• Benjamin

    No hypocrisy with the left, ever.

    • John

      What’s the hypocrisy – we’re just not stupid – we recognize that your followers are,

  • Abby

    So let’s let the Obama’s daughter’s school be the model for all public schools. This would be spending I would consider worthy.

    • jody

      Abby: I agree, but schools are a state and local responsibility. The Feds should butt out ( Re: 10th Amendment).

      • $26222150

        Tell that to the Dept of Education.

      • larryincamden

        At his time? I thought that the 9th and 10 th Amendments were irrelevant along with most of the Bill of Rights

      • glory

        BO and Mocchelle and the rest of the feds aren’t butted out … that’s the problem. tell that to Moochelle and her food police or to the music departments when they want to do a “Christmas” program, or to children who want to pray or wear a Christian t shirt, etc etc.

  • George T Horvat

    I wonder how President Obama would feel about gun control and zero school security if his daughters attended a public school on the south side of Chicago?

    Nothing against he man but all of our children are just as precious to us as his are to him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/garrey.mcvicker Garrey McVicker

      remember when he said his girls would go to public school. hows that working for your tax dollars.

      • John

        How about the waste of 100’s of millions of dollars of YOUR money on Romney’s campaign when he didn’t really want the job. You were just plain conned.

        • Bob Williams

          Who in their right mind would want the job – especially if you were financially secure for life? There is a difference between not wanting the job and being willing to take it for the good of the country.

          How is Obama solving that pesky “fiscal cliff” thingie? Oh, he’s kickin’ it over in Hawaii. That’s what most folks do when they are facing a major decision – head for Hawaii.

          You folks wished for Obama to win a second term, so that you could get all your “free sh#t”. I guess it proves for once and for all that there is absolutely no qualifications needed to be POTUS.

          Born in the U.S? Sorry – those records are sealed.

          Went to college at Occidental College? Don’t know for sure – those records are sealed.

          Went to Columbia University?
          Don’t know for sure – those records are sealed.

          Went to Harvard University.
          Don’t know for sure – those records are sealed.

          The National Debt is over $16 trillion and still rising. Rapidly. Be careful what you wish for.

          • joanc

            Who is on the receiving end of all the US money allocated to the stimulus? Maybe it a study of shrimp on a treadmill or the rebuilding of Mosques in other countries, maybe on the 5 Navy boats that were gifted to Kenya? All this money could be rebuilding America , but not to this administration. We come last in their eyes.

          • MARYANN33

            Romney manned up to take the job although he did not need it. The American people made a big mistake of not being sure he got the job. Time for the public to get informed while in the pot that is heating….Maybe too late now.

        • joanc

          He ran to save us from what is happening now in America. The free spending and the in “our face government” would not have be the case if Romney, a true patriot and money manager had been elected. Think about it ! The Constitution would not be in danger of being scrapped by those in DC who mistakenly call it outdated and written by old men.

          • lokiswife

            At least almost half of American voters saw through the fraud and lies and voted NObama. The others were too stupid and short-sighted, believing that an immature and self-centered ACORN organizer could do a better job than an experienced and dignified businessman.

          • cherokee_warrior

            We have our own selves to blame, for first, permitting the school system to become invaded by educators who had been educated at colleges, that had been invaded by the left leaning professors and staff.
            We bought their story that they had the future of our country in mind, with the style and content of the education that they were pushing, and we ‘bought ‘ that line, like a trout going for a mayfly.
            Can this liberal leaning education be turned back and a true sense of right and wrong come back into vogue? My ‘crystal ball’ has turned into
            a dead light bulb.

          • danstewart

            Except for massive vote fraud, Romney would have won big.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

            If I recall correctly, those “old men” who wrote the Constitution were all very well educated, were mostly veterans, and were true AMERICANS!
            Seems as though every veteran that has run for public office these days is snowed under by “establishment” party members, or dyed-in-the-wool communists!
            The Founding Fathers would be very disappointed in the whole bunch!

          • Jeff Horton

            yes actual vetrans who fought for this country. How many of congress and administration served in our armed services.

        • RacerJim

          How about the fact that Romney didn’t waste $1.00 of Obama supporters money on his campaign yet Obama has wasted $100s of Millions of Romney supporters money on himself and his family? Those who voted for Obama in 2012 are the ones who were conned…even liberal Time Magazine says so (effectively).

      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

        As we all know Obama is a liar.

        • RacerJim

          As we all also know, or should know, Obama is a usurper.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

        What made me angry was the very expensive, very well-guarded trip his daughter took to Mexico!
        How much did we pay for that?

        • Jeff Horton

          Not to mention the friends they took. I wonder how much hawaii is costing us now.

      • RacerJim

        I rememeber when he promised “We the people…” lots of things during his first campaign for president, then eventually broke the vast majority of his promises.

      • JCWS1

        Obamas’ children will go to muslim schools that teach the peaceful living so common in the kuran.

    • John

      Nut not a target of right wing clowns.

    • bitemehardleft

      You and your children don’t count here. His little darlings would never attend an unguarded school or for that matter one of those public unionized schools that he scream the praises of.

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

      The Lord hath sent His Angel to restrain a demon.
      Please note how the demon looks exactly like Obama.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

        No, Raymond. Obama never looked that handsome!

    • RacerJim

      On the contrary, everything against the narcissist who believes his children are more precisous than anyone else’s.

  • doug63

    when his daughter vacationed in mexico she had secret service. no guns in mexico? Just for John Hammer. You know John don’t you?

  • opey

    ovomits spawn, are not anymore precious than anyone elses, and old doc paul can go suck an egg………that pig is so hypocritical it’s ridiculous

    • John

      No but they are targets for clowns like you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/garrey.mcvicker Garrey McVicker

    obubber, only cares about his self. when are you people going to see that. hes a rock star dont you know. he can seen his kids on millions of our tax dollars on vac. and he spends millions more flying around to put that face on tv. frankly im tired of seeing it.his kids can be safe yours cant. theres so, much wrong with this nut case and people cant see it.wake up people hes not going to do, a dam thing for the people . he only helps himself to more.

    • cimiron

      I can’t stand seeing or hearing him at all

      • Becky McClure

        I agree. He makes me sick. I turn hin off when he is on TV

      • RacerJim

        ^5 DITTO 5^

  • richard

    His “darlings” have NEVER attended a public school, so he has no idea what everyone else goes through daily. But new laws will help everything, the people that do this kind of stuff will obey these new laws. They just didn’t like the laws about not being able to be within several hundred yars of a school, nor the law that says you cannot commit murder, but they will respect the “assault rifle” ban becasue the libs want them to. And while they are trying to pass this law, lets have some truth, the first reports stated the police found the AR-15 (not assault rifle) in the trunk or the mother’s car the guy drove to the school in, then the state medicial examiner stated of implied the people in the school were ALL killed with the “assault rifle”. There are even some reports, being hushed by the lame stream news media, that they saw a news report showing the police removing the AR-15 from the trunk of the car. So we need to hear the truth, did tis crazy use the “assault rifle” or was it just in the trunk of the car perhaps even unknown to him. I mean if the dumbocraps are going to use this rifle as a prop for their important law that they cannot live without, should we maybe be told the truth?

    • Randy G

      Do you really think small details like TRUTH will get in the way of a good BS story?

    • John

      They just know that you and your kind are batshit crazy.

      • msueh

        And as we are known by the company we keep, why are you here?

      • RacerJim

        We just know that you and your ilk can’t handle the truth.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7AA4NBFHV6ZXLG7CNY4BXWBEGU Ellen

      The “shooter” was the patsy; there was at least another, probably two others who did the shootings–if they were done at all. I really have questions as to just who all these actors were. The video proof is quite appalling and revealing.

      • Jeff Horton

        Do you think we will ever get to see the real ballistics in this case. If the medical examiner was bought off. so will the lab results.

    • rwdodgerblue

      Plus the first reports said witnesses saw cops bring another man out of the woods who was dressed in camo. I haven’t heard anything else about that, either.

      • danstewart

        And you won’t. He probably did the shooting, then cleaned up by the “suicide?” of the fall guy. In Colorado there were also eyewitnesses who reported at least one other shooter. In both cases, it was quickly hushed up. Fast & furious, mass shootings, obummer really wants to disarm the American people. Just like hitler & a lot of other commies, he doesn’t care how many people die, as long as he can disarm us & declare himself king.

  • Van

    All schools that want armed guards should have them. How would obama feel if he did’nt have armed secret service.

    • $26222150

      I’d sure like to find out!

    • John

      Worthless – didn’t work at Columbine.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

        There were NO armed guards at Columbine! The cops could have done more, but their own Rules of Engagement wouldn’t allow them to enter the building until all facts about the shooters were known!

        • Jeff Horton

          They did have a security guard, but he was at the local subway at the time.

  • cimiron

    who is he to want gun control when his own children are protected in a school

    • John

      Because of clowns like you who hate blacks and love conspiracy theories.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Whiting/1681861915 Linda Whiting

        Hate blacks? You are drinking to much of that asses kool-aid. He is by far one of the worst presidents we ever had. It has nothing to do with him being black OR white. The race card is over used by people like you John. What does that say about Obama as a human being? Disaggreeing with another human being is colorless. Quite frankly, you make yourself look like you can only have ridiculously stupid conversations. Try sticking with the point that children should be protected, not just a select few children.

      • Jeff Horton

        Funny because we don’t agree with his politics, we hate blacks? I think that is about as racist of a statement as you can get! Your the one that must be a racist. I haven’t seen one person so far mention race. Funny how that is the first thing liberals come up with when the facts do not balance in their favor.

      • Guest

        I don’t hate black people just little ‘ol you Johnny boy.

  • victoryman

    I am no fan of Jimmy Carter, but, I give him great credit for when he was in office he sent his daughter, Amy, to PUBLIC SCHOOL in Washington, DC. Not so with the “Elites” of today. Never forget that liberals know what’s good for YOU. We must never forget that they are our “Betters.”

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

      That’s true! I had forgotten her, and so did the Johnsons when LBJ was in office! Both the Johnson girls and the Carter girl were considered just part of the crowd! And, if memory serves, there were not hordes of Secret Service around, either!

      • Jeff Horton

        “there were not hordes of Secret Service around, either!” That is because they were not caught in so many lies as this King has been caught in.

  • No time for tyranny

    Obama has no feelings about anybody. He does’nt care about anybodies health finances or wellfair. He is willing to heartlessly sacrafice anyone from the unborn to the hardened military vet to achieve his goal of world domination.

    • patriot3712

      Do as I say, not as I do. This is the new America. Enjoy

    • John

      Wow – we really are a prize right wing clown aren’t we. Fox (run by an Australian) really has you brainwashed.

      • joanc

        Which flavor of the kool aid are you on?

      • Jeff Horton

        And if you only watch the major liberal news they have you brain washed! Now days you have to watch both and read a lot then cypher it to decide what is true. And Our president has told so many lies, we can’t trust him . We need the news like it was back in the old days. When you could not tell if the reporters are left or right. This is why I quit watching the today show. They did not hide their political views at all. And had no one to balance it out. One thing I can say for fox, They have liberals on, to express their point of view.

  • stickwith1

    That piece of cow manure in the oval office does believe in death for kids.ITS CALLED ABORTION.So why didn t he have both his kids murdered in the womb like wants others to do the same?He should have no kids right now.He could have have had a partial birth abortion performed on them where the brains are sucked out of the babys head just before its delievered.Dumbo OBummer does believe that partial abortion should be legal to.After all thats why he funnels all this millions of our tax dollars to planned parenthood to begin with.He believes in murder for kids.It not just not done with a gun .In about a month WE WILL BE REMEMBERING THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF ROE V WADE WHICH LEGALIZED THE MURDER OF THE KID IN THE WOMB.Also the NRA or Gunowners of America does not get single penny of tax dollars the way that rotten pp gets.Dumdo does support the murder of the kid.It just not done thru the barrel of a gun

    • Tony

      Kudos to you. As a Christian, these kids getting murdered has been hard for me to deal with. Then it came to me. Our kids have been murdered for years and legally, inside the womb. Where is the public outcry? Oh that’s right, it’s a womans right to choose. Now our kids are being murdered outside the womb and it’s getting alot of attention. A baby is a baby inside or outside the womb. If it has a heartbeat, it has life. God said, I knew you when you were formed in the womb. Time to wake up people and realize murder is murder.

    • John

      And you are exactly the reason for the armed guards. A totally deranged moron.

      • RacerJim

        And you are exactly the reason for guns, moreover, assault weapons. “Go ahead punk…make my day!”

  • CaptTurbo

    They probably have all that security to make sure those Obama girls don’t steal everything. They know what a thief their father is.

  • Joev

    Of course, he’s SPECIAL!!!

    • John

      At least he has a brain and is not full of hate.

      • rwdodgerblue

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re FUNNY!

      • RacerJim

        You just proved you don’t a brain and are full of Kool-Aid.

  • atmorefaye

    Well that don’t protect them they found dope in the school wonder who supplied that I bet if the truth was known it was his daughters due to that Obama smokes and has been on drugs dope handlers get caught and also get killed…Next our tax dollars are paying for those guards and Obama is a low down idiot and liar and thief and killer 4 Americans in Libya due to sending money and guns which supplied these killers so its on his back as the killer Obama is a liar thief and killer and should be sent to prison for ever and ever or just get the trash out of America with no return just get rid of the trash send him to the dump to burn

  • mr_bad_example

    the world would be a better place if Air Farce One took a dive in the Pacific on the return trip. i am so tired of that piece of human debris…

    • John

      Thanks for proving everything that I have said. I am sure the FBI read this site. Thanks for proving why he needs guards for his children. YOU are the reason.

      • mr_bad_example

        you’re a frikking moron, and i hope the FBI reads this site. they know Obama is a piece of crap, they read 10,000,000 messages like this a day,i’m sure they’re tired of him as much as everyone else, besides yourself, who seem to can’t get enough of his anal drippings.

  • zeprin

    The day that Newtown happened, my son called me asking about either Home School for the Grand Kids or (more) Cops in the school. My first thought was ‘Why Cops? Why not armed PTA (Dad’s/Mom’s/GrandPa’s…) members.’ An extension of field trip chaperons.

  • barto

    Another “don’t do as I do, just do as I say do” moment from our infamous President (in name only)!

    • John

      No – another – I am not as stupid as right wing clowns.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Teachers attend public schools as their job. Teachers unions elites send their children to places like Sidwell.
    Pick the union, and the trend is easily proven.
    unions supported “GUN FREE ZONES”. workers kids go to public schools, union elites send their children to private schools WITH security.

    But the union workers never seem to see the details.

    • John

      Rubbish. There are no “Teacher’s unions elite”

      • CrustyOldGeezer


        There are no intelligent liberals.

        Only clones with no brain of their own to play with.

  • John Beam

    When my mother went to high school in the 1950’s, she said that students brought their OWN guns to school for “gun safety” classes. They did this at a LOT of schools during this time. Was there a problem with guns back then, where these hoodlums were slaughtering kids? Of course not. The culture then was different. Kids were endowed with a sense of right and wrong, and character mattered.

    Today, the culture in America is polluted with idiotic notions about all things being equal. Our so-called “Judeo-Christian” values which brought us a general society which kept our young safe from crazed murderers has been down-graded in order to make every other “value” out there on the same level. We have a popular culture that glorifies disrespect for law and order, the destruction of the family unit, sex without consequences, and “games” that teach violence and slaughter without consequences.

    So, after all that has happened in the past few months with these crazed gunmen slaughtering an unarmed populous, mostly in gun-free areas, what is the loudest cries from the “mainstream” media? GUN-CONTROL! Oh yes! It isn’t the fault of a culture that has desensitized the public to murder and mayhem. It isn’t because we have an infantile leftist collective that equates the culture and heritage that made America the greatest country ever with those of third-world crap-pits. IT’S THE GUNS!

    It’s very hard to use your brains and think things through, and that is why it’s so easy to be part of a collective that thinks for you. Hell, Obama doesn’t even think about anything. He just regurgitates all of the stinking rot that he was mentored by his Marxist heroes throughout his life. America is falling apart because too many refuse to use the huge brains that God gave us.

    • DavidTUSAF

      In the late 70’s and early 80’s, my school was the same way. In the parking lot, if you saw a pick-up with a gun rack in the back window, you usually saw a rifle or shotgun. The Hunters safety course was taught at the school and we all brought our own guns. I really wouldn’t blame the movies. The special effects are better, but there was just as much shooting and death then as now. Remember True Grit, when John Wayne is riding with his reigns in his mouth firing two Winchester lever action rifles and blowing bad guys away like crazy. The Rifleman, with his modified Winchester lever action, walking trough through the streets, blowing away bad guy left and right. Clint Eastwoods man with no name series. Video games, maybe. Mostly, it has to do with the moral values that we were taught then. Fighting evil and defending your home and family was good, doing evil was bad. Everybody wanted to be the good guy.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

        The word, sweetie, is “reins” not “reigns,” but that was the cowboy way! Ride with the reins in your teeth while the hands were free to do shooting or whatever!

      • Jeff Horton

        Look at the video games out there. Like grand theft auto where your the bad guy killing people every where. Or the war ones where you walk around shooting everyone in sight. Many young kids play these being under 12 yrs old.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

      Very true! In my area, we may not have had guns on our persons, but everyone knew how to handle firearms—and, I would not have put it past the principal of either the high school or the junior high (both schools were in the one building) to have had a gun in the office!
      Best thing I can see for this country is to put back R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the curricula!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

      Another thought: All the killings, attacks at schools and other terrible things in those days were at the “inner city schools” where knives and zip guns were the rage! Had those kids been given proper training overall, and the gangster attitude not worshiped, then perhaps more people that came out of those areas wouldn’t have such a “gimme” attitude!

      • mr_bad_example

        zip guns were the rage in the 50’s and 60’s, one shot at a time, you rarely had time to “reload”. it would be easier to kill someone with a zip gun by beating them with it than shooting them with it. i do miss the Rifleman, the only western show i liked in the 60’s. i keep my eye open for a mare’s leg pistol, i have over a dozen semi-autos, just bought another this week. Obama is the world’s best gun salesman, any gun shop will tell you this, a week after he opens his PIE HOLE the shelves are BARE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwO51avbXh8

  • Tony

    I’m just guessing private school because I can’t see them going to a public one. So that’s part of the tuition. Sucks but that is reality.

  • del

    It really isnt about stopping bad guys….in this administration it is about destroying our 2d amendment which allows We the People to defend ourselves against government gone amok…..you know like this one has!

    • John

      The 2nd amendment is stupid and irrelevant.

      • Mickey

        What an ironic comment coming from a guy that has nothing but stupid and irrelevant comments to spew on this article. John, all you’ve done is insult, belittle, lie, and pass on hatred for those you know nothing about without saying a darn thing worthwhile. Why don’t you try getting your points across with facts, common sense, and a little courtesy instead of acting like a whiny little 2 year old having a temper tantrum John? Either grow up or quit wasting our time.

      • glory

        like you

      • RacerJim

        Did you say something intelligent or relevant? I didn’t think so.

  • Ruby_Con

    He can have a hundred armed guards at his kid’s school for all I care, just don’t do it on our nickel

  • GSGT. Chris

    Our city schools are in a small town in Alabama and are provided a school resource office who is also a police officer armed at all times at each of the 4 schools. They assist with traffic,monitor grounds,break up fights,and provide security for our children and are paid by the city. The city’s police department also provides escort and security at home and away athletic events. One event comes to mind. In 1992 at the states 5A championship football game held in Mobile,AL a gang member whom was a fan of the opposing team I guess pulled a weapon a got off two rounds into our teams fan section and was promptly killed with two shots from one our officers traveling with our team. He had a 16 round 9mm beretta pistol. It could have had a much more tragic ending had armed security not been there. So I thank our city for doing what was right before it was needed

  • Crashaxe

    Here is the answer to protect our children in school, found in an article by Steven Paulwels In Clashdaily.com

    No educational professional, of course, should be required to carry a
    firearm to work; but word ought to go out that any decision in that
    direction would be welcomed. How about every school system’s asking
    that staff volunteer to fulfill a minimal quota of licensed carriers?
    Paying for mandatory training in responsible firearm usage? Offering a
    salary bonus for those who step up to this solemn but vital

    Only the local superintendent and principal or top administrator need
    know who compose this thin, pedagogical line — and most importantly,
    the criminals shouldn’t know. That element of uncertainty alone would
    serve as a doughty deterrent.

    Read more: http://clashdaily.com/2012/12/geraldo-rivera-admits-guns-needed-in-
    Get more Clash on ClashDaily.com, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    • John

      Bullshit. You have no clue. The job is to teach not to spend all day making sure your weapon is on safety and not touchable by teenagers who have been broguth up by right wing crazies.

      • RacerJim

        Hogwash! You have no brain matter.

  • anniesdad

    The POS in Chief is no different that any other wet their panties, wring their hands and cry out against the head of the NRAs remarks about putting armed guards in our countrys classroom, liberal morons. Its okay for them to have walled in homes,secutrity guards (with AUTOMATIC weapons.armored cars and high tech security systems but don’t you damn low life middle and lower income people even thing about arming yourselves or your schools.The POS in chief ‘s girls school has several armed guards including Secret Service agents on duty,at our expense. Congress (if any group deserve no security its these parasite) has armed guards. One of whom just recently lost his life protecting their worthless asses.These maggots in politics have a mindset of “we’ll pass laws to control your lives but those laws won’t apply to us.” attitude.(obamacare,cost of living raises,” just to name a couple. No wonder their approval rating is in the single digits.

    • $26222150

      Yeah, why should our elected officials need bodyguards, hm?

  • dusterdog

    And that doesn’t count the girls personal body guards that are armed

  • Jaybird248

    So you don’t think celebrities and the family of political leaders are a bigger target than average folks?

    • Madfoxx

      Evidently not, were the kids and staff at Sandy Hook celebrities?

    • anniesdad

      So to a liberal mind like yours (and i use the word “mind” loosely) These people’s families just because their parents happen to be famous or celebraties are more deserving then the rest of the low life middle and lower income kids and their families of protection from criminals,thugs,rapists etc. You people make me want to vomit. Maybe if a very large number of these celebraties and political leaders didn’t get to their exaulted status by lying,cheating and screwing over those BELOW their lofty status, looking out for themselves,lusting for power,leading immoral lives, just maybe there would be less reason for some nut job wanting to end their disgusting existence?
      Our 15 year old grand daughter makes it a point in her school to be friendly with those that others make fun of,tease,look down on etc. (and she is one of the most popular kids in her school) She tries to get other kids to do the same because as she says “you don’t know what these kids are going through on a day to day basis and if you can make them feel good about themselves you’ll feel good about yourself. Maybe the adults in this country could take a lesson from a 15 year old/

  • DAY

    Just some more of the hypocrisy from the left… don’t do as I do, do as I say do ! This is proof enough for me to have armed guards at schools,, or also allow the those teachers and administrators that want to carry a concealed weapon be allow to do so.

  • waterman

    Yea, what would you expect, of course the POS in chief is going to have armed gaurds. If he didn’t have armed gaurds and the secret service what do you think might happen to him. You know there are a lot of “good” people that would love to see him go.
    Everyone of the POS libs and dems either have armed gaurds or their kids or grand kids attend private schools that provide the best security for their kids. This is what an elitist life looks like, they are the elite and we are not.
    Just think what life would be like if we had no guns at all, they would pass any law that would insure their elitist lifestyle to continue unfettered. And we would be just mere subjects in their elitist world.

  • lizaz

    In many cases, liberals are the biggest hypocrites there are!!! Armed guards are essential for his family, but we are expendable in his mind………

  • ron

    Obama and the bleeding heart liberals talk out of both sides of their mouths. The only reason they are against guards for our most precious assets(our kids and grandkids) is political and their intense desire for gun control. It is time to get rid of politics and do what is best to protect children. Even if Biden and his band of merry men come up with meaningful solutions to curb the mentally ill from commiting these terrible acts it will take years to see results. The answer is protect our children while we implement solutions to the problem. We have to go back to providing medical care for mentally disturbed people, remove violence from movies and video games and ensure that guns are only sold to the sane.

  • larryincamden

    A Quaker school has armed guards? I thought Quakers were pacifists.

  • John

    Of course, because of all the hate mongering right wing clowns who have guns and are pumped up by the nasty and perpetual aggression on right wing websites like this one.

  • CheeseandRice

    Those grils are not obama’s daughters. They are “rented” to make it look like the faggot has a “real” life. The girls mother is part of the WH staff. No one knows who the baby-daddy is, natch.

  • bitemehardleft

    Well isn’t that special. Should be even bother to ask who the hell is paying for that????? On top of this I’m sure its not one of our finest public unionized goon schools, with those wonderful union idiot teachers.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    The larger question here is:What makes any of those, who send their children to that school, think, for an INSTANT, that THEIR children are ONE BIT more deserving of protection than EVERY OTHER CHILD in the WORLD??? Their children are not “more special” because they have more money, or because of their parents’ jobs; they’re ALL human and EVERY child is unique and special in his/her own way! So IF their kids deserve such protection, SO does every other child in the world!

  • Anita

    Again another liberal agenda they want to pass on the rest of us, but they make sure that it doesn’t include them; just like Social Sec, odumbo care, moocha’s agenda on only allowing our children so many calories at lunch time. I could go on and on but as always liberal, progressive, communist, socialists make plans to control our lives but these rules do not apply to them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jhon-Kacan/100003185883958 Jhon Kacan

    We no paid for personal body guard for protect two negro girl,both parent are millioner,paid from a own pocket,but I can told to BABA Laden,if real some one won kill that two girl,is will doing,and nothing can”t stop,Baba Collect enemys,he enjoys,well can paid a consecuences.Baba and wife are a coward,why don’t go alone walking on a street,with no body guard?he was said peoples love me,go ahead.We a voter no have no body guard,why you?Are you afraid,?coward.

  • WASP

    The ruling elite always ensure they and theirs, including their property, are well protected.
    Why do you think that the gummint has dozens or hundreds of underground bunkers (like the Nazis) to protect THEM in the event of disaster, and have security and armed guards to keep you out. Like very expensive prisons (paid for by YOU), only designed to keep people out instead of in. The sheep of the US are a bunch of patsies.

  • ecoplastican

    obama, and the left, epitomize aristocracy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    What is good for the goose does not seem to be good for the gander… Maybe our children are just rubbish under the feet of the great latte one, and, his girls/boys are the future princesses of this country. The little darlings need all those security men.

  • David Asher

    And as soon as Republicans approve a 10% bump in education spending to cover the costs of adding security without reducing instructional budgets, I’ll listen to you hypocrites. “Hire guards, but don’t tax us more to pay for it!”

  • james

    We need to bring our troops home ,let them guard our schools and borders,and let these other countries do there own fighting for freedom sa we do.

    • RacerJim

      Can’t do that because Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security declared our returning troops radical right-wing activists and potential terrorists.

  • DaveNTejas

    Just like everything else about him, “Do as I say, not as I do”. He says guns will not make you safer, yet he uses guns everyday to ensure his safety, and that of his family, but would deny you the same right to defend yourself and your family.

    • RacerJim

      The Marxist narcissistic usurper is the poster child for “hypocrite”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5E2IJNF4FF2V4FTWQDDYMAEGE Lee W

    Just shows how elitist Obama really is! LBJ’s daughters attended PUBLIC school during his tenure in the oval office! They didn’t feel any different than any of the other kids! The only difference were the Secret Service Agents—then, by request from the girls, only about two were assigned.
    I understand the sock hops held at the white house were great! And, the entire staff was included! But, then, the Johnsons were nothing but Texas ranchers and teachers (LBJ taught fifth grade), and as country folk, they understood!


    This is just the typical hypocrisy of prominent liberals.
    They want us to do as they say, but not as they do. A liberal mind just seems
    to function different, as ideology is overriding common sense.

  • cherokee_warrior

    Why should these ‘nits’ of the Lice of Washington, DC, be more entitled to protection, than those 20 little angels and the 6 courageous adults, whose lives were snuffed short by a ‘madman’, and who had no such protection?

  • Blessings

    Obama can push this gun bill through. What happens at the next school shooting? More Children will die, he just doesn’t get it. The gun free zones will stay in place. No protection will happen, the blood will be on his hands… Excuses will be made. He will take more guns… To post gun free zones doesn’t mean anything except, no one here can shoot back… Idiots, the next one will be his fault and of course, his stupid Administration ..

  • Jeff Horton

    Here to be a security ( police ) officer. you have to be S,P,O qualified. That means all aspects of firearms usage. I have a question and a answer how this could work. My question is why can this school have armed police officers. Seems to be the norm for this school. In fact right now they are advertising for two security officers right now. Why can this school have armed guards and yours can’t. Second the way to pay for this is to have officers who are still in military waiting for their tour of duty to end. Can be placed in our schools while either waiting for new orders or release from their duty. I say Officers as they have to be trained in many ways enlisted men are not.

  • johnhorse

    I heard he has armed guards a mile and a half around him ever were he goes.I also heard the kids are not his after all he is a fag.

  • wportier

    This is a president that very selfish and looking out for him self and his selected few.

  • Tank

    So, another fact to prove that Liberals are hypocrites, liars, and things they are ‘entitled’ to are not acceptable for others to have… wow, shocking discovery…

  • CherofNC@aol.com

    A Quaker School has armed guards regardless of whether a president’s children go there or not? Odd indeed.

  • Jane18

    Obama, Gregory, “do as I say, not as I do”. Sound familiar??

  • Timothy Garrett

    This figures. To hell with the common person. Obama has guts i will give him that.

  • terry thompson

    Well those guys will have to go if he tries gun control because that would just be two faced. Im sure he is unarming his secret service as we speak. All this is b.s. if you didn’t already know it. See you on the battle field.

  • kalamawashington

    Check the website. The cost for sending the girls to Sidwell? Over 33,000………….EACH!! But that does include books and a “hot lunch”.

  • kyrunner

    The elitist always feel the normal laws don’t apply to them or their family. Us little people are the ones who suffer when big government keeps getting larger by the day. I think armed guards at schools is a great idea for all school children in America, not just the elites!.

  • bigD

    John Boehner and Mitch McConnell need to hold a nationally televised news conference demanding that Obama join them to call for a law prohibiting the federal government or the states from stopping local school districts from posting qualified armed guards if local authorities think they are necessary. Federal one size fits all laws are stupid and can actually do more harm than good and even states can be ignorant of the needs of individual districts.If Obama refuses then he may be guilty of an impeachable offense for refusing to provide for the safety and general welfare of the people which is one of his constitutionally sworn duties.

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