are traitors and tyrannts and will be treated as such.

  • Karl Slaugereno

    Call me crazy but I wish the Sandy Hook elementary school principle had killed the scumbag with a gun and all of his victims were still alive…. That’s why I think teachers should be armed. Why do you think mass murderers don’t go to police stations to kill people? Hmm, think maybe they are smart enough to know that their chance of success goes way down when “victims” are heavily armed?

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