• abby

    How come this information is not blasted by the Lame Stream Media?

    • URKiddinMee

      Why is this not “blasted by the lame stream media?” Because they are no longer “The Fourth Estate,” They are but the propaganda arm of the current Marxist regime. Joseph Goebbels might have converted the whole world to Nazism if he had had such an efficient, dedicated team.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        He did; they just didn’t have the same REACH!

      • ATLDave

        Because they are in Obama’s a– up to their shoulders. They are doing this because they know they can’t win the hearts and minds of the people and they are losing viewership and redership daily to other outlets like FOX. Expect them to come calling for their slice of the bacon when they start asking for bailouts – deep down they know this is REALLY all that Obama and his weak government is good for. Obama will cave to them because he needs the propaganda machine. The majority in this country is against bailouts because they have worked out so well for us so far. Hopefully our legislative branch will not cave but don’t hold your breath. This is why the current guard needs to be voted OUT!

      • RDWebster

        The “Fourth Estate” has become the “Fifth Column” …

    • Robert Haavisto

      Becxause they are on the side of the gunn grabbing libs.

  • steven

    Idiocy. Throw in handguns and look again at the stats. Everyone supports the 2nd amendment. Simply a matter of weaponry. I know plenty of people who should not be armed, yet shouldn’t be shot either.

    • steve craig

      OK, let’s throw in ‘handguns’ on the one hand and automobiles on the other ….. and then change the conversation to ‘enforced’ mass-transit by banning the liberty of ‘private transportation vehicles’ …………

    • URKiddinMee

      No. “EVERYONE” does NOT support the Second Amendment, and one only needs to read the idiotic statements and the Un-Constitutional legislation proffered by many in our Congress and in some State Legislatures to realize the fact.. Which other rights are you willing to sacrifice? How about an IQ test for voting? How about only those with degrees from conservative universities to be granted First Amendment rights? How about only those who pay income tax be allowed to vote? Which freedom being taken away will finally get YOU to act?

      • ray

        Have to disagree with you here. I know some with degrees who are fools.

    • tommie3761

      You missed the damn point IDIOT! We are talking about murders committed by a CLASS of Weapon. Rifles vs. Blunt object killings. Not all projectile weapons vs all other forms of killing with common everyday objects, which you and all the other leftie loonies have no problem with, yet! You like all the others of your ilk, just can not seem to grasp the reality of living in a violent world. Criminals will always have guns, period! Criminals don’t care what kind of law you pass. Actually, they do! They would be more than happy to commit crimes against unarmed law-abiding people, thanks to IDIOTS like you!

      • http://www.facebook.com/randolph.goeman Randolph Goeman

        Tommie, You missed the sarcasmYes car kill(although I think people help cars along) but the major problem with any weapon is people.

  • Randolph Rivers

    It’s not about the truth. IT’S ABOUT CONTROL. Wake up America.

    • URKiddinMee

      Many of us ARE awake but what do we do NOW? Boehner and other so-called “conservatives” sit back while these Marxists wipe their a z z e s on our Constitution daily. ONE patriot taking to the streets is a “nut job.” It takes THOUSANDS to be a revolution. I’m beginning to think that the ONLY thing which might save our once free republic is for those in our military who truly take seriously their oath to defend our constitution, to stage a (hopefully bloodless) coup and exile this gang of domestic enemies.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Trouble there is that MOST of those never learned what the Constitution IS and SAYS, in truth, to understand just what it IS they took that oath TO! Our Constitution has NOT been being taught in our indoctrination centers for decades, let alone what it took to come up with, and earn its right to govern our nation! They learned the same places and lessons as the “Occupy” groups, not the lessons we learned. I’m not even sure the Academies are teaching it any longer. I know the War Colleges for the upper echelon officers are leaning away from it. And when I see the outrageous things the brass hats are agreeing to, and going along with, I really have to worry that they DON’T KNOW what that oath means any longer!

      • http://www.facebook.com/lowell.freeman.3 Lowell Freeman

        Sounds like a good business opportunity to me. Obviously, when the govt gets wind of this there will be a huge market for bat and hammer safes,because they will legislate locking them up when not in use. — unless they outlaw them completely. And BTW, more people are murdered each year by hands and fists than by rifles. So the invention of detachable hands is in order.

  • Assualt Person

    You mean assault hammers and assault clubs, assault knives, assault bows&arrows, assault everything else that is used to assault persons with including chewing gum.

    • jlbs

      Don’t forget ‘assault’ hands and fists.

    • Simplelogicman

      How many houses were built with a Bushmaster, the tool of recent mass murderers? This site is an assault on logic. Last I checked Goebbels hated the marxists. He was on your team.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Goebbels’ hate for the Communists was as contrived and absurd as his hate for the Jews. It was dictated from people MUCH higher up the food chain than him, Hitler or Stalin. And those people’s followers are STILL dictating the “hates” and wars and all the rest of the evils in our world! LOOK for the patterns, and follow the money; “all roads lead to Rome” is still valid!

      • URKiddinMee

        I’m sure they are missing your input over at The Huffington Post and the Daily Kos. Why not go back there where they share the same mental disorder as yourself?

      • MitchellSandlin

        Name one where a bushmaster was usaed.

      • Ken

        Ahhhhhhhh, but you blithering numbskull Goebbels was a dedicated socialist just like BHO and the rest of his elitist henchmen.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      ANYTHING you can use; USE it !

  • danclamage

    Outlaw fists!
    If you see somebody clenching their fists, arrest them! Lol

  • JohnWayne

    There is no “Brain” in any firearm. A gun is simply an instrument which does the bidding of the “loose nut” on the trigger! It is people who kill, and this article illustrates that when someone wants to kill, they will kill.

  • gdoggerz

    I knew those hammers and clubs were evil. I guess we need to ban them too!

    • jlbs

      I hope the hammers we have in our house don’t attack us during the night when we are asleep and unable to defend ourselves.

    • coman1

      OMG – I love to work with a hammer since I can remember and I made it to the top of my trade with a hammer. Now consider this – how many self inflicted accidental injuries occur with hammers ? OSHA should require to provide hammers at least with a 5 inch radius safeguard around the head. Hammers should not be made from any heavy material. Aluminum, wood or rubber will do and the weight of a hammer restricted to 6 ounces. A licensing and a permit to have a hammer should be mandatory and a permit for each hammer should be not less then $ 10. It wouldn’t make a dent in the national debt but a lot more bureaucrats could be hired from this money.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        LOL! That’s just about the same level of absurdity that we see in our “leadership” all right!

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Don’t forget your kitchen utensils too; knives, rolling pins, cast iron cookware, etc..

  • ReaperHD

    This still all comes down to the commie trash in the WH cannot succeed in overthrowing the Constitution as long as Americans are armed.

  • Adam L.

    That’s it. I’m picketing Home Depot this afternoon!

    • bobwhite1935

      Me too, but not before I buy me a long handled sledge hammer before feinstein bans them ,so only barack hussein obama FEMA camp conservative Republican prisoners will be able to us one while making big rocks into little rocks.

  • Retired Marine

    Damn good thing I bought more than one hammer, the call for bans will start as soon as feinstein discovers what they are. I also stockpiled other tools, and all are unregistered.
    As for my hands and feet, I can’t hide them, so camo is the best defense.

  • Retired Marine

    Just a thought, is baseball about to be banned? The bats could be considered assault clubs by feinstein. (of course we know that anything is an assault weapon in the wrong hands.) People kill people, the ursurper is trying to kill a country, and his cronies are trying to assist, right Diane Feinstein?

  • gerf

    Thank God the 3 of murders by clubs and hammers is going down Too bad they will not notice the # by rifles has also !

  • She said it

    Just the Facts…Rifles with 30 round magazines in the hands of Law Abiding Citizens are what CRIMINALS fear…Don’t let politicians BS you into thinking THEY are going to protect you. No offense to police, but by the time they arrive, It’s Over. They simply draw the chaulk line around the dead bodies. Law Abiding Citizens with guns is EXACTLY what criminals fear. Don’t take that fear away.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lawrence.hughes.543 Lawrence Hughes

      Well, most politicians ARE criminals. They commit theft by taking (taxes) every day. THAT is why they are afraid of guns. And yes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes (or hours) away.

  • Sawdust

    We need to flood the White House mail box, snail or “e”, Feinstein & Manchin the same way. They only worry about one thing, VOTES!! All the better if you are from Calif or WV. Tell them you are starting a grassroots movement to ban ALL hammers, clubs of all kinds and especially aluminum baseball bats. These can be swung faster than wooden bats and can inflict more injuries due to the rapid recovery and re-swing. Also any hammers with a “CLAW” can penetrate deeper into the skull than one without this deadly feature!

  • bebad.us

    da Criminal da Criminal da Criminal – Just drew a stick figure holding a 100 round magazine!! Wasted the paper, should have drawn mohammed THAT PEDIFILE

  • oeblio
  • Carl Stevenson

    Why the hell is this site linking with a banner ad to a petition from “CeaseFire PA” for more gun control????????

    • http://TedSlater.com/ Ted Slater

      Carl, every time someone clicks on that particular ad, “CeaseFire PA” is obligated to pay a certain amount of money to ClashDaily.com. ClashDaily.com does not support that organization, but they’re happy to take their money.

      • Carl Stevenson

        I understand the pay per click paradigm, but I am still offended by their taking money to promote the enemy.

  • ansonheath

    Let’s see now, if we outlaw hands – no need to outlaw hammers, right?

  • Don Nanneman

    Need more information on other firears, type not stated to make any sense of thie

  • IB Wright
  • jimmy john

    SEE we don’t need gun control, We need crazy control , and we sure as hell
    don’t need Obama telling us what we can and can’t do, nor do we need a bunch of
    liberal ass people making the rules MORE guns MORE enforcement

  • dempseycoleman

    Now England is in the process of making Knives Illegal. They took Gun’s away years ago. Now like they say only Criminals have Guns in Egland. Democrats would rather Criminals have Guns that gives Lawyers a Job’ keeping the Criminals off Death Row. Like Obama the Democrat’s know which Jobs to Save or Creat!

  • Watcher in the Why

    The Feinstein-Obama Solution:- all Hammers to be serial numbered, sales of all Hammers to have 14 day waiting period. all Hammers to be taxed at 100%, use of Hammers to be regulated by EPA & Obama Health Insurance. All uses of Hammers to be subject to Police & Government oversight – it is endless inanity coming from these two twerps.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    That’s called “blunt force trauma” and it’s probably the leading manner of committing homicide globally; anything from a rock to a piece of furniture, or a decorative item, a club or bat, almost anything can be a “weapon” in the hands of a HUMAN bent on murder! It’s the HUMAN that’s the danger, not the object!

  • Economist

    Well there goes Major League Baseball… We know that the preferred “club” is the baseball bat so it will have to be banned. How are all of those millionaire liberal democrat baseball players going to make a living?

  • DaveNTejas

    The Liberal gun haters don’t give two sh*** about the truth or statistics, they care about “looking” like they give two sh***, and they want to control your life, while they live a very different one.

  • URKiddinMee

    Tiger Woods says he wants Nine Irons included in any assault weapons ban after the number Elin Nordegrin did on him!

  • Light_V_Dark



    Isaiah 3:4— And I will give children to be their princes, and the EFFEMINATE[^] shall rule over them»»»or,

    Darby Bible Translation- I WILL COMMIT THE LAND TO THE GOVERNMENT OF WEAK AND IMBECILE PRINCES{^}. _____________________________ 

  • GDC

    They can have my hammer when they take it from my cold dead hand!!!

  • http://www.myvollara.com/texas Ancoman

    Another point that even this author failed to make was how many of those killed by rifle were done in self defense. Once you take that into consideration, the numbers are even more obvious.

  • CaptTurbo

    Don’t go confusing the libtards with facts.

  • Chris Smith

    Oops! Maybe we need to establish “Hammer-free” and “Club-free” zones!

  • Take 2

    This President now has two murder cover-ups-started a war and is asking all
    Americans to no longer defend from criminal acts of potential Hm invasion-murder.

    He has mentioned lust to circumvent (abuse) all other branches of checks &
    balance. Keep your eye on the real scam going on. Dunham et al want your guns
    and Ammo-yes.

    BUT Its all about MONEY! The Executive Order i Bank to place-all the parked funds-2 to 3 Trillion-stuck in all the first 18 months Congressional BILLS. B Clinton mentioned it a few times at DNC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.hamel.35 Phil Hamel

    The Politicians could care LESS about you or your safety. They want to dis arm you and that is their agenda. I sure hope the gun owners do not cave like the republicans do all the time.

  • Ken

    Here is something for everyone to think about when you reflect on the tragedy of Sandy Hook. There were more violent deaths that were committed by the use of surgical instruments by doctors in the abortion clinics of the surrounding area that didn’t get reported and received no tears, ink or airtime in the aftermath. There were no impassioned pleas by politicians or community leaders to outlaw such violent, vicious,senseless and needless acts that destroy the lives of innocent children with impunity. Who stands for them????? Any comments?????

    • Kevin Schmuki

      You are so right. Babies are ripped apart by doctors at the rate of 28,000 per WEEK, but they are not able to fight back. Those same pro-death politicians are afraid of us. Let us not find ourselves also in the fetal position when they come to kill us. Remember, Jesus actually commanded his disciples to stock up on swords. I see that many have gotten that message as of late.

  • marineh2ominer

    And even MORE people are killed and / or murdered each year by doctors and other medical ” professionals ” . Of course under Obamacare this will not only be expected , it will be highly rewarded .

  • http://www.facebook.com/lawrence.hughes.543 Lawrence Hughes

    Hammers don’t kill people, carpenters do. (?) When it comes down to it all murders are done by humans of one form or another. This is why libs are doing everything in their power to reduce the number of humans, like banning DDT, and making abortion free and readily available. Planned parenthood began as a racist, eugenicist plot, but has become equal opportunity (although the bulk of centers are still in predominantly black areas – after all, the KKK was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party).

  • deebar

    No one seems to understand that DC is a Corporation and because of that the Oath they took means nothing and not legally binding . A corporation is not bound by these laws so get a grip and learn .

    Randolph , it is about the truth damn it . If you don’t know it you’re no better than those who abuse it !

  • bob thompson

    Although I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, your comparison to rifles and blunt objects is misleading. Start by comparing hanguns to blunt objects. And I’m NOT suggesting we ban handguns…just state facts.

  • Stephen Ray Hale

    OMIGOSH! Do the liberals know about hammers being so lethal. If hammers are nail drivers, then are they going to limit the high capacity pneumatic nail drivers…the “assault rifle” of all nail drivers, with a small magazine?

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Anything can be utilized for an unintended purpose resulting in serious injury or death.

    Gun’s don’t kill people, people kill people. I have never seen a gun load itself. I have never seen a gun aim itself. I have never seen a gun fire a projectile (with deliberate intent) by itself. A gun is an inanimate object, just like a hammer, or a golf club, or a baseball bat or any other object.

  • IncognitoMan

    I am against gun control, but writing half true articles doesn’t help. It is true that more people are killed by hammers than rifles, HOWEVER, more people are killed by handguns than all other weapons combined. These are the stats directly from the FBI website.


    Total murders 12664
    Total firearms 8583
    Handguns 6220
    Rifles 323
    Shotguns 356
    Firearms (type unknown) 1684
    Knives or cutting instruments 1694
    Other weapons 1659
    Hands, fists, feet, etc. 728

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