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Skip Coryell lives with his wife and children in Michigan. Skip Coryell is the author of eight books including Blood in the Streets: Concealed Carry and the OK Corral, RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, The God Virus, and We Hold These Truths. He is the founder of The Second Amendment March and the President of White Feather Press. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, a Marine Corps veteran, and a graduate of Cornerstone University. For more details on Skip Coryell, or to contact him personally, go to his website at skipcoryell.com

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  • flyovercindy

    Love it Skip! Now, everyone’s challenge for the weekend – use truth and common sense facts, and go make a convert!!

  • gwedem5995

    I would bet anything if someone had a gun pointed at Obama, Obama would be hoping someone would be there to protect him hopefully with a weapon. So I guess he is just like any other citizen.

    • sandman

      That and crap his pants!

    • Curly W

      Sounds like the very population that voted for him. When the poop hits the fan they call for what they disdain! God and somebody with a gun!

      • RacerJim

        There are no atheists, or gun-control nuts, in fox-holes.
        Vietnam Veteran

        • moonwinx

          AMEN Brother!

    • Ort

      I hope nobody protects him. I pray Psalm 109:8 over him daily.

    • moonwinx

      Make that andy other person. This slug is not a xitizen!

    • WASP

      Except other citizens aren’t committed to the destruction of the U.S. and our constitution, and , in a position to do it.

  • Tonto

    “And that makes sense whether you’re a banker, a redneck or even the anti-gun President of the United States.” You forgot to mention that “The Bat Eared One” has a constant phlalanx of ARMED agents surrounding him and his family…..that’s rather hypocritical isn’t it? It ain’t about the kiddies anyway….it’s about the tryanny that is creeping more and more into our lives every day. As long as we have guns, it’s a discussion rather than enforcable mandates.

    • rulken

      That’s right Tonto; As long as we have our guns, there will be “discussion”, but if they try to take the guns then it’s war. War against those that would impose their, “will” on those of us that wish to “run our government”, not be run by it!

    • bobalo59

      Tonto, ever go to rightwingamerica.com? Someone there uses the same handle, just wondering if it was you. And your right about “The Bat Eared One”. Yet when the NRA, say’s the same thing, they get trashed for it, The left cries out, “leave the kiddies out of it” . They should do the same but with complete ignorace they continue to drag out kids in front of the cameras, and try to convince us that more gun control will keep them safe. They’re right if they’re talking about hitting center mass.

  • Darrell Lynch

    I live in the N. W. corner of Arkansas. We have little gun violence here. We are aware that the cities are hotbeds of people who are criminals, and that could spill over to here, so most are armed and ready. However, I will say, that those who will not take the steps nescessary to defend their homes and families will never gat help from me, or anyone I know. Either step up to the plate, or be prepared to suffer the consequences, if you are the victim.

  • sandman

    Nice story Skip, I have a sister, that lives in the small N.H. community, where a couple of drug induced teenagers, with guns an knives, left a mother (the husband was away on buis.) raped and dead, and her young (I think she was not even a teen) daughter was also raped and left for dead, but she escaped, with half a foot chopped off, but help came, before she died, after the neighbors heard the shots and screams, and called it in, (the local police took 15min. to arive)!! My sister lived not one mile from the scene, and the only diff. is my sister also has a young son, and my sister was like your friend, she hated guns, BUT she contacted me, and one of our cousins, who also happens to live in N.H. and we bought her a 12G pump action shootgun, and spent a whole day and couple of boxes of bird shot, teaching her how to handle it, but now she has 00buckshot! and how to handle a home invasion, told her to tell the kids to hide in the bathtubs if poss. or closets in their bedrooms, and to yell out, “I am armed, and know how to use it, and then to pump a round into the chamber, (who in their right minds would not have the fear of God in them at that sound)? and if they did not leave the house after that, she was to cover the hallway to the bedrooms with her weapon! and if it was not after they went to bed when the evil intenders came, and they had any warning at all, for the kids to go the the bathtubs, and for her to get the weapon! ASAP! and it will be better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6! or in their case 18. My cousin and I know we have done all we could to help her, and to be sure she is legal, had her take the classes, and get her card, so at least her and her kids are protected at home. OH I almost forgot, she also has a very big mut, she saved from the pen as a puppy, and that grown dog would give her life for her and the kids, so no one is about to sneek up on them!

    • ginger

      The purpose of o is to disarm those of us who are law abiding citizens to make it easier to round us up. It is about the ultimate CONTROL of the people and the country ….period. This has been done throughout the ages in order to subdue people so the bad guys can rule over them. That is not supposed to happen under our former form of government…but the past five years …all that is changing…as in the Constitution being shredded by the current administration…and the sheeple think o;s actions make them safer…they are trading their freedoms for “safety”.

      • sandman

        I could not agree with you any more ginger! and I am sure my sister feels the same! now I have two more sisters to convert! and I am afrade it will take our baby sister to use her weapon to keep her any our nice and nephew safe to have our other sisters to come around, my two brothers are aready there, also my parents are owners too. It real is a shame what has happened to a Great Country, huh? as usual the pendulum swings, and how much further can it go to the left? and can you imagine how the left would be right now, if it was G W B trying to do this? (use his executive powers like this).

  • james1911_45acp

    Good job with the banker, Anyone that i ever take to the range that was anti-gun or on the fence ends up leaving with a smile on their face. Once the ignorant figure out it wont blow up in their face and they start hitting the target and realize “I can do this good” they love it. It is merely ignorance, people fear what they do not know about.

  • Trobert

    I am fully behind the pro-gun lobby! I am sensible, but I know that with this administration, there is no such thing as assault weapons. In his mind ALL our weapons are assault weapons! I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they are using the term assault weapons to mask their true intentions; to disarm all the citizens of this great country, at which point the road to transforming this country would be paved. This POTUS has lied to us multiple times before, why would I choose to believe him with one of our most treasured freedoms? I think the next thing that should happen is find a way to eliminate his budget for all the secret service and security that he has. Does the congress hold the purse strings to that? If so, eliminate that out of his budget, then see how fast he changes his tune!

  • CaptTurbo

    I can think of several examples of life long friends that have always been anti-gun who have changed their minds. The Muslim impostor truly is the best gun salesman of all time. We still need to try him for Treason and hang him though.

    • Aristophanes

      capt – up until obozo got “elected” the first time, I did not like guns. My ex had to do some fast talking to even get me to agree to our sons having toy guns!!! Now, I am learning how to shoot and I am buying a 9-shot .22 revolver to learn even better and eventually want to get a .357 for home defense. And, I really enjoy shooting the guns!! Take that, obozo!!

      • CaptTurbo

        I’m proud of you and others who have evolved with maturity and intellect. The media has been trying to poison us against the idea of being responsible for our own safety our whole lives through. It is our right and duty to be able to defend ourselves and those we care most about.

  • rulken

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have felt sickened by the exploited acts by politicians, over the recent tragedies of the mass murders by a psycho.
    If they are willing to gorged themselves on twisting the truth, to further increase their power, over, “we the people”, then they need to be expelled from their office as soon as possible!

    These are acts of treason against our Constitution, and the Republic for which it stands!

    • oldguy199

      Start an impeachment/recall petition on them. Govs ,Mayors, Prezs ,etc LSF,( Local/State/Fed ), any Gov EMPLOYEE that thinks they are part of the RULING CLASS must be removed at ALL cost using ANY method necessary

      • moonwinx

        You are 100% correct. These people who try at every turn to over ride our Constitution should be run out of office ASAP. These mayors, police chiefs, judges and who ever need to clean their act up and do the job the were sworn to do.!

        • col

          Good idea but people aren’t going to do anything. Mostly because they don’t know what to do. Before the election, all you heard from was, we are voting against all the incumbents. But, when it came time to vote, they ended up voting them back in office. It’s easy to talk the talk but when it comes to actually taking action they back down. If Obama is successful in banning our guns, what will be next? Freedom of speech. Our right to choose our religion? Our right to work and keep our hard earned money to support our family? If he is allowed to continue on his present path, we won’t even have a right to vote. He and is corrupt Dem buddies are already working on a plan for him to be able to run for office again. We all need to start calling and emailing our over paid elected officials and demand that they take action to stop Obama from destroying our country. They have more than enough on him to impeach him if they would just do it. There are a lot of Dems in the house and senate that aren’t happy with him right now and would probably support having him impeached. Sure, we would be stuck with Biden, but Biden is a lot of things but I don’t believe that being a communist. is one of them. The congress is not going to do anything to stop Obama unless they are bombarded with emails and phone calls demanding that they do their jobs. In case they need to be reminded of what that job entails, remind them that it is to what is best for us and our country. I think the reason they are letting him get away with all the things he’s done is on of two things. They are either on the take or they are scared to death to cross Obama. The later is probably with good reason.

  • Bomber7090

    I do not own a gun – today – and never have. But I am a strong supporter of the Constitution. One of its amendments along with my state Constitution (PA) (which has stronger provisions on the right to bear arms) is the one most often attacked by those who believe that guns are the problem. If we parse the first amendment – as they do the second with regard to its reference to the militia – the courts could restrict expression to the “press” and “speech” to oral expression. That would eliminate things like violent video games and the like which are neither the press or speech. The other operative amendment is the tenth – and, in my opinion, the most violated. If New York or the District of Columbia desires to regulate weapons this gives them that right but not the right to also ban them per the second amendment. That makes sense since their situations might require a different perspective than much of America where our security may need to come in the form of self-protection. The federal government has no business regulating the firearms hardware otherwise allowed in the individual states. Now I will go and discuss with my wife if we should purchase what we have never had but now believe is necessary for our security and safety. We can “thank” the occupant of the White House for bringing us to that conclusion.

  • Mehah

    Common misconception is that gun owners sit watching TV with a pistol in their lap. Anti gun owners need to show support of each others beliefs. I say place a sign on the lawn that says “We have NO Guns here, a Gun Free Zone.” Heh Good Luck with that. If they do not like owning a gun- then no one should own one – because they’re right and your wrong. I say any Elected official that goes after your gun(s) by way of an amendment or law to stop your 2nd Amendment rights needs to be immediately notified of a recall vote to be taken against them. For failure of protecting your rights under the 2nd Amendment as IT IS IN THE OATH they took when being sworn into office. “To uphold and defend the Constitution of the Untied States” any laws or amendments created to attack the 2nd Amendment is in violation of the Oath they took. RECALL is the answer to squash these moronic elected officials, who think that someone passed a magic wan over their head when they were elected and now they are smart enough to speak on every issue in front of them, and they now know that your not smart enough to have any answer so they need to TELL YOU how you need to think. When some of them never held a job, never earned an income, and never strayed from home, common sense is not something that is issued by right of age. Why so many of then just don’t get it. Ignorance is tolerable only when the one speaking is talking to a group of people with the same ideals. For those of us who have been there and back and defended this country of ours we know the value of life and we cherish what those who was once among us gave us in giving up their life. America is free because of the cry of the valiant, that cry of LIBERTY !

    • pissed off conservative

      i dont know where you live but i have a glock17 in whatever room im in it follows me around..lol.. but i live alone no kids….why because we have had break ins where i live.. and a 33rd mag.. stokes helga..

  • Jordan Sparks

    I do not know about everyone else, I worry less about someone breaking into my house than I do about my Government. I just wish more would be said about our Founding Fathers idea about armed citizenry being more a defense against a tyrannical Government, than another armed citizen. We are seeing a tyrannical Government in action, that scares hell out if me.

    • FLBuck

      It is said that a tyrant’s worst enemy is it’s citizenry that is intent to remain a free people and have the means to resist !!!

    • moonwinx

      The so called government knows this. That’s why they are so hell bent on taking our guns. Obama is a coward. He signed an Exectuive Order for himself to have security for life. He knows that what he’s doing is going to cause someone to try to take hin out.

    • greyghost69

      Jordan that is our mission, to teach the uninformed the truth. Any time I see an article about gun rights I’ll scan it to see what side they are on, then head for the comment section. That is where you teach. After that teach your Congressman and Rep.

  • Brian P.

    We really need to stop debating liberals on the premise they even care about reducing crime. THEY DON’T. If they did, we wouldn’t be having this ‘debate’ with them. They would acknowledge that the ‘gun free’ zones they created are nothing more the playgrounds for murderers. They would acknowledge the last assault weapons ban they enacted did nothing to reduce crime.

    it is plain to see the evidence and facts of what works. We have almost 3 decades of statistics from 49 of 50 states who offer some form of legal concealed carry. It isn’t a discussion anymore. The verdict is in. Armed law-abiding citizens is a good thing IF (a BIG if) you care about a safer society!

    Even if you dare suggest arming private citizens doesn’t lower crime, you CANNOT dispute the fact it doesn’t raise it at all. It hasn’t in ANY of the states that arm its citizens. Gun control is moot point then. It costs MORE lives. The liberals KNOW this, yet they continue to push for more. So do they care about reducing crime? NO. They care about stealing liberty and THAT’S the argument we need to bludgeon them with. Why do you call for more gun control and ‘gun free’ zones when the facts show MORE people are harmed because of it? Why do you want MORE violence? Get in their face with it.

    The facts don’t matter to statists. They KNOW they’re policies INCREASE violent crime and cost lives, but that’s OK when stealing liberty is the objective. The ends justify the means to all disciples of Saul Alinsky.

    • moonwinx

      You hit some good points but yu missed the biggest one. Obama and his faggot maggots are in line with the UN and their agenda 21. they’ve already started it in Maryland. Soon it will spread. Can you just picture yourself living in a small apaartment in an over crowded city and not even being allowed to go into the country for a vacation or a picnic? That’s what the UN wants. It’s bad enough that the UN already has control of OUR National Parks thanks to that other idiot Bill Clinton.

  • covert1968

    This is such an On Spot True writing and “Reality Awakening” for gun supporters and Second Amendment proponents IT REALLY makes me swell with pride that I AM A LIFE MEMBER OF THE NRA AND SEVERAL OTHER PRO GUN ORGANIZATIONS THAT TRULY HELP THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM AND OUR RIGHTS UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION ! THE LIBERAL, ANTI GUN individuals of whom many are hypocritical as to their views; example Dianne Feinstein who carries a 38 Cal. Snub nosed special in her purse but doesn’t want you,a civic minded, legally competent, and upright citizen to be able to defend him or her self and your family ! It is a crying shame, sort of, to use an old phrase,” throwing out the Baby with the bathwater” ! I could think of no better analogy than this. Fact, the last year that gun death information is available from the FBI is 2010 and that year by any means rifle deaths were only 368 from all sources including Law Enforcement, Murders or self defense; a far cry from this supposed gigantic problem with mass killings that Obama, a few liberal Senators and the Lamestream media use as examples ! There will always be insane people who do horrible things but do you punish the many because of a less than one half of one percent of people who do these acts that the media builds into a gigantic problem that does not exist ! Supposed Assault Weapons may look like a real assault weapon but are not and can’t be made except illegally into one ! I know because I spent numerous months in Vietnam as a Field Soldier and Body Guard for High Ranking Officers, Generals Abrhams, and George Brown plus other VIP’s who visited there between 1968 and 1970. !

    I use factual information and not “Hyper Mania” as the Liberal Mainstream Alphabet Media does in looking at this situation 1 Never in my life would I want any child, teacher or school official to be murdered in the way that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School and feel true empathy for those people and their families ! I am from the South, South Carolina to be exact so growing up around various weapons and learning how to properly use them has been a big part of my life ! I have a Concealed Carry Permit and carry anywhere that is legal and have drawn my weapon in one incident to stop a strong armed robbery and did not have to fire the weapon but had it been necessary would have without hesitation to save another’s life ! THE SECOND AMENDMENT HAS SEVERAL PURPOSES AND BY THEIR VERY SMART AND WELL THOUGHT OUT PLANNING OUR FOREFATHERS KNEW THAT THE POSSIBILITY OF ONE DAY SOME DEMONIC USURPER MIGHT TRY TO TAKE OVER OUR GOVERNMENT MADE THIS AMENDMENT THE WAY IT IS AND THE PEOPLE ARE THE MILITIA. WE THE CITIZENS WHO LIVE, WORK AND ARE THE ONES WHO REALLY ARE OUR BEST DEFENSE AGAINST A TYRANNICAL INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP TAKING OVER OUR FREE COUNTRY AND ITS GOVERNMENT OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE !

  • Watch This Space

    Obama is certainly not an anti-gun zealot – he is certainly pro-gun – only for his own protection ! – but certainly not yours – surely you are by now all aware that he has granted himself and his family fully gun armed Secret Serice Protection for the rest of his life at the Taxpayer’s expense, whilst he takes away what little protection you might have for yourself and your own families. That same private capacity for you is denied. The fools put him in power, then very stupidly back in power after seeing how venal and crooked he really is.
    You must of course realise, as he himself firmaly believes – that he is the ‘God Chosen One’, or in his case ‘Allah Chosen’.

    • moonwinx

      HIs biggest problem is that he is a believer of the One World Government. I think that he thinks he will be a big leader in that scenario. He couldn’t lead a thirsty horse to water.

      • Stan

        Only if he could tax someone for the water!

  • 7papa7

    We may also need guns to protect us against a government who tries to take away our Constitutional rights. The second amendment gives us the right to own guns and no place in it does it eliminate any form of weapon. The idiots trying to take away our freedoms don’t know the first thing about guns. They want to eliminate one kind of rifle because of the way it looks yet another rifle that is exactly the same without a cosmetic item, that is NOT used in firing the weapon, is illegal. Shows that they can really be stupid when push comes to shove. Their ignorance shows they should have nothing to do with anything that has to do with guns. Once again our constitution that our right to bare arms shall NOT be infringed upon. Sorry you Marxist in government, we aren’t giving our guns up and if necessary we will obtain them on the black market.

    • BigUgly666

      No where in the entirety of the Second Amendment was I able to find any phrase that indicated that ANY infringement was acceptable – like licensing, back-ground checks, begging permission from your local “law-enforcement”, or any other form of harassment.

    • RoBoTech

      That they want to ban one version of the same gun, but allow another is not being stupid by Liberal standards.
      it’s called “baby Steps”.
      When banning the scawy gunz doesn’t work, instead of admitting it just doesn’t work, THEN they go for the not so scary gun.
      It’s built into any “gun control” laws.
      No Sir, it’s not stupidity, unless it’s the Americans that fall for the lies.

  • lizaz

    And the biggest hypocrites are those who rail against gun ownership while they are protected from the people by the gun-toting secret service or their private security people….Hypocrites!!! And they want us to be defenseless!!! There must be an “underlying reason” for that….d’ya think????

  • Bill Weston

    “Many conservatives are former liberals that have been mugged.” Any thinking man (woman) doesn’t have to wait for an event like that to reconsider their position on social issues. Human nature has not really changed much in the last two millenia. Consequently, this is still a very dangerous world. “We, the people….” have been blessed in our liberty with relative peace, law and order, and a measure of justice, though admitedly imperfect, for a long time. Consider though that our concept of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” is still an experiment that most of the rest of our world has yet to accept. No tyrant can co-exist with that concept. Furthermore, many people that have not experienced liberty first hand can understand the value of it. Add those people caught up in things like lust and greed and the callenges to our way of life makes perfect sense. Therefore, we must remain ready, willing, and able to protect ourselves, our families, our property, and, don’t ever forget, our liberty.

  • TLady62

    That’s a great story. And definitely makes 100% sense since Gun-control advocates are too foolish to understand when more laws are put in place, that it only emboldens criminals who will continue to disobey them.

  • salim

    violence begets violence. It is written: ..he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.. Revelation 13:10 James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

  • Saltporkdoc

    Well Done, Gyrene! This former combat Corpsman applauds you for your CONTINUED service to the country.One more family’s safety assured! Semper FI!
    Also kudos on well written arguement.

  • Gizmo

    A well-armed populace!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JTEKOENIYVX6PZGYLYOMJ4QQKY Average Joe

    Yep even the (dissabled) wife is buying guns. obama sucks and we will fight to keep our country. Thats the USA obama not kennya

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JTEKOENIYVX6PZGYLYOMJ4QQKY Average Joe

    21 Million hunters versas 3.2 million millatery including cops. Seems kinda one sided don’t it?

  • JL Brown Jr

    Yep, if we stand up and defend our rights, the fool at 1600 penn, is biting off more than he can swallow, and I hope he chokes on it. Long live the USA, long live our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights. They want my country, they better prepare for Blood!

    • FLBuck

      Take heed my fellow Americans, the hemorrhoid with ears is going to attempt to involve our beloved country in that so-called UN arms treaty. Inform your congressmen and senators that we the people are very much wide awake and will not tolerate this act of circumvention on our Second Amendment rights that they would impose on a free people living in a independent sovereign nation.

  • kathycasey

    I wonder if they even understand that the more they talk gun control, the more people arm themselves. A bit of sweet irony if you ask me.

  • http://myconservativeperspective.wordpress.com/ Chuck Fowler

    Good gun control is a nice, tight shot group.

  • Ed Brown

    I’ve had several similar calls from folks, for the first time, inquiring about ‘which’ gun. It is no longer about gun or no gun. Others have called about getting a concealed carry license or permit. People are starting to get it. Better late than not at all I suppose. Even my wife wants a refresher. So be it. None because of Sandy Hook, or Aurora, or pistol free zones: nope, all thanks to Benedict Arnold Judas Obama.
    I’ve signed up seven souls for the NRA this week. What’s your number?

  • Buck

    Gun control is a tight group . Gun control is also the best medication for tyrants and tyrannies and other assorted violent diseases . IMPEACH !!!

  • JJM123

    Yes, I dare BO to disarm his phlanx to the same standards he would allow The People. Start with TSA, DHS, Secret Service and all government funded bodyguards. Only then will I consider reducing my protection and only when every person and thing (drones?) are likewise limited while on or above US soil and water.

  • oldguy199

    Getting them to the range is 90% of the battle to convert an ANTI into a PRO .. What we need is IDEAS to get them there. Breaking that mental block the looie Left has set up with their cult propaganda is a brick wall….. SUGGESTIONS ????

  • tnbroker1

    People prominent in the public eye are big targets, and need protection for obvious reasons: they and their kids are at greater risk than the average person. HOWEVER, that does not negate the right of the rest of us to likewise have the freedom to choose how we protect ourselves and our families from all perceived threats to our selves, our properties and persons. We every day people are no less important than they. I do agree, let us not drag children into the fray- can you hear me now, Mr. Obama? From the top down, all are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For some of us that happiness includes the smell of freshly fired firearms, the ability to depend upon ourselves for our own protection and more. It is a right we earned from the start, and rights once surrendered, never return at later dates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/grant.halverson.1 Grant Halverson

    There will ALWAYS be evil people and there will ALWAYS be mentally ill people and no amount of legislation will change that. The 2nd ammendment is absolutely clear on our right to bear arms to protect us against tyranny in our government. A ‘by product’ of the 2nd ammendment is that we will be able to protect ourselves against the ever present evil people in the world. KarenWI

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    Glad you were able to help a unbeliever see the light ,,, GOD BLESS you and your friend !!!!!!!!

  • Texas Tanker

    Several years ago while working in the DC area, I received a frantic call from my younger sister living in New Mexico. She had gone to the local WalMart to get a bag of dog food late the evening before. Two young teens tried to push her down and steal her purse. They did not succeed and wound up in jail. Sis called me to ask the same question: “Big Brother, what’s the best pistol for me to get for self-defense?” I told her to get with an NRA-certified pistol instructor to learn safety and to shoot a variety of pistols before choosing one. I also recommended not getting anything below a .38SPL or a .380ACP caliber-wise. She had never wanted to even touch a firearm before. Her exact words to me were,”I’ll never be a victim again without having something to shoot!”
    She wound up with a Walther PPK-clone in .380 ACP. I could hear the pride in her voice when she told me that she could put every shot exactly where she wanted them to go at the 7-yard range. Since that time, she has acquired a Ruger 9mm and a S&W .38 SPL in pink.

  • DeeBar

    I wrote a blog recently that mentioned the same thing . As a bow hunter my guns are seldom used but grew up in a gun shop and have used them in competition many years before serving our country .
    I never thought I’d ever have a pistol but now own a .40 and a .45 . Never thought I’d ever have another M16 in my hands again but now I have one (AR) and enough loaded magazines , (all 30 rd) to outfit my neighbors and ammo in a large quantity . None will be ever used unless threatened because these are not for fun and games .

    Smaller magazines ? Just for grins I had my neighbor time me changing mags , just over a second and a half and I haven’t tried it in 40 years . So whats their point except for inconvenience .

    We are on the precipice of a criminal takeover of all our rights and I will not allow it in my corner of this country .

  • brazzos

    Skip Coryell, marine vet. I find that hard to believe. marines know about guns. He doesn’t sem to know anything.

  • mitch hampton

    Skip has a good point about the big “O” making statements that increase gun sales. However, he is not doing it unintentionally. He is doing a last ditch effort to goad the

    conservative gun toting right into a showdown that would pit them against his well armed

    civilian army, ie, TSA, ATF, IRS and others, not to mention our military and the UN. We

    may make our statement to them, but with a billion rounds ordered by the TSA alone, we
    may not survive the slaughter. Nothing this so called Imperial Ruler of the USA has been done by mistake. Never underestimate this puppet Prez and the real agenda.

  • colt38

    He is salesperson of the year. And he has other idiots like James Carney, Jesse Jackson, Alan Colmes, Al Sharpton, MSNBC, spewing out more and more of his lies.

  • northstar19

    Well said, Skip Coryell. Well said.

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