• Benjamin


  • Tom T

    I agree as well, and I also think it is very intentional as the ideology of Bill Ayers and Francis Fox Piven’s progressive views serve as the basis of the education of many within this administration. Their ideas are based on spending the government into collapse while building a sub infrastructure (FEMA/DHS) to collapse the government into.

  • Mort Leith

    It’s past time for this country to rid itself of the liberal communists that call themselves democrats….

    • 9thID

      And their comrades the RINOs…

    • WASP

      True! It’s not just the gummint, but the fascist-democrap electorate that keeps returning the scum to gummint office. What good would it do to cleanse gummint of these self-serving crooks, when these brainless sheep will vote them or someone just as bad right back into office. If we’re going to take back our country, we need to neutralize these traitors. We had to do that to the Tories in the 1770s, and we need to do it now.

  • $3846549

    I’m not sure there is any way to delay our date with destiny. Still, I wonder if the populace has the integrity and will to match the patriots that came before us. It’s always this line in the sand and no further, and then you are out of sand and its over without a whimper. I just don’t know.

    • wminaz

      Out founding fathers often referred to liberty and freedom for themselves and their descendants. They did their job and I think they would expect us to continue the idea of liberty and freedom.

  • azcharlie

    I’m not sure which side he’s talking about. Revolution by the liberals or the conservatives? If it’s a conservative revolution – one that gets ride of all the communist/socialist/progressives, I’m in. I always thought I would die in a great military battle. Only, I thought it would be Viet Nam. Now, maybe it will be a US civil war…..

    • Worrywart

      Don’t want it to come to that. However as a woman in my 50’s, I’ve felt it coming on with Obama in office.

      • Charles Bill L.

        And as a man in my seventies a Korean vet I have seen it comming many years ago.God gave me the vision as to what was going on.Dictator of Russia NikiTA Kreushelv said back in the fifties said one day we will walk in and take over America without firing a shoot.We are being taken over now by a commie usurpering socalled socialist president and as to now no shoots are being fired.And dont you ever believe that you aren’t being monitered by obumma jackbooted thugs.I know one day soon that a knock will come on my door and they will come to take me away to some FEMA death camp.

        • Worrywart

          Oh yes. I wish I could stay off the Internet but I can not. Too late now so I may as well keep speaking my mind. I wait for that knock, or the day my brakes go out. Good luck to you. God Bless us all.

    • Weasler

      If there’s a civil war in America, they conservatives will win. Why? Simple! They have the guns, the brains, the balls, and most importantly, the support of the public – AND NOT THE LEFT!!! What’s more, there will be NO REAL OPPOSITION, as there is NO WAY the military is going to fire on REAL Americans just to keep the Left in power.

      This is where the Liberals/Democruds/Media (all one in the same) have the public fooled. They have convinced the American people that liberals are in the majority. This has NEVER been the case. The Left is made up of welfare blacks, slimy illegals, druggies, ugly feminists, union thugs, and sick screaming homos, and while there may be a lot of them, they are BY NO MEANS a majority. THE CONSERVATIVES OUTNUMBER THEM BY FAR.

      • hwyphd1

        And while the sicko’s vote many many many times they will cheat at everything they do to bring the country down

      • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

        You need to stop being so-o-o layed back on your comments.

      • Charles Bill L.

        I 100% agree with you Arizonacharlie.You hit the old nail square dab on the head.Onlything is there will always be those in the military that will fight for the commie homo muslim usuper. Both white and black red brown and yellow folks will stand up for him but not in the majority.Revolution Its comming real soon even in your neighborhood aS WELL AS MINE.Folks have been pushed to far by the liberals,progressives(Queers commies crooks perverted sodomites)And they aint gonna taKE IT ANYMORE.Obama has signed a bill to where he will have lifetime secret service security for life yet he wants to take away our guns so that we dont have securty and able to protect ourselves.myyy myyy myyy what strange bedfellows.He speaks with forked tongue.He shaves both his faces each morning.

      • WASP

        Libtards may not be the majority, but they manage to cast the majority of votes through election fraud–paying illegal aliens to vote, letting incarcerated felons vote, Democraps voting early and often, rigging voting machines, and rigging the vote counting process. Now that they’ve been successful twice in a row, we never see an honest election in the country again, unless we cull the herd.

  • SDanio

    It is time to make the changes needed in our country!!! Government is sold out on self-will and power over the will of the people. Time for talk is now short lived and action by the people is necessary for the preservation of our country. Obama plans on gutting the Constitution by totalitarian decree, beginning with the second amendment. He believes we will do nothing and is now power hungry. We have a gutless Congress with no spine or will to protect the people they swore to represent. You guy’s just keep on talking and playing your fiddle’s while Rome burns. You will still be talking when the country has a Dictator.

  • Flunking_retirement

    There is indeed, i feel, a rising resentment of government in general. People will only take so much abuse, perceived or actual, and when a government deliberately sets out to divide ts people for political expediency, it has a tiger by the tail.

  • KDS



    We have a girlie girl president…can he shoot a gun???

  • pduffy

    This government is acting in its OWN interest to keep the money flowing to ITSELF. It is not government for the people, but government for the government. Just look at how the ruling elite give their offices to their own chosen – Al Gore, inherited his father’s senate seat. Lisa Murkousky – same inherited senate seat. On and on it goes. The Kenedy’s ruling family has had a stranglehold on our society for decades. Barry was picked out decades ago by the ruling class to be president. The vote is rigged and corrupt. It’s up to the people now to make a stand against it. They can’t put the entire population in jail, and that’s why ‘prohibition’ was repealed. When enough ordinary people rebelled, they repealed the law.

  • NoSurrender

    Well you will have to act shortly.

    The Debt ceiling is about to fall in and Obama is coming for your guns after a mock inquiry by Uncle Jo Stalin-Biden.

    Haven’t seen any signs of revolution yet ?

    The left like Ayers were prepared to be violent revolutionarioes while conservatives continue to be law abiding despite the system being hi jacked by the left and rigged so that they cant win legaly.

    The late great United States has been eaten alive from the inside by illegal immigrants, pacifists atheists leftists etc and the Conservatives have just watched.

    I wonder if the corpse can be revived or is revolution even likely ?

    I don’t see conservatives marching in the streets or occupying the whitehouse.

    Unless that happens then all this talk of revolution is meaningless.

  • $18476877


  • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

    If Caddell believes what he says, why does he remain a Democrap?

  • subee7

    Good , we should have been here long before now.
    I do hope we haven’t waited too long. Groups should go to our Congressmen and talk to them …face to face

  • subee7

    Someone take the imitative and get people in each State to volunteer and meet together…..

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