Citizen Patriots at Miami Gun Show, Peacefully Exercising Freedom

get-attachmentBy: Nelson E. Sastoque
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

There are millions of God loving Americans that CHERISH this great country and believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. As a U.S. Navy veteran I count myself as one of those; and having served under the greatest Commander in Chief in modern times, President Ronald Reagan, it was indeed a privilege and an honor.

Here is a snapshot of the author with two proud Americans that believe wholeheartedly in the second amendment. This picture is from the Florida Gun Show held this past weekend in Miami at the Miami Youth Fair grounds, located adjacent to Florida International University in Southwest Miami. The attendance record for the weekend was “shattered” and everyone there was tranquil and civil.

Now I asked myself why there were none of the Liberal local media outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS) there to report and show that thousands of patriots were exercising their FREEDOM peacefully. Well, my guess is that it does not fit their pathetic narrative of our being “extreme”, as Chuck Schumer so obtusely said just the other day.

Well, Mr. Obama, you and your ilk (like Schumer, Holder and Biden) remember this … FREEDOM will not be denied and will always triumph over despotism.

Loving Life!!

  • Molon Labe

    Great point indeed!
    The government controlled biased against liberty media would not dare report the facts that were not handed to them by their handlers in the Obozo administration.
    Our media is a joke.
    Goerbels would be proud of their total transformation to a fascist machine controlled by the dear leader…

  • Todd

    Gun shows are for retards. Like this author. They should be banned forever.

    • DrDulcamara

      Using the Piers Morgan School of Tabloid Journalism method of name calling hardly demonstrates your ability to dispute facts by using “intelligence” of which you are so obviously bereft.

      Gun shows are banned in North Korea. Move there. Let us know how that works out for you.

      • WASP

        Let’s take up a collection to send him there. We can use one fewer libtard. He’ll have to take his lithium with him, because they won’t have it in the malignant dwarf’s fiefdom.

    • john goult

      Tod, does your mother know your out? And did you take your “Meds”today? go your place of peace. and Never try to come to mine!

    • leannimal88

      Todd, Todd, Todd, go back to mom and dad’s basement and let the big people talk little man.

    • Buckhuntr

      Another of Lenin’s “Useful IDIOTS”,

    • 19gundog43

      YOU punk are the retard!! You have been sleeping with your mommie for far too long. It has made you stupid. Please do everyone a favor and go ba to playg with your joystick.

  • Jay C.

    I’ve observed over the years that gun shows produce the most polite crowds. Reflection of society?

  • jim in Va.

    Todds ought to be banned for intolerance

  • Elizabeth

    Gun Shows are very orderly. No violence and everyone
    is friendly is what I have observed.


    Control continues to be the key word. The media is somewhat under control. The only way to finish the job is to confiscate all the guns. Even if they start going from door to door collecting the guns how fast do you think the word will spread even without the media? How many veterans are and still willing to defend this nation. We know all the methods used by the government.The Jews gave the Germans fits with just a few handguns. Do you really think you will find all of ours. President Obama will find that there will be no place for him to hide. Air force one will run out of fuel sometime, and if we even delay the tankers to refuel Where will he land? We know where and who controls his satellites Take his communications and he is no longer in control. Yes Mr president you are not as secure in your power as you think. Your armed forces will turn on you. Don’t count on the UN for they cant even protect their own. Unfortunately in your arrogance you believe you will control this nation, Well so did England. The bottom line is that many innocent will get hurt in the process of reestablishing our freedom. I love my country but fear my government.
    God bless America

    • nightlight

      GRANDPA: “The media is somewhat under control.”???
      The media is TOTALLY and WILLINGLY under the control of Obama, his administration, the Democrats, the liberals, the progressives, the socialists, the Muslims, and the New world Order people.
      May reason rule,

    • Public_Citizen

      You are correct about the ~control~.
      Why the hysterical push now? Because the feds have spent all the money and the only way they can continue their drug habit [out of control spending of other peoples money] is to start stealing, just like every other addict does when they run out of money. They have already been pilfering everybody’s pockets through deliberate inflation of the currency so they pay back borrowed money with money of less value but it isn’t enough any more. They want control of all that money in retirement accounts that has been “safe” from government theft, up to now.

      The feds know that before they can perpetrate the massive conversion of private wealth to government IOUs [that they will treat just like the Social Security "trust funds that have disappeared] they need to place people in a position where they can’t effectively prevent the theft.
      This is the real agenda behind the current push against the peaceful and law abiding citizens of the United States.

  • mperkins2

    I’m tired of these idiots like todd, whose name pops up to regulary among these true Patriots who believe in the Constition and our rights spelled out in this great document. I don’t know if he is that uninformed or just plain stupid. He is so blinded by the dictator wannabe that if the truth jumped up and bite hin on the backside he would probably turn his other “cheek” and say bite me again please! God help us all if any more susceptible people like this are produced.

    • GRAMPA

      Tod the tode?
      God bless America

  • 2War Abn Vet

    There is a gun show scheduled here in Fayetteville, NC next weekend. I usually attend, but I’m certain this one will be overcrowded, the prices will be jacked up, and fewer wares will be available. All this is thanks to Obama; what a boon to the economy!

  • nightlight

    As to where the author wrote, “..FREEDOM will not be denied and will always triumph…”: All of you reading this should understand that good does not always, nor is there any guarantee that it will. triumph over evil.

    The side that wins is the side that is the smartest, most motivated, most creative, most resourceful, most ambitious, most patient, and most determined.

    And, unfortunately, that is not always the good; the outcome of the last election stands as a case in point to this.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Who is this imbecil Todd.? i hope he will run into one of those serious criminals one day, not kind of white collar criminals from Washington that dont have balls.

  • Marcus Antonius

    “Don’t Bury Your Guns, Boys. Bury Those Who Come For Them. Then We’ll Hang The Elite Ruling Criminals Who Sent the Gun Grabbers.”
    Sic Semper Tyrannis !

  • Marcus Antonius

    “An ancient stalks the land, from sea to shining sea. It’s known by many differnet names but, all are Tyranny!”

    Sic Semper Tyrannis !


    Why do we never hear about all the peaceful demonstrations? The news media wants the violence. If they don’t get it they try their best to find it. I do have an answer. no, It will take a lot of people but buy all the stock and form corporations that will vote together to force them to publish accurate and truthful news. Yes it will take a lot of time and people who know the system. I am sure we can find a few patriots who will give us the direction we must take. I am an average poor American but willing to give up a few dollars to force these parasites back to the level where they can do no harm.
    God bless America

  • wvbh17

    It’s the same in our local gun shops. One walks in the door and there are maybe 5 or 6 people talking about “whatever”. No voices are raised except in laughter. You can pretty much be guaranteed that every one of those people, men and women both, have a gun somewhere on their body. No one shows them or brags about carrying. And life goes on. Same thing in the super market or the gas station. There’s very little crime to report in our local news paper. That’s the way it should be folks, live and let live, keep the damned government out of our lives, we do a lot better that way.

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