• Erica

    The stats are damning.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jhon-Kacan/100003185883958 Jhon Kacan

    Doom Dems,slow,but go to self-destruction.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    If a politician claims it do not believe it.

  • jlbs

    So, are you saying that the resident in the White House was elected through the efforts of Chicago gangs? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kay-F-Ferguson/1611135655 Kay F. Ferguson

      jlbs,Yes, and gangs all across the country along with illegal hispanics, dead people, pets and rigged voting machines. Hey, just pick a corruption and Obama is in the thick of it. BTW, do not throw the race card, because it is worn out and only used to try and belittle informed and concerned people.

      • FLBuck

        They only throw the race card when they are low on mental ammunition and can’t defend their point of view with distorted facts.

        • jayde

          facts… bwahahaha, i think you need to look up the definition of facts…

          • FLBuck

            My definition of facts is very different from the liberal-laced propaganda that you probably believe in. You give me the impression that this president’s policy would not affect you, guess again. When useful idiots like yourself are not longer useful, you become a liability and no longer an pertinent asset to the present regime.

          • Reb Biker

            It’s humorous when mental midgets type “bwahahaha” after their nonsensical postings!

      • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

        Blacks are waking up to the government lies and they way obama used them, they are the American Blacks who are standing with the American Whites, Give Thanks to God today. Some of our prayers are being answered.

        • metheoldsarge

          The blacks that are standing with the whites haven’t just woke up. They have been awake and standing with the Whites all along. They are the ones referred to by the rest of their race as “Uncle Toms.”

      • Reb Biker

        Kay, you are a RACIST!!! If you had your way, you would deny voting rights to the entire race of dead people on this planet. ALL of them. Go ahead, ADMIT IT!

  • RightStuff44

    Whenever there is a shootout, the Democrats run around wanting to confiscate the guns of all the people who didn’t do it. They are insidious and evil.

    • Reb Biker

      …and stupid.

  • Marlin208

    To jibs; No, more like the cabal that is backing him. He voted present on that issue because he said that it would disproportionately affect blacks so he would not do it. So, as blacks run most of the gangs in Chicago I guess you could say he was elected through the efforts of the Chicago gangs.

    • American47

      “It would disprportionately affect blacks” – duh! It would also disproportionately affect criminals and murderers.

      • MidnightDStroyer

        You got that right. A criminal is a criminal & rat fur comes in a wide variety of colors.

    • Stan

      That is just stupid as that says he supports gangs and also is racist on his part!

      • Marlin208

        Have you known him to be anything else.

    • chuckie2u

      Al Capone would be proud of his organization . It runs Chicago and has friends in Congress and the White House.

  • truthbeknown

    And they are setting the stage for a larger death rate in this country.

  • 9Spoon9

    Just quoting – “When Guns are Outlawed…Only Outlaws Will Have Guns”. Maybe a
    whole passel of us will soon become outlaws in the tyrants’ eyes as they continually work in the cloak of darkness (see NY state’s BS legislation that Cuomo is now having to ‘undo’ because it would make LEOs criminals for carrying their issued duty weapon).

    They are going to keep pushing, lying, cheating and bribing (graft, corruption and ‘entitlements’ of freebies) their way to reach their evil means. It’s time for a good old fashioned house cleaning on the hill and far past time to start prosecuting the criminals that DO inhabit our Republics highest offices. Gutless entities and sell-outs that the majority has proven themselves to be.

    They keep ‘forgetting’ this IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. The United States of America
    is a REPUBLIC. We have GOD-granted as well as man-assured LIBERTIES that
    will not be abridged!

    I have grave concern over the magnitude of consequences that will befall this nation
    divided from the actions of less than 600 rabid animals run amok in D.C. Once again, there is no room for ‘fence sitters’…either support and defend the Constitution complete with the current amendments or choose to side with the Marxist ideologies that will lead everyone into total and absolutely destructive and devastating chaos that to many isn’t possible, let alone imaginable.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      the dems will keep getting in cause of voter fraud and the repubs can’t do anything about it cause of a law suit in 1980s.thats why romney never said anything about all the voter fraud that went on this time.

      • metheoldsarge

        The gun grabbing Democrats will continue to get re-elected because they also vote to keep the welfare checks and food stamps coming. That is because the voters that work for a living are outnumbered by the freeloaders who vote for a living.

    • chuckie2u

      My old Marxist Professor said the only thing left in their “To Do List” was to take away the weapons of the population. Well almost. After the weapons are gone they can get rid of the opposition.

  • DocJimmy

    Does this mulatto president have to shoot a pregnant woman, killing both the mother and the unborn child in front of a thousand eye-witnesses captured on a video surveillance camera before the authorities hang him out to dry? Just ask’n…..

    • RightStuff44

      Trouble is, the press won’t report it. It is like a tree falling in the forest.

    • william spires

      DocJimmy, sadly, even if that happened I fully believe the democrats and liberals would find a bizarre way to justify it. After all, Obama already voted in the state legislature to allow abortion up to the actual delivery then kill a live baby.

    • Reb Biker

      I remember when they used to say that President Reagan was “Teflon coated”. This President’s media protection is a thousand times more durable.

  • rwc2000

    Yep, just like Rochester, NY.

  • Granpa David

    And the most dangerous cities with the most restrictive gun attitude will be a liberal town in a liberal state, with liberal government and liberal deficit spending asking more and more from the tax payers and less and less from the tax takers.

    • chuckie2u

      I suppose when the fires start burning among those who rape ,rob and rebel it will be in those big cities.

  • Juan Motie

    Are these big city gangs becoming the brownshirt troopers of the national socialist liberal fascist party, AKA democrats?

    • TIM

      They are the “citizen’s army” that Obama talked about before his first coronation.

      • Reb Biker

        Give thanks to God that He didn’t make those brain-dead liberal lemmings bullet-proof. As hard as it may be to believe, their thick liberal skulls will in fact “absorb”, rather than “deflect”.

    • chuckie2u

      You got it nailed if it hasn’t already been started.

  • snidely1

    Which proves that, no matter what guns laws you enact, the bad guys always have them, can always get more. So what you do is only disarm the law-abiding citizens and make them sitting ducks for the bad guys.

  • 7papa7

    If I am not mistaken the safest city in the country is in Kenashaw (SP) GA where it is required for ALL head of households to own a gun. They do have gun free zones and in the past 20+ years have only had 3 killings with guns, 2 from the same person, and that was in the gun free zone. Armed citizens help to keep the cities safe and we have the right to be armed without any restrictions. Try reading and following the Constitution. A safe society is an armed society.

  • Arizona_Don

    Just as the liberal progressive Democrats destroy cities like Detroit, LA, Chicago and many others, with their corrupt management or lack of management (it looks like a WWII war zone in some places in Detroit) they for some unknown reason seem to disregard gun violence among blacks. That includes the current administration. Even the main stream media is on that band wagon. How many liberal progressive TV stations or liberal progressive talk radio programs even mention the over 500 murders in Chicago last year? How many have had pictures of the deterioration of Detroit, LA, and the south side of Chicago? Any at all? Blaming the gun instead of the real problem will not solve anything but it will make the problem worse. If this government is successful in putting in place the restrictions they are currently advocating the problem may get considerably worse nearly everywhere. Justice cannot be promoted by new laws but it can be adjudicated by the courts if the laws get it right.

    We as a nation are setting on a powder keg set to explode. Law enforcement is unable, it seems, to curtail the crime in these places of high risk and it is spreading just as drug use has spread. Our prisons are already full, so full in fact many violent criminals are released early and not for good behavior.

    If we are “lucky” Obama and his henchmen will not ruin or destroy are system completely, and if we are “lucky” enough to put conservatives in office to control the situation in 2014, along with a president in 2016, who is able to get us back on track we will be very fortunate, if in fact it is not already to late.

    Isn’t it interesting this administration has noted on occasion through homeland security that returning GI’s and legal gun owners as well as those who attend church may be potential terrorists, but never mention the gangs of criminals (mostly black and Hispanic) roaming the streets of all major cities many if not most with illegal drugs and guns?

    One of the first things this nation needs to do is get its priorities in line with reality. Less guns in the hands of law abiding citizens will exacerbate the problem not solve it. Because law enforcement it seems can’t even handle the problem now, if it gets worse they will be totally overwhelmed.

  • richard

    Whate he didn’t say is the great majority of these killings are black on black murders, or at the very least minority on minority murders. Ok so if that makes me a racist, so be it. So what should we do, lets take guns away from everyone that will obey the law, that leaves out the criminal elements (they are criminals becasue they do NOT obey the law). These dpeople jut appear stupid, but rest assured they are not and that they have a plan that we will not like.

  • bungicord

    They dont blame guns to save lives. They blame guns so they can be confiscated. They care about school kids about as much as they care for a fetus. Only below 30 percental IQ’s believe these fascists. Dont they teach anything in school anymore?

    • TIM

      Unfortunately, the below 30% I.Q.’s are the majority!

    • 9Spoon9

      I don’t mean to nitpick, but factually speaking in terms of the capability to learn…an IQ below 70 is considered to represent a compromised ability. The average intelligence is about 100 and the ability to use whatever intelligence an individual has is the prime difference.

      Free-thinking is no longer advised, taught or practiced within our educational systems. Pro-active thought processes have been replaced with modeling/molding of a subject of the government…not a citizen of this Republic

      A truly intelligent and wise person will approach most any matter of import from pro/con or similar methodology and weigh ALL facts, studies, speculations from recognized entities. Next they will attempt to either disprove or confirm the data’s validity before reacting or reaching a conclusion. Such thinkers must be able to discuss and explain the logic whenever challenged by any opposition.

      That’s where the ‘progressive’, ‘liberal’, ‘leftist’, ‘Communist’, ‘Fascist’ and ‘Marxists’ go utterly and completely blind which lends credence to Constitutionalists and Conservatives assigning those in these categories with pathetically low IQs. Who is to blame us? Their leadership’s collective, seemingly ‘drain bramaged’ ideas, tirades and unnecessary banter only serves the Alinsky Method and the Doctrine of the NWO.

      Theirs is a divisive, full-scale assault along many fronts to keep the focus off of the back door, under-the-table maneuvers directed at reaching the Marxist goals. Just ask Mario Cuomo…he’ll tell you it works, even though his latest ploy backfired bigtime!

      Wanna disarm the citizens of this Republic…MOLON LABE, baby, MOLON LABE to discover why the Second Amendment exists right behind the Freedom of Religion and Speech! I dread what’s coming…but feel it is inevitable?

  • pysco

    They need to take down that picture, it looks to much like the folks committing the crimes in Chicago, NY, and Detroit…

  • CaptTurbo

    Well I’ll be darned, Lyin’ Brian never mentioned any of this on the Evening “News”

  • Mys77

    Let the facts speak for themselves…. What are the chances of those committing murders, thefts, rapes, drugs dealing, assault, abortion, prostitution…ect…. from the party of the conservative republicans??? Yeah, this is a democrat morality problem alright. The detriment of our nation is NOT conservative Christian values it is the immorality of the evil left. Welfare, abortion, drugs, sex trade, break down of the family, murders, rapes, assault….all the sins that are tearing our country down is directly linked to a democrat party agenda, idealogy, immoral standards. Those cities are led by the immoral left…is it any wonder they keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different results???? Money doesn’t solve these problems…. but having a conservative moral code and work ethic does! When are they going to get it…. they have that kind of life because of their belief system and lifestyle???? Try the Christian way of life. We already know living the life of a democrat leads to destruction and misery.

  • oldgringo

    Statistics….Statistics…Statistic….This article say in 2010 there were 11,078 homicides in the US….Whereas an article in Huff Post gives a figure of 30,000 homicides….The article didn’t specify what year…..Who are ya going to believe….I’ll chose this article as I’ve read similar numbers…..If the article in the Huff Post would have stated that 30,000 Homicides took place in Mexico I would say that the figure was grossly underestimated
    …..With several thousands of these homicides in Mexico due to the blotched ATF operation known as Fast and Furious!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7JJCQ6HFMLEJ4UVJNCERSDH36Q Bernardo

    Not just Chicago but the whole state of Illinois is deadly because it is illegal to defend oneself especially with a firearm in Illinois. How ’bout that for Dummycrat logic? But those ol’ corn farmers out there keep votin’ Dummycrat anyway.

    • TIM

      It’s not corn farmers, it’s Chicago, they always out cheat the rest of the state.

      • chuckie2u

        You have to remember they can vote as many times as they wish so they vote for those farmers, the dead and all who have moved out of state. THey probably have a fantastic voters list.

  • danclamage

    We should outlaw and criminalize gangs. Treat them as domestic terrorists.
    Offer a tax credit to any adult over 21 for buying an assault rifle and minimum 1,000 rounds of ammo. This will make cities safer.

  • paco12348

    That’s a good idea! Make Democrat cities gun free and we’ll get rid of all of them. LOLOLOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    Where did you find that picture of ODUMBA with a gun in his hand ?????

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.rosin.1 James Rosin

    We need to get the muslim back to Chicago asap. A quick stop in Detroit would be preferable.

  • real patriot one

    Obama , i would love to read your medical profile. oh , wait a minute. i read somewhere that one of your ex doctors tried and tried to tell americans who you are and he asked america , please do not let Obama have another 4 years. i bet you are past the unfit stage to serve as president. the constitution must not change. keep it,

  • VirgoVince

    Really?? So, why is ovomit still breathing and what is taking so long to end it??

  • granny_forUSA

    Picture of Obama w/ a gun above is truly worth putting in the scrapbook. Very good likeness.

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