• Todd

    Here come the teabaggers again. Cling to your guns weirdos!

    • flagged

      Not only am I clinging to my guns, but my weirdo self is buying more, building more and buying ammo too. You stick to name calling, following blindly and I will say a prayer for you, a weirdo one….

      • rivahmitch

        Don’t waste a good prayer.

      • undunder


      • LadyforLiberty

        Flagged: Well Said Sir!
        The FF wrote a Constitution to suit Independent People in an Independent Republic.
        The Constitution is LAW to Politicans, but dammit they think of any way they can to weasel round what the Great Men wrote.
        2nd Amendment is a good example. Men in the 1700s aware that at some future date “Internal Enemies” would arise and then the 2nd Amendment would come ito its own.
        Pity they did not forsee that the USA would one day be served by self serving POS`s who would seek to be kings!
        But they sure did their best when they wrote of “enemies both external and internal”!
        Bear that in mind as you read or watch the crap put out by our “informed media!”
        Mid terms not far off. Make sure your local guys and gals understand that THEY have no future if the support the Obama revolution.
        Y`See…We already had the ONLY Revolution that matters. And thats a fact!

      • caskinner

        The losers that don’t have guns to cling to will be singing a different tune someday.

        • flagged

          No doubt about that. Those will be the losers putting themselves on the wrong end of what I’m clinging to too!

    • jerry

      What a fulish statement , dont you realize if they take the 2nd. They’ll take the rest of our freedom

      • RacerJim

        When they come for the 2nd he won’t care, he’s not a 2nd’er.
        When they come for the 1st he won’t care, he’s not a 1st’er.
        When they come for what he is, there won’t be anyone left to save him.

        Foolish is as foolish does.

        • KATE

          I was just reading about those that spoke out about the Nazi’s, so I had this handy. I though the real world account of your rendition of Nazi “cleansing” may wake-up those still asleep.

          First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Socialist.

          Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

          Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Jew.

          Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

          This was from one of Niemöller’s lectures during the early postwar period.

    • Robert

      We’re coming to get you Tod!!

    • Pablo Descartes

      Tudd you pathetic little troll, is your life really so sad. Get a life loser!

    • WellNowDear

      All the liberals who want a failed communism are the weirdos. Not only are they weirdos but, they are ignorant of history.

      • RacerJim

        Above all else they are TRAITORS.

    • WellNowDear

      Homosexual marriage isn’t weird, I suppose? Allowing so many abortions then “importing” millions of aliens to replace them. I guess that isn’t weird. No, it’s not weird, it’s insane.

    • AZWarrior

      Don’t pee on yourself when I walk past your sissy ass with a holstered Glock.

      • RacerJim

        Why holstered? Why walk past? Why not draw a line in the sand and dare him: “Go Ahead Punk, MAKE MY DAY!” :-)

        • AZWarrior

          I was referring to open carry where it’s legal, and, just because he walked past me on the street and saw I was carrying, he’d wet his drawers, as I casually strolled by, not even noticing he was there.

    • undunder

      Liberals A.K.A. progressives find little common sense to support their philosophy so name calling and personal attacks are all they have. No moral principles. No economic principles that make sense, and no integrity. Just lie. Attack. Exploit. Ridicule, And yes, though reprehensible, name calling as been very good for progressive agendas.

      When the left could not make a reasonable argument for obama’s re-election they set out to destroy the character of Romney. While I vehemntly disagree with his religious doctrine, I do think he is a charitable and gracious guy. Not realizing the virtue of or accepting as important integrity, honesty, and charity, the left attacked those elements of the candidate; not his platform except when they set out to grossly distort what he said or planned.

      Liberal attack dogs, aided by an agenda driven press, are very effective in their savagery. And that Neanderthal savagery is what is keeping their opposition in check – for now. I think and hope that at some point enslaved Americans will grow tired of being played by our leaders and will revolt. With each tightening of the screw to the American way of life, with each eroded freedom, with each inexplicable disaster that leaders refuse to account for or take responsibility, hopefully, American will wake up. As leaders “give away the farm” for reasons I don’t even understand, moms, dads, grandparents, and others will get tired of the government taking form their progeny to prop up political power by bringing in illegal voters, buying votes, and diluting the American way of life.

    • Sam Elson

      That’s right stooge, dance on the strings of Papa Obama cause you got no back bone of your own. Not only “here come the teabaggers” but here come The Pride of the South and we ain’t takin NO prisoners. So cower in your corner you little worm and woship your daddy the devil cause the crusaiders for God are coming through! Wouldn’t want to see your delicate little ego get smashed as we pass.

    • Juan Motie

      Hey todd! How about you go and “cling” to your lord and master obama and leave us adults in the room alone! You know your lips want to be firmly attached to obama’s butt …

    • 9Spoon9

      Todd, I’d invite you to visit with me, family and friends. We’re willing to give you the “tough love” required in order for you to step into the light and see that facts. I’d avoid name calling such as “teabaggers” as the men folk might not take kindly to accusing them of being a gay. We still subscribe to the definition as happy and light-hearted. Just let me know and we will arrange your schooling..

    • 820 REDHORSE

      You’ll change yer tune, when the mob comes to see you and take everything you got and probably kill you & and yer family in the process!! One thing you can count on, when the dollar does crash and by all rights already has, there will be looters ,roits and blood in the streets, and just who in the hell do you thing is going to be there to protect you? NOBODY!! You’ll be all you got,so whatcha gonna do throw bananas at’em?

    • momham33

      When you have no valid point to make, resort to name calling. Nice (note this is sarcasm – you appear to be a product of the liberal public education system).

  • Bambam

    Everyone should see the anonymous response to Obama gun grab on you tube. It states all laws we need to know about when they try to take our guns

    • rivahmitch

      When they come to take our guns, laws will be irrelevant.

      • digdeeper

        They took an oath to defend, uphold, and abide by the Consitution. Disregarding that oath I say is treason…it is working against the country and its people. That is We the People!

      • digdeeper

        That’s why the right to bear arms is essential. “The right of the people to bear arms shall not be INFRINGED”. No ban, no registration, universal or otherwise, no confiscation, no inspection, no interference in the rights of We the People!

        • John

          It doesn’t mention nuclear weapons either. Or the mentally ill.

          It was badly written and has almost no bearing on life in the 21st century. Just like the Bible.

          • digdeeper

            Yes your illustrious brilliance! As brilliant as Lenin’s “useful idiots”.

          • oldfatguy

            A life like yours? Well, what COULD be relevant? I’ve got it! GAY MARRIAGE–that’s what’s relevant to your life…

    • Terrywest0206

      Where on YouTube?

  • Mort Leith

    We SHOULD be marching on Washington right NOW to remove this traitorous POS !

    • FIRE1949

      Marching on D.C. only enriches the hotels, restaurants, & gas stations in the area. Not to mention putting the concentrated group in jeopardy as we are considered “enemies” by the current administration. Should we be arrested for any reason, can we afford the expenses related to legal defense? I believe it to be better to work on a local basis to defeat and demolish the liberals and Agenda 21. A supply-line to D.C. would be too easy for feds to disrupt. You pick the method how to deal with local liberals(support local conservatives, run for office yourself, or etc.)

      • Rustytruck

        Yeah well I think what we are going to have to do is cut off their supply line , throw up a fence around DC and not let a single one out until they admit all the fraudulent garbage they are doing. Then it’s off to Gitmo for the lot of them for Treason, lying about school shootings, hi-jacking our economy, oh the list is too long to write it all down here. If we don’t do it soon, we will be in another war of the states again, shooting at each other instead of the ones who started it all.

      • Keenan Lee

        How about everyone in the country change their tax forms to exempt for the rest of the year. I mean everyone. Taxes wouldn’t be taken out and the government would be shaken up with just taxes from corporations. A big chunk would be missing. Spread the word.

    • larryincamden

      What does “POS” stand for? I have seen it used to refer to Obama, the Govenor of my home state, Mrs Klinton and others

      • conservative

        POS = piece of s**t.

        • larryincamden

          Thank you I suppose I should have been able to figure that out, I feel really stupid now.

          • John

            That’s OK most people here are. Haven’t grown up and got a life. Still playing with guns.

          • larryincamden

            Shut up stoopid I wasn’t talking with you.

          • Mutt

            Meanwhile, John’s still playing with himself……

          • Lorenzo Llama

            and religion – we are praying you and your ilk, John, finally wake up and stop sniping from the edges. Come to one of our tea parties and see how wrong you have it. The concept at play here is so much larger than “guns”.
            All of our rights may very well spring from the fruits of the Second Ammendment for as Mao was once heard to say “Power grows from the barrel of a gun”. Well that is a two way street is it not?

          • digdeeper

            I briefly attempted to figure it out too. Gave up. Good to know. You know when I teach or do training I always say no question is stupid. If you have one it means you’re thinking. Query on! :-)

          • WASP

            No problem, Larry. It’s just a way to avoid the censor.

          • oldfatguy

            WASP, there’s another trick, too. Run words together. More than once I’ve referred to Al Sharpton as Al Shitstain, and it stayed posted for weeks…

          • WASP

            I’ve done that Lenny. Phonetic spelling, misspelling etc works too. Apparently they have trigger words that the computer picks out. Most libtards can’t read, much less spell.

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.
    • WASP

      We still have the right to keep and bear–for now. We still have the guns–for now.
      We need to put them to the use that the founders intended in the Second Amendment–to resist oppressive gummint. Are we going to wait until these fascist traitors incrementally render us defenseless, then try to fight them with our bare hands against their assault rifles and drones? Patience may be a virtue in some situations, but not when dealing with a mulatto Hitler and his New American Nazi Party,

    • pissed off conservative

      mort i totally agree with you..and would be right there..i have thought about this..10 thousand gun owners standing up to ohbama at dc..but how could we do it??if they got wind of it they would shut down interstates ..how would we get there..

      • Average Joe

        Not 10 thousand thats not enough. When they marched for civil rights it was A MILLION MEN MARCH. Thats what we need A million gun owners marching on washington and another 5 million at state capitals

  • Chitown Winner

    If Mitt Romney would have chosen Rick Santorum as VicePresident I believe he would have won. Instead he chose an ultra right winger which made it far too easy for the demoncrats to use their typical scare tactics on the freeloaders.

    • AZWarrior

      By ‘ultra right-winger’ you mean a fiscally responsible conservative?

      • RacerJim

        The Democratic Party has become so far left-wing that even “Center” is far right-wing to them.

    • Don b

      Romney was threatened, or rewarded, by the builderbergers just as Hillary was in 2008. Shortly after the 2008 builderberg meeting at which Hillary and Obama attended, she stopped serious campaigning, d we never heard another word about her ” October surprise”. Romney was reported to have been “invited” to the 2012 event. Shortly before he lost all his debating skills. We’ve been screwed by the supreme elite One world government again.

      • $3846549

        I hope you are only paranoid. Because if what you say is true, its all over by the gnashing of teeth.

    • DrewbeScrewed

      You may be correct, but for now that’s just “Pie in the Sky”. The question today is do we the people continue to allow the Democrats to continue their destructive path of steady transformation from Capitalism to Socialism as the Country falls apart, or do we begin to take a stand against this tyranny.

    • mudguy1

      No it wasn’t Paul Ryan It was the GOP’s failure to have a unified message and non support of some candidates. All we heard that they were going to repeal Obamacare. Nothing on why it is bad for country or what they would do to fix our healthcare. Romney let Obama get away with the Benghazi lies and Fast and Furious and like McCain he said nothing about Obama’s background and who he really is.

  • Bambam

    Maybe Romney should of asked Sara palin if he could of borrowed her balls and maybe we could of won the election. The republicans need to grow some and speak the truth

    • $26222150

      Please don’t take this wrong. I agree totally, but it’s “should HAVE, could HAVE, would HAVE.” You’re welcome.

    • Grandma Kitty

      With all due respect to you, the MEDIA is to blame for supporting the POS in the white house.

    • bluealiendevil

      You seem to forget about all the fraudulent votes and the votes for Romney that went to Obama, the states in question found the fraudulent votes but recounts were turned down by the Federal Election Board. Also, do not forget how many people that were registered did not go out to vote. Time to let go and move on and place the energy elsewhere, the fight goes on!

      • joanc

        How about the Democratic workers locking the GOP workers out of the polling places. The repubs had to petition a judge to order the GOP workers be allowed access. What ever happened to that unlawful act of the Dems— a great big ZERO, Nada, Nothing, because they were on Obama’s side?. Then, there was the huge Obama photograph taking up an entire wall in the voting booth room, as well as the Dem poll workers wearing campaign buttons,for guess who? This is a violation of Election law in my state and I believe it also applies to most states Once again, a Judge had to issue an order to remove the picture, the dems complied, but removed only half. No charges were filed. Surprise! Where where the election officials and the US Attorney General to insure an ethical election? Excuse me, while I laugh at my naivety. I almost forgot,AG Holder allowed the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers in 2008, to slide even though their agressive actions towards voters were caught on film. Holder’s dismissal, overrode a Judges order for the Panthers to stand trial. Rules, we dont need no stinking rules, we do what we want! Is that a new campaign in the USA.?

  • KalevEfrayim

    The real problem is,for many of us and conservatives in general.
    We, as a nation have collectively rejected God and His Word – Messiah Yeshua.
    God’s presence, Holy Spirit, has left the USA and what we are left to face is judgment and wrath.
    Shema Y’israel, YHVH has sent a watchman to warn you, a shofar is blowing the warning.

    • $3846549

      I don’t disagree.

  • JacksonDeLand

    I’m tired of trying to read content with the damn overlays!!! This web site crowds content with polls and other crap! I cannot read the article because the extra junk is not properly centered and covers over the article!!! Get it straight or I’ll unsubscribe, I’m tired of the trouble trying to read!!! I do not give a rat’s wazoo about a pole for that phony John Kerry!!!

    • Bambam

      Maybe you get rid of your droid and get an I phone

  • Worrywart

    Knock it off GOP, you can’t see the forest for the trees! We have been on the defense for four years and Dems have been in our face. It’s time to stand up to them. Get creative. Use common sense.

  • barto

    Politics is ruining America and Obama’s politics are doing it at warp speed!

    • digdeeper

      Corruption, Chicago politics, the communists in Congress, and the imposter in chief, are demolishing our Republic…..if we let them!

    • Lee Baldwin

      then RESIST, barto! ~GOD Bleass America!

  • ADM

    You are dead RIGHT, John Hawkins! – B.O.’S re-election – It IS the result of so many refusing to VOTE for what is RIGHT, and it also IS the obvious result (as claimed) of manipulation by evil forces, of the e-Vote machines. And, it IS the fault of church leaders who are such COWARDS using The Christ’s Name, and failing to ADVISE their congregations of their DUTY UNDER GOD, to ONLY vote for a moral candidate, and NEVER vote FOR the SUPPORT of SIN. – But when USA crumbles under the causes of such infidelity to God, remember, that for all the infidelities to God that pastors and priests teach (by refusing to teach the OTHER bits that contradict their alleged following of Jesus) – THEY will get 3x the PLAGUES of the poor parishioners they misled! – God WILL ensure that much! – Meanwhile, remember that the essential truths of God’s INTENT for Humans, is a VOLUNTARY adherence to His Laws (Orally given to Adam in Gen-2 for all mankind, and in Ex-20 written in stone), and obeyed from our hearts as Jesus taught how. Jesus RE-AFFIRMED the FACT that the Commandments were never abolished, but fulfilled (filled out fully). Many preachers have dishonoured GOD by teaching the OPPOSITE in REBELLION! – And SO, the curses must follow!

    • LadyforLiberty

      Folks. You can`t blame God for the fact that Obama won the 12 election.
      Try blaming Media for non coverage of proper stories.
      Try Obama being funded by Chicago! Chicago….no-one aware who controls Chicago??
      Try Sitting President lying to people and using Exec Orders to avoid the Democratic process. (And I mean Democratic in the meaning of “free and Equal with rule of law” NOT to Mean Left wing party of socialist inclination)!
      How much has media reported Sheriff Joe being hounded by FBI for preventing illegals from ehtering USA?
      I watched 9/11 on TV. I also saw the POS we have as president saying “Lets be friends” to hostile Islamists who HATE the USA.
      Now the Socialisation of USA begins.
      Ronal Reagan DEFEATED the USSR with HIS policies.
      Obama is CREATING USSR type policies to brow beat a free people in a Republic, and is being allowed to do so by an impotent set of politicians in Washington. (Maybe impotent is a bit strong….maybe “useless” would cover it better!

      • digdeeper

        The imposter-in-chief did not “win” the election. Our votes were stolen by blatant voter fraud!

        • LadyforLiberty

          I agree. Stealing things and lying about your intentions are symtomatic of how the USSR operated, not how a democratic superpower should conduct its affairs. —– Original Message —–
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          Subject: [clashdaily] Re: Pitbull Attitude Alert: 2/23/2013 A Day of Resistance.

          digdeeper wrote, in response to LadyforLiberty:

          The imposter-in-chief did not “win” the election. Our votes were stolen by blatant voter fraud!
          Link to comment

          • digdeeper

            about lying, take note. This is a quote of Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. Take note…sound like it’s a playbook for the current administration? Are they terrified of the truth?

            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
            people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained
            only for such time as the State can shield the people from the
            political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus
            becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to
            repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus
            by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
            Joseph Goebbels quote

        • John

          You have it round the wrong way. He would have won by an even bigger margin if it had not been for the religious nuts and the Republican voter suppression schemes.

          • mbh2mt2d

            You sound like a liberal because only a liberal would denigrate religion.

  • ADM

    For any people wanting to KNOW what is going on in the World, and why religions attack each other, I suggest you can start at a non-denominational website on Facebook called “come out of babylon” … and know that some media such as “The Washington Post” will black-ban you, from commenting, if you disagree with their own ideology! – As much as the CIA would have a go at you for your own expressions when the “freedom of speech” is finally taken away from us.

    • Bambam

      If you can’t find it on you tube. Try the website
      Girls just wanna have guns

  • $3846549

    You do this and you are just going to bleed the energy away. The big rally is the election. Local elections are not so easily stolen. Focus on that. Make sure your sherriff will not become a tool of the leviathan. Keep your powder dry. Pressure your congressional representatives. Save your money and efforts for the election.

  • 9Spoon9

    Senator Claire McCaskill (MO-D) is but one of the any minions working against YOU & ME while aiding the wanna-be-dictator. I received a reply from her this morning to
    my letter about ending all considerations for any form of weapons restrictions.
    Here are a couple of excerpts I’d like to share from my rebuttal that I just
    fired off to her D.C. office.

    “”The loss of so many beautiful children in a mass shooting that involved an assault rifle with ammunition clips that held large numbers of bullets makes clear that we need to revisit the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 and review permissible magazine ammunition sizes.”

    This statement is wholly false! By penning your signature on this correspondence you therefore make yourself to be Madame Senator, a bold-face liar. “. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 for those that claim or believe themselves to be
    children of the Almighty.”

    I suggested she review the facts and cited this one…out of many:

    “The gunman was clad in black and used two 9mm pistols to kill 20 small children and six adults at the school. It was unclear how many shots were fired there.” http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/14/15913678-gunmans-mother-owned-weapons-used-in-connecticut-school-massacre?lite

    And finally I’d invite everyone to view this site where the specifications from the DICK ACT of 1902 should be widely known by all in regard to the presently ongoing and aggressive attach upon The Keystone of Liberty…the 2A and the RKBA. http://americannationalmilitia.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/348-The-Dick-Act-of-1902.pdf

    I apologize to Doug & Co. as well as the rest of the folks that visit, but this information needs to be put out on all venues to illustrate yet another overt betrayer of The People. Thanks for your understanding. Spoon USAF Retired

    • $26222150

      “PERMISSIBLE magazine ammunition sizes?” WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? The government does not give us “permission.” The Constitution is all the permission we need.

      • 9Spoon9

        She’s an un-charged felon on 2 occasions for tax evasion and another (3rd) count for filing a claim for government reimbursement for the the use of her husband’s aircraft in the amount of $186,000.00 that she was allowed to make restitution for, but never charged, during her 1st term in the Senate.

        She is a barrister and served for an extended period as a Prosecuting Attorney. She has no excuse and should be discharged of forced to resign…that will never happen in today’s environment. “Honor only among the thieves” and the majority have “dirt” on themselves, therefore the pot can’t call the kettle black.

        “Claire” is shining example that the idiots (uninformed and ill-informed) reelected to rain havoc upon us all. You should see the rest of her letter and my full response!

        “Houston…we have a lot of problems”!

      • digdeeper

        Right on!

  • blackhawk132

    Obama took a page out of Hitler’s book ; Didn’t he ??? Give him a year and then tell us how proud you are voting for your king.

  • Oldhead

    Yes, “Sneak” Obama won the fight from Mitt “Mr Nice” Romney, but the fight went 15 rounds and was a split decision. There was too much head-butting, hits below the belt, and eye-gouging for Romney to mount a really good effort. But one thing that Obama and his bunch neede to realize, is that he didn’t come close to defeating the good, patriotic right=thinking citizens of this great country. If (when) he and his bully-boys try to ram his left-wing crap down our throats, we’ll take the battle to the streets and run the whole bunch of them into the sea. BRING IT ON,PUNKS!!!

  • Nancyc

    Unless the lame stream media cooperates, most won’t know this is happening, no matter how many show up. What is the plan to bring the good news to the entire populace?

  • Tonto

    I’m tired of being bullied by libtard pukes. I’m tired of being told that I WILL do this or that because some twit or other decided that I must because they think it’s “good for me”, they don’t like what I’m doing, or they claim it’s “for the children”…screw ‘em! 32 ounce sodas? Guns? Cigarettes? Fatty foods? This kind of lettuce v. that kind? Geez, where and when do they stop with all that BS? Cities are CESSPOOLS….and they think the whole dang country is like that mess of concrete and fakery…..well it ain’t. We need to tell ‘em so and stand by our rights to refuse to bow to their idiocy.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Well said Tonto!
      O that Obama had been born in a small town in the Mid West…Reagan was, and HE UNDERSTOOD the “ordinary American”….If anyone can label ANY American “Ordinary”!
      Obama seems to be doing this labelling. HIS MISTAKE!
      Small Town USA can manage QUITE WELL without Washington DC thanks all the same!
      “One small city for man, one HEAP of BS for Mankind!” (Sorry Mr Glenn)!

      • Tonto

        Far as I’m concerned, the libtard Nazis can crawl into the city cesspools they created and stay there. We don’t need them, they need us. We work for a living….not just shuffle paper or live on welfare.

    • John

      Fine go drink the high fructose corn syrup and make yourself diabetic. Cancel your insurance and smoke yourself to death.

      • Tonto

        Fine. I’ll quit my job, go on welfare have a bunch of kids with multiple partners, smoke dope and live the life at your expense. You may have inspired me to live like Obamavoters……that vote for a living.

  • Camden

    They revolted when the tax on tea was increased… what’s stopping us now?

  • brabbie2002

    Yes – let’s march on the district of corruption and show them just who we are…That way when he get’s all the muslim brotherhood and nut job commanders in the armed forces who will shoot legally carrying civilians they will know our faces and where to find us. Hey! Is ANYONE home out there? I have a better idea. Let’s play their game and not show ourselves. Let the bastards try to guess how many guns are aimed at them. These people DO NOT play by any rules that I can detect, but if we play by the rules we will go down in flames. Don’t show yourselves until it is too late for the slimey a–holes to react! Get it through your heads. These “people” (and I use the term loosely) don’t give a big rat’s fanny what you think, and they will continue to steamroll our rights unless we have a show of FORCE! If they want a civil war, don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing just how many people will be against them! Any general will tell you that surprise, shock and awe are the means to winning a war – AND THIS IS WAR!

  • USPatriotOne

    I will be there just as I was on Jan 19th at the Ohio State Capital, Resist Obama and the Communist/Muslim lefts Tyranny, NOW….!!!! I also want to say SHAME on all the RINO, so called, Patriots that come to this and other Conservative site. Thousands of post had been made to these, so call, Patriots to support Dr. Michale Williams Radio web radio show “The Patriot Report” and NO ONE, NOT ONE PATRIOT donated to support his VERY, VERY IMPORTANT PATRIOTS RADIO SHOW…it makes me sick! The show has been put on hold until they can raise a lousy $5,000 – That’s all. We the People need this show, and I met Dr. Williams at the Support 2nd Amendment Rally on the Jan 19th. He is a great Man. If you are a real Patriot donate today at http://www.thepatriotreport.org so we can get the show back on the web/air, or if you are a RINO on this site just let your rights get taken away, morons…!!!

  • digdeeper

    WE didn’t lose in November. Our votes were stolen. Let’s not ignore or forget that!

  • Chris Brosnahan

    Any American who fails or refuses to see that B Husein Obama is turning the Newtown Massacre into his personal “Reichstag Fire ” incident is either blind or ‘crassly ignorant’. The parallels are strikingly similar – a “President” (aka Chancellor) and his sycophantic press manufacture an incident which shocks a complacent nation and he uses this incident to ram through unconstitutional & normally illegal laws to restrict classes of PEOPLE he HATES and uses that same sycophantic, controlled press to encourage the hatred & persecution of those classes – i.e. conservative, Christian (or those who adhere to Judeo-Christian principles), gun owners who have the temerity to oppose his dictatorial like actions…RESIST to the DEATH America!!!

  • horseridingplains

    Mort- I agree with you- massive peaceful march– we are done with the junk that is coming out of the cesspool of the current admin. Sometimes, it is time to take the next step–we are all so comfortable behind our computers blogging our opinions. But what will happen when it hits the fan–who will rise who will submit?
    Lord help us all

  • Bob

    CONSERVATISM is what the public is hungry for, yet the Republicans run from it like it was the plague! Wimpy, luke warm “democrate lite” is NOT what the public wants. They want someone to express CONSERVATISM honestly, openly, succinctly, and LIVE it, unlike Boehner who tries to distance himself from the very thing that is what people want & need. Nobama is a loser, everyone knows that. We need to offer an alternative to his Statist/Socialist/Commmunist agenda!

  • Stacy Mack

    why is it anytime folks make a statement of WE SHOULD BE swelling the filthy streets of dc that at least one comes back to spew it wont do anything! YES WE SHOULD BE IN THE STREETS….THESE PECKER HEADS FEAR NUMBERS! WISE UP WAKE UP RISE UP!

  • John

    It means that we can see the stereotypical gun nuts who cannot move into the 21st century. Who think that guns can solve anything and are completely ignorant of reality.

    • Jim Denney

      C’mon out and identify yourself for us, and bring all your liberal friends.

      On the other hand don’t bother. We can identify you by reviewing tapes of Code Pink rallies.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    Will they have a rally in the murder capital of the country – chicago?
    I’ll be there

  • Warfighter






    God Bless, Protect and Restore the Sovereign Republic of Texas

  • Rustytruck

    Obama didn’t win anything, he swindled us for the election and the world knows it but not one friggin’ idiot in DC will do anything about it, what a bunch of cowards!

  • Stealth

    Remember how us ‘baby-boomers’ marched for things in the 60’s & 70’s?? THIS ingrate of a ( fake ) president would SURELY order troops to fire upon ( even peaceful ) demonstrations & the CORRUPT MEDIA would create some lie that there was a ‘threat’..

  • Lou

    How appropriate! Day of Resistance on the same day the American flag was raised on top of Suribachi…by Marines.


    We can’t remove Obama, not yet, anyway. Only if we win the House & Sen. in 2014, can we impeach him for abuse of power. BNut the sad reality is we gotta remove people like Boo Hoo Boehner and other RINOs who squat to pee. That’s because the est. RINO wing will never have the balls to go for the jugular. Had Romney done that, he’d be Pres.

  • deebar

    Fire1949 , Are you kidding me ? While I agree on local and it is very powerful but you won’t get the folks here or anywhere else to go along with it . Why ? They don’t know “LAW” or even care to !

    “We should” ? How stupid a statement and I’m sick of hearing it .

    As far as being afraid of being arrested or the cost I’m very disheartened to hear that . As a Vet I take offense to that statement . Many of my brothers died and were maimed and you’re afraid of getting arrested ? And how many millions of others died and were maimed? Shame on you ! If you were in front of me I’d slap the crap out of you and ask you where is your patriotism ?

  • Abigail Adams

    Our problem was NOT our candidate; Mitt Romney ran a good campaign and would have made an excellent President. Our problem is the gov’t no-eduation system that is brainwashing our children and rewriting history. They are the ones who “educated” the MSM, the very organization that promoted and promotes all liberals and propels them into office. Until the school system and the media are apprehended and turned to the TRUTH, we will continue to slide to our destruction.

  • Winston Hibler

    Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen, born in Kenya and raised as a
    Muslim, who attended Occidental College on a foreign student grant, is a
    and the only person to hold the office illegally. Americans must
    withdraw their consent to be governed by this usurper and all his
    appointees and co-conspirators in Congress. Resistance is NOT futile!

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    A massive protest in DC will get the attention of ‘some’ of them, but the hardcore leftist Marxist oriented democrats who are at the front lines of this attack on our rights will just become more sneaky, crafty and devious in their push to disarm us. They will tuck fish hooks into bills by amendment, of typically huge size that none of these useless bazterds read before they vote on them and they become ‘law’ by default when the main bill passes.

    And that surrounding DC idea? Fagetaboudit, there’s no way it could be planned that the fedz wouldn’t find out about it, unless say for instance 200,000 people just happened to book motel rooms on vacation on the same weekend all around town, coincidentally, by chance and pure accident. Might make an interesting movie though. It would give big government libs bed wetting nighmares.

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