• Benjamin

    None of the above matters to the left. They’re coming for our guns.

    • Radicon

      I dont think they can come for the ones we have. I am not taking chances though. But I think they just want to make sure no more are sold. It would be real hard to actually take guns from people who own them.

      • barto

        It wouldn’t be “real hard”, it would be IMPOSSIBLE without a lot of bloodshed!

        • johnnycab23513

          I am not so sure of that. Do not forget that Obama has started his own peivate army now, with loyality to him and not The Nation.

        • David S. McQueen

          Barto: It would be “hard” in the sense that legal gun ownership is a US Constitutional right. For the state to simply confiscate private property based on mere possession of said property, well, that couldn’t happen LEGALLY. Laws would have to be passed and the 2nd amendment repealed. Do you really advocate armed resistance using lethal force or are you just a troll?

          • Ray

            They pay no attention to the 2nd Amendment or any other part of the Constitution. The people would have to use force to show they mean business if the government ever tried confiscation. George Washington was for armed resistance when freedom was in danger.

          • David S. McQueen

            Ray: So you’re advocating armed resistance using lethal force? Remember, the Brits didn’t have assault helicopters, heavy weapons and armor and their base was weeks away by ship. Certainly, Obama doesn’t obey the law and ignores the Constitution which is a caveat to those who want to run out with their 9 mm’s and two magazines. They wouldn’t stand a chance. Obama doesn’t believe in that old “due process” stuff; you’d end up dead or in prison without a writ of habeus corpus.

          • rodney

            We have a million boys back from the wars. They are 70% against this administration and 100% for the constitution.

          • David S. McQueen

            Rodney: Do you understand what it takes for a million-man army to operate effectively in combat? Do you understand that your “army” would be decimated first by superior ordnance and then by starvation and thirst? If you hero-wannabes would stop and think critically for a minute (instead of emotionally), maybe you’d come up with a viable plan to fight Obama and his Marxists.

          • Brian Bertha

            Pretty much what people in Europe said about the Nazi’s. Thousands of people are working legally to counter tyranny violence is a last resort

          • David S. McQueen

            So what’s your game plan, Brian?

          • wolly dog

            you sound like an old grunt to this one jus sayin

          • David S. McQueen

            3 tours RVN

          • RacerJim

            Then you should have a viable plan. What is it?

          • RacerJim

            Since you’re so critical of other’s plans to remove the Marxist usurper why don’t you tell us what your viable to remove him is? Thus far the Legislative and Judicial branches of our government have rejected any/all efforts by “We the people…” and the military leadership has “gone along to get along” with him.

          • David S. McQueen

            Well, first, I wouldn’t commit suicide which is what every other poster here suggests obliquely. Because Obama’s regime is built upon lies (as is Marxism in general), I’d keep putting the truth out there in whatever venue I could. Keep telling people the truth and it eventually trumps the lies that Obama keeps throwing out; every time Obama lies, slam him with what the truth is. Every time he calls someone a “racist”, show people who the real racist is: Obama himself. Tell the conservatives to forget the hyperbolic macho fantasy that a “million hunters” will defeat Obama militarily. The US military will do as it is ordered to do, just as the wehrmacht did for Hitler, like it or not. That’s reality. The German military certainly didn’t back Hitler 100%, neither will the USA’s military back Obama 100%. Still, ragtag groups with hunting rifles and handguns won’t stand a chance against air power and armor of a professional army. That’s reality. My first move would get a group together, comprised of like-minded American patriots. The Tea Party began to do that, then faded after the mid-terms. Those people are still out there but without leadership. Forget the “moderate” Republicans; they’ll dance to Obama’s tunes. Get a group together that will state clearly and concisely that it wants to overthrow the Obama regime and put him in prison with Napolitano, Clinton and the rest of the socialists. Don’t be wishy-washy regarding goals by couching everything in patriotic platitudes. Tell the world you want Obama tried and imprisoned. (I could go on with this, but I hope you get my drift).

          • Ray

            How long do you think all that hardware would last against millions of armed citizens? Of course this is the worst case senario but do you think the US military would turn its guns on the American public?

          • David S. McQueen

            Ray: Yes, when you look at the Gonzales case, at Ruby Ridge and Waco. There are plenty of government employees who will take up arms against the citizens. “Millions of armed citizens”? Do you really think that when the it comes to that, you’ll get “millions” in the streets with handguns? Who’s going to provide logistical and medical support (not to mention food, clothing and shelter)? Do you think that local, state and federal law enforcement will simply quit their jobs? At Ruby Ridge and Waco, the civilians had plenty of guns and ammo. They didn’t last long. At Waco they ALL died, except for a few who surrendered before the fire. Who’s going to lead your “million man army”? You? When a tank rolls up your street, will you stand in front of it and die? I think not.

          • paulm39083

            well David.. if we all had your attitude we would just lay down in the driveway and let them take whatever they wanted.. kinda like what happened in Germany… but Thank the Lord most are not like you.. of course we will defend our constitutional and God given rights.. I doubt very very much that young men and women in the military will carry out any order that requires arming up against the citizens of America.. remember, these people have mothers and fathers sisters and brothers, grand parents cousins uncles aunts.. the whole gamit.. they are not going implement war against their family for Obama…this is something we already know.. let’s hope they don’t test us… believe me there are more than a couple of clips hanging around.. no sane person would trust the federal gov’t at this point in time…

          • David S. McQueen

            Your 100% wrong about me. It’s the lazy and emotional people like you who will welcome Obama’s army into your neighborhood. And it’s MAGAZINES, not “clips”. Good grief, you talk brave but you obivously have no combat experience. Remember what happended in Waco and Ruby Ridge? Government agents killed the kids in both cases. There are, in fact, people drawing taxpayer money who will come to kill you. And you, not I, will be rolling over.

          • MontieR

            It is our constitutional RIGHT to defend our selves from tyranny.

          • David S. McQueen

            No one said it isn’t, but how do you propose to do that effectively? Are you going to stand in front of a tank and let it run over you? That is not fighting, it’s suicide. Do you even know the first thing about small unit combat ops? How effective are 12 civilian guys with handguns against a trained and equipped infantry squad? They’d be right and they’d be dead.

          • RacerJim

            Apparently you never learned, or have forgotten, that a hastily formed cilivian militia eventually defeated the world’s best equipped and best trained military in the world in order to found the United States of America?

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UQMR47MG4KXRVAHVFDENZ6W6Y George

            To David: LEGAL…is not stopping them. Already, they have confiscated fire arms in many places (illegally). Should we expect them AHEAD OF TIME, we MIGHT could prepare to protect ourselves against this thievery, and cause it to be “hard” for them to take, but we wont know. One day, they’ll just BE THERE. Already, bo has passed “executive” “laws” to have authority to take our supplies, etc., for the militia to arrest, or even KILL American citizens…without warrants, or even prof of their guilt of anything. These “executive” laws must stop. We have the need of Congressmen who are willing to act for the voting governed, instead of just going up there trying to either “look” busy, or passing ineffective regulations, etc. We need congressmen, and women, who show even just a little “common” horse sense.


          • David S. McQueen

            George, what you term “executive laws” are merely executive orders and do not apply to the American citizens, only to federal employees and federal agencies. Executive orders cannot supersede statutory law or civil rights. No executive order has ever allowed confiscation of private property without due process nor has any EO authorized “killing American citizens”. Please respond rationally, not hyerbolically.

          • MontieR

            Try reading some of the exe orders and the latest NDAA, it completely
            leaves the 4th amendment open to a federal bureaucrat’s definition of terrorist allowing ANY American citizen to be classed as a terrorist and detained indefinitely with NO legal recourse. Your information is extremely lacking.

          • rodney

            We need to be prepared for what is coming. Read Agenda 21. Great book

          • Dean


          • Brian Bertha

            People don’t believe this because they don’t want to believe it. Sheep will always be sheep

          • MontieR

            Were you under a rock when they took ALL weapons from the people in New Orleans. Don’t think they wont try again.

          • David S. McQueen

            No, but I’m sure you were. “They” didn’t take “ALL” weapons from the citizens, only a couple of instances that were caught on camera. Please post responsibly.

          • barto

            Has real “LEGALITY” stopped Obama and Holder? Insofar as armed resistance, let them come after my guns and we’ll see! By the way trolls are not real, gun-owners who will protect their right to possess such guns are for real!

          • LadyforLiberty

            D S McQueen: So what are YOU gonna do IF laws begin to be passed to delete the 2nd Amendment? Or are the trolls just theONLY ONES who were mentally subjugated until they complied with ANYTHING??

          • David S. McQueen

            Lady: If somehow a proposed amendment to repeal the 2nd was passed through the US Congress by 2/3 vote of each house (which is very unlikely), it would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states. That’s where the battle (legally) would take place. Look, realistically, an armed rebellion by American citizens would be futile and suicidal. These armchair warriors who post here don’t understand what it takes to conduct effective military ops in the field. To make matters worse, they are completely ill-equipped with just rifles, shotguns and handguns, and no logistical support. Hypothetically, if the 2nd amendment was repealed, I’d hide my weapons/ammo and start some underground movement. It would be very difficult for the feds to search every single house in the USA simultaneously.

        • rodney

          As soon as he has enough brown shirts it will start

          • mudguy1

            He has already bought the ammunition for them.

        • LadyforLiberty

          barto: Why do you think Obama drafted that EO for those “suspected of terrorism”? Detention by Army without warrant trial, evidence or PROOF!
          Obama is working slow and steady with Socialist methods.
          After all Adolf was Mr Nice guy when he started out!

      • BigUgly666

        Feinstein’s bill that will be presented the opening day of Congress will be like the old “assault weapons ban” EXCEPT THERE WILL BE NO GRANDFATHERING.

        What part of “taking our guns” do you fail to comprehend??

        • David F. Podesta

          except that there WILL be grandfathering, legal or not.

          • BigUgly666


          • rcbobj

            Do any of you people know how many people in this country have guns. Why do you thank the Jap’s didn’t invade this country. Because they knew there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. If Odumbo wants to take our guns he better get a bigger army than his little FEMA crowd.

        • ginger

          Feinstein is one of the very few in California to have a concealed carry permit that is virtually impossible for the average citizen to obatain..and she has armed security…so..who are the potential defenseless victims in this picture? This is about CONTROL people…they need to control US..shades of Nazi Germany, USSR, North Korea, Cuba, China, Syria, etc.

          • Ray

            You are correct. The “elites” see themselves as above the peasant masses just like Lenin did.

      • Ken

        Under the liberal deamoncrats in Canada the police waited until the 63 yearold honest man- who registered his guns!- left for work and went into bedroom of his house while others looked after wife. On another mater my 75 year old uncle had a piss match with a malatian girl friend who went to the police and reported his family gun-a 22 passed down from his father – who came and arrested and stole the simple gun!! Both men were law abiding and had no record. Just keep liars & frauds in power and you will end up similiar! Ken

      • johnnycab23513

        Where is not allowing me to buy a gun any more constitutional than taking my guns away from me?

      • rodney

        Do not fool yourself. They want all guns in the USA

    • jerry sweet

      bring it on.we have not had a good old ridding of despots since we destroyed hitler and the japanese empire.

    • rodney

      I know what part they will get if they come for mine

  • Benjamin

    Powerful. Especially the air marshall point.

  • Maluka

    Burglars like to attack buildings that are unoccupied. Armed robbers like businesses that will provide the most money with the smallest amount of protections. Wackos attack schools because our GOVERNMENT DOES NOT ALLOW THEM TO BE PROTECTED. This POS Islamic Communist president has hundreds of armed people protecting him and his family but allows our children to be unguarded targets. Only an idiot would allow that.

    • rodney

      Obama and the congress cut the funding for school security. Don’t hear any of that do you??

      • RacerJim

        Obama and his fellow Democratic hypocrites not only adamently support but actively promote abortions, which snuff out 3,300 helplesss innocent lives each and every day in America. Obama even supports infanticide. Don’t hear any of that either do we?

  • Maluka

    Registration today, Confiscation tomorrow. The theory of STALIN, HITLER, PO POT AND OBAMA.

    • cajanone1

      Not theory, insanity! And all the others listed failed, but obamy is working much faster.

      • sagebrush6

        And obama will do it in secret behind closed doors.

        • LadyforLiberty

          What? Again??



    • dshevlin

      All mentally ill people. This is our problem, NOT the guns. There is an out break of mental illness in this country and no one addresses it. They have been handing out anti-depressant drugs like they were candy and these drugs are altering minds. Get people off these dam drugs!!!!!!!! Keep your dam guns!!!!!!! Fluoride in water – mind altering. Anti-depressant drugs – mind altering. Child vaccines – autism, mind altering. Did Oklahoma City bombing use guns? NO, but were they mentally ill? YES. Did 9/11 use guns? NO – mentally ill – YES. This admin. and it’s establishment is going too far this time. WHY? Mental illness. Stalin – mentally ill, Hitler – mentally ill, PO pot & bo – mentally ill. Do we see a pattern here? If any of our representatives think we should disarm then they are FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jerry sweet

        not mentally ill.mentally controlled by the demons who help all unsaved people do these kinds of things.its just getting started.the worst is yet to hit us

      • mudguy1

        The out break of mentally ill people starts in the Senate, the House of Representatives and the so called leader of them all in the White House.

        • leithel1

          Sort of like the black Congressman from Georgia who stated to a General, “if you put to many Soldiers on the island of Gaum the Island might capsize”.

          • mudguy1

            He would be right if he was talking about Washington D.C. The solders would be the mentally ill Senators and the Representatives that are capsizing the government.

          • http://www.facebook.com/dave.fafarman Dave Fafarman

            Hank Johnson is a Congressman (not a Senator, fortunately).

            And Guam is 1,500 miles from the Philippines.

          • astrojohn

            whatever, he made his point…

      • http://grbudwest.com/ GRBW

        Not just the mentally ill… The morally ill, as well.

      • southernconservative

        Please do not attack the mentally ill, guns, or drugs. Attack the people who chose not to care and help the mentally ill. Guns and drugs are not the problem. Many people are helped by medicine every year. As with anything, abuse is prevalent, but the solution is not to ban guns or medicine. The solution is to love one another, be sympathetic to other people, and be followers of Jesus Christ because without HIM all is lost. Our government is not proactive, but reactive to every event. Please sit down calmly and come up with viable solutions for the benefit of all. Our President is mainly to blame for all the turmoil happening in our country today because he encourages division among the different groups of people, and he promotes chaos. Until he is voted out of office, things will not improve.

        • dshevlin

          I am not attacking the mentally ill, I am pointing out that FDA approved drugs are given to people who do not truly need them and it is making them delusional. Fluoride in public drinking water is causing brain dis-functions, vaccines are also suspected. You are right, the solution is to care about each other, part of my point. No one does this and by handing out mind altering drugs just for monetary compensation is wrong and not caring about people. Do you have any idea how many people are on Paxil and the like? Did you know that the fluoride added to most drinking water is the same chemical used in Paxil? Does a woman with post pardon depression really need to be ingesting this drug for ten or more years? Does a tragedy justify being medicated for years to come? Does an energetic 9 year old really need to eat Ridlan until he is 20 years old? Does anyone notice that most of these mass shootings are done by 20 year olds? Ever wonder if they are the children of a Ridlan history and maybe has something to do with young adults losing all sense of reason to the point of mass murder?? The abuse is more then prevalent, it is out of control to the point of suspecting it intentional. This is healthcare? Drugging people? Jesus wants this exposed. He told me so that is why I write it.

          • JibJab

            Were you drinking fluoridated water when Jesus gave this info to you?He should have helped you write this post….Post pardon?Try post partum,it means after the birth…Ridlan??Try Ritalin.It acts as a stimulant in adults,except in males,keeps you awake,but dont plan on a woodie,it aint happening.

          • dshevlin

            You are sofa king we todd did. Hope ya understand, my spellings niver bin two good. Ya not sposed to drink floride. How long ya bin poppen ‘em?

        • LadyforLiberty

          How bout the brother of the mentally ill killer?
          (I heard a report that he had a brother who worked outa state)?
          No Mom, No Btother! What is being done for HIM??

          • Remnant-of-the”D”

            @312926dc7c0a4f31dbefee4be37b18f7:disqus – As I understand it, the brother is in college in another state. The mother was attempting to get legal authority to put Adam (the killer) into a mental health care facility. And, the “killer” got wind of this, and they think this may have been his angry breaking point!

            The mother volunteered at the school helping with the kindergarten and 1st graders – which is exactly where the killer went first! The killer believed that his mother “loved the school more than him” in the words of a family friend – that makes a lot of sense to me!

            So, again it is our own GOVT. that has created the problem by making it dam near impossible to get help for a mentally ill family member – simply because the kid had reached the age of 18. Talk about lack of common sense, sound familiar?



        • Berzrkr50

          The true enemy of the mentally ill is the ACLU who campaigned to have them released from institutions because it was “cruel and unusual punishment”. HOGWASH! Today they roam the streets untreated…

      • txicare

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. The stores are full of enough over-the-counter drugs to create zombies; the doctors pass out prescriptions for drugs rather than find the cause of the problem and most of those drugs cause changes in the minds and bodies of the patient. The food on the shelves is full of chemicals that cause craving and destroy the body’s immune system,as well as affect the mind.
        The FDA is a joke. They will pass anything until it kills or mames a few hundred then order it off the market.. And we have a man in the White House (illegally) who invited a Korean rapper to entertain he and his friends (at the tax payer’s expense) who is quoted as saying this: “Kill those fu—-g Yankees who have been torturing iraqi captives. Kill those fu—-g Yankees who ordered them to torture. Kill their mothers and babies….” Isn’t it interesting that only a few days later this young man did just that? Isn’t it interesting that the media is not jumping on that? Isn’t it interesting that this same man from the White House went for photo ops to the memorial service and gave his usuall speach of….I’m not going to let this happen. I’m going to do something . I’m a tough guy! Now the liberals are pushing for gun legislation as usual. You are right on…but none of our professional politicians are going to do anything about it. Half of our population are so dumbed down that they will keep voting for the ones who promise a free cell phone and free care from cradle to grave. It is up to the sensible half to get out the information and votes to get rid of the leeches. Term limits is one solution.

        • dshevlin

          Thanks and bravo to you as well! Isn’t it ironic that the reason there are millions more guns in homes today and over the past 4 years is because of our rouge government? They want guns out of our hands and we are buying guns because of them. The mother of this shooter in CT was a survivalist. Maybe someone should address the fact that guns are in too many homes today because of our president scaring the crap out of his citizens. How does a young man, well above elementary school age, walk in to an elementary school with three guns one of which is a rifle and no one saw him coming? How do you hide two guns a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammo? No need to if all personal is on paxil. We were better off with Valium, at least it knocked out the patient and he was unable to cause chaos. I also agree 100% with the rapper reference you mentioned. Monkey see monkey do. Very easy to figure out. Shame on obama, shame shame shame on him. Mentally ill is also a term for insanity and it is rampant in America. Imagine if a teacher had to take a competency test and a pee test. I think it should be required. I know of several who would be fired for failing tests of that nature. How would you feel if you found out your kids teacher was on multiple scripts of anti-depressants and while home at night swallowed those meds with Jack Daniels and beer. Eight hours later they are responsible for your child for the next eight hours. How about we get some armed guards on our school grounds ( people need jobs anyway – more cops ) then we test all teachers for RX drugs and alcohol. Be a whole new world for sure!

          • txicare

            It is a good idea to test all teachers. I live in a small town and it is known that some teachers are heavy drinkers. I’m 77 and have seen a lot in my years, but never have I seen a president and his bunch so determined to destroy this country and everything that is decent. I appreciate that you speak about solutions and don’t just call names. I believe in the Constitution, as it is written, and we don’t need some left wing groupie to change it. We need to keep our guns. What we need to get rid of is a man in the White House who doesn’t belong there. He should be arrested and tried for treason and put in prison.

          • RacerJim

            I’m 69 and just like yourself I also have seen a lot in my years, but never have I seen a president and his administration so determined to destroy this county and everything that is decent. It’s truely sad and disillusioning for the country’s future that before he became president he told the country he wasn’t eligible to be president, proclaimed the U.S. Constitution was an inherantly flawed document, and emphatically announced he was going to fundamentally transform the country — yet the country elected him anyway, then re-elected him on top of that. We do indeed need to get rid of the Marxist dictator in the White House who isn’t eligible to be and doesn’t belong there. He should indeed be arrested, tried, convicted, imprisioned and executed for Treason.
            Vietnam Veteran

          • txicare

            The frustration I’m feeling is why is Ob getting away with all of this? The Republicans have the house and better still there are millions of powerful people who are not in politics who oppose Ob, yet no one moves in to take over. Why? Nixon was forced to resign over nothing compared to this. Is everyone afraid of the liberal machine? Do they threaten the lives of the politicians and their families? What is this all about?

          • dshevlin

            Thank you for your comment and Merry Christmas to you!

          • Berzrkr50

            And start with the teachers of the teachers. Todays professors just GOTTA be on drugs what with the cr&p that comes out of their mouth’s…

      • tellitlikeitis

        why don’t the politicians disarm their security details,what are they afraid of,maybe a mentally ill person taking a shot at them and their families.there is no way in hell any politician would give up armed securityfor their and their families protection,so why are they asking law abiding citizens to give up their right to protect their families by being armed,in case a mentally disturbed person starts randomly shooting in their presence.it is o.k. for them to be protecred but not for the rest of us,liberal hypocracy at its finest

    • Rattlerjake

      I think we should take away all of the secret service and armed personnel that protect the POTUS and government officials. If this was done then these morons would stop making so many piss-poor decisions that cause the animosity and need for protection. And the Arm teachers.

  • Children need protection

    Would any parent post a sign in front of their house: “Gun Free Zone”? Like the Mendonite ladies tortured by home invaders in our area last week, it would invite criminals to a free fo all crime spree… See the book http://www.amazon.com/More-Guns-Less-Crime-Understanding/dp/0226493636

    • rodney

      Wouldn’t it be neat to put that sign up and then wait for them. Just say Sorry I lied.

      • RacerJim

        Same as Obama making all those campaign promises to get elected, then effectively saying “Sorry I lied” by breaking most of them. Neato!

  • Concerned Parent

    Did you know that the Columbine shooting occurred the day before personal protection carry permit bill went into effect?

  • Steven V

    Your speaking sense, stop that you’ll confuse the liberals.

    • cajanone1

      They don’t call them DIMWHITcraps for nothing.

    • David S. McQueen

      You mean confuse them more than they already are.

    • MontieR

      How do you confuse, confusion.

  • dallasorf

    Well said

    • David F. Podesta

      the kids sure would be nice to the teachers, too :-)

  • Marlin208

    When did the libs ever make any sense. What they are doing doesn’t work so instead of trying something new they resort to more of the same. Isn’t that the meaning of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

  • barto

    Fence in and lock down all schools AND either arm the teachers OR have armed guards at every entrance to the school and to patrol the grounds…cameras and windows with alarm systems wouldn’t hurt either. Other than that, find all the nut jobs walking around and put them in camps! The chance of losing just one child to some nut job shouldn’t be taken!

    • BigUgly666

      Do you have the money to turn all the schools into “prisons” …… no? Well, neither do the schools.
      The teachers and staff are already there – many would be willing and many would be eager to get the necessary training and to carry daily.
      Think about it. Do you want your children sent to prison every morning? Or, do you want your children taught that they, too, are responsible for their own lives.

    • cajanone1

      That is exactly who obamy wants. A police state where they lock kids in and indoctrinate them. But what happens when the go to and from school? Armed guards to walk each one to school? Bring back public hanging and deter the criminal. Make the guilty pay. The libs think it is harsh to execute a murderer
      but feel outraged that they are on the street! Talk about two faced! Since capital punishment left the crimes have increased. Don’t give them a chance to do it again!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RZ42TW6EI572U5ASFXVB54AHGI Lance

      Barto, just allow carry on school property. Crazy killers want an unarmed target. Allow, no, MAKE the Principle and a few others take the classes and other more involved training and carry. The nut jobs will not attack a possibly armed institution.
      How many police stations are attacked?

      • Marjie

        The Oregon shooter shot himself when a man with a conceal and carry was pointed his direction.

    • rodney

      As I said before. Obama and congress cut spending for security for schools. He is the one that has blood on his hands.

      • RacerJim

        He is also the one with the blood of the four Americans killed in Benghazi on his hands.

        Note that the select committee investigating what happened at Benghazi just released its’ findings…which desimated the State Department and praised the military but did not recommend any displinary action for anyone. That, on the very day that Secretary of State Clinton was scheduled to appear before a Congressional committee but conveniently became too ill to do so.

  • Dirty Daug

    Maybe this caused it all, Aren’t the real criminals the liberal politicians who have dismantled the laws that keep violent mental cases off the street where they can get help.

    • cajanone1

      But they can’t vote for the liberal weasels that way.

  • cajanone1

    We have a tendency to overlook the insanity of a party who are all about corruption. Do you remember Barack INSANE Obama and his “If they bring knives we’ll bring guns” speech? A corruptly insane party with their IDOL showing absolutely how insane they are. And trash follows trash to the dump.

    • David S. McQueen

      I agree with your evaluation of Obama’s duplicity. Apparently, though, many Americans absolutely agree with Obama (they voted for him twice). The problem is Obama; the bigger problem is a lot of Americans will sell their freedom very cheaply and at the expense of self defense (exactly what Obama wants).

      • rodney

        51% did and 30% wouldn’t work if you gave them a job

      • RacerJim

        Certainly doesn’t speak very highly of Americans or, moreover, bode very well for America’s future as a Republic, does it? Can you imagine what the millions who gave their lives all over the world to ensure America’s future as a Republic are thinking?

  • Reelman1946

    Forks cause obesity!
    Now its coming out that the Mother took her strange autistic child to a shooting range! Also let it be known she “lived in fear he would do something like this” for over 5 years!
    (Some are printing she also had divorce/survivalist issues)

    Call me off base but we have some more “Columbine Parenting” here IMHO… rich liberal AWFUL parents living in some fantasy world where they do not see the obvious and pander to their children…THAT MATTERS!
    Instead of teacher unions being greedy thugs…how about seminars for parents at PTAs etc. about potential high risk traits in kids/steps to take?

    Do you think 300 million people only have 2-3 sickos like this guy?
    Stop thinking guns at school by admins/coaches is somehow horrible…
    one loaded pistol could be locked in 3 places on the campus and at least the good would have a chance…38 Michigan school kids killed by a 55 year old using dynamite in 1921.
    We now have the dimdems ranting about gun control (things) instead of child control/protection (people), go figure…(theconservativecrawfish)

  • David F. Podesta

    If I wasn’t sure that what they are REALLY after is a total ban on civilian ownership of guns, then I would say that as usual they are aiming at the wrong target with all these stupid laws. Criminals don’t obey the law – ANY law…get it? Banning gun ownership doesn’t work anywhere it exists. the UK, Canada, Australia, China, the old USSR nowhere.The ban on alcoholic beverages in 1920 didn’t work. The American Revolution began when the redcoats came for the guns.

    • rodney

      As far as I am concerned the government are the red coats

      • RacerJim

        “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty” — Thomas Jefferson
        “As for me, give me liberty or give me death.” — Patrick Henry

  • danclamage

    Since public schools receive federal and state funding, those govts are responsible for our children’s safety and liable for any security lapses resulting in children’s deaths. Any school board member who voted in favor of a No Gun policy should be personally charged as complicit in criminal homicide, as those policies directly led to an unsafe environment.


    these are all viable questions and solutions;; BUT HERE IS WHAT HAS BEEN blogged by the left as of yesterday;;republicans have vetoed a spending bill creating a shortage of security at some schools;; you can not win with idiots like the libtards. their insanity knows no bounds.

    • mudguy1

      And we have a willing press that will spread that message.

    • tim

      They were right to veto it, there are plenty of retired police and military who would volunteer to provide security it the school staff won’t do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gerald.hooper1 Gerald Hooper

    You hit the nail on the head. In the 70’s when we started becoming politically correct. It was no longer “nice” to put the mentally disturbed behind bars and give the Thorazine neccesary to keep them stable. Now they walk the streets and buy guns because they dont have crimanial records or they steal guns It is very important to remember that Millions of Guns owners, many with mulitple automitic weapons did not kill anyone yesterday or the day before. Lock up the nuts and arm the teachers for the ones that slip through the cracks. If you can get todays liberal teacher through the qualification course and the ‘squeemie geebies” of actually touching something that will save lives that would otherwise be lost to a nut job. Guns dont kill,criminals and nuts do. we deserve the same protection as our president.

  • blackhawk132

    Don’t you all realize it’s not the gun ; It’s the wishy-washy people who just hate guns,period.People like Bloomburg of N.Y.Let’s not forget Obama who can’t take over and be our king with all those nasty guns walking around.

  • wisewoman

    Aren’t violent video games possibly part of the problem? A “disturbed mind” that can’t be “locked up”, thanks to the ACLU et al, playing bang! bang! you are dead day after day is probably thousands of times more dangerous than all of the law abiding gun owners combined. Don’t identify the sane gun owners and confiscate their guns — identify the people with “sick” minds and keep them away from guns and other weapons. I am willing to bet that a number of people saw this young man as “not quite right” mentally over the years.
    Sane people don’t walk around even thinking of killing other people, much less doing it. Meanwhile, if government confiscates all of the guns the only ones who will have them are people who are dangerous to all of the rest of us. Common sense needs to prevail.

    • rcbobj

      I agree 100%.

  • Dabney Carr

    We didn’t have this crap in the fifties and sixties. We had guns then so lets take them out of the equation right now. We had “disturbed” people and mental institutions as well. So what’s different now and the common thread in these shootings? Psychotropic drugs used in treating these people and the extremely graphic interactive video games with instant gratification for killing. It’s the deadly cocktail where we should be focusing our efforts!

    • Nameless App 1989

      We had Charles Whitman in 1966.

      • tim

        “Investigating officers found that Whitman had visited several University doctors in the year prior to the shootings, who had prescribed him various medications. Whitman had seen a minimum of five doctors between the fall and winter of 1965.

        An autopsy conducted upon the body of Charles Whitman—was performed at the Cook Funeral Home on August 2. The autopsy discovered a glioblastoma (a highly aggressive and invariably fatal brain tumor) in the hypothalamus, the glioblastoma tumor conceivably could have had an influence on Whitman’s actions.”

        In other words these five doctors all screwed up, Whitman should have been instututionalized because the drugs they prescribed were worthless, a growing tumor caused his insanity.

        Carr is correct about over reliance on drugs, starting the the mid 1960’s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gerald.hooper1 Gerald Hooper

    yesterday in hong kong a deranged man attacked women and children with a knift. Did you hear about that? of course not it did not involve a gun.. Nuts with intent will kill with what they have. Guns are not the problem..Unstable people are. Interview them before legal sales and un stable people need help not a shopping cart and a cardboard box or parents in denial.. and being a Republican or Independent is not a sign of unstabilty.. being Nancy Pelosi is.

    • tim

      One nut in China stabbed 22 children at a school the same day as this shooting, earlier a nut in China stabbed and killed dozens including children before being killed by Police.

  • Ray

    I want to see them TRY confiscation. Anti-gun forces are led by liars and idiots. A shotgun is one of the most lethal weapons on the planet but all they talk about are handguns and “assault rifles”. When and if they ever do take all guns we will be at the mercy of evil, both from criminals and the government.

    • rcbobj

      They are going to play hell taking all our guns. Does anybody relize how many bodies would be in the streets if they attempted this .

    • rodney

      Do you actually think we will just stand there in our homes and let them take what they want…. We know what happens after we allow that. Won’t happen on my watch.

  • http://profiles.google.com/danrshaw Dan Shaw

    I can see it now. Armed guards in schools provided by TSA thugs.

  • Retired educator

    So, if/when they DO “come for your guns,” what do you do? Hide them, lie, have a shootout, go to jail to spend time with the types you own guns to protect yourself from? What?

    • tim

      Hide them and lie.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Arming teachers is an “iffy” thing. An awful lot of teachers are really dumb as a box of rocks and anti-gun leftists to boot. In this country we have a habit of arming the least competent among us and expecting them to act like professionals. And if anyone suggests a federal school security program, I refer all to the TSA. We really need to learn something from the Israelis, cuz’ Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore.

    I’ve seen women at ranges, ostensibly training for their CHL…… picking up their handguns with two fingers like a dirty diaper. I don’t want that person armed anywhere near me, CHL or no. Rack a round into the chamber? Gott’a be careful you don’t break a fingernail; it looks horrible and costs to get the damage fixed. Two fingers again. Scarey!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UQMR47MG4KXRVAHVFDENZ6W6Y George

    I watched the politicians last night already calling for more gun laws. Don’t these stupid people realize that PROTECTION, instead of elimination is the problem. ANYBODY…with a passing grade in JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE…or anybody watching these horribly violent television programs, have enough knowledge to build “home made” engines of death…capable of not only death to ONE person, but even of destroying whole buildings. ARM, not only ONE person in the building, but ALL who want to carry protection. ONLY THEN will the haters, mentally disturbed, etc. think twice before attempting such actions. Hasn’t it been proved enough that those people who commit such crimes are suicidal… because they have seen most of those committing such crimes die any way, and at their own hands? If they KNOW they are likely to die BEFORE their acts can be performed… they are most likely not to attempt them. If those who are not QUITE suicidal…DID KNOW that if they even ATTEMPT such actions, would receive the death penalty for their actions. or attempts at such actions. We need stronger PENiLE laws, death penalties, and CARRYING OUT LAWS already in the books, to be effective. More GUN laws ARE NOT NECESSARY, nor will they be more effective at stopping these “sick O’s”

  • JL Brown Jr

    That is what Obama wants, registration, before he can take the 1st amendment, he has to get the second amendment, then he and his loonies want to get the 22 amendment repealed, so his dictator can stay in power, like his mentor Hugo.

  • f v davidson

    We have at least two mass murders obama and holder wanting to take our constitutional rights away while ignoring the law for their murderous activity. Fast and Furious (over two hundred murdered) and those murdered in Libya.

  • WhiteFalcon

    The commionazicrats want to get all the guns away from we the peple so thet they can beat us down more easily like Hitler and Stalin and Mao and all the others do. Hitler did this and five years later you had the Nazi Germany that we all knew and loved so much in WWII. Do you trust this Government? I don’t. They lie to us every day, they violate the Constitution every day, they violate our rights every day, and it goes on and on. They have had drones in the air over Nebraska and no doubt other places violating our fourth Amendment rights, they prevent us from practicing our religions, they want to detain us without charging us forever, this so called Congress lets the President illegally go around the Congress with his edicts that he calls executive orders, the Government refuses to enforce the laws unless they want to in order to hurt anyone that opposes them, they just sweep murders and other crimes under the rug and are not held accountable for them, like the Lybia incident and the Fast and Furious incident, and the list goes on and on. The nut job that shot the kids in Connecticut was a well known nut job that should have been put qwqy a long time ago, but his mother was protecting him like mothers do. He could have constructed a bomb and blown the whole school away. All the people that do these things are nut jobs, but the Government doesn’t want to address that issue at all. They want to blame the shape of a rifle or the number of rounds that a magazine holds. They don’t want to acknowledge all the crimes that are prevented by regular people with guns. They just want to make our country into a huge police state. Our Government is mostly composed with liars, cheats and thieves. Do you want to trust them? As the old adage states, “If your government can’t trust you with your guns, how can you trust them with theris?” They don’t want us to be able to resist them and that is at the bottom of the whole idea of gun control.

  • David

    22 Interesting Questions about the Newtown Shootings

    1) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother’s ID, and it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan – who officials say is very cooperative – claims
    not to have seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID?

    2) Why does the use of his brother’s ID not qualify as theft?

    3) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he wear a bulletproof vest if he planned to kill himself?

    4) The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns – a rifle was found in the trunk of his car. If he did not fire the rifle that left casings on the ground, who did?

    5) The local hospital went into lockdown and cleared four trauma rooms, but received only three patients, two of them dead children (according to the official story) and one mildly wounded adult.

    6) Why were there persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school, when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?

    7) What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school as he shouted to parents, “It wasn’t me!”

    8 ) What happened to the dark van/SUV that the police surrounded in the parking lot, or the maroon sedan with a blown-out back window they were on the lookout for?

    9) The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law. But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her “autistic” son access to both guns and ammo?

    10) Why were parents told on Friday that “if you haven’t been reunited with your child by now it’s already over”? Does anyone imagine that real parents of real children would simply say, “Okay, the show’s over, let’s go home now”?

    11) Would real parents of real children really be satisfied with pictures of their children? Wouldn’t they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?

    12) Why did police say on Friday that they were going to leave the children’s bodies rotting in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce that they had spirited those bodies away in the middle of the night?

    13) A child asserts that he/she heard someone say, “Put your hands up,” followed by the reply, “Don’t shoot.” This indicates that the police took a suspect into custody inside the school. But if that was Adam Lanza, how did he kill himself after that point?

    14) Another child asserts that he/she saw a man pinned down to the ground with handcuffs on. Again, this indicates that the police took a suspect into custody. If that was Adam Lanza, how did he then kill himself? If it wasn’t Adam Lanza, who was it?

    15) When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile and created many others in his name?

    16) Why won’t police tell us where they found the Henry repeating rifle, the Enfield rifle, and the shotgun?

    17) Did the school have one or more security cameras? What do they show?

    18) Why did a police officer specifically mention, on radio, that “they’re coming at me through this wood,” followed by a fellow officer saying, “This is it”?

    19) One officer in the school said, “We’ve got one suspect down.” Who was that? Down in this situation generally means in custody (on the ground and cuffed), not dead.

    20) Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family, whether the family wants such “protection” or not?

    21) Why are Adam’s brother Ryan Lanza and his roommates in custody?

    22) What does it mean that Nancy Lanza’s brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZILT7FI37IEGIGZ47H34VLVAY skyhawk

      Interesting questions, much like What happened in Libya? You get so much false information that you cannot believe the credibility of anyone concerned.

    • mudguy1

      if these questions are not answered I smell another coverup coming.

    • mudguy1

      Where did you get all this?

  • jrus51

    it is not the gun.There are commonalities to ALL mass killings.The so-called mental health profession has never been able to predict the “bad”guy. Their “science ” is drugs,ECT,and imprisonment. People have been made quieter but never cured.
    If one were to study the possible side effects of taking some of these meds we could guess the outcome.”Causes anger,depression,violent tendencies, hallucinations,disconnects with reality” and on and on for pages. You do not have to look further then the label….Read the damn label !! it is all there.
    The drug IS the cause not the cure.
    Many are made quieter so it appears to work. And the ones who do react?? does not take many to create a very dangerous environment.

  • jerry sweet

    i read there was a second shooter.a black ops gov.shooter.WHY? were ATF,FBI and all other leo’s agency’s on scene just minutes after the carnage.could it be they had to protect the maggot they sent in.some one had to kill the idiot,that was blamed.every time the feds want gun control bingo we have another massecre

  • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

    Here’s a question to ask the Left: If they are so concerned about innocent lives, why do they allow – even promote and fund! – 3500 abortions a day? In my column following the tragedy in Newtown, I asked, and even laid out a proposal, if they would be willing to give any ground on abortion “rights” in exchange for concessions from gun owners. I also posted the question on a few pro-choice Facebook pages. And you know what I found? I found that while gun rights advocates were intrigued by the idea and willing to give ground to save the lives of the unborn, liberals were adamant – and rather vile – in the sanctity of their right to kill a baby in the womb. Of course, most of them tried to help themselves sleep at night by rolling out the standard justifications such as “it’s not a real baby,” “it’s my body,” and “I’m not a life support system for a fetus.”

    Like I said, vile people…

  • del

    This BS from the left is really an attack on our constitution rather than an attack on arms. They are looking to control with no way for the people to engage with this runaway form of socialist government brought on by the jerks in charge with their false icon squatting in the white house

  • brabbie2002

    I am sorry to say that this so-called government will use any excuse, even the killing of children, to ramrod gun control down our throats. Well, guess what. they can have mine when the politicians give up their armed guards, the president doesn;t have an armed guard, the criminals don’t have guns, and I feel safe in my own home because the nut cases are off the streets! Does this sound like it will ever happen? NO!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JXJTLCFYHHT54JKK54NANKIT7Y Robert

    What is to stop someone bend on killing from breaking a glass door, enter a school and start throwing pipe bombs in all the classrooms? Or bringing in a knife? Or chemical bombs? If a mass murderer is bend on mass murder, what is going to or who is going to stop him in a school? In shopping malls there are armed security guards? As well as in airports? But not schools, not movie theaters. Who will protect your child? Not the teachers, they are not armed or trained. Not the ushers for they have been disarmed like the rest of us. I would have no problem of a ban an assault rifles but we all know that give these anti-gun nuts an inch, they will take the country.

  • obhfwb

    Liberalism is a disease and all the left has it and it’s far worst than cancer it can be cured, there is no hope for them as you cannot fix stupid.

  • paulm39083

    it the point has not been made as yet … here it is.. those responsible for the horrid event in Conn. are the very people who now think it’s a good idea to pass more gun control.. it is them who created the gun free zones. and it is they who created the victims in that school.. they are directly responsible for what laws and regs they create .. they take credit when the results are good and they now need to come foreward and take credit for the deaths of 27 innocent people.. 20 small children.. this is not a stretch.. it is the truth.. they set up this situation.. and then they hide from it… sickening is the only description that fits.. no body should ever listen to this morons again.. not just about guns but about anything.. they obviously do not have the power to think things ahead of an event and should never be in a position to affect another life anywhere on this planet..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    I will not shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods any longer for taking such a negative position on firearms due to the school tragedy. Here is the real issue.This kids doomsday mother was taking her mentally ill kid to a gun range to learn about and shoot guns. Was she also a nut case ? More to come

  • dHb

    More gun control or the elimination of guns is necessary in order to enable comrade Barry Barak Hussein Soetoro Obama to complete his planed conversion of Amerika into a socialistic regime where only his enforcement minions will have guns.

  • gatekeeper96740

    What about asking how much and how long Adam had been taking Prozac or Paxil?
    CBS reported he was taking Meds. Lets have that conversation first.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    This quest for gun control is more about the ability to murder millions of political dissenters.


  • armydadtexas

    An honest question to the left. You claim that Guns are the problem and must be controlled by the government. 1st Question:How many millions of UNBORN CHILDREN Slaughtered every year through ABORTION MILLS, are enough for you? Personally, I believe 1 is too many. 2nd Question: Do you think when HITLER/STALIN or PO POT desided to DISARM their citizens it was truely because “Guns were the problem”? The truth was these mentioned pukes and Obama want complete control of the citizens they are supposed to be serving. There lies your real problems. Government control and our societies’ deliberate indifference towards the lives of the UNBORN CHILD. And our society knashes their teeth when EVIL Strikes our children. I would suggest the first place our society, especially the left look for BLAME is the nearest MIRROR

  • Brian Bertha

    Never waste a disaster. Its a shame that politicians including the president use this disaster to push their agenda.

  • crankyoldone

    The Truth is that SLAVES can NOT own GUNS !!! And we ARE just slaves to the NWO folks . I know you’ve heard the term ” Useless Eaters ” , well everyone has a purpose .

  • sagebrush6

    We have those nutcases walking our city streets and if you complain, the CS cops tell you to use a different street. HUH ?

  • Marjie

    We have to ask ourselves why this happened. We have a moral problem. We have a mental health problem. We de-institutionalized the mentally ill. We have psychiatric drugs that cause thoughts of violence and suicide. People on these drugs are driving cars when driving while intoxicated is illegal. Why isn’t this being addressed?

    I don’t remember things like this happening when I was growing up. Moms were in the home. Divorce was rare. Sunday was a day of rest. The stores were closed on Sunday. God was allowed in our schools.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.stoneburner.96 Deborah Stoneburner

    No smart person would go where there would be guns to fire back at him and if he is not smart he would get killed.

  • John

    The right wing clowns are out in force today with all their hate for people armed with brains and facts instead of war mongering violent rhetoric. You don’t need these stupid guns. The kid WAS HOME SCHOOLED. I thought you people hated government schools and would love for them to go away so this in line with what YOU WANT. The graph says more guns equals more deaths. You people behave like children when adults want to take away their toys.

    • MontieR

      I don’t know what graph you refer to but ALL of the governmental AND independent research aside from the brainless brady bunch surveys indicate you are dead WRONG. More guns=more safety, less guns=less safety. Do a little research out side the LIES from the huffington post and the brady bunch.

    • tim

      Your graph is upside down, 30 million dead in China after Mao took away their guns, where is that point on your idiotic graph? Hundreds dead in Chicago every year which has very strict gun laws. A couple dead every decade in Kennesaw Georgia which requires gun ownership.

  • randellmd

    liberals always want an unfair fight. they expect us to bring a knife or at best a musket to an assault weapon fight. morons!

  • Lorraine E

    When guns are out-lawed only out-laws will have guns. The way to stop these ‘copy-cat’ murders is to end the fame and recognition given to murderers. So long as the vile media is getting all sorts of attention by blaming the guns and exploring various reasons why the poor soul murdered so many innocent people, it will embolden more psychos to commit mass murders. Hang Lanza’s dead body by the neck in front of the court house for a week or so and that should take away some of the glory other evil people may be seeking. Also hang the Colorado murderer by the neck in front of the court house for a week. Bet the prospect of being hung in a public place would really slow down these evil people.

  • Bothered & Bewildered

    If everyone is disarmed by Obama, Reid, Feinstein, Pelosi, & Boxer etc etc Surely there then will be no need for an armed Police Force ? After all even in Ultra Left Wing California,every day the Heavily Armed Police Forces kill harmless young minorities who are going about their “Obama Honored” business of ‘Redistributing’ the money & possessions of those greedy citizens who actually ‘Worked’ for their assests ? They will of course immediately cease their murderous proclivities, ? Of course they will – it will be Obama’s decree or ‘Executive Order’ that they do so. Secondly there will be absoluitely no need for those political stalwarts named above to have heavily armed guards at their disposal day and night, and wherever they travel ? They can put their chances where their mouths are, and walk ariund with us unarmed, as we will all be. They will be safe, after all they disarmed everyone – why would they need special protection when they are safely & securely enwrapped in their own laws ? Above all Obama will not need 300 Very Expensive Armed Guards when ever he goes on his Communist Program Government Peregrinations.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. By outlawing their right to bear arms, weren’t they and their students set up like clay pigeons in a shooting gallery waiting for any nut case with a gun to walk in and start shooting and/or cutting throats with retractable package knives, without any fear of someone being armed?

    As, with an assist from the execrable Jamie Gorelick were the airborne collaterals of — and was the American Nation — for the only actual Cli’ton-era “legacy!” The atrocities of September 11 2001.

    Neither occasion was in any way impacted by too much NRA or too many guns.

    But both by too few guns and an overabundance of ACLU!

  • govsurveillance

    where is the outrage against hollywood and the perversion it presents on tv and in the movies; or hate filled rap music; or the over the top violence of computer games; or union thugs who gleefully bash heads on the news; or, probably worst of all, the lofty words of our miscreant president when he says “if they bring a knife to the fight, we’ll bring a gun.”

  • JJM123

    Saw the following posted today:
    In the 1970s Israel started arming Teacher’s Aides after terrorists successfully attacked one of their schools. Ever since then, they have mandated that when Israeli school children go on a school excursion, there must be one armed IDF Soldier for every ten students. So what is it that the Israelis know about protecting their children that we seem to miss?
    And don’t ignore the fact that we are surrounded by other deadly tools: bombs, knives, clubs, cars, glass bottles, etc, etc. Yet some want to submit all of us to become passive victims and allow LEO to clean up the mess afterwards.

    • KJQ

      They went further than that. Since whenever they put armed cops and/or military in public places (e.g. in malls, on public buses), the attackers just killed them first once they had their guns out, they legalized and started urging concealed carry.. Now 20% of the population does so (not counting those who open carry). Mass shootings have virtually stopped. Now they use suicide bombers. Even then, many are shot prior to being able to set off their bombs by CCW holders thanks to their penchant for giving warning by crying out “Allah Ackar!”.

      Dr. John Lott’s research proves that CC works, but politicians and left wingers know it’s hard to control people who are armed.

  • MontieR

    The liberals AND there stooges in Washington ARE DIRECTLY responsible for these atrocities. THEY created the gun free zones FOR these lunatics and then blame the inanimate object and the LEGAL gun owners for the crime. Any of you wanting to ban guns are NO real Americans. You are simply LYING impostors.

  • Michael Skok

    I’m for the 2nd Amendment and all that. But do Catholic schools teachers carry guns. Are there any shootings at Catholic schools?

  • Mort Leith

    Libbies are satan’s little ignorant army,, get used to it

  • Bob

    An armed, licensed, trained individual could have stopped this tragedy. Instead of having an adult conversation about this, & honestly looking at alternatives, the loons simply go for seizure of legally owned guns. How about we allow mental health workers to medicate & treat people like the shooter who are known problems? How about we ban violent videos? How about we allow law enforcement to be pro-active with known trouble makers like this shooter? How about we honor the 2nd Amendment, whose purpose is to provide the American voter with the where-with-all to defend themselves against an abusinve government, like the current one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brashear.31 John Brashear

    Liberals will never address the real issues, not ever, if they do, then they have no platform to run on, they wont stop spending they wont stop taxing they wont stop gun grabbing yet these are the same people that care so much about children they have helped kill 50 million unborn babies, yet they insist they are for the children’s rights, only if they aren’t breathing oxygen at the time on their own.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Is every killer mentally ill? The sin factor is prevalent in our society today. Growing up in the situation ethics, it’s all about me generation has given rise to selfish, sinful individuals who do not know right from wrong or do not care what is right and what is wrong.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    What if Adam Lanza was armed with an edged weapon? He still would’ve left carnage in his wake. An armed school principal could’ve stopped him or any other human being that wants to go on a rampage in a school. My suggestion is a 12 ga. pump with 2 3/4″ high brass shells with #4 or #6 shot. At ranges of 20 feet or less the shot is deadly. Shot won’t riccochet if it strikes a wall. Throwing lead at a criminal is a lot safer than throwing your body at an armed criminal.

  • Ron

    At least 51% of the American people have a mental disease. That is the percentage of American voters that voted for obama.

  • PWR

    I read an article about a magnet school in Texas where the teachers are given training in firearms that include close quarters drills and are armed. The teachers are not required, but those that want to participate and can qualify are given the chance. I live in Fl., we just reached our 1 millionth CCW permit in this state, the thing is that crime is at an all time low! Now if I was to take what the left is telling me as being truthfull I would have to ask why is it that where good people are armed, less people are hurt by bad people! I don’t believe what the left is selling as far as gun control goes, I have grown up with firearms and my children grew up with firearms…None of my three boys have ever hurt another person with a gun, but they would and could if they or their family were in danger. My oldest son has been in the U.S. Army for the last 5 years, he has seen plenty of killings in two deployments to war zones… The one thing that he (a father of three) believes to be true is that we all need the ability to protect ourselfs against the crazies out there that will stop at nothing to do harm to innocents. If the politicians want to do somthing that will really help stop things like this school shooting from happening, they need to look at the mental health system in this country! Medicaid will hardly pay for any treatment of the mentaly ill, these are many times the ones that need it the most! Does anyone really believe that if this shooter could not have gotten a gun, he would not have simply driven a car into a bus stop or even built a truck bomb AKA Ok. City. and did his worst? You cannot remove all of the most dangerous items from our daily life and make us one bit safer when the people that cause these things need mental health help! Only the medical help they need will actually solve the problem and have any REAL effect on these types of incidents!

  • Saltporkdoc

    The most basic failing of “Gun Free School Zones” is the flawed logic that there will be someone Police Officer) to enforce the law. When all is said and done, law enforcement in the US is still reactive and not proactive.


    How does Obama sleep at night? Bet it’s medication! It’s like all of us are being punished for those who voted incorrectly…of course people are going to stockpile weapons when they are losing the right to own them… wait and see…it’s only a matter of time we don’t have the right to medications either…the mind is very interesting and individualized… all the ducks wouldn’t be in a row…chaos….how proud his family must be! Bet they’re medicated, due to the stress of all those guns around THEM!

  • Patriot

    It was a set up, striking at our innocence. To sway the masses into accepting “The Organizer’s” agenda. All opposed will be made to look like they don’t care; to look like they are in the wrong; then ostracised by the masses. Then alas “The Organizer” will have won their hearts to accomplish his plan. Just look at how the fiscal debate is unfolding. Yes, TPTB are working behind the scenes to take it all.

  • GDC

    HOMOSEXUALS have MURDERED MILLIONS of Childrens with AIDS!!!

  • Kosenator

    All pro-abortion were born. Could it be all pro-gun control have armed bodyguards? After all, both cases have people staying alive while others die because of their decision.

  • KittyKittyKit

    ……and then the CRAZY LEADER said……..we’ll legislate that YOU get to keep your weapons IF YOU will join us in taking the legally owned weapons away from ALL of the others in your communities………….and HIS FOLLOWERS cried YES!, YES!, YES!!

    ……and then the CRAZY LEADER said………if they try to RESIST you in ANY WAY while you’re trying to get them to give up their legally owned weapons, then “I” give you permission to jump on them and wrestle the weapons from their hands, or “taze” them as often as it takes to make them let go…..even if it KILLS THEM, and if that’s not enough, then KILL THEM!!!…………and HIS FOLLOWERS cried YES!, YES!, YES!

    …….and then the CRAZY LEADER said……..GO, my followers, GO and TAKE THEIR LEGALLY OWNED WEAPONS AWAY FROM THEM……”I” give you permission and the COMMAND……..and as HIS FOLLOWERS joyfully ran into the streets, crying YES!, YES!, YES!…………they shouted and screamed at the citizens to turn in their legally owned weapons, and the people said “But….”, and the CRAZY LEADERS FOLLOWERS jumped on them and punched them and wrestled with them and tazed them, and some of them died from the tazings, and those who still would not give up their legally owned weapons after being tazed, were SHOT, MULTIPLE TIMES, until they were DEAD!!

    …….and then the CRAZY LEADER’S FOLLOWERS joyfully brought ALL the weapons they had confiscated to the CRAZY LEADER, and said WE HAVE DONE YOUR BIDDING!!!!……and they showed off the weapons they had confiscated…….and the CRAZY LEADER said to HIS FOLLOWERS, you have been faithful to do MY BIDDING therefore YOU, MY FOLLOWERS can KEEP the weapons for YOURSELVES!!

    …….then the CRAZY LEADER’S FOLLOWERS were joyfull and said YES!, YES!, YES! and they rejoiced as they showed each other the different weapons they had taken from those who had legally owned them…………..then ONE of the CRAZY LEADERS FOLLOWERS said to one of the OTHER of HIS FOLLOWERS……….I recognize that GUN!!…..it belonged to my DAD!!…..and the CRAZY LEADER’S FOLLOWER said……yeah, and he put up quite a struggle before we KILLED HIM in a hail of gunfire, it was COOL!!!!

    Then more of the CRAZY LEADER’S FOLLOWERS began to recognize the weapons THEIR fathers, and mothers, and sisters, and brothers, and aunts and uncles, and friends had LEGALLY OWNED and were now DEAD, WOUNDED or COMPLETELY DISSARMED and realized ALL THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE, who had NEVER used their weapons against ANYONE illegally……THEIR LOVED ONES………..were NOW…..dead, wounded or COMPLETELY DISSARMED……

    ……. and ONLY the CRIMINALS who had hidden their guns and THE CRAZY LEADER’S FOLLOWERS had weapons……..and THEY, THEMSELVES, were the CRAZY LEADER’S FOLLOWERS,

    and the CRAZY LEADER could NEVER have accomplished ANY of HIS PLAN without the POLICE FORCES FOLLOWING THEIR CRAZY LEADER.

    ……the CRAZY LEADER(S) like HITLER, POL POTT, MAO TSE DUNG, KIM JUNG ILL, STALIN, LENIN, CHAVEZ, CASTRO, SADAAM HUSSEIN, BARACK OBAMA, HARRY REID, NANCY PELOSI, CHUCK SHUMMER,……just to name a few…….HAVE NO POWER without the MINDLESS POLICE FORCES who are willing to KILL their own fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, relatives, and neighbors.


    CRAZY LEADERS count on the “mental mush” of the POLICE FORCES to carry out their DIABOLICAL plans…………POLICE FORCES are the BIGGEST DANGER to any society……UNLESS they know the Constitution and the RIGHTS that belong to the CITIZENS…..

    that NO CRAZY LEADER (politician or superior officer) has a RIGHT to give them an ORDER or COMMAND that abbrogates the LEGAL RIGHTS, under the U.S. Constitution, of ANY of their fellow CITIZENS and CAN and SHOULD REFUSE to follow that order and TURN IMMEDIATELY and CHARGE the one who gave them the order with TREASON, or SEDITION, and ARREST THEM and bring them to TRIAL for TREASON where, if the evidence is conclusive, they will be found GUILTY OF TREASON, and PUT TO DEATH.


    We the PEOPLE had HIGH HOPES American COPS were better than HITLERS COPS, but COPS are a lot like the HITLERS they serve…….they like power, and they don’t like being resisted in the least little bit, and they WANT to PUNISH those who resist without having to take them to court……….they’re little “HITLERettes”…………..go ahead…….PROVE ME WRONG!!! I’ll GLADLY APOLOGIZE IF I’M WRONG!!


    You’ll NEVER BE a CRAZY LEADER’S FOLLOWER if you will just perform your OATH to PROTECT, and DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION of the United States of America, form ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and DOMESTIC.

    The 2ND AMENDMENT was instituted to give the AMERICAN CITIZENS their LAST LINE OF DEFENSE against a government that has turned AGAINST the Constitution.

    POLICE, just do your DUTY and America will ALWAYS BE FREE.


  • YahooBob

    Impeach the “illegal alien!” His actions have given “bravado” to pin-heads, the 18-30 crowd, and the hidden Iranians in America, which will soon cause havoc! You heard it here first.

  • DaveNTejas

    This article is asking the right questions, but the radical left does not understand the answers.


    Blaming the gun for what happened in Connecticut is like blaming the Air Planes for the people killed in 9-11. Oh and their were a lot more killed in 9-11 by planes then there has ever been by some idiot with a gun..


    If Odumbo confiscate our guns then there will be one more thing for the illegals to sneak across the border with to sell.

  • Reelman1946

    SHOOTER side notes…..

    1…The Mother told people 7 years ago she was afraid he would do something horrible

    2…The Mother told people 5 years ago she dare not leave him alone

    3…The Mother took him out of school

    4…The Mother had an income of $289,000 a year from divorce (lived in a 1.6 mil house)…so could have afforded an off duty cop to watch him…at least days.

    5…The Mother bought the guns and registered them in her name (apparently not locked up securely)

    6…The Mother took the strange medicated “autistic” son who felt no pain to the shooting range! (figure that one)

    Now if we are going to have what I call “Columbine Parenting”

    (where rich libs ignore their teens and miss all the bad signs the whole community knows for month after month)…how can guns be the issue?

    …1921 a 55 year old man who was mad about losing an election killed 38 school kids with dynamite…worst school murders ever.

    Does anyone think a “genius nut” (they always go to “GUN-FREE ZONES”) is going to be stopped with that kind of parenting?

    That kind of school help? That kind of local medical help?

    …We lost 3,000 Americans because of box cutter weapons and planes!!! Think think.

    Instead of having 3 loaded pistols in 3 secret school locations (1 in prin. office) that would give the kids a chance while waiting 20-25 minutes for local police they stay in denial of evil…even after Columbine (another GUN-FREE ZONE)…

    …A couple weeks back in an Oregon mall…a nut started firing…then a private citizen pulled his concealed carry pistol, pointed it at the nut shooter…

    the nut saw this and put the gun to his head…bang…no shooter, good gun stops bad nut with gun.

    …In Mississippi an asst. principal ran to his truck, grabbed his pistol and stopped what could have been another mass school shooting.

    …Chicago and Detroit have a murder a day or more with their strict gun control laws…


    (with the new Socialized Medicine…add gun bans, etc and we are where they want us…powerless at their mercy) (theconservativecrawfish)

  • Winston Smith

    Doesn’t ANYONE listen to the commercials for prescription drugs? Even those for the most mundane PHYSICAL ailments often have a ‘disclaimer’ with wording like : “This ‘medicine’ may cause mood disorders and/or thoughts of suicide.”! But the FDA (Free Drug Availability) says “(it may make you crazy) but it might cure your hiccups!”


    IFa member of the school staff had an altercation with the killer the day before the shooting,WHY didn’t that staff member call the police or his mother who was out of town? being that his mother was out of town she must have had an answering machine and the staff member could have left a message about the altercation.The principal,at least, should have been notified and she could have called the police and requested that an officer be assigned to investigate and possibly protect against another altercation.

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