• Benjamin

    Awesome! Great job FBI!

  • shark

    Wait a minute Napoleon Bloomburg doesnt allow guns in new york!

  • Dwightmannn

    It looks like a FALSE FLAG to appease the constituencies distrust of governmental agencies.
    Can not trust government, because they are bought and paid for by the NWO banking cartels. That is the problem that needs to be eliminated. Everything else will fall into line after these creeps are eliminated. . .
    You Know Soros, Rothchild, Rockefeller. . .

  • David

    I thought we had laws that stated guns were not allowed to be in NY. I wish the raids had camera’s on their shoulders that was down loaded to the internet real time. That way we could see the truth. But back to the law in NY, how did these supposed bad guys get guns in. Along with the explosive material. Or is this another FBI sting with the FBI giving them the material. You don’t know, only what they say. You can believe everything they say. Ya, ok.

  • czman

    Wow, “nine high-capacity rifle magazines”! We are so safe now, got them pesky things of the streets! And the rest of the stuff…a Shotgun that is specifically on the Ban List…ammo, also on a list somewhere for banning, and close the Libraries, they had books, OMG, they had books! What, no laptops? And where did the HMTD come from? I’m sure that is readily available on every street corner… Well the FBI done good, we can all sleep safer tonight!

  • $18476877

    I thought NYC was a gun free zone? What, the criminals aren’t obeying the law? really… Go figure…What a surprise. Dam good thing they didn’t have Big Gulps!!!

    • vinagaroon

      These OWS slugs are friends of bloomberg and obama, remember the retoric comparing them to the “violent” Tea Partiers? Therefore they are allowed weapons.Welcome to the Socialist States of Islam.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Yeah, because the media was ALWAYS showing all those dangerous “grannies” with their fanny packs and sun visors, leaving clean parks behind them; unlike those “sweet, loving” “occupiers” who trashed everything in their wakes and cost cities and towns for the clean-ups, etc. {Okay, sarcasm off} Did they really believe those were NOT another front group aiming toward violence against the law-abiding and peaceful citizens of this nation, who WANT their home BACK??? Greenwich has spawned more than its fair share of “off-kilter” people for as LONG as I can remember! And that goes back to at least Ike’s early years in office!

    • Fred Gottshalk

      I understand that you can get Big Gulps, under the counter,
      if you say that you know Bloomberg!!

      • Rattlerjake

        NYC is having an epidemic of big gulp overdoses.

  • suz

    Good Job FBI wonder how many lives they saved but I guess you won’t read about this bust in your paper, on the news tv, etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harvey-Nichols/100000151942979 Harvey Nichols

    Whats the big deal,these people are communist,these people haveing weapons should be alright with Bloomburg.Did anyone check to see if Obama or Holder gave them these weapons.

    • LLinLa

      How dare you imply our President and AG would give these guys weapons! Neither one is a Mexican drug lord. They were legally bought, I’m sure! . . . with food stamps, a Welfare card or a government check . . .

  • Bud

    I thought New York was a ‘Gun Free Zone”……what is Bloomberg doing about it? Will he ban guns….again???
    Besides..the OWS crowd is a peaceful loving crowd!! That’s what the MSM says anyway….OOOO!! Wait a sec….it means they like making PEOPLE into pieces…..YIKES!

    • handgunnar

      “..the OWS crowd is a peaceful loving crowd!! That’s what the MSM says anyway….OOOO!! Wait a sec….it means they like making PEOPLE into pieces…..YIKES!”

      Damn, Bud, that is good material! Mind if I borrow it? With attribution, of course.

  • Marlin208

    So, law abiding citizens are supposed to hand in their guns and these terrorist groups and arming themselves to the teeth, including explosives. You can bet that the how-to manuals were written by Bill Ayers too.

    They demonized Breitbart and now you can all see for yourselves just how right he was.
    Oh, the peace loving left, what a bunch of pukes. If they had to work for a living instead of being funded by the cabal then they might see how it works in this country.
    Why it is hard to believe that in gun free zone NY this would ever happen. So Feinstein, what do you think of your OWS now? Honest little urchins just trying to make the world a better place.

  • Barbann

    This is the same kind of stuff Bill Ayers and his cronies participated in during the 60s. We have only ourselves to blame for not seeing this stuff coming.

  • noweareman

    Tell me again why I don’t need a gun to protect myself and family?

  • Wyatt

    The entire Occupy movement is nothing more than a front for terrorist activity and everybody knows it . They are and have been hiding behind Obamas approval and are just biding their time before making their big statement . This MOB should have been broken up the day they first began their occupation . They hide behind the Constitutional right of assembly yet clearly wish to destroy the very document they are protected by as they protest and demand something the have not earned or contributed dime one to . 99% of them are of the upper middle class and a product of our wonderful leftist minded educational system . And right there in Mr Anti Guns city , these people have weapons Mayor Bloomberg says they shouldn’t have . But I suppose since they are blessed by the left it is ok . Well a BIG THANK YOU to the FBI for busting these people and I hope they are put away for a very long time .

  • Jaime Cancio

    According to Van Jones OWS supporters are the best and the brightest in America down at wall street. These two and the others that work with them are nothing but socialist/communist terrorist waiting to strike. And in New York; why doesn’t this amaze me…just more evidence all our gun laws don’t work…at least this time seems the police and FBI were doing their job and got these idiots before they hurt or killed someone or others.

  • pointdan

    These Obama support groups are out of control !

  • RockyMtn1776

    WOW! Did Fast & Furious reach as far as New York ?

  • The Bee Guy

    Would we expect less from a communist group stirring up the same kind of trouble seen in the fifties and early sixties, You all should find a book by James Hunter, called “Thine is the Kingdom” Real informative. Also a book by GA, Henty, on the fall of Venice, called “The Lion of St Marks” very informative lessons

  • Randy

    bloomberg what do you think now your buddies got arrested and singing like song birds
    when you go to jail for all the crap you do I promise I will bend down and kiss your a _ _ ! as long as there is a conviction on gun charges

  • Rattlerjake

    This was first reported on by the NY Post on 31 Dec, and so far has not been reported on on any of the local or national news stations in NC that I’ve seen.

  • e111w

    All-in-all, the weapons “cache” discovered amounted to squat. Did some of the items represent potential for worse? Maybe? The most important value in the find is its contribution to the true nature of the Occupy gang and to Breitbarts validation. And, I continue to wonder: Why do I seem to notice that in many, many cases, published surnames of Occupy rats are very likely Jewish????? If ANY group should have a sense of patriotism based upon collective history it should be the Jews. Yet we have Bloomberg, Schumer, Koch, Feinstein and………………………What is their REAL AGENDA? Gun “control” seems to be only a symptom.

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