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  • Victoria

    That’s an awesome thing to do! I’m going to donate. God bless our troops!

  • Benjamin

    I wish I could go! Hoo-rah!

  • ThomasP

    Done. Give them our love and deep regards.

  • Abby

    Our injured vets deserve to be honored. Thank you for taking the time to organize such an amazing adventure for these men who are willing to give their lives and limbs for our lives to carry on.

  • Mutt

    No one deserves our thanks and our support more than these special guys.

  • Paul T

    Explain to them that the clause of Article VII couldn’t state the law about how to establish itself as part of the supreme law of the land. So, whence cometh the assumption that it ever did?

  • worldwatchman

    De Oppresso Liber

  • dangerouspatriot

    Yes my brothers in Arms, thank you for your service to our country, for standing up to those who would destroy our way of life at risk of losing your life protecting your family and us. I served for 4yrs active all of it in Germany during the Vietnam War time and I took an oath when I joined to protect and defend our country and Constitution from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. Keep up the good fight brothers and sisters and know you are appreciated by all of us. Oh and yeah, thank you to those of you who are providing these hunting trips and all the other things you do for our wounded veterans, thank you all.

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