The 5 Worst/Recent Mass Murders in the USA (with a Firearm) Came from Democrats

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The source of information for this news post came from Roger Hedgecock’s 1/17/13 radio show. Here’s the link. Fast forward to 21:13 for Roger’s comments.

The five worst mass killings, where a firearm was used, have a common thread. Hint #1: They didn’t belong to the NRA. They don’t fit the stereotype of the “red-neck” gun owner.

Check it out …

Ft Hood: Registered Democrat/Muslim.
Columbine: Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals.
Virginia Tech: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff.
Colorado Theater: Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal.
Connecticut School Shooter: Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats.

Also, of the worst killings in the last several decades, only one was a female, all the rest were boys, barely men. Their role models were rappers, action movies, comics and violent video games.

Our problem isn’t weapons, it’s boys without boundaries. Who live in ‘progressive’ households.

– via Macho Slavich [facebook] h/t S. A. Lachut

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  • Eric Sotelo

    But yet, I don’t see any sources cited on yours either. LOL.. what an ideeawwtt…(correct spelling gets moderated…give me a break). Cite Cite Cite.. Where are your sources? Where are your sources?

  • Eric Sotelo

    Oh but Jeff, you must be a racist for citing those needs for proof. How dare you question the authenticity of King Obama.. obviously facetious… :)

  • Eric Sotelo

    So do you work for the examiner? Just wondering..

  • Eric Sotelo

    Do you work for the Examiner?

  • Eric Sotelo

    Do you work for the Examiner as an editor or a blogger?

  • Eric Sotelo

    Unfortunately yes. It’s a fact that your political affiliation does reflect your moral and patriotic values. Liberal Democrats believe in a systematic systemic government approach, where as Conservative Republicans believe in giving more freedoms for Capitalistic Business Growth. Freedom is something that Democrats are not known for.

    In fact, if you take a research walk down memory lane in our American history, which can be easily fact checked, most racist political agendas including Bills, Amendments, or any Federal or State Law that was passed to hurt Blacks or other races other than the White Race, was put into motion by white Democrat Liberals who were heads of KKK and other organizations..

    This is well documented in our own American History, so even if you searched Google for this you would find that the Liberal Democrat Party has not moved from it’s stance to keep Blacks down in the form of racial tension, racial discrimination, and many other race cards issues.

    The Republican Party however, not perfect, has indeed moved on from those Crow Days.. I used to be a blind liberal democrat until I saw the light, and now I see.. I am proud to be a Freedom and Liberty supporter of all races through Conservatism.. Hooyahh…

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