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  • Chris

    The left already has a similar strategy with the abortion system. Although I’m opposed to abortion I’m aware that the babies being aborted would have been born to irresponsible liberals and therefore would likely have been raised to be irresponsible adults. Unfortunately they are making up for the aborted babies by bribing with government handouts existing adults who didn’t get aborted.

  • Bobseeks

    Amen! If we are truly interested in cutting down on violent crime, and crime in general, we need to close the criminal factories; those factories being the rancid wombs of welfare mothers and women who marry violent low-lifes. This would have the added benefit of putting an end to the democrat party.

    • beebee

      And to aid in “closing the rancid wombs of welfare mothers….”, how about temporary sterilization of all unmarried males at the age of 9? Then later if they prove to be morally good upstanding citizens contributing to society, and desire to find a good wife with the purpose of raising children who are guaranteed to be good responsible citizens, their temporary sterilization can then be reversed. Sound crazy? Well, it’s on a par with what you suggest about “closing the rancid wombs..” of women. It’s just not possible. Remember, it takes two to tango, my friend!

      • Bobseeks

        Your feminine “logic” is faulty and you are being dishonest. I did not advocate sterilizing women, I advocated sterilizing women on welfare (who are obviously unfit because they are on welfare) and women married to low-lifes. As usual, feminists like you misrepresent what was said to make a specious point.

        • auhunter

          Women are unfit because they are on welfare. That is without doubt the stupidest statement I have ever heard. Try this scenario: A woman has 3 kids, has never had a job other than maybe flipping burgers as a teenager. Her husband has a good job which allows them to live a fairly comfortable life. He is killed in an accident, or decides he has had enough of married life and walks away. What other choice does she have but welfare? She can’t get a job, other than maybe cleaning house. What does she do with her kids while at work? Day care or hire a babysitter? There goes any money she might have had to put food on the table. As I said at the beginning, an asinine statement.

      • JoJo58

        Wow, you liberal women and your knee jerk reactions and illogical comebacks make ALL women look stupid. But then, liberalism IS a mental disease. Go pop a midol and wash it down with some kool aid.

    • Rattlerjake

      We could additionally sterilize (permanently) all violent criminals.

    • Randy G

      DON’T forget the MOST important one!!!! Get rid of the ILLEGAL INVADERS in our country as they are the worse theives.

  • Marlin208

    Here is another reason to ban some people from reproducing.


  • Tony

    This makes good sense. But keep in mind that the goal of disarming Americans isn’t to reduce violence. It’s far more sinister than that. Enough said.

  • phillyg

    Wish we could, eh. WRT determining if your wayward teenager is stockpiling bad things in his room, liberal thinking would be the child has the right to privacy, so the parent just can’t go snooping around. Wrong!

  • Keith Frey

    Are you even sure the shooting took place there are to much inconsistency with the media. Not to mention witnesses he shot them with the AR-15 but it was in the trunk of the car? Facebook relief accounts for some of the people that were killed and posted the day or 2 before the shooting? One child that was killed was in a picture with Obama days later really people wake up. Fema was holding training of a mass shooting involving children a coincidence?

    • wolly dog


  • John Galt

    This is the most hypocritical statement I have ever seen on this site. You WANT MORE government, you sound like a liberal asking for more federal laws.

    Let me carry my weapon where I want and I guarantee there will be no massacres there. It’s as simple as that.

  • CWA

    Just more simplistic jingoism. You are ignoring the fact that you want to rely on the government to implement and guarantee your program, the same government that intelligent people distrust. You are ignoring the fact that children spend more time with teachers, social workers and peers than they do with their parents. You are ignoring the fact that the “experts” have made it illegal to discipline your children. You are ignoring the fact that it is the school system that is pushing the “feel-good, I don’t need to excel” programming that leads to the entitlement mentality. You are ignoring the fact that the government and their “education” minions are punishing success in order to discourage anyone from using their God-given abilities to be independent.

    • OutdoorFrontiers

      Ahh CWA? This was an article written as sarcasm because it’s highly unlikely to happen. He didn’t ignore the fact that children spend more time with teachers than parents, he didn’t ignore discipline, he covered those with points quite well in #2, #3 and #4. It’s called being a responsible parent.
      I believe the jist of this article was IF the government REALLY wanted to do something about the escalating violence, they’d solve more of society’s problems with a “Brady Bunch Bill” than gun ban legislation.

      • wolly dog

        it sounds to me like you want the feds to run your life the way they do DC and the likes . eventualy they will tell you where you can work how much you can make . eventualy you will pay the piper with your freedon

  • tugwell

    But the liberals scream this approach will deprive the demented of thier constitutional rights and the aclu will climb to the mountain tops to defend them (with tax dollars) while depriving the honest citizen of every constitutional right he/she has. NC at one time used this approach to the breeding shoplifters and the aclu went to court and got the law reciended and now voted for obama, etc. now look what they have. SC defacs took a highly GOD loving family to court and forced them to allow thier 6 year old daughter to attend regular movied so she could be with the mainsteram kids. or lose custody of the child. I also interviewed a college graduate who was applying for a job at Buger King and she could not complete the name, and address lines on the application. One item that blew her mind was (MI). She never could understand that item yet she had three kids and a BS having completed the university under the federal education for minorities program underwhich one does not fail else the institution loses money. I was also on recruiting duty in Chicago in the mid 60’s when McNamar ordred the Project 100,000. under which we were require to accepet that number of “:walking rocks” into the millitaty. There again the peraonal information section was to much for most of them to complete without help, yet many of them had kids. I did stretch the situation and managed to get some of them through and out of the brillient obamal. immanual, dailley chigago mire of humanity even though I violated the law to do so.

  • Fred_K

    That would also cut the birthrate by almost 50%. Maybe China should undertake that as a pilot program. The main problem with that is the muslims would become exempt, and they would breed like rats as they do today.

    • Randy Gaiser

      My answer to that is, buy an XL650 Dillon reloader, you can reload faster then all them Muslim Bastards can procreate.
      Be Prepared.

  • larrygrant876

    Doug there are allready policys in place to accomplish your idea, it’s called abortion and it is practiced by the very people who are so dangerous, the liberals. Liberals have enacted enough policys that would reduce or elimanate the species over a few generations but the problem is too many lazy, detached conservatives have allowed them to gain control of our own in the government schools and through the use of (All) media so they could infect our children with their mental illness.

    • Abby

      I think Doug is not really proposing new legislation but for Society to self correct and look at the causes of such acts. People need to take responsibility for their families and be with it enough to their child could possibly be a danger to society and take decisive steps to prevent it.

    • beebee

      I don’t believe it is the “lazy detached conservatives” who have “allowed” the liberals to gain control, anymore than it is the underhanded, lying progressive liberals. It should more correctly be attributed to voter fraud and intentional misdirection by our “leaders” as well as all the mainstream media liars who constantly blame it on “the other guys”.

  • pdh42

    There is a problem with his logic…. You can raise your child up in the ways of the Lord and they will not depart from it when they are old…. Problem is though they sometimes walk far from it before they return…. I know because I was one of them….

    • Rebecca Koomans

      Amen to that Bro! We have to ask ourselves such questions so as to have an idea of reality.

    • Rebecca Koomans

      I take it that you were referring also to the parable of the “prodigal son”? – He was lost, and then was found… and his own father forgave him. But we all can end up with some consequenses of the sins we commit… even IF we have already repented and been forgiven by God…. Man’s rules don’t follow God’s that closely… or as we see today… are getting further away from what is RIGHT and GOOD, and dragging us all down into what is WRONG… until we believe it is RIGHT! (From an old prophecy of Yeshua (Jesus’ real name in Heb.)

  • Ort

    We need to bring God back I to America, and force the Godless liberals to go somewhere else. They are a cancer and a blight upon our nation.


    50% of marriages end in divorce;; leaving fractured myopic children, relegated to attempting to raise themselves in single parent homes;; usually in front of an X-BOX or an I-PAD.;; social morays are no longer in place in a large percentage of families, partially due to the disdain for religion, setting high standards of morality is very discomforting and can make one feel less than stellar in their dealings with everyday decision making; honesty, integrity, truthfulness and compassion for your fellow man can produce a sense of responsibility liberals do not want to deal with; hence no standards to measure against means you are never wrong ;[you are EVOLVING], LIKE AMERICA’S FAKE PRESIDENT. I think America has evolved to the point where WE ARE TIRED OF IRRESPONSIBLE liberal garbage and want to be cleansed of the liberal slime in our society;; guns do not kill ;;;;;LIBERALS DO.

  • libsuk

    Violence has everything to do with what white trash biden and spook Obama have in mind…Violence against anyone who would appose their agenda for America meaning you and me!!!

  • Jaime Cancio

    I like the reference to Tim McVey as it is a long-term concern of mine; if firearms are taken away what the inventive bad guy American mind will come up with next. And just imagine, if you will, had McVey been smarter and evacuated all the air environment in that truck and replaced with it with pure oxygen with several cylinders also contained in that truck, how much greater the damage could of been by a factor of ten minimal. If they are interested in cutting violence then have them address the intercities where all the crimes is coming from and the specific ethnic origins of that violence. Eliminate illegal immigrants in this nation the violence they bring with them would be reduced and some 25,000 Americans killed every year by all factors related to illegal immigrants in America would be saved. Address the violence and acting out of the blacks in those communities would also reduce the violence. In Chicago last year with 513 murders 87 percent of all the murders the killers and the murder victims are all black. In Philidelphia where the black population is 70+ percent black so is the same percentage of prisoners in the prisons there. Those blacks in prison are not in prison because they are black they are in prison because they broke the law and that has nothing to do with race. Why doesn’t our government and its race blind leaders not addressing and focusing on that fact? Why does are government see fit to punish the innocent and hard working peoples of this country for the crimes of the specific ethnic groups responsible for the violence, drugs, terror and murder?

    And I will give you one major reason the government in bed with unions won’t solve or address true solutions to crime, solve crime, without crime, we don’t need correctional officers and all the related personnel in the justice system and would damage one of the biggest unions in this nation. That union and its member have no vested interest in solving any and all issues related to crime.
    There is one thing for sure, we are not immune to history and what is happening in America has happened before in history and indeed is currently happening around the world today. What most people better understand; soon, very soon the ethnic scape goat will be identified and with so many firearms in this nation some people might want to worry who the ethnic scape goat will be? We will know soon enough. If you want my personal opinion who I think that ethnic group will be just ask me.

  • Dark_Archer

    the poor simple minds of the progressive / communist democrat will
    never grasp the fact that its not the inanimate object the ”gun”
    thats the problem , its the society that the progressive / communist democrat
    party has promoted and fought to create for the last 50 years.
    They have taken God out of every public school in America and
    replaced him with sex education for 5 year olds, mandatory homosexual
    acceptance and free birth control for everyone, the liberal communist democrat
    hollyweed film makers make killing people with a gun look kool ,fun
    and no problemo,they are the real ” gun culture ” not the average US
    lawful gun owner, they tell us hundreds of teenagers are killed each
    year by gun violence they dont tell you 90% are black and Hispanic gang
    members gunning each other down to protect their drug turf . The
    progressive / communist democrat parents whose ”family values ” are
    in the toilet, have adopted killer video games as their new baby
    sitters …they just dont get it ……ITS NOT THE GUNS ITS THE MORALE
    CREATE !!!
    obama supporter bruce springsteen called for the shooting of all the
    the 1%ers in his new album and the hollyweed obama supporters promote
    violence daily with their shoot em and kill em all films …but we
    cant touch that ,thats our Freedom of Speech, our First Amendment
    right, so
    what do they do ? they do the second best thing …go after the Second
    Amendment. In the simple minds of progressive / communist democrats
    they would defend to the death with a gun their First Amendment
    rights…… but they dont believe in the Second Amendment,
    its obamas core supporters that have created this society , they are
    the problem , not guns
    I wonder how many rounds a determined killer with a back pack full of loaded 5 round clips can get off before the cops show up ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/garrey.mcvicker Garrey McVicker

    well, then first you also must stop the interfearrence of the goverment to raise there childer, not to have some form of social service come in and tell you what every johnny wons, or suese you have to give it to them. or someone like gora,telling the kids they know more, and obama telling them he;ll take care of them. and social sevice telling girls that they will take care of them.lie. the music telling people kill, shot, murder rape, and kids out in the streets kicking to death homeless people because they are board. PEOPLE WAKE UP, IT ISNT THE GUN, ITS THE PEOPLE. and when you have commie, and socialist being tough in school HOW DO, YOU THINK KIDS ARE GOING TO TURN OUT.this is going to be a mad mad world yet, and the good people of this country is letting it happen.

  • DAY


  • http://www.facebook.com/garrey.mcvicker Garrey McVicker

    in other words the goverment will always have blood on there hands. go, back 50 years and this wasnt going on, when the goverment stayed out of peoples lives, and people worked and not lived on welfair.it was a shamed back then. obama has made it something to be prode of.a nice life as long as someone else paided for it. he will turn us all into kenya.are you all ready for that.

  • kaline

    GREAT article….BRAVO……if only they would listen…

  • http://www.facebook.com/wes.thomas.52 Wes Thomas

    If they want to stop the mass murders . stop the CIA ! Guns arn’t responsable go to internet type in CIA/Devels Dust scroll down to CIA/mind controlRead very carefully. All these shootings are a meens to the end ! These deaths are just collateral damage as a way to end the 2nd amendment if they take the 2nd we have no way to defind the rest Wake up you limmings

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Dave the Barbarian

    Doug, I love it, i’m still LMAO. Too bad we can’t set the way-back machine to go back, find the parents of our congressional progs. and subject them to forced sterilization. Molon Labe!

  • Fenderman52

    My plan is for a law that states: “Wherever more than 10 people congregate at least one citizen must be armed.”

    • A. G. T. Jr.

      Very simple but I believe a very good idea. Fendermam52, can we negotiate on 5?

  • John

    Hmm… Why not start teaching things like the Bible and morality of God and see if it turns around… It seems to me that the demoralization of our country started in the early 60’s and has been slipping since then… What happened in the 1960’s??? Hmm… Think think think… there was the murder of JFK, and MLK, riots, and Free sex and love were later in the decade… Those are definitely things that contribute to the apparent problem, but not what I was thinking… Hmm… Oh yeah, 1962, they took God out of the schools, it’s been apparently down hill ever since…

    • arley_barley

      True, John, but, please remember, the ‘Stage’ had to be ‘set,’ so that God could even be taken off ‘Center – Stage,’ prior to 1962, more like 1932, with the cauldron of disaster, stirred, and hidden, by World War-II, where, at the end of it, the women refused to go back to being ‘Mother,’ First and foremost. The ‘Core Family’ has not recovered since. We went from a ‘One Income’ Family structure, to a ‘Two or more’ herd structure, with the only commonality being the place the family ate and slept, not much more. The ‘Cliff to Destruction,’ of a way of life, does not necessarily require pure verticality, only a slop steep enough, and loose enough, stopping the destructive end, is impossible, sadly, IMO, where we have slid. Only God can save the Nation, now. Maranatha.

  • Rebecca Koomans

    Ummm…. maybe we should start with the IRRESPONSIBLE idiots who the irresponsible idiots voted to put in POWER – FIRST!? – Obama should volunteer to be leading the pack, along with his family, as it may be a genetic trait. You can name the others… to be aborted post-natally. Preferably aborted with the same instruments as they torture babies to death with by proxy. As the OT Bible says “an eye for an eye, tooth for an tooth” – that way they cannot say that they have been punished exceeding what they have done to other humans.

  • John Beam

    Hare…Hunter…Field. If you can’t compose a simple sentence using those three nouns, then you ALSO shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Idiocy is also epidemic.

  • jim

    these mass murders have not been single shooter massacres, they’ve been aided and abetted by fbi,cia, nsa AND THE COMPLICIT MEDIA. Big pharma also plays a role, the psychiatric community has convinced the lazy self absorbed among us to medicate our children.somebody is getting to these zombies and guiding them, choreographing these disasters to facilitate total population control, it’s working. DE-FUND GOVERNMENT..DE-FUND HOLLYWOOD..DE-FUND DOMESTIC SPECIAL OPS.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    If there must be a ‘background check’ before a firearms purchase,
    shouldn’t that ‘background check’ be a requirement for public office?

    If there has been any signs of mental illness, criminal past or drug use, shouldn’t that be used as a determinate for office?

    It wouldn’t be too difficult to add “known history” of belonging to subversive organizations, HATE America speeches which would indicate a desire to undermine the nation, and a number of other criteria based on the Oath Of Office, etc.

    As it is, there are quite a few ‘politicians’ that would be better for the nation if they were in
    prison for their crimes against Society instead of passing, and enforcing, laws for the rest of us that they never have, nor ever intend to obey themselves.

    If the background check had to be passed by sitting elected officials once a quarter, with immediate removals from office for failing to pass, we could get rid of a lot of stupid people in positions of power….


    Send them all to Chicago! They’re doing a good job of sterilization!

    • http://www.myvollara.com/texas Ancoman

      Not good enough, apparently!

  • Tonto

    Sex acts are a bodily function these days like eating, sleeping and elimination.

    Until that barnyard animal mentality changes, we will have irresponsible “breeders” taking from our society in form of WIC, food stamps. Earned Imcome Credit, and subsidized housing.

  • Tonto

    When government subsidies and welfare interfere with Natural Selection Process we are doomed by our own government’s nanny state of affairs.

  • z3nb4st4rd

    I enjoy reading these articles usually, right up until the point where you start repeating some “official” narrative about 9/11, OKC or Waco etc. Cut the bull, the jury is in on these and a lot of other false flags which have been committed against our beloved Republic. I know you have your advertisers and or “handlers” telling you what is ok to talk about but for the benefit of those of us who are actually paying attention, throw us a bone once in a while. I like a lot of what you stand for but if you want to be taken seriously by a growing percentage of your audience, you will need to stop playing gatekeeper for the establishment worldview. I realize that McVey was not the thrust of this article, but when you reinforce the coverup of false flag terror by repeating the lies of mainstream media, you are supporting the forces of evil who are trying to bring this country down.I want to believe that you know what time it is, but a lot of times it seems like you can’t find your watch. I dare you to publish this. Prove me wrong. I want to believe in someone.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Godlessness, SUICIDAL-PACIFISM, APATHY, NONJUDGEW3N7!L!$W, sexual child abuse, single-motherhood AND LIBERALISM, cause NIHILISM…LOOK IT UP…I DARE YOU…LOFL!

      Most PROUD-ATHEISTS, prefer Islam to Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. HERE’S YOUR REAL FLAG..


  • Dwightmannn

    Government is incapable of controlling the events of human nature.

  • sagebrush6

    I have to say – Amen.

    Last sunday I was in Wal-Mart and here was an excellant example of this.

    There were two youg people ( both with a total real IQ of approximately 0.7) pushing a cart with two small children in the cart (from Safeway) around the store. These two should no way have ever been allowed to procreate, but here they were. There wasn’t a clue between the 4 of them. These two aren’t capable of taking care of themselves, but had children (kids looked just like them) – why ? The male of the duo was just down right scary looking and had huge arms. If he got PO’d about something – who’s going to be able to stop him from dowing whatever ?

    Why do they allow people like this to procreat ?

  • Fireboatman

    It matters not in what environment the child was born in. A
    child who was born with a damaged DNA may well be a future mental
    problem and that is where a parent has to be watchful of for any
    unusual behavior problems and they must overcome their pride or
    guilt and get help for the child. Lanza’s mother was a little late
    I think in recognizing unusual behavior and that cost her life when
    she tried to turn him in. Rich or poor makes no difference,
    Schizophrenia comes on sudden and violent but their are warning
    signs long before the blowout occurs. Every one of these mass
    murders of recent history have similar outcomes when analyzed, the
    shooter is the problem not the guns or explosives.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Boats…The main causes of ALL psychological PATHOLOGY, are, being raised by single mothers, ATHEISM and sexual child abuse.——In other words…LIBERALISM….———————————————————————-
      The MAIN cause, is coming from a broken home where child abuse was prevelant. Those who experienced abuse, whether physical, emotional, or sexual, are 20 times more likely to inflict abuse on their children/relatives than others.

  • Buck

    Problem number one , most people today don’t even get married before having kids , kids are merely a by-product of this ignorant and immoral society . Problem number two , If you do try to raise your kids with any disciplinary action whatsoever to keep them in line , you will be locked up and he state will take he kids , and you know what a great job they do of raising them . Problem number three , fixing number one , the ignorant and immoral society the PROGRESSIVES are pushing on us because that is what is breaking down society .

  • TexasPatriot

    Amen! Someone is finally telling it like it is! When they started “time out” rather than a good old-fashioned “a*s-whopping”, which all previous generations received, removed God and the Pledge of Allegiance from the schools, quit teaching love of country and our flag (patriotism), I knew it would come back to haunt us…and that day is here. I am a lady and I have been shooting since my granddad taught me when I was 12. Because I can sanely handle a firearm, for the next 50 years I been able to go anywhere I want and sleep alone in my bed at night feeling safe. Now, those liberal elitists with all their armed bodyguards want to take away my 2nd Amendment rights…I don’t think so.

  • txicare

    There is so much anger in these comments and they all point the finger outward. We are each one, individuals, and are responsible for our own behaviors. What if each of us were to get calm and quiet for just a moment and look inward? Maybe if each one of us would clear up the hatred and fear in our own selves it might have an affect on the whole. Just a thought.

  • retvet

    BIBLE classes in school and only the HOLY BIBLE. If you want to look at other religions feel free.

  • wrench3141

    How about making it a law that anyone that runs for public office be subjected to a background check that gunbuyers are subjected to.

  • sovereigntyofone

    IF we ban guns, then we will have to ban, Knives, forks, all sharp objects, vehicles, clubs, hands and feet.. you get the point. IF we ban everything there will still be killing of inocent people and children. What’s missing in the banned list: Nut cases, whackjobs with attitudes, lunitics, and crazy people that are not locked up and out of society.

  • coastx

    If I lived hear Newtown and saw all those actors flooding MY neighborhood with their mobile vendors and people walking around with stage prop firearms, it would have seemed real enough to me to start taking prisoners. Then, how would I explain this to my grandchildren who live in Chicago. Sabrina would tell me, “Gramps, you’re a hero!” I wold have to tell her the truth, “No, I’m sorry. I got John Goodman standing here in handcuffs, and we’re BOTH under arrest!” Oy vey!







  • Light_V_Dark

    Well, unless any of you has been EXSANGUINATED by the FEMARXIST-REIGN-OF-TERROR, or have a friend or loved one who has…you haven’t got a CLUE, how much EVIL they hath wrought…
    Child abuse hysteria targets both men and women, as we have seen. Yet most accusations are leveled against fathers in divorce cases. The irony is that it is easily demonstrable that child abuse is almost entirely a product of feminism itself and its welfare bureaucracies.

    The growth of child abuse coincides directly with the rise of single-mother homes which are the setting for almost all of it. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) figures demonstrate that children in single-parent households are at much higher risk for physical violence and sexual molestation than those living in two-parent homes.[53]

    A British study found that children are up to thirty-three times more likely to be abused in single-mother homes than in intact families.[54]


    • Light_V_Dark

      Ouch…Robert Reed had a sex change(sic) and died of AIDS.
      Reed felt that his career required him to be secretive about his homosexuality.. Several of his male partners have since stated that he threatened them after sex, because he wanted his homosexuality to remain hidden.

      Robert Reed died in 1992 at age 59 in Pasadena, California, from bladder cancer; he was suffering from HIV at the time although it did not contribute to his death. He was cremated and his ashes were buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Skokie, Illinois.

  • Traveller62

    My answer to that is make the muslims just as responsible for their procreation woes!! They procreate faster than gerbils, which is the fastest in the animal kingdom. Sterilize the muslims!! Then get a hand on all this B.S,

  • http://www.myvollara.com/texas Ancoman

    If we prohibit the procreation of irresponsible people, where will our next herd of democrats come from? Not that I’d lose any sleep over that.

    • Rattlerjake

      There’s plenty crossing the border daily.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-J-Townsend/100003945426141 Craig J. Townsend

    I know that this is a Swiftian essay, tongue in cheek and
    all..but! It shows the major disconnect in conservative thought. First, what is
    missing is what caused the moral decay and melt down in our culture that made
    parents so bad today? What was put into
    our schools over the last 50 years is important to realize. The Educrats have lowered
    the intellectual, moral and all other standards of our children and during this
    time the Right has only cried about the bible and prayer. All you have to do is
    Read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Iserbyt, free online as a pdf
    now, and you will understand. Death Studies has been implicated in several of
    these shootings, never heard of it? of course not, the left doesn’t want you to
    know how the constant drumming in of apocalyptic nightmares, nihilism,
    subjectivism and the acceptance of moral relativism and inurement to death has
    turned out kids without any morality, intellect or sensitivity to others. Want
    to cure this? Pull us out of the UN, eliminate the Fed dept. of Education, stop
    all FED dollars to implement the disastrous UN inter baccalaureate program etc.
    Why you slept and gave your kids to the Edu-Moloch, they transformed society into
    the cesspool that it has become. Want to take back the culture? Take back the
    schools! If you won’t do that because your reactionary nonsense is to insipid
    to create a true movement, then shut up and go for the ride over the cliff. The
    solution to communism isn’t fascism, it is classical liberalism.

    • Rattlerjake

      A friend sent me this video showing
      the relationship between socialism, marxism, and communism and how democrats
      and Obama all relate. Sorry for length of this video. It speaks a serious
      message! This is an absolutely must see video. Take the time to watch this. It
      is truly unbelievable. Don’t let your ideology get in the way. Keep an open
      mind. http: //vimeo . com/52009124

  • Will

    Good idea–but please, no more suggestions about banning nitromethane! If you think the NRA is upset, just wait until you piss off the NHRA!

  • muypro

    “high capacity idiots” ROFLMAO, love you like a brother man! WTG Giles

  • muypro

    Anyone know where I can buy a NEW crossbow w/ quad razor tipped arrows ? I hear there a hot item but don`t know whos got em for sale. Full sized or minis.

  • Dave

    BTW if you’re in a therapy session with your male teenager that’s talking to his female doctor that is 6 months pregnant and she asks him what his voices are telling him today; and he says “My voices are telling me to stab you and your unborn baby to death”, HOLY CRAP, you qualify for the sterilization program! Don’t be so proud to think there is no way something went wrong in your gene pool. Admit that your kid is a genetic mutant and institutionalize him for societies sake!

  • Tim Newton

    WE already have this thru abortion.By prohibiting that a unborn baby to be born how will these pinko bleeding heart liberals know what the future holds?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Wilson-Kingsley/100000397000382 Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Well, citizens no longer have the “farm” alternative available that was undoubtedly used in the past: Drown anything that is in surplus or isn’t quite right in the head before it multiplies.

  • http://www.myvollara.com/texas Ancoman

    If we prohibit the procreation of irresponsible people, where will our
    next herd of democrats come from? Not that I’d lose any sleep over that.

  • Arationofreason

    Latest study: Brady bill requiring background checks with FBI have been ineffective in reducing crime including mass shootings.

    I wonder where Feinstein will get her ammo after her bill passes”


  • Light_V_Dark

    I realize that this blog entry is tongue in cheek, but, I have been HORRIFIED by 0mama Disciples’ ABJECT-STUPIDITY AND EMOTIONAL-INSTABILITY, for a long time now.
    In November, 11, I posted a blog entry, with a video of some OWS @§₩H0L€$, threatening to STAB, some FOX reporters at one of their DEMON_STRATIONS»»»»
    Here is the only comment I received on the post, from»»»»BLACK JESUS¿!¡




  • jeepdude911

    File this one under D for “Duh”!

  • Blessings


  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.naber.58 Bob Naber

    Simply brilliant!!!

  • polmutant

    this only works with humans. the left are a bit short to be called human. some sort of subhuman resonable fascimily of human. so this will not work. in fact considering the monkey can feed and shelter itself the lefties are short some grey matter and neuron and synapses to qualify as primate. let the monkeys out of the zoo and put the obamaloids in. for sure our property values will rise.

  • Enough’s Enough

    It’s important to teach your children well BEFORE sending them off to college for a few years of progressive brainwashing. Train them so that they won’t turn out the same as whiny, entitlement-minded gen-Y Gimmecrats.

  • Twitch

    this might be a good start, but we would also have to fix the public schools so that the students actually learn instead of getting brainwashed by leftist propaganda.

  • Eddie G.

    Well said. The failure in our society today is bad parenting and schools telling kids they have “rights”. Kids can sue their parents if they’re disciplined not to their liking. I raised my three kids (2 daughters 1 son) to know the difference beteen right and wrong. Who and what God is without religious fanaticism. What I expected of them in school,just to do their best and respect their teachers. I put the fear of God into them about drugs and if they wanted a drink or smoke I let ‘em have one. I had plenty of guns and am a knife collector and let them handle them,took them out to shoot,and taught them firearms safety. My guns were never locked up nor stored loaded but they knew it was hands off unless I was present. I was raised the same way,my pop never locked his up neither.
    Today my offspring are all in their 40’s,never did drugs, never got a DUI, don’t smoke(though I did for many years before quitting), have good kids of their own who do well and excel in school, and never took a gun to school nor anywhere else except the shooting range. All are politically conservative and have never voted Dummycrat. They’re good all around God loving people and I’m proud of them and their achievements. They all work and remain gainfully employed. My son drives a garbage truck but makes good money and owns a home I’ve never had.
    Good parenting works better than all the stupid solutions such as useless anti constitutional gun laws passed by dolts for politicians. If Adam Lanza’s mother had raised him the way she should have then she’d still be alive today to tell about it. She spoiled him instead and let him do his own thing. Without parental guidance Adam became a mental case and the rest is history ending in tragedy. Unnecessarily so. Washington needs to start running the business of government and stay out of people’s lives. Parents need to start spending more time with their kids and do more with them.

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