Off Grid Attack: EPA To Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.22.49 AMOur ever so helpful government has decided that your wood burning stove is now a danger to the world. In another attempt to outlaw the off grid lifestyle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the same agency that was recently caught using drones to spy on Americans, is now going after home owners who use Wood Burning Stoves to heat their homes.

Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class that would deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called burn wise to try to sway public opinion.

  • Average Joe

    I build my own. Come and stop me. You may as well come for my guns. The results will be the same.

    • $22091572

      Semper FI!!!

  • Benjamin


  • Nikolas Arsenault

    Seriously? lol I guess all of Northern Maine should begin expecting visits from hippies in our near future. Next they are going to tell us that we can’t use our wood stoves, they will tell us we cannot live in our log homes anymore because we used to much wood to build it!

  • Darrell G. Walton

    Obama Socialist Maggot!!! It won’t happen period!!!

  • Buck

    #%&% the EPA and the communist government it is part off , taking my wood stove would have the SAME results of taking my firearms . I AM WAITING !

  • Rich

    It’s all about Agenda 21. If you’re not familiar, get familiar.

    I WILL NOT COMPLY. We also have the means/expertise to build our own stoves as needed.

    I’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of you who agree, whether it be literally or figuratively. I will keep my wood stove, I will keep my firearms, or else I suppose I’ll meet my Maker sooner than I may have planned. Either way, again I say, I will not comply.

    • Krazeehors

      You know, if every gun owner in America had showed up at the polls to vote against this joker — oops, traitor, he would be leaving office next week.

      • mathchopper

        I surely wish someone would explain to me why they feel O’Bummer is a joker. Would you have called Hitler a joker?

        • Krazeehors

          I was trying not to swear, OK?? And, no, I would not have called Hitler a joker. The two are not synonomous — yet, but i believe that day is coming.
          And, your attack on my semantics is part of the problem in this country. I stand by my comment that had every gun owner in this country showed up to vote against our “fearless leader” (sarcasm, got it?); he WOULD be leaving the White House next week.

          • mathchopper

            Mine was not an attack on your choice of adjectives. Your explanation for “joker” is totally logical. But, of course, I didn’t know that. How about replacing “joker” with “traitor”? That would imply more “smarts”.

          • Krazeehors


          • Jauhnell Cox Sawyer

            YOUR ARE SO RITE

        • Jauhnell Cox Sawyer

          i call him a good for nothing SOB, I CAN NOT STAND TO EVEN LOOK AT HIM HE IS THE FACE OF THE DEVIL.

          • guest

            Yeah I know. I cannot even stand the sight of this MAGGOT. He is a lowlife SCUM. I tune out everything connected to this POS.


        • beebee

          Maybe because Hitler was working on his own evil agenda, and obummer is being manipulated by communists/socialists in the background, like a puppet?

          • mathchopper

            Yes, that’s a possible reason. But I don’t think that’s the case.

      • rivahmitch

        It would make no difference. Voter fraud, rigged machines and crooked counting determined the last election. The next will be the same.

        • Krazeehors

          Even Obama would have a hard time coming up with 20 million votes, and given that there are 80 to 100 million gun owners, not even Ron Paul voters could stay home and make a difference.

          • beebee

            Well, that depends. If the voting machines are rigged to vote for a certain candidate, regardless of who the voter opts for, then it is a no-win situation. All the right votes could go to the wrong candidate. That happened in the last two elections (2008 and 2012).

          • Krazeehors

            You need to REALLY read this book: “Hitler, God, and the Bible” by Ray Comfort.

            It is absolutely FRIGHTENINGLY SIMILAR to what is going on in this country today, and I am NOT kidding!!!

          • Rose Thompson

            Also, read TheNaked Communist and the Communist Manifesto and its impact on Todays Democratic Party and Pres Obama. (Title of second may be a kittle off, but its close) both of these go into great detail about how the communist party has, for years, conceived plans to brinv America down from within and clearly lays out the 40 points they need to achieve for this to happen and how they plan to achieve each and every one of them. Sadly, many of the 40 points are already in full swing in our country.

          • Michael

            Sadly Romney’s history of Gun Control is as bad or WORSE than Obama’s.

          • NukeWaste

            DID YOU PICK ROMNEY?? We didn’t! He is bozo light. We voted for him because we had no other candidate. He still was a rotten choice. I understand why people didn’t vote but I don’t agree.

        • WASP

          I agree. I’m afraid we’ll never see an honest election again. The fascist-democraps, after decades of perfecting election fraud in Chicago, have it down to a science now.

      • rick0857

        Until we can prove the link between the so-called Mafia and unions we will not defeat the democ RATS!!!

        • Undunder

          Link??? There’s a difference?

        • The Carpathian

          In chicago, one of the local teamsters unions was let by “Joey the Clown” who was indicted on multiple mob charges. What legitimate leader allows himself to be called – in private as well as in public, the press and FBI documents as “Joey the Clown?”

    • rivahmitch

      Too bad EPA employees are worthless as fuel.

      • mitch

        Are you sure?

      • BrassRing

        No, they’re just hard to light. But, it is worth it.

        • Chicken_Shiite

          Hard to light! Anything can be lite with a combination of deisel and used motor oil. I’ve lite campfires in the pouring rain with this combination and wet wood. You just have to keep adding it until its blazing on its on. EPA employees shouldn’t take more than a pint of each.

    • TexasOlTimer

      You are exactly right. All the regulations, E.O.’s, and everything done by this administration is a means to an end – and in the end its all about power and control. Simply look on the UN’s website for Agenda 21 – it’s all there!

    • Darrell Lynch

      Rich, make sure, as I will, that you take as many of the sons-of-bitches with you as you can.

  • mathchopper

    Which pollutes more, burning a log or letting it rot in the woods? Answer: It’s a tie. But science doesn’t matter to the Democrap libterds any more, does it? Invest in lead capable of traveling at 3,000ft/sec.

    • Doc Whiteraven

      Darn…mine only speeds along at a measly 2,700 FPS…I feel so alone… ;-)


        Thats ok my brothers is only 1700fps. Could you wait for his?
        Me im a 3200fps kind of guy. 7.62x54r

  • Rich

    I’m not worried about them “coming to get my stove” as much as I am concerned that they’ll get homeowners insurance companies on board, so that anyone with a mortgage who has to have insurance won’t be allowed to have a stove in their house. There are still come creative ways around this as long as you don’t live on mainstreet, but they’ll do whatever they can to make rural life miserable for as many people as possible.

    • nolibliz

      Rich, You hit the bullseye. The Libs do very little by direct assault. They create a need, a panic, a “benefit”, etc. and then herd the sheep right into the pen. Have you noticed that now the reason you “should” get a flu shot is so that the old and sick won’t get “exposed”!?!

      ANYTHING (gardens, wood burning stoves, guns) that keep the power and control of one’s life in the individual is and will be regulated and “panicked” out of existence. We have and are being sold down the river by the vast majority of our elected “officials.” ( I refuse to use the word “representatives”–they no more represent us than pigs can fly!)

      • Rich

        Indeed. Which is why I live in the country, have guns, draft horses, and land to work. I’m nearly ready for the task of living off the grid if need be. If only I had the means to pay off my house in cash, I’d bid good day to the “grid”/government all together and dial back the lifestyle a few decades.

        We need people to determine to be more independent and not accept having their every need met by someone who desires to maintain control over them.

        These are interesting times we live in…

        • Paul Powell

          And they are going to get a lot worse within the year.

        • mathchopper

          Something to think about, Rich. For 10 years, I had the savings to pay off my home loan. But I decided to pay it off with INFLATED dollars. In the meantime, that cash was invested in inflation fighters such as junk silver.

        • stonemike

          A good American, I’m sure, but a MASTER OF UNDERSTATEMENT, these are tragic times, the death of LIBERTY is a tragedy, one that I hope brings the overthrow of our “unamerican government!

      • Bob

        MAYBE it is time for the grassroots to start a MASSIVE RECALL MOVEMENT to invalidate the November election!!
        It is time to take back OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

        • mathchopper

          The Democraps know we don’t have the organization to make that happen. And unlike them, they know we respect our Constitution which they use against us.

          • stonemike

            We have to separate ourselves from the parts of the law that prop up militant progressives, they are worse than foreign enemies . In the end, they hate and ignore our Constitution, so we must not be hampered by a wonderful, but under siege document, nature gives us the inalienable right to freedoms, but we’ll have to kill to keep those rights! WE ARE THE MINUTE MEN!!!!!

        • Jauhnell Cox Sawyer

          I AM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul Powell

      Here in CAL. they have already done just that If you heat with wood then they just will not insure you at all. I checked I have a stove for heating and can not get insurance because I use wood for heating.

      • mathchopper

        Have you tried lying? “Yes, I have a stove. No, I don’t use it.” If the Democraps can lie, why can’t you? (Just don’t let the stove be the cause of your house burning down.)

    • stonemike

      Militant progressivism seeks to force humanity to live in big ‘gulag cities” where we can be controlled and managed, which means complete subjugation of the ‘great satan”, white Americans! Do you owe your children a chance to recover freedom , or do you hand their lives over to OBAMA!

      • Lynda Deming

        My children are old enough to make their own decisions and have chosen to give their lives to Barry. The only problem is they are taking my grandchildren with them and that is killing me.

  • finlandbob

    Homeowner insurance has been impacted by wood heat for years in certain areas. My concern: I live in REMOTE northern Minnesota using wood, propane and electric. I RELY on my wood heat. It is affordable and non-mechanical. When man-made systems fail or become priced beyond means what am I suppose to do? I’ll forgo homeowner’s insurance if necessary.
    Oh…. and here’s a hoot. Corn pellet stoves were all the rage with many of my neighbors touting their clean and cheap, burnable bio-fuel alternative. Try getting those pellets today! They are hard to find and terribly expensive now that the kings portion of corn is pushed by the government for conversion to gasoline.
    Can’t put wood in those stoves. They spent an arm and a leg converting to the corn pellets…. and now……. I’m still smiling knowing I didn’t take the bait.

    • Rich

      I too would be willing to live without homeowners insurance, except I have a mortgage so the bank requires it. If I don’t maintain insurance on my home, I am in violation of the mortgage agreement and the bank can then do as they wish to recoup their investment. Of course, two of the primary areas the government uses its heavy hand is in insurance and banking.

      I’ll still resist to the end though. I live in rural PA and wood is the most practical way for me to provide heat for my family. If they can force me to remove a stove from my house due to the “environmental harm” it causes, what’s to stop them from telling me I can no longer drive my V8 Truck? Live in a house that’s bigger than what my family “needs”? Grow my own food? etc…

      Big government is just bad news. I will not comply no matter what it costs.

      Ps – props on sticking to your guns (no pun intended) on the wood stove, and not converting to pellets! I know many with the same stories as your neighbors!

      • stonemike

        NOTHING——- CAN STOP PROGRESSIVES, except armed insurrection! Talk to all young Americans in the military, only them siding with the “black dictator” can subjugate us!

    • mathchopper

      You deserve the smile. That’s assuming, of course, you’re also “prepping”.

    • bucky

      Especially when corn went to $8/bushel this year because of the drought. Corn was great for heating when it was $2.50/bushel. Who’s burning corn now? Maybe it’s time to eliminate some of the subsidies in the farm bill. Everyone thinks it’s only the low income that are the sponges of this country, maybe it’s time to look into the corporate farms as being part of the freeloaders also.

    • stonemike

      American heart break and misery is obamas biggest pleasure! DO NOT GIVE UP GUNS , TEACH your kids to hate government and its brainwashing!

  • Douglas Morris

    EPA, TSA, Homeland Security, HHS, DOJ, welcome to FASCIST AMERIKA..
    2008, the year Liberty died..

  • Jim Dickinson d.

    “off the grid” my but! Millions of us ignorant country folk use wood burning stoves to survive the winter. Wars on oil, coal, gas and now wood. The transformation continues.

    • beebee

      If only we could capture and recirculate, reuse all the hot air coming out of DC, we’d all be warm!! Now that would really be “global warming”!! Think the EPA would like that idea?

  • Intrinsic

    Screw their laws and screw the EPA scum!

  • TexasOlTimer

    So we lose electricity in the middle of a winter storm and we sit and freeze rather than use that … gasp! … wood stove and risk the EPA swooping in to fine us.

    Whether or not a stated purpose actually accomplishes what the Progressives say it will is immaterial. It is merely a means to an end. It has nothing to do with the environment. Like everything else the EPA regulates, it’s all about an ideology that is unAmerican – get rid of oil and gas, bring America to its knees and remake it in their vision of what America should be.

    • stonemike

      Been preaching this for years, my oldest , easy going son recently told me, ‘you know Dad, I used to think you were crazy and paranoid, now everything you said is coming true”! Why won’t Americans stop this genocide of freedom before it turns into a “real genocide”? Independent and armed whites are the only thing stopping total progressive dictatorship!

      • TexasOlTimer

        You’re right and you’ve got a smart son there! I’ve got one that drives a big truck cross country. He amped up his CB last year and can talk about 10-15 miles in any direction and he has been talking! He argues with stupid Dems and gives information to the uninformed ones. More than one has said “It can’t be THAT bad! THIS is America!” He tells it not only is, but what he’s said is only the tip of the iceberg. Without the media to be the check on the government that we’ve always figured it would be (and a lot still think it is and believe what they read), it’s very difficult to mobilize people to get off their duff and fight this….


      The central planning committee will take care of your heating needs. You will be relocated to a climate where it is not necessary to heat or cool YOUR living quarters. Now get back on your energy board so the ELITE can have lights and wait for your nutrition cube.


    Califaggey has banned wood burning ANYTHING for years. Drive the Central VGalley and listen to all the bans on burning – or go internet and listen to local radio stations. The EPOA Gestapo has nothing on the State of Califaggey

  • carolwayne903

    What are we going to use for heat when no one can afford gas or electric anymore?

    • Defier_of_all

      Simple, we freeze to death

      • stonemike

        NOT THE zoo monkeys in the White House! They own your nation!

  • randydutton

    Anyone who didn’t vote against Obama is at fault.

    • stonemike

      See my above post, the election meant nothing!

    • Lynda Deming

      It is not who votes that counts … It is who counts the votes.

  • D James Abbarno

    Hmmmm Realy???? What about fireplaces??? Which MANY homes have ????

  • concerned for my freedom

    Leave me the hell alone government let me keep my freedom’s… good grief everytime I turn around more laws more regulations less freedom!

  • Omegaseeker

    We must band together!

  • dean29685

    They tried this once before in cook county Illinois set up monitoring stations then fine people who had fire places etc. funny thing a group took them to court and they dropped the whole idea. This was in the late 60’s early 70’s some ideas never go away.

    • stonemike

      The EPA is a rogue agency , signed, not voted into law and it is the cornerstone of militant progressive oppression! If violence breaks out, EPA officials and flunkies should be targeted!

  • finlandbob

    I want to kick every republican ass that took time to stand in line for a lottery ticket but not to vote.
    This administration is on YOU!!!

    • stonemike

      Would not matter, fraud put ‘big ears” back in and republicans knew it, yet colluded with their ideological buddies, big government progressives! I guess everyone in America but me feel like deferring to obammi cause he’s NEGRO!

      • finlandbob

        It’s a shame to have someone post a racial comment such as yours. Shame on you.
        I’m a patriot. Are you?

        • Lynda Deming

          It is only racial or racist if it is not true. In the case of stonemike’s comment, it was a true statement.

      • Lynda Deming

        You aren’t the only one who feels like that. It is a pretty well known fact that many folks, especially those within the government, allowed a lot of unlawful acts to go unquestioned for fear of the minorities rioting in the streets, ala Odinga of Kenya. The first of course was his unlawful presence on the 2008 ballot for president.

    • Lynda Deming

      What I want to know is who put out that talking point — the one where they say the republicans didn’t vote. There is no place I have been able to find evidence indicating that any such thing happened. Romney received 1 million more votes than McCain did and Barry’s numbers were down by 4-5 million.

  • stonemike

    These deranged maniacs are more dangerous to American freedom than were the AXIS POWERS in WW2, when the fighting starts, ALL GOVERNMENT oppressors should be targeted!

  • Buzg

    Been heating my home with a woodstove for 38 years. Too old to change. I’ve been waiting for this idiot move.

  • beebee

    Another stupid pronouncement from a stupid, unnecessary government agency! I take this to mean that if in a winter storm my power goes out, I cannot use my fireplace to stay warm? Sorry, but I’ll have to disobey that order. And if a “drone” reports me, I am free to shoot it down with my illegal guns. The constitution says so, doesn’t it? And if it doesn’t, it should .:-)

  • SKH Designs

    In central California this has been going on for quite some time. Limits on when you can use one based on air quality. I think the exemption is if it is the sole means of heating the house.

  • Joe DelVescovo

    To clarify something for beebee, Obama IS a socialist…he is a puppet to the banksters that control the show, but Obama is definitely a sociaslist already. Always has been, always will be. It is the banksters that are causing the problems, the politicians are just easily corrupted by their greed, which the banksters and major corporations take advantage of for their own gain. Our government does NOT work for the people…only a handful of politicians do. Most have sold out to the fiat dollar.

  • MontieR

    Someone PLEASE show me exactly where in the constitution the EPA has ANY authority to do ANYTHING.The county sheriffs need to tell fedzilla to pound sand.

  • RalphyBoy

    I’ve built my own before. And turned an antique coal parlor stove into a decent wood stove. They were both good burners, kept the house warm, and left the flue buildup free for the most part.

    These gubment burritocrats don’t no shiite about wood burnin and should keep outta US who do’s way… There’s more to a good stove than the ‘fine particulate count’. This is all about BigGov control and we all know it.


  • OutdoorFrontiers

    I knew it was only a matter of time before the EPA came after wood stoves. LOL, let’s see now, they’re closing down coal-fired electricity generation because coal is too polluting. They don’t want nuclear power because of the risk of radiation. We shouldn’t drive because that uses fossil fuels and our president and EPA have pretty much shut down oil exploration and drilling. The bunny huggers don’t want wind power because it kills birds and solar power is a joke.
    So exactly what are we supposed to generate power with, and how are we supposed to heat our homes, and how are we supposed to get back and forth to work?
    Horses? They won’t let those into most cities because horses “pollute” too!
    What a joke of an administration we have in Washington!

  • David W. Baker

    It’s a smokescreen to distract you while they try to do an end run for our guns.

  • standyourground

    Consider venting directly to the source?

    How to Comment on the Proposed New Source Performance Standards for Residential Wood Heaters

    EPA will accept written comments until May 5, 2014.

    Comments on the proposed New Source Performance Standards for Residential Wood Heaters must reference Docket ID:

    Comments may be submitted by one of the following methods:

    Online through Follow the on-line instructions for submitting comments.
    E-mail: Comments may be sent by electronic mail (e-mail) to

    Fax: Fax your comments to: 202-566-9744.

    Mail: Send your comments to: Air and Radiation Docket and Information Center, Environmental Protection Agency, Mail Code: 2822T, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC, 20460.

    Hand Delivery or Courier: Deliver your comments to: EPA Docket Center, Room 3334, 1301 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC, 20460. Such deliveries are only accepted during the Docket’s normal hours of operation, and special arrangements should be made for deliveries of boxed information.

    Online at Once the rule has published in the Federal Register, follow the on-line instructions for submitting comments.

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