• Todd

    The stupid redneck teabagger got what he should have gotten. aressted.

  • http://twitter.com/IWantMyApplebk Adam Apple

    In some states, the driver is not required to inform the officer of a permitted concealed carry weapon. I guarantee the officer knew the driver held a CCP when he pulled him over and ran his plates.

    • defendconstitution

      I believe the information is only linked to your driver license, NOT to your vehicle plates.

      • l8e9x

        In Kentucky the information is connected to your drivers license and plates. When you run the plates the computer will give you the not only the OL info but CCDW Permit info automatically.

        • l8e9x

          That also includes any EPO’s or DVO’s and any outstanding warrants for the registered owner..

        • William White

          some states do but not all in MI its linked to you DL only so notify on First Contact. you are still required to Notify on first contact.

      • newattitude1

        Wrong! shows up when plates are run in most normal states.

        • edro3111

          Not in Tennessee and some others. Only on driver license info.

        • John Spencer

          Not in California!

          • That Guy

            He said “in most normal states.” He never mentioned Commifornia.

        • Chief Bill PFD #9

          It does not show a CCL in Texas. Only during DL checks. Plates are issued from the TxDOT, DL’s by the TX Dept of Public Safety.

        • Doug Rowan

          In Iowa it doesn’t show with license OR plates. Only a piece of paper that we carry, OR some counties have gone to a plastic card, but only verification is through each county (kind of sucks that way) Police can take the attitude of hold til verified which a small county like ours, could be 6-24 hours… Everyone fought hard NOT to be the one burdened with the extra resource and paperwork in their agency, so it ended up being back on each county sheriff’s office.

          • William White

            also if does not show up for out of state plates and DLs. AO Notify First!!!

        • rws1969

          most states do not link the two together as it is a violation of privacy rights PA and NJ do not link the two together and it is common sense to inform the officer that you are armed

      • edro3111

        Correct. It shows on your DL info whether it’s valid or not. Being a former law enforcement officer, I totally agree that this officer handled this wrong and his attitude sucks!

        • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


        • rws1969

          i highly doubt you was ever a police officer ….but former or not the guy made too many mistakes .and as you say former officer the first thing you do hen you make a car stop and the driver gets out you tell him to get back in the car

          • edro3111

            Oh, I’m not going to critique all his moves on the stop. You are correct about letting him get out and such. No argument with that. I could name several screw ups I observed. His overall demeanor with the guy even as the guy was being very calm and cooperative wasn’t very professional and my comment about handling it the wrong way was intended to speak for what you pointed out as well. I WAS a County Deputy Sheriff in Tennessee for 9 years and for 22 years before that was a city police officer in my hometown. I’m retired now. I was respected for treating everyone equally and not being a smart ass. I NEVER told anyone I was going to “shoot them in the back” as this officer did. That’s as unprofessional and smart-assed as you can get. Accept my explanation or not but I don’t really care either way Sir.

      • done436064

        Nope when a cop calls in the plate No. he gets back all wants and warrants along with registration info and carry permit holder info. I have seen my info on police car computers in Indiana. ( A friend of mine is a cop. )

      • parlayer

        it all come up! even where you lived 20 years ago!!

    • pikemaster1

      Yes I agree, and was waiting to pounce on the poor citizen as soon as he got the chance. When you run the check,it DOES come back that you have a CCW/CPL ,and I’m sure he knew it before the stop. His F this and F that orders was not called for either and should be dismissed from all law enforcement now and in the future. God Bless.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


      • William White

        OH yes umm sir with the gun please put your hands up please get on the ground please put your hands behind your back ??? UMMM sorry he does not know for sure if he does have a permit he did not have his DR lic till the guy handed it to him out side the vehicle why did he get out of the vehicle ??? stay in your car! Notify first!!!! read my above post.

        • rivahmitch

          You should be very happy as American citizenship degrades into slavery or dhimmitude under our Kenyan fascist leadership.

          • William White

            Negative you Azz grab.
            Molon Labe!

            Dentes Primus!
            Hope you get the Idea
            2A all the way in this I shall Defend and if you ass is in a sling and you need help to bail you out from the comunistic or Nazi what ever it is ya might want to hope I have your back or at least some one like me cause if your not GB SF AB NS or = then your going to need our kiind of help

          • rivahmitch

            As a ‘Nam Marine, I don’t require your help, amigo.

          • USMC and America proud

            From all I’ve read from William, he will end up needing some help from US! ;)

    • Renkin2688

      Here in Florida it is not a requirement to declare you are carrying a firearm unless you are asked. This driver was 100% correct in that. He never should have gotten out of the vehicle though. that ALWAYS puts LE on the defnsive. I would have sat in the driver seat, waited until the cop explained why I was pulled over, and then I would have handed him my DL and the CHL together. This notifies him that I am carrying. The fact that he momentarily flashed his weapon when he was manipulating his wallet is not brandishing the weapon as the deputy said. Definitely in need of training.

      • johnh

        I agree that he should not have got out of the vehicle unless asked to do so. Doing this with out the officer asking you to these days is asking for trouble. It’s funny how some cops are glad to see you carrying then there are this type of guys. POWER HUNGRY. Back in toe 50’s & 60’s we used to get out of the vehicle all of the time.

        • USMC and America proud

          I’ve had time to think about this now, and my answer is that I live in a free country. Therefore it is my right to get out of my vehicle whenever I want too! If a LEO is afraid of people getting out of their vehicle that’s fine, but if your in that much fear for your life? Yer in he wrong job! And I don’t say that lightly! Iost a friend who was a NCHP at a traffic stop! The job comes with certain risks and you have to know this up front! But when it comes down to it, a person getting out of a car with their hands in plain view, is not that big threat! It’s the one’s whose hands I CAN’T see that I would be ready to pull my weapon on!
          Bottom line, police depts. across America are, to me, hiring personnel that are of this power trip attitude, and it’s gotta stop!

      • William White

        That is absurd and you should Notify on any contact with Leos Notify notify notify it will keep you out of trouble. and keep the Leo feeling safe. Duty or not you should. make them feel safer around you.
        any I will bet you are Wrong on the requirement in FL to Notify.
        Also if is safer for you to Notify First.

        • rivahmitch

          Ah yes, here it comes… very important that the government official not fear you but that you fear it… An endorsement of tyranny?

          • William White

            My rifle is
            NOT an “assault weapon!” It is a modern musket. It is a Rifle.
            Molon Labe!
            Dentes Primus

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1642027578 David Meyer

      Sorry folks, but in Florida, the LEO’s have NO WAY of knowing if you have a gun or not. The databases are not linked. It is up to you to inform the officer.

  • Matt Gerlach

    “I don’t care if you have a permit or not” says it all, he needs to be fired immediatly

    • thomas

      he will never be fired

      • condomimi

        if the sheriff is a democrat he will not be fired, if the sheriff is an American he will be.

        • Brian_R_Allen

          “if the sheriff is a democrat he will not be fired, if the sheriff is an American he will be.”

          A Keeper Quote!

          • parlayer


        • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


          • goku vegeta


        • KerryDee

          Jeff Dawsey is a republican. He typically runs a pretty tight ship. I’m sure this issue will be addressed. At least I hope so, as a gun owning Citrus county resident!

          • Linual Harless

            Never happen.

        • Linual Harless

          Makes no difference which party the sheriff may be affiliated with. The sheriff’s behavior is probably worse than the deputy’s. All cops, regardless of uniform or party affiliation, are like this cop, or worse!

          • IDConstitutionist

            All cops…ALL??? That’s pretty inclusive and incorrect. I know many cops and my son is one and they have morals along with common sense. I’ve been pulled over for speeding a couple times here in Idaho and have always been treated with respect. I did tell one LE that I was carrying and asked if I was required to say I was and he said no, but it’s a good idea.

      • Robert Martin

        A lot of that depends on what kind, and how much media attention this little clusterfu-k got.

    • RLM357

      He asked “Why are you carrying a Gun? and the reply was, “I have a License”. That should have altered the LEO’s attitude, which stunk! The initial stop was wrong also. Matthew, at the cost of training this Officer (Poor job) he needs to be retrained. I support Phych tests for all Officers before hiring and the Academy. I had to take one many years ago and swear by them. I was also a training Officer on the Job, and can attest that all graduates can escape detection for unk. quirks. That’s where a good T.O. comes into play before being released from the Probationary period. ~Rick Magee, FL.

      • USMC and America proud

        I’ve been posting on ALL of these police oversteps that training is THE issue!! There ISN’T any valid training being done! For some reason today’s officers are being trained to react, not respond! And the reaction is always illegal! When stopping a vehicle, you (with your hand on your firearm) ASK about weapons, and if the person tells you he has a weapons permit, then you ask to see it! END OF STORY! What was the basis for this stop?

        • Guest

          “”Semper Fi”” Marine. We sure have a problem in America!!!! (USMC Vietnam Combat Vet) Msg me for my FB page……….

          • USMC and America proud

            Sent you a friend request, but does not identify me as USMC… Look for it!
            Semper Fi!

        • goku vegeta


          • http://www.facebook.com/lynn.kritzberger Lynn Kritzberger

            Yes but the camra ,never showed the tag so know one knows if it was.

          • getitstraight

            Tag and Insurance were both good. He forgot to put the new sticker on the tag. Deputy would have known that when he ran the tag number. The man was reaching across the seat in full view of the deputy to retrieve the sticker and registration that his wife was holding out to him, when the deputy supposedly saw his gun under his shirt.

          • USMC and America proud

            Right! All this over an expired tag? Not knowing Fl systems, I wonder if the officer already KNEW that the guy had a CCWP?

          • getitstraight

            The tag was not expired, the insurance was current, only thing wrong was he forgot to put the n

          • getitstraight

            He forgot to put the new sticker on the tag. Deputy would have known that when he ran the tag number. He was reaching across the seat in full view of the deputy to retrieve the sticker and registration that his wife was holding out to him, when the deputy supposedly saw his gun under his shirt.

          • getitstraight

            NO, he did not say it was expired. Tag and Insurance were both good. He forgot to put the new sticker on the tag. Deputy would have known that when he ran the tag number. The man was reaching across the seat in full view of the deputy to retrieve the sticker and registration that his wife was holding out to him, when the deputy supposedly saw his gun under his shirt.

        • William White

          Yes this would be a good Idea but also in almost every CCW class you are told to Notify the Officer on First Contact it is the law in most states. Also his actions were not Illegal was with in his authority the guy never Notified then the violation was seen but it is a violation and he had a gun he violated his permit to carry it is a misdemeanor. sorry to say if CCW permit holder would just Notify First there would be no other problems.

          • edodaniel

            Since Florida DOES NOT REQUIRE NOTIFICATION the officer’s search was ILLEGAL and a lawyer would have a field day with him and the city/county that employed him.

            Sorry to have to say it but if officers of the law familiarized themselves with the laws they are to enforce the problem would not have occurred. LEOs have a tough enough job to do without LAZY officers causing more problems through their idiocy.


          • jhorenka

            edo – Concealed in Florida means concealed…

          • Ncrdbl1

            having it become exposed when your shirt tail lifts up to get your wallet does not make it a violation of the concealed carry law.

          • edodaniel

            Yes, it does and when the driver’s shirt rode up exposing the holster the officer had every right to follow the law and ASK IF HE HAD A PERMIT. He did not have a right to ignore the law and put the driver on the ground in cuffs THEN look around in the vehicle and moving around to the passenger side to take another look (visual search it is called).

            The officer had no probable cause for his actions and comments about not caring about the permit would indicate he was probably one of the useful idiots who voted for Obama.

          • Nick Caisse

            Joseph Horenkamp; NOT TRUE!!! Inadvertent exposure is NOT a violation. The law is called Brandishing, and he did not do that. Next time, speak from whence you know, not what you know not . The Deputy’s actions were a classic example, of everything you should not do, as an LEO, and as a human being. This is what power can do to some who are not capable of using, not abusing it. He showed many character flaws that are not conducive to a good LEO. He should be gone! Semper Fi!

          • Linual Harless

            You are insinuating that this cop is a human being. Wrong! The day they decide to strap on that gun and badge and go out and make life a “living hell” for as many people as they possibly can, they forfeit their humanity. They are nothing but animals from that point forward. With sincere apologies to animals worldwide.

          • USMC and America proud

            Correct! Florida needs to take action on this officer BECAUSE not only were his reactions illegal, it shows a disposition of attitude that points toward instability! And THAT, in the long run, could be disastrous to the coffers in Fl for a wrongful death lawsuit someday!
            I fully support law enforcement, being a Marine! But we need to get these guys off the streets and reevaluate our screening processes, AND our training processes! I understand careful that you don’t get dead, but this was an obvious overreaction, and also watch the cop, he could’ve gotten dead from not watching the passenger! Or did ya notice that?

          • polmutant

            maybe in main land Cuba, i mean Flroida. But you have NO obligation to tell anyone you are caarying where I live. You are either illegal carrier or not.

          • http://www.facebook.com/robert.andersonsr Robert Anderson Sr

            He did tell the officer he had a permit the minute the officer asked him why he was carrying! LISTEN CLOSE to the VIDEO ! The man told him and also was getting his tag for the licenses plate out! The officer got scared -Period!!

          • Robert Martin

            Mr. Anderson, you are so kind. The Deputy nutted up on the driver, when there was absolutely no indication of the driver being a threat to him. He handled this stop very badly.

          • Kimberly O’Neal

            Even though it may be common sense to inform the Officer right away just to avoid trouble, not all states require a class to get a CCW permit. I do however think the officer re-acted rather than acted in professional manner, such as going from nice to a cussing lunatic.. and they want the public to trust them, I think not.

          • waterman

            You know all of you are wrong headed, first thing is, the CCW laws are unconstitutional and we should not have to have a license, second the gun was concealed and all the officer saw was the tip of the barrel.

            This guy is probably an obama cronnie and dreams of kissing pelosi’s ass some day.

            Besides that all of us that want the freedom that the fore fathers intended we need to stand for our rights and take it to the courts, they can not convict with-out violating our constitutional rights.

          • jag57

            I don’t know about other states, but Missouri Constitution was amended in 1884, a few years after the Civil War, to keep recently freed slaves from defending themselves. I bet you couldn’t guess which party controlled Jefferson City at that time? I searched the archives to confirm what I already knew; it was 3 for 3. We now have a veto proof majority in both the House and the Senate, but we do have a Democrat Governor.

            We did not get concealed carry passed until we got term limits, then we took control of the legislature, passed concealed carry, but Democrat Governor vetoed it. Since there was something he wanted killed worse, he let Democrats vote to override his veto.

            If I remember right, I believe we are supposed to notify an officer that we have a CCW, but as an old fart, (76) I would do it anyway. I try not to give them a reason to stop me, since I don’t want the hassle.

          • jhorenka

            William – Some states are different. In Michigan for example with a CPL you can open carry just about anywhere with few exceptions, but you must show your CPL and notify an officer immediately that you are carrying if he pulls you over. So flashing your gun doesn’t matter. Florida does not allow open carry at all – I believe even with a CPL. So technically as soon as the officer saw the gun it was no longer concealed. I do believe (?), not sure though, that in Florida that you do not have to notify an officer that you are carrying concealed. The officer did act like an idiot and should be reprimanded but he may have acted technically withing FL law.

          • edodaniel

            In Florida, you can legally open carry a loaded firearm while engaged in, or going to and from, Fishing, Hunting, and Camping. With some planning and preparation, a law abiding person can open carry a firearm in public and stay in compliance with the law.

            A concealed carry permit allows concealed carry and just because a weapon becomes momentarily unconcealed does not make it an open carry.

            In EITHER event the officer’s first priority is NOT to shout and yell and abuse the person but to ask a question. If carried openly the question is where the person is going or where the person is coming from. If concealed the question is Are you carrying and if so show me your permit. This can legitimately be asked whether the weapon or its imprint can be seen or not at the officer’s discretion.

            In either case this officer is the one at fault and in the wrong and not in compliance with the law.

          • Disabled Vet

            That is not necessary true in all states. In some states you are not obligated to notify the officer but IT IS best for all concerned that you Do. Then there should be no problem.

        • WASP

          I can’t dispute that, but the initial issue is HIRING. The vetting process is weak, the people doing the hiring have their own agenda, and collectively gummints want storm troopers who simply follow their orders. Cop depts are being taken over by the feral gummint. That’s where the assault weapons and armored vehicles come from, and its for suppression of the population, regardless of the gummint propaganda to the contrary.

        • John Law

          the standards for hiring today in law enforcement has been lowered to bring in a morally lower character so as to take advantage of the average citizen. the outcome the state and federal agencies are looking for are the sub-standard individual that will shoot their fellow american if the present ruling class asks.

      • rath150

        Has anyone done any folowup to see what has or has not happened to this deputy?????

        • goku vegeta


          • Robert Martin

            Go out to Calif., up in the Napa valley during a dry spell, and flick a cigarette butt out the window and let a cop see you do it. Shame on you!

          • Jim S

            I used to live in CO. They made it a felony to flick a cigarette butt out the window due to the number of forest fires being started by them.

          • fed up


          • Jim S

            Goku – Latest update. The female trooper that did the cavity search is being fired.

        • Rob

          I posted at the top. The DA refused to charge and he was released. From there I don’t know. But if that was me I at least would have gotten a boat out of the deal

          • Robert Martin

            You’re really funny, Rob. I’m sure the DA or ADA watched the dash-cam footage and saw what would get them laughed out of the courtroom. You must do a lot of fishing. :)

        • Rob

          Da refused to charge

      • parlayer

        RLM “this is why I don’t respect the cops, I’ve never been treated with respect, you think they would be happy to give you a ticket, not mad about it.

        • Disgusted

          I’ve been stopped only once and the cop was as respectful as could be and didn’t even give me a ticket. I ran a red light, due to my error in judging how fast I was going, right in front of the cop car. He put his siren on to chase me, but I had already pulled over because my error in judgement shook me up so badly, so he had no one to chase. LOL! He was a nice young cop and was very respectful toward me.
          Maybe it is beneficial for us to treat the cops with respect due another human being and things can be very different when/if one stops you.
          You cop an attitude and it’s going to alert the cop that something isn’t right with you and you cause your own trouble.
          If you do run into a bad cop, let them do their thing, let you go and then take action.
          Don’t have a stupid attitude. I think you probably don’t much respect anyone and have more than likely caused your own problems and are blaming your lacks on the cops instead of taking responsibility for your own actions and attitudes.

          • parlayer

            You don’t know what your talking about. You may have gotten off, good for you. You have no Idea how I act when interacting with the man with the gun. of course it’s with respect. They are there own worst enemy, I’m still waiting for the day I’m glad to see one.

          • parlayer

            Disgusted, go be disgusted with somebody else.

          • polmutant

            you are a silly unit. an obamaloid.

          • Kimberly O’Neal

            You yourself stated you have only been stopped once which may not be enough to pass judgement on others. I have seen good cops and bad cops and yes while a bad attitude can bring on the same, it doesn’t always matter. I have seen people show respect and the cop has an Obama attitude thinking they are better than those they serve and it doesn’t matter how nice you are. In short don’t let your mistake and good cop fortune go to your head in thinking you too are better than every one else.

          • Robert Martin

            Kim, you are right on the money. I have met several of the State cops up here in Mass, and there are a lot of them that show up with a crappy attitude. I reserved that little act for those who were richly deserving of it when I was in that line of work. I was involved in a little minor accident just south of Boston proper, and when a trooper showed up, I greeted him, and told him it was my fault, and complemented him on the really fast response time, all while offering to shake hands with him. All I got was a condesending look and a grunt. Professional police officer? Not in my opinion. More like a bully in a uniform, with a gun. I’m starting to feel that Mass should use a good, or possibly a better psyche evaluation for their State Police recruits. Maybe an in house anger management class would be helpful too.

          • Linual Harless

            You are as wrong as wrong can be! Cops are armed, uniformed, thug, gang members who would rather shoot you while yelling, “Stop resisting, stop resisting!” than look at you. You need to educate yourself. Your stop was an anomaly.

      • goku vegeta


        • Disgusted

          Sounds like you are the kind of person the cops should be watching and you are a great argument FOR gun control. Which side are you on? How easily you infer that someone needs killing. Too many people here are talking like that. Whose side are you on? You don’t sound like decent people.

          • doctorbob

            Disgusted, it’s quite obvious to me that you are a cop on the borderline of sanity. Whose side are we on? The side of LIBERTY and FREEDOM! You are OUR employee; we are not YOURS. WE tell YOU what your job will be; YOU do not tell US. We pay your salary. If you are so worried about being killed, then YOU need to go find another job, pronto. You don’t sound stable enough to wear a badge. And how DARE you even THINK of telling us we “don’t sound like decent people?” Where do you get off with THAT attitude? We are your employers. That’s who we are! WE don’t have to respect YOU, but you CERTAINLY need to respect your employers. Or be fired. Your choice. This is not Nazi Germany (yet). Hopefully we can weed you out before that happens.

          • 1tymtrvlr

            Who made you judge, jury and snitch?

          • AZWarrior

            Cops should be watching? I hope you’re NOT a cop. We’d need to watch YOU……. (Y)

          • Linual Harless

            And you sound like a gun-grabbing, leftist, Obama loon!

        • WASP

          the day is coming, unfortunately.

      • William White

        the problem is is that the guy never gave notification First you have to notify First upon first contact also It may be a violation that his gun became exposed. Read my above post. every state requires that you notify upon first contact the guy just Bull shited around being all casual and had a gun on and never notified the officer first.

        • Smarter Than You

          You Sir are an idiot

          • Disgusted

            “Smarter”, you are not smarter. You only think you are. Smart people don’t have to tell others they are smart because smart shows up where it is and needs no introduction. You have to tell us, therefore, you are not.

          • rws1969

            i really think you need to use better judgement in calling people names because you clearly are not smarter than the idiot with the gun

          • WASP

            It’s kiss, kiss again. Don’t you have a job?

          • polmutant

            the only idiot with a gun was the obamaloid, i mean cop, i mean animal herder.

          • Poodleguy

            You can see the idiot just by looking in your mirror, dumbazz!!

          • polmutant

            william white is a flaming idiot liberal. an obamaloid bot. waist of time to even let him know what he is.

        • The Curmudgeon

          You are WRONG. You do not have to notify in the state of Florida!

          • rws1969

            while it might not be written to notify the officer .it is the right thing to do common sense is long gone in this country

          • Ernest_T

            Why tell the cop? It is none of his business if you are armed unless you are using it to commit a crime. If they want to know they can ask. The cop was friendly until he saw the gun then he became a thug. The armed citizen did nothing wrong.

          • Robert Martin

            Technically, yes he did commit a violation, in that he allowed his pistol to “flash” into view. Once again, the Deputy just nutted up over nothing, because the man gave no indication of being a threat. Powers of observation, and rational thought, or if you prefer, the ability to read people, are key to being a good cop. Pretty obviously, this Deputy hadn’t arrived there yet.

          • Ncrdbl1

            No he did not. The gun was concealed and remained concealed. If your clothing move due to reaching for your wallet to show your permit or DL and the weapon is seen it does not mean you violated the conceal law.

          • Ernest_T

            Technically, No he did not all I saw was a holster the gun was still concealed inside the hostler. As far as I know there is no law against wearing a holster. Maybe there is in states that require first contact notification and other stupid things like that.

          • Linual Harless

            Yeah, that stupid cop proved on camera that he had none. Just like every other cop!

        • WASP

          Can’t you read, braindead? In Florida, that aint’ the law. But you butt kissers don’t read well, I guess.

        • Ernest_T

          In New Mexico you can open carry with out a permit and conceal carry with a permit. You do not have to notify at first contact. If you have such a law in your area I suggest you write and call your law makers and demand they change that stupid law. The only permit I think you should have is the second Amendment.

        • Rob

          Florida has no law that says u have to inform. But I always inform and from my experience the police tend to give u my leeway because you have gone through the process

          • jeanbean14

            But carrying the gun is your God-given right. You have a right to defend yourself. That right is not given to you by the police, or the state, or the federal government. The supreme law of the land (the Constitution) says that the government is not allowed to interfere with your God-given right to own and carry arms.

          • polmutant

            the issue is are you dealing with a peace officer or an obamaloid communist party member. there is a difference.

          • Linual Harless

            WRONG!!! Cops are armed, uniformed, thug, gang members although I doubt they are communist party members. Even the communist party has “standards!”

          • polmutant

            know a few peace officers. But i see alot of thugs as you describe. But there are peace officers. and when you meet one you will know that you are dealing with a man and not a commie system thug. they are few and far between but they do exist.

          • Robert Martin

            Now when you can convince all those “spring flowers” (Bloomin’ Idiots) in DC of that, I want for you to run for the US Senate.

        • JR

          In Florida & Georgia, you are under no obligation to notify a LEO that you are carrying a weapon.

          • Robert Martin

            But, it is a rather intelligent concept. Don’tcha think?

        • Jim Th

          Every state does not require notification. Where do you get this nonsense from? Virginia is a “not notify” state. If the cops ask if you have a firearm you have to answer and produce a permit if you are carrying concealed. Virginia is also an open carry state and you don’t have to notify anyone…ya know why? Because you are open carrying and every idiot can see it. Please go read the laws of other states before you make such nonsensical statements about “notify”.

          • chazzz

            I don’t know how it works in other states but in MS when the LEO runs your license,dispatch informs about carry permits if you have one. Why not tell him from the get-go. Just seems like it would be a smart thing to do.

        • Bokal

          Not true, you are not required to let them know in every state. Please get your facts straight.

        • Robert Martin

          Sir, you need to go back and read your own post. Acting “casual”. Granted, notification would have been a good thing, but the man never gave any indication that he may be a threat. That Deputy needs to be trained to observe, and to think!

          • Linual Harless

            WRONG! He needs to be fired!

        • Nick Caisse

          No, they don’t! Not in Florida, unless asked about a weapon. Read the law, before running your face. In some instances, it is better to bring the subject up, but in others it isn’t. If asked to get out of the vehicle, you might want inform the officer of your status. It could de-escalate a situation.

        • edodaniel

          Before posting such incorrect information you should take some time to get your facts straight.

          The law regarding notification when stopped varies from State to State and in Florida the law says that you do not have to volunteer the information but if asked you must produce the permit if carrying.

          Here is a good link that you might want to bookmark so you don’t need to make up your own facts.


        • AZWarrior

          Negative. AZ does NOT require.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lblair51 Linda Blair


        • Robert Martin

          They got a “ringer” when this boy went through it, then. There was nothing for him to get so excited about. The driver was just as calm and laid back as he could be. What was with all the cussin’? That mans wife may have heard it all before, but she should be considered a lady, until such time as she may prove she is otherwise.

      • Robert Martin

        Well RLM, if you read my loooong post, you already know my view on this matter, and I agree with you totally. This young Deputy just nutted up when he saw the pistol. I’m living in Mass now, and if I get pulled over up here, you better believe, the first thing out of my mouth, is gonna be something to the effect of “Officer, I feel obligated to inform you that I am carrying my pistol, and I want you to be fully informed so you don’t perceive me as a threat. Would you like to see my FID/LTC?”

      • Toni Woodbury

        Retrain, my foot. The deputy should be stripped of his badge permanently and also should be arrested himself for his violation of the law. The most basic requirement for anyone to become a police officer is for them to understand the Bill of Rights. If they don’t have that under their belt, no second chances, I say. Too bad, too late. This officer committed a crime against this couple. His treatment of them is intolerable.

      • Linual Harless

        I’m sure this cop was properly trained by the academy. This type of thug is all any police academy has turned out for at least three decades. All cops are armed, uniformed, thug, gang members. This individual should consider himself extremely lucky this stop occurred in the daytime and there was a witness. Otherwise the cop would have just murdered him and put in the report that he, “was resisting arrest.” Happens all the time. If you came out of the academy later than thirty years ago, this also includes you.

    • parlayer

      Driving with a license, “I don’t care” “how about breathing free air” didn’t care about that either threatened to shoot him.

    • William White

      I will tell you this they citizen never gave notification that he was armed and was a CCW permit holder until after the Officer seen the gun and had to react to the possibility of danger and yes he did not have to care at that point that the guy had a CCW as the guy never gave notification First he should have never got out of the van and never moved his has from the steering wheel. rad my above post.

      • rivahmitch

        What part of “Florida DOES NOT REQUIRE NOTIFICATION” are you failing to comprehend?

        • The Curmudgeon

          790.06 …. The licensee must carry the license, together with valid
          identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual
          possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the
          license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement
          officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall
          constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the
          clerk of the court.

          Here is a handy link to the State laws on CCW -

          • Guitarbruce

            Kansas statutes also do not require me to notify the officer that I’m a concealed carry permit holder. I can choose to tell him/her but it is not required. However, as in Florida, I have to carry the permit at all times I’m carrying a firearm. If the officer asks to see my permit, I must show him. You’ve quoted Florida statute 790.06 correctly but interpreted it incorrectly. This driver didn’t violate the law. The officer did not demand to be shown the permit. He asked to see his driver’s license. You don’t have to show the CCW permit unless it comes up and the officer demands to see it. Because of the officer’s unprofessionalism, it never got to that. Had the officer asked to see the permit and the driver didn’t produce it (maybe left it at home), then a violation of the law would have taken place. Parenthetically, I’ve made it a habit to tell the officer I’ve got a CCW. There are fewer surprises that way. As to the driver not waiting patiently in the car without getting out. That makes good sense but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it anywhere in writing as a requirement. Maybe on TV but I’m not sure that holds the weight of law.

          • rivahmitch

            “must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer.”

            Since no demand was made, I assume you’re agreeing with me.

        • RWS1969


          • Ernest_T

            I don’t comprehend any of your attitude The armed citizen was very respectful it was the cop that said he would to shot him in the back , cussed and escalated this situation The cop is a thug and should be fired for what he did to this citizen. At the very least he should be relived and required to undergo remedial training before he is allow to interact with the public again.

          • jeanbean14

            I didn’t see any aggression on the part of the driver. What video were you watching? The man did nothing wrong. We don’t arrest people and put them in jail in this country for impropriety. What kind of a police state do you want to live in? And I completely disagree that it is “proper” to inform a police officer that you are carrying a concealed weapon when he pulls you over for expired plates. Give me a break! This officer got freaked out by accidentally seeing a gun. He is a hothead. The driver did absolutely nothing wrong. I do not understand your position, RWS1969. How can you not see this as an idiot officer who doesn’t know the law, overreacts, and treats an innocent man as a criminal? Again, I don’t know what video you were watching. Cops are people, and they make mistakes, but this officer abandoned all protocol and displayed a lack of respect for the law. He screwed up big time, and it’s scary that police can treat people this way. He should be held accountable and steps should be taken by the police department to make sure officers are better screened and better trained.

          • rivahmitch

            The guy was not aggressive and his weapon was not exposed in a normal position. Yes… I understand your position… Ve must obey! SIEG HEIL!!

          • polmutant

            you are an obamaloid. crying wolf. gun holstered no offensive posture. cop guilty. driver should sue.

        • JR
      • Disgusted

        William, you are a mature person, by that I mean, adult. You are trying to get through to hotheads who are just aching to be able to kill someone “legally”, so it won’t sink in. Maybe what you are saying will make someone else think, but not these jerks.
        They will end up as posted children FOR gun control, the immature idiots.

        • Ernest_T

          You are talking about the cop right. This armed citizen did nothing wrong and this cop manufactured an incident.

        • vincent

          Check your spelling–WTH is a “posted” children?? Are you libtards itching for more genocide and oppression? Any excuse to give your beloved king more power! You regressives love state sponsored violence and murder, you approve and cheer on executive ordered assassinations and gun-running to Mexican drug lords. It seems that the best poster children for gun control would be the feds! Let’s disarm the ATF, DOE, BLM, EPA, FDA and the SSA first. And have Hussein put an end to drone attacks on civilians. And explain how a terrorist like Bill Ayers gets access to the Oval Office? For you dolts, any bullet with a D on it is a good bullet.

      • polmutant

        BS gun not out no offensive posture. shame on you.

      • Linual Harless

        William White, you must be a cop. And like all cops, you are a dumazzzzz!

    • DrSique

      I was a little more concerned with the statement, “I’ll shoot you in the F’n back”. Not sure how it works in Florida but, in most states, even a cop can only respond with the same amount of force that they are facing. Deadly physical force, known to this particular officer as shooting someone in the F’n back, while the mans weapon was holstered would constitute manslaughter. You’re right though. I don’t see retraining a guy with this kind of out of control response. He needs to go before someone gets shot in the F’n back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Eagleslove William Dedee

    This LEO needs to be retrained in community relations and how to respect the people that make his pay check possible. This is a sad revelation of poor emotional impulse control on his part , swearing numerous times, further instigating the situation. If he was a member of my police force he would be fired.

    • KayDeeBeau

      isn’t rule # 1 for LEO to secure the weapon away from the percieved danger or threat?

      • goku vegeta


        • rws1969

          with him getting out of the vehicle armed is the threat

          • WASP

            Kiss, Kiss again, serf. Are your lips permanently fused to gummint’s butt?

    • rivahmitch

      No… He needs to turn up missing.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


        • rivahmitch

          As in “disappeared”.

        • goku vegeta

          AND THEN SOME!

      • parlayer

        I agree, “turn up missing” My kind of word game.

    • thomas

      this LEO is a idiot. has a drunk for a sheriff what do u expect. never will be charged

    • RLM357

      William, It is also an example of Poor Training! ~Rick Magee, FL

      • rws1969

        poor judgement on the offender .1 he got out his vehicle ,2 the weapon was partially exposed not concealed. 3. looks like he may have been drinking.
        getting out the vehicle right there is a threat to the officer when you are stopped you remain in your car …….the officer did the right thing and this guy should lose his carry permit .

        • WASP

          Kiss, kiss. Another gummint worshiping drone that thinks anything the gummint does is just wunnerful, wunnerful.

    • condomimi

      yes, the citizen clearly stated he had a permit and the cop(nazi) said he didnt care if he had a permit, cop should be fired he is a liar, and to immature and unstable to be a cop. citizen will win this in court,


        BELIEVE ME…the victim’s attorney will have a “field day” fleecing the taxpayers of $$$$$$ on THIS ONE!!!

        • parlayer

          and I’m a witness by proxy!, if you need one.

        • Shorty Stuff

          I never heard him being read his Miranda Rights either. Bad Cop.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

            They don’t read them anymore… it’s not a defense… believe me, I know! they are not obligated to read them anymore.

          • FAAQ2

            If they want to question the suspect they must mirandize him – that is still a requirement – and they are obligated to advise the suspect of their miranda rights – If they want to question him. And the Deputy is an idiot – and will probably get his ass sued- as he should be..

          • WASP

            We need to make the INDIVIDUAL nazi personally responsible for his stupidity, rather than having the gummint (and ultimately the taxpayer) pay the tab for unconstitutional actions of anti-social members of law enforcement. Reviving civilian review boards might be an idea too. When they were common in the 60’s, they mostly protected the guilty, now we need them to protect the innocent. The politweasels that hire these Stasse goons WANT compliant storm troopers that will kill civilians on demand, and there are always some who are happy to oblige.

          • Ernest_T

            I agree, Sue the thug not the taxpayer.

          • goku vegeta

            SINCE WHEN?

          • AmericansRon2U

            But our military is forced to read Miranda rights to the Taliban…typical Obama logic.

          • William White

            Umm did you not hear that Miranda is Optional as most persons Know there rights and the Officer was not asking him any questions Duaaa

          • danjeannine@fuse.net

            and they can spell their.

          • Poodleguy

            He wasn’t being arrested @ first, he was being detained. Miranda is read when an arrest is made, not before.

      • William White

        No he did not! not until after the Cop sees the Gun and reacts to that as a threat. You must Notify First on First Contact that you are a CCW permit holder and that you are Armed!

        • pwr11@aol.com

          Sir, in Fl. that is NOT the law.. I have been a CCW permit holder in FL. for 15 years . However, I do notify law enforcement if I am carrying out of respect even if not asked. To me it only makes good sense! Niether one of these men did a very good job of handling this situation!

        • edodaniel

          Wrong answer. While it may be beneficial to mention the permit and firearm immediately upon an officer’s approach State Law prevails and the law varies from State to State.

          This happened in Florida and Florida does not require a permit holder to notify anyone –

          Must Inform Officer Immediately on Contact By Law?
          790.06 …. The licensee must carry the license, together with valid identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the clerk of the court.

          Here is a handy link to the State laws on CCW –

          • Disgusted

            You know what? It is a moot point you are trying to make. If you have a weapon on you and a permit to carry, declaring it first thing is not going to cause a problem and only makes sense. You can be hostile while ostensibly following the law and using the law like a weapon, just daring the cop to make a wrong move. I don’t think that is wise, or mature.
            How many cops get killed making simple traffic stops? Maybe if you show some respect and caring for the cop, things will be good. If not, then take it from there.

          • WASP

            I have a permit to keep and bear. It’s called the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. (I have the other kind, too, but I see it as a redundancy, and a potential confiscation tool). As you can see from the Nazi in the video, some storm troopers don’t approve.

          • edodaniel

            Following the law is NOT a “moot point”!

            If you are adhering to the law as the driver in the video was and responded to questions as the driver did you have EVERY RIGHT to expect an officer of the law to also adhere to it.

            The driver was not hostile and he was not “daring” the officer to say or do anything. NONE of his actions were provocative and the officer responded in an illegal manner as he too must respect and obey the law.

            As i NOTED, it may be best to inform the officer that you are carrying with a valid permit but you might well have other things on your mind or you may even, from reading about and seeing videos such as this one, be worried about the officer’s reaction and may have decided that unless asked it might be best not to even mention it. If the law permits such a choice then that choice is yours as the CCW holder.

            An officer of the law commits a criminal act if detaining and performing a search without probable cause as did this officer. The fact that he is an officer does not absolve him of his illegal actions.

        • Disgusted

          Yeah. I think the wise thing to do is delcare that you have a weapon on you, or in the vehicle and tell the cop you have a ccp, first thing. Then let the cop secure the weapon until business is finished. If you’re going to carry a deadly weapon, you need to act in an adult manner about it.
          The cop doesn’t know you, or what you’re about. We should understand this and it’s also unwise to scare a cop. If he would have delcared the weapon right off, I would be willing to wager there would have been no problem, but now there will be, for the cop, because he needs retraining.

          • fed up

            the kops are way to paranoid! if they cant do any better than this they need to find a different job! THEY ARE SCAREY BECAUSE THEY ARE SO DAM TRIGGER HAPPY!

          • William White

            well they have those targets pinned on them and are all way in danger more time than you would believe Guns dogs Knives beer bottle stickes etc it is difficult and every one thinks oh loos his job fire him dude hoe many errors do you make in your work leave a scalipe the wrong way in plaster for got the garnish on the dish miss typed some thing was you life in danger as much as a Leo??? if not shut the hell up.

          • fed up

            if ur a kopper I AM SKEERED! yous need ta foller yer own ad-vice!

          • Ernest_T

            The cop should not be securing the weapon if he wants the citizen to secure it he can ask the citizen to do such. The citizen has the RIGHT to keep and bear arms The cop does not have a right to ruff up a law abiding citizen. Those of you that think the cop was right are the problem. Willing to give up your right to a tyrannical government thug.

        • Poodleguy

          Thank you William, my point exactly – – & you will never find a man more conservative than I.

        • Ernest_T

          Where are you from Willy that you have to notify on first contact? That smacks of Nazi Germany and their racist laws.

      • Poodleguy

        He stated that he had a permit AFTER the cop saw the handgun on him!

    • Mi

      This idiot needs to be fired for pure stupidity.

      • ginger

        And bad language.

    • WASP

      We need to face the painful fact that, when the shooting war against the American Nazi’s begins, the Citizens’ militia are going to have to shoot some cops and military who back the oppressive gummint against the people. This Stasse p&!^k may be one of them. I think the majority of the military and fewer local cops will side with the people, but these types are hired to further someone’s tyrannical political goals, and will be more than happy to kill us when ordered.

  • Doug Moore

    Tough job, being a cop. Gotta walk a very fine line regarding highly specific law enforcement and a kinetic sense of personal safety. In this case, certainly the cop could have handled it differently, given the cooperative nature of the citizen, but the cop is probably within the tenants of his duties by taking the guy for a non-concealed weapon. The citizen, in this case, I think, needed the lesson in the definition of concealed. That being said, again given the type of citizen he was dealing with, he could have ticketed him for tags and given him a solid talking to regarding the fact that he was inadvertently displaying his weapon.

    • http://twitter.com/loud_talker Loud Talker

      Once upon a time police used to give warnings. But that was back when police gave a crap about the citizens. Now they are usually more concerned with revenue generation instead of actual crime prevention. It is much easier to stop people for expired tags than it is to actually put yourself in danger by engaging actual criminals.

    • opy

      some one please release this cops name

      • IMSweetOlBob

        What would be the most helpful is the name and address of the Sheriff of Citrus County, Florida. Hse needs to get thousands of Emails from all over the U.S. telling him what a self-righteous jerk he has working for him. Also to suggest that his testing procedures for patrolmen be changed to wash out people like this officer.

    • LtRogerWilco

      Kinetic sense…? This is a copthug who hopefully will encounter a true bad guy who will enucleate the thugs eyeballs before removing whatever is rotting in his cranium. Meanwhile Doug keep smoking that peyote and believing in the good fairy.

      • James Crawford

        Wow, fella! Don’t ever try visiting Disney World…it’s too risky for you!

    • Steve Winburn

      Your comment reflects a degree of ignorance and apathy towards a clear violation of authority which is disgusting.

      • pikemaster1

        if you think the cop handled this the correct way you are disgusting !F this and that is NOT the way you speak to another person. Wipe the donut off your face and get a real life ,you need some education on authority,and if you want to come to MI. I’d be glad to give you some !

        • Tangible666

          You talk pretty tough for a backwoods redneck with an inferiority complex.

          • pikemaster1

            run rabbit run !

          • Tangible666

            Joking about hunting/shooting someone should automatically strip you of your 2nd amendment PRIVELEDGE. How soon until you’re in the news for acting on your paranoia?

          • pikemaster1

            Wouldn’t need to shoot a punk like you ,You are the kind of little rabbit that would run at the first sign of trouble. LOL I’m a Navy vet and know what and where to shoot if needed and with something as simple as you,I doubt I’d even have to clean my gun ? Your a joke in it’s self and hide behind someone elses comments because you haven’t the brains to think for yourself. If being a troll is your way,than so be it. have fun with it because you are really to dumb to even respond to anymore. By the way,you like the 666 in your addy?? It’s probably what explains your thoughts !

    • paul

      if you watched the vid you would see that the weapon was not revealed.. and that it wasn’t until the citizen said something about it that the cops went nuts… poorly trained and lousy attitude.. someone you would not want to be in a foxhole with

    • http://www.facebook.com/fteers Frank Teers

      BS, BS, BS……easy to put your jackboot on the neck of a law abiding citizen like this one. No fight back makes this easy for the fascist LEO’s like him. He never asked to see the drivers permit and didn’t care to as is clearly heard in the video. This is practice for him to disarm american citizens.

    • Retired Marine

      Many states have concealed or open carry. In this case the gun was concealed until he reached to get his insurance and registration. My dad was a cop for 35 years,and many of my friends are. None of them would have done this. He escalated the incident and it morphed into an unneccessary situation. Removal from the force is needed, or he will get someone killed, period. The risks are part of the job, like us in the military, risks are acceptable. Never escalate a situation if it can be prevented.

      He did not have the right to handcuff the man, once informed of the CCP and certainly put himself above the law with his statement of “I don’t care if you have a permit”. No, he gets no pass from me on this one.

      • Fred Campbell

        Well spoken.

    • GW

      No , he is not . This kind of out of control behavior causes public backlash and will leaves officers as outcasts among society. Sheriffs need public assistance in order to do the job. This clown has just destroyed any trust that the public had in the entire law enforcement community. Now when an officer needs assistance many people who would have helped will simply walk away and not get involved. Pity this guy , when a responsible citizen sees him bleeding out on the highway after an accident or some other altercation. And just drives on!!

    • Fred Campbell

      I recommend that the codes relative to non-felonious stops such as this be changed.
      I suggest that the officer has no right to even inquire as to the presence of a concealed weapon as long as the citizen shows full cooperation and presents appropriate psychological responses.

      An appropriately trained officer will almost invariability assess the psychological state of the individual and respond in an appropriately measured manner.

      Careful review of the video shows that the officer, by his aggressive and provocative behaviour, actually increased his personal risk.

      “A soft answer turneth away wraith.”

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    If the man wanted to harm the dirt bag he could have before he stepped out of the van. A Cocky POS like this one makes it hard for decent officers. In the end, he will get what he is asking for if he doesn’t change his cocky attitude.

    • http://www.facebook.com/fteers Frank Teers

      What cocky attitude??? You must be a fascist LEO like the one in this video. Like 90% of LEO’s today. The man was more than cooperative and the LEO acted like a frigging Nazi storm-trooper.

      • Fred Campbell

        You misinterpreted the statement.

        • condomimi

          you misinterpret a human

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

          How did he misinterpret the statement?

      • CWP

        Frank, I believe Leonard was referring to the officer here. Leonard can you confirm?

    • thomas

      not in citrus county, when you have a drunk for a sheriff, and a crooked FDLE, and blind courts lets DAWSY get away with things like this. just like when one of his boy’s shot and killed an unarmed man in his girl friends house.

    • condomimi

      decent officer, roflmao, this nazi has the wyatt earp syndrome, the citizen was in the right. fire the nazi cop

  • MP

    The guy is suppose to inform the officer that he has a weapon, and that he has permit to carry, on the spot. Second, the idiot should not have ever got out of his car unless instructed. He is lucky he didn’t get shot. BUT the officer needs to be retrained. He was very unprofessional, and almost panicked.

    • joe_attaboy

      Actually, MP, he doesn’t. There’s nothing in Florida statutes that says he has to tell the office he’s carrying. Common sense would say otherwise, but there is no Florida law in this regard. I agree with you on how the guy jumped from van and whipped out the biker wallet in a very stupid way, but the cop overreacted. Florida statutes are very clear: a concealed weapon appearing in momentary view is not a violation of the law, as long as the weapon isn’t made visible in a threatening manner.

      If the guy in the van pulled up his shirt and said something ominous to the cop, he would have been in violation of the law. But the momentary exception was passed in 2011 as Florida Senate Bill 234. It was written explicitly to cover situations like this.

      • Bo_Kassa

        You do not need a CC permit if you are wearing the weapon out in the open. You are permitted to open carry by the Constitution.

        • joe_attaboy

          Not in Florida, Bo. In Florida, open carry is not permitted (unless you’re an LEO or in similar work). Florida statutes are pretty clear on that point:

          Chapter 790 of Florida Statutes:
          790.053 Open carrying of weapons.—
          (1) Except as otherwise provided by law and in subsection (2), it is unlawful for any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or electric weapon or device. It is not a violation of this section for a person licensed to carry a concealed firearm as provided in s. 790.06(1), and who is lawfully carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, to briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense.

          (2) A person may openly carry, for purposes of lawful self-defense:
          (a) A self-defense chemical spray.
          (b) A nonlethal stun gun or dart-firing stun gun or other nonlethal electric weapon or device that is designed solely for defensive purposes.

          (3) Any person violating this section commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

          This is the statute that was amended by Senate Bill 234 to cover “momentary” views of concealed weapons.

          The fact is this man was legally carrying concealed, and the fact that the cop was the gun momentarily isn’t a violation of law. The cop overreacted. On the other hand, had the man been carrying open, he *would* have been in violation. Even if the weapon was in the vehicle, the law states it must be enclosed in come way (glove box, console, out of view and holstered). This is generally referred to as the “two moves” law, in that you have to make two moves (open the enclosure, draw the weapon).

          • Bo_Kassa

            Thanks for the correction, joe atta boy. The Florida law you quoted really surprises me. I was not aware of the fact that in Fla you are not permitted to openly wear your weapon. Thanks again Joe. I’ll keep my pistols concealed when I’m in the sunshine state.

          • joe_attaboy

            No, problem, bo. I don’t know what state you’re from, but Florida has reciprocity for concealed carry with a LOT of other states. As long as you have your CCW permit with you, you’re good.

          • Bo_Kassa

            Joe I live in the Commonwealth of Kentucky where I am hoping for secession and a re-establishment of the CSA. States rights and the US Constitution are both big issues with me. I don’t trust the feds at all they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. I also own a time share in Florida and Kentucky does reciprocity with Florida. Kentucky also has a reciprocal agreement with all of the “old south” and many more states to the north. If I have my pants on two things that are certain: I’ve got my CCW permit and I have a loaded pistol somewhere on my person.

    • USAgent

      Not true, he does not have to tell the officer anything. But he should have never gotten out of his car. This officer (if you want to call him that) needs to be reprmanded back to the jail. Just because an office is wearing a badge doesnt make him right he is treading a fine line of endangering himself with this attitude. If a police acted that way around here it would be very bad for him and the Sheriff knows this.

    • Ken

      I believe the cop was hi strung because he never got any tail for a while.The couple looked & sounded like your apple & pie normal citizen. Maybe something cop knew we don,t?

      • thomas

        this cop is a wanna be dirty harry. not a good officer

    • James Crawford

      Don’t confuse ‘panic’ with going into heightened enforcement mode. He established absolute control over an information lacky in a quick and absolute manner, by the book. Don’t expect an officer to be a WalMart greeter…it’s not at the core of his job responsibilities.

      • Fred Campbell

        But I do expect the officer to have the demeanour of a WalMart greeter. He is a “public servant”. The only excuse for conduct like his is if he were presented with a credible threat. A legally concealed weapon is no more a threat to an officer (at close quarters) than a tire iron.

        A citizen with a concealed weapon is just another citizen and deserves the same courtesy and consideration a anyone else.

        This officer appears to have a serious neurosis and/or lack of training.

    • Retired Marine

      Not all states require you to inform them you are carrying. I belive it is the sensible approach to do so. He should have never exited the vehicle, and kept his hands clearly on the wheel, again a sensible thing to do. This does not excuse the abuse of power excercised by this deputy.

      • Frank_Alexander

        Hey, we agree!

  • Ridiculous!

    I’d take this deputy to court!!

    • Sam

      He should be busted down to street cleaner or sanitation department (trash pick-up). Must be trying out for a new Dirty Harry movie…..

      • CARQEMLE

        He should be fired!!!

        • pissed off conservative


          • CARQEMLE

            No officer should talk that way to anybody, EVER! He is a danger to society and to the poor man he abused! This man in no way was a threat to the officer and was very cooperative. This cop stinks pure and simple and needs to be removed from the force!!!

      • kendogtallant

        I disagree he should have no job working with the public people like him get people killed.

      • Retired Marine

        I would take the gun away from this chicken sh–t cop, he is a danger to himself and others. He can’t handle authority and can’t use judgement in situations that require it. He took this to a level that was not required. The fear is in his voice, this is not a man you can count on when the chips are down. It could have been defused instantly, but his fear and knowledge of his fear made him take a stance to try and appear brave. His lack of knowledge will someday cause the unlawful death of a citizen, or a partner. Remova from the police force should be instant. The citizen should sue the pants off of him, and if there is no repercussions from the police force, they should be sued also.

      • thomas

        this is how it is done in citrus county florida,

      • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


      • phillyg

        Nope, I’d give a street cleaner of trash man more respect that this idiot.

    • 58proudtobe

      Deputy fife should be reasigned for duty as border patrol agent in the Arizona desert. These folks should have all charges dropped, compensated for wasted time and personal apology would be in order.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beebull1 Bee Bull

    Two wrongs eventually made right.

  • http://twitter.com/loud_talker Loud Talker

    This PIG deserves the word PIG assigned to him. He is an insult to ethical police all over our nation. I hope this punk gets fired and ends up walking a mall somewhere, he does not have the integrity to carry a weapon.

    • Retired Marine

      I really hate the term PIG, some cops are aholes, but most of them are trying their best to do their job. Please a little respect. (that being said this guy does fit the term, LOL)

      • condomimi

        yeah, he is not a pig, a nazi yes,

  • LLinLa

    I think it would have been better handled if the driver would have announced his weaponry and permit WITHOUT exiting the vehicle until requested to do so. I also think the officer reacted way too harshly asking for the license, having the guy lift up his shirt to get it and exposing the weapon then threatening to shoot him in the back (expletives deleted). In the spirit of Superbowl weekend, offensive penalty for illegal motion, defensive penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Replay first down . . .

    Cops have a hard job . . . they get lied to and assaulted all day just trying to make sure they get home to see the wife and kids. We lawful people need to respect their desire to have a good day. If the driver would have offered more information, pulled up his shirt and offered disarming and the cop would have reacted the same way, bad cop. There are some, no doubt, but a single cop without backup is always at risk.

    • defendconstitution

      Soooo true !!!!!!!

    • Frank_Alexander

      Agreed on all points! Sanity rules… Monday morning quarterbacking is not a luxury everyone has…

    • James Crawford

      In the spirit of every future Super Bowl weekend, let’s comply and help keep those who serve every minute and second of their shift (and often beyond)…alive.

  • j.sitton

    I believe the citizen has probable cause to bring the officer to task for his rude and non professional attitude in this instance.

    I always keep my hands on the wheel until instructed to do other wise and at that time before departing the vehicle I do inform the officer(s) I have CCW permit and identify where abouts of said weapon.

    Never had a problem

    • Frank_Alexander

      The cop was rude, no doubt. Unfortunately, when cops see weapons, the adrenaline starts flowing because their survival is at stake and rudeness becomes part of it. If he was in the military prior to becoming a cop, the f bomb will flow out of his mouth more freely. We say: Better judged by 12 than carried by 6…

      • MD

        NO excuse . the cop should have been more professional

      • disharted

        do not agree with the statement about prior military .I served for over 20 years and still today I do not use language that I feel degrading myself, it those that do not have self respect nor for othewrs are the ones that uses language like this.

      • pikemaster1

        Never grew up then ?? don’t make excuses for him. Bet he doesn’t talk to his mama like that ??

      • http://www.facebook.com/fteers Frank Teers

        BS, BS, BS……easy to put your jackboot on the neck of a law abiding citizen like this one. No fight back makes this easy for the fascist LEO’s like him.

      • condomimi

        if your fear overides your common sense, you are not qualified for that job

        • Frank_Alexander

          Expired tags… getting out of the van… not saying anything about the weapon… shows a GREAT lack of common sense on the part of the driver… Still the cop overreacted…

    • astrojohn

      In OH we are told to inform the LEO, keep hands on the wheel, and not to exit the vehicle. Makes good sense. Doesn’t always work (Canton LEO did the same thing this guy did even though the CCW holder did the right things) but in that case, the guy was parked at 1:30 in the morning with a prostitute in his car…oops…

      • thomas

        and??????? none of the cop’s bus.

    • James Crawford

      Your conclusion on the instance is false. Your action proceedure during the stop is good & wise.

  • Randy Gaiser

    This Piece of sh-t needs to be sued for false arrest and if possible sued for STUPIDITY, he needs to be fired.

    • Frank_Alexander

      Until he sees the conceal-carry license, he must assume this guy is dangerous. The only ways he can assure his safety is handcuff him or take his weapon away from him or examine his permit. There is no other way to assure his own safety. Often people are handcuffed but not arrested. Example: someone threatening to commit suicide or someone high on PCP.

      • pikemaster1

        If that was the case ,then he could have asked the driver if he had one and asked him to hand over the gun? There are plenty of ways to get this done without making himself an -sshole to the world.The little boy cop was so afraid of this guy that he probably had to change his panties after this? This so called cop needs to change jobs and quit pretending that he’s Dirty Harry.

        • Frank_Alexander

          Please see my comment right above Randy Gaiser’s name.

      • http://www.facebook.com/george.gobble George Gobble

        All he had to do was ask for his permit but he wanted to be “Dirty Harry” big time cop. He has no place in law enforcement.

      • http://www.facebook.com/fteers Frank Teers

        Your comments about suicide and PCP have no relation to this arrest, and it was an arrest not a cuff and release as you allude to. He never asked to see the drivers permit and didn’t care to as is clearly heard in the video. This is practice for him to disarm american citizens. Wake up and see the light! Or are you part of the confiscation crew??

        • mcowan

          He must have had to much martial law training and thinks if you have any protection you are trying to kill him or anybody you come in contact with.

        • Duke53

          I’m with you on this Frank. The gestapo is looking for LEO’s like this one to disarm law abiding citizens. Anyone out there listen to Alex Jones?

          • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


      • condomimi

        yes comrade, we understand your socialist tendancies

        • Frank_Alexander

          I bet you i am more conservative than you are on EVERY issue!

  • thinblueline

    Dick Head retired P.D.

  • Scarface13

    Barney Fife….hung like a chihuahua and taking it out on a citizen!

  • Bizz

    This is a case of absolute power corrupts absolutely! He’s licensed to carry and the abuse is absolutely disgusting. “Innocent until proven guilty”! I know what your argument is going to be, it’s about the police officer’s safety! F that, he took the job knowing the risks! I love how he starts twisting things. You jumped out of the car! The only thing this cop got right, was that the weapon was no longer concealed. Pure abuse.

  • Dwightmannn

    There waswno need for the officer to act in such a manner as this. He acted like he was SCARED.
    A weapons question should be the first thing out of the officers mouth.
    The man whom he arrested was very amiable and non threatening.
    This was not in the deepest jungles of a large city.
    I would sue and petition to have this officer fired. You treat people like that you foment an attitude of hate towards all officers.
    Officers need to be more like Andy Griffith, and not Barney Fife.

    • Frank_Alexander

      The person who is stopped has a responsibility to tell the cop he is armed. Oh by the way, he may have gotten out of a ticket/warning had he done so…

      • Retired Marine

        Can you state the law that requires this in Florida? I must have missed this required responsibility. It is a good idea to do so, but not a law.

      • condomimi

        so this explains the nazi cops attitude AFTER he knew about the CCL

      • DorsalWing

        In Texas, we don’t have to inform the police if we have a weapon. If asked, and as a CHL holder, I am required to notify. A non-CHL holder is NOT required by law to notify if asked. Also, in regards to this arrogant SOB’s comment: “I will shoot you in the back”, that is a right that only citizens have. A police officer can never shoot a person in the back and this POS clearly indicated that it was his intention. I feel bad that the LEO was beat up as a child and feels the need to lash out at law abiding citizens, but he should be forced to make a career change. I recommend something in sanitation.

        • Frank_Alexander

          Wrong!!! “The fleeing-felon rule allowed a police officer to shoot to prevent the escape of any person accused of a felony. In Tennessee v. Garner (1985), the Court stipulated that police couldn’t use deadly force unless it was necessary to prevent an escape and the officer had probable cause to believe that the suspect posed a significant threat of death or serious injury to the officer or others.”
          Obviously, in this case it did not apply.

          • DorsalWing

            Not wrong. First of all, this guy was not a “fleeing felon”. In regards to Tenn. v Garner, Justice O’connor specifically stated that the officer involved in that incident was not in the wrong in that particular state due to a statute that applied to that state.

    • James Crawford

      No, the weapon’s existense should have been the first thing out of the van driver’s mouth & he should have had his driver’s license and CCW card ready & in his hand when the officer approached the driver’s window. In Florida, the weapon’s presence must be immediately verbally disclosed to an officer whether an officer inquires about it or not. We lose too many officers in Florida during routine traffic stops. Take this law very seriously if you venture legally arned into Florida and want to remain legal.

      • Horseman

        I agree 100%! This situation is unfortunate. Driver should have done the safe and reasonable thing: declare the weapon.

      • Dwightmannn

        I know not Florida statutes.
        A better deterrent is a quick and just death penalty, and if you use a gun, you die by the gun . . .

      • condomimi

        BS the cop acted like a nazi, completely blew his cool, normal democrats response is to over react and threaten others

      • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


      • BuckeyeMike

        I agree James! If I were this officer, I too would have been taken aback by an armed man who DID NOT tell me IMMEDIATELY he had a weapon and got out of his vehicle, whether I knew he had a Concealed permit or not. I think most of the time, these incidents are caused by the CCW holder NOT OBEYING THE LAW during traffic stops. The officer may have taken it a little too far after the man was taken to the car, but self preservation is a very unpredictable emotion.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

          Then, after confirming that the CCW holder had a valid permit, should have released him. And the holder was telling the officer that he was taught in his CCW class that he didn’t have to declare it at all, except if asked. The fact that the holder’s shirt rode up on his back, as he reached for his wallet, exposing the gun, is ridiculous for the officer to assume that the holder was in violation of his CCW… what the heck is the purpose of the gun and permit then???? He’s supposed to keep his gun in CCW mode 24/7, and can never use it for the purpose it’s intended, which is to provide self-defense? The thought process and reasoning on that is outrageous.

          Personally, if I was in that holder’s position, I would have kept my mouth shut, advised my wife to call our attorney, and let the attorney straighten it all out. Usually, when a legal gun-owner encounters LEO over their rights to carry guns, it’s guilty until proven innocent, so a good attorney ALWAYS advises their clients to keep their mouths shut, because ANYTHING they say WILL be used against them in a court of law.

    • thomas

      sad ninety percent of dawsy deputy’s are like this. the women are worse

    • BuckeyeMike

      It is NOT the responsibility of the officer to ask any weapons questions, it is,by law, the responsibility of the CCW holder to notify an officer IMMEDIATELY if they are armed. You would be scared too if someone you did not know was armed, exited their vehicle and approached you…or at least any sensible person would.

      • CWP

        If I were an officer I think I would be nervous if the person approaching had the weapon in his hand ready to use. I would however not be as worried if he was just getting out of his car to meet me.

        That being said, the driver does have some blame, he shouldn’t have gotten out of the car, he should have kept his hands visible on the wheel and if asked about a weapon told the officer he was a CWP holder and currently armed. Then the officer could ask him where the weapon is and the driver could tell him. And tell him that to get his wallet he needs to reach down and get it. Then after the officer gives the OK he can reach for his wallet and provide DL/CWP etc.

        As a people we need to stop believing the hype that anyone carrying a weapon without a uniform is automatically a violent criminal. That is not the case and it seems to me that all these CC laws are a violation of the second ammendment. Until as a society we have more people carrying than not we won’t be able to achieve true freedom or safety. I know that sounds a bit oxymoronic but it’s proven to be true throughout history. A responsibly armed society is a safe society. How many people commit crimes of passion because or opportunity that end in the loss of life and or property because that criminal knew he would likely get away with it? Are we partly responsible because we don’t as an armed society let them know all their lives that their contemplated crimes won’t be successful?

        And all this being said, that officer needs to be disciplined, suspension without pay for a year or two seems reasonable, he could find a job as a private citizen and find out what it’s like to be on the other end of a traffic stop. I would be willing to bet he would still want to carry his gun.

  • Jim

    I hope the deputy is fired for this irresponsible action.

  • cdodgela

    THIS is why it should NOT be illegal to accidentally expose your legally concealed firearm and it should be legal to open carry in Florida AND Texas, he only two gulf coast states where it is NOT. Why it is this way? I have no idea.. It basically makes criminals out of law abiding citizens like this poor guy and leaves the door open for abuse like this sorry excuse for a LEO.

    • Frank_Alexander

      Accidentally exposing a weapon while reaching is not brandishing. The cop was wrong there.

      • cdodgela

        You are correct, I forgot about the legislation that was an attempt at open carry in Florida that was turned into allowing breif exposure. I stand corrected.. Yes, the cop should be reprimanded and fired for this abuse of power.

  • gutterfalcon

    He should be Fired. He threatened to shoot the man in the back. The man did not threaten the deputy.

    • Frank_Alexander

      In order for a cop to be able to respond to someone un-holstering his weapon before shooting, the cop must have his weapon un-holstered and at the ready. He cannot wait for the other person to reach for his weapon because he will not have time to respond.

      • Retired Marine

        Who was unholstering thier weapon? I never saw the CCP guy ever reach or attempt a draw.

        • Frank_Alexander

          You are absolutely right. 2 things lead me to think the cop did: His pointed hand and the fact he shut the van door with his foot, not hand.

      • gutterfalcon

        But that’s Not what Happened. He threatened to shoot the guy in the Back. That is simply thinking he was God like-Bad Cop. (only he should have a gun, no one else)He should have told him hands on van, not threatened to shoot him in the back. Then the guy told him he had a ccw permit but he put him on ground & cuffed him, instead of asking for gun & permit. Cops like him give the rest a bad name. He also said he didn’t care if he had a permit or not. In my state, you have to have hands on wheel and tell about permit first. I just think it was handled wrong. Then the cop starts lying about displaying firearm & brandishing.And even if open carry is legal. Just cops on power trip. Weapon popped out right at me.

  • Floyd

    Termination might be too extreme. A month off unpaid leave, and some monetary award for the driver of the van, maybe $ 500 paid by the officer.
    I will say this, thank God the driver was pretty cool in his lack of anger or his slow movements, this cop was pretty close to shooting him (dead). Actually a pretty lucky guy.

    • Retired Marine

      Termination is not extreme. This man evidenced no abiltiy to contain a situation, and instead escalated the event. A police officer must be able to control a situation, if they can’t they should not be on the job. They have a hell of a lot of authority, and it is so very easy to abuse that authority, as was evidenced by the vidio.

    • Fred Campbell

      Termination is not too extreme. Conduct such as this poisons the relationship between the citizen and police. Both will inevitably suffer as a result.

  • Employed101

    Its clear that the Deputy does not know Florida law regarding concealed weapons. I am willing to bet he isn’t the only one.

  • Steve Winburn

    I would have killed the officer on spot. He ceased to be protected as a law officer when he threatened the citizen with deadly force unlawfully. Two in the head. He deserved nothing better but a crying family at a closed casket. He has no place in this society or any other.

    • Retired Marine



    Obviously, intelligence is not a requirement to be a deputy in Florida.

  • mann

    In defense of the officer the driver should have advised him of the firearm before he got out of the car. On the other hand, there was no excuse for the officer to go off the way he did. I believe the officer would have acted the same even if he had been advised of the weapon. The officer stated the driver never told him he had a permit, that was a total lie.
    This is the kind of officer that should be behind a desk not out in the public. He appears to be more of a threat to safety than the man with an expired tag. The citizens of america are being made out to be automatically guilty of anything an officer wants them to be. A judge should throught this out and admonish the office for his conduct and language.

    • Fred Campbell

      Disagree on the “advisement” regarding a concealed weapon. At this level of code enforcement, the officer has no more right (or need) to know of the existance of a concealed weapon than the cashier at WalMart.

  • charlie

    this storm trooper needs to be fired and sued for the way he treated this man. It also is not against the law in florida to open carry. so this storm trooper was wrong on all counts.
    where in florida was this it needs to be pursued before this idiot kills some innocent person

  • Mike A

    This guy violated his cc laws.
    When stopped it is his duty to inform the officerthat he has a ccp immediately. The officer is correct.
    Then the guy should put his hands on the steering wheel or dashboard until instructed by the officer.
    Last, his weapon is not properly concealed.
    Officer is not out of bounds.

    • Ishimo

      In Florida you are not required to ever declare a concealed weapon unless asked. His weapon was properly concealed. In Florida briefly revealing your weapon is not illegal unless done in a threatening manner. The only thing the guy did wrong, which wasn’t illegal, was to jump out of the van like he did.

  • mike

    Barney Fife has moved to Florida!

    • CharlieFromMass

      At least Barney Fife was funny.

  • KittyKittyKit

    That COP (Criminal Outside Prison) is a piece of SH–T!! He doesn’t have the common sense God gave a rock!
    He should be FIRED and his right to carry ANY WEAPON FORFIETED!!
    He’s too dangerous to be on the police force!! HE’S A LAW BREAKING CRIMINAL.
    I hope sombody blows his –ss away. He the most WORTHLESS kind of PUBLIC EMPLOYEE………A COMPLETE WASTE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

  • porclain

    Get serious this cop is an idiot. He needs to be fired. Are we in Mexico now?

  • shavager

    Just to update this story–state attorney DROPPED CHARGES–no evidence for a conviction on any violation–the officer is on administrative leave pending investigation. This officer should be terminated–NO EXCUSE for behavior that put innocent civilians in danger of injury or death from someone who was too temperamental to serve in this position. Apparently this officer has NO IDEA–incidental exposure of a concealed weapon by a permit carrier IS NOT ILLEGAL. It is protected by a 2011 law passed by state legislature–and I totally disagree with the officer’s “displayed a firearm”–raising you arm and shirt exposes the gun–is NOT ‘displaying’ a firearm.

    • Fred Campbell

      Thanks for the update.
      Now the issue is how did this man get sworn as an officer?
      Psychological profiling/assessment should have sent him off the trash collection department.

  • dave_aka_lambsev

    Cop has a potty mouth too. That is always a bad sign.

  • Frank_Alexander

    As a Fed who carried, my second statement, after greeting him/her, to a cop at a traffic stop was: For your own safety I must tell you I am armed. What do you want me to do? All the while having my hands on the steering wheel for him to see. That’s exactly what he should have done. Officer safety comes first.

    • Retired Marine

      A wise statement, all things being perfect. Now what about the officer who says “I don’t care if you have a permit”? What is your response to that Frank? Just curious, but isn’t your safety also important? What about the loose cannon who wears a badge, and please don’t tell me there aren’t any, especially if you were a Fed.


        STAY CALM, follow instructions, take notes…..consult an attorney ASAP!

      • Frank_Alexander

        Semper Fi! The cop did a lot of things wrong AFTER he took the right steps to protect himself.

    • Fred Campbell

      I respect your personal preference regarding identifying your armed status.

      But, a routine traffic stop, for non-felonious behavior, does not itself create a hostile social situation. Most people handle the situation with aplomb and with full conformance with our “social contract”.

      When you walk into a bank to make a deposit, do you walk up to the nearest employee and announce “I have a CCW and I am carrying”? Of course not. Enough said.

      Without hard data at hand, I suspect that the occupational hazards of a traffic policemen are statistically similar to other occupations that involve hours and miles on the road.

      Let us not unduly “sanctify” the role (and occupation) of a traffic policeman. He is, after all, largely an element of the revenue collection arm of government and a writer of accident and incident reports.

      • Frank_Alexander

        Cops do not always stop for revenue collection purposes. They look for a reason (tail light/expired tags/etc…) to stop someone in order to determine whether that person is wanted for a greater crime. Me thinks respectfully, that the potential of being killed accidentally (occupational hazard) is different than the potential of getting killed by a felon. If a business/school/bank/etc… has a policy properly posted announcing that “Thou shall not carry a weapon in this establishment”, does a permit allow one to violate that policy, I do not know.

  • James Crawford

    Be advised that this Deputy acted exactly as per the Florida law and the van driver did not. In my CCW course in Florida, an armed CCW holder must volunteer the fact that he is legally armed when any Florida officer approaches him and says anything to him, for any reason. Also, this idiot van driver wasn’t doing a good concealed carry…as soon as he puts his hands above his shoulders the gun gets exposed. That’s very poor planning on the CCW holder’s part and lead him even further into being illegal. It’s almost as if this guy slept through his CCW course. The law is not word of mouth hearsay or intent…read it, know it, and abide by it!

    • Fred Campbell

      Relative to the conduct of the driver: Pray tell, what did he do
      “wrong”? I am unaware of a playbook that defines the exact conduct of a
      driver (with or without concealed carry) during a stop (other than to be polite and cooperative).
      I also suggest that you review Florida law wrt inadvertent exposure of a concealed weapon.

  • aldeureaux

    Always tell the law enforcement officer that you have a CHL and whether or not you are armed. That makes his job easier and safer. This cop over-reacted. I say this as a former law enforcement officer myself.

    • Fred Campbell

      I am unaware of a playbook that defines the exact conduct of a
      driver (with or without concealed carry) during a stop (other than to be polite and cooperative).

  • redwingsfans

    the man and woman both did an excellent job of not raising the cop’s panic level.
    They did what they were told and didn’t begin screaming and yelling. That’s a lesson I should learn I guess. Now there is a film that shows they were cooperative and non-provacative. If there is an ounce of justice left in the land, they’ve just survived what could’ve been an incredibly awful day.

  • VirgoVince

    When that idiot cop finally gets what he deserves, he’ll scream about his rights!!
    FY a-hole!!

  • JQ


  • oat21

    This cop totally overreacted and should be suspended or retrained because of his actions and the filthy language and screaming he used to intimidate a law abiding citizen. He (the citizen) had a permit and it was under his shirt, the cop should have only requested to see his permit, send him (the cop) back to boot camp, anger management and law enforcement training.

    • rightandright

      No way should this “barney fife” clown get away with this crap—-i’d have his badge the same day. Using foul language in front of a lady citizen for starters. Fire this SOB pronto!

      • oat21

        I agree, I should have said fired and recycled in the garbage…

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.corcoran2 Terry Corcoran

    The Cop is a punk who needs to be sued for heavy handed treatment. The Man did NOT jump out of the car. A lot of Florida cops are Spic trash who hate White people. THIS COP IS TRASH!!!!!!!!!


    Wow!!! This officer needs to be relieved of his duty asap!!! What foul language!!! Id be suing himbig time!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.boyes.52 Michael Boyes

    Two words – Dick Head

  • paul

    once again.. the cops have no clue .. this guy needs to be fired right now.. he is a lying cheating nasty man… the vid shows clearly that no weapons was shown.. he lies

  • Frigate

    This deputy is a loose cannon. Listen carefully, the man stated he had a permit to carry however the deputy ignored him. I hope they sue the deputy.

  • Jane18

    This law enforcement guy needs to be re-trained or fired! Anyone with common sense sees this for exactly what it was,,,a policeman(or whatever) caught off guard and not knowing what to do LEGALLY! I hope he and his department can be sued. This is the kind of LEO that causes other officers to be disliked or hated.. Maybe a suspension without pay would sharpen up his “policeing”……………………

  • dandeman

    Part 1: Why was the guy stopped in the first place? Part 2: If the guy had been stopped before, why did he get out of the car? NEVER open your door when a cop is approaching. Just good common sense. These guys are trained to react quickly. Part 3: The Cop should have ask to see his permit to carry before going postal. Yeah they are trained to scream and yell to keep control of the situation but this went way over the line. Part 4: Arresting this guy is what put him on YouTube.. plan DUMB… And the rest is comment history.

  • BobM001

    First of all, NEVER, EVER get out of the car when stopped unless you are “ORDERED” to do so. If you are “ordered” to exit the vehicle at that point you state “I AM CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON AND HAVE A PERMIT TO DO SO” while you have BOTH hands on the steering wheel. If the LEO has his stuff in one sock he will most likely ask for the permit and the location of the firearm. He may ask for the firearm to be placed on the dashboard where he can see it.

    This “incident” will most likely have TWO “trips to the woodshed”. One, the OFFICER! I’m sure that when a judge sees this video tape HE will “admonish” the officer for his actions and demeanor. Second the permit holder for not “Informing the LEO that he was carrying a concealed weapon”. Informing a LEO that you are carrying is just an act of “courtesy” so that they can be “mentally prepared” of the fact you have a firearm. If this motorist hadn’t gotten out of his vehicle this whole deal NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

    Just a “suggestion”. If you are traveling with a concealed permitted handgun have all your documents “readily accessible”. If you’re “packin’ “, when asked for said documents include the CCP in what you hand the offficer. He may ask why the CCP? “Because I’m carrying” you politely respond.

    • Fred Campbell

      Disagree with BobMoo1 on several points:

      First, the cop has no right (or need) to even inquire about the existence of a weapon (permitted or not) during a routine stop for a minor infraction. In reality, the motivation behind many (most?) traffic stops is to ensure that the government gets all the revenue it can legally collect from the citizen. As such, the officer is nothing more than a mobile arm of the tax collection department.

      Second, when I am stopped, I slowly exit the car with my hands in the open and walk back to the officer. By all standards, this is the least threatening situation to the officer. When a person is setting in a car (even with his hands on the steering wheel) he has the ability – within one second – retrieve a gun and fire at the officer. This is particularly true since the officer has almost no visibility into the car. I believe that this procedure has resuted in the deaths of many officers.

  • PsyDoc

    Where has protecting and serving gone? These types of police are nothing but public bullies that should be fired and arrested for violation of the public trust! What a POS!

  • Chris H

    Immediate dismissal. No pension.

  • astrojohn

    We had an LEO like that in Canton, OH…got suspended, now he wants back on the force.

  • Employed101

    A little bit off topic but …….
    Its interesting that the latest threat from Al Queda to attack Americans on their soil comes as the Obama
    Administration, through Diane Feinstein, is attempting to disarm Law
    Abiding Citizens while leaving the Southern border defenseless. So here
    you have avowed terrorists, with multiple 30 round clips in true
    assault weapons ( auto fire machine guns for those novices), explosives
    and whatnot attacking potential targets such as gun free schools, movie
    theaters and malls. And who is there to “protect” us? Homeland Security
    head Janet Napalitano with her “scissors”. I much rather have my Glock
    with 17 round mags than a pair of pinking shears.
    Maybe this is
    Obama’s way of reducing the budget by eliminating people! that drops
    social security and medicare. My guess he is setting up walmart

  • ladyceo

    Wow, what a way to treat a law abiding American citizen!! That deputy needs to be fired!!!

  • Mark Hammer

    yea, isn’t it great “protect and serve” my ars. In NJ you can’t get a conceal, local police where there is zero crime, get automatic 3.8% pay increases where some make over a $100k a year. I asked about this and was told that is how municipal gov. works. They meet with the twp. council and the police chief, who acts on behalf of the residents, not the police supposedly! They make this kind of salary, private sector workers are getting laid off, then to top it off, they treat you and everyone else like they were common criminals.

    There’s something about the mind set of local police. I respect the job that city police do, but in my town, it’s a joke.

  • jl brown jr

    They changed the law to include accidental showing of your firearm. This Leo needs to apologize to him and his wife

  • fcutch

    What a jerk off He needs to be fired

  • G W

    Florida Expired Tab Felony Stop. Unbelievable! This is a police state in action. Then the deputy arrest the man on top of it, in a pit a full attempt to justify his unlawful actions.

  • Charlie

    The way this went down it was a cluster fig up. The officer was wrong and the driver was wrong. The officer when he saw the weapon on the man could of asked do you have a CCW? After all no matter what kind of wussie this cop is this is still the USA and we the people are all not crimminals or to be treated as such. The swearing that this cop did was totally wrong, if the driver had done same said swearing it would of been yet another charge respect should be a two way street. The man was wrong by not stating I’m have a CCW and I have a weapon on me. Police need to man up and stop acting like little girls in a play yard.

  • rg

    That is the kind of officer that gives all officers a bad name. When he goes to court he’ll be in trouble when the tape is viewed, afterward I hope the man who was arrested for nothing sues the hell out of the town or county or where ever that officer came from.

  • jacksondeland

    I wonder if the officer shows the same aggression when he stops “crack heads” and thugs? I find his use of the “F” bomb offensive and very unprofessional! People like this should not be on the force. This guy is going to overreact and do what he claims he’ll do, …. shoot someone wrongly! Central Florida cops have a bad reputation, they killed a man last year for coming to his door with a gun when they had the wrong address, in the wee hours of the morning!!!

  • kendogtallant

    So did they fire Barney Fife are what you can tell he is a rookie and should be removed from duty also he is a black ass liar.

  • Noah

    His Filthy language is another good reason to fire ths idiot.

  • bobbyb0227

    First off, the driver should have not gotten out of the car. Second, when he handed the officer his license, he should have handed the permit along with it WITHOUT HAVING TO BE ASKED. I think if he had done these two things, the officer would have responded differently. Now, as far as the officer’s behavior, I think that he didnt need to cuss at the man. I believe he did overreact. Swearing was not needed. It just aggravates the situation.

    • Fred Campbell

      Relative to the conduct of the driver: Pray tell, what did he do
      “wrong”? I am unaware of a playbook that defines the exact conduct of a
      driver (with or without concealed carry) during a stop (other than to be polite and cooperative).

  • James Maxwell

    Based upon the LEO’s action and own words on the dash cam I would suspect that there
    is a reasonable reason to file a lawsuit against the officer. Unless the driver’s CCW had
    been suspened/canceled due to an in fraction of the law he violated the civil rights of
    the law. He also violated the State laws regarding CCW permits holders rights. At
    the very least he should be pulled off of patrol duty, placed on a desk job pending review
    of his qualification to be in law enforcement. His actions would make me suspect of
    his mental state at the time of the bogus arrest. It will be interesting to see how this
    is reported in the local papers and what action is taken by both the driver and the local
    police dept. Each state has a different set of laws regarding CCW carry and that may
    have come into play also. The video pretty much tells it all in this instance though.

  • kendogtallant

    Also he is a coward going to shoot him in the back.

  • Redd

    Just a case of a Badge being on the Wrong Person!!! Punks and Smart Mouthed People that doesn’t have the temperment For the Job needs to go back to work for McDonalds and sling Burgers For a Living!! An Utter Disgrace to the Profession!! The Cop should have Secured the Weapon, and then explained to the Man what “He” believed the Driver Did Wrong!! What did he want him to do, get out of the Van Yelling, “I got a Gun”!?!?!? The Cop is an Idiot, and needs to be Retrained For Sure!!!!

  • Berzrkr50

    That cop needs to be put in his place. To carry a gun with a permit is technically no different than driving a car with a drivers license. If I were this permit holder I’d seriously look into taking some kind of legal action against the cop. Most cops are decent people but this guy has some kind of chip on his shoulder that needs to be removed… And hard!

  • Bob

    Am I wrong or isn’t a concealed weapon that is visible essentially and Open carry? FL law looks to allow Open Carry so I don’t see what this man was in violation of at all?

  • Samuel Clemens

    I’ve read all the rationalization below. Still, there is no justification for the Deputy’s conduct. The Deputy, in fact, violated the law with his conduct.

  • jimmy john

    This ass hole need a new job but then most stupid ass cops are gun happy shoot first and ask questions later

  • thomas

    thats what happends when you have a drung for a sheriff, and a bunch of dumb ass untrained deputies, being allowed on the road. this deputy should be fired and proscuted, which will never happen, because the drunk wil get him off, just like he did with the deputy that shot an unarmed person.

  • barto

    The cops are supposed to play “good cop, bad cop”, in this case we saw no good cop…just an over-zealous, power-driven because of the badge, ignorant and dis-respectful excuse of a law enforcement person!

  • ken Locke

    This officer need to be removed from the streets!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    We watched the video too!!!!!!!!! Mr. Officer!

    The weapon was properly put on his side!

    You Know he had a weapon Mr. Officer, you went way over the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You SHOULD BE FIRED. You said Mr. Officer- “I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE BACK!!!!!
    we heard you say it!!!!!!!!
    You sir are a danger to the streets with your piss poor professionalisn……..
    The man Never Hide the weapon from you!!!!!!!!! he was honest with you and you FLIPPED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fire The Law Officer……………………………………………………………….

  • johnstephano

    I have a good friend who is a police chief and he said the best way to hand you being stopped by the law, is not to get out of your vehicle, when asked for your drivers license, hand your drivers license and your carry permit to the officer. This way the officer know you are carrying and the you are legal to do so. This driver should not have gotten out of his vehicle and the officer should not have done an over kill. Both at fault.

    • Fred Campbell

      Relative to the conduct of the driver: Pray tell, what did he do
      “wrong”? I am unaware of a playbook that defines the exact conduct of a
      driver during a stop (other than to be polite and cooperative).

  • rivahmitch

    For all those who still think the government id your “friend”.

  • nodoor

    Wonder if the news media will follow up on this one

  • DouglasDauntless

    The cop better get off the co-cain or see a psychiatrist, because he suffers from Paranoia

  • Einar

    If that Deputy is so cowardly and anal as to commit such vulgar and vile a violation of a man’s civil rights, he has no business being permitted in ANY Law Enforcement Department. His vile demeanor is violation enough to have him removed.

  • cousinern

    Be interesting to hear the final results of this unprofessional incident.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    This is what happen when the police force hires folks from the general population. We are now a culture of mush head cowardly liberals

  • mustafa

    Cussing and saying, he does’nt care if he has a permit or not. The man tells him he has a permit. Then later the jerk accuses him. of not telling him that he had a permit. Fire that jerk and pay the man for his trouble and time. The name and the place so I can call in my protest.

  • OgBob

    This LEO ( douche bag deputy) needs to find another line of work as he should be terminated immediately

  • Retired FirstSgt

    I hope that SOB lost his job because he sure doesn’t need to be wearing a badge.

  • laker1

    Is that the same dude that worked in Canton, Ohio and got fired for threatening to kill CCW holder?

  • laker1

    In Florida you don’t even need a CCW to have a loaded gun in your car let along inform a LEO.

  • Niggishzidda

    His first mistake was to get out of his vehicle, most Leo come to you and you have both of your hands on the steering wheel. Cause usually your plate tells the officer you have one.

  • Joe

    2nd Amendment – this officer is one good reason we need them.

  • Jaime…

    southern white america= the new niggras… now say it with me boys and girls: Lawd! have mercyy….

  • lasercad

    This is the definition of Tyranny. When your public servants decide they are now your Masters…

  • Joe

    It is no wonder people hate some cops, being around cop all my life and working in law enforcement, I have never seen but one other cop like him. the cop lied about him not telling him about about the permit. He told the keystone cop right away. This cop is a liar.

  • futurelife

    an obama lover or just a stupid democrate

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      both likely.

  • laker1

    This LEO needs to never touch a gun himself. He has proven he is not responsiblity by his acts of threatening to shoot a civilian in the back. Execute him. Outrageous!

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.basford.9 David Basford

    CCW in Ohio makes people inform the officer upon them making official contact with you. This allows the officer to not be surprised if he sees your weapon like this. CCW permits are a privilege in our society. I don’t believe they should be, but that’s the way i is now. We as CCW permit holders need to do everything right in order to show the nation that we are the right choice. That we are not going to be a threat to the public.

  • Mpr

    Most (all?) modern day cops are nothing but thugs in a uniform. There are no more peace officers, just bullies with a badge.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Gestapo tactics…just how taught this ashole how to handle people? Fire the SOB and sue the schmidt out of the SD. This is what our taxes pay for? I think not.

  • Smiley

    This Deputy needs to lose his job and never, ever, get another job in law enforcement again. He is why police and law enforcement are not trusted by the citizens.

  • bud

    stupid ass policeman

  • bud

    he doesn’t need retraining he needs to go to jail. this is the type policeman that will love to obey obama and confiscate guns from citizens

  • TPS12

    The officer’s statement “I’ll shoot you in the F—— Back” “I don’t care if he has a license” tells me he should be looking for a different job.

  • A Lil Wacked

    Ya know… this is messed up right from the beginning of the video… the cop asked him why he had a weapon and he answered that he had a license.. later in the video the cop says he never said he had a permit… second.. his gun was concealed until he bent over into the car and that isn’t brandishing…. this retarded cop needs to go.

  • SuperD

    This happened to me on a traffic stop but was not arrested the Lakeland FL PD officer asked if I had a weapon I replied yes he began to yell at me and even said why did I not tell him that I did, talk about stupid. He ordered me from the car searched and seized my gun the most rude encounter with a LEO I have ever had. He was acting macho for the female officer, I wrote a letter to the chief who had his supervisor call me to state that officer Hutton had done nothing wrong. I asked if there was a recording or video he said that the officer had forgot to turn it on how convenient, I called to see the public records of this officer history and was never called back. It would appear there is no recourse for the citizen it won’t be long before one of these AH kills someone without cause. I have many friends and family LEO members and to a person they could not believe what happened especially after they read my letter to the chief and that the officer said my description of events was accurate.

  • StevieBoy

    This type of incident has occurred elsewhere. These incidents are a clear violation of civil rights, and it is time for a conservative legal organization to be formed and bring charges against police officers involved–that is, in a federal court, where as violation of civil rights, the case and the plaintiff would have standing.

  • concerned citizen

    Illegal actions by the police need to be fought by a national effort of concerned citizens. This action is clearly a violation of accepted practices and needs to be addressed to create precedent. Sending this officer to the unemployment line and possibly even serving time for abuse of power and assault is a possibility.

  • Wayne Runion

    790.001 Definitions.—As used in this chapter, except where the context otherwise requires:(2) “Concealed firearm” means any firearm, as defined in subsection (6), which is carried on or about a person in such a manner as to conceal the firearm from the ordinary sight of another person.

    The wind blowing your shirt up I think in no way means you are DISPLAYING A WEAPON. However the Legal Term is OPEN CARRY.

    Apparently it is illegally to openly carry a firearm, not as the Policeman said DISPLAYING, the legal term is as follows:

    790.053 Open carrying of weapons.—

    (1) Except as otherwise provided by law and in subsection (2), it is unlawful for any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or electric weapon or device.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.scott.777158 Richard Scott

    All Florida Law enforcment acts this way

  • Broz

    Adof Hitler is alive and well and living in the hearts of certain LEOs (and our President and members of COONgress)who do not believe in citizen’s rights to legally carry a firearm

  • prayerfully

    This is a prime example of why some police officers should NOT be allowed to walk the streets!

  • Duke53

    This LEO needs to fired, period. He definitely doesn’t need to be in LE, too mouthy and threatening, the mark of a scared boy, probably grew up as a bully and now he’s a LEO.

  • bobobuster

    This cop, whether he was right in his views or not, deserves to be fired if for nothing else than his inappropriate language in dealing with his “victim”!

  • Mi

    Hire a good lawyer and sue the crap out of the whole system.

  • mikeydogs

    He should be fired immediately, no second chances. This is what happens when you lower the standards for the department.

  • mrsawdust

    This guy needs a desk job in charge of paper and pencil inventory at the station house

  • Eaglestrike

    As a Law Enforcement Veteran this kind of behavior makes me sick. It only takes one of these idiots to make all of us look bad. Then people wonder why no one trusts the police.

  • muchael

    Nazi police. This is bullshit

  • Wayne Runion

    Apparently the law has been expanded:Yates explained the relevant statute in 2009 read, “It is unlawful for any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or electric weapon or devise.” Yates further explained the law was beefed up and clarified in 2011 to state, “It is not a violation of this section for a person licensed to carry a firearm in a concealed manner, to briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense.”

    Read more:http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_citrus_hernando/citrus-county-report-shows-record-of-stop-arrest-of-permitted-gun-holder#ixzz2JZ8fPx5k

  • Rick

    This is what we have to look forward to in the new Obama nation. Law enforcement is firmly in the back pocket of the progressive Democrats. Check sometime and see how the cops vote. This cop clearly caused the “display” then, after he realizes his mistake, he tries to blame the individual. This cop doesn’t need to be trained. He needs to be flipping hamburgers at MickyD’s

  • dee

    Scare little punk don’t need to be a police officer. He does not understand a permit to carry a gun.


    AS A LONG RETIRED FLA LEO….this “deputy” is an EMBARASSMENT to all of us within the law enforcement field!

    Bottom Line: THIS VIDEO needs to go directly to Governor Rick Scott; the “deputy” needs to be fired and the VICTIM properly compensated for FALSE ARREST, needless abuse and embarrassment!
    IT IS people like this that cause taxpayers huge court settlements due to the incompetency of the few that have found their way into law enforcement!!! ~ Very SAD!

  • Brenda

    The “officer” is right, it is all on tape. Overacted, abusive language, and refusal to clarify situation. . Doesn’t this make you feet secure during a traffic stop?

  • Tim

    I had to move to FL with my job and this idiot is a pretty good example of what you find here.

  • 9Spoon9

    The “blame” for this incidence cuts both ways. He should have informed the deputy as soon as he exited the vehicle that he is a CCW carrier (required under Missouri Revised Statutes). The officer needs some hard-core remedial training in proper voice commands to help him omit cursing.

    I’ve had two encounters with LEOs and they were both totally “cool” with the fact being I had immediately informed them I was armed. No hassles, no intimidation encountered. It’s all about the citizen’s and the LEOs personal attitude except in NYC, CHICAGO and other authoritarian regimes that shouldn’t even be classified as “Law Enforcement”. Their Mayors and Councilmen choose to ignore US Constitutional Law. Gestapo-like attitudes of some need to be squashed like roaches, but that’s another subject unto itself

    • yashuap

      Missouri is not Florida. Doesn’t seem that notification is required in Florida.
      Yours is an apple and orange situation.

  • toomuchsense

    This is becoming more of a problem, with bad police departements and bad cops. I’m pro law enforcement, but not pro dirty cops. This Police officer should be fired. But then again, maybe the problems starts at the top. Bad police captain, bad police department, bad officers. Disgusting. Law enforcement does not need to lose the support of those that respect the law. There’s too many that hate them already, that are the low class and criminal.

  • pissed off conservative


  • ginger

    Surprised that the cop didn’t faint…he jumped to conculsions as they do …didn’t care if the man had a permit..and the man DID tell the cop he had a permit…the cop lied…all the adrenalin pumping and someone was going to pay…the guy with the permit…and the man did not brandish it…too bad his shirt wasn’t longer and the cop wouldn’t have seen it at all…but of course…cops never lie..right?

  • RCR

    The moral to the story is when first approached by an officer, immediately tell them you have a legal concealed carry permit, ask them if you can show it to them to verify it and that you have a weapon on you or in your vehicle, abide by his instructions and then the officer will have no grounds to put you through this process and subject you to a weapon’s charge. If he does arrest you, you should have the tape to use in your suit for false arrest.

    • Patrick Cloward

      in any instruction i’ve ever seen they always say “Tell the cop ‘I am carrying'”

    • Fred Campbell

      Disagree. Unless there is evidence of felonious conduct (or an aggressive attitude) the officer has no more right to be apprised of legal carry than, for example, a WalMart cashier.
      The role of the officer, at least in this case, was simply that of an agent of the revenue collection arm of the DMV.

  • joe_attaboy

    OK, I just learned something interesting about this video and when the incident took place. Apparently, this happened in 2009, but the video wasn’t posted until this month. If that’s the case, than the officer was correct about the driver not allowing the gun to be seen at the time, because the momentary view exception wasn’t codified in Florida law until 2011.

    This doesn’t mean he didn’t overreact in other ways, but, legally, he was right about that part.


  • MusicGuy314

    What an a-hole. I guess its safer to harass regular people minding their own business rather than stop some “Pimp-Mobile” with a bunch of would be rappers who probably DO have illegal weapons. If that happened to me you can bet I’d sue that SOB and his department for a truckload of money!

  • geneww1938

    There should be something more appropriate than just firing or jailing that officer. He should be disarmed and sent to Detroit to street preach why Muslims are satanic.

  • Patrick Cloward

    The thing that always gets me is how these hicks think it’s necessary to get out of the vehicle when they’re pulled over. If he had just sat his butt in the van he could have been let go. I know how these cop Nazi’s are and they’re just looking for an excuse to freak out!

    • OldNorthState

      “…these hicks…” – is the kind of ego-driven, instantaneous knee-jerk “judgement” of the other fellow that, I would wager, in part caused the ‘officer’ to respond exponentially erroneously in this case. I know that LEO’s have to make split-second judgement calls about people, based on subtle and not-so-subtle cues/clues (I have close friends in LE,) but your (AND this LEO’s, I’m betting) judgement call is based upon an “I’m socially superior”, ego-driven assessment. The short of it?… yes, the van driver did not exhibit good judgement initially (as discussed elsewhere) concerning his lawful CCW and weapon, as well, perhaps, as getting out of the vehicle prematurely… but your assessment of them as “hicks” isn’t something I’d want to own.

  • Larry Christesson

    I agree with Mr. Dedee. Such language is partially representative of the mindset of the officer and certainly disrespectful, especially in the presence of a female. In my opinion, the officer failed to handle the situation in a responsible, mature manner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joel.patti.3 Joel Patti


  • J.Brown

    Perhaps this officer could be a greeter at WalMart. He certainly is over wrought as a street cop.

  • parlayer

    Haven’t seen one yet that respected me gun or no gun. “Now you can tuck it between your legs and go ho or we can go downtown and talk about this where I get to drink free coffee” the last time i approached a cop!!

  • Smilinjack

    I’m a former Broward County deputy sheriff. This guy needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-L-Sparks/683232718 Steven L Sparks

    We need the douchebags from the government to abuse our rights and murder us otherwise the terrorists win. This is a perfect example of the terrorists winning, but they don’t see it that way.

  • dcwc16

    This officer needs a psychological evaluation and moved to desk duty or summarily fired. If he is that scared he has no business being an officer.

  • BuckeyeMike

    I don’t know about Fla, but in Ohio you MUST show your hands, tell the officer you have a permit and are armed BEFORE they speak to you, DO NOT leave the vehicle unless instructed. There are many cases where incidents like this were prevented and officers had no problem at all, as long as they knew. If you are unarmed you don’t have to say anything. This officer was way out of line, but the man did not warn the officer at the time of the stop and I’m sure he was a bit panicked.

    • Fred Campbell

      Can you cite the code that requires one to notify the officer of concealed carry in Ohio?

  • USMCret

    This is an officier that probably a bully in school or was bullied and now is bulling peaceful citizens who are legally allowed to carry a weapon . this cop should be removed from his position as he is not an oath keeper but someone who doesn’t want lawful citizens to have weapons.

  • TexRanger

    If this gutless deputy has not already been fired, his sheriff should be immediately removed and then, this deputy be fired.

  • nwyfzguy

    That cop should be fired, then charged with violating the citizens civil rights. Florida needs to correct that law if he’s legally allowed to carry that pistol concealed and if it accidentally becomes viewable that’s not a crime he didn’t intentionally brandish it. I’m a retired LEO and it looks to me that this LEO is a paranoid young cop that was poorly trained.

  • http://myconservativeperspective.wordpress.com/ Chuck Fowler

    A deputy too jumpy to properly do his job. One word: SUE.

  • Dave

    Wow! A cop that can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys, with a reaction that is comparable to the anti-gun pansies in New York City! I guess this cop in Citrus County, FL has been sampling the crack from his last bust!

  • Gaylord Dowd

    This deputy needs to be relieved of any and all law enforcement duties immediately! This is classic abuse of power and authority. Treating a law abiding citizen, who posed no threat at any time to this deputy, like a violent and dangerous criminal is unacceptable and should not be tolerated for one more minute. This deputy shows clear signs of paranoia and will wind up killing someone without just cause if allowed to continue duties as a law enforcement officer! What a travesty of justice!

  • RWGN

    The driver of the van gives conceal carry a bad name, LEO’s have a tough job without being surprised by a gun. Always tell the officer first thing “you are carrying a weapon” and present your conceal carry licence with your drivers license.

    And know the laws of the state you are in, which it appeared the driver did not. In some states if you flash your weapon and he did it’s not longer concealed and you are in violation of the law.

    I’ve carried for over ten years and never had a problem and I carry 7 days a week 365 days a year…

    C.L.E.E.T. Certified and Conceal Carry Licensed…

    • Fred Campbell

      Wrong. See my response to John W. H. above.

  • CARL

    This cop just wants to overstep his authority and play the ‘ big bad officer ‘.
    He should be fired for abusive , vulgar language and the department should be sued
    for a lot of money .

  • Brangus

    Usually when you have someone yelling like that it is because they are scared and trying to build up courage. This socalled Deputy knew this man was no threat to him or anyone else. You can tell by the tone of the Deputy’s voice and his actions if the man had been a threat he would never have stopped him in the first place. He found someone he could bully.He is a disgrace to all of the honorable Deputies out there. In veiw of our current political climate, it is time for agencies to police their organizations get back to being honorable and respectable again.

  • CharlieFromMass

    This cop is a total idiot.

    “It’s not hidden, that’s a violation of your permit right there.” ?!?!!

    So, you’re supposed to keep your iron holstered when you actually need it? They don’t work too well when in the holster.

    What was the original cause of the stop, as I didn’t even hear that? What was the outcome post-video?

    Barney Fife needs his commission revoked and to be left with the schoolyard bullies to see how it feels.

  • Not_in_Denial

    This is one procedure that you need to understand thoroughly when carrying. Stay in the vehicle and it’s up to you whether you inform or not right off the bat. Personally, it’s none of his business unless he asks or until I have to exit the vehicle or move around where it could be misconstrued. I don’t want to make someone just doing his job worry about me of all people trying to harm him. My CCW instructor said he always hands over his license and CCW whenever he gets stopped and tells them where his gun is. Frankly I think that’s unnecessary and volunteering too much information. If I’m stopped for a MV I’ll hand over my license and keep my hands visible. Any cop knows that CCW or not, friendly or not, harmless looking or not, the traffic stop could be deadly for him. BUT, do not start cursing me and using filthy language to me. His parents should be utterly ashamed to have raised such filth. But this society tolerates it so it gets worse. If I did this in my public sector job I’d be fired in a heartbeat. I think there were errors on both sides of this, but the one thing I’ve said to myself after watching things like this (and shows like ‘Cops’) is to be mentally prepared for virtually every cop I encounter to be rude, insensitive, and possibly a heathen.

    • Fred Campbell

      Agreed. Never volunteer information to a policeman. The proverbial “name, rank and serial number” is all that is necessary. If the officer starts a line of questioning that appears to be eliciting potentially incriminating information not in evidence, take the fifth. The assumption that the cop is not your friend is a good place to start.

  • gwedem5995

    This officer should be fired. His profanity. It is no wonder cops have such a bad reputation.
    They treat criinals better than average citizens. I know they have a tough job, but there was no reason for the way he was handcuffed.

    • Arizona_Don

      As one who worked law enforcement for 8 years I only half agree with you. The officer should be fired or retrained is one area and it is a hard job I also agree with. However, it is their chosen profession if they are that paranoid perhaps they should get out of law enforcement. I never felt threatened even if I had to write a ticket which I did very seldom. However, I think self confidence has a lot to do with it. I knew some of the people who were in the business were not suited for it, we all knew who they were and also knew they should not be there, that was obvious. This guy looks like that.

  • RufusChoate

    My Father and Grandfather (both Police in Philadelphia from 1917 until 1980) always held that our society would be safer and more law abiding if more citizens carried guns and if there were a lot less cops. I volunteer Barney Fife in the video for return to the ranks of the low value work force.
    p.s. They both had a special dislike for small town cops since most were the town bully.

  • Ben Pincus

    The driver was carrying a not-very-well concealed weapon and he had an expired plate so he was stopped. When he got out of the car and the officer saw it, it seems that he got scared—perhaps rightfully so. That’s how they get shot and killed; routine traffic stop and then boom! Frankly, I understand why he was required to face the vehicle, and was cuffed. I understand why he asked the women to step out, and away. But now, instead of finding out that the man had a permit, apologizing and letting him go, he began to get abusive. To me it seemed that like a lot of men he had a problem acknowledging his fear and so projected it onto the other person by “remembering” that he “jumped out of the vehicle” and “reached around his back” as if going for the gun, when really the citizen was being respectful by quickly and immediately doing what the officer had asked him to do—show his license and registration. BTW it is an interesting dilemma—once the officer started down the path of restraining the man, perhaps out of legitimate fear, one might be concerned that even a legitimate CC permit holder might get enraged enough to do something foolish and horrible… One solution: In any state where CC permits are issued the police should have clear step-by-step training as to how to handle exactly this situation. But ALSO gun owners should have the same training. IF you are stopped by the police for any reason, especially for cause (ie expired plates) what should you do? At what point do you tell the officer you are carrying a weapon and how—even if it is not exposed? After or before you step out of the vehicle? If there is no procedure clearly known by both officer and permit holder then it is a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t forget that there is virtually NO CHECKING or ENFORCEMENT of ATF Form 4473 denials and there are literally THOUSANDS of people out there WITH PERMITS that are carrying illegally. So what is an officer to do? Before we condemn the police officer—whom I agree was out of line–but also who may have had legitimate reasons to fear for his safety—we should USE this incident positively to see the holes in the system and support legitimate, healthy change. FOR EXAMPLE: #1 immediately write to the US Senators from your state and the President asking the legitimate question, “Why has there been no permanent ATF Director appointed or confirmed for the last 4 years when the Democrats have a majority in the Senate?” Kerry was confirmed in 3 days after he was appointed… Second Question: Why only 62 prosecutions and 13 convictions for lying on ATF Form 4473 last year when more than 76,000 forms were denied for apparent cause. Why is there not a system in place for fast approval or denial and fast investigation of suspicious cases? Everyone, even gun owners want our streets, homes and schools to be safer. Let the ATF have the funding and process to do the job and stop grandstanding by proposing stupid bans that won’t begin to address the problem. #2 immediately inquire of your local, county and state police as to what training officers get for just such a situation and ask them to send you information as to how they advise a citizen to behave in such a situation. If such information is not immediately available, start talking with your legislators about demanding such information—for the safety and protection of legitimate gun owners. These are practical suggestions that would change things for the better. Let’s stop fighting with each other and start improving life in these United States while we protect the Second Amendment!

    • Fred Campbell

      Despite some “good points”, I find Ben Pincus’ major thesis unacceptable, namely: “When he got out of the car and the officer saw it, it seems that he got scared—perhaps rightfully so”.

      Wrong, it is not the weapon you observe, it is the weapon that a felon has artfully concealed that is the threat.
      A appropriate response would be to quietly step back and politely ask: “I see that you are armed, could you show me your permit?”. I would not find it offensive (even prudent) if the officer rested his hand on his own weapon during this exchange.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_27DPHGTZS2IFFK7QH3LQXKBKN4 Fireplace

    What a stupid dumb *** cop! This kind of thing really fries me. Sue the cop and the Dept along with it. The cop either doesn’t know the law and/or doesn’t care- either way, he needs to be immediately fired, become a Security Guard protecting porta-potties in a warehouse, or made to sit in a corner wearing a Dunce hat memorizing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What a complete difference in attitude from the NYPD Officer who graciously helped the homeless gentleman.

  • BayouBushwacker11

    He needed to declare he was armed on initial contact with the officer; period. Cemeteries are littered with officers killed on ‘routine’ traffic stops.

    • Fred Campbell

      Wrong. See my response to John W. H. above.
      My personal observation is that the major cause of officer deaths is aggressive driving. Officer deaths due to shootings are actually quite rare.

  • Budmanx

    The officer over reacted but technically he’s right. The first thing the guy should have said is “I have a concealed carry permit”. He should have sat in his van with his hands in plain view and when the officer walked up he should have told the officer he’s CCP licensed. If he had done that there would have been no problem. But the officer did go way beyond reasonable in this case. Too bad because I’m sure if that officer was in a gunfight with real thugs the first person to step in and help the officer would be a citizen with a CCP like this unfortunate Homer. Too bad he didn’t do the right thing and tell the officer right off that he’s CCP licensed and also too bad the officer over reacted.

    • Fred Campbell

      There was no obligation to explain to the officer. To claim otherwise is to show a misapprehension of the relationship between the citizen and the police (and a lack of knowledge of Florida law).
      The citizen is King (until that status is forfeited by tortuous or aggressive behavior).
      Expired tags do no nullify the rights and privileges of citizenship.

  • Eddie G.

    The cop is a true example of police state tactics. Hitler and Stalin would’ve been proud of him. Obama has been wanting to know if military members would willingly fire upon U.S. citizens? Of course they would, I encountered a lot of military police who thought they were Wyatt Earp. They were total jerks and there is plenty in law enforcement both civilian and military who are real threats. Jackbooted thugs is an apt description.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KSRJ2G37O3AFOH3LISCRMFJYLE R

    Too much power, too few brains. This is why we have a 2nd amendment and why we must fight to preserve the few rights we have left.

  • jimmijames

    Many cops do not like CCW holders. I hope this guy sues and wins. That is the only way this stuff will change. Many CCW permits are valid in other states but cops in those states often ignore that as well.

  • 19gundog43

    I have a CCW and have been stopped in both Orange and Seminole Co in FL and
    have never been treated like this. The LEO asked if I am carrying and where the
    gun is. I tell them and they just say don’t touch it. End of story. This arse
    wipe need to fired and sued and never allowed to wear a badge again. Not even a
    mall cop.For some reason here in FL. we attract more rogue cops than anywhere.
    Corrupt and bulling cops. Domestic abuse, you name it.

  • Tonto

    At least nobody got shot! Shame on everybody!

  • rws1969

    driver failed to tell officer he had a weapon …..he should have given the officer his lic and permit instead of letting the officer see he was carrying …..he steped out of the van that;s big no no ……

  • Dennis

    How do we find out the results of this stop.

  • 1straightshooter

    Sorry, guys. I have to side with the deputy on this one. If you have a legal weapon on you when stopped, you should declare it up front with the deputy or cop.

  • BrassRing

    His picture should be posted online so people will know they need to draw on him first.
    He issued a death threat, therefore he can be lethally engaged.

  • Tonto

    I imagine the lawyers are salivating!

  • Sagebrush6

    Seems like every police dept has at least one Barney Fife. Some are blessed with several.

  • Benton Bain

    Since this deputy has threatened to shoot legal gun owners then we should have the right to shoot the deputy on sight.

  • 1Davenportguy

    I Hope she was calling her attorney on her cell phone, this guy needs to be retrained or find a different line of work, he obviously doesn’t know the laws concerning weapons permits.

  • Mickey

    This cop was totally unprofessional and out of line.

  • citsdis

    Florida concealed weapons regulatons: 790.10 Improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms.—

    If any person having or carrying any dirk, sword, sword cane, firearm, electric weapon or device, or other weapon shall, in the presence of one or more persons, exhibit the same in a rude, careless, angry, or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense, the person so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.

    I don’t know what the State of Florida’s definition of “exhibit” is, but, it sure didn’t look to me that he “exhibited” the weapon to the cop. Extreme case of over-reaction. It’s also quite possible that the cop is in violation of Terrorist Threat laws by “threatening” to shoot the man in the back. The cop threatened to commit murder for a possible misdemeanor offense.
    Generic definition of Terrorist Threat (Florida apparently has the law under a different title): willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person”. It most certainlyshould be a crime to threaten to shoot a person in the back, even if the person is suspected in committing a misdemeanor. Of course, this depends upon Florida’s definition of the word “threat”.

  • Mickey

    How old is this? Was this officer disciplined?

  • $12994363

    Stupid cop. Had he stopped a bad guy he’d have a hole in his head to match the hole in the ground he’d be buried in.
    The people of that county should be paying dearly for this cop’s obviously unfit for duty behavior.
    His mouth showed that he was scared sh-tless and acted as such.
    Pencil neck pr_ck.

  • cjg

    what a dumb ass cop, try that in wyoming and see what happens, conscealed or open
    if he has a permit it don’t make any difference…. he should be charged with false arrest and derelection of duty. dumb ass cop

  • Silent Hammer

    Sounds like this deputy has a problem. First, the driver DID NOT “DISPLAY’ his weapon. The deputy SHOULD have asked the driver if he had a permit for the CW. It’s NOT the responsibility of the driver to remember to tell the deputy that he’s carrying, especially when he’s just been pulled over for a violation that he didn’t realize he was making. I hope ALL CW permit holders see this and make sure this deputy is called before the REAL sheriff and made to stand tall, suspended for embarrassing the department, and SPANKED by the driver he treated as he did. It’s officerl like this one that give us ALL a bad name.

    • Fred Campbell

      Agree with “Silent Hammer”.

      I do not believe that the deputy has the need (or right) to ask about the citizen’s “armament” during a non-felonious stop. After all, the deputy is (at least in this case) was merely acting as a agent of the revenue collecting branch of the DMV. His “office” is simply the road instead of a service counter in the County Courthouse.

      Where the citizen exposes the fact that he is carrying, it is probably appropriate (depending on local codes) to ask about a permit. Otherwise, the status of a citizen’s personal “armament” is not the business of the government.

      Unfortunately, much of what passes for “policing” these days has less to do with behavior modification maximizing government revenue.

  • TimAZ

    When the cop ran is plates he already knew he had a concealed carry permit. If he didn’t run the plates then he failed himself his fellow cops and the community.

  • Patricia Talvacchio Sottile

    That cop should be fire ASAP the guy did nothing wrong he did not jump out of the car this guy better get a good lawyer are sue that cop for harassment . This cop is a moron the whole thing is on tape and it show this cop is 100 percent wrong.I sue him if I would that guy.

  • Charles

    I have a permit to carry in Florida. I was stopped by several Police officers because my gun showed when getting out of my car at a previous stop and somebody called the Police. After seeing my permit l was given back my gun and told to make sure it was concealed at all times. The cop is correct. The gun should have not have been visible at any time. Cop handled it very badly and should not have told the guy he didn’t care about the permit and used bad language. ,I would have told the cop immediately I had a gun and showed him the permit along with my drivers license. Because they both acted like Idiots the Cop will only get disciplined and the guy has no case. In my scenario the cop would be fired and I would have received a lot f money,.

  • TimAZ

    The best avenue is to charge the cop under color of law. Under color of law the cop will serve the time and pay the fines. Not the tax payers.

  • downs1

    So, what’s the purpose of having a permit if some LEO doesn’t respect the document? He also threatened to shoot the man! The Deputy also changed his comments to the man a couple of times which makes me think he realized he just stepped in it! The man clearly identified himself as a permit carrier. If the weapon is inadvertently displayed in the process of normal body movements, how is that a violation of the permit? If he had to use the weapon, he has to uncover it, and that according to the Officer’s comment means that he has just committed a crime. I suspect the Deputy should reread the law concerning carrying concealed weapons and what “concealed” means and doesn’t mean. I also suspect the man needs to get a lawyer and file suit against the Officer. It also means the Deputy should be disciplined and fined for abuse. Besides that, his mother should wash his mouth out with soap!

  • Detonics

    Here is a case of a low information police officer, the cop needs to be fired. OMG and this cop is running around the streets of Florida with a gun and a badge!!!!

  • Swaff

    I am not blaming the driver victim here but this video does show a couple of mistakes that he made and it’s important for us all to acknowledge so we don’t make similar mistakes. 1- He got out of the vehicle, just stay in and 2- if you have a gun put your hands on the dashboard and tell the officer first thing that you have a gun and permit if he asks especially if he ask you to get out. Of course never pull over for anyone on a dark or deserted road, turn on flashers and go to congested area. I would sue for false arrest and misrepresentation.And the cop should at the least be demoted and retrained and fined for inappropriate language.

    • Fred Campbell

      Mistake to exit the vehicle? No, it is courtesy and demonstrates a willingness to leave the protective (and concealing) cocoon of the vehicle.

      If I were a policeman I would always ask the individual to step out of the vehicle and meet me where is can see his hands and potential weapons. The act of walking up to the side of a car has ended in the deaths of many policeman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

    When the woman got on her phone, it is a wonder that the LEO did not scream at her to get off the phone. I have seen this happen, apparently they think if someone is on the phone, they are either calling for help or a T.V. station to report what is going down.

  • The Patriot

    This offficer should immediately be placed on unpaid leave and eventually fired with the stipulation never be allowed to be employed in law enforcement, fined and serve jail time for malfeasance of his office. He is a disgrace and dishonors all good Police officers.

  • Mitch A

    Laws need to be changed so that any authority figure that willfully oversteps their authority is also held PERSONALLY responsible. It is completely unfair to taxpayers that persons can behave such as this man and not be held personally liable.

  • amerigom

    “FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee and Then Arrests Him”
    Read more: http://clashdaily.com/2013/01/fl-deputy-threatens-to-shoot-concealed-carry-licensee-and-then-arrests-him/#ixzz2JZaI3vWo
    If this is REAL; we are in trouble!
    This is the way Hitler got his start!
    Have we lost our senses?
    The first thing that should be done, that policeman should be fired, and the gun taken away from him!
    We ARE becoming a police-state!
    If this sort of thing happens again, I beleive in a citizen’s militia!
    I believe in the second ammendment!

  • An American Hero

    this is not policy, this cop is arrogant and should not have this job,, people call this police station and complain about this cop and demand his resignation

  • Strangerinmyownland

    I get the excitement from seeing a citizen with a weapon and responding. But this could have been defused easily. I also hate for a LEO to use the F word- we are better than that.

    • Fred Campbell

      I don’t “get the excitement”. I hope that the norm becomes an expectation that the citizen is armed. Ergo, a politer (and safer) society.

  • An American Hero

    he told the cop he has a permit!!! the cop says he never told me?? yes its on tape like the cop keep saying, even the comment from the cop ” I DO NOT CARE IF YOU HAVE A PERMIT!) This alone shows his disrespect for People he is paid to serve.

  • http://twitter.com/brownink09 Frank W Brown

    Frickkin’ cop just bored, looking for someone to hassle! Not ALL cops are bad, but this one takes the cake. Did you see the video of cops sticking their fingers in two womens front and back PRIVATE PARTS? Another unbelievable instance of bad cops…

  • coastx

    IP25 rendition scheme 12/34 right out of the Mormon FDTE playbook: 1 charm offensive, 2) double Bind, 3) shock and awe trauma bond, and 4) rendition/arrest. It’s not at all a lack of training. It’s programmed and the new rendition technology under S1867.1021. Get used to it. It’s the same thing they used to take out Kelly Thomas, and they are getting better at it with daily use.

  • DH

    I looked at most of the comments and 98 percent of them are from total morons just like the ccl holder. Y’all watch to many police shows I was an officer for a large city pd for 30 years and had to deal with people like this . I saw two things that were wrong . 1. The language is unnecessary and 2. His tactics with the armed man were not good . Having been in 4 shooting in my career and shot once a man with a gun is not something to take lightly. In Texas you have to tell the officer immediately that you have a weapon and a ccl lic. When you run the plate no info like that comes up not until you Dunn the drivers lic dose it show that. So unless you have walked in the po’s shoes then you probably need to stick to your full time jobs and stop trying to be lawyers and watch more tv. Oh yeah he can be arrested for not telling the po that he has a ccl and a gun. If you don’t have a gun and you have a ccl. You don’t have to say anything.

    • Fred Campbell

      Could you cite the code that requires a ccl holder to volunteer that information?

  • rodstew

    Someone needs to seed this idiot cop to Alaska.

  • cavdaddy

    IMHO, both in the wrong… When I carry and have ANY interaction with a LOE, First words “I have a permit and I am carrying” and once when stopped for speeding I handed them my CCW with my license. Not that I have to , out of respect.
    Now at the same time , did this LOE WAY overreact, Absolutely, very unprofessional

    • Fred Campbell

      “Out of respect? Your choice. See my response to John W. H. above.

  • harley93

    Just another punk ass cop. He was most likely a high school bully. He should come to Tucson sometime, I would love to run across him some time. I think he wet himself.

  • Shamrock68

    This cop is a drama queen and a fool.

  • Billy

    I am a retired Federal Law Officer (33 years) and it makes me very sad to see officers of any agency or department act like the one in this video clip. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is becoming more and more the norm. There are cowards in law enforcement at all levels. They are not yet the majority but they are on the increase. They gravitate to law enforcement because of their low self esteem. A badge and gun give them power that they have never had.The officer in this case is typical of many such who loose their composure at the sight of any civilian with a firearm. Note the demeanor of the officer, bordering on hysteria and the repeated use of the f… word. He and others like him should never be in law enforcement.

  • kathin9

    Normally I don’t disrespect police officer considering my brother is a sheriff in upstate NY, but his man need time off, I have never been so disguisted with the actions of a police officer in my life. Aren’t there REAL CRIMINALS out there? And I hope he was punished and punished severely.

    • $8105658

      right, there was no way the guy was going to surprise that officer. His conduct was over the top.

  • TruePatriot

    I am typically pro-law enforcement, but this deputy is obviously on a power trip, and should be terminated immediately. He does not have the mental stability nor maturity to be in a position of authority. He needs to be working somewhere as a custodian or ditch-digger until he can learn some humility and maturity!! What an idiot!!

  • rltnspd

    This officers conduct was totally unprovoked and violated that man’s rights. I hope that officer loses his job and his sued for everything he has. As a former officer I am appalled by his conduct and I need to let other law abiding citizens know that this is not representative of what law enforcement officers do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.yancey.50 Greg Yancey

    I hold a California CCW,,,we are trained to stay in the vehicle with hands on the wheel until the officer arrives at the drivers door..while he is walking up, remove your ccw card and be prepared to hand it to the officer FIRST THING and tell the officer you are carrying, where the weapon is and if it is loaded. The guy in this video broke everyone of those rules…with the constant attacks on officers in America anymore, this one was doing what he felt necessary to protect his own life. The permit holder was wrong according to the law and probably lost his right to carry! Sad but so many things happening in America today are sad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kari.fassett Kari Jean Fassett

    This made me want to cry! Its so upsetting. That officer acted like a wild baboon! He’s the one who shouldn’t be carrying.

  • porterv

    Florida cop applicants must take an exam to prove that they are absolute morons before they are hired. The dregs of society wear badges,

  • angierider

    I disagree with some of comments supporting driver. Having gone through CCW training and been stopped for routine traffic violations, the driver did several things wrong: !) never get out of car 2) keep hands in sight on steering wheel 3) declare IMMEDIATELY that you have CCW and state whether or not you are carrying. Driver did not do this until after cop saw the gun. That being said, te cop’s foul language and threat to shoot the guy in the back when he had him against the car were inexecusable as well.

    • Fred Campbell

      Wrong. See my response to John W. H. above.

  • Mike

    Yes, the deputy abused his power. When the guy leaned forward (as he was told to do) you could see the end of his holster. That isn’t a weapon. The deputy handled it wrong. He should have asked him if he had a permit, and if he did, ask him to place the weapon in the vehicle until their business was concluded. I would go to court over this and then sue the deputy personally along with the county he works for.

  • noweareman

    This is how it starts!

  • John W.H.

    Is that deputy Barney Fife?? My God what a clown no wonder people don’t have a lot of faith in cops. The guy being harassed by the cop did do a few things wrong, but the cop was way over the line in his response, and should be fired, I have had a couple of traffic stops over the last almost 20 years of having a CCW permit, out here in Oklahoma when a LEO ask for a drivers license I hand him my CCW at the same time, no fuss no problem, and they have always treated me with respect, and for that they are respected. If I was the guy in this clip, I would bring a law suit against that cop and the county or city that it happened in.

    • Fred Campbell

      “The guy being harassed by the cop did do a few things wrong”. Pray tell, what did he do “wrong”? I am unaware of a playbook that defines the exact conduct of a driver during a stop (other than to be polite and cooperative).

      I notice that many of the LEOs responding in these discussions seem to believe that there exists a “ritual” that that citizen must perform during a routine traffic stop. There is not!!! The onus is on the policeman to fully protect the civil rights of the citizen. The citizen owes nothing more than courtesy and appropriate cooperation.

  • Sandy

    I don’t know Flordia law but here in Texas you are to inform the police first thing that you are carrying and have a permit. If I was that sheriff I would have been concerned also beings he did not notify me.

    • $22091572

      its the same way everywhere i think..

      • heartpursuer

        In PA there is no obligation to inform the police, but I think out of concern for safety, I probably would. As far as getting out of the vehicle, I’m old enough to remember what that was considered a gesture of courtesy, but not any more.

  • $22091572

    Sounds like this guy is a traitor to the American people and his country. I
    suggest some one give him a good attitude adjustment. I’m sure it can be

  • phillyg

    Holy crap! This dumber than dirt cop is what makes some people hate the cops. While I agree the “suspect” should not have gotten out of his vehicle (and he didn’t jump out like the officer said), he’s under no obligation to inform the officer he was armed until asked.
    I’d like to see how this one comes out in court. I’d sure request a trial before a jury, and then I’d file a civil suit for every penny I could get. How does one “brandish” a weapon when it’s in his holster? Webster’s says brandish mean to shake or wave, as a weapon; flourish; i.e., brandishing his gun as he rode into battle. Even the synonyms like swing, flaunt, wield, or display don’t fit, although an idiot could argue he displayed his weapon by leaning over as he reached into his vehicle. I would hope no judge would see it that way, although in this day and age……………. And the swearing and threat to shoot him in the back, totally outrageous. Can you imagine if the “suspect” was black; he might have actually shot him, because this cop is a very fearful person. Shame, shame.

  • heartpursuer

    Don’t know about Florida, but PA is an open carry state — no permit required to have a pistol on the hip. This sheriff acted like fool. What an abuse of power.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1642027578 David Meyer

    The cop did the right thing. Sorry if you don’t like it, but ANY concealed weapons holder knows that the FIRST thing you do when you get pulled over is TELL THE COP YOU HAVE A CONCEALED WEAPON, WHERE IT IS, AND HAND HIM YOUR PERMIT. The Deputy didn’t know he had a weapon, and if this guy had been a bad guy he could have pulled that gun and killed the cop. THAT is why the Deputy responded the way he did. If you listen to the audio you’ll see the cop even explained it.

    NOW…as for arresting him for displaying a firearm, technically, the cop is correct, but it was probably not necessary, and as for his language…could have done a more professional job there too.

  • Old Retired Copper

    The officer was clearly out of control…but the other guy made some mistakes, too. The first one exiting the vehicle before being instructed to. It is much better to stay in the vehicle with both hands visible on the steering wheel until the officer approaches. Then tell the officer right away that you have a permit to carry and that you do have a firearm on your right hip, in the console, wherever. And then ask him what he wants you to do. The mistake got worse when he didn’t inform the officer until after he had accidentally displayed the weapon and was on the ground. Right then the officer should have secured the weapon, checked the permit, returned the weapon and sent the guy on his way. He did not intentionally display his firearm, so if that’s the charge any 1st year law student will get him acquitted.

    • Fred Campbell

      Relative to the conduct of the driver: Pray tell, what did he do
      “wrong”? I am unaware of a playbook that defines the exact conduct of a
      driver during a stop (other than to be polite and cooperative).

  • William White

    The guy never Notified the Leo he carried a gun never said he was a ccw holder no notification citizen is wrong!

    I watched the video several times he never notified the officer never notified that he was Concealed carry ever. He violated his concealed carry permit by not notifieing. The citizen was very unsafe in the presence of the Peace Officer.

    You need to remain seated keep your hands Visible on steering wheel and the first thing is interrupt the officer and Give Notification that you are armed and have a CCW permit! Then do what the officer says and do it slowly. If at night turn on all interior lighting and emergency flashers before officer comes to window keep hands visible on the steering wheel same for all passengers in vehicle this is to give the officer safety. Always do a Notification to the officer on First Contact always even if that means interrupting him period.

    I can not express it enough Always do a Notification to the officer on First Contact that you are a CCW permit holder and that you are Armed always even if that means interrupting him period.

    Notification will keep you out of so much trouble and it can and has keep persons from getting ticketed for what ever there Vehicle Violation was.

    Are you a Sheep Dog? If yes let them know let the officer know you appreciate them even if it was a bit of a inconvenience.

    Never act stupid or prepare to go to Jail as its your fault as it was this guys fault.

    You must Notify on first Contact not after the officer sees or reacts to your gun. Your Permit means nothing if you do not notify before the Officer finds out!

    There is No Excuse for Not Notifying First none!

    I was in law enforcement back in the late 70s I owned my own security company from 94-2003 I am a CCW holder and a citizen and if that officer would have been wrong I would have been calling him on it but his actions were appropriate. as far as him swearing this happens and it happens to get a point of urgency across OH please get out please put your hands behind your back Please get on the ground umm what Puttsy Leo would do that?? urgency get over it.

    • Fred Campbell

      Wrong. See my response to John W. H. above.

  • goku vegeta


  • Jeff Burton

    I surely HOPE this citizen filed a complete complaint against the so called Officer, and also if bringing a civil suit against this retard for violations of his civil rights.

  • Jeff Burton

    Wife needed to be on the phone to the Officer’s supervisor demanding he get down there right now! Also calling the local news and newspapers to come write up this fools story.

  • mwl

    The law enforcement office knew that this individual had the gun. Period. Running plates reveals the CCW. CCWs are listed EVERYWHERE. OR, He didnt read the screen on the computer. His failing.
    To note: dont get out of the car. Have your hands displayed out the window open. Tell the officer that you have a gun permit and whether you’re armed or not. A law enforcement officer carries a gun NOT for your protection but his. This guy could of shot the citizen, using a quote from h. clinton “what mater does it make”, another dead American.
    Note: police videos are NOT the answer. Your video does, even Walmart sells surveillance
    for cars. Better ones are satellite linked. The Supreme court ruled that public video of law enforcement is Constitutional, the only thing they got right in a long time. Law enforcement officers are under the exact same laws as you. They are citizens and not above the law. No excuse. Sue until every single time they sit down it hurts. If the officer felt endangered when the citizen stepped out of the car he should have said something then. He didnt. My take, He knew the citizen was a CCW holder and immediately jumped the chance when he saw the gun. Laws are so vague that this could have cost the citizens life.
    Mike in Afghanistan and former deputy.

    • Fred Campbell

      No information given as to what foreknowledge the officer had prior to the stop. Odds are that he a) did not bother to check or b) the system does not/did not supply the CCW holder data.

      The major problem here seems to be the “us versus them” attitude of this officer (and many others), an attitude that seems to be encouraged by the present administration.

      Police work is not a particularly hazardous occupation, dispute a continuous disinformation campaign by police unions to justify inflated salaries and early retirements based on “job stress”, et al.

      Relative to the conduct of the driver: Pray tell, what did he do “wrong”? I am unaware of a playbook that defines the exact conduct of a driver during a stop (other than to be polite and cooperative).

      I notice that many of the LEOs responding in these discussions seem to believe that there exists a “ritual” that that citizen must perform during a routine traffic stop. There is not!!! The onus is on the policeman to fully protect the civil rights of the citizen. The citizen owes nothing more than courtesy and appropriate cooperation.

      • mwl

        Great comment. Agree. It has come to
        my attention that there is a recent thing called “Gun Profiling” I think its what is happening. The officer runs a plate and notices a CCW or just pulls over a car. Asks the citizen do you have a gun, answering yes because you have a permit and is required by law in some states. Then the officer becomes unhinged. If you have the video installed in your car this encases two things the truth and the evidence. Even when accidents occur. In court a women said this man did this and said that…after the accident, he denied it all of course. Being an unlicensed illegal with no insurance, drunk. In spanish he threatened the women and produced a knife. Her phone held the evidence. Nothing really happened. He wasnt locked up for being illegal, nor disregarding all traffic laws, or the supposed threat, but drunk in public and 6 hours in the tank and released. Given a date to appear for INS. That was in 2000.

        Never seen him again. This is what
        America has gotten to under the leftist democrats. Courts are garbage. Two things are immediately dismissed, first the truth followed by justice.

        Subject: [clashdaily] Re: FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee and Then Arrests Him

  • Gizmo

    1st, WHY was this guy stopped? Violation of permit? He SAW it? Only after he was trying to get registration for the cop! The holster was obviously closed, he wasn’t reaching for it, he wasn’t making threatening moves or remarks…
    The COP was being rude & crude with the F this, f that, then lies to the dispatch in saying the guy didn’t tell him he had a permit!

    NAZISM is alive & well… THANK YOU LIBERALS & FOOLS!!!

  • $8105658

    having a cc and then it become visible is not a violation of nay law. He didn’t draw or display it, the cop could see it under his shirt. The weapon was not pointed at him. The guys should sue the county. He will win in a sane country. Not so sure now.

  • Al Chemist

    What happens when he wants to buy another gun or apply for another CCL? Does this arrest stay on his record? No CCL, no more guns! Maybe that was the point of it all. I don’t know, just asking.

  • TAM44

    Well, they scraped the bottom of the barrel when they made this pure 100% obama hole a LEO. There was no excuse for his pelosi mouth and shows he’s not fit to be on the job.

  • Hauptman

    Typical stupid cop. It seems that more and more idiots are choosing law enforcement and wanting to lord over the citizen he is supposed to serve and protect.

  • Zettalee

    This is unconscionable!!! That officer needs to be reprimanded and retrained about the legality of a Conceal/Carry permit. This was totally unnecessary! The man who was arrested was within his rights, and showed no act of aggression AT ANY TIME!
    I also am a Conceal/Carry licensed individual, and I am disgusted with these types of tyrannical actions directed toward us law-abiding citizens by the establishment!!!

    • Zettalee

      It is also very unsettling that the officer threatened to shoot the driver without any cause…

  • pwr11@aol.com

    I happen to live in Fl., in the county next to Citrus Co. Fl. I also have a CCW permit. In Fl. you are NOT Req. to tell Law enforcement you are carrying concealed unless asked, we also have a law on the books to protect against any accendental exposure of a concealed firearm. This said, the man in this video should not have had the holster he has as it is not a very good CCW holster and is much too easily exposed. This man has broken no laws, the deputy seems a bit overly agressive, and I believe the deputy could have been more understanding and Deff. not so rude to this man. On the occassion if stoped by law enforcement I tell the officer I am a CCW holder and am carrying, I have found it to be the best avenue for me to avoid any confussion. This is a bad situation that could have been avoided by both or either of these two men. I hope they have both learned somthing from it. The idividual should face no punishment from his carrying of the firearm and the officer should be taught how to handle people with a CCW permit with respect. We have over 1 million CCW permit holders in Fl. and we have very, very few problems from it, in fact the crime rate is at an all time low.

  • PC

    This deputy made so many mistakes: He should have said, 1) “Sir, stay IN THE VEHICLE,” 2) “keep your hands where I can see them;” 3) “are you carrying any kind of a weapon?” 4) Then verbally abusing repeatedly with profanity a citizen is unacceptable. The officer repeated lied to cover his own rear end. For the weapon to be accidentally exposed when obeying the officer’s order is NOT “illegally brandishing a weapon.” NOTE: the driver should have told the officer that he had a weapon–they teach you this in a CCP course; but, we don’t get paid for being citizens (at least I don’t). There is little doubt that the driver would have complied peacefully. The deputy needs some time off and either be retrained, or get another job before he hurts someone.

  • DOC B


  • Sharp as a marble

    This Florida deputy is a perfect example of give an ahole a gun and a badge he thinks he’s God.

  • windKnot

    It appears the officer has empty nut sacks. He is obviously afraid,which accounts for his overreaction. It is just as disconcerting that he feels the need to power dress up like a Gestapo (very scary with his suspenders) The officer needs to be retrained or better yet, get a different job where he can’t impose his neurosis on law abiding citizens. I live in an a joining county & rest assured I will inform everybody about this Nut Job! I’ll bet he was smacked around in grade school.

  • doc

    foul mouth aside, he had every right to act as he did. this guy with the ccw permit did every thing wrong. first he got out of car. this puts the officer on alert. second this guy should have declared he was armed and had a ccw so the officer could disarm him. third this guy turned his back on the officer exposing a gun in his belt. the officer does not know if he has another gun hidden on him or in the car. his actions got him arrested by a very nervious officer. i am ccw holder and have been stopped with no problems because i read the ccw booklet and knew how to respond. it is our right to bare arms but we should do it wisely.

  • Tuck in TX

    This LEO is what is wrong with those with the Rambo syndrome many of them have. He was never threatened but threatened the citizen for having a lawfully licenses firearm. The only reason this firearm became noticable is because RAMBO asked him to turn around. More training is needed for this officer as he failed in so many ways in how he handled this one! We must still obey the LEO’s commands but let the judge sort out his innocense. Then, sue the PD department for violation of this man’s civil rights and our right guarenteed under our Second Amendment.

  • Cowboy

    He mite be a Police officer, but his ass, is dead wrong here. he man told him and also said he had’s a permit to carrie. he Police officer is to ask him to show it and give it to him, he can ask the man to hand him his weapon until after he reads his permit. At which time after which time he see that he has a permit, return him his weapon, if this officer was in Texas, I would file on him so fast, His but would be on fire. This Police man took the law in his own hands and not the law. Cowboy:

  • Bob

    I believe there is a new law on the books in Florida where it is not a criminal offense if your concealed weapon is temporarily displayed just for instances like this. If I was that man, I would call my State Representative or Senator and find out.

  • Rooster

    The cop should be fired, but the biggest screw up in this is the STUPID Concealed Carry training instructor who told the CC holder that you, “never tell them unless they ask”, B.S.!!!This instructor should lose his/her training license. This is NOT the way to avoid trouble but rather a way to get yourself shot, or at least in DEEPER trouble. I have been stopped several times in Fl. and live in the county next to Citrus Co. I ALWAYS KEEP MY Dr.Lic. AND CC Premit TOGETHER in my wallet and when the officer arrives at my rolled down window BOTH are given to him AT THE SAME TIME. They will ask WHERE you have the weapon and often what type. If my wife is with me I will also tell him that she has a permit and a weapon. They have ALWAYS thanked me for advising them of these facts and shown reasonable respect in return for me showing them respect. NEVER argue with them about WHY they stopped you. You will never win. If you want to fight the charges, you can have your day in court. NEVER argue with the officer during the stop. You can POLITELY discuss it with him BRIEFLY but DO NOT make it a confrontation. YOU WILL NOT WIN!and could only make it worse .Make their job easier for them and they will often cut you a brake on the reason they stopped you. GLD

  • nomame

    Florida needs to change there law. It should be like the law in Arizona ! Here in Arizona all of us have a right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, and police here would not get away with this bull. The cop in FL. is nothing less then a true Nazi and a lier. He also needs a hearing and comprehension test done. He should be convicted of harassment, and intimidation and unlawful detainment and fired. This country does not need police like him, he is a danger to the public.

  • SteveNC

    the first thing you’re supposed to say if you’re stopped is that you have a permit to carry concealed and you ARE carrying…you’re supposed to say this while both hands are in plain sight…did the officer over-react? YES…but if this goes to court, this guy will be in trouble and WILL PROBABLY lose his concealed license.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    This stupid punk has no place in Law Enforcement ,the punk has to be an ODUMBA voter,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • shamu9

    As a retired Fl. Correction Officer, after being treated like that by a Sheriffs Deputy, I would be outside his door EVERY Morning, and he would have to whip my butt every day, just to go to Work!!

  • john

    Peckerheaded po-leese…Such an ass. He’d be laughed out of the magistrates office here in Pennsylvania.

  • john

    Just an afterthought…I’ve been pulled over while not carrying and cops do the DUMBEST things like sticking their head in the window of the vehicle (an obvious attempt to see if someone has been drinking at all).

  • Bob M.

    Yeah, the guy obviously looked like a gang-banger and with his gang-banger girlfriend, traveling around Florida in their low-rider van. Very suspicious. I spent 36 years in LE and can only shake my head when I see the people who are supposed to be protecting us treat us like criminals.

  • Scott Wilson

    This behavior of this cop was unquestionably wrong.
    Yet it is wise to notify a cop as soon as he stops you that you are armed. Any decent CCW trainer will tell you that. This citizen let the cop see it by exposure and failed to notify him in advance.
    That’s not an excuse for such atrocious behavior on the part of the cop. At all. He should be fired and never allowed to work in law enforcement again for the rest of his nazi punk life.
    Yet the citizenry should learn from this mistake the carrier made. Big time.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    The first thing I noticed, after the officer placed the citizen in restraints, was that he used the front of the vehicle then the open door to block the cameras view of just how far up he apparently lifted the female passenger’s blouse to check for weapons. I understand, given his mind-set, the officer’s need to assure himself that she at least didn’t pose an immediate threat to him. However, he might’ve been better advised to perform that brief check in full view of his camera to avoid any possibility of a claim of inappropriate sexual conduct. As to the rest of it, he also used the woman’s ample self to block the view of the exact manner with which he “Helped” the driver stand up. Yes, the driver should’ve told the officer first, from within his vehicle, and yes, it did go downhill from there. The officer’s attitude is a concern for both his superiors and the public whom he supposedly serves. The outcome will depend greatly on just how much face the department and the district attorney want to save.

  • Juan Motie

    nazi cop

  • Josh

    I’ve got two family members currently in LE, but this makes me wanna go pig hunting.

  • Lyvnxxl

    When ever you are pulled over, you must submit your permit and inform the officer you are armed and have a valid permit. It is in the “Conditions of CCW Permit”, and I quote: “Shall immediately notify any peace officer with whom the licensee comes in contact with that the licensee is armed and has a permit in their possession.” and “Shall not refuse to display or surrender their permits and weapon when requested to do so by a peace officer.” and “Shall not unjustifiably display a deadly weapon” (not that he did that, but it could be seen when he reached into his van). The Driver should have immediately told the officer he was armed even before he stepped out of the vehicle, according to the law.

  • Sherry Taylor

    what an a####ole I am a great grand ma and I carry with a permit..I understand when a legal citizen has a gun it makes them equal. I hope the cop is suspended without pay and has education on treatment of legal citizens…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CY7V3743RRO7MJTI5NROJHLLQ Ken

    Although this video has been out since 2009, you will find little media coverage of this. This is the only MSM article I could find: http://www.chronicleonline.com/content/traffic-stop-video-triggers-investigation

  • Dcamp69

    Both of these gentlemen were wrong. When pulled over, the older gent should have sat quietly with his hands on the wheel until the officer asked for his info. Then he should have just given it to him and let the officer inform him of the infraction. He would then received, most likely, a warning for the expired tag. At worst, a citation.

    Aside from that, he followed the letter of the law as it is written in the state of Florida. The officer was just being a dick and should be severely reprimanded, to include loss of pay, for his actions.

    I reside in NC and here the law states that you must, if approached by an officer for an infraction (not just walking by one on the street or in the store), inform said officer that you have a concealed carry license and a weapon. To me this just make sense if you don’t want to be shot by some trigger happy, poorly trained cop.

  • Poodleguy

    First off, I am a Constitutional conservative, NRA member, former US Army, hunter & multi gun owner. Having said that, the civilian screwed up royally – anytime a person is pulled over by law enforcement, the very 1st thing to do is to roll the driver’s window down, put both hands outside the vehicle, rotating them in such a fashion that the LEO can see that the hands are empty. This is notice to the LEO that there is a firearm in the vehicle. Then announce to the LEO that you are carrying & you have a CCW permit & you will have no problem. Having done it a few times whilst traveling, I assure you that it works every time & you won’t go thru what this guy did. What else do you think an officer would do when he spots a weapon, concealed on the civilian & he didn’t inform him????? I live in Arizona & as long as you have no felonies or misdemeanor arrests for domestic violence, you can carry concealed – just be damned sure to inform a LEO that you are carrying when contact is made. The guy asked for it.

  • CaptTurbo

    What an unprofessional foul mouthed prick. He needs to be removed from the force.

  • Lee W.

    The deputy should be fired for false arrest as well and for foul language – what a disgrace to the police profession and should be sued for the above as well as his department !!

  • Linder

    What a foul mouthed officer. He was totally in the wrong. It’s a good thing it’s on video so his superiors can see what a jerk he is.

  • Senior

    This “cop” is mentally ill, paranoid and an idiot! He should be fired and made to apoligise to this man, his wife, to all the honorable police officers and the public that he has offended by his wrong behavior and language. If he is not mentally ill then he is very very immature and an idiot. It is scary that he has a gun!

  • fed up in USSA

    This is why I no longer conceal carry ,.. of the few times i was stopped “every” time was a major issue with the police.. after picking up my weapon from the station for the third time with a lawyer.. I gave up… not worth the threats from the police.. pretty sad when the police are worse then the thugs..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CY7V3743RRO7MJTI5NROJHLLQ Ken

    I just posted a link to the article that gives an update on this video. Why was it deleted?

  • Ernest_T

    Fire that tyrant cop. through his butt in jail.

  • foxxybey

    The deputy is a nazi want to be, he didn’t ask if the man had a weapon and still said he was going to shoot him, this guy needs to be fired and today, he is a terrorist in uniform and nothing more. A little hitler SOB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.peterson.182 Michael Peterson

    In Texas, they teach that if you are approached by law enforcement, for any reason, the very first thing you need to do is inform the LEO that you have a valid CHL and are carrying a concealled handgun. You definitely don’t want a LEO to see your gun before he sees your CHL. I don’t know Florida law so I can’t dispute what this guy said about not volunteering that information but, it doesn’t sound right.

  • mannyMoeJack

    Meanwhile this cop doesn’t have the cajones to confront a real criminal. What an ass. Fire that officer immediately and sue for false arrest..

  • Rob

    This is a old video. The guy was arrested and charged but the DA refused to charge him.

  • db

    Why law abiding citizens can no longer trust the police…..

  • Mark

    Everybody familiar with PARMA, By Cleveland , Ohio. Is VERY familiar with this “type” of officer. Reminds me of Hitler’s Brown Shirts!

  • wvumounties8

    I’d like to know how this was addressed by the officers supervisor. Also, if the LLL Media has even picked up on it.

  • MaximumEve

    This deputy is a complete liar. He portrayed everything differently than it appeared on video. What a disgrace. Cowardly, dishonest and dangerous. Please fire this loser.

  • Joel Whitehurst

    The officer is a coward. Barney Fife Lives!!!!

  • Pennell


  • Ron

    Overboard on most everything. The language from a law enforcement officer for one thing. He should be charged with using profanity in public for one thing. He is also wrong about exposure of the weapon. He made it possible for the weapon to be seen. I would have checked his permit, after taking the weapon momentarily, while checking the registration and then if all was in order I would have let him proceed, making sure I had all information I needed, name, tag number, etc.


    the cop is wrong!not only was he told that the man had a permit for the gun,his words of “I don’t care if you have a permit or not” SHOWS that he heard the man tell him about the permit.He was trying to show that he was the one in charge.I hope that hey either re-train this cop,or fire him for false arrest.because that’s exactly what it was.False arrest.This an should talk to a lawyer about a lawsuit against that cop.he did not NEED to prove that he was “in charge.”and the threat to shoot him in the back?what the hell for.the man was trying to tell him what was going on,but he didn’t want to listen to anything other than his own voice.

  • datec1

    And the police want RESPECT? THIS is EXACTLY why they are called “pigs” by some people!

  • doctorbob

    Another bully thug cop, making up the law as he goes along! This cop NEEDS to be FIRED! Obviously he has NO respect for the law.

  • Rafael O.

    Here in Georgia, we can carry openly or concealed a weapon, I remember a case when a guy was paying at a gas station… when he remove his wallet from his pocket, his gun was exposed, another costumer saw the weapon and called the police, when the police arrived they asked about the weapon, he replied that he have a permit for the weapon. The police arrested him for exposing his weapon, when the case went to court, the judge throw out the case, because the individual can openly carry or conceal his weapon at any time he chose to it! he also sent both police officers for remedial training in GA, gun laws.

  • diverjimk

    Doesn’t Florida also have an open carry law? Wisconsin was slow in passing concealed carry but we’ve open carry for, since forever! This cop is an idiot. Hope he gets fired or a least sued.

  • Nick Hogan

    I would not stop untill this cop lost his job and i would sue him the department he worked for and the city he worked for, some cops are worse than the criminals they swear to protect us from.

  • captain marvel

    He should never have left the car… he did not tell the officer he had a cc permit.

  • Joegun

    I read that police officers get shot and hurt all the time and it’s increasing year after year……WHY? Is it because of the police officers lack of public relations training,,or is it a power feeling they get or what? There will continue to be more and more police getting hurt if they don’t stop this power grab with the American citizen. When the crap starts to hit the fan and things start getting REALLY bad,,,the cops are gonna be the governments 1st implementation against the public. They will also the 1st to go down. It would behoove our police force to use better judgement when coming in contact with citizens. After all,,the cops are citizens too,,,,,when they don’t have that power uniform on.

  • gdoggerz

    Tyranny…this cop will get hired by BO to head up the firing squad

  • catnip24

    having been a policeman for over 30 years i would have been looking out for my safety. when i saw the gun i would have been extremely careful since i wouldn’t know if he was going to pull his gun on me. i certainly wouldn’t have used the foul language this officer used.

    i would have my gun pointed at the guy and called for back up. i would have placed him against the van and taken the gun and patted him down. when he told me he had a permit he would have stayed that way until my back up arrived.
    then for my safety i’d search the van to make sure there were no more weapons. then i’d let the guy show me his permit. i would have unloaded his gun and told him to get back in his van. i’d give him back the unloaded gun and ammo and he’d be on his way. that would have been the end of the story.

  • RPM1960

    Citrus County Deputy has Mental Problems and does not need to be carry a gun or wearing a Badge like Professional Law Enforcement. He shows lack of control and immaturity. He is a Danger to the public at large.

  • Ballistic45

    Thug Cop, has no idea of the Constitution or his oath to uphold it… Cops carry guns to protect themselves so they can go home at night, but fail to give citizens the same right..

  • TapDogsDad

    That cop is guilty of overstepping his authority. He should be fired! No question about it. Most cops are pretty good guys, but this jerk is a great example of the few, bad cops who are power mad! He has no business on any police force. He obviously cannot be entrusted with the power and authority that comes with a badge.

    The person arrested absolutely made no threatening moves toward the officer. This little video should be very useful in court. The person arrested should get a barracuda attorney….. my brother would have loved to have taken this case……

  • Florida Patriot

    This officer is dead wrong. He should either be terminated or have a severe reprimand with time off without pay and then be busted to lowest rank, lose his seniority and be made to re-take the full academy once again. I hope this fellow files suit against the county AND the officer for violating his civil rights. He lied, saying he never was told about a permit, yet it’s one of the first things out of the subjects mouth. Where did they get this hot headed BOZO. It’s guys like this that are so damned badge heavy and ignorant of the law that they give other officers a bad name. (I spent 15 years as an LEO in CA).

  • http://gayconservative.org/ Mel Maguire

    The officer severely overreacted…he’s an obvious Tackleberry who doesn’t see his job as a PEACE officer, but rather as an enforcer. The best cops I know and work with don’t take themselves or the job so seriously that they behave like this. Most cops I know don’t react so rashly. On the other hand, there are a few things the driver could have done differently…he wasn’t perfect. Never get out of the vehicle unless you are asked to. Never start reaching for anything as soon as you’re stopped – not even your seat belt. Show your hands first, then as soon as your window is down you should inform the officer immediately that you’re a CCW holder and you have your sidearm in the vehicle with you. Keep your hands in sight at all times and the chuckleheads like this guy who prefer enforcement to peace won’t have the chance to act like morons. At least that will be true MOST of the time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.c.hall.94 John C Hall Jr

    Stupid cop…I have dealt with his kind before….they make just above minimum wage and have the intelligence of a pig……

  • polmutant

    well now keep paying taxes. keep feeding them. soon they will be in your town; just like the welfareman,

  • deebar

    I have a CCP but carry it open or partly concealed . The victim here and he is a victim should have given his CCP along with his license to the officer whether he had to or not depending on the state .
    This happened to me just a week ago but gave both pieces of identification “before getting out of my vehicle” which is frowned upon . He thanked me for letting him know immediately . Didn’t get a ticket either ! Just use common sense and you’ll be fine .

    When you get a permit you have done a lawful act and they know already with a check .

  • Laird

    So, what happened to this poor gentleman? Is there not an ending to this story?

  • H8 Demokkkrats

    Makes me glad I don’t live in that intolerant cr@p hole state, the state the ousted Col. West, and put in those dirt bags Usama, Debbie Wasserman Slut and Florida’s #1 a hole Alan Grayson. Yes, cr@p hole state.

  • gwander53

    The driver made two mistakes, getting out of the car and not telling the officer he had a concealed carry. I don’t know if Florida law requires these things, but Ohio law does. But the officer was a jerk and overreacted. He should be disciplined in some way.

  • Noting inside worth dying for

    NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, gives this badge carrying power-freak the right to speak obscenities and let HIS emotions control his abusive handling of this situation. The man told him repeatedly he has a license to carry the gun. There WAS nothing threatening in his demeanor nor actions. The control-freak used seeing the gun as an excuse to “show you who’s in charge”!! The man was not yelling back at the badge carrier, nor issuing threats in return to the control-freak’s abusive handling. Like teachers, one bad “cop” (and I hesitate to apply that title of respect to this control-freak) is one toooooooooo many!!!!

    • runnindeer

      I agree. It is cops like this that make people afraid and distrustful of every cop. Back when I was a teenager I ran into a cop very much like this one. Power mad and a bully who enjoyed hassling young folks. I don’t know if the man just didn’t like young folks or if he did that to everyone, but he was a bully. It made me think twice about respecting cops and asking them for assistance when I needed to for years. They need to either re- train this guy or get rid of him before he cost the county way more than he’s worth.

  • charlesbigtruck

    There are to many cop’s like this on the job.

  • Jjl

    This is NUTS! Thank God it’s on Video as the officer said because the man that was arrested did NOT jump out of the vehicle at him. I tell ya if I was his wife I would’ve been one pissed off woman. He should be at the very least reprimanded! And openly apologize to this man & the American people for showing complete and utter disregard for our 2nd Amendment Rights!


    This is a testamony for the person in charge of that office this deputy is in gross violation of the law and it’s all on tap

  • 235 max

    That cop definitely needs to be fired he was way out of line. He’s just a bully on a power trip because he wears a uniform.

  • MontieR

    This is WRONG in EVERY way. This little NAZI needs to be FIRED.

  • wandamurline

    Me thinks this guy needs to find a good ole ambulance chasing lawyer to take this “cop” to the court house with a suit for illegal arrest and harrassment along with the city or county he works for. We had such a jerk who followed an elderly man and his friend because they were speeding. Come to find out the passenger was having a heart attack and they were speeding in an attempt to get him to the hospital. The jerk cop finally stopped them at a light and instead of escorting them to the hospital, he arrested the driver and left the guy having a heart attack in the car alone. Needless to say, this jerk cop no longer has a job and the city he worked for coughed up some $250,000 for his @zz ways. This should go to, because the man told him at least two times he had a permit….evidently this cop is deaf.

    • runnindeer

      Or he might be a Democrat which is the same thing as being deaf.

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Just more play to keep law abiding citizens from carrying. The driver should have told the officer he has a gun with a permit to carry The police officer should have pulled his gun when the man had his back turned when he saw the gun, and asked him not to move. While the driver had his back to the officer the officer should have said to keep his hand up or place them on the side of the van. After informing the driver he had his gun on him because he saw the gun under his shirt. The driver then should have told the officer he had a permit to carry. The officer got to upset and acted in anger, and that is a very poor responce when the officer lost control he endangered the citizen and himself. The office had total control but lost it. The driver after turning around and handed the officer the lic. the officer at that point should have just told him to keep his hands up. The tone of the officers voice and language was way out of line. The officer needs more training on how to take control of the situation. The office just may have destroyed that mans wellingness to ever help a officer in trouble. Officers need to be careful but never lose control, keep a cool head is very important in making a right call in danger. I think the officer was extremely out of control of the situation.

  • edinflorida

    I have been a police officer for over 37 years. I have seen all kinds of officers. This office is not suited for law enforcement. There is no reason for the officer to treat this man in the manner that he did, Further the driver did tell the office he had a permit so the officer is lying.

  • Tim

    I’m a Police officer and this Cop Pisses me off! Seriously what right did he have to order that guy around like that and with foul language. I carry a Fiream all the time and I do not identify myself as a LEO. So this guy could have been a cop for all he knows.

  • Sandy

    This rookie embarrasses me. He embarrasses all officers. Americans should always be assumed to be armed. You hear me rookie? Americans have: The Second Amendment!? Were you asleep in academy?

  • dadiffer

    this man needs to sue this dumb ass Nazi police man. this idiot police man over stepped his bounds . this policeman went over board. you could tell all along this man was not violent, i say sue the idiot officer and his employer’s

  • Brian P.

    I’m actually kind of torn on this one. I don’t know if Florida law requires a permit holder to notify law enforcement but this guy should have especially before getting out of the van and reaching behind his back.

    But I also don’t like the cop’s remark about not caring if he had a permit or not.

    Trying to see both sides here.

  • hangman57

    I have a book with the laws for all 50 states .In Ohio you are required to stay in the car and hands on steeringwheel .let officer know you have a permit ,where your weapon is located .Then ask the officer what he wants you to do.

  • Lou

    every cop, just like ever person , is different, they are not robots. What one may perceive as an imminent threat, just getting out of the Academy, is old hat for another, which can be good or bad. It is unfortunate that this situation was handled this way, guy was probably a rookie and his testicles jumped in his throat when he actually saw a civilan with a gun. I was a Deputy for years and definitely the BEST policy is to inform an officer of CCW because the most dangerous job an officer can preform is a traffic stop. I am avid 2nd Ammend, rights supporter as well. This is not the time for law- abiding gun-lovers, officers and civilians alike to quibble over one bad situation when most are on the same page

  • Old Grunt

    A substantial majority of police officers are terrified that citizens can now legally carry firearms in their jurisdictions and will seize on any perceived opportunity to harass and detain any civilian licensee in order to discourage the exercising their right to carry. Many Chief law enforcement Officers in these jurisdictions secretly support this kind of harassment.

  • AnnieK13

    This is a travesty; the cop should be relieved of duty for undo force. The man he stopped never ‘brandished’ a weapon or threatened him but cooperated fully!

  • Robert Martin

    Whether or not there is a legal obligation to inform an leo of the fact you are carrying, is irrelevant. It’s still a good idea. That way you aren’t going to surprise him/her with what to some of the more nervous ones, can be an unsettling discovery. Watch the video. As an ex-cop in GA, I can tell you, I’m not too impressed with the deputies demeanor after he got a glimpse of the the gents weapon. The man was obviously not an immediate threat, so just asking a few pertinent questions, and even possibly securing the weapon somewhere out of reach of the subject would not have been unreasonable in this situation. This deputy has been watching too many TV & movie cops. There was absolutely no justification for the behavior and language that he used on this man. Do any of you Ex, or currently working cops, remember what we were taught about professionalism? I do, and this young man needs to be reminded of it, in a way that will stick with him.

  • Robert Martin

    USMC & proud, watch the video again, and listen this time. the Deputy told the man he was pulled over for expired registration. (Tag or license plate) That’s what the driver was looking for when his shirt rode up and exposed the pistol.


    that was ashame to see that officer do what he did. he makes law enforcement look bad. he definitely needs to be fired and poosibly be sued for false arrest! the driver showed no intentions of not cooperating with the cop. that might have been his first arrest.

  • darrelljr

    Must be Barrnie Fifth’s distant cousin. What a dipsh*^. The kind of guy you would like to have drinks with – off-duty of course.

  • Darlenam

    This is the kind of police officer that is a civilian’s worst nightmare. He would be the one that would answer “Yes” to firing on American citizens if asked too. He has the mentality that because he is the law, he can do and say what ever he wants and we are suppose to follow like sheep, even when he is in the wrong, which he clearly is. Let his own tape be his undoing just like the fools in Texas that gave body searches to two ladies on the side of the road. Those two fools would probably answer “Yes”also.

  • Douglas_Thompson

    Here are the problems I saw: (1) the Leo was very unprofessional. His supervisor needs to do what his mother obviously didn’t – wash his mouth out with soap, that gentleman didn’t deserve that. (2) Brandishing a weapon (as I have been told and understand it) is to intentionally display the weapon in or out of the holster, which this man didn’t do. His shirt rode up, when he reached into the car, thereby displaying the holster. From my point of view, the holster could have been empty (obviously it wasn’t), but you couldn’t definitively see the gun just from the video. (3) The Leo said, “I don’t care if you have a permit or not” and later on calls the man a liar by saying that the man never said he had a permit. Which is it? Is the man a liar, or is it just that the Leo didn’t care? I happen to think the Leo didn’t care. He should understand that when he told the man that it was being videotaped, his actions were also being videotaped. That became an easy way for his supervisor to evaluate his performance.


    ‘Concealed’ does not mean completely hidden! Texas no longer requires the holder of a CHL to display it along with your driver license. If this guy was carrying concealed, then he should have immediately notified the officer that he was carrying and then when asked, displayed his CHL. I have stopped many drivers who had a CHL, and there was never any problems…

  • d brady

    As if its not bad enough people from florida have to admit there are morons that can keep up with their children we have to deal with this crap. That piece of work needs to sit behind a desk not roam the roads to play cops and robbers like this.

  • chazzz

    Look,when you get pulled ove sit in the vehicle and when the officer comes up to the car hand him you license,proof of insurance and carry permit. I keep all three together for that purpose. The only time it ever comes out of my wallet is if I get pulled over or I am buying a gun. It usually puts the officer at ease and its a lot better than pissing him from the get-go. This was a big guy that was armed outside of his vehicle before there was any mention of a permit. He was also making some big moves,not threating but at the same time it would have been easy to come out with the gun if he had been a bad guy .Cops want to go home at the end of the day without any gunshot wounds.Smile,stay in your car until ask to exit, tell him you have a permit or hand it to him with your lic,and ins card. When the cops run your license dispatch informs the officer about warrents and a carry permit if you have one. Why not tell him from the get-go unless your trying to hide something. I try not to piss off my Dr, plumber or a cop when I get pulled over. It never works out well when I do.

  • hemshaw

    First, never get out of your vehicle when pulled over. Look to officer for direction. If carrying CPL, inform officer. That being said, this Deputy handled the situation poorly.

  • Randy

    fire this butt hole and sue him and the county they have no right to do what they did. obamas gun goons see this american will fire on use with out a dought

  • freedomringsforall

    What a piece of crap
    That officer should have been fired asap!
    He is an unstable whack job!
    I hope they win a million dollar law suite against that department.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    Who the F_ck does that p.o.s think he is? They better have fired his marxist gestapo a_s.
    Now you can see what will happen when that commie p.o.s. tries to take our guns, garbage like this deputy will start shooting at the sight of a gun. The guys drivers license should have indicated that he was legal to carry.
    That deputy is back peddling, he knows he is wrong. The driver made absolutely no threat.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    Damn, I didn’t realize that you could not reveal a weapon to law enforement when you had a carried concealed permit. I thought it was to cover your butt if the law officer was to frisk you and find it, then you were legal. Again, I thought his driver’s license had an indicator tag for carry concealed.

  • Ncrdbl1

    His gun became visible when he was reaching for his wallet to get his drivers license and this is what the officer calls bashing a weapon. It is clear the officer was out of control. I hope this is followed and the results of the incident is re[ported. It woudl be great to see this out of control officer have to apologize in court to this innocent citizen.

  • tammy

    i did not know it was an arrest-able offense for someone or a police officer to spot your concealed weapon.

  • mudpie

    If the gun was holstered, it could not be seen. From the video, I only saw the bottom of the holster, not the gun itself. If this guy files a civil rights complaint with the nearest US attorneys office, it must be investigated by the FBI and it will follow the deputy for his career, right or wrong.



  • Guest

    Anyone have a clue what county this was?

  • Encycloman

    Citrus County, FL must be a great place to visit. This ONE VIDEO takes out about $10,000,000 of advertising for tourists!

  • judge

    As a Judge this officer is out of control. He should be fired immediately.
    “I’ll shoot you in the F—— back” really! The officer has lost his ability to detect what is a threat. He puts the man spread eagle aganist the van and never takes control of the weapon.OMG!

  • bob

    i hope someone is looking for a job i suggest they get language training and truth telling , just thing IF there was not a vido how many more lies this person would tell . Hope I’m on jury when law suit comes to trial bob

  • Abe

    The deputy needs to be put in jail and left!!!!!! 20 years sounds about right!!!

  • Fiat Judicia

    The officer is common trash. Did you hear his comment, ” I don’t care if you have a permit or not”. All need to demand his termination.

  • Bosco I. Kyll

    The cop is WRONG!!! He owes this citizen a public apology!!! Either TRAIN this deputy or fire him!!! We do not need stupid nazis legislating from the patrol car!!!

  • Ron Obvious

    This cop and all those like him need to be found out and fired, for they are the ones who shouldn’t have a fire arm! The cop just keeps digging in deeper and deeper as the video and audio goes here. Totally unprofessional, and I would own that sheriff dept, after this! The cop told him to exit the van!

  • Ron Obvious

    Any cop that flies off the handle and threatens the life of a citizen, for NO REASON, and there was not reason for the deputies actions here, should be fired on the spot. The cop is the one who lost control, and if he is so in fear of his life that he has to resort to this kind of behavior, he should have been pull from patrol duties and put on a desk, before something like this happened. He says he has been shot or shot at 3 times… so that givens him cause to act this way. The CCW owner acted as he should have, and kept his cool, so it should be an open and shut case for any lawsuit he brings against the county and sheriff’s dept. Any charges the officer tries to cook up here are all B.S. and shouldn’t make it through a grand jury, or really shouldn’t make it past the D.A.’s review of the video! In fact any good D.A., upon viewing this video, should immediately file charges against the deputy for conduct unbecoming and terroistic threatening of a citizen! In a just world that is what should have happened, does anyone know what the outcome was here?

  • Shadow_58

    If it had been me, when the young punk COP stated he would shot me in the back. The damn fight would have been on from that point. Total lack of professionalism and a disgrace to the uniform he was wearing. this punk should have never graduated from law enforcement school.

  • bluecb13

    This just lends creedence to the fact that a lot of cops are so badge happy and needing that high that comes from pushing his authority that the law means very little to them.

  • The Iron Yooper

    No question about it, this deputy was abusing both his authority and a citizen by attempting to provoke him into defending himself or goad him to any action so he could shoot him; he’s no professional. I’m dropping an e-mail to our local sheriff that this deputy should not be hired here when he’s fired for this little peice of stupidity in Florida.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fatmuscle1 Cliff Owen
  • flothow

    This is obviously a very scared young policeman who didn’t know what to do in the situation.

  • flothow

    And then the idiot policeman says it’s a violation of his permit because his shirt came up and the policeman SAW his gun! Sheeit! You don’t have to conceal a weapon! He CAN display the firearm according to our constitution as long as he is not waving it around in a menancing manner!. This man should SUE the police department!

  • John Nabors

    WOW- this so called “officer” is an IDIOT!!!

  • Bob Bullock

    What has happened since the video? Were the charges dropped?

  • nightingayle

    What a stupid cop…he should not be a cop..yes, it is all on video how this guy did nothing wrong and the cop is an ass hole from hell. Hope he gets fired..these are the kind of cops that gives good cops a bad name.

  • Bruce F.

    The first words the driver should have said as he exited the vehicle was “officer I have a concealed weapon permit and I have a weapon on me at this time” and the whole problem would have been avoided. The officer acted properly.

  • stantonlore

    In SC you must present your CWP when stopped by law enforcement IF the gun is concealed on your person. The driver did not show the leo his CWP when he showed him his driver’s license. The driver was in violation, but the leo should have done no more than cite him. If he ran him and found out he had no open warrants then release him and give him a warning. Errors on both sides here, but the driver’s failure to tell he had a CWP and a weapon on his person is mostly responsible.

  • Michael Hallett

    Definition of BRANDISH
    : to shake or wave (as a weapon) menacingly
    : to exhibit in an ostentatious or aggressive manner
    The driver did not brandish his weapon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Constantine/100000159707148 Richard Constantine


  • Former cop

    I can tell you first hand the cops in Florida are the most unprofessional, ignorant bunch I have ever encountered. Pulling over cars and giving tickets whether warranted or not
    makes no difference to these bozos. I think this must be a main source of revenue. (Waldo comes to mind). If you are out of state–WATCH OUT!!!! Legalities never get in their way of performing their job. And once they pull you over the sky is the limit for finding ways to arrest you! The more trumped up charges, the more revenue.

  • Douglas Dickey

    This deputy needs to be fired. He way over-reacted. His language was disgusting. He showed complete disregard for the law himself. He is totally useless as a law enforcement officer if this is his normal way of behaving.

    He cannot even admit a mistake once he makes it, it is pointed out. What would he have done on a dark night with no witnesses. He may have shot this person for no reason other than his own fear.

    I respect the heck out of 99% of law enforcement and appreciate the job they do and the danger they face. This person is not one of those 99%.

    Douglas Dickey

  • Douglas Dickey
  • John Law

    driver was wrong, before he got out of vehicle he should have told the officer he had a concealed weapon permit.

  • am2sweet

    Looks to me as though Mr Deputy is on a big power trip and resents that an average citizen is allowed to carry a gun same as him.

  • Nomadd

    #1 He should have stayed in his Vehicle and none of this would have ever happened. But the cop was a total Jackazz and should be fired.

  • zzman57

    I was a law enforcement officer in Citrus county, they are very poor law inforcement agencies. They are over powering, and unjustly rude as you can see. No need for a proffessional officer to speek with this language of arigant demeanor. This man is a good citizen, and that is why he is licenced to carry. R.S.Singleton Fl. St. Investigator Ocala, Fl.

  • franklygross

    if its still holstered isnt it still considered concealed? can anyone point to the fine line description of concealed vs brandished?

  • G_twenty_six

    In Wisconsin , thank God, we have open carry without a permit or concealed with a permit. This prevents you from being arrested if you accidentally expose your firearm from concealment.

    Some people open carry also.

  • Ghost Rider

    First of all the cop had a very bad attitude and used foul language that didn’t need to be used. He also threatened to shoot the man in the back.. If you watch the video the pistol never displayed as the cop said it did. This cop needs training in personnel relations, law, language and a few other things. If I was this guy I’d sue this cop for harrassment, illegal arrest, damage to my vehicle and whatever else my lawyer wanted to do.

  • Keenan Lee

    I’m sorry, what an a**.

  • magnum747

    Unfortunately, many of the replies below are some of the reasons that the gun banning crackpots are foaming at the mouth over our guns. I was taught in my ccw class that one of, if not the first thing out of your mouth when interacting with LE is notification of your carry status. This video wouldn’t even be here if he did the “right thing” whether notification is the law or not. You wanna be right or you wanna be dead? I probably would have reacted in a similar fashion if I was in the dep.’s shoes. Look, I’m no cop cheerleader, more like the other direction. I am a fan of common sense, thuogh.

  • Z/SGT


  • Ric Davis

    This officer needs different employment. He has no social skills and is the reason Florida is at the bottom of the education system’s tally sheets.

  • phunyfarm

    This is Obama’s ideal for America!

  • Tom

    I use to be a LEO and I learned during my firearms instructor training that even if we are stopped we were taught to say first thing is ” for my safety and yours I am an off duty police officer and I am armed how would you like me to proceed” Keeps everybody involved from doing something stupid. Sometimes there are two officers on the stop and I want to let the officer at my window know so the other cop does not do something stupid

  • blkbelt

    The driver should never have left his vehicle. Most law enforcement officers tell you to stay in your car. The weapon would never have been seen. This officer is more and more typical of ill trained officers who over react. Even in a state that does not require informing, I think you are better off letting the officer know immediately you have a ccw and you have a weapon.

  • WASP

    Anybody hear any more about this. Has the Stasse storm trooper been suspended, put on leave (with pay of course) or fired?

  • Larry

    Another total pig cop. Big surprise. He ought to be killed!

  • Larry

    Pigs are all cowards; worthless, good for nothing cowardly pigs. We ought to all turn on the pigs and kill them in cold blood. The victim ought to sue the $hit out of this jurisdiction. These type of law enforcement pigs are worthless. To he!! with all of them. There was nothing threatening about that man or his wife. Just another story of worthless pigs!

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    A law officer is taught that his first need is to take control of the situation. Sometimes the easiest way to do that is to club the person you’ve detained….. sometimes you just shoot someone. Now you’re in control and can proceed with handling the incident. Simple.

    OT: Why is it that people with the lower ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) scores wind up in the military police, and the people with the lower SAT scores wind up as teachers? Curious, that!

  • BOB

    I am a Retired USMARINE and i have a concealed carry and you are correct in that that officer needs retraining, also a abusive language class.

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