• Todd

    That’ll never happen in the US.

    • Deb

      Over 50% of the U.S. population is not what the U.S. used to be. The old U.S. I grew up knowing and respecting (I’m Canadian) would never have voted back in this failure of a President for a 2nd term. In the old days the state of the economy alone would have ended his time in office. No more. Your celebrity president won, and the Left has America.

      • spyderdalton

        Make no mistake about it he was not elected.

        • Deb

          If that was true, it makes things a little scarier. They have complete control then. No election results can be trusted. Fighting culture wars and perhaps even winning them at times won’t matter if elections can be stolen.

    • Kate

      Don’t be so sure. These sound like the legendary last words of those that turned a blind eye to what all of the world’s Empires were doing. You must be unfamiliar with FISA, NDAA, Agenda 21 or a groping from the TSA.

    • DrDulcamara

      Todd honey, time to stop playing Angry Birds on you ‘pooter and come outside from the basement of your mommy’s trailer and catch a clue.

    • jlbs

      There’s a book by Sinclair Lewis, “It Can’t Happen Here”…….read it!!! Then, come back and try to make the same statement. If you were being sarcastic, then I apologize for jumping on you.

    • Endthedivision
    • capitalust

      Please note – this is what a USEFUL IDIOT looks like.

    • http://www.facebook.com/karen.lawson.79 Karen Lawson

      It won’t???? Please don’t be so Naive….why do you think Some Law Enforcements are taking a stand? They see this tyrant for what and who he really is…

    • jeepdude911

      I said it before and I’ll say it again, take your medication and read Huffpo. You are so separated from reality it makes me ill.

    • david

      Wouldn’t bet the farm ont

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Yer living with blinders on!!Keep living the sheeple lifestyle , when you realize yer wrong, it’ll be too late. The curtain will be closing on the play and the show will be over.

    • Dave

      Really? What does that sand you have your head buried in taste like?

    • DenverKitty

      Never say never. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” I will also say that I will go down in a blaze of glory for I will NOT comply.

  • Linda

    There are just too many signs, this is a very EVIL administration. DO NOT EVER give up your guns. Americas (military )sons and daughters will not shoot their own people. Our military has no respect for BO as commander in chief. Pray for our country.

    • DrewbeScrewed

      This should come as no surprise, just look at obama’s friends the domestic terrorist partners Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, who wanted a dictatorial communist utopia via a revolution. And what did they want?…re-education camps for brainwashing and elimination of those who didn’t comply.

    • Sam

      And to think that possessively he won the election by a majority. Hopefully the ones with their hands out will be leading the line to the execution chambers. Maybe they will ponder why(???) did I vote for this Hitler wannbe!

      • foghat

        they don’t know HITLER due to education system !

      • spyderdalton

        Fraud placed him in office. He was not elected.

        • steelpier

          WITHOUT QUESTION !!!

    • Rattlerjake

      There’s an easy solution to that problem, much like what happened to the arrogant officers that became KIA in VietNam and other wars. You really think that enlisted don’t know how to take care of Anti American officers?

      • steelpier

        Any officer commanding his men to shoot American citizens won’t be long for this world.

        • Rattlerjake

          Flashbacks of Vietnam. More officers died of fratricide than anything else, I’ve been told. If this happens, an officer who takes his oath seriously will initiate removal of all of the government officials and institute military control until leaders are selected.

  • johnnygeneric

    If any are dismissed for this reason they have an obligation to speak up. Force O’Bama to deny it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PSL5QT5E3RAJTWK7W624B323LM Dan from Ohio

    a shooting war is about to begin once they ban our firearms!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Has anyone asked Mattis? That would be a good start. The premise doesn’t surprise me at all. Odummernshidt hates this country and its hard workers. If we do find out that he is amassing military leaders who will point the muzzle at us, that is treason on the highest order and must result in removal from office. If this maniac’s gun grab works, we will never be able to carry out an impeachment against this usurper…stay vigilant America.

  • ceholley01

    This is unacceptable. For me, I do not know any reason to engage your own people. If you receive an illegial order, and everyone in the service are taught what an illegial order is, you do not follow them. I know, I did and nothing happened to me. YOu do not do this. You fight for your people ,just like they fight for you. Semper Fidelis.

    • capitalust

      Well Mao Tse Tung (another promising young communist leader) found reason to kill some 77 MILLION of his own subjects. Admittedly not ALL of those were shot (but tens o millions were). The rest died horrible deaths from starvation due to the total incompetence of his policies based on how wonderful collectivism was (sound familiar?). Just as Obama easily outdistanced Carter for worse president ever, he may leave Mao in the dust for number of his own people he kills (with bullets or Executive Orders)

      • polmutant

        obama will surpass polpot, 150million for obama. he will achieve to the same height as defecit spending.

    • http://www.facebook.com/karen.lawson.79 Karen Lawson

      We all know what your taught…but you don’t think there are radical crazy Barry supporters in the military??? Most aren’t but don’t under estimate Barry and his supporters…

      • http://www.facebook.com/michael.labombard.50 Michael LaBombard

        Yes, he is putting his people in position!

  • localnet

    The takers won, and the way dear leader is stirring up this bunch, he will have quite the army. Spend some time in an inner city, they would shoot their momma for a nickel. They would be more than happy to go kill whitey or the “rich” for a free phone or another round of food stamps. He doesn’t need the military, he has one.

    • 19gundog43

      We have millions of returning vets plus millions more old gundogs like
      myself who would be more than happy to take out a bunch of pond scum
      gangbangers. Bring it on dirtbags we have the weapons and the knowhow to clean
      up America.

      • Jim S.

        Good point gundog. There is a difference between having a weapon and knowing how to use it. Most gangbangers don’t have a clue on how to use the weapon they may have, whereas we former military members and the large majority of hunters know exactly what to do with them.

        • Sam

          Was a duck hunter, so I’m not too bad at hitting moving targets. You don’t shoot a duck sitting in a pond (cut’s down your pattern bv 50%). Shoot em whilst they’re moving.

        • Rattlerjake

          Remember the sniper motto: Why bother to run, you’ll only die tired! I, like most country boys learned at an early age – one round, one kill (or two kills if you’re really good) and make every round count. Gangbangers fill the air (and dirt) with lead hoping to hit something – they’ll run out of ammo long before the fighting is done, and a gun with no ammo is a paperweight.

    • DenverKitty

      But, localnet, his army is an army of cowards. They run when confronted by a gun and someone committed to use it. So, actually, the Butcher of Benghazi has an army of targets. They have no chance against us. We will NOT yield.

  • ReaperHD

    The agenda of the anti-american muslim terrorist in the WH is to destroy the Constitution and the Ameriucan People. This boy also hates white people and he is looking to end the white people reign in this country.

  • Mark Hadley

    I spoke to a man 2 or 3 weeks ago whose son-in-law is an Army officer and a Blackhawk pilot. I was not aquainted with the man previously, but here is what he told me in the presence of his wife and daughter: The son-in-law was recently surveyed to find out if he would be willing to fly missions in the US in support of removing firearms from the citizens. He responded that he would do no such thing and is resigning his commission. I do not know if that was his own decision or if he was pushed into it. That is what I heard, no more and no less.

  • Arizona_Don

    All guns will not be confiscated. They cannot be, it is not possible if in fact there is resistance to confiscation and there will be. For years now we have heard the liberal progressives declaring it is impossible to deport all the illegal’s because there are nearly 30 million of them and to deport them would take many years. They used that reasoning in an effort to persuade the conservatives to not try deporting them. Ok, let me get this straight, it is not possible to deport 30 million illegal’s but it is possible to confiscate as many as a quarter billion weapons (no one really knows for sure how many there are in this country, but it is certainly well into the hundreds of millions) and 250 million may be conservative. Even if it were possible would it work to stop violence? There is no chance “all” guns can ever be confiscated. Not even a remote chance of that! However, if guns are not available bombs will be used, or some other destructive means. However, guns will always be available in this nation. Sure it may slow down the problem at first but eventually it will increase the problem. The fact is “they” (meaning government) can never confiscate all the weapons because when it first starts millions will be buried and otherwise hidden to resist. Organization of a resistance force will begin and resistance will then become violent and deadly. For both sides and that violence will increase until we are in a full blown war. No not a 1860’s civil war or even a 1776 revolutionary war we have become to intelligent for that. Instead it will be a gorilla type war of hit and run. It will be more precise the targets will be picked out in advance and prosecuted with precision. Who knows who will be singled out but it is certain it will be those who are now advocating confiscation of all weapons and complete control of the general public. Without the second amendment we would not have survived as a free nation this long. Revolutionary by night citizen by day. That may go on for as long as it takes to overcome the tyranny perhaps 40, 50 years or more. It is not just overwhelming debt that is going to be Obama’s legacy, armed conflict will be as well. This is just one possibility there are many. With the proper motivation, which the government will provide with their arrogance by defying the legal constitution, the resistance could become another hundred years war. However, in the end “right” will prevail. Men, all men have to be free it has always been that way and will always be that way. So help us God!

    • Ron Obvious

      It only took about 12% of the Colonist to revolt to win our independence. 12% of 40+million firearm owners = an army of about 4.8 million; current active and reserve military (everyone, including barbers, clerks and band members) is about 2.95 million. Now it is true they have superior firepower, but how many of the 2.95 million will defect and turn their weapons upon those comrades firing on civilians? One thing you can be sure of, if a civil war starts in this country, the death toll from the 1st civil war, will likely be pale in comparison. The United States is a collection of the most aggressive people in the world… for our forefather had to be willing to leave the safety of their original country, and come to a wild land and hack out an existence and endure extreme hardships. Somewhere in many Americans, there is that drive to be free at all cost. The question is when will it wake up, and what will it take to ignite the fire once again!?! I can’t be sure, but I think I smell smoke…

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Here’s a thought, many folks some jornalist and others have made the comment of the gubbamintz ” Manufacturing” some of the horrific events that have taken place, to push their agenda , from the guy in Florida eating the guys face to another in florida choking a mans dog, as well as the killings taken place in recent years. Not one to fall into that kinda talk, but with this administration we’re dealing with now,I’m not so sure anymore. But one thing is for sure, there will be blood in the streets of America and I think the death toll will surpass the civil war by thousands. Hoping it won’t come to that, but like you , I smell smoke and I’m expecting rain,,actual.

      • polmutant

        the 80/20 rule: 10%left, 10%right, 80%cannon fodder with bellies.

      • Rattlerjake

        Also remember that the majority of prior military are not only for the Constitution but, unlike our forefathers, are well trained in combat. It will be interesting to see which side the secret service is on when the SHTF. Will they go down in history as just some more government casualties or will they be hailed patriots for helping to take out every one of these socialist scum. I, for one, know who my enemies are, ‘nuf said.

  • Uncle Bill

    Fellow Americans, our fellow citizens are leaving the military because they don’t want to Serve under Obama. His new military WILL shoot us when we are declared terrorist and they come after our guns. This has been part of his take over plan from the beginning.we need God back in the US.

  • John Whittingon

    It has happened in the past in other countries, and it will happen here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    You will most probably find that the men and women that are used as cannon fodder in the ongoing wars (my son in Afghanistan at the moment) will NEVER open fire on a fellow American because the latte one has given the instruction so to do. NO NO NO.. … However, all the decorated big boys in the Pentagon who have their bloody hands greased regularly by the latte one will kill Americans…. Do you really think that the people who are trained to be ARMY STRONG or those who shout SEMPER FI will kill women and children?? I think not. Perhaps the black dempcrat ghettos boys and girls who happen to be in the armed forces will do so because their family are all on the government tit, but still, I have my doubts.

    • jeepdude911

      I believe you have a point. These leaders are being chosen based on their proclivity to kill their own, but I see mass mutiny coming from the ranks. Try to neutralize America without the soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen to do it.

  • jeepdude911

    Lock and load….

  • 19gundog43

    There is a real revolution coming and this disgusting excuse for a human
    being is going to need all the boot licking geldings in the military command he
    can muster. Don’t look for our brave American troops to roll over and turn on
    their fellow Americans. He will have the UN troops and the TSA boobs to do his
    bidding. The problem is we have enough arms in the hands of patriotic citizens
    to equip China’s army not to mention millions of returning vets. SOOOOO bring it on President Dirtbag.

  • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle



  • Mike in Concan

    Before this happens, we’ll see a Coup d’etat.

  • 9Spoon9

    I guess that would make me AWOL should I still be in uniform. I took an OATH which I repeated from time to time during my Air Force career and like others…I don’t remember a specification about it’s expiration. I figure it ends when I’m pulseless. This kind of ideation brings reflection upon 1861-1865. I do not believe many will actually accept the unlawful orders and should stand their ground or depart. There are a few paycheck collectors, but in this age of limited manpower and repeat deployments to Barbaric Lands…I suspect the majority will depart and many may take what issued items they have as they go.

  • pbrown85355

    First thing will be the asking of all gun owners to sell the government their guns and be paid, that’s right, be paid by the government with your own money. There is only one way to win and that’s to tell them to kiss off and keep your weapons or give them to someone that loves this country.

  • pbrown85355

    Another difference is, instead of the parent running with a child as the picture shows, the parent and child will be shooting back at the cowards.

  • pbrown85355

    Besides, no real patriot of the United States of America will ever shoot their countrymen. Only TSA cowards would do that.

  • agbjr

    Can’t help the belief the Pentagon is the target of an ongoing political purge especially each time the media reports the resignation or retirement of another high-ranking officer. I can’t remember there being so many military ‘retirements’ before 2009.

  • Jim28thReg

    During the second world war in both theaters officers of ALL RANK were executed by their own personnel on both sides when they gave illegal orders. It won’t matter how many commanders zero replaces the troops at least the American troops are not going o fire on fellow Americans.

    Do you think a Texan will fire on a New Yorker when he knows if he does a New Yorker troop will be in Texas and may fire on his family? Zero is playing a game he can’t win with force.

    All these false flags are diverting the attention from their main goal to bankrupt the American people and push us into starvation.The main stream media is complicit mainly because they’re owned by those who are setting themselves up to be kings. They’ll use the dummies in the UN to bring in troops when ours refuse to kill their own and the noncombatents get tired of war.

    The UN is filled with dummies if you think about it. From where have they recieved their loans from – where is the bulk of their tax going – if America goes down where will they get the bulk of their food – and then lastly who are the black people mentioned in the passage of Agenda 21 that talks about the massive reduction of world population and the division of the world into four territory states each with one permanent ruler.

    Read it- look it up and read it !!! Those are the clowns that are destroying our country and so the world -those are the true sons of SATAN . Eventually you will see.

  • Gary Smith

    We MUST stick together and be ready to FIGHT for our Constitutional RIGHTS!! ARE YOU READY??? WILLING??? and ABLE???

  • Weasler

    Fcuking commie Mudslime!

  • Bill W

    Apparently these folks don’t remember what fragging was about in Viet Nam. Bad leaders were sent home in a box.

  • Weasler

    The good news is that while the Left will try to institute this, it will never actually happen.There’s just too many anti-Obama people in the military at all levels to allow something like this to take place. Even if Booga-Booga and his commie pals, his Mudslime associates, and his woman-petrified homo friends tried to institute martial law against us REAL Americans, the military would never, ever go along with it. It just won’t happen. Be wary, but don’t worry.

  • realist

    what rubbish

    • Patriot-Research

      Realist, you must be a real moron, it’s obvious you have been educated in a public school, becuase morons like you don’t do your research and make stupid statement as “rubbish.” Do your research then make and educted statement! You are the problem with this Nation not the Solution….Again MORON.!

  • BlueViolets

    Then he better watch his own back. If he surrounds himself with those who would be willing to murder their own country’s citizens then they won’t have too many qualms about turning the gun on him either

  • ableamerican

    Hitler’s brown shirts were the prelims to the SS..& once ‘gun control’ was implemented & their German economy was ‘tanking’ (NO WHERE NEAR THE 16PLUS TRILLION WE’RE FACING) the ‘holocost’ began..not just the ‘juden’..but ALL non compliers.Now you know why ‘Pinocchio’s paramount “to do” list has the gun control agenda to eliminate our 2ND AMENDMENT!.Abraham Lincoln took the leadership as he’d taken the oath to do & did what was needed to keep our Union in tact..he believed he would eventually be assassinated because of his keeping of that oath..Harry Truman did also with Hiroshima & Nagasaki..Harry ‘never passed the buck’ or kicked the can down the road..keeping his oath..Today’s politicians seem to believe that the ‘oath’ is just so much rhetoric to contend with in getting into the ‘power structure’..Pinocchio, Hillary, Reid, Schumer, Kerry, are just the tip of that iceberg that’s melting our Constitution & Bill Of Rights into ‘obliteration’!

  • Buford

    From the beginning I believed the Petraeus scandal was more about getting rid of opposition more than anything else. Any and all who oppose Obama on anything, must go. Those who think he is doing the will of the people have a rude awakening coming.

  • Nadine

    IMPEACH…ANYTHING!! Get rid of THEM !!

  • Herbert

    Every cop is trained from inception that there is a distinction between them ans ‘civilians’ they testify in court as to ‘civilians’ as opposed to ‘law enforcement’ The problem with this concept is that law enforcement is civilian and not distinguishable from civilians other than their oath and duties and uniform. The concept of distinctions, us versus them, promotes differing treatment and the Katrina response where elderly women are tackled and antique top breaks ripped from their arthritic hands. VP Biden tells the senior citizen and the disabled to buy 12 gauge shotguns and laughs.,

  • Sue

    The picture above is an absolute fabrication. The feet are not touching the ground. Why would they put a deliberate fake up to prove a point? Something to think about.

    • Rattlerjake

      Normally there is only one foot on the ground when you walk, Duh!

      • Sue

        neither of them are duh.

  • spyderdalton

    Be warned. Repost this link to everyone you know. The entire congress is complicit in treason for not jailing Obama for his crimes against the America people.

  • Jumper82

    Yes Obama is tailoring the military to murder American citizens. My question is where is the Republican party on this matter? Are they in on it? I say we need to kick the UN out, they use us for our money and as a world police force. But that will not happen, that is where the troops will come from to kill us. Don’t know about all of you but they will have to work when they come for me or my neighbors.

  • Tim Newton

    Why should these people in high office be immuned from being fired up????Whats makes them so special???It was domestic terrorist Billy Ayers who said he wished he killed more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1469631007 Steve Curley


    ** It was then that Gandhi realized that the right to bear arms was a fundamental right of free people because despite constitutional provisions and non-violent methods of protest, it sometimes becomes necessary to resist tyranny with force. He made it a part of his program first in South Africa and later in India—both under British rule.

    During World War I, Gandhi called for a repeal of the unpopular Indian Arms Act of 1878 that granted the government extensive powers to restrict the possession of arms. In his autobiography, Gandhi condemned this act in the strongest of words: “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

    Right to bear arms was also listed among Gandhi’s 11 demands presented to Lord Irwin before the famous Salt March of 1930. In his letter addressed to the Viceroy of India dated March 2, 1930 just before the commencement of mass civil disobedience, Gandhi, among other things, argued passionately for the right of citizens to bear arms:

    “And why do I regard the British rule as a curse?…It has reduced us politically to serfdom. It has sapped the foundations of our culture, and, by the policy of disarmament, it has degraded us spiritually. Lacking inward strength, we have been reduced by universal disarmament to a state bordering on cowardly helplessness.” **


  • southtxcowboy

    Not on my watch!

  • $9913635

    God sent a wicked man to rule US during the latter days. Who will remove this wicked and ungodly man before it is too late and he will remove you instead?

    Who will turn this predator into a prey? Prey, do tell me? Did the flies that attacked him yesterday hint at anything?

  • Bull57

    Just lie. Of course sir I will follow any and all orders by my superior officers. Then “We The People” will have our own on the inside to help protect Us from Ovomitt.

  • WASP

    Make no mistake. When the shooting war starts (as it must) the people’s militia WILL have to shoot some gummint storm troopers, and traitorous cops, and politweasels and bureaurats of the iligitimate feral gummint I do think that most cops and military will be on our side (or neutral), but damm few politicians, cause they have the sweetest scam in the world going for themselves, and they aren’t going to give it up until we force them out.

  • $12994363

    That’s the bad news. The GOOD news is that the fired one’s are the most capable and trustworthy. They will make excellent leaders if/when “the day” comes. And they will also likely be better tacticians. And know what their opponents will likely do. And what their weaknesses are. Who would need to be taken out to ‘cut off the head’ of the snake…..
    And so on.

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