The 5 Worst/Recent Mass Murders in the USA (with a Firearm) Came from Democrats

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The source of information for this news post came from Roger Hedgecock’s 1/17/13 radio show. Here’s the link. Fast forward to 21:13 for Roger’s comments.

The five worst mass killings, where a firearm was used, have a common thread. Hint #1: They didn’t belong to the NRA. They don’t fit the stereotype of the “red-neck” gun owner.

Check it out …

Ft Hood: Registered Democrat/Muslim.
Columbine: Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals.
Virginia Tech: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff.
Colorado Theater: Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal.
Connecticut School Shooter: Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats.

Also, of the worst killings in the last several decades, only one was a female, all the rest were boys, barely men. Their role models were rappers, action movies, comics and violent video games.

Our problem isn’t weapons, it’s boys without boundaries. Who live in ‘progressive’ households.

– via Macho Slavich [facebook] h/t S. A. Lachut

  • Erica


  • Apocalypto

    Oh of course they were because all libtard hand wringers are effin psychos. That’s just their nature and as Savage says, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

  • Curious


    • Jeff Anspach

      Hey if they say it, it must be so.

  • Leave reporting to journalists

    lol. Exactly. How about a little documentation and at least something study that shows the relationship between ‘progressive liberal’ and violent crime? Absurd garbage.

    • Jay McHue

      Oh, really? OWS has been immensely violent since its inception. They’re all Democrats. Unions frequently employ violent thugs to intimidate and harass their opposition. Guess what. They’re all Democrats, too. Meanwhile, the Tea Party has been completely peaceful.

      • Robert Bledsaw III

        Not everyone in OWS are democrats and they haven’t been “immensely violent since its inception.” Most violence committed by “occupiers” are plain-clothed police being provocateurs giving the cops an excuse to crack down on them. Most occupiers are libertarian which is diametrically opposed to the ideologies of the left. Never judge a movement based on what the mainstream media tells you.

        • pisssed patriot

          You said:

          “Most violence committed by “occupiers” are plain-clothed police being
          provocateurs giving the cops an excuse to crack down on them. Most
          occupiers are libertarian which is diametrically opposed to the
          ideologies of the left.”

          Can you prove that even one OWS provocateur was a plain clothed LEO officer? Also, every single OWS protest included violent crime.

          Here are the numbers as of 10/26/11
          Days of protest: OWS: 40 Tea Party; 989…
          Arrests: OWS;2511 TEA; 0….
          Rapes OWS; 4 TEA; 0….
          Taxpayer cost to police event: OWS; $2,400,000 TEA; $0.00

          It has been proven that Moveon dot org was the main driver behind the OWS movement and that George Soros funded Moveon. George Soros is a billionaire NWO proponent and supports dozens of liberal/progressive causes and organizations with millions of dollars. It has also been proven that the OWS Atlanta event was organized by an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

          Nice try, Bobby…..your mommy wants you to go back to the basement now….she has guests coming over.

        • Hans

          Wake up from your WET DREAM and take your MEDs !

      • Jeff Anspach

        You are so full of it your eyes are turning brown.

  • BMoon

    Agree with the previous – This needs documentation, otherwise it is rumor-mongering. I have long suspected this to be true, but no one is doing the investigation.

  • Doris Robinson

    Sources would be helpful in quieting the nay-sayer comments.
    I have heard three of these stated as factual elsewhere.
    Don’t know about all 5. Please confirm so we can re-post and viralize.
    Credit will be given to DG.

    • 7papa7

      I have heard that all 5 were registered democrats but I don’t recall the sources for them. I have a great idea for Obama, just don’t let democrats have guns. You must be a registered republican or conservative in order to own a gun. Since the problem is democrats, lets take their guns away.

      • Doris Robinson

        Such a simple, yet brilliant idea. I’m surprised none of the pundits have voiced it.

        • the_publius

          …They’re probably afraid that scrutiny would reveal that most thieves, frauds and confidence men are also liberal democrats that believe they are “owed” what they steal or extort from others.

          We’ve already had multiple displays of how Tea Party rallies are very respectful and law-abiding, while OWS rallies are noisy, filthy and filled with criminal behavior. …I only bring that up because it’s Democrat Leadership who sing the praises of OWS, but will not acknowledge the Tea Party. …Hmmmm, “coincedence”? …i don’t think so.

          • ArmedPatriot

            just look at the ‘occupy’ crap that was so trashy.
            Liberals are trash by nature.

        • Honest Abe
      • freedom

        Or libertarian

        • 7papa7

          I didn’t mean to leave you out. I figured Libertarians, Constitution party and many others were covered in the Conservative secton

      • JeromeFJ

        You nailed it…was thinking exactly that myself. Win-win, Mr. President!

      • JohnHD

        Hey I like that.

      • CRJJ

        Common answer: “I have heard that all 5 were registered democrats but I don’t recall the sources for them.” Informed people provide credible & scholarly sources.

    • Chris A

      Google it…

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Don’t trust google, and anything you search on that site goes to the dnc database.

        • Danny

          That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.

          • Daniel F. Melton


            They don’t specifically name google, but that company has been hip deep in the obama pool since before the first election.

          • Shadowchaser

            Never listened to an Obama speech or a Democrat talk? To YOU it might be the dumbest thing you ever heard, but unfortunetly for you its true and NOWAY for you to spin it other wise.

          • Louis Walker

            As a conservative pro-gun advocate, I have to agree. That’s more than a few degrees past paranoid.

          • Scotty Starnes

            Google has admitted to spying, stealing e-mails, stealing passwords and stealing IP address worldwide. They are assisting the government with their spying. I’d bone up on facts, then you wouldn’t be so dumb.

          • Blake Cole

            Wouldn’t be so dumb? …… I think you’ve taken one too many bone to the head! Paranoia is an ugly sickness.. I bet you have an underground bunker for… you know when obama carries out his master plan! You’re hilarious!

        • Blake Cole

          Right…….. but fox is trustworthy! Lets not forget the republican mantra…. we won’t let fact checkers run our campaign.. and just in case you forgot america saw through their lies and deception. By the way… possibly one of the dumbest comments ever! You get that from Trump?

    • Hopethishelps

      Found this: “Berg, until recently Thomas Klebold’s co-worker in Downtown Denver,
      described Klebold, who explored for oil and gas for mostly small
      independent companies in Colorado, as a liberal who strongly favors
      gun-control laws.” (Source: The Denver Post Online)

    • Hitokiri_Craig

      You know just by the fact that they’re not screaming about them being conservative/republicans that they’re liberals. Otherwise the liberal media would be foaming at the mouth about their views.

      • ArmedPatriot

        good point.
        Seems pretty odd that the MSM isnt railing about them being on the Republican rolls…which makes it very likely that theyve already looked and realize that these freaks are liberal democrats.

    • Honest Abe

      Sources would indeed. Because it’s just yet another worthless right wing internetz meme. A lie. That you all sup up giddily and forward on. Because that’s what you do.

  • Dave Phelps

    It does not suprise me, liberalism is a mental disorder, so democrats are mentaly ill

    • Jim Beam

      Yeah, you must be insane to want women and minorities to have rights too.

      • Scott

        Good try Jim Beam. Some one has been feeding you a bunch of BS if you think that Conservatives are conspiring to oppress women and minorities. What century are you living in that this makes sense to you? Liberals and progressives talk a big game about rights for minorities, but conservatives are the ones that are actually providing minorities with jobs and donating to charities that help minorities. As always, talk is cheap.

        • NYCMom

          Typicl liberal progressive BS…Bush’s Cabinet had 50% minorities and women in it….”he was a bigot”….Obama has 2% women and minorities in his Cabinet….he is held up as a Civil Rights Icon…….figure that one out.

      • Well Done

        Jim, you must be insane to post that. Or just a trolling loser.

    • Norman R.

      You should not confuse liberalism with the brand that is being sold today. Progressives are fascist, control freaks and are the antithesis of liberalism.

      • Draco Morrison

        There is no “good liberalism”
        You are assuming because most liberals are “less evil” than murderers, they stand for what is right.
        There is a Right and a wrong, Liberals just vary in differing degrees of “wrong”
        Just as the right varies in differing degrees of “right” (like agreeing with/accepting/compromising on Liberal beliefs)

    • WASP

      But there is a pill for that disorder. Cyanide. Bon Apetit, libtards.

  • kssturgis62

    I would like to have sources to verify that they were all democrats. IT would be nice to show people so they don’t argue or doubt. Thanks and I would also give all credit to DG.

    • Well Done

      each and every person on this comment thread asking for documentation: ffsake, fools, use the tool you’re using to make your post to look up the docs yourselves!

  • Mister Lackey

    Though lacking source, this information would prove unsurprising. The fact they want gun control may have its roots in their desire to control by force. And another thing; let’s stop abusing that term “liberal”. Gun control advocates are not really “liberal” — they’re anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-property. Has HIS INCOMPETENCE even once pledged to embolden the American citizen with the power to act without the impediment of government? He’s not a liberal; he’s a socialist, fascist, statist, corporatist fool.

    • letsbereasonable

      umm. you can not be both a socialist and a fascist. the terms are mutually exclusive.

      • sewcom

        Fascism is National Socialism.

        • Frans Halls

          Probably the most well know are the NAZI”s ( National Socialist Workers Party )

          • V.A.V.

            …they called themselves “Socialists” to trick working class people into supporting them. their arch enemy was the “Communists”, they made Unions Illegal then said “here is you Worker Party, you dont need any other” …

        • d2lv

          As in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.

      • Norman R.

        Hardly. Dictatorial systems all have the same root; control of others by a ruling class. Your government training has led you to believe that the political spectrum they offered you is truth.

      • JT

        Socialism and Fascism are not mutually exclusive at all. Both are based on Central Control. Socialism economically, Fascism basically everything. Socialism has the “stated goal” of benefiting the common good, but that has yet to be reality. Preaching Socialism is a tool for Fascists.

      • John Broom

        Both seek to a achieve a utopian, communitarian, totalitarian state…. so they are in different lanes on the tollway (our tolls their way) to hell? They’re headed in the same direction to the same end. I could add Nazism and Progressivism to the list as well.

      • Riverini

        Uhmm Mussolini would disagree, though Wikipedia has been diligently trying to remove any thread of socialism from the fascist definition, Mussolini would have said that “The third Alternative is the melding of corporatism and socialism”

        It was in fact the combining of both into a “third option”

      • Michael

        Then why was the Nazi party the National Socialist German Worker’s party? What you said is incredibly stupid.

        • WASP

          You are missing the big picture. The main difference between fascism and communism is largely the label they choose to put on their particular brand of tyranny. Do you think that Hitler’s methods differed so much from Lenins/Stalins? Fascism, communism, and progressivism are all totalitarianism with a different name but the same means and same ends.

          • Frans Halls

            Very good analysis !
            There is a well writen book on “THE AGE OF SOCIAL CATASTROPHE”
            by Robert Gellately. The author covers Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.
            But in china there is an other despotic socialist dictator “Mao”

        • V.A.V.

          they called themselves “socialist” to trick working class people into supporting them. Their Arch enemy was the Communists, they said All Jews were communists. They made Unions Illegal and then said “here is your ‘Worker’ Party, you dont need the other party.” they would publicly beat Liberals and Democrats.

        • Well Done

          Mussolini has been quoted as despising Hitler’s socialist tendencies, so it would appear to be quite obvious that any belief that “fascism is the opposite of socialism”(TM) is due entirely to a disinformation campaign started almost immediately after WW2 by the true believers. This sort of gamey, non-thinking ideologue are the folks behind the scenes at the Democrat party, and many of them have infiltrated the Repubs as well.

          • Rene Taylor

            If any party is fascist it is the republican party. Fascism is rule thru corporations. Wow you guys are stupid

      • Jon

        That is just plain stupid…..socialism is a tool for Fascism the first an illusion for the ignorant and stupid the second a preamble to pure dictatorship.

    • Woolfeeeee

      I refer to them as ‘leftists’ liberals are a dying breed that understand and respect limitations on government power- leftists are CONTROL FREAKS that will not rest until they’re tentacles reach into every facet of our lives.

      • skycastle

        You’re right about leftists being control freaks, but Republicans aren’t without blame here. They want to forbid people from smoking pot, and they have no right to do that, just as leftists have no right to tax us to death or take away our guns.

        • Dorris P

          Don’t you find it amazing that they think by making statement about the subject, and most of them smoke pot or like Barack use Cocaine pipes.
          that they can avoid it being said to them.

    • jgbrite

      or Muslim; even though he claims to be Black Liberation theology.

  • Armino

    your page is clogged with ads and essentially USELESS! :p

  • Greg Scott

    What utter nonsense.

  • Dan Neumann

    Like previous comments. If documentation is provided I will spread this like an infectious disease.

    • Well Done

      well, Dan, look it up. the internet provides documentation to the point of silly, and if you trace that documentation back to its source you begin to see what’s real and what is BS.

  • Rob

    That’s why they favor gun control. They’re “projecting” onto other people their inability to trust themselves with a gun. They’re scumbags, they KNOW they’re scumbags, so everyone MUST be a scumbag too.

    • sonicyoof

      Yeah! Anyone calling someone else a scumbag is a scumbag themselves!

      • Michael Peck

        Did you just call Robert a scumbag? ;-)

        • sonicyoof

          I believe he already did that himself, but yes, I did.

          • poopypants

            And that maje you better than him how? You basically called yourself a scumbag in the same comment you called him one. Nimrod.

          • sonicyoof

            Yes, sarcastically.

          • tickpicker

            do you know who Nimrod was?

          • skycastle

            Sure – he was the great leader of the Nim, and they all lived happily on Nim’s Island.

    • Well Done

      Robert, is has become apparent that most everyone who wants gun control is the sort of person who would never pass a background check to own one legally. They will say or do anything, so blinded by hatred of anyone who doesn’t share their stupid viewpoints. Look into it for yourself. Don’t take my word. Look at the antics of anti-gun people just on twitter and facebook!

  • Troy Cox

    Sources would be great, I cant seem to find anything to back up these claims.

  • Dennis

    I wonder what the percentage of drunk drivers killing people every year. So we are going to ban every body’s vehicles. It is time to get real if it is in a person’s heart to kill they can use about anything to do it. It is not a gun problem it is a evil heart problem !!!

    • amihoe

      lets take this analogy further. What the control is about is not banning all guns it is regulating usage there off. so like cars lets make people take and pass a competency test before they can get a gun, register and license their gun and renew that registration regularly, pass a different test if they want to use a different type of gun (like we do with motorcycles and big trucks) suspend or revoke license if the person has violated certain laws or shown irresponsible acting with their fire arm like brandishing under the influence of alcohol. That is all gun control is asking to do. I’d say you have found a point of common ground for the liberal and conservatives lets treat guns like cars.

      • MitchellSandlin

        If you believe that you are those useful idiots. If it is not abvout eventuallt banning all guns and confiscatioino our guns why is Obama and Killary pusing the UN Gun Ban Treaty? Thesae gun grabbers are doing what progressives always do; one step at a time just like Sol Aloinsky taught them. Both Killary and Obama are Alinsky students.

      • CAR

        Cars may be essential in our society, but they aren’t protected by an Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Guns are. Many of those that want gun regulation don’t feel anyone needs a gun so I beg to differ with you on registration. It will eventually lead to confiscation or at the very least turning law-abiding citizens into criminals.

        Why did Rosa Parks want to sit in the front of the bus? It’s called civil liberties. That’s why I want to own guns as a law-abiding citizen…even that dreaded AR-15 if I chose to.


          They can have my guns….If they come for them I will gladly hand ‘em over……..BULLETS FIRST.

          • sonicyoof

            That’s nice of you to take the bullets out before you hand over your gun.

      • Kevin Harkness

        Amihoe….Nice try with this comment but you seem to be forgetting one important thing. Driving is a privilege, owning a fire arm is a right granted to us by the constitution of the United States. Therefore your point is moot.

      • cwo

        with that idea then only the states would have full control over all guns and get the fed out of it and treat all states as legal carry and insure that there is a enforceable Reg by the people that the Fed&State can not use there power to confiscate these weapon unless the person has been declared mentally ill and that it has to be declared by a board of phys of min of nine certified Dr and would only be enforced by the county law enforcement

      • DolanDukc

        Why are you talking to yourself?

        Are you autistic?

      • poopypants

        Owning a car is not a human right like your right to protect yourself.

      • Scott

        Problem with that is, driving is a privilege, owning guns is a right. The odd thing is, you can be a felon or mentally ill and still have a driver license, but you can’t own a firearm. Go figure.

      • NYCMom

        More children die in car accidents and swimming pools (ages 1 – 19) per year than die of gun accidents or gun homicides (usually at the hands of a disgruntled parent). About 1/3 of the gun deaths in the 1 – 19 age category are suicide. I’m guessing you think we should ban swimming pools and automobiles next??? The gun control issue is just that a Control issue….it is not designed to protect our children or our citizenry….it never was. We have thousands of people who lie on their gun permit applications each year….that’s a felony….yet last year we prosecuted 42 of them…..
        Things that make you go hmmmmmm?

      • JJM123

        So you want to be sure that there is a detailed list for Confiscation?? Even with current pre purchase checks, I often wonder how confidential and what kind of list is being generated.

      • The Con-Lib

        Except driving a car isn’t a Constitutional right. Owning (and carrying) a gun IS.

      • Well Done

        Now, if only you had to pass a background check before you could run for President, we wouldn’t have this Moslem Indonesian airhead in office today.

  • Erica

    The source, supposedly, is Roger Hedgecock according to this post. I’m still looking into exacts.

  • Scott Lachut

    This list has been going around since summer after it was revealed that the Batman shooter was an OWS Black Bloc activist. The Sandy Hook shooter was added and the revised list has been going around various pages and forums since at least Monday January 14th.

  • blissnsmiles

    In the interest of due process–the rule of law–Holmes has not had his day in court.

  • Michael H Hamilton

    There is one other link…they were all NUTBAGS that needed mental help.

    • waltinseattle

      differently cognizant. dont want to hurt their self esteem. and their right to be untreated shsll NOT be infringed. life liberty and the pursuit being inalienable and all that too.

    • Norman R.


  • Videogames?

    Video games? Really? That one false comment alone brings everything you said into doubt.

    “America had 11000 gun-related homicides in 2008. Japan had 11.Does anyone know if they play video games in Japan”

    • Checkout a scientific journal?

      Columbine ring a bell?

      • Common Sense

        Lots of kids play video games, and not all of them become mass murderers. Common sense would say that video games didn’t cause the Columbine shooters to become mass murderers, but only helped them hone their skills in preparation for the murders that they had already decided to commit.

    • Tracy Hatton

      Japan’s culture is completely different than America. Japan’s murder rate is only about 10% of USA’s national average – in short, they don’t WANT to kill each other. Virtually same race/creed/religion on one continent give you a lot less to fight over.

      • Dere

        This is exactly right. As a whole, they treat each other with the respect of close family. Honor, respect and integrity are instilled throughout their lives. Here, little value is placed on any of those items in far too many households.

        • suzisully

          I believe the survivors from Bataan death march would beg to differ…

          • IHeartDagney

            And, I believe that the Japanese culture experienced a very large shift in their culture after two “A” bombs were deployed. Might be a worthwhile consideration for the middle east. But, then, it is very politically incorrect to say so, isn’t it?

          • Levi Dietrich

            many figure heads that Ive seen (through various Natgeo, discovery, history channel documentaries) make references to a massive culture shift after the a bombs, Violence/war/armed conflict from what I gather scares the crap out of them, and rightfully so

          • aj

            lived there 5 years and bataan POW’s were a disgrace in the eyes of their culture. the pows should have performed suicide or died fighting to maintain their honor. It was horrific but you have to look at it from a cultures perspective. That is why they don’t kill their own. They do however still look down on foreigners.

      • Scott Morgan

        Culture is entirely different. How many looters did you see after the Tsunami? I’ll help you, not one. They are a respectful culture. You’re comparing apples and pomengranate.

      • WebsterCat

        Their children actually have fathers.

      • Levi Dietrich

        i’m sure most of their murders are mafia related, with a random scattering of disgruntled lovers.

    • James Jeffrey

      And, less than 400 of those homicides were committed with rifles. About 4% with pistols. Majority of murders are by bludgeoning or strangulation.

    • Miguel

      And Japanese Police culture has this thing of declaring murders as “heart attacks.”

  • Sylvia

    Does this surprise me? Not at all, if true. I want sources to verify, however –

    • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

      Yes, and only the sources that support Sylvia’s pre-established theory, none of the facts that state this is complete horsesh*t please. Only the supporting facts.

  • Austin H

    lets not forget, they were also given copious quantities of anti-depressants!

    • WebsterCat

      No one wants to talk about that. No one ever addresses the “why” only the “with what”.

  • Dick

    I had no idea that the Colorado shooter was an Obama campaign staff member !!

  • James Young

    Interesting. I’m no far-Lefty, but Seung-Hui Cho could not have been a “Registered Democrat.” His family lived in Centreville, Virginia, and Virginia has NEVER had registration by party. He and his family may have been Democrats, but anyone who describes a Virginian as a “registered” anything makes himself sound like an idiot.

    • Lee Thetford

      Precisely why we need this verified by the facts, as much as I’d like the believe this and as one commenter aptly put it- “spread this like a plague.” I simply refuse to resort to the tactics of the Left and will not share (however badly I want to) until I see facts, You certainly sound like you know what you’re talking about and this just goes to show why we need the facts for this article, a single discrepancy like the one you speak of casts doubt on all the other claims.

      • Jay Rettaliata

        Lack of documentation aside, none of the examples fits the media (and liberal) stereotype of the sources of gun violence being right-wing advocates of gun rights.

  • Guy

    Yeah! Its not the shooters’ fault that they killed those people – its liberalism’s fault! Really? That’s dumber that when liberals say that its the gun’s fault. Its the shooters fault in all cases. Its not political affiliation, video game habits, religion, or anything else – its the shooter… Idiots.

    • rivers

      So few people are taught critical thinking skills and that’s a shame. You did not make the distinction between assigning causality and identifying commonality, therefore you were unable to give an objective and unemotional read to the article or an effective refutation. Without these skills you will often find yourself at a disadvantage in debate. I suggest Aristotle’s On Logic. If only that were required at the high school level, what a different world we would be living in.

    • Mollydee

      Thank you!!!!!!!

    • Michele Russell

      i think thats the whole point of the article…to show the ridiculousness of blaming the gun…just a different perspective to point out hypocrisy.

      • Steven Grayston

        no one is blaming guns, people are blaming the easy accessibility of guns.

        • $6286490

          Easy accessibility? Look how many hoops we already have to jump through to purchase a firearm.Gun show loophole is a lie. Every gun show I go to I get checked when buying a weapon. I also don’t know anyone who would sell a firearm to a maniac. If a criminal wants a gun bad enough, they find one on the black market. Had the mom of the Newtown shooter survived, she would have been charged with at least negligence. Newtown shooter stole the guns, which should’ve been locked up where he couldn’t get to them. He also tried to buy guns, the waiting period didn’t appeal to him.This is all about control of the people, so as to establish some form of dictatorship. The Founders had lots of experience with tyranny. King George was a ruthless prick of the first order. This type of history of the Crown is no longer taught in our publik screwalls because libs like Bill Ayers (criminal himself) are teaching our kids.

    • Duane Savage

      Doesn’t bother you they were all of the liberal persuasion?

  • Sketti

    Time to band liberals/Democrats from gun ownership! Lets do it for the children!

  • Jorean

    You can just as easily find statistics online that say 80% of serial killers are Republican. A whack job is a whack job regaurdless of policital ideologies.

    • greekdish

      Really? Find those stats and post them here. I cant find them.

      • Able Baker

        Ted Bundy, BTK and Green River were all Republicans. John Wayne Gacy was a Democrat though.

  • LeeH

    An Arizona man who on Wednesday reportedly killed four people, including a 47-year-old grandmother and a 15-month-old infant, and then took his own life was also a former Republican Party official, a former white supremacist neo-Nazi and the founder of a border patrol vigilante group that advocated using violence on immigrants.
    Raw Story (

    • greekdish

      Neo-Nazi’s are left wingers. When will you Liberals get your facts straights? Fascism, socialism and communism, all the -isms… are left wing ideology. ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center are two extreme left wing groups, of course they are going to say he was a neo-Nazi. They are the only source he was a neo-Nazi. Here are the facts though….

      Several Republicans attempted to have him expelled from his position in the party in Maricopa County due to his controversial views.[14] Before starting a campaign for the position of Pinal County sheriff, he left the National Socialist Movement,[20]
      but had Movement member Harry Hughes serving as his campaign chairman.
      He ran for sheriff as a Democrat, citing the party’s past support for Jim Crow and Democratic politicians who had supported racial segregation, such as Robert Byrd and George Wallace,
      as well as stating his opinion that there was no difference between the
      Republican and Democratic parties, and that in a non-partisan position
      such as Sheriff, political affiliation did not matter.[21] After Ready’s death former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce
      released a statement saying that he had previously rejected Ready due
      to his association with “despicable groups in society”, and had objected
      to Ready’s position in the Republican Party.[22]

      He was no right winger. He was obviously a delusional left winger, probably a Libertarian… part of the Socialist Movement and ran for sheriff as a Democrat.

      • Able Baker

        Nonsense. The Nazis practically invented right-wing nationalism, along with Mussolini and Franco.

        The Republican and Democratic parties flip flopped over the Civil Rights Act. Southern Democrats like Strom Thurmond became Republicans and supported Nixon in 1968 with his Southern Strategy. Northeastern and Midwestern Republicans switched earlier and supported LBJ in 1964. African Americans were 50-50 split in the early 60s, and went to something like 85% Democrat by 1970.

        • Hans

          You are dead wrong!!! The NAZI Party stands for “National Socialist German Workers Party” . Where is YOUR RIGHT WING -YOU DUMMY ????

          • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

            Hans, are you suggesting the Nazi Party was a left-wing movement?

          • Hans

            That’s right you stuffed comminist turkey – as left as Stalin’s Commie Party !!!

          • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

            Mmmm Turkey, better than being a pig. By the way, how is Franz doing?

  • Able Baker

    These aren’t even the 5 most deadly mass killings. Here’s the top 10:

    1. VA Tech (32) – Seung Hui Cho, couldn’t find any information about party affiliation

    2. Sandy Hook (26) – Adam Lanza, no information about party affiliation, mother was a survivalist/prepper

    3. Luby’s Cafeteria (23) – George Hennard, out of work merchant marine, no information about party affiliation

    4. San Ysidro McDonalds (21) – James Huberty, unemployed security guard, survivalist, no information about party affiliation

    5. University of Austin (16) – Charles Whitman, former Marine sniper, no information about party affiliation, was found to have a massive brain tumor after an autopsy

    6. Edmond OK Post Office (14) – Pat Sherrill, soon to be fired postal employee, no information about party affiliation, origin of the phrase “going postal”

    7. Columbine (13) – Harris/Klebold, students, no information about party affiliation. Klebold was underage

    8. Binghamton Immigration Center (13) – Jiverly Wong, unemployed factory worker, no information about party affiliation

    9. Fort Hood (13) – Nidal Hassan, Army psychologist, no information about party affiliation

    10. Camden, NJ (13) – Howard Unruh, unemployed WW2 veteran, no information about party affiliation.


    • Lee Thetford

      Well…. despite all your sources being wikipedia you still have provided more facts than the article did. True or not it’s people going around making unsupported claims like this article does that fuels fearmongering and hate.

      • Able Baker

        The first source is the Washington Post.

        • K.J. Pierson

          Which is just as bad as wikipedia.

          • Able Baker

            So find a sources that refutes it.

          • Well Done

            find a source yourself, bozo

    • SoTxOil1

      You left one off…Waco Branch Dividian compound…ATF/FBI…killed 82 civilians.

      • Able Baker

        I also left off Oklahoma City and the Bath School Massacre. What’s your point?

        • Norman R.

          The point would probably be that we should take away automatic weapons from clowns like the ATF. After all, our government has killed more people in one sitting than nearly any regular citizen ever has.

          • Dave

            You just posted a list of nothing. All of them say party affiliation unknown. By the way, the Gifford Shooter in Arizona according to wikipedia was not party affiliated but was considered a radical liberal by those who knew him.


          • Dave

            From the wiki link you posted for Seung Hui Cho: In his manifesto, Cho mentioned the Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, denigrated former teachers, and made threatening messages to then-U.S. President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

          • LiberalNonSense

            Able Baker seems quiet Dave. LOL! You used the same resources Able used. Hard to disprove without discrediting his own. Hilarious! Able, complete fail.

    • greekdish

      Sketchy information at best, status quo from WaPo. Columbine didnt use any assault rifles. Neither did the UT sniper shooter, he used a Remington 700 bolt action and an M1 carbine, a basic semi auto rifle. Thats means if the death tolls are accurate, not a single assault weapon or rifle was used in the deadliest mass shootings in US history. If “assault weapons” were so deadly, how did the Aurora theater shooter manage to “only” 12 died? More proof as well that Sandy Hook didnt use any assault weapons….just handguns since the shotgun was found in the trunk of the car..

      • Able Baker

        Eh, Columbine used that weird HiPoint 9mm. It’s close enough to an assault rifle if you care about that sort of thing. I agree it’s misleading for WaPo to group assault rifle/rifle together
        with the same graphic, but it’s not hard to find out what they actually

        There’s no doubt that Lanza used a Bushmaster. Anyone saying different is a kook.

        I didn’t find any information on political affiliations. If I had to guess I’d say that Cho , Lanza, Harris and Klebold were too young and messed up to even think about politics. The rest I’d split down the middle.

        • Tracy Hubbell-Linden

          Lanza’s rifle was found in the trunk of a car…at night. Check the video footage. And it’s not even an AR…look at how the bullets were cleared. Handguns were used at Newtown. If you believe otherwise, you’re the git.

          • Rhonda Renee Sessions

            No bullets being ejected from that gun… it was a shotgun, so shotgun shells.

          • Able Baker

            Sure thing, nutjob. Tell me about how they faked the moon landing.

          • Well Done

            ablebaker trollingbozo

        • Norman R.

          Wikipedia as a source isn’t exactly the gold standard my friend. And as the post states, Klebold and Harris were to young to vote. Reference is to the party affiliation of the families. Don’t know if it is correct, just sayin’ you aren’t reading very carefully.

          • Jefrey With One F

            Thank you! All these commenters touting Wikipedia have obviously never documented a research paper.
            Touting Wikipedia as a source of reliable documentation is stupid. There’s a reason it’s unacceptable for use in research papers. Anyone can make stuff up and insert the lie. Enough people want the lie included, it gets included (or taken out).

        • Levi Dietrich

          If you Believe it WAS an AR you are very misinformed, besides media outlets saying it was an AR, or even Cops, what proof do you have that it was a rifle at all?

        • CAR

          Before you point the finger at the AR-15 why don’t you do a FOIL and get the information. I know a guy who knows LE in Newtown and they told him they only picked up handgun casings from the scene. NO .223 casings were found on scene. Of course, they were told to keep their mouths shut about it by their superiors and no public statement has been made since the original statements which were such BS a full investigation on the Connecticut State Police should have been demanded.

        • Dr. Scott

          “I didn’t find any information on political affiliations.”

          Just that simple fact alone should be your first clue most of the shooters were Democrats or leaned that way. The little Tea Bagee, neo-prog, web propagandists, collecting gubmint checks, have all kinds of time to scrub the wiki clean. To say nothing of the left-wing nut search engine droids.

          • Jefrey Grewuptobea Debaser

            Which is why using Wikipedia for a source of reliable documentation is stupid. There’s a reason it’s unacceptable for use in research papers. Anyone can make stuff up and insert the lie. Enough people want the lie included, it gets included (or taken out).

        • Well Done

          baker, the defective little shash head Lanza did NOT use a semi auto rifle. he used handguns. so who is a kook? besides the people who created the legislation that made it almost impossible for Lanza’s mom to have her idiot son committed, I mean.

    • James McEnanly

      Seung Hui Cho was sending hate mail to President George W. Bush.He probably wasn’t a Republican

      • poopypants

        Im a registered republican, though i consider myself a libertarian. I HATED Bush. Not everyone that hated bush is nessisarily a democrat.

    • Onnotice

      This article is in very bad form, you have shown where you got your information, which maybe incomplete, bc of this article, but this article has NOT shown where they got their information, to me it’s hear say. Good job to make them show where they got this articles information.

      • Well Done

        each and every person “demanding” documentation has got to be simply a trolling lefty trying desperately to keep actual info from seeming valid.

    • Brady

      Wikipedia? More valid sources?

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      What you will also find in commonality is the fact that all of these people were on prescribed SSRIs and antidepressants… either just going on it, or coming off it. Check out, and read the index, alone. Then start reading the stories, themselves.

    • Levi Dietrich

      Can’t use Wikipedia as a valid source, They generally are pretty close but NOT a valid source, just saying

    • trickyric

      Adam Lanza’s mother was not a survivalist as the liberal media reported. After the hurricane she did what every Floridian does and got her hurricane prep done. She was prepared for a natural disaster that had just recently occurred. Like many new England’ers were.

    • Heartland Patriot

      While you seem to have the numbers thing pretty well in hand, just because the party affiliation has been scrubbed from the Wikipedia articles doesn’t really mean much…and the Washington Post is well and truly known to be liberal-progressive and a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.

      • Jefrey Grewuptobea Debaser

        Wikipedia is an unreliable source.

    • NYCMom

      ROTFLMAO……you didn’t really use Wikipedia as a source did you? Any middleschooler knows that wikipedia is not a reliable fact source….No student who wants to do more than pass would ever dare to list Wikipedia in a bibliography as a source…..I’m guessing you aren’t smarter than a 5th grader?

    • dean29685

      Wikipedia an arm of GS media maters quit looking the years ago as their info turned out to be wrong to many times.

    • AJ

      OMFG you cited wikipedia! really? that just happened!

  • A. Adams

    I find it incredibly sad when people use tragedies like these to further their own political agendas. I also find this “connection” to not only be tenuous, but dangerous and ignrorant. What a bizarre article.

    • greekdish

      We’re just following in the footsteps of our fearless leader Obama.

  • Hadi Sheikhnia
    Official government documents warning of domestic terrorism by right wing extremists.

    Personally we should all condemn any sort of extremism
    Left, Right, Center, etc.

  • Internet info
    • Able Baker

      Those aren’t the 5 most deadly mass shootings. See below.

  • Josh Orsini

    where is the proof?

  • Ronald Peltier

    It sounds like the commercial where the girl believes everything on the internet is true. I don’t believe all of this republican bullshit, especially if the source is Fox News and idiots like Alex Jones.

    • Scott Leitch

      Oddly, Alex Jones is not a republican. Argument FAIL

      • Able Baker

        He is, however, a right winger.

  • David

    And the sources for this information are where? Some guy saying it on the radio doesn’t make it true.

    • nickshaw

      So, then I expect you to do your own research and come back here with links to prove the author wrong.
      We’ll wait.

  • Joshua Dorsette

    expected but in the grand scheme of things… means nothing. the person who attacked the dem office in colorado in 2008 was democrat. the one who bombed the recruiter station in times square was a democrat, most protesters who destroy things are hard left. evil is evil no matter who its from. and im nothing close to a democrat :shrugs:

  • Chris Webb

    Come up with a new line of BULLSHIT! I was raised by my mom while my dad drank and chased women and I played videogames to pass the time, Im also Democrat but no mass shooter or tendencies of that kind! Pull your heads out of your asses and see it for what it is, a breakdown in mentalhealth care

    • greekdish

      Whats your point? Oh right, you dont have one. Pull your head out of your ass and wake up to the bullshit hypocrisy of the left. Thats the point here.

  • Lynn L

    If we look at school shooters as a whole, we could conclude white male students are the most dangerous. Let’s start profiling white men.

  • Jim Swavely

    Number 1 on a “common sense” to do list. GET RID OF THOSE IDIOTIC GUN FREE ZONES!! Allow all licensed concealed carry permit holders to carry anytime and anywhere. Hell, what are all those background checks for if we’re saying we still can’t trust these people in certain places. The uncertainty that anyone might be armed anywhere is the only real deterrent against this kind of evil. And that’s the “common sense” truth!

  • Michael Naccarato

    video games and rappers dont kill people i would agree that most democrats are mentally insane but im a conservative i grew up playing violent video games and i also listen to rap ocassionaly im not wanting to load a gun and kill children i actually wish to major in politics so this claim that video games and rap is making americans insane is utterly crap.

  • Gerald Kelly

    Well Dems are more prone to Mental illness, so I’m guessing it’s 100% true

    • Devasahayam

      I would say Dhimmicruds’ philosophy IS a mental illness.

  • Anon

    This article was fine until it made the dumb “let’s blame the media” connection. Parents have been blaming movies, games, TV, and so on for their own bad parenting for decades and it’s really getting old for those of us that enjoy entertainment without being mass murderers.

  • Jd

    All horseshit. Ammunition for the ignorant.

  • fpelayo
  • tao54nyc

    If this can be verified, progressive’s heads will explode.

  • Mark

    This is a mental health issue, why do you publish these kinds of antagonistic, pointless “facts”? Young males, White males, what else? Should we blame all white males or should we look at mental health in this country?

  • Evan Jackson

    Your story is TOTALLY incorrect! The top five are listed as the following I fact checked on the number of victims only, not political party, & the writer is incorrect. 1) Andrew Kehoe, 44 shot dead, tx… 2) Seung-Hui Cho, 32 shot dead, va… 3) Adam Lanza, 27 shot dead, ct… 4) George Hennard, 23 shot dead, tx… 5) James Huberty, 21 shot dead, ca. that is the top top 5 for firearm mass murders. I have not fact checked their political party, I’ll do that next & get back to you. Note mass murders where committed in schools or resturaunts. All had been previously diagnosed with some sort of mental illness and all where male.

    • Hans

      To be DEMOCRAT is a strong sign of MENTAL ILLNESS !!!

      • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

        Using CAPITALS to make your point is a strong sign that you’re LAME.

  • Joe Kilfeather

    I’ll be honest. Normally I never read or post articles like this. But what caught my eye was the Last paragraph !!!! I see more of that then what party they or thier folks belong too!!!

  • horseradish

    what are the Columbine killer’s families now–left wingers never change

  • reddogg1957

    Well if it is true , the main stream media isn’t going to tell you !

  • IB-Indy

    Movies (don’t call them ‘action’ call them ‘violent’) are much worse than guns and should be banned.

  • WebsterCat

    Need sources to confirm. Let’s not be like progressives and spread lies. If this is true then I will post it everywhere I can but not until there is some proof.

  • Enough is Enough

    This is sheer unadulterated paranoid Republican crapola. This kinda crap is not helpful in terms of saving innocents’ lives.

  • Stephen

    The answer is simple ban libtards from having guns.

  • Niku

    I’ve also heard that they were all Scientologists, and that they all came from Utah. Doubtful? Well, Google it and see. See how it works?

  • Diana

    Jerry Sandusky is a registered Republican. If we go along with your thinking the Republican party was responsible for him raping all those children., That makes about as much sense as blaming the Democratic Party for the actions of those insane monsters.

  • r.bseybold

    Young men with no purpose and no hope. Liberalism/progressivism does have a “no boundaries” philosophy regarding morality. It devalues human life. Everything is gray, the only “black and white” to its philosophy is “There is no black nor white.” This is the reason, not the video games and violence, for their disregard for human life.

  • M J Donovan

    Liberal breeding ground that should TELL us something!!

  • Dallas

    Ask the native Americans about being disarmed and how things have been going since on their reservations. The Democratic Party needs get a grip on the Socialist liberal fringe in their party and the news media before the stage is completely stolen from real American Democrats.

  • This is complete bunk

    This is 100% bogus nonsense in case anyone was wondering. There is no limit to the number of baseless theories the far right is willing to fabricate in the name of political fear mongering. Wake up people, and turn on your brains: There is no meaningful connection at all between political orientation and mass murder or gun violence. Mental illness is the most common thread in mass shootings — but then again, mass shootings only account for a *tiny* proportion of overall gun violence in the United States. Stop spreading ignorance like this. Demand facts, scrutinize the sources of those facts carefully, and think for yourself.

  • Conservative Mark

    Those people making posts here wanting more sources for this story should understand Obama doesn’t have any sources to prove he has the right to sit in the Oval Office either. The point is you can’t have it both ways!

  • Docqua

    This is an absurd post and is an attempt to fan flames and be divisive. It also lacks any depth, thought or analysis. As a hypothesis perhaps its worth testing, but much more research needs to be done. Perhaps ones’ political leanings do impact his/her propensity to commit mass murder. Perhaps other things do to. The majority (not all) of the mass killings were perpetuated by white men. Why? Why do some white mean feel the need to take out multiple people when they ultimately want to commit suicide? Why do some white mean kill innocent people at schools, stores, and places of worship, businesses? Murders are committed by people of all races but why does there seem to be a correlation. My hypothesis is that white men feel a sense of entitlement to certain things. An event that shatters those things that are ‘mine’ or things that I deserve, become the catalyst for striking back or lashing out in dramatic and violent ways. Now I know people are all going to jump on this for sense of entitlement and that goes hand in hand with being a Democrat. I’m not talking about handouts. Its different. Examples: 1) being laid off because jobs are being outsourced or 2) all of a sudden my life is “infiltrated” by people that aren’t like me. I’m all for studying these things, but leave it up to the academics or serve up something that reflects depth. Otherwise you only help harden the already polarized positions that we hold.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Wow, the vast majority of violent crime in this nation is committed by young black men upon other black folks in inner city neighborhoods…and that mess you wrote is the best you could come up with? Very, very lame…

      • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

        The whole article is about the random violent murders most often comitted by white men, not crime in our inner cities. Way to miss the point of the post completely and interject with your idiotic race bating. But thank you for underscoring this whole civil liberties BS is just a smoke-screen for good old fashioned American white racism. Enjoy this second term of an African president.

      • Docqua

        That’s not what this national debate nor the original post is about. I don’t debate you that the majority of gun related murders occur in cities but that’s an entirely different problem that would have entirely different solutions than gun control. I also don’t debate you that its not a problem. My point is about the idiots who often obtain guns LEGALLY and decide they want to take innocent people before taking their own lives – most of these individuals are white men. The question is still valid.

  • Sandra Ost

    We should really go on the offensive at this point. The real problem here is the government’s mishandling of the mentally ill in this country. None of these killers woke up deranged on the morning of the killing. They obviously had a history and were giving signals which were ignored or recognized by frustrated and helpless relatives, friends or co-workers powerless to do anything about the situation. If these people had received treatment they so badly needed most of this pain could have been avoided. The fact that they used fire arms is unfortunate. Had they mowed people down with automobiles we wouldn’t be fighting for our rights now. After all, cars don’t kill people. People kill people. Perhaps this should be our platform, At least it’s something libs can understand.

  • Deviant Saint

    I don’t disagree, but some links pointing to where the information was first reported about the party affiliations (or especially the CT kid hating christians) would be useful.

  • Logic

    Timothy McVeigh: Registered Republican, NRA member, US Army. Abortion clinic bombers. No political persuasion has a monopoly on crazy murderers.

    • Duane Savage

      Show me a trend

      • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

        Here’s a trend. All violent gun crimes are commited by one group… males. We should limit the access to violent weapons for this group. In fact, we should make it mandatory for our most often victimized group, whether they are teachers, wives, mothers to be, to be educated in the safe and proper use of our most powerful weaponry. All women should carry weapons. Boom, problem solved. Seriously. And you all know it.

    • samshile

      T McVeigh “my religion is science”
      John Wayne Gacy, Jr. was a serial killer of young boys and, worse, a Democrat. A Chicago Democrat

  • Don’t Blame Me

    Uh, don’t forget, it is very popular to bash Obama, but SOMEBODY out there voted for his stupid as*, not once, but Twice! I know it wasn’t me.

  • Duane Savage

    If they had all been Conservative, I guarantee the media would have been on this like a duck on a june bug. In fact they twice tried to tie killers to conservatives only to find out later that they were indeed liberal. (See Tuscon (Sheriff/Tea Party) and Aurora (Press/Tea Party))… That was when I began to pay notice to it…

  • Wanda Williams

    Well, there u go. And they say ppl on the right are nuts?

  • Susan A Jeansonne

    Does not surprise me

  • uppergrl

    From what I can find out the top mass murders did not have any party affiliations. Saying that a person being Democrat or Republican makes them a mass murderer is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. That is like saying Republicans are child molesters because Jerry Sandusky is a registered Republican.

  • Warrior6521

    Sources please. I don’t want to spread lies like the libratards do. Nothing comes up on a search of or

    • Heartland Patriot

      If they are/were Democrats, you certainly wouldn’t find that info on Snopes…they are liberal-progressive Democrats…however, if the person was a Republican, conservative, or libertarian, I imagine you would find that stated on Snopes.

  • DolanDukc

    Source for any of that?

    guntard pls

  • Aeffesstoo

    One gun control I could agree with would be to deny democrats ( liberals, progressives, or whatever the socialists call themselves today) the right to own firearms because liberalism is a known mental illness.

    • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

      It’s comments like these that crack me up. Are you not in on the joke? That blaming guns for the violence is just as ridiculous as blaming right-wingers or left-wingers. I think the opposite effect might be occuring–it’s becoming evident it’s not about civil liberties it’s about freedom is great as long as it’s freedom for me and not you.

      • Aeffesstoo

        I do believe we have a troll here.

  • King Robert

    And this is the Teabagging/Republicans reliable source of information:

    In 1985 he was forced from office, after a second trial found him guilty of one count of conspiracy and twelve counts of perjury, related to the alleged failure to report all campaign contributions. His first trial had ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury.

    Read more here:

    • samshile

      Don’t be a doltish feltcher. Wiki is not allowed in any accredited school.

      • John

        Is MSNBC? I’d take more stock in the National Enquirer over MSNBC or CNN

        • samshile

          Me too. MSLSD should be in school as an example of modern day sophistry.

  • John Galt

    Document sources or it didn’t happen. I have goggled all of the mentioned cases and cannot find any reference at all to political part membership. Maybe that’s all part of the conspiracy but, if you are going to make accusations like these, we need more than just some radio host’s word on it.

  • Operator

    The majority of the following comments are that of a comic strip. It is advisable to sit your drink down as to not spew liquid from your nostrils.

  • ColonelWarden

    I’d like to see some sources, but it does make sense. I have done some psych classes and I’ve learned that people can be very against something because they are projecting a defense mechanism. Think about the last few Republicans to do down in scandal like the page boy one or the guy who got caught in the bathroom. Both very anti-gay, both secretly loved sex with men. I sometimes wonder if some Democrats are secretly anti-gun because they are either projecting a fear of admitting they like guns, or a fear of what they would do with guns.

    • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

      This is the first interesting comment, only because I’ve seen an increase in gun ownership among my left-leaning friends. Also, it makes the point that so many right-leaning Republicans and Bible Thumpers are closeted homosexuals. This is hilarious and COMPLETELY true. I can’t imagine how many Righties head off the gun-range together and trash Obama as a form of foreplay before going at each other then turning around and doing their best to restrict the rights of gays who don’t live in the closet.

      • samshile

        You are doing the projecting right in front of us. What a flaming bigot!

        • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

          As so many would say on this blog, it’s not a broad generalization when it’s true.

          • samshile

            IT IS MISLEADING IF IT IS LINKED WITH A LOGICAL FALLACY. “Sins of Omission” is another form of lying by using one truth and excluding another.

  • TxAnnie

    I know for a fact that at least two of those is at very least questionable. First one is that James Holmes was not a member of Occupy nor ever showed any interest in politics. Up until just weeks before the shooting friends state he was still going to movies, playing video games, dating, and appeared no different then they had known him to be since Middle School. Just my opinion, but Schizophrenia usually shows up in early adulthood, many are in college when it begins to show, onset can be slow, be also can come on suddenly. Am not saying that is what changed his personality so quickly but is possible.
    At the time of the Fort Hood shooting, I lived near by. Having been born and raised just outside the base, I know many retired military. Most of us have serious doubts on what happened that day. A friends daughter was on cell phone with husband when shooting started, his last statement was the “officers are shooting at us”. Two retirees golfing on back nine of the Fort Hood golf course saw 4 black SUV’s pull up to the maintenance shack and take two men out. A Major released a comment to news that it was impossible for one shooter to shoot that many rounds in the amount of time the shootings occurred. 214 rounds in just under 10 minutes all from one weapon. His side arm had not been fired.
    Other then MP’s, soldiers do not walk around post with weapons which is why not even other Officers were unarmed..MP’s stand at the entrance to the deployment readiness area. He would have been stopped before entering, esp since the security increase on Post since 9-11. Has anyone heard any thing from anyone inside the deployment area when shooting happened? None of us have. Orders given for no one to speak about events.
    I am not one to believe in conspiracy theory’s, in fact just the opposite, but hearing from people and news before military (who took 6 hours to make a statement) things just don’t fit.

  • Buck

    Believe it or not , the communist mouthpiece ” ABC TV ” came out and admitted that NO AR-15 was used in the Sandy Hook shooting , just four handguns . Of course the 2nd ” disappeared ” shooter wasn’t mentioned , just as it ” disappeared in Aurora Colorado .

    • Paulnewy

      NBC reported the same thing 5 days after the incident, that no AR-15 was used in the shooting, handguns were the weapons used. If an AR-15 were used you would expect SOME injuries, the round was intended to wound rather than kill. The fact that there were 26 killed and NONE wounded makes more likely to be handguns. I find it curious that they are rather stringent on many of the facts surrounding the shooting even more than a month after the fact.

  • Don(TN)

    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation”

    Adof Hitler, mein kampf 1943

    Remember Obama surrounding himself with children – HUMAN SHIELDS

  • Colt Walker

    They were all on antidepressants as well!

  • Hefner

    It’s not video games… It’s not getting your ass busted when you need it.

  • Draco Morrison

    Its not the “Liberal democrats tend to be unstable stupid mental cases”
    “Unstable stupid mental cases tend to agree with liberal Democrats”

  • Coltanaconda

    And this is surprising??

  • Diana

    I have spent the last couple of hours trying to find where you got this information, and I could find nothing to support what you are saying. Neither Adam Lanza or his mother were registered Democrats. She was a member of the survivalist pepper movement. I could not find any political affiliation for the Columbine killers parents. Seung Hui Cho seems to have been an extreme Muslim, but there is not evidence that he belonged to any political party. You need evidence to back up your statement, and I can find none.

    • CDC

      Couple of hours? It took me about 5 minutes to verify it. Do you know how to use search engines?

  • Jones

    this is bull$#!+, all the ones I’ve personal blogs etc of are right-extremists. The mosque shooter, the cop killa in Pittsburgh, the guy who shot U.S. representatives at a mall was a right-wing conspiracy theorist etc

    • samshile

      No they were not. Tim McVeigh “my religion is science”. Remember the democrat meme? Christians are anti-science. Mao, Stalin, Lennin were secular progressives. J W Booth was democrat actor and hated the president. Bushisthedevil. Oh the irony

  • Tom Frank

    Obama is a communists

    ,, his mom’s dad was a socialists,, Obama’s real father is a communists.. Obama’s fake dad over in Kenya is a socialists.. He was in a group with Obama’s grandfather.. Obama’s mom was a a cheap whore.. {{Dreams from my real father, California base } make sure it says this.. And you can also go on the blade.. And see the one Glenn Beck has on Obama.

  • jgbrite

    The Unibomber and the Giffords shooter had various liberal books at home such as Mien Camp and Al Gore.

  • jeepdude911

    Liberals and firearms, bad combination. The lapdog media always jumps to conclusions and says it was a Conservative / Republican. Unfortunately, that’s the message that gets through.

    • jgbrite

      It works the same way with financial crimes too. Media will claim Republican ties and when the truth gets out the stories go away.

  • Rick

    That something you won’t hear on mainstream media.

    • SIGirl

      You won’t hear it because it’s not true.

      • John

        it is true! I left the democratic party years ago because they’re all con-men. Democrats are pretty much as bad as a cult. Most of them buy whatever the media or liberal friend’s blogs tell them to believe instead of actually doing research on their own.

        • SIGirl

          Research ? To the right-wing nuts, doing research means reading chain emails from their crazy uncle or reading some lunatic’s online blog. And they believe every word of it ! What a gullible lot they are…..

          • John

            You mean like ignoring the facts also like all the Dems do? I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m not a Republican, I don’t own a gun, I don’t want a gun, but I’m sick and tired of the minority and the government thinking they have the right to tell anyone what rights they have and don’t have! It started with smoking, what I eat, how kids are taught, and so on! If you want that move to Cali, NY, or one of the states who pontificate themselves as the voice of the country. BTW how’s those higher taxes you’re paying after Obama said he wouldn’t raise them on people making under $250,000? ;)

          • SIGirl

            And what does your rant have to do with the original post ?

  • DonJuan31

    …and not one rifle at Sandy Hook

  • othapus

    You don’t allow racist comments then promote something of this value? If that’s the case then all men are responsible for the mass killings since it was only men that performed the ones you listed.

    All Christians are responsible for the Nazi death camps since Christianity was the chosen religion of the Nazi’s. And those same Christians are responsible for the massacre of native Americans.

    All women, regardless of belief, are responsible for about a million child deaths per year thru abortions.

    Some will compare oranges to motor oil to discredit something, or someone, they don’t like. Get real!

  • SIGirl

    It still shocks me how easily and casually the right-wingers lie to make their point. I don’t know why it should shock me since they’ve been doing it forever, but they seem to be getting more and more brazen. Colorado shooter an Obama campaign worker ? Who made that up ? It is simply amazing how all those so-called Christians constantly violate the “Do not bear false witness” commandment.

  • Linda Cantrell Duke

    cam we outlaw democrats?

    • SIGirl

      Can we outlaw liars ?

      • John

        That’s why he said democrats

        • SIGirl

          Is the original poster a Democrat ? Because every word in that post is a lie.

          • John

            No more then everything on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS

          • SIGirl

            You people can’t even tell the difference between facts and fantasy. I guess that’s what happens when you get your information strictly from chain emails and loony fringe blogs.

          • John

            No you people just ignore the facts!

          • SIGirl

            There is not a single fact in the original post. But why let facts get in the way of a good rant ?

  • CogitoErgoSum

    Ridiculous. Nidal Hasan was not a Democrat…none of your claims are supported with ANY evidence whatsoever. Just because you say it is so does not make it so. Think people!

  • CogitoErgoSum

    By the way…Jared Loughner, Nidal Hasan, etc. were anti-US government – not democrats. How stupid are you people?!

  • PissedOFfAmerica

    I’ve watched horror movies, actions movies, and played violent video games since I was 9. I know how to shoot guns, from handguns to fully automatic assault rifles. I’ve never shot and killed a person or have ever wanted to. Don’t blame any form of entertainment people surround themselves in for violent acts. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Violent games and movies don’t kill people, people kill people. If they ban guns what’s next Martial Arts?

  • Brian Hudson

    Facts or not, it doesn’t matter to the Left, it’s still the guns fault in their eyes. Maybe that is why they choose to blame the gun over the person pulling the trigger.

  • April Sue VanStee-VanDonkelaar

    I asked my husband, whats up with the white, middle to upper class boys? He siad, “They’re angry”. I asked, “Why?”…..he said whouldnt you be if your were a white man these days…..interesting.
    Bty…this isnt racial. Just an observation that all mass school shootings have taken place in upperclass areas by white late teen/early adulthood men……Whats the connection? and Why?

  • South Texan

    Texas doesn’t have party registration of voters, so Major Hasan couldn’t be a “registered Democrat.”

  • MyTwoCents

    this is in reply to only one line written above:

    i refuse to recognize comics, movies, or video games as a “reason” one would become violent. There is a difference between make-believe and reality that most of us recognize at a very early age.
    Chances are very good that a killer will have played a video game, and enjoy the more violent ones, but they didn’t make him kill.
    Killers kill because there is something wrong with them, not because they’re brainwashed by a form of media. a million copies or a first person shooter game sell does not lead to a million killers, and anyone who both plays the game and kills someone likely would have anyways if the games did not exist.
    Cain did not kill Abel after listening to Marylin Manson, playing Call of Duty, or watching Die Hard.

  • Indynana Watcher

    Don’t ban guns – BAN DEMOCRATS!

  • shavager

    AND since MOST murders are committed by blacks-even their own, maybe OWEbama should support banning blacks from owning weapons. It’s as insane as blaming ALL Americans for what THEY WON’T TELL YOU–from Columbine to Sandy Hook, from Alabama to Wash. state, from California to Pennsylvania, NY, etc–99% of SCHOOL SHOOTINGS are by kids, teens, young adults ON PRESCRIPTION ANTI-DEPRESSANT DRUGS–like Prozac, Paxil, Effexor, Zoloft, Luvox,, Ritalin,etc–THAT’S THE COMMON DENOMINATOR–but these DRUGS are a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY for Pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists and POLITICIANS!!

  • Just another Worker Ant

    I agree with previous posters / source of info…..then we’ll see it on Drudge !

  • corrrine

    His eyes show his demon possessed state.

  • timesrchangin

    Would someone please send this to Tavis Smiley who attributed more killings in this country to conservative Christians than were ever done by Muslims? He included Columbine, and other similar events.

  • V.A.V.

    uh…. his mom was living in her $600,000 house, worried that the “Economy was gonna collapse” and all the poor people were gonna come and break in so she was teaching her son how to shoot weapons…. sounds like a Fox news fan to me.

    • Mystuffisstuff/yrstuffis%#%!!

      Sounds like the demographic to me as well. We should ban all people who live in $600K houses from owning weapons. That would include a great amount of Republicans.

  • V.A.V.

    Sulejman Talovic, Charles Carl Roberts, Aaron Kyle Huff, Jennifer San Marco, James Weise, Robert Steinhauser, Michael McDermott, Burford Oneal Furrow, Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, David Koresh, and how about the guy that shot Gabby Giffords?? Jared Lee Loughner? sure, he was so liberal that he shot a democratic senator.
    Truth is there are so many HUNDREDS of shootings some of them are conservative christian gun nuts, and some are angry liberals, and some are just nutjobs who dont trust any people at all.

    • VeeDub57

      The article did not imply that conservatives or Republicans weren’t guilty of mass murders.

  • KC

    I think we just need to ban democrats. Problem solved!

  • tarheelrich

     I’m independent and think this is ridiculous. So basically Republicans have never committed mass murder??

    • VeeDub57

      The story did not say or imply that Republicans haven’t committed mass murder! Read the story.

      • tarheelrich

        The story belongs in the trash can. It has nothing to do with political affiliation. I am sick of the divisiveness in this nation.

  • Well Done

    Medical people knew the drugs the Sandy Hook shooter was on were not only useless for his medical condition, but actually made it worse. He was a mentally defective time bomb whose mother had to warn babysitters, since he was ten years old, not to turn their back on him. He was known to lash out in cowardice and hatred for their unthinkable offence of not devoting their entire attention to him.

  • midge

    where can this be verified, I’d like to read more.

  • $29077531

    Where did you get this information and Yes it does need to be confirmed .
    It would be an important factor for many discussions, but this needs verification as soon as possible .

  • Guns Are Violence

    The dividing nature of this article is very annoying to me. The
    conclusion it comes to isn’t helpful. If we are going to prosper as a
    nation, people need to work together. Blaming each other will get us no
    where, no matter how good it makes someone feel. Suggesting solutions,
    compromise, and being empathetic to another person’s perspective – all
    more likely to result in positive results.

  • Cinci Jew

    These sickos are progressive DemocRATs who will destroy innocent people’s lives (including their own worthless lives) to get a gun control agenda. What despicable characters from despicable leftist families.

  • Jay Baadsgaard

    I’m sorry but are you serious? Maybe they were also all born on a day that ended in Y ? Maybe they were not breast feed? Maybe their Dr’s were Republicans? Where do you stop?

  • Kip Logie

    What a joke that poll at the top of the page is. The wording on the poll doesn’t have a neutral tone the way a poll like that should have. I can’t vote it sorry it is too much like FAUX news to be of any value to a thinking person.

  • MMD

    Moral of the story, outlaw guns to Democrats. If that were not an infringement to our Constitutional 2nd Amendment right, which I hold precious (as with all our rights), I could go for that.

  • gypsy314

    Most Americans would have figure that since they think gun free zones work. Any normal thinking person would know this just made our children targets and us too. Why do you think Israel has no gun free zones ? Well they have been there and done this and we must take this stupid law and put it were it belongs in the trash.

  • Wolfman Smith

    this is the real problem not guns

  • Jermaine Sanders

    All white boys where rap come into play

  • Attila

    No problem with Democrats having guns. Most of them will have no idea what to do with them. Example: Israeli casualties vs Arab, 124:1. Let the games begin!

  • JohnHD

    A perfect example of Democrat irrationally. Hell most of them think that guns kill people.

  • gdoggerz

    We need to ban liberalism!!!!


    As long as cow-towing to political correctness continues without proper diagnosis of liberalism/democRATS, progressives in this country then nothing will ever be solved!
    NO AMOUNT OF NEW ANTI GUN LAWS is going to make a damn difference!
    The dregs of society will always find weapons and kill innocents!

  • Eric Murphy

    This has all been debunked. Got any real arguments?

  • Tara

    perhaps, since all the murderers were MEN, maybe MEN should be denied guns. That’s about as logical as your logic.


      The truth is children raised by single parents make up the vast majority of those both in jail and mentally ill. Of the rest most have parents who are not involved or do not know how to be parents. The first statement is based on results of readily available research and the second from experiance working in public schools.

  • Lisa

    problem is they were all crazy. The other common thread is they were
    all on psychotropic mood altering drugs. Timothy McVeigh was a
    right-wing conservative Libertarian and killed more than all these
    people combined.(168) This twisted representation of the problem is one
    of many reasons we will never do anything to stop the nuts that threaten
    us all.


      To call McVeigh a conservative shows a complete lack of understanding of conservative thought. He was more of an anarchist with a libertarian streak than anything else. Extremist yes, but to describe his philosophies and actions as conservative is completely off base.

  • jamessavik

    Demo-commies decrying the work of their fellow demo-commies.

    To paraphrase the Joker: Why so Stupid?

  • Xmystic
  • Dan

    Were the five recent/worst mass murderers in the US all registered Democrats? No. Debunking the myth, here:

  • Sharon Ostberg

    It’s not a farfetched notion. Remember Charlie Manson? Even with no education, and intelligence nowhere near these mass shooters, he planned and executed murders, by proxy, in order to bring about a “race war” (his motivation). So why is the claim that the psychotic mass shooters may have had a 2nd goal in addition to the gratuitous taking of human life not plausible, when they had much more formal education than Charlie Manson ever did, and much higher intelligence as well? That goal being to add to the argument favoring banning guns in the USA. A perfect way to magnify the shock waves of your already horrific acts: being responsible for the curtailment of the rights of law-abiding Americans. An Arizona school teacher shot herself a few years ago and blamed it on a former student. When pressed under police questioning, she broke down and confessed she had shot herself to add to the weight of the anti-gun element’s arguments in the USA.

  • John Valnes

    You can now add another liberal whack job to this list. the LA cop shooter is a Piers Morgan fan as well as a liberal:

  • Blake Cole

    Wow! first of all, hedgecock is a Rush wannabe, who like Rush and the Republicans don’t let a silly thing like facts ruin a good story! If you were to take a minute and check the facts you would see it is all bull…. but who cares about facts right? We have to protect america from weapons of mass destruction, and presidents who are not citizens..

    • antiscreed

      Another screaming liar from the retarded left

  • Balinda Carter Sullivan

    From information I have researched, they were all mostly on some sort of psychotic drug! Being Democrat and on drugs can’t be a good combination in no way! Add a gun to the mix and well……..

  • tobeExpected

    To imply that only Democrats have the capacity for hate , enough to blow people away, is ludicrous, especially after all the death threats made against Obama by Republicans. You racists and bigots need to quit hiding behind YOUR revised version of The Bible.

    • antiscreed

      Prove you source for the death threats by republicans dipshit

  • guntotingdipshits

    1. Nidal Hasan (the Ft. Hood shooter) lived in either Virginia (his state of residence prior to being sent to Ft. Hood) or Texas, neither of which has partisan registration. Therefore the claim that he was a “registered Democrat” is false. I do not know if he voted or how he voted, but I do know that unless he was registered in a state in which he did not reside, that the claim that he is a registered Democrat is FALSE.

    2. Since Virginia does not have partisan registration there is also no way to tell whether Seung-Hui Cho was a Democrat, but again because there is no partisan registration in the state we can say that the claim that he is a registered Democrat is FALSE. (Update: A more obvious point is that Cho was a resident alien, not a US citizen, so he was not eligible to vote in the US)

    3. The allegation that James Holmes was registered Democrat was based on a Breitbart blogger Joel B. Pollack, who found voter registration records for a DIFFERENT James Holmes who was about the same age. Alex Jones’ Infowars and other right-wing websites then dutifully repeated the lie without verifying it. It was later determined that the Colorado Theater Shooter James Holmes was NOT registered to vote, as evidenced by this retraction: {Newly-released information on the suspect’s birthdate (which, as indicated in our initial report, was a slight mismatch), combined with new details Breitbart News has obtained about the suspect’s likely addresses, together suggest that the suspect may, in fact, not have been registered to vote.}. However, most of right-wing media continued to promote the lie without printing Breitbart sites retraction. The claim that James Holmes was a registered Democrat is FALSE.

    4. The claim that Adama Lanza is a registered Democrat has been suggested based not on any evidence that he was registered as one, but on the rather dubious claim that because Connecticut has almost 2 to 1 Democratic registration over Republicans, he was probably a Democrat. (Claim: “Adam Lanza, NewtownConn murderer. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by about a 2-1 ratio in Connecticut. The odds are therefore that the Lanza family are (sic) Democrats.”) This of course is a bogus argument to begin with, but even if we were to make the claim that a mass shooter’s political affiliation must be the same as the majority of the people in his area, we can debunk this foolish idea by taking this shoddy analysis down to the local level. Yes, Connecticut voted for Barack Obama, BUT the city of Newtown voted for Mitt Romney. If we look at the results we find that Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama in Newtown by 7451-6784 votes or 51.7 percent to 47 percent. Republican Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Linda McMahon carried the city over Democrat Chris Murphy by an even larger margin. Add in the other information we have that Lanza’s mother was a “doomsday prepper” and a home schooler in a Republican-leaning city and we can pretty well dispense with the erroneous assumption that Lanza must have been a Democrat (UPDATE: According to at least one media source, Nancy Lanza was a registered Republican. The source does not provide a link, but the author of this article is seeking further confirmation). We can therefore claim that with no evidence to support the claim, the assertion that Lanza was a Democrat is not demonstrated and that in the absence of any evidence it is likely FALSE.

    5. Klebold and Harris of course were not old enough to vote and they had no apparent political affiliation. Allegations that they came from families of Democrats or liberal progressives appear to have no sources to substantiate those claims. What little ideology the boys demonstrated owed mostly to an admiration for Timothy McVeigh not Ted Kennedy. Harris’ father was a retired Air Force pilot and Eric Harris wanted to join the Marine Corps. The boys lived in Littleton, Colorado a relatively conservative and affluent suburb of Denver. The claim that their parents were Democrats is UNSUBSTANTIATED. Any suggestion that the two boys were Democrats is demonstrably FALSE.

    Interestingly, Hedgecock and those on the far right have conveniently overlooked a number of cases where ideology is clearly right-wing. The acts below are instances of right-wing violence that are unequivocally committed by people who are openly hostile to liberalism. While this does not mean these killers are Republicans, it is quite clear that they are RIGHT-WINGERS and that they have far more in common with Mr. Hedgecock, Alex Jones and the other gun-toting conspiracy nuts on the right than with any evils associated with the Democratic Party or liberalism. In addition, to the list below is the obvious case of Timothy McVeigh, who I have not included because his crime was not committed with firearms. It was however, committed by a right-winger and the carnage was on a massive scale.

    For example, on July 18, 1984 James Oliver Huberty, who told his wife he hated “children, Mexicans and the United States” opened fire inside the McDonald’s Restaurant in San Ysidro, CA using a Browning P-35 Hi-Power 9mm pistol, Winchester 1200 pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, and an Israeli Military Industries 9mm Carbine (Uzi) – all legally acquired. He killed 21 and injured 19 before he was shot dead by police.

    On Aug. 10, 1999 White supremacist Buford O. Furrow, Jr., fired 70 rounds with an Uzi-type submachine-gun inside the lobby of the Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, CA wounding three children, a teenage counselor and an office worker. He then carjacked a woman’s Toyota at gunpoint, dumped it behind a motel and murdered US Postal Worker Joseph Santos with a Glock 9mm handgun.

    On July 27, 2008 Former U.S. Army private, Jim David Atkinsson, who hated Democrats, liberals, African Americans and homosexuals, using a Remington Model 48 12-guage shotgun, murdered two people and injured seven others inside the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, TN.

    The day after Obama’s inauguration, white supremacist Keith Luke went on a killing spree in Brockton, Massachusetts. His goal was to kill as many Jews, blacks and Hispanics as possible. When questioned by investigators, the deranged gunman who had stockpiled hundreds of rounds of ammunition, proclaimed that he was fighting the extinction of the white race.

    A little over a month later, Donnie Baker, a former Republican campaign volunteer shot seven Chilean immigrants in Florida. Those who knew him said he was obsessed with the fear that illegal immigrants were taking over the country.

    In April of 2009, Richard Popalowski, a white supremacist in Pittsburgh, shot and killed three police officers following a domestic disturbance call. He apparently thought that Obama was part of a government conspiracy to seize all guns, and he feared the government would take his guns away.

    Later the same month, a Fort Walton Beach Florida man who thought the Obama administration was conspiring against him, shot and murdered two sheriff’s deputies.

    On May 31, 2009 Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his own church by a right-wing “pro- life” gun man who decided to express his belief in the sanctity of human life by executing a medical doctor.

    Eleven days later a right-wing white supremacist and Holocaust denier walked into the National Holocaust Museum and killed an African-American security guard. Two weeks later, three Neo-Nazis were arrested for bombing a diversity office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    On April 20, 2010 a member of the Sovereign Citizen movement was arrested after a failed attempt to take over a Tennessee county courthouse.

    Exactly one month later, in West Memphis Arkansas, Sovereign citizens Jerry and Joe Kane murdered two police officers before they themselves were shot and killed in the ensuing shoot out with police.

    On July 18, 2010 Byron Williams, an angry unemployed man, was arrested by police after they discovered a car full of weapons and ammunition that he had planned to use to kill progressives. He was on his way to the non-profit Tides Foundation Center, a favorite target of vitriol from Glenn Beck’s radio show.

    On Jan. 8, 2011 22-year old Jarold Lee Laughner killed six people, including a judge and a nine-year old child, and wounded 13 others, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), using a 9mm Glock 19 pistol during a public meeting in a supermarket parking lot near Tuscon, AZ.

    On Aug. 5, 2012 Wade Michael Page, a 40-year old white supremacist and U.S. Army veteran murdered six people and wounded four others inside a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, WI with a Springfield XD(M) semi-automatic pistol.

    • antiscreed

      Quote sources or you’re lying. Nice try creep…everything you typed came from you or the fascist left.

  • nolalou

    what a load of bunk! Was Timothy McVeigh a left wing democrat? What about the shooter in Arizona who targeted Gabby Giffords, a Democratic congresswoman! Your arguemnt is as STUPID as you are,.. moron!

    • ed

      I believe the Giffords shooter was a lefty

    • antiscreed

      McVeigh didn’t shoot anyone odor boy (BAN ALL CHEMICALS!). And yes Giffords shooter was a left-wing nut like you, you’re dspicable…..

  • Kalitena

    Why does it even matter?
    For the record, I was part of Occupy San Diego, which they claim the Colorado shooter participated in before he moved, and no one there knew anything about him. If he was involved in Occupy at all it was during the very early days in which everyone and their uncle came out to play activist for a couple days. The site that originally named him as an Occupier is not a site known for journalism with integrity.
    I lived with members of the movement and attended almost every meeting and action for three months. I met everyone who was truly a part of it (which was less than fifty people) and a good number of the armchair activists who only showed up to be a pain in the ass, including the people who started it in San Diego in the first place and had never left. He moved to Colorado before the first OSD meeting ever happened.
    It’s possible he was active in Occupy Denver, but as they stated it was San Diego I’m going to say it was a swing and miss attempt to discredit progressive movements in general and Occupy in particular. Which is ridiculous. Even if he was involved, even if he went to every meeting and was the first person at every action, that doesn’t make Occupy anything but a movement he took part in. You can’t discredit an entire movement, religion, political party, race, or anything else just because one or ten or two hundred members have done something terrible. I don’t look at Fred Phelps and claim that all Christians are bile-spewing jerks. I don’t think all Muslims are terrorists, or that all gun owners are crazy murderers just waiting to go on a spree. Life doesn’t work like that. So it doesn’t matter whether the last five shooters were liberals, or conservatives, or people who believe Aquaman is god and they commune with him by snuggling with giant squid. Painting every republican or every democrat as murderous or out of control because a couple were is silly.

    • ed

      I bet if just one of the shooters was connected to the tea party you would have a different opinion or at least the lame stream media and the dems would.

    • Trish P

      I saw a screen shot from Occupy Wallstreet that claimed him as a member right after it happened. (Their website soon took down this post.)

  • Andrew Patrick Samuel Savage

    Does anybody realize that most of the lower class Democrats are the ones with the illegal firearms, and please someone tell them all that it was the Democrats that formed the KKK enough of this racist Republican bullshit….

    • Joy Alexandria

      Actually the Dixiecrats formed the KKK and they eventually turned into Republicans and the Tea Party.

      • antiscreed

        Total lies as always from the heft.

        • Joy Alexandria

          Meh, ever heard of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Try looking it up, maybe it will fix your ignorance.

          • chuckles

            I’m 62 and was one of them! I remember it well. The South left the “Solid South” when Prayer was removed from school, abortion was legalized, Tried to remove “In God We Trust from the money, and a general attack on Christianity came forth from the Democrat party. It had NOTHING to do with racism. The racists STAYED with the Dems. It had more to do with the “Silent majority”, led by Pat Robertson, left the Dems. The Dems tried to connect the Exodus to racism, but all the local pols were still Dems turning dogs on black people. Abortion and dope, with the “Love generation” was the last straw for Christians. All the KKK and racists were still running for office as Dems as far as the 1980’s. When I moved to east Texas, you couldn’t even find a place to vote as a Repub. The death for Dems in the south came with the realization who was on the side of Satan. The flag burning, baby killing, sodomite loving, dope heads, didn’t go over well in the South,…..still don’t!

            The racist angle is just a commie tactic to keep the low information voters confused as to who wants to help them and who doesn’t. EVERY conservative administration has had higher employment and higher incomes for blacks and Hispanics than EVERY Dem administration. Keep them stirred up and lie to them and they keep voting for people to enslave them. It works everywhere it’s tried. Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, and many more use the same tactic to force a leftist government election. Somehow, every conservative is somehow holding you down and forcing you to live in the squalor you have lived in for centuries.

          • Joy Alexandria

            So I’m still trying to understand your point. Are you saying that I’m wrong or….?

          • chuckles

            Yes, I’m saying the KKK came from Democrats and The Tea Party and Republicans have nothing to do with Dixiecrats or the KKK. I grew up in that time. The guys standing in the school house doors were Dems. Ike, the Repub sent troops to intergrate the schools. Bull Connor was a Dem, Wallace was a Dem, Fulbright was a Dem, and it goes on and on. The reason the south went Republican was over religious reasons, along with social reasons. We didn’t want flag burners, baby killers, and sodomites pushed down our throats. Over a period of about 10-15 years We lost the right to pray in school and study the Bible in school. In Texas, we even had textbooks that were used to study the Bible in High school. In 1963 we even got our first gun control laws from the Dems. You might as well have slapped about 60% of the south with that one. Then came the dopers and anti US hippies. The Roe v Wade and that was about the last straw for most southerners. In about 10 years, only an idiot would vote Dem if you lived in the south. The Dems like to insinuate it had something to do with civil rights. If you actually go back and look at who supported the Civil rights bill, it was more Repub than Dem. Al Gore’s pop voted NO!
            It took a decade or so to get it done, but a church going patriot had to give up the Dem party and face the truth. It wasn’t due to race issues.

          • Joy Kennedy

            Hmmm, I’m not saying your wrong, but I will look into that.

          • antiscreed

            Chuckles you said it perfectly

          • antiscreed

            Can’t help that you fall for the leftist lies dumbass…what you’ve posited here is stunningly stupid.

          • Joy Alexandria

            Yet, you call me a dumb ass. What’s stupid is that you have not provided any proof to hold your argument. At least I have class and mature enough to even respond to you. And for your information, I don’t care about the left either, just the truth. Apparently you know nothing about the history of this country. I’m not going to waste another second with someone who can’t have a open and mature conversation. You look like your in your middle age, but sound like your 12. I’m 20 and more an open-minded and mature, than you. I don’t resort to name calling because I disagree with someone. Guess your parents failed you.
            Good day. :)

          • antiscreed
          • antiscreed

            But of course she won’t.

          • celtnik

            Anti civil rights southern Democrat office holders after 1964 who never switched to the GOP–

            Senators Harry Byrd, Virginia, Sam Ervin, North Carolina, Ernest Hollings, South Carolina, Herman Talmadge & Richard Russell,Gerogia George Smathers & Spessard Holland, Florida, John Stennis & Eastland, Mississippi, Lister Hill, Alabama , Russell Long, Louisiana, William Fulbright & John McClellan, Arkanasa, Albert Gore, Sr., Tennessee– And that’s just the Senators I can think of offhand, I could give you a couple of dozen of members of the House of Representatives if I took
            five minutes to look it up.

          • antiscreed

            No. You are a moron and your opinions are worthless.

          • antiscreed

            Oh and btw I’m glad you don’t want to have a so called conversation….You don’t being here in the first place. Go away child.

          • Joy Kennedy

            Oh my gosh, move on already!!!!!
            This was a month ago and you’re still here. Get a life!!! And really, don’t kid yourself, your the child here. You can’t even have a mature conversation without name-calling. Really shows how ignorant you are.

          • celtnik

            You do know that NIxon and Reagan both won 49 states, right? And the Southern Strategy, another myth based on info from some unnamed staffer.

      • celtnik

        The Dixiecrats weren’t formed until 1948, by Democrats who eventually went back to the Democrat party. If I have this right, Southern Democrats punished the Republican party for voting for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, by joining the Republican party? Do I have that myth right? That’s a fantasy. And the KKK was formed as a paramilitary wing of the Democrat party in 1865.

  • CRJJ

    Any credible/scholarly sources?

  • Bob
  • Dan

    PEOPLE, you have the compendium of human knowledge at your fingertips; the internet. A five minute Google search was all it took to debunk this demonstrably false meme that’s circulating in social media. There MUST be a serious, adult, productive, and essential political discussion in our democracy between liberalism and conservatism, based on REALITY. Getting hung up on stupidity like this does nothing to advance it.

    • antiscreed

      Wrong moron.

  • Kyle Kefauver
    • Kyle Kefauver

      The idea that recent mass shooters are mostly registered Democrats is a myth

      • antiscreed

        Prove it scumbag.

        • cman

          Prove that its true first, genius. Besides, Kyle already post an article debunking all of this hatemongering bs.

          • antiscreed

            Lolol. Go away stupid liberals. Go back to your racist, meaningless lives. The article that debunked all of this? Hahahahaha when the shtf I look forward to actually seeing you people mowed down by your own kind.

          • cman

            So I guess you missed the part at the bottom that shows all of the killings committed by conservatives? Can you form any kind of argument that isn’t just you spouting insults? The fact that you absolutely refuse to provide any proof to back up your claims, much like this stupid meme, shows that you are simply making things up that fit inside your narrow worldview.

          • antiscreed

            Once again your lies are expected. Move along putz you have no place here.

          • cman

            Once again you state no counter argument other than spurious insults.

          • antiscreed

            And like a child…you don’t mind or listen very well….additionally like a child you think you presented an argument but didn’t in the least. You’re boring everyone here….buH bye little boy.

          • cman

            I’m still waiting for you to present anything resembling an intelligent argument. I provided evidence supporting my statement that this meme is garbage, to which you have only responded with ad hominem insults. To me, refusing to say anything intelligent and stamping around while spouting off insults is truly the behavior of a rude, bratty, undisciplined child.

          • antiscreed


          • Reason

            So, You’re supposed to be a child because you don’t do what the “big man” says? ROFLMAO!

          • cman

            Refusing to offer any intelligent discourse and instead replying with insults is childish, yes. The truth is obvious that neither of you have anything intelligent to say, no facts to back up your ridiculous assertions. But you’ll never admit it, which is why you simply keep responding with the insults. Until someone can manage to rub two neurons together and actually offer any sort of cohesive argument, I won’t be feeding you trolls any longer.

          • antiscreed

            Cman you’re an idiot. Go away. You come onto a site as a troll and you then claim others here are? Hahahahahaha that is called mental instability. Your arguments are lame and you are completely out of your mind. Pussy

          • cman

            You have failed to provide any valid argument against the facts I have provided you with. You have once again responded with insults.

            antiscreed = troll

    • Kyle Kefauver

      The idea that recent mass shooters are mostly registered Democrats is a myth

    • Barbara Ann

      Hey you little ball less faggot. You send me vile hate mail via facebook and then deactivate your account ? You damn little sissy.

      • Reason

        A perfect example of right wing hate and aggression^^^

  • Kyle Kefauver
  • Let calmer heads prevail

    Wow realy? Do politics have to have everything to do with everything? Unless im mistaken at least two of those have been debunked and another two lived in states that do not have partisan registration. We can’t even agree something was wrong when it is wrong? Is A.I.G. rep or dem? Were the confidence men that almost destroyed our financial system rep or dem? Does it matter? They were all greedy and greed is the new cool right? Were the children rep or dem? Do you think they cared? Either stay on the subject of doing something about it or ask yourself later “why didn’t i do anything”. It’s called reasoning, deductive logic. Discuss the issue and come up with an equitable solution that helps the problem. Not politisize it until everyone forgets forgets what they were so mad about in the first place. If you don’t see that your being distracted from the real issue then maybe you should be grazing in a pen with the herd and saying Bah, because what your arguing about now has no logical bearing on the real problem. People cannot tell right from wrong anymore and it doesnt matter what your political leanings are. If this makes you mad, stop and ask yourself why. Look inside for your answers not at some P.T. Barnum of a circus news show that only wants to up its ratings through inflammatory and sensationalist comments to make you hate your neighbors or anyone else that doesnt hold the same views.

    • ed

      Well it does matter because the dems and the liberal media have tried to portray the tea party as the racist violent ones.

    • Skyprogress

      Agree. Greed and mental instability are non-partisan, and trying to make them into political issues is simply a waste of human energy that can be better used for creating positive change.

      To those who believe that politics are at the root of human behavior, I’ll suggest the opposite: human behavior is at the root of politics. We have increasingly institutionalized selfishness and greed in our politics, law and business. Like a car with two headlights and a grinning radiator grille, what we build ultimately reflects what’s within us.

  • Let calmer heads prevail

    Wow realy? Do politics have to have everything to do with everything? Unless im mistaken at least two of those have been debunked and another two lived in states that do not have partisan registration. We can’t even agree something was wrong when it is wrong? Is A.I.G. rep or dem? Were the confidence men that almost destroyed our financial system rep or dem? Does it matter? They were all greedy and greed is the new cool right? Were the children rep or dem? Do you think they cared? Either stay on the subject of doing something about it or ask yourself later “why didn’t i do anything”. It’s called reasoning, deductive logic. Discuss the issue and come up with an equitable solution that helps the problem. Not politisize it until everyone forgets forgets what they were so mad about in the first place. If you don’t see that your being distracted from the real issue then maybe you should be grazing in a pen with the herd and saying Bah, because what your arguing about now has no logical bearing on the real problem. People cannot tell right from wrong anymore and it doesnt matter what your political leanings are. If this makes you mad, stop and ask yourself why. Look inside for your answers not at some P.T. Barnum of a circus news show that only wants to up its ratings through inflammatory and sensationalist comments to make you hate your neighbors or anyone else that doesnt hold the same views.

  • Difster

    #6. The shooter from the Navy Shipyard. Obama supporter.

  • GreyWren
  • GreyWren
  • Harold

    If you look at the facts and think about the way people that you know that are hard core Democrats, this analogy fits perfectly. Two guys that I have known from 1962 to date, and regard as friends, are a complete parity to this description. You can’t even voice your opinion about anything negative to the Democrat doctrine without them quickly becoming defensive and angry. Even when you show them the proof of what you are talking about they defy it as the truth. I have said for several years that the Democrats are the most dangerous people in the country. I quit the party line several years ago when I decided that neither party did what the majority of the American public wanted and since I have stayed Independent. Vote for the individual not the party.

  • Jeff Anspach

    Just love this article, with absolutely no proof of anything it says. Kinda like the Kerry swift boat thing and the obama birth certificate. Just float it out there and the low information voters will grab for it.

    • Reason

      Like PT Barnum said, “There’s one born every minute!

  • bondmen

    There is documented proof liberalism is a mental disorder and delirium totally encompasses them when they’re focused on attempting a transfer of their copious and overwhelming guilt onto their political opponents. When insanity overcomes them and they have access to firearms, they will act in accord with Satan’s wishes often expressed in their heads as an evil voice commanding violence. Their blood lust is always fed. Look at America’s abortuaries as a prime example.

  • cman
  • rnot

    and the kook in the picture converted to islam. The same ideology that says killing for allah is good and holy. I wonder if his killings count as good deeds since they were done before he converted.

  • Reason
  • Hemloc

    Because, surely this lame ass article that doesn’t cite sources is correct. Setting aside the fact that quite a few republican politicians are caught as closet homosexuals, I’m not sure what the point of this BLOG post is. But, let’s set a few things straight.

    1) Columbine shooters – One came from a lutheran family whom were both registered republicans. The other came from a military family, also republicans.
    2) The Gabby Gifford’s shooter is actually a registered independent. And he shot a democrat. So, what does that tell you?
    3) Fort Hood Shooter – He wasn’t a democrat. Muslims have always been traditionally republican as their ways are conservative (I can’t believe anyone would assume that muslims are liberal. Do you even know anything about this religion?) and everyone who worked in politics knows that, prior to 9/11, the muslim vote was always for republicans. It wasn’t until the republican party attacked muslims that it changed.
    4) The Virginia Tech shooter was not registered to vote as he was a South Korean national. All registered voters in Virginia MUST be US citizens. He couldn’t vote. So, that pretty much discredits this whole post.

    TL;DR – This is a blog post with no sources cited, other than from other articles that have no sources cited either. Most mass shooters are not democrats.

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