• http://www.facebook.com/TrickArchery Byron L. Tabor

    Just think…. According to the stats… 97% of the people in that room voted for Obama! And we wonder why our country is in such a mess!!!

    • Frank_Alexander

      100% of the people…

      • Daniel F. Melton


        • Scirel

          Yep – they will have at least 2-3 last names. One child per man.

      • $18476877


    • col

      Amen!!!!! He should have tazed all of them.

    • Deepizzaguy

      They wanted their toys and Big Bird on the telly.

  • tap

    Yeah Todd. Racism… So the black guy was being racist toward the black lady? Is that what you’re saying? The lady deserved it. She should have known better than to continue the argument with her children around. Speaking of the children; she set a fine example for them as well huh?

    • daniel1154

      You’re joking, right? I hope.

    • 19gundog43

      What lady! That was a skank douche bag.

      • Jim Denney

        Damn girl, I think I’m falling in love “wit U”! -:)

    • beebee

      Tap, she’s certainly no “lady”! Just a foul mouthed ill bred subhuman female spawn of satan, and breeding and producing regularly for the monthly “gu’ment” check!

    • Tells it like it is

      This is the way children are raised in hillary’s village.

  • Ray Weldon

    MAN do I feel so sorry for children that have to live with women that would act like that in front of them. Disgraceful but yet not surprising.

    • muypro

      Yes but you can tell that the children are NOT scared rather are interested meaning they have gone through routines like this BEFORE! There young women with children probably from different fathers who used the girls and abused them also then left the girls to fend for themselves growing up into young women w/ serious responsibilities and NO WHERE to go except Uncle Sam who probably took care of past genenerations of the same scenario! It all involves more pride than adult reasoning which has not been a norm for these people for MANY generations! It can change but Lord only knows the girls and women NEED to address the problems and want to change themselves and the next generations for there to be fewer scenarios like was witnessed and filmed! Change HAS to come from within! Also I think the cop or whatever he was aggrevated the situation and should have been man enough to back off himself. he needs an attitude adjustment to me!

      • DenverKitty

        The gentleman who tasered this poor excuse for a female and “mother” was probably tired of all the $hit he has to take day in and day out for years. I don’t blame him one bit. Shame that the taser wasn’t high-powered enough to put her down, keep her down, and re-load to take on the a$$hole that fronted him.

    • Kelly England McDonald

      If that is “social” behavior can you imagine what those poor children are subjected to at home??! Sad shameful….a cycle, that if not broken, will surely end in death. How many generations of their families have lived on welfare?? Too many “men” just standing around……looking badass, I know it’s a tough “job” but I doubt it pays well.

  • spearchucker

    Racism ? They were all the same race,differant classes maybe,but all the same race. The only thing missing was the Walmart sign.

    • beebee

      Please! Don’t “diss” Walmart like that!

    • DenverKitty

      spear, your last sentence was a classic. I so agree. I honestly wish I could afford to shop elsewhere!

  • Buckhuntr

    That kind of behavior is an everyday occurance. This was not a unique, out the ordinary situation. This is exactly what provokes black on black “he dis’d me honor gun duels” and other violent crime that is so common in the inner city. Notice how long it took those little kids to pick up on what was happening and they started mimicking what those 2 dips–ts were throwing down. They just sowed the seeds to propogate this same behavior into the next generation. You can’t fix stupid!! Lucky for her she only got tazed!!

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Should have held the button down.

  • Justin Sane

    I cried!

    • markinla

      tears of joy when she hit the ground?

      • Proud2bfromtheUSA

        it was sad right up until she hit the pavement then it was sad again. I weep for her children. Too bad she will never see these comments about her. it might just be the thing to shock her into responsibility but then I am counting on human feeling from a low life subhuman scank.

  • Justin Sane

    Byron, Technically, 158% of them, some voted twice.

    • DJYahtzee

      Yeah, but you can back that off a few. All of the are alive!

  • Beth

    I didn’t even understand what they were saying. I speak English… what did I just watch? Where was this? Why does that woman have children? Those children are going to grow up to act just like her. That circle needs to be broken.

    • art_arlo

      The kids???Future criminals and will be killers, thieves or dug dealers wind up shot in the street or spend time in jail because they will harm someone the mother does not know who the father and so on. What a shame. Pray for them

      • Pam

        Yes, pray for them.

        • capitalust

          Pray for the death of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and virtually every other Washington Pol except for Rand Paul. Can we contribute funds to the N. Korean nuclear missle program?

          • Ivrn

            Be careful what you pray for!

          • Conservativesniper

            Hell no, there is a great deal of American and world history, of all kinds in that area. Not to mention all the military personnel and innocents. Just have a gallows erected on the National Mall and let the trials begin. Starting with the enabling of the housing fiasco. Frank and Dodd are the first two up.

          • Pam


        • bigguyincolorado

          I’ll pray for the kids as they will probably not live past their teens with parents such as these acting stupid. They will become casulties of drive bys. They won’t be able to run and hide because the males have thier pants to low and will trip and the females will have thier mouth open to catch the bullits!

    • Steve Harper

      goobly gook is normal speak for that breed
      messed up show and tell
      most inner citys and because they breed like rats!
      more children mean more income!

      • 19gundog43

        Freaking animals! Sounds like someone chucked a rock into the monkey house at the zoo.

      • beebee

        And that’s one of the major things that is wrong with our government. They actually waste our tax dollars on aiding, abetting and supporting these lowlifes. If they would change the laws so that only the first illegitimate child gets “government support”, but any subsequent illegitimate children get nothing additional, that may cause the slugs who “take” to realize that working people do not “owe” them anything, that we are sick and tired of supporting this lifestyle. Just like government, the more money you give them the more money they demand! There has to be some kind of fiscal responsibility in government, and giving away more and more taxpayer money to those who do not earn it, does nothing except get us deeper in debt. Time to stop the give aways! They talk about “reworking” the SS system for people who worked all their lives to earn their retirement, but they never mention “changing” the welfare giveaways to generations of those who contribute nothing to the country, but only take. And their numbers are expanding daily! They are fast outnumbering the working sector. What happens then?

        • capitalust

          Nah, just take all of the little bastards (technical term, not pejoritaive) and process them for animal feed. Not safe to serve to humans. Well, maybe the folks in this video if you consider them human.

        • Kelly England McDonald

          You made me think….What happens when these people who have NEVER paid a penny in taxes hits 65?? SS is supposed to be based on how much you “pay in”. But then again, if this is typical behavior, then my question is moot, because they probably won’t make it to 65. Such a sad state of affairs and proof positive that when you work for nothing, you care for nothing.

        • fistdeyuma

          The problem is that the people running these programs want more people on them. They get promoted based on the number of people they serve. The more people they serve the better off they are. The Democrats pander to these groups and the Republican’s are a close second, hoping against hope that they can out-gift the Democrats and buy the votes for themselves. We have reached the tiping point, and may have done that some time ago. I don’t see any likelyhood of an honest person getting elected in the future. Anyone who tells the truth will get ripped in the polls.

    • TxPatrick

      Really just three words….m,f,nig….., :-(

    • Marine68

      You should have studied African trash talk.

      • capitalust

        “Excuse me maam, I speak Jive – I’ll translate for you” (one of the “Airplane” movies)

    • capitalust

      This is a prime example of the fine people that your tax dollars are being taken from you at gunpoint to support. Certainly none of them have ever paid any taxes. Unless you consider receiving tax “refunds” (negative tax) to be “paying” taxes.

    • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

      That “circle” you speak of is the reason why our country is intercoursed.

    • davienne

      OMG …. i didnt understand it either… but that was funny …. she fell over like a rotted tree… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… BREATH… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • col

      The F word is the only one I understood from the women. I think the last guy obviously wanted to make sure that the man with the tazer knew that he was going to get him. He must have said, ” I’m gonna get cha” 15 times. That’s there attitude too. Fine examples for those children. And they wonder why white people are racist. When they act like that, how can they think people are going to think differently about them. I have to say though, all blacks are not like that. There are some great black people that are very ashamed to see others in the race act like wild animals. I don’t want my taxes going to support people like that. I feel sorry for the childen because they are going to grow up to be exactly like their parents. Those are the people that shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. I wonder how many in that group have a criminal record.

      • Kelly England McDonald

        The shop owner was black, as the “ladies” so colorfully pointed out.

    • nate forrest

      They be sayin’…..”Git down wit yo’ badself!”……. Ya gots to know Ebonics.

  • Dwightmannn

    They need to go back to Africa, they are a blight upon this land. . .

    • beebee

      Africa probably won’t claim them……….

      • Dwightmannn

        lol You may have a valid point there. . .

    • tap

      The Africans I have talked to find them more disgusting than we do. We need to catch up to the times. In this country we have Black-Americans and Ghetto Americans. There is an obvious difference. I’m not at all racist. I judge a person by the content of their character. The woman in this video is not of good character.

      • Dwightmannn

        I am of the same fabric. . .

      • nate forrest

        Do ya’ think?

    • bayman61

      Are you kidding? Africa does not want them. Africa looks down on the blacks we have here.

      • Dwightmannn

        Cant say that I blame them. . .
        The problem is that we have so many of them. . .
        Useless resource eating so and so. . .
        i do know some good ones though. . .

  • caskinner

    Like looking at animals in a zoo. Notice the kids acting just like the trash adults.

    • $39132868

      Don’t insult honest animals.

      • caskinner


        • capitalust

          Don’t insult wild savage animals.

  • http://twitter.com/jr61020 Jason

    Obama’s base !! And people wonder why there is racism in this country. These uneducated, foul mouth people are a perfect example.

  • NJRedDog

    This is scary/sad. Though I think this illustrates why *not* having everyone armed with a gun is a good thing. Now arming everyone with Tasers…… that’s a thought!

    • markinla

      The only problem with tasers is that this “daddy” might be a gang or other criminal member and come back with a gun.

  • Steve Harper

    why bring a tazzer when you need a 45

    • tap


    • halfbreed

      Not allowed to carry a gun in the Inner City’s

  • Myptofvu

    Liked how the kids jumped in and started imitating Mom. You just can’t get an education like that in school.

    • Tells it like it is

      . yes you can . . . . in an owebomb school.
      this is the culture that the libera/regressives want to integrate into a respectful society.
      This is the contents of hillary’s village that it takes to raise a child.

    • Jim Denney

      Sure you can. Remember the kid in NC whose “teacher” was screeching “You will not disrespect the president of the United States” (translated from the original ebonics), because the kid said he disagreed with Lord Obama?

  • dandeman

    So what was the point of posting this video? Get real guys.. this is why we Republicans are looking so weak.. I’m a hard line conservative leaning right, but this adds no value to fixing the problem when you enchance the narrative with “Too funny and trashy mom”. Instead of making fun of this situation, why not add something about how to solve the problem or ask the question of why this came about in the first place. If we want to win in 2014, you better come up with something more than degrading videos of those who know not what they are in for in the next four years.

    • caskinner

      This is reality. Can it be fixed? This is just what Obama wants.

    • $39132868

      Get REAL? YOU get real? THIS is what literally trillions of WELFARE Bucks has created. THIS is the REAL American African. You don’t want to know this, do you? Cause this makes you squirm, as ALL your Mutli Culti MADNESS “ideal” go down like a log, just like that THING. Hey – there’s more of THEM every day. You can’t run anymore. THIS is what YOU want to appeal to? You are worse than those creatures.

    • markinla

      The point of the video is so people like you will wake up and realize there is no fixing this. Hopefully, some of the stupid liberals blaming this on “institutional racism” or some other claptrap see it and begin to wise up as well.

    • WellNowDear

      People make choices for their lives. That is why this came about in the first place. It has nothing to do with getting welfare or being black. The woman made a choice to act that way and raise her children that way. People need to pay serious consequences for that sort of behavior from very early in order to learn different ways of dealing with life.

    • WellNowDear

      People like that woman will probably always vote for the liberals if they vote at all. Forget them. They will never change. The young people is who we need to engage. They are always thinking and can be approached. Women like that are loosers. If you tried to talk to them about the constitution and why it is important they wouldn’t understand a word you said.

      • markinla

        You think her kids will want to learn anything? If they learn anything at all is that the money you get from welfare goes to booze or drugs. Don’t waste money on non-essentials since food stamps and food pantries is how you eat and section 8 is how you pay the rent, medicaid is how you pay the doctor and the local church is where you get your clothes from.

        I have seen this personally so I know. This is the mentality of the ghetto dweller or drug abuser low lifes multiplying like rabbits in our country.

  • dad666

    These are the people that elected Obama president and live off your taxes.

  • edleary1227

    The kids were mimicking their mother and taunting the police. While she deserved to get tazed, they don’t deserve to exposed to her kind of “upbringing”. What will happen when the SHTF and there is no welfare money for her or her children ? I imagine that she’ll get more than tazed. It’s both discusting and sad …

    • tap

      They’ll become cannibals…

      • nate forrest

        Which means they’ll be eating shite…..

  • Swimmer

    Ghetto America at its best. All those children with parents like that. They can blame society all they want for racism, but when u play into the sterotypes it’s not racism at all. It’s calling it as u see it! Ignorance is bliss with ghetto blacks. I love they act all cool and keep antagonizing, didn’t their ignorant asses learn from Rodney King?!

    • Tells it like it is

      Yeah, they learned that if you act stupid enough and can get the media to sympathize with you . you can get rich sueing the honky.

  • $39132868

    Hey all you “I Am Not a Racist/We Just Need to TEACH Them” DELUSIONAL cowards – THIS sort of scene plays out a million times a day, all over places that YOU dare not set foot.. THIS is what your literally trillions of Welfare buck has fed and bred. There are more of THEM every day. Average IQ of the American African is 80 points. That means HALF of them are under that mark. Take a good loooooong look at the Lower 80, You dare not say a word….some-one might CALL YOU A NAME!!!! Go ahead – keep telling yourselves that these creatures – your Pet Welfare Zombies – just need a little more “education” , and they will become reliable, hard-working, resourceful Jeffersonian Republicans. Go ahead. There’s more of them, courtesy of YOUR TaxBux, every single day. Have you checked your ‘hood yet? Look around – their African King IS moving them into YOUR town via Section 8 – and they know how to drive. Where will you flee now, Mr and Ms Tolerance’? You thnk there’s still someplace left to go? They outnumber YOU, globally, by the millions and millions and millions….

  • BobM001
  • Frank_Alexander

    Freedom comes with responsibility. Somehow they forgot the latter.
    Guarantee of success (According to Walter Williams):
    1. Graduate high school
    2. No children out of wedlock (man or woman)
    3. Take ANY job
    4. Do not commit any crimes

    Which one did they miss?

    • caskinner

      All of them I am sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    What a bunch of stupid negros they must be ODUMBA lovers because they all want free stuff ,,,,,,,,

  • $39132868

    Note how Da Babby Daddy shows up AFTER the climax of the video. Perhaps he smells a chance for to git paaaayed. Lawsuit ‘n sheeyit nomatI’msayin’? He was nowhere to be seen and heard when his darling model All American family got involved in a little kerfuffle….

  • AR15 Guy

    Animals,.. raised by animals

    • halfbreed

      No Animals, raised by Liberal Democrats, they control 98% of the large City’s in this Nation.

  • rivahmitch

    It’s clearly been training its larvae to behave the same way. Just hit the whole hive with DDT!

  • John W.H

    Typical, Obama supporters in action. Notice how well they are teaching their kids

  • rp

    dropped her like the bag of dirt that she is. hahahah

  • buckofama2010

    She and her whole colony deserved to be capped between the eyes with a 44 magnum with hollow points. That guy exercised incredible restraint against these jungle denizens.

  • Work2SnowSki

    Great Role Models.

  • harry mole

    Typical ghetto behaviour…These are the TAKERS! We pay for them to behave like this and teach their children to behave like this in the near future…Sad, very sad.

  • ron44

    i have nothing to say here because im at a loss for words as to what to say about this video. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT CAN ACT THIS WAY IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN AND OTHERS?

    • $39132868

      Come on. You know what they are.

  • Suzanne

    That’s terrible. And so sad. Why don’t they have more respect for themselves? Why go with the crowd mentality and live such base lives. Their language is atrocious! and those poor kids that grow up in that. No one is looking out for their little kids. You can tell they don’t value them. So sad….

    • $39132868

      Why? Average IQ is 85 points.

  • DJYahtzee

    This could have been a lot worse and probably will be before everyone’s satisfied.

    The little ones were taught (and probably not for the first time) to NOT respect others, that loud profanity is OK, that confrontation is good, not to mention whatever it was (theft?) that required the store keeper to step in and oust her.

    Why, she even sent them in alone after being banned, just to have a reason to come back.

    Yeah, this could have been a LOT worse! The only thing NOT done to those kids was to kill them outright.

  • brabbie2002

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t understand a word those people were saying other than a couple of cuss words and the “N” word. And, if you watch the children, you will see why there are so many of these types of people running around. They are following the lead of their mommas. And why wasn’t the dad out there with his so-called family helping to control the children. And judging from the number of kids, I don’t know how this woman had time to go shopping. She must be spitting them out like peach pits!

  • Karl75

    Do we need more proof that the Democratic-Progressive mind set, welfare state is a fairlure? If we do not reverse this trend those children and ours will live in a chaotic society and a failed country.

  • Rick

    Wow! I hope Mr. Obama sees this. Kind of makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?

  • TAM44

    Typical obama scum voters and that’s who put this boy obama in to office.

    Welfare breeding SOBs and illegal law breaking and breeding SOBs and the dead from the neck up SOBs.

  • markinla

    If Obama had a daughter she’d be just like her,

  • waltzersmatilda

    The emotions I felt while watching this were many: puzzlement — what in the world could have prompted such atrocious behavior? Disgust — at that atrocious behavior. But most of all sadness — because the children mirrored their mothers’ behavior & I know that, unless they can break out of the cycle, they will become trash-talking, altercation-prone (and worse) adults who don’t contribute anything to our American society — but rather help continue our spiraling descent into an amoral society.

  • WellNowDear

    A word of caution here. What we were seeing was the worst of American society. There are many examples of that in every community and includes all races. She didn’t act that way because she is black, she acted that way because she is trash. I witnessed two very white women behave that way once in a hospital corridor. They were trash. They have no respect for themselves nor others. Unfortunately most of their children will grow up just like them.

  • Pantherman1945

    And people wonder why kids are violent! Good teaching by mom!!

  • Charlie

    This sure was one stupid group of people ! Did not find it to be funny.

  • efred1

    For starters, what in the Sam Hill was that all about? All I can surmise is the guy with the hidden camera owned the store, and that brood was mad about something, maybe getting kicked out for shoplifting, perhaps?
    It’s sad to see the example the children were exposed to.

  • mbh2mt2d

    Love it!!!! Just listen to those little baby thugs too…nothing a good whooping wouldn’t cure.

    • caskinner

      Can we start with the “adults”?

      • mbh2mt2d

        Yeah, well my one fear is that the rat bitch’s “man” will come back with a glock. Hope the victim called the cops.

        • caskinner

          All 20 of them? The store owner better get him an army or an assault rifle before Obambam makes them illegal.

  • gypsy314

    Folks war within is going to happen so choose wisely do not be on the streets when all hell breaks loose you will be a target no matter what. So defend your self and yours. This is Obama and crew doing and rinos that help him go through the constitution. There is no law in America any longer there is just Obama way.


    Do you really think that is funny? That is one ot the pathetic reasons why we are in the predicament we’re in! These people should not be permitted to vote , much less BREED!

  • shamu9

    Typical Jack-arse Democrat, Recipient, Obama Voters. This is the Norm!

  • dojobo

    anyone that acts like that should be sterilized before they can reproduce. So sick of this kind of language and behavior. Instead of a tazer, he should have had an AR and meant it.

    • gavinwca

      A little super glue on her mouth would help.

  • HongryHawg

    Explains Africa and the mess it’s in.

  • KJQ

    That video pretty much sums up what is wrong with America, and why it is doomed :-(

  • Suess

    it all started when the cop yelled “HEY” when the kid screamed and the baby mama came over and started yelling “don’t you yell at my m.f’in babies”. No, the village cannot raise the children because if u say something to the kids, the mamas will come after you.

  • astrojohn

    Good thing we have gun laws or she would have popped the guy…oh wait, she left it at home.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    Thank you for that HILARIOUS video!! Made my day! There’s your tax dollars hard at …..being what they are TRASH!! Here’s why we need to let the chips fall where they may! And cut-off gimmes to the generation welfare skunkapes!! Sooner er later them EBT cards are gonna be useless and when that happens it’ll be on like donkey kong and they’ll be lootin & rioting in the streets killing each other off, then what survives will come to the country and never heard or seen again. Then our leaders will see where the real power is and get their heads outta their arses! Time to stop borrowing 80 billion a year to feed the animals,black ,white,mexican, and whatever else livin off of the taxpayers!

  • Mort Leith

    WOW,, talk about bred below the species level ….

  • yohannbiimu

    I hate to say it, but these shreds of debris are the reason why we must be able to arm ourselves, because women like this are breeding inhuman monsters. Orphans in Haiti are better off than the kids in this video.

  • dangerouspatriot

    Sadly, that is an every day type thing down in ‘da hood’ or da ghetto. I worked Milwaukee ghetto or hood for over 10 years and saw enough of this crap to last me a lifetime. It’s especially fun when you are the target of their mouths and all you can do is tell them, like the officer in the video, ‘back it up, you better back off, etc.’ I was never in any real danger but just seeing alot of this is enough to make you sick and the little kids, this is what they are exposed to on a constant basis so it’s no wonder alot of them grow up like they do and our prisons populations are at least 70% black. Don’t get me wrong, there are alot more that are good and great people to know and to be friends with as I am. You just have to watch where you’re going. lol

  • Pam

    So sad. They’re like animals. No, animals are better than that. And this is what those babies grow up around. Just imagine living your life every day around that racket.

  • RockyMtn1776

    Quiet down and get back to work. WE are paying for these parasites to live and breed !

  • DJ_Fisher

    If we started treating them like the government treats us they would really have something to chant about. Defund, demoralize, defeat.

  • David

    Trash doesn’t fit these two fowl mouth women. Their cursing and rude actions are being taught to those three beautiful children. Instead of teaching them to be loving educated caring future productive members of society. They are teaching them to be just like momma. Useless baby producers that live on the tax payers dole. lso in my town cursing like that in the presents of minors can get you put in JAIL!

  • capitalust

    Completely logical and expected outcome of America’s currnent social and economic policies. Good job, “leaders”. Forward! Yeah. Third world? I think we just invented the Eighth world or so. Yup, definitely every one of those voted for Obama, including the kids. Some as many as 10 times.

  • JohnWayne

    Those jerks are good arguments for Birth Control!

  • Casmige

    Genetically, this shows exactly what made their own “Mother Country” so settled, civilised and advanced as a shining city on a hill…….

    oh wait……

    That’s right: it’s been desolated & ruined…

    OH!!…by the white man of course.

    Notwithstanding that their OWN Islamic Faithed people inculcated & started the “trade” & sold them into slavery.

    Just as the ethnic cleansing of the Affrikaner Farmers by the supposed indigenous people (Who neither know nor care to learn how to farm & produce “stuff” other than indiscriminate breeding mindless imbecilic stock).

    They kill the multi-generational farmers because they’re white and then??….take possession of the land as rightfully theirs & do absolutely NOTHING with it….except sit around on it like sloths smoking cigarettes & drinking themselves into further imbecility.

    Better to blame whitey who were indeed “buyers”…but never ever the sellers who brought them to “Market” in the first place.

    Sorry, but the law of their (Liberals) Darwinian Nature Worshipping Religion teaches respectful but clear demarcational segregation of the species.

    Survival of the fittest and so forth…

    We ought to respectfully observe natural law….just sayin’.

  • FAAQ2

    Gorillas in the mist

  • twiceshy

    Negras, don’t you just love them.

  • Chad

    Wondered what the other half was doing while I was at work… Now, I see where the Liberals are spending my tax dollars..

  • Don Holloway

    I need to rethink my opposition to abortion.

  • LittleMoose

    What a thing to teach their children. You wonder why their is so much violence in large liberal cities. Here is your answer.

  • Mark

    A fine example of parenting. See how well the kids learned? Screw the tazer, next time use a .45.

  • VirgoVince

    Too stupid to know they’re stupid and don’t even care, like all idiot libturds!!
    For sure, a botched abortion!! Planned Parenthood missed another one!!

    • gavinwca

      But she got an Obama phone.

  • Vindi

    Why couldn’t she just shut her mouth? I couldn’t understand what they were arguing over…too much screaming & loud voices, kids cryin’, etc. The cop gave her so many chances to “back up”….and to shut up. Jeez…get a clue sister.

  • lokiswife

    Thanks to all the hardworking people in this country, they can continue to live like this and workers pay for it in increased taxes. Those apewomen are teaching their kids well, “monkey see, monkey do”. Disgusting…

  • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

    The shooter is black but I can’t tell if he’s a policeman. If not, is a tazer the new fad to replace the “Sat nite special”?

  • spyderdalton

    and they are worried about video games? Ever wonder how kids grow up to be in gangs? The parents are the problem… not guns.

  • barbiecakes

    5 kids 5 different fathers.

    • gavinwca

      5 kids 15 suspected fathers.

  • Buford

    That’s the problem with Tazers: no 30 clip magazine. He almost needed to taze everything within 360 degress. Blacks often do not fight one-on-one; the whole “fambly” gets in on it.

  • cae973

    What a piece of trash and notice the number of kids she has…that we the taxpayers are supporting. That woman is unfit to be a mother and those kids should be removed so they can at least have a chance for a decent life!

  • barbiecakes

    She went down like she had an anvil strapped to her neck.

  • $12994363

    He was speaking black, they were speaking nig*er.

  • irishw

    A literal bunch of heathens.

  • bayman61

    Here is proof that they do raise their kids to act like this. So many of them saying that their kids do not reflect their upbringing. This proves it. No wonder people treat them the way they do. These two do not know what a job is, yet here they are out shopping. With their welfare money. Both of them need to be investigated to prove they are unfit mothers. Acting like this in front of their children. How about when the punk comes in and says ” You did that in front of my kids?” It did not bother him for his woman that he lives with ( and that she does not report)and helps spend that welfare money, to cuss and act like that in front of them. Damn animals.

  • bayman61

    Her mother f-ing kids? Yea she sure does love them, r more likely the check they get for these little future thugs and whores.

  • bayman61

    Ha, ha, ha. She fell like a big black tree. That was priceless. I got a good laugh from this ho. She shut that foul mouth then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wanda.williams.58323431 Wanda Williams

    Funny and sad at the same time.
    Did u all notice how the kids were acting as they began acting just as their Mom (and I use that term loosely)? They are exhibiting the exact behavior that they see.

    Monkey see, monkey do!

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    If hussein Obozo had a daughter she be jes like dat, yo!

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    You can take the #@%$* out of the ghetto

    but you can’t take the ghetto out of the #@%$*

  • http://www.facebook.com/paladin211 Jeffrey C Keene Sr

    Animals like this should be perminently sterilized! Their offspring, like them, will never have any positive effect on society!!

  • Mark

    That had to be one BIG man to stand there, surrounded by animals of the ghetto! I was waiting for the “Dog pile” to commence!

  • tommie3761

    You want to know where the majority of gun violence is in country? You just witnessed the very group that causes the majority of the violence in this country.

    • runnindeer

      That’s why the agenda to try to dis- arm everyone else except these ghetto types , gangs, and those who support the this so called president.

  • Joe

    I was impressed with how the security guard handled the whole situation. This must happen often because he was somewhat nonchalant about it. I feel for the normal people that come in contact with this type of behavior.

  • Swimmer

    Woe is me! These ghetto skanks have nothing better to do but to create drama! I’m sure it gets old having sex with different hood rats, waiting around for the next government check to come in the mail. Such uncivilized people. It’s ashame that many black people are embarrassed by their own race when they act as ignorant as this! She wanted to create a scene hoping people would see her as a victim. I wish tgey would start handling all of these types like this! Zzzzzzzaaaappp!!!

  • Cheryl S.

    You think this is funny??? I find no humor here.

    President 666 makes sure that the American taxpayer, aka cracker, works his tail off to feed, clothe and house these parasites while that same American taxpayer is having his home foreclosed on.
    What American city did this take place in anyway? I’ll be sure never to visit there.

    • $39132868

      Where did this happen? Go to City Data Dot com, and check out demographic stats on any given city where The Diverse have reached at least 20%. THAT’S where is happened. Every single day.

  • LLinLa

    The film was missing the disclaimer . . . “The previous message was funded by the National Education Association, the Rainbow Coalition,The Jerry Springer Foundation, the League of Low-Information Voters United and the Baby Daddies Hip Hop Institute Of

    North America. All donations can be forwarded to the Tawana Brawley Foundation or Rev. Al Sharpton. If you won’t donate, you’ll be taxed. Thank you for your support.”

    • $39132868

      You forgot Lincoln the Sociopathic Tyrant, Abolitionists, Cultural Marxists, Brown vs the Board of Education, Lyndon Johnson, and millions and millions and millions of loony tunes White tax slave stooges, who paid for generations of “those beautiful Black babies” EBT-enstein monters…SOB!…..who think “equality” is still a terriifc idea….if only we just TEACH them…..something….Read some of the sob sister fruitcakes on this thread.FlyoverCindy will probably try to adopt those poor widdle …sob…BAYYYBEES

  • Stealth

    I sincerely hope that at least SOME of the others were thinking..’damn..it’s blacks like these that give us ALL a bad name!”..

    • $39132868

      No. Not a one. Why would you even think that?

  • flyovercindy

    I couldn’t watch it all. All those beautiful little babies don’t have a chance – thanks to people who are supposed to be adults and parents, but CHOOSE to be irresponsible idiots. If they just wanted to destroy their own lives, it would be different, but they bring beautiful little lives into this world, apparently for their own gain, just for laughs, for food stamps, whatever… This is the future according to Obama – I hope it makes him and his lackeys happy.

    • $39132868

      Those beautiful little babies? Where? What video did you watch?

      • caskinner

        The ones acting just like their “ho” mommas.

  • carcos

    How incredibly sad….

  • Kelly England McDonald

    The thing I find sad is the guy didn’t care that his “babies” were screaming and acting like Jr. thugs, that they were imitating their “mother” and shouting curses at this poor business owner…and only became involved and badas$ after she attacked the man and got what she deserved…(which WAS funny)…a real parent, who really loves their children endeavors to set a good example, and wants them to be good people…Those children should be taken away from their “parents” because they are being abused.

  • koch

    Tell me this. Why don’t the decent Black people stand up against trash like this? There was a time, believe it or not, that Jesse Jackson would come down hard on his people for not doing something for themselves instead of blaming everything on the White man. Of course that has not been the case for some time. I had respect for him back in those days.

  • GG

    The sad this is that they are allowed to breed.

  • ninammam

    Wow, those poor kids. It is no wonder they are all screwed up for the rest of their lives and into crime. Absolutely no consideration for her children Trash is a good word for these abusive mothers.

  • Smarterthanthoseidiots

    Not surprised. Those two women are as dumb as a freaking post. Yelling and cursing in front of their kids. Great parenting skills. They must have been taught those skills from the Obam School of Parenting brought to you by ObamaCare.

  • Phynius T. Phartwinkle

    T….. N….. B…..

  • Bull57

    What is wrong with these people? I can’t imagine being surrounded by that ignorant bunch day in and day out. It just now came to me why there is so much inner city violence and murder. If you have any doubt why watch the video one more time.

  • $18476877

    What a lovely couple of ladies and angelic children.I see some of the children have been well trained in respect and diplomatic negotiations too. A 30 round tazer clip might come in handy around this family.

  • johnh actionjksn • 3 days a

    God help us… They vote, have toooooo many babies, and drive…. Take out the trash someone , please. Start with the government who created this mess and continue to encourage and empower them to be just like this.

  • Michael Bradley

    Too funny !!!

  • jimpeel

    Todd, you are a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance.

    With the exception of the one White guy who walked into the store, and who was not involved in this altercation, what other race did you see in that video besides Blacks?

    Did you miss the numerous views of the hands and arms of the guard, who was also bearing the camera, which showed his hands and arms to be those of a Black man?

    Racism? Puleez! Only racists see racism in everything they see even when it is altercations between those of the same race.

  • http://twitter.com/jr61020 Jason

    Todd…all she should have done was walk away after he went back inside. But should have called the cops and had her arrested.

  • caskinner

    The owner had good reason I am sure. They probably let the kids trash the place while they are stealing him blind. No one forced her to do anything. You are one dumb dude.

  • art_arlo

    Oh stop the junk…….. RACISM….. OPPRESSION?????????? WHERE????????????
    Who ever owns the store Yellow, Black, or white has the right who can go into their place of business. Eventually her poor kids will wind up in trouble because of her and the father is probably not around………… Say a prayer for them

  • $39132868


  • markinla


  • WellNowDear

    If someone misbehaves or doesn’t control their children, the store owner has the right to ask them to leave. The owner was black so your idea of racism doesn’t even enter into the equation. That so called “poor” woman should have been arrested and her children taken. She showed zero concern for them.

  • jlbs

    Describe racism. What is it?

  • art arlo

    Very well said,

    a very sad situation for those kids.

  • art arlo

    Your sick…dont you have any compassion

  • $39132868

    Do NOT interfere with them. They know how to handle their own. WHY do you want those creatures to waste MORE tax dollars on law enforcement, and courts, etc?

  • caskinner

    He was laughing at dumb Todd.

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