• Todd

    What if the children find these weapons in school? This is ridiculous. Ban guns, period!

    • grinner

      Todd, you don’t understand anything pertaining to true freedom…Go hug a tree!!

      • Reb Biker

        Todd doesn’t have time to hug a tree. He’s too busy trolling us. I don’t think he’ll be around to bug us much longer, though, once his Daddy finds out what he’s been doing on Daddy’s computer.

    • WellNowDear

      Todd, did you not know that Palookaville is an imaginary place. The article is symbolic not based on reality. Those of us who watch movies know the term “Palooka” well from a movie “On the Waterfront.”

    • conserve1

      Mass shootings are committed by liberals So ban liberals!

    • jeepdude911

      Hey, dork! this article was a trap for idiots, and guess who fell in. Troll elsewhere.

    • conservative

      You are an idiot!!

    • Keenan Lee

      Todd, you sound like the very person that wants guns banned so you can shoot up a school or some other gun-free zone. You are setting yourself up to be investigated. Time to not post any more anti-gun slurs. You aren’t a mass murderer are you? Are you?

  • Zundfolge

    Ok Doug, I want you to write on the board 100 times:
    .223 is NOT “High Powered”

    • Reb Biker

      The .223 round is a ground hog bullet. It will kill you, but it’s too small / weak / low-powered to be used for deer hunting. It’s fine for un-armored humans, though, because it doesn’t take much of a bullet to take us out of the fight. The Colt LE6940 is basically a VERY nice AR-15. Here’s the link to the NRA’s review of the gun…

  • Jim Riddle

    I found it interesting and disgusting that they never used the term “assault rifle” in this article. Last time I looked a Colt LE6940 was a really nice AR-15 design black rifle.

  • Carl

    Check what you read. Palookaville doesn’t exist.

    • WellNowDear

      Palookaville is an imaginary place. The term has a very interesting history.

  • Jim28thReg

    Most anyone with a little smarts about guns would know you don’t go carrying a rifle to defend anyone in a confined area such as a school. That’s not even mentioning an AR type.

    For a class room you’d want a semi auto pistol made to cycle a light loaded round perhaps outside patrol could carry also a twelve with light slug rounds and or bird shot = eight or bean bag. Most often the perp falls on his/her knife.
    But then we are talking fiction here.

  • tired_old_GI

    The 223/556 is good for soft tissue targets only. REPEAT: The 223/556 is good for soft tissue targets only. That is why MULTIPLE hits are required before your enemy goes down. Yes, they killed in Nam but rarely with one round.

  • Gary

    Wrong type of weapons. Far too much penetration. A pistol caliber carbine such as .40 cal S&W would be a far better choice. Using frangible projectiles such as Glasser Safety Slugs would minimize collateral damage. Requirement are more like those of air marshals on a plane than actual combat. Remember we want to disable the bad guy and -save- the kids. Retired police officers have lots of experience and proven good judgement and wouldn’t require pension plans as they already have pensions. Big savings.

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