• Anon


    I wish trash like this article didn’t thrive on the internet.

    • Anon

      To clarify, I mean trash like this clashdaily article.

      • Deborah G

        Then don’t come here go where they kiss Obama’s butt. Here we are REAl Americans. The hUff Post is calling you I suggest you answer that call. The sooner the better for me.

      • Bill Harmon

        As I said above–is your comment now “trash” because you left out a critical piece of information??????

    • http://TedSlater.com/ Ted Slater

      Anon — I read that article on Snopes. It actually confirms the veracity of this article, that some bases in Afghanistan are no longer serving breakfast, and that service members now need to just rely on MREs (if they’re available).

      • Anon

        This article leaves the fact that MREs are readily available and used and that it’s largely happening in locations transitioning to local control completely out of the picture, attempting to turn it into something it isn’t. If they had mentioned this in the article, I wouldn’t be so critical.

        • Deborah G

          Transition my A_Ss MRE meals suck they deserve hot meals and this is still a disgrace. We can roll up the tents any time we want but WHILE they are there feed the poor Bas-tards. Eggs and ham are cheaper than the MRe meals Bread is cheaper, OJ . Are you people on glue defending this?I’m outraged!

        • Bill Harmon

          Anon–You left out the word “out” in the first line of your comment thus negating the point of your comment. Sorry–if you hadn’t mentioned being critical for not communicating the entire story, I wouldn’t be so critical!!!!!!!!!!
          (Do you now see how easy it is to find fault with all the details?–now it is up to you–how will you respond?)

        • DrDulcamara

          How many MREs have you ever eaten, “Anon”? [it’s pertinent that you are too much of a liberal spineless crack weasel to post a name]. In a war zone, even on a base that is “in transition”, our soldiers still have to go out past the wire on patrol.

          Maybe it never dawned on you that that hot breakfast might be the last meal that that soldier eats just before he/she gets turned into pink mist from a Talibunny IED. Even a condemned individual on death row gets the benefit of a decent, hot last meal.

          And it’s obvious that YOU have never served anything other than yourself in your self-absorbed and unprepossessing existence. Shut yer cakehole, bub…I think you’re mainlining too many half-soy latte enemas which is impacting what few thought processes you may possess.

      • orlytellmemore

        Let’s find out how much this has to do with DFAC (dining facility) closures as we close down our bases and transfer operations over to the Afghan Army as we bring our guys home.
        I seem to remember living for a long, long while on nothing but MREs as an earlier administration sponsored my yearlong camping trip into Mess-up-otamia. We were grateful for hot meals and dining facilities as things improved, but troops in the field that are getting MREs and clean water just get bored of the menu selection, they aren’t starving.

        • Deborah G

          Nice post you should go kiss Obama’s wife’s big Fat butt and deny her breakfast while they sit in luxury the troops dont get fed breakfast.THAT ny friend is a real sign of the disconnect he has and a real sign of a KING let them eat cake attitude. You know what happened to MArie Antoinette? She got beheaded. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

        • dean29685


    • Deborah G

      You just want articles that support this unAMerican military hating a-hole?

    • dean29685

      You mean Snopes.com right?

    • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

      Yes, lib SNOPES sez MREs rather than hot. That makes it okay, right?

    • rivahmitch

      Snopes continues to have some value as a check on “urban legends”. As a site to verify the misdeeds of the Kenyan fascist’s administration, however, it’s worthless. He’s clearly in the tank for the mulatto Mussolini.

    • DrDulcamara

      And we all wish that trailer park denizens like you would do the math. If it’s no big deal to you then I say we apply the same standard to all the welfare royalty who get Sec 8 housing, SNAP, TANF and Obamaphones who do NOTHING in defense of the country and only reap tax payer entitlements.

      Unfortunately, it may mean that you and your mommy might lose your trailer.

    • leesjokers


  • poopypants

    As a father, I was about to order Doug Giles’ books. And then I saw this irresponsible “reporting.” Meh…

    • YOMAMA

      You mean facts? And you are a father…. do us a favor and cut em off your dweeb so you don’t reproduce.

    • Deborah G

      Don';t lie to us you have no intention of making your boys men or buying Mr Giles books, when you are a painty waist. That thought would make you pee your pants.

      • poopypants

        Let’s leave the knee-jerk reactions and name-calling to the liberals, shall we? We’re better than that.

        No joke, I was seriously going to order them. I am a conservative-minded Libertarian. I am also a seeker of the truth, and I believe it’s important to discuss issues without name-calling.

        It has been revealed here several times that the breakfast story is not entirely accurate. Several of us have provided links to the articles where the truth can be found. And still, people on this thread continue to ignore them, or just refuse to read them.

  • advforops

    Well you can see the BO lovers are here today. No one fights for the trash pay they receive in the military, how much money would you want to duck bullets? They fight for their beliefs in this counrty and the others to their right and left. You can always tell when a response comes from the one who have never served. After coming in from any patrol or mission a hot meal is a God sent in many ways, it also tells you that your command cares. When they throw a nastey at you and say enjoy you are not worth the effort for hot chow it brings down the morale. To grunts its the small things that count and what BO has shown these guys they will start getting out even more and the military will hit the skids once more. Just like in old peanut farmer days.

    • setemfree

      He wants all out that will not fire on Americans. He is also building his own SS troops now known as the people that are supposedly his Home Security people and arming them with hollow point ammo, automatic rifles, etc, They will soon replace our military as we know it. Also note he has gotten rid of the top seven Generals that would not fire on the American people. DUH. Don’t take to much to figure this out.

  • setemfree


    • Sam

      What about rounding them up and sending them back to their own country. Why should we feed ANY illegals. We work, pay taxes and die. They come here for hand outs, make money and go back home when they are done with this country….

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      ALL the more reason for the troops to simply pack up and come home! We don’t owe the Afghanis or the illegals here that!

      • stonemike

        Leave the middle east, re deploy on the Rio Grande!

        • Carol

          Right on. Let’s do it!

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          Okay, that covers TX, but what about NM, AZ, and CA? No Rio Grande, just Sonoran DESERT!

          • stonemike

            I realize I “short sheeted” the post, but every , and I mean every inch of our border with mexico should be militarized, the radical progressives have used mexican illegal immigration to purely add numbers of voters to the leftist politicians, and no illegal should be able to completely change the “SOCIO-ECONOMIC” STRATA of America!

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            It’s not just Mexicans coming in from Mexico; in one catch a couple of years ago, there were 32 individuals from 8 different nations. We have Iraqis, Iranians, Somalis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Chinese, Koreans, and from all over South America as well as Mexicans coming in across our southern deserts. Sheriff Joe caught over 80 illegal Chinese in one drop house about that same time, So it’s not even just one culture involved. And the bulk of them are NOT here to become Americans at all. WE need immigration laws like Mexico’s: anyone coming across their southern border, they see ‘em they just shoot ‘em!

          • stonemike

            Sandra, you’re my and Americas’ KIND OF WOMAN! We will need women like you before long , I’m afraid!

          • panors77

            I think most if not all on my street are mexicans…..just saying a vast majority coming into California are mexicans.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            As a single group they are here, also, but overall only about 1/2 the total are actually Mexicans coming in through Mexico, into AZ.

          • DenverKitty

            I’m in Colorado, and this southeast side has been taken over by Mexican illegals.

          • panors77

            And of course illegals shouldn’t be “voting” in the first freaking place.

          • stonemike

            Nor should career welfare recipients, that amounts to buying votes! Its no different than allowing a person to go make withdrawals from a bank where they have no money! Also, there should be a rudimentary “current govt events” quiz, no one should be allowed to cast a vote if they have no idea how that vote will affect our nation!

          • stonemike

            Sorry, the way I would disqualify voters is if they have not paid income taxes in over two years, excepting retirees who were productive tax payers , of course!

  • pumpkin4911

    What on earth is the president thinking?? Here are men and women risking their lives 24/7 and they are going to be denied 3 meals a day. Perhaps the order signed 12/27/12 giving raises to all high level personnel should be cut back so our soldiers are able to have what is obviously necessary to enable them to perform their duties each day.

    • Sam

      How about NO raises for High Level creeps that don’t even dodge bullets or worry about land mines and the like! Just sit on the fat rear ends in the rear whilst these solders risk their lives! Take All of obamy’s vacations and those of michelle and the kids away as well. How many vacations did George Washington get?

    • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

      You don’t understand? It’s part of the “plan”.

      • mamaamerica

        :*( We need to PRAY for this Country`! People get ready, Jesus is coming to take from this world His own…….

        • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

          If you believe that, why do you feel you need to pray?

          • DenverKitty

            To strengthen us to withstand your screaming.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jmcenanly James McEnanly

      Do this in one of our prisons and the ACLU and their allies will be all over you.

    • 7papa7

      Obama despises the military because they are a threat to his power. This should be no surprise to anyone. My only question is when is the military going to realize what is going on and revolt against the white house. This despicable action by the white house will cause these brave men and women to lose sharpness and more will probably die. It is time for the military to say no more and rebel against the white house Marxist and his drones. It is time for a military take over and time to end the regime of the little dictator. I would absolutely support this action and even join it. The Marxist should lead by example and not have breakfast either.

      • stonemike

        No military take over, just they need to lobby Congress to side with real Americans and IMPEACH the ‘black bas–rd!

        • 7papa7

          Our military believes very strongly in our Constitution. They take an oath to defend it and they take that oath very very seriously. This is one area that I don’t think lobbying Congress would help because the Marxist has a veto pen and their are to many drones in the senate to stop the overriding of it. For this reason the drones in the senate will NEVER convict obama even though his goal is to overthrow the country from within. Sometimes you have to bypass the normal ways of doing things and go straight to the end game. Obama like all terrorists can NOT be reasoned with, they only understand strength.

          • stonemike

            obama and radical progressives are more dangerous to our Constitutional Republic than either Hitler or Hirohito were in WW2, and should be dealt with accordingly! Should we have assassinated Hitler if given the chance? Just asking!

        • Paul

          Michael..I agree he needs to be impeached but we don’t care what color he is right? Don’t lower yourself to their level. The color thing looses sight of the goal and feeds right into their B.S.

          • stonemike

            Listen buddy, this guy is a militant racist and as an old roughneck(oilfield hand), I give it like I get it! He is totally dedicated to destroying the ‘white power base” in the US! Romney went the subdued route and was devoured by obammis racism and militancy, he must be treated like the ENEMY and denying TRUTH has become the shackles on once free Americans! Do you place no racial component with the fact he leaves millions of murderung inner city blacks armed to the teeth but demands curbs on guns that only predominantly white law abiding citizens will obey! And by the way, I didn’t care what color he is , but hes made it a priority toi declare the DOJ a “black on white vilence” encouragement zone!

          • violater1

            Paul while I yield to your directive my feengs are the same as micheal plus fuckem!

      • http://www.facebook.com/linda.g.wood Linda Wood

        I believe, now is the time to do something about OVOMIT.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tom.reichle.1 Tom Reichle

        they cant revolt if they are all over sea’s.Trying to fight bullshit wars while starving

        • 7papa7

          You have a great deal of high ranking military men and women who can control flights. They could have every military person back in the states along with all the tanks, big guns etc in less than a week. Our brave military being in other countries is not a problem. The military would be in charge not the government. We saw their efficiency in Benghazi. When I was in the military we were told never to obey an unlawful order so our military has the option to do so and if generals etc are letting the troops know that our government is issuing unlawful orders or have been involved with treasonous activities our men and women in the military will act.

        • violater1

          Perhaps their fellow comrads in arms here will be willing to revolt on this soil! We and they can easily take out his rookie ass DHS troops then take out the white house and congress!

    • stonemike

      No, perhaps the cost of F16s could buy a few big macs! But , moooschell probably decided the war mongers dont need three meals a day! This is clearly a ploy to let the “dictator” to raise the DEBT LIMIT! Impeach, impeach

    • ADRoberts

      He is telling them to use the COLD MREs instead. They are mor expensive and that way he gets two things he wants.
      1. Disdain for the troops
      2. Increased spending of government funds
      3. Pressure on the domestic prices of MREs so it costs more for preppers to be prepared.
      Sorry. I came up with a third.

    • Dean

      How about we limit the president and his family and all his czars and butt kisser to one meal a day. I,m sure Michelle would go for that.

      • Carol

        She could use it! LOL I’ve never seen an overweight service person.

      • Audieleon

        Mite slim down her BIG FAT A–

    • Jenny

      You realize it’s a lie, right? No part of this is true. Why would you take some blog at face value without fact checking with the military themselves? http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=118959

    • metheoldsarge

      This could be a huge mistake on his part at this time. He still needs the military and their loyalty and respect. I live near a military installation and there are several National Guard and Reserve units in the area. Several members of the Reserve components and Active Military live in my neighborhood. I also have several family members serving. I meet many Active Military on a daily basis and I work with with several reservists in their civilian jobs. From what I hear, the majority of our military does not trust the President and they don’t respect him. They also don’t respect a majority of our Senators and Representatives either. This was made evident last year when he spoke to troops at Ft Bliss and got a cold reception. It is still fresh in the minds of most in the military how he threw General McChristal under the bus who was his biggest military supporter during the 2008 campaign. His absence at the Retirement Ceremony of General Petraeus was also noticed and interpreted by some as a direct slap in the face. While visiting Europe during the 2008 campaign, he would not visit wounded troops from the Iraq War because he couldn’t take his own photographers. Instead he played basketball. They are also well aware that Janet Napolitono, head of Homeland Security, has also stated that she feels our military veterans and retirees are potential terrorists. Not one single politician, the President or the media called her out on that one. With the high-tech sophistication of much of their equipment, our soldiers today have to be better educated and able to grasp the high-tech training they must have to do their jobs. Our Military and our young veterans today are not stupid. It is true that the younger ones have been indoctrinated by a liberal education system. The military also encourages them to seek further education, while on active duty, and also gives generous financial assistance and rewards it by faster promotions. This means that they will do a lot of reading and research on their own. Many of the ones I have talked with have said that they aren’t too inclined to take political rhetoric at face value. We have all seen in this and similar blogs that the President is building up his own private army of hand picked people that he plans to have just as well equipped as our regular military. He calls this his Ready Reserve Force. Funding for this private army is hidden in those 2700 plus pages of Obamacare. At the same time, he is reducing the size of our active and reserve components. Why do you suppose he is doing that? Could it be that he does not trust the majority of our military to blindly and gladly follow his orders without question? Since the late 60s or early 70s reserve and National Guard units were no longer allowed to store ammunition for their weapons at their armories. Why do you suppose is the reason for that? Could it be that the government is afraid that they could become a true militia and join fellow Americans against a tyrannical government? By the way, that is one of the main reasons we have the Second Amendment. Don’t let the actions of a few backside kissing generals misguide you about the majority of our Military. A large amount of our troops are all assigned overseas. Our real strength is still in our National Guard and Reserve components. Many of them, along with local police, are also very active members of their communities and I don’t think they would take up arms against their friends, family or neighbors. I still don’t believe that the majority of our military would take up arms against fellow Americans. The President still needs their respect and loyalty and the way he treats them is not the way to earn it. There are two types of respect. The easiest respect to get is for rank and position. Your people have to give you that. The respect that counts is for your leadership abilities and for you as a person. That respect can’t be demanded. It must be earned. If you don’t have that respect, your people will let you down the minute you need them the most.

    • depaz

      Hey, it’s an “all volunteer army”, remember? this is the same guy who wanted them to pay their own medical a few years back using the “they volunteered” argument. What a horses @$$.

  • Deborah G

    WHAT? This idiot we have in office should deny his big butt wife breakfast and see how she likes it. Let’s start a campaign to get donations to provide our troops food. This is a NATIONAL disgrace. What the F?

    • http://www.facebook.com/hannah.kempson.7 Hannah Kempson

      ABSOLUTELY! We have to take care of our troops.
      I ask Doug Giles to help us organize this immediately.

    • stonemike

      No, no, we need this to impress on Americans what an enemy this ‘scum set of ears” is!

      • metheoldsarge

        The freeloaders who vote for a living aren’t going to care as long as the food stamps and welfare checks keep coming.

        • stonemike

          We should have changes in voting laws to deny voting privileges to people who do not pay income taxes or have not paid for over two years! Allowing them to vote away other taxpayers money is no different than allowing a “bum” to cash checks at a bank where they have no account! Also, a current events aptitude test should be given, if you do not know the implications of your vote , you should not vote!

    • mamaamerica

      My son is a Sergeant in the Army and volunteered to be deployed to Afghanistan, giving up a cushy desk job at the NSA…. He’s been there since September and we have been sending him food since the beginning every 2 weeks or so. NOW we send it because he NEEDS the food and they are providing 2 MRE’s per day 4 days a week and 3 meals 3 days a week, but IF this article is true it will only be 2/day :*( It breaks my heart…… Terrible for their MORALE. Terrible place to cut spending.

    • mamaamerica

      Come to think of it I see other stories all over the internet end up on The Today Show, HOW can this be brought to a high level of visibility where something WILL be done about it? I already called my Congressman and basically got no where :*( The secretary said she would bring it up to the Armed Services Committee……



    • leesjokers


  • Jim28thReg

    Monkey Man has one everything he can to impede our military from the restrictions on return fire to prosecution of self defence use by our armed forces.

    If this primate wishes to save taxpayers money like it claims then shut off Moos by-weekly world hopping and her fat butt on Jenny Craig. Stop those twelve Big Mack lunches and the two dozen brownie breakfast.

  • wes

    Perhaps he would give up his breakfast too after all, all that he does is BS and shoot skeet.

  • mrsawdust

    Now Obama wants to starve our troops. Doctors say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Obama is not only an idiot , but nuts as well. We should demand the Whitehouse stop serving breakfast to the Obama’s including his children. Will see how far that gets.

  • charlie

    he is trying to get rid of all that are not loyal to him and will not fire on US citizens
    Congress needs to defund the food servive at the black house

    • stonemike

      Now your thinking! Impeach, impeach!

  • jim

    I, for one am sick of these games. Is it four years, yet?

    • Carol

      Sadly only the beginning! Pray for this nation. The leeches will revolt when the money runs out!

    • panors77

      Don’t bother counting 4 years. BO will go further than that unless we do something.

  • Ort

    We need a huge, armed force to descend on D.C., forcibly remove all the traitorous pigs posing as our government, throw them in jail, and take their place in power. John or Joan Q. Public certainly couldn’t do a worse job than these marxist clowns.

  • rowleya

    Pentagon, State Dept, CIA Have degraded, turned on the Nation, our troops, our intel agents and their foreign assets.
    Feed our troops better than the WH.
    Troops give their lives for US.
    Fed Gov bankrupts USA and tells We the People
    “hide under the furniture and by a pair of scissors to protect your families.
    Remember Benghazi and Fast and Furious

  • Patriot

    I don’t think that idiot knows anything. And I don’t think it is within his power to do this. The piss ant generals and the secretary of the army should be standing up to this negro idiot. Instead they get on their knees like his wife and suck his little dick. It is a good thing he doesn’t visit the troops like a real president. Or he might just catch a bullet or missile in his ass.

    • leesjokers


  • Jerry Wood

    I served with a Ranger company in Viet Nam and never got served a meal. There is nothing wrong with lrrp(MRI’s today) rations. Fight for something that matters like getting all these guys out of office.

    • rivahmitch

      And, I recall as a Marine in ‘Nam we received hot meals only when at established bases and not on operations “in the field”. That said, however, closing hot meal facilities at established bases, as appears to be the case here, was not a regular occurrence. I see it as emblematic of the Kenyan fascist’s hatred of the American military and a continuing part of it’s ongoing efforts to create a country not worth fighting for and a military less capable of fighting for it. IMHO, the country will always be worth fighting for but the government is now become the enemy (reminiscent of the old Pogo cartoon). Semper Fi!

  • kchenault

    They have always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so yeah, let’s cut that one. They shouldn’t be cutting any at all. Morons.

  • ken

    Excuse Me!!
    I served in the Army. I have rode a bicycle across a whole continent.
    Work a 12 hour a day job, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!
    What the hell are they thinking?? Obvisiously NOT Thinking.
    This whole administration has been a complete Fasade.

    • mac

      That is the point. They are thinking. This is a part of obamas war against the military. They keep stripping benefits, and now their obligation to provide even basics. These people need to be stopped, but here we are still asking if tgey are that stupid. We should be asking if we are thay stupid, because we are so gullible that we dont see intent anymore, even when it is flaunted. We are about tk fall, and we think the guys doing it are stupid, this would be a laughable scenario, if it weren’t so sad.

  • ladyceo

    So do they go without breakfast? Or, are they supposed to go to the nearest IHOP?? This sounds totally insane!

  • rob

    this president is a discrace

    • DenverKitty

      rob, the Butcher of Benghazi is much, much worse than a disgrace; he is a criminal Socialist wannabe dictator. When will one or a group of “crazies” go after him instead of school children? Sadly, they won’t, because the Butcher surrounds himself with maximum ARMED security. We The People need a coup d’ etat.

  • Baf

    This POS of a president can spend 1.6 million to fly to Vegas for NO GOOD REASON and he won’t feed the men and women that gave him the freedom to BECOME president and abuse the tax payer’s dimes, breakfast? This can’t be happening. No president can be this cruel! I should of guessed that this POS can. Remember that BHO and his family have $105.00 per pound Kobe beef flown in from Japan every week and we are all paying for it.

    • Jenny

      If only he spent 56% of his time on vacation in Texas like his predessor. Feel free to google the dollars spent on Bu$h vacations and compare them to Obama. Actually, go a step further and compare ALL travel expenses for the two. Get back to me when you realize who was truly wasteful. But you know that, considering the trillions Dubya spent on two wars to make the Halliburton board disgustingly wealthy.

      • panors77

        Wait……first you’re comparing vacations then segueing into trillions spent on two wars?? First there’s no way Dubya spent the kind of money BO has on vacations especially to his Texas home. BO goes to Hawaii and stays at resorts at how much a night? Those two wars you spout about were started by 9/11 and one guy rattling his WMD sabre at the west. Or do you think Dubya staged 9/11? I suppose Dubya ordered Katrina through HAARP too huh?

  • mort_f

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Close the WH kitchen, the Senate , the House of Representatives, the Pentagon … think of the savings in the Federal budget. Just have shelves of MREs in the hallways.
    Extend the same to the Navy, and the fleet will quickly reduce to the size of Albania’s.

  • karen

    Fricking LOW-LIFE CRIMINALS, WARTS OF SOCIETY ON DEATH ROW AND ILLEGALS are being treated better and more humane than our military…THIS IS AN UTTER DISGRACE. BHO is sending F16s to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt so they can attack our troops I’m sure. This POS (left the T and U out intentionally) hates AMERICA and all our Great Country stands for. Why doesn’t he just bring ALL OF OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!! PRAY HARD FOR OUR TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES. They need our prayers and support more now than ever.

  • Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

    Did you read the whole thing. They said the people were being served MRE’s for breakfast.
    If they can not feed our troops then they need to bring them home.
    When I was in Nam we had C-Rations 3 times a day, and if we heated them it was with a heat tab. The only time we got a hot meal was on Sunday at noon part of the time. However we stayed in the feild.
    When the weather was bad and the resupply chopper could not get in we sent men to the rear on foot to get them.

  • Cheryl Augenstine Parks

    We have been told for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Cutting costs by cutting meals served to the armed forces in foreign countries instead of cutting costs by not paying for abortions, or how cows belching changes the weather, or university class about better orgasms for women, let’s see, which would I pick…

  • GrizzMann

    Democrat love for the troops?
    Thanks Mr. Obama.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    That’s IT! Time for our troops to just pick up their things, and hop a plane for home, orders or NOT! This is beyond insane! Sending people thousands of miles from home, them starving them, while demanding they play target for a bunch of crazy murderers???

  • dave

    Sew obamas lips shut at breakfast time. No breakfast for him and there will be a short period of time when he can’t lie to the American public. This would be a win win for us.

  • Herman

    I think we ought to tell Pres. Obama, no breakfast for the troops, no more golf games for him and no more Vacations for his family.

    • panors77

      And a nice suite at the Levenworth hotel.

  • setemfree

    Bring them home to protect the citizens of the U.S. from the Obungholes SS he is training to kill American citizens. He has bought the ammo and is now buying the guns for his home security people. And they have started there training in Texas,California and Florida already to eliminate citizens. If we don’t bring them home soon the U.S. is lost to another Hitler.

  • Mary

    I bet he’s not cutting food stamps to the illegals!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-L-Sparks/683232718 Steven L Sparks

    Sheeet MOFO Barry be all up in saving money see what I sayin?

  • USMCret

    Obamanayshon regime wants to kill off those who would challange him on his ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL standing in all areas of this document He also wants to eliminate most of OUR MILITARY forces so he can bring theUN in to help CONTROL the US POPULATION once WE are DISARMED. I fought for this countries government onceand I will fight this government to keep OUR NATION FREE for its enemies foreign and domestic ! ! !

  • leesjokers


  • jana

    Don’t feed any of those idiots in the white house ANYTHING .Their butts are to big anyway

  • Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel,

    BHO doews that which he hopes will weaken America and America’s resolve to annhihilate the Taliban and all enemies of peace. Obama is undoubtedly a fundamental Islamist himself as shown by his supplying the Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi in Egypt wth our best modern weapons. Obama MUST be disposed of before he weakens us beyond redemption. A trial for Treason is the proper method of disposing of the traitor.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    ANY Commander in the field wants his troops to have three hot A’s every single day when it is possible for them to have it. King Barry and his court jester Dempsey however seem not to have taken the basics in troop leadership. Since they have shown it no where else it really is no surprise.

  • drthomasedavis

    A great method for starting an insurrection or an outright rebellion

  • drthomasedavis

    Death by hanging should be Obama’s fate.

  • Joe

    this just sounds unbelievable! who do we contact about this? I am so sick of these cheap, crummy, marxist politicians i don’t know what to do!!

  • Charlie

    Everything seems to be going the way Oblamo’s plan has been laid out.

  • retvet

    Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

  • Charlie

    By the end of his next term, there won’t be much left of this country.

  • Charlie

    and…..Boy Scouts – Bowing to the Gay-K-K: Big Rainbow Defiles Yet Another American Institution

  • 2War Abn Vet

    No more “three hots and a cot”. Now you’re lucky if it’s two colds and a sleeping bag.

  • lizaz

    The “administration” is doing everything it can to degrade our military. We will pay dearly for this when the U.S. is no longer operating from a position of strength and it will be this “president’s” legacy………..

  • gdfairy6

    I just called Senator Feinstein’s office. The staff member there checked on this press release and has told me that with the bases closing in some areas that the members are being rerouted to other bases where they ARE being served 3-4 hot meals a day IF you include the midnight meal they are also including. I certainly hope this is not a lie. Since she had me on hold for a while, while she checked out this story I want to believe it is true.

  • rightandright

    Enough already! Drop this big -eared commie monkey,fraud traitor in the middle of any war zone with a basketball and bag of weed and let him play with his muzzie gang.

  • noweareman

    Why don’t we start this program with the “Commander in Chief”!

    • faithandhonor

      And his kids, too.

  • TLady62

    So I guess they expect these servicemembers to find a drive-through in the middle of the Afghan countryside? Good grief! Definitely no incentive to join the military anymore. Those days are now long gone.

  • wildeagleone

    Get this effing POTUS faker out of office before all the fighting forces of the United States of America lay down their weapons and retreat. What the hell is the clown doing?? and why are the commanders (Generals) taking this crap from him???
    Stand up to him you wimps

  • wildeagleone

    Hey bammy why not deny the Muslims their third meal of the day and give the money to the Armed forces, not the slime in Guantanmo

  • RockyMtn1776

    This is despicable ! What next from this Facist administration ? Time for the VFW, American Legion, vets, EVERYONE to start raising some Hell in Washington over this. If nothing else we will send them CARE packages ourself !
    If this joke of a President can’t find the funds to feed our troops, bring them home and get us the Hell out of there ! To our military Generals and other leaders, where were YOU on this ? Get off you well paid, pencil pushing, kiss assing and DO something about this !

  • Doc

    Gotta save money for more socialistic welfare programs.

  • rwc2000

    Maybe the same treatment would be fair for the idiots in the WH and on the hill.

  • respectlife

    Hey, that would mean one less “airforce one” trip to Hawaii… what’s your priority Mr President? Why not give up a little of your “rich” lifestyle and stop demonizing productive citizens for being so rich and selfish. Our military should be number one!! They are protecting you and your family while you sit there and judge others for being “selfish”. If you want to judge someone judge yourself to the same standards.

  • HongryHawg

    The plan is demoralize and discourage others from volunteering. Reduce the size of the military and make the US vulnerable to attacks from our enemies. Problem is; the biggest enemy is the administration.

  • sonicmoon

    Moochelle thinks it’s best.

  • Karen

    I say we stop feeding the prisoners breakfast! This is DISGUSTING!!!

  • kds

    Does not the Government state that BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY? OBAMASS and his family need to only get MRE’S once a day and put in prison for their treason against THE UNITED STATES. It may seem harsh to do this to the kids but they are living in the fantasy world provided and loving it.

  • pysco

    This President thinks nothing about giving Congress pay raises, taking 14 million dollar vacations, arming the enemy, but will cancel breakfasts for our troops….Now, ask me do I think that American Armed Forces will fire on American Citizens…..Obama is an idiot, we need to rid ourselves of him…..

  • Frank37

    Soon,Soon, Barac,hell will break loose and you will be in it’s vice.GOD will never forget what YOU did to his people.

  • Mpr

    Girls and boys, the troops are not being deprived of 3 meals a day. From now on, the breakfast meal (normally a hot meal) will be MRE’s. This is the grand scheme of the Army Materiel Command, the logistics chief. Leave it to the loggies to screw with the fighting men’s food.

  • davekjr2

    When do the American People wake up to the Tyranny we are facing in America from this Treasonist Idiot.

  • BlueViolets

    Nothing will be done by Congress or the Pentagon. obama orders it an it is done. Does that help you understand we now have a king or a dictator which ever name you like.

  • agbjr

    Shut down the Congress-only Capitol Dining Room and reduce White House breakfast to only grits or biscuits and gravy. OUR military personnel protect and defend OUR Republic therefore they DESERVE a decent breakfast daily. The congress and first family can pay for their own Egg McMuffin.

  • Tim Newton

    Lets see.THat Black Satan wants to funnel millions of to rotten planned parenthood but deny our troops a 3rd meal.THis is so wrong

  • cedarcreekman

    How the HELL can anyone refer to this IDIOT as President? He is a FRAUD and destroyer of our way of life. People thought NIXON, CARTER the BUSH’S were bad, just did not know how well off we were. Won’t be anything but ashes left when we get this jerk off the THROWN!! For the un-informed, un-employment went up today to 7.9%. How is that wonderful IDIOT working out for some of you??

  • foxxybey

    Obozo is satans son and should be called such, he is from Kenya, is a islamist and needs to be impeached and sent packing and take moochelle with you before she decides to spend more money that isn’t hers.

  • Carol

    This sounds like a STUPID idea for our troops., they need decent food to do the work that needs to be done. IDIOCY personified!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dee.bellini Dee Butler Bellini

    This isn’t true, just another ignorant, right wing blogger pulling facts out of their butts without checkign first. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=118959

    • Tazz

      I read that article on Snopes. It actually confirms the veracity of this
      article, that some bases in Afghanistan are no longer serving
      breakfast, and that service members now need to just rely on MREs (if
      they’re available).

  • http://www.facebook.com/dee.bellini Dee Butler Bellini
    • Tazz

      it is true. read it closely. I read that article on Snopes. It actually confirms the veracity of this
      article, that some bases in Afghanistan are no longer serving
      breakfast, and that service members now need to just rely on MREs (if
      they’re available).

  • just-saying…

    How about cutting the breakfast for our law breaking citizens in prison instead????

  • Bteri

    I’m not sure I can type while the veins are bursting our of my skull from this one. Let me get this straight……our recently re-elected Moron In Chief (relected by 52% of the MORONS in this country) is giving F16’s and a few hundred MAJOR tanks to the terrorists running Egypt… who might not even be in control in a few days or weeks given the unrest going on there… but we as the only major superpower in the free world cant afford to feed our military men and women risking their lives to defend our freedom 3 square meals a day? My hatred and disrespect and anger for the job this President,his administration and the job they are doing just reached a whole new level I never thought possible. They should be ashamed – absolutely ashamed.

  • wminaz

    It is incredible that only one member of congress has raised an objection. Can’t they run a bill thru congress to mandate the meals. Who would vote against that ? Can you imagine the uproar if the Bamster tried to veto it ?

  • southtxcowboy

    How about replacing the soldiers with.the.high level paid personnel and let them try to do half of what our hero’s do out there to protect our freedom!

  • DaHeat

    Obama, what a worthless POS!!! American military troops in the field have always enjoyed three meals a day, including breakfast! The only vacation that the Obama’s should enjoy is a long vacation at hard labor at Fort Leavenworth!!! Do NOT forget that Obama is a devout Black Muslim Communist, criminal offender, and a traitor!!! Never forget!!!…

  • mamaamerica

    Thank you for trying to shed some light on this subject. My son is in Afghanistan and I couldn’t believe it when he told me this was happening. It’s been going on for at least 2 mths now and at first they had egg rolls for breakfast and then nothing. He has 3 meals a day 3 days a week and 2 MRE’s 4 days a week, but if this information in your article is true it will be only 2 meals a day everyday. HOW can we STAND for this. I shouldn’t HAVE to send my son food. This brings me to tears…. It truly breaks me heart. Can you imagine what this does to their MORALE?????????? He sounded depressed when we spoke to him 2 weeks ago…….. Its just NOT Right. HOW CAN WE CHANGE THIS AMERICA~!???

  • mamaamerica


  • Raeann

    And this the person everyone wanted for president. Lets starve those that protect his sorry ass makes a whole lot of sense. Lets not allow his family to eat breakfast any where and see how BOH enjoys being hungry.

  • riosam

    Sounds like the treatment the N. Korean troops endure!! Obama is a dirty commie!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005023930906 Justin Case

    What makes ALL OF THIS even worse, is that over 50% of our nations great citizens voted to re-elect the POTUS (Piece of Trash Ushering in Socialism) for a second term. Maybe those individuals should go to the front line, INSTEAD of setting on their ‘entitled’ ass’s, waiting for Judge Joe Brown to come on, while tilting back that 40, and smoking those Newports! Yes, I did say THAT! But don’t worry, YOU fools won’t go hungry or miss a meal, because Good ‘Ol Barry is sending YOU that EBT card! Don’t like my comments, then text me at 1-800-KISS-IT! Use that OBAMA PHONE you have. Hell, I’m paying for it!

  • jonhartz

    Sounds like Mooshell was involved….

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.g.wood Linda Wood

    I do not know what it is going to take for the Citizens of the US to have ENOUGH!!??????

  • Jenny

    Big Shock, but this is all a lie: http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=118959
    It’s the very first result in Google and is even discredited by FOX NEWS.

    • DurkaDurka

      Actually, if you read what you posted, it is not a lie.

      “forward operating bases in eastern Afghanistan’s Paktika province that are closing or being turned over to Afghan security forces. Instead of a hot, prepared breakfast, service members at those bases receive packaged meals known as “meals, ready-to-eat,” or MREs.”

      Have you ever had a MRE? It’s a short step up from dog biscuits with a nice helping of titanium dioxide.

  • Eric Preston
  • San Franciso Pete

    This is a ridiculous article, and should make this propaganda reprehensible to all thinking people. As if Obama or his administration had anything to do with this decision. I served 21 years as an enlisted man in the army (1955-1976), and have had my share of field rations served to me because a proper kitchen or even a field kitchen was not available. Millions of GIs during the 1st, 2nd World Wars and Korea subsisted for weeks on field rations, which were not half as good as present-day MRIs. Also, I’ve served my share of KP duty. Sometime in the 1960s, the Army switched from military cooks to contract personnel, and KP became history. I doubt there is even an MOS for “cook” any more. While I do not follow the Army’s logic on this – why would they discontinue breakfast if they still maintain a mess-hall for lunch and dinner, but I guess the companies providing the service also need to draw down their personnel, and they probably do not hire locals to work in their mess-halls. But to put all the blame on Obama and his dislike (hatred!) of the military is silly and stretches logic to a breaking point. There are enough really legitimate reasons to attack him and his policies. This is pure mud-slinging.

    • DurkaDurka

      So you didn’t have a field kitchen. They do. I agree with you on one thing, I don’t follow the Army’s logic on this either.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    More proof that our Low Life Homosexual Muslim President intends to take America and it’s troops down! It’s long past time to impeach Obama put him on trial.convict him and then hang him from a tall tree at the White House!

  • Lovestospooge

    The administration cuts the soldiers’ breakfasts, yet give themselves automatic pay raises? To Hell with our elected leaders.

  • DenverKitty

    The Butcher of Benghazi strikes again. When will someone put an end to his madness?

  • Joann

    And yet this country RE-VOTED Mr. Obama into office for another 4 years, This I cannot understand, Hasn’t he made enough of a mess the 1st 4 years? Don’t give Him & his family breakfast & see how they feel!!!!

  • spanky

    He does not care about our troops.This is ware his cutting the budget coming from

  • charlesbigtruck

    I can’t believe that the military is going along with this BS.

  • mustang

    As commander in chief you can bet pres. obama is skipping breakfast too and just having his morning smoke….not.

  • Rustytruck

    All of you here need to write to the Pentagon instead and tell them we will not stand for our troops not getting fed. This is just plain bullsh*%t and another of Obama’s assinine stunts to undermine our Military might. Demand that they feed our people, no bulls*&$t answers, just feed the troops damn it!!!

  • 12paul

    Remove this SOB from the White House, He is (anti) – American – Our Military Men and Women – Our Home Land, We are living in a much dangerous world since he has been in office, He stole the election with over 100% of voters in various state voting for him. Congress should impeach him for what the 3 panel judge in DC called, Unconstitutional appointment’s Obama has made. OR our we just going to sit back and watch him destroy The Greatest Country Every Known.

  • groupone

    You do realize this is talking about the DFAC (buffet style) breakfast meals at only 17 out the approximately 700 facilities in Afghanistan? And that they still get a free MRE breakfast (2,000 calories each)?

  • ron

    someone SHOULD HANG OBAMA BY HIS BALL’S IF THIS IS TRUE, Ho they can’t he doesn’t have any!

  • Aem3

    Seriously?? If you want to feed them how about to take a couple meals from our prison system instead of the people fighting for your right to say such asinine drivel.

  • joshuasweet

    and the reason so many are starving in Africa is the lack of military intervention on the behalf of the civilians.

  • Anonymous

    Then take your liberal dunbass over to Africa and feed them.


    Shut your pie hole you pig

  • Sam

    You are one SICK dude. I only wish they would come and get you and drag your butt into the military to serve in some distant land. SCUM BAG!

  • DrDulcamara

    Hi Timmy…feel all gooey about “children…starving in Africa”? OK…shut your cake hole, buy a plane ticket and go feed them. Live you values and stop throwing guilt-trips on society for YOUR embarrassment of your inability to live YOUR values.

    Since when are we somehow under the gun to feed them? I’ll bet you feed your Paris Hilton purse dog eats better than any American senior citizen on Social Security that lives in YOUR OWN BACKYARD. If you can’t give a whiny squirt about them then I’m in some overarching degree of disbelief that you give a modicum of the same to “children…starving in Africa:.

  • Lickmyballs

    Dumbass, they fight for their pay, not freedom.

  • Deborah G

    yes prisoners don’t need 3 meals a day I agree. Give them canned meals and give the hot food to those who serve us. Anyone who says OBAMA isn’t aginst the Military needs their heads taken out of their Liberal Butts. Sherrif APAIO has the right idea.

  • ort

    Classy screen name. Too bad you don’t have any. Libturd d ouche.

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