2-23-13: Day of Resistance (Miami)

IMAG0115By Nelson E. Sastoque
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Saturday, 2-23-13, was the Day of Resistance in the United States; there were over 100 sites across the country that participated in this momentous event. I was privileged to join over 150 of my fellow American citizens in not only showing our support for the 2nd Amendment, also showing our support for FREEDOM! I have included a few pictures from the event.

As this tyrannical government continues this charade of talking gun control, I was reminded what this is really ALL about … and that is people control. Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent for 16 years, gave a powerful and inspiring speech just 2 days ago at the Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, Md. He eloquently and passionately told that crowd that the goal of this administration in the White House is to gain control of the people via their attempted usurping of our 2nd amendment and of the greatest document in the history of the world for peace and prosperity … the U.S. Constitution.

As a Navy Veteran who proudly served as a Hospital Corpsman on active duty from 1980-1988 under the greatest President in modern times, Ronald Reagan, I swore the oath to be obedient and to defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. The charlatans in the White House have no clue what freedom, love of God and country is about, they instead would have you think that they know what is best for us when they are just a bunch of buffoons who think the American people are too dumb to think and choose what is important for them.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the hateful rhetoric of class division, anti-economic freedom, and venomous demonizing of anyone who calls himself Christian would not have been tolerated; and in fact perpetrators of such would probably have been investigated in one form or another.

IMAG0121As usual the national and local media continue their mantra as “useful idiots” for this administration; believe it or not there was NO local media (ABC, NBC, CBS) presence today at the event and peaceful demonstration in Miami (what a surprise). There was one camera crew from some station called RT, I did not know what that meant until I approached the reporter – he told me he works with Russia Today and works out of the Miami office. He thought that this peaceful demonstration in support of the 2nd Amendment and Freedom was newsworthy enough to cover and they are not even affiliated with the United States … what a pathetic statement for our worthless media here. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, PBS and CBS should all be fired for Dereliction of Duty’ it is shameful the way they follow their liberal anti-American agenda from their vile bosses.

We all know what the 2nd Amendment is about, however, I believe that many of us have forgotten what the 3rd Amendment says so here goes, “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law”.

Our Founding Fathers guided by divine inspiration from God himself included this 3rd Amendment so that we the people could protect ourselves, our family, our property with our guns from any soldier; and I for one continue to follow the solemn oath that I uttered early in 1980.

Loving Life Always!

Nelson_Sastoque_10_2012 (2)Nelson Sastoque is a graduate of Wayland Baptist University and a United States Navy Veteran. He’s worked in the health care field as a health care professional for 32 years with expertise in the medical laboratory, audiology technology, field combat medicine, pharmaceuticals sales, anti-aging, nutriceuticals and health and wellness. He’s been married for 30 years to his lovely wife Julie; has two grown daughters, Christina and Jennifer, and two grandsons, Jacob and Josiah .

  • Todd


    • Tom T

      So are knives, hammers, baseball bats etc. You sir are ignorant. Not stupid or moronic just uninformed you really need to smarten up and inform yourself. It is obvious you are not. You are welcome to turn yours in no one is stopping you.

      • freedomringsforall


  • http://twitter.com/TravisAubreyFL Travis


  • Doc

    NO Machine has ever willfully committed an act of murder. NO Tool has ever willfully murdered someone. ONLY People commit murder.

  • charles

    Whereas the supreme court has agreed that the local sheriff is the highest law officer in the land,
    Time is now
    to contact all sheriffs and demand they start arresting all legislators from obummer on down as well as all of the government employees and all civilians that are promoting, or have voted for or have bills registered for consideration to interfere with the 2nd amendment and charging them with conspiracy to subvert the constirution and any and all other charges that apply. I believe these are also considered treason. Then holding them without bail for trial and if convicted immediate execution or what ever the most severe penalty for the crime of which they are covicted. If we cant get the sheriffs to do it then we need to get the military to do it before he purges all patriots from it. This ridiculous that they are getting away with treason time to put a stop to it. If his supporters want to riot we can all help the sheriff and or the military to stop it. No mercy shoot all rioters. Its time to return to the rule of law and our constitution before it is too late. In addition any one that refuses to enforce the laws of our land should also be arrested under the same terms. Come on lets start enforcing our laws no matter who is breaking them. Also we need to get out of the UN and throw them out of our country. take over the real estate and claim it, we paid for it.

    • freedomringsforall

      We are one step away from a total dictatorship.
      The 2nd amendment.

  • freedomringsforall

    We need many many more of these on and on all the time in every city and town over and over and over until we finally defeat these commie dictator types for another generation on this issue.

    We are one step from total dictatorship.
    The 2nd amendment.

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