• JaeDub

    Boo hoo. That’s what happen when you vote based on color. For anyone who cared to look, obambi is only like 5% black genetically. Joke’s on America’s blacks.

    • juan

      The Obama family in Kenya say they are Arabic, not Negro.

      His great grandmother on his father’s side is the only Negro in his family tree.
      That makes him 7/16th Arabic, 1/2 white and only 1/16th Negro according to his own biographies. It’s what Sharpton and Jackson meant in 2007 when they complained that. “He’s not black enough.”

      The Obama family were part of the Arabic population of Africa that captured and sold Negroes into slavery during the 18th and 19th century.

      There is still capture and selling of Negro peoples in Africa into slavery in Islamic countries like Libya and Egypt going on NOW, today.

      • capitalust

        So the fact that I hate his guts does NOT mean I am prejudiced against blacks, but only against part Arab / part white people? Well I’ll give you a clue – I hated Slick Willy just as much and even though the press babbled uncontrollably about him being the “first black president”, he isn’t even 1/16 black (well, many people from Arkansas have more than a touch of the tar brush in them, but Slick Willy doesn’t seem to have any traditional negroid features, only LOTS of negro traits and affectations – like playing the Saxophone – one of the few instruments associated primarily with blacks, not to mention sleeping around with virtually anything that breathes). What I’m prejudiced against is COMMUNISTS, of any color or ancestry. Which Obama DEFINITELY qualifies as.

        • 13th Floor Looking Out

          It’s ironic that for years the republicans have been saying that blacks had no representation from their own race or the Democratic Party, and yet they couldn’t be bothered. Now all of a sudden they care? They care because they see free stuff going to another race other than their own.

          • panors77

            And I keep reminding my black friends that MLK was republican, Lincoln was our first Republican president and the Republican party in general has always been the equal opportunity abolitionist party going all the way back to the civil war. Most blacks and libtards are clueless about the history of the dem party and how their southern members supported slavery, started the KKK after the civil war and brought in Jim Crow. The Republicans are NOT the racists here.

        • MARYANN33

          You are prejudiced against slave dealers…

        • panors77

          I agree on the communist part…..dunno about the saxophone being only a black instrument part,heh. Are Kenny G.(gag,heh), David Sanborn, Tom Scott, Lenny Pickett of SNL black?? They’re bitchin master sax players.

        • jag57

          My comment on slick Willy was, if he served time for crimes he was guilty of, there wouldn’t be time enough between now and the second coming, but though he was a leftist, gun hating Democrat, I felt destroying our economy, to bring about fundamental change, into something our Founders wouldn’t recognize, wasn’t on his agenda. Between Pelosi’s agenda, starting in 2007 and Obama’s agenda, our Republic has been changed into the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world. There are good Communists, but I’m not going to tell you how they would qualify. Ha!!

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Hate to disappoint them but the features are of Negroid stock not Semitic!

        • MARYANN33

          His features have been altered.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            O’s haven’t been altered; he just lost his “baby fat”. and cut his hair.

          • MARYANN33

            I don’t think so..His nose used to be bulbous…I don’t think many would have voted for him without surgery..He had to look like a black, white American…

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            No the bulbousness was lost as the nose lengthened, as commonly happens. As for the discrepencies, I believe you may be seeing some of the photos I’ve seen that labeled a black kid in a group as O but can’t possibly be him, because the differences are not those that change with age.

          • MARYANN33

            He is altered.

          • WASP

            He’s a pinocchio. If his nose grew every time he told a lie, he’d have to have a squad of Marines to carry it around for him. No wonder the ratbag is adding on to the left wing of the half-white house. He needs the room to fit his nose into.

          • MARYANN33

            This nose gets smaller…pretty soon it will disappear.

          • MARYANN33

            Not same nose and lips from earlier days…

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Noses and ears are 2 parts of our bodies that continue to grow and change throughout our lives; basic anatomy and physiology from nursing. So they wouldn’t be the same as from his childhood and adolescent photos. Neither are mine, and I never had surgery on either. Another thing to consider, some of those early supposed photos of O may NOT be him at all. The kid in some of the “school” pictures I’ve seen is NOT the same kid; eye separation and shape don’t change, even with plastic surgery, nor does the basic shape of the face, and relative length from chin to nose, to hairline. So that maybe throwing you off too, if you’ve seen some of those as well. The one thing about his ears that is a question about the photos is that they stick out badly; ears MIGHT be “trained” to “grow” nearer the skull, over years, but they don’t “fan out” as you age, and at least a couple of the alleged photos of O as a young kid showed ears flat to the skull. THAT change wouldn’t happen.

          • MARYANN33

            His got much smaller. Can you grow smaller????

          • MARYANN33

            He used to look much more N word.

          • DenverKitty

            …the word is negroid…it’s in the dictionary.

          • MARYANN33

            That was not the word I intended…..

      • MARYANN33

        That is very interesting. They voted in the slave owners offspring. Now that is dumb.

      • WASP

        And you believe this drivel? NOTHING about this fraud is factual. He’s not our first black (or even half-black) president. That was Big Willie. But he is the first president to be created totally out of the imagination of scum hired by the Kenyans NWO creators/owners/handlers to fictionalize his persona, background, records. and documents. They spent nearly as much money doing that as they did buying him the elections. He IS the six billion dollar man.

    • Silver12

      Yep, they voted cause of his skin color and nothing else, which is racist. 99% of the negroes never took the time to find out or think about what obama’s agenda was. Now all the legalized Latinos will force them out of their neighborhoods and jobs (even more).. Stupid and can’t rationalize about anything which does not surprise anyone.

      • MARYANN33

        The blacks were not grateful to be equal..They wanted the top spot and the whites at the bottom..Well, how is that working out for them?..No gratitude for the civil rights they gained.

        • DenverKitty

          Maryann, the biggest mistake America ever made was Affirmative Action.

      • http://www.lesbiansinmysoup.com/ Katy

        Except that African-Americans always vote for the Democrat for President in huge numbers, regardless of the candidate’s skin color. They voted for Kerry, Gore, Clinton…

    • DrSique

      Actually, if another massive amnesty gets through, the joke will be on all of us. Obama has succeeded in dividing Americans by race, gender, material wealth and any other wedge he could use. The time for all of us to stand up and say no to another country crushing amnesty is today. Black Americans are doing worse under this president than at anytime since the civil rights movement. They have a right to be angry, they just shouldn’t exclude themselves from that anger. Call, fax and write your members of congress before it is too late.

      • Paladin

        And for the folks that got them… they can use their Obama-phones.

        For me, I have to pay for mine.

      • kkc003

        Obama needs amnesty to take our nation over the fiscal cliff. Its a quicker way of destruction. there are 2 wars (physical vs financial) financial wars have taken nations to their knees quickly- and that is the plan.

        • MARYANN33

          We must stop him and send the Mexicans home and now.

        • jag57

          Balkanization of America will be no different here than it was in Yugoslavia, after Tito’s death: ethnic cleansing and civil war. At 76, I probably won’t live long enough to be affected by it, but my grandson will and likely my son will.

          The only way this wouldn’t happen, would be for the brainwashing of our children would be successful enough that they would be turned into anti-gun leftists. President Reagan said, “it only takes one generation to go from liberty to tyranny.”

      • panors77

        Yep…..they’re doing worse I guess. Their obamaphones are now needing new batteries. lol.

    • Wayne Simanovsky

      I couldn’t have said it better.

    • kkc003

      When people vote base on greed you are used and the real fun is just beginning. Its been that way since the beginning of time.

      You must vote as a nation, you must love your neighbor, yourself and your god.

      However most people are like, “whats in it for me?” and these are the first people to see that they were snowed and these are the people who will suffer first, and never recover- because they stopped thinking and working for themselves.

      Hitler gave free stuff to his people too, howd that turn out? actually if you read about Hitler he knew he needed the “emotional” vote and the christian vote, so he set out to go to christian church (claimed to be a christian ), he made all his staff do it too, all the press was there. He also built hospitals for the sick and so forth- this was the emotional part he needed. poof! then when the vote did not matter anymore he took out these people first and the real fun began- kinda like today with free phones and stuff! S

      Should have read history sistah!

      Castro gave free healthcare to his people and howd that turn out?

      Dictators know the people to abuse first- are the ignorant and selfish. then he divides a nation to keep the division spread so he can get more ignorant on board. A divided nation is one to easily conquered- you see dictators know 50% of the population are oblivious to real life, he just needed a few more % to cinch the deal and it worked.

      • panors77

        Castro gives his proletariate an allowance of $10 a month to live on. Fresh water is trucked into most streets.

    • azjen

      Depends on what you mean by “black”. From all that I have read, his Father was of Arabian desent. I have to smile when I hear him referred to as our first Black African American president. But really, he isn’t that. He comes from a mixed marriage. His Father was from Kenya (which was under British rule at the time that he married his Mother) & Stanley Dunham, was white. Therefore that makes him mulatto. I would never vote for someone b/c of the color of their skin. Unfortunately, many did that in the past 2 elections. Now IMHO, that’s pretty sad. I decide to vote for someone b/c of the person & not b/c of the color of their skin.

      • panors77

        The pictures of BO Sr. the guy looks awful negroid/black to me. But I digress……BO jr. is our first American communist dictator setting himself up as such. If nothing is done don’t even think about any “election” in 2016. “Voting” as we knew it is done away with. BO will remain in office as long as he wants…..watch.

      • http://www.lesbiansinmysoup.com/ Katy

        He is not the descendant of African-Americans.

        However, he IS a descendant of a) white Americans on one side, and b) Arabic black Africans on the other.

        • azjen

          Personally I could care less who he is descened from. I only said what I did b/c it seems as though the Democrats have put so much emphasis on it. I don’t really feel if he has that much black African blood b/c it really hasn’t been determined who his ‘real’ Father was. The Mother was known to be quite promiscuous (sp) & therefore, many men could have been his Father. Right now I doubt if he really knows who his biological Father is.

    • http://www.lesbiansinmysoup.com/ Katy

      African-Americans have voted for the Democratic candidate for President by overwhelming majorities in recent elections. Obama’s % was not dramatically higher than John Kerry’s.

  • Laura

    We ALL should be Americans first and foremost, and work together…the job market is tougher for blacks in many areas, and having millions of illegals now take those jobs and the entitlement benefits that increase taxes, will only hurt the black population further, especially the young who are looking for first jobs, or part time jobs. If you vote based on race, and not information, you have no one to blame but yourself. Be informed, and not from those who would benefit from your vote..do the research yourself from various sources. Remember that anyone who promises you “free stuff”, if taking it from someone else…that isn’t producing or creating anything new, therefore no new jobs are created. No one ever got ahead or successful by making someone else unsuccessful…when you sell your vote for some “free stuff”, it’s going to cost you way more than you got, and most likely your freedom .

    • lasercad

      Why do you bother…. these idiots will NEVER get it. They are bought and paid for.

      • DrSique

        Because if we don’t make all Americans understand that if we don’t stand together, we fall together……………..we will fall and it is a long drop off a big cliff.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      “To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association–the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” Thomas Jefferson

      • beebee

        This is a good place to reference 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15. It is a warning against idleness, and the results thereof. Read it, understand it, and take it to heart. Thomas Jefferson was right.

        • ketma

          More importantly, read Isaiah 9:10. A warning for Israel and now for America. Read “The Harbinger”

        • panors77

          I’ll take Jefferson over the evil marx any day.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          I just finished reading it. What we have in our country (for too many people) is the result of “idleness” and the Government “encouraging” it!

      • MARYANN33

        That is it..You work for what you get or do without…Nothing is free.

    • Paladin

      You assume that those folks who voted based on race alone are reading this blog.

    • MARYANN33

      It will take me time to forgive any black for Obama….

    • panors77

      I can say that most of all the fast food jobs that we knew as teens are all taken by illegal mexicans here in SoCal.

  • Tish Morgna

    I see, there must be only ONE master victim race. At least this is positive proof that they know there is a limit to “victim monies”, and they don’t like to share.

  • Michael Hernandez

    Too bad, too sad. You all fell for the hope & change line. I guess american blacks really ARE that gullible.

    • Paladin

      Were they gullible when the Dutch traders told them it was just a 3 hour tour?

      • MARYANN33


  • Abby

    They are just afraid they will have to share the free candy!

  • Evy

    The blacks may be pissed but they’ll still support their Commie Muslim Moron in the white house. Cry me a river!

  • slickzip

    Well thats just too bad the poor ni- -ers are not getting a $1,000,000.00 a year to buy booze and drugs with ,,,

  • BobM001


    • FAAQ2

      But I still gots my guns so I can shoot more crackers But the HNIC sold us up the river…

    • MARYANN33

      That is the honest truth….There is a prophecy that the wars will be among the blacks and hispanics…all those gangs here….

  • lasercad

    Idiot blacks… don’t you get it??? You are already enslaved, they don’t give a rat’s ass about you. They’re looking for their next big voting block… homos, hispanics, women, etc…. They know that all they have to do is offer some special freebie and the idiots will vote for them. Marriage for the homos, citizenship for the hispanics, free contraception for the women (wow, talk about a cheap date). Once you’re in their pocket, they no longer need to pander to you. You’ll continue to vote for these jackasses forever, because you’re too stupid to realize you’ve been had.

    • capitalust

      BECAUSE 93% of you voted for him, they can now (and believe me DO) take you totally for granted. You are money in the bank. Obama and the dems don’t have to do a BLOODY thing for you, they can count on 90+ % of your votes NO MATTER WHAT. You have totally squandered ALL of your political capital. Good move.

      • mogul264

        Again, you’re preaching to the choir, rev.! Those who voted for him don’t read these boards, as a rule!

      • panors77

        And voted often just like Melowese Richardson.

    • Paladin

      Truth be told, it was the democrats that opposed freeing the blacks. It was a democrat (Jim Crow) who created the infamous laws named for him that restricted black rights.
      Since February is Black History month, perhaps the blacks should go back and discover their true history in America. I think the truth would shock them.

      They still dance to their masters who promise to feed and cloth them just so long as the behave and do what ‘massa’ says.

      • panors77

        You beat me to it.

    • MARYANN33

      Very embarrassing indeed that he got women’s vote. We are too smart for that or we used to be…Schools no doubt and too much free sex.

  • Tallfritz

    The African-Americans gave Obama 93% of their vote only proves their own racist views. More than one friend of African descent told me they voted for Obama because they wanted a black President… They didn’t care that he is a socialist – *IF* they knew a single of his political stances…

    • Patriot

      deys be better off to go back tu africa and build a black only country, the free meal iz about to end for them in this country. free at last !!!

  • $22091572

    funny.. its always about the Hispanics..or the blacks.. or the gays.. why cant it be about the Americans? Race dont matter anymore.. its the government that keeps bringing up the race issue.

    • $39132868

      Race is ALL that matters. What is wrong with you? That’s all that any-one ever talk about. Especially non-Whites. Snap out of it. You must be Whites. ONLY Whites believe that nonsense you are putting out.

      • $22091572

        Im not white Im native American.. guess that dont count..

        • MARYANN33

          Now you have a real cause…This is your country..Thanks for sharing it with the other Americans.

          • $22091572

            thank you and your welcome

    • MARYANN33

      We used to be Americans..We were the melding pot. Those who came joined us in being American and did not celebrate being different. Now the ones coming hate America. Our laws used to keep them out. But we are a lawless nation now except for the little man….without corruption.

  • David Taylor

    Racism is a tool of tyranny, with the caveat that its the definition of racism you find in the dictionary.

    • $39132868

      “Racism” is NORMAL. Race is simply extended family. It’s how healthy societies oganize themselves. You noble-sounding crap is completely dishonest, totally flies in the face of biology, and is actually evil. Why are you stil pushing that poisoned swill?


    From the 1960’s the black’s or to be correct Negro race has had advantages heaped upon them. Some took advantage and excelled, Others just took advantage and put the other hand out. Handing you an advantage is no advantage. With the given leverage to succeed comes the stigma of “Well they wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the government”. On one hand the Negro was given a hand on the other they were marked as inferior because they cant succeed without government. The tragic part is the government also realized this and made a dependent class of people. The government then would threaten if you dont elect us the “other”party will take everything away. I often wonder do the Negro race really think they were the only people to be enslaved? My heritage is Slovak and Celtic. The word Slovaks is the root word for slave. and almost a third of Ireland was captured and sold into slavery by Great Britten. How many Irishmen do you see whining over their ancestors that were sold into slavery. So now they are pissed because the government hand has turned to the illegal aliens. What did you expect from this man? He owes you no loyalty. He is a user. when it suites his agenda he promotes the benevolent image. When he gains the power he wants, you will be forgotten.

    I love my country but fear my government.
    God bless America

    • MARYANN33

      I like to earn my blessings on my own and have pride in the work entailed. If you give it to me I will take it if no strings attached. But I will lose the pride in acquiring it.

      • grampa

        Maryann33 I need hope. Will you give it to me? The only thing I can do is try to bring truth to the youth of America. Truth I fear is an illusive commodity in this World of instant gratification. The young do not want to listen, Maybe I need to learn how to text or tweet, or some of the other forms of communication. The danger I see coming is the change in the definition of our words. Change the word definition change the meaning of our Constitution.

        I love my country but fear my government.

        Thank you Maryann for taking the time to answer an old man.
        God Bless America

  • WakeUp&OpenYourEyes

    Well . . . To ALL of the Blacks who voted for Obama, this is YOUR OWN FAULT. You people fell for his LIES & PROMISES, just because he is “Black” ( half-black ). Wise up and vote Republican in 2014 and 2016, before this country comes completely apart !

    • $39132868

      Rubio speaks Espanol. What are you going on about?

      • BigUgly666

        Rubio CANNOT run for President or Vice-President.

        • MARYANN33

          They will run him anyway…Obama has no right to be president and it is working out swell for him.

      • MrChuckster007

        Did you ask yourself who Rubio was speaking to in his Spanish version of the SOTU rebuttal? It appeared to me that he was speaking to the 12 million illegal aliens here, not the legal Hispanic population. If he was speaking to all His[panics in this country, why speak Spanish? Isn’t learning English a requirement to become a U.S. citizen?

    • BigUgly666

      6% Negro

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicky.martin.543 Nicky Martin

    How do you like it now? Should have listened to the conservatives when voting. Listen to them now. This man does have our best interests at heart. I don’t know what train he’s riding on, but it has no stops here. All I can say is ‘you voted for him.’

  • tidalpool

    As an American, I agree with many of these AMERICAN speakers. Why on earthis our president pandering and encouraging illegal immigrants when Americans do not have jobs, access to decent schools, homes, food. Why is our government supporting the poor of Mexico when our poor are in need? This government promises a great deal and delivers very little. It is time we supported Americans and forgot about the rest of the world, including Mexico!

    • $39132868

      The Negroes are being replaced by Mesitozos, as the Negroes are FAR more trouble lthan they have ever been worth, Mestizos still trash the places that YT Built, but not anywhere nearly as badly as Negroes do. Africans – who have NEVER assimilated – utterly DESTROY every place they inhabit. Entire cities fall to wrack and ruin, when they reach a tipping point in numbers. Birmingham, Atlanta, Tuskeegee, Elizabeth, NJ, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD,…..so much costly property damage. Detroit is THE classic example. Detroit, when 90% WHITE was the industrilaized model for civilization – clean, safe, energetic, unbelievably productive. But Black Detroit? Do I need to go into details? FYI – the violence drove Whites out. As per usual. Whites don’t owe any Race a bloody thing.Espeically safety, and life, itself. So if you intend to start whining about my “waycism” – feck off. There has been a 100% consistent pattern of behavior for the past 200 years. Whites CREATE a place, allow Blacks in, feel sorry for them, grant rights, and status, Blacks aquire power, and then SLAUGHTER ALL THE WHITES. Cities? Nahhh…it’s entire countires. Haiti. South African. Rhodesia, The Belgian congo. Now – the USA. Alas Africans were brought to Haiti and the USA as slaves. But Black on Black slavery has existed in the Continent of Africa for centuries and centuries, and is thriving and expandng now, with the advance of Islam, so bugger off on the slavery thing, too,. I’m NOT interested in excuses. American Africans control more wealth, in the USA, than they ever have, and they still do what they do. So overall, in a cost/benefit analysis – Africans have loooooooooooooooooong outlived their usefulness, and a far too much of an economic and social liability, so nice Brown Helots wil do a much better job as “cheap” labor for the Imperial Overlords.

      • capitalust

        Plain and simple – Africanized Killer Democrats are just as big a problem as Africanized Killer Bees. Both should be exterminated.

        • $39132868

          I’m not calling for any-one’s extermination. That is what the Left does. I am calling for the scam of “Waycism” to end. White people need to stop falling for this lunacy. We also need ot STOP thinking we owe any-one ANYTHING – and insist other members of other Races become responsible for their own behavior, and start paying their own way.

      • MARYANN33

        Blacks take their tar paper shacks with them and Mexicans take their cardboard hovels. The very air where the Mexican Ghettos are changes color. It is like driving into Mexico at the border but in middle America…They never had anything, so they do not take care of what they get…

    • Phillip_in_TX

      It is the “intentions” not the “results” that matter.

    • MARYANN33

      And the taxes on the long time citizens went up horribly and impossibly on their own homes etc..Tax tax tax and give our money to others…I am old and get to leave before long…I try not to think about what it will be like for my children. They already have my youngest..He says the world has changed. Try as I may to tell him nothing has changed but the people…..

  • http://twitter.com/lycarson50 linda carson

    Poor me. Guess u should of wated to vote for a black president instead of of half black one .

    • MARYANN33

      There are so many blacks that could have made them proud…They pick the loser.

  • $39132868

    Africans were brought into the USA as farm equipment. They’ve long ago outlived their usefulness, since the advance of technology, and are a horrific liability, in terms of cost/benefit analysis. There are decent, hard-working Negroes – but the vast majority turn everyplace they go into Detroit, and they cost a fortune to maintain. A very bad return on investment, overall. The Mestizos, being brought into to serve as a the new Helot class, are violent and destructive, but they are nowhere near as bad as Africans, They’ll clean out the Africans, as well, for no extra tax dollars. Re: Compton, CA.
    The Africans had it good, for a long time, but now that time has come to an end. They don’t like the Brown Mestizoes, brought in to replace therm, and take “their ” Welfare? Too bad. Now they know how Whitey felt. YT – your population is literally vanishing for existence. You’ve spent 100 years refusing to acknowledge that YOU belong to a specific Race. You’ve refused to protect the interests of YOUR people. Thus – you are vanishing into oblivion. You’ve spent all your energy and resources trying, and failing, to be All Things to All People. Your entire existence revolves around Being Above Race, and Not Caring About Race. It’s not “White Guilt” – it’s White Hubris, and Luciferian Vanity. At least the Mestizos may allow you to die off in a certain degree of peace. They won’t randomly attack you, and rape White women, no matter how old or young. They won’t kill you off for a little bit of money, or for no reason at all. So don’t complain about your displacement, dispossession, and genocide. You asked for it. Now you’re getting what you asked for.

    • MARYANN33

      Compton and Crenshaw moved up to my neighborhood some years ago…They brought the race wars with them…They wanted what we had but could not do as we do…The war continued in a new once lovely community.

  • VeeDub57

    “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.” ~ Teddy Roosevelt.

    When will the white democrats learn that the real racists in America aren’t white? Yes we’ve got plenty, but bigotry in the black, hispanic and asian communities is well organized and taxpayer funded.

    In reality, it’s federally mandated, politically correct, discrimination for peoples because of skin color.

    • $39132868

      When will YOU learn that “Racism” is NORMAL?. Humans are tribal creatures. Race is SIMPLY extended family. It’s a biological survival instinct, a mechanism, to prefer your own kind. Whites have lost ALL their healthy natural instincts. Whites are the only people that delude themselves into thinking. “Race doesn’t matter’ – when just about every element in American life proves the opposite. All other Races know this is a total scam. No worries. Whitey is dying out. Literally. When YT dies off, all this rubbish about “We are all alike underneath” ends.

      • VeeDub57

        Yeah, yeah, sure whatever! You’ve written that tribal crap before. YOU and other lower life forms may still be “tribal”, but my ancestors evolved to become a part of an intelligent, civilized society a long, long time ago!

  • Bradley Jones

    well cry me a freaking river, what happened to we the people, its all about what group can gain what screw em

  • BigUgly666

    Do a little research – look up the Country of Liberia.
    Look at the founding of Liberia, who paid for it, who “settled” it, the “Constitution of Liberia”, and what happened within a decade or two of it’s founding

    • MARYANN33

      My father worked in Liberia for a few years on voice of America or some such job. He came home with a terrible hatred of blacks…

  • CaptTurbo

    They aren’t all stupid. They see all the free crap they could be getting sucked away by the beaners O’bro has been importing to pervert the elections and break the nation with debt.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    The vast majority of black people seem to always be asking, “What can be done for us?” You’ve been given just about every handout and set-aside imaginable for the past 40 years, and you’re still asking for more? Grow the hell up, black people. It’s time.

    Your Democrat overseers have successfully kept you on the liberal plantation for decades now, and you’re accustomed to the life so take what they dish out to you and keep quiet. You asked for it, and you got it.

    How about this; you’re free to build your life as you want make it. That’s it. It’s up to you. I know you worship government and bow to your leftist politicians like medieval serfs, but some of us are experiencing “negro fatigue” with all your chronic complaining. I certainly am.

  • $39132868

    Does ONE politician, in the entire country, or world, for that matter, care one thing about the Founding Stock of America aka White People? Why should they, though? White people don’t care about White people. I guess every-one’s too afraid of being called a WAAAAAYCISSS.

  • machodog

    You black people elected him so STFU, eat that crow and quit your bit ching. I hope you suffer miserably, as a result of re-electing him simply for his skin color, worse than when your ancestors were slaves. obama got what he wanted from you in his campaign, now you’re dispensable. You only THOUGHT that you had problems finding a job…now you’ll be vying against 11 million mexicans in addition to what you were vying against before. It’s biting you in the a ss and I hope it takes a HUGE bite!!

  • TLady62

    When I read this article yesterday (which I got from a link of The Wilkow Majority Content Newsletter), I smiled. As a Black Conservative, I chuckled. This is just what Blacks deserve for being so politically clueless. Expecting salvation through political action for the past 40 years. As David Webb has said time and again, when you consistently vote one political party, you’re gonna get played.

  • dave

    You were stupid enough to vote by the color of your skin, deal with it.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    I do believe the blacks are starting to realize they’re just means to an end, and don’t matter any more than whites, Christians, Jews, etc. to O!

  • TexRancher

    You mean it took over four years to find out they’ve been used by this 6.25% black that they ‘ve been worshipping? That ILLEGAL INVADERS are in his line well ahead of them?
    That he’s decided that ILLEGALS are now more useful to him than they are? Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say! They’ve been kissing up to democrats for decades and are just now finding out that their usefuness is grinding to a halt. Guess they won’t believe that until the gummit checks stop coming! Blacks will still have to learn that they’ll only see democrats in their neighborhoods and churches during campaigns and will then disappear until the next one!

  • FAAQ2

    The trouble is you blacks have been handed the free crap and special privileges for the past 60 years – so now you are relegated to welfare and food stamps and free cell phones. so instead of doing something constructive and advancing your cause for the common good – you instead have the bloods and crips – more blacks in prison then ever and still you stand back and still want more. while the Hispanics work hard to get what they want – blacks instead just want more free crap- while since evolution eliminates the weaker species – eventually blacks will be gone – the way of the dodo bird – replaced by hispanics.. Well you have no one to blame but yourself – even tho you voted for the HNIC – he doesn’t give a damn about you.. SO just kick back and fade into history – and the only drawback will be fewer NFL & NBA teams filled with white boys who can’t jump.

    Say good night Tyrone !

  • marineh2ominer

    When you go where the votes are , regardless where that takes you , you HAVE to forget all past alliances and principles . I know that all those crying will re-elect him a third time if he runs , there is no accounting for pure ignorance . Of course if he doesn’t run , the ignorant will still have Hillary , another totally unprincipled DEMONRAT .

  • Pierre

    You drank the cool-aid now you’ve got to live with it. Next time be an informed voter not a color voter.

  • Carol

    I said this back when Bush was pushing amnesty. The blacks should be having a fit over this. A new government poster child is on the scene and stealing their mojo.


    Their chickens are coming home to roost…What made them consider him black…he is RED for communism and evil through and through..His girls can be totally ashamed of him. Now we will have another pro Hispanic pres and the blacks will be forgotten..Good going on the stupid vote….

  • n2sooners

    It’s simple really, why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? Why should democrats bother doing anything for blacks when they are going to get the black vote anyway? It would cost them too much to do anything for blacks for very little return since they already get well over 90% of the black vote regardless of what they do. And as long as blacks continue their current voting pattern no one is going to do anything for them.

  • cae973

    Well finally black american citizens are waking up…too bad they didn t wake up before the election. Black americans have the highest unemployment because the illegals have taken all the jobs that our black citizens used to do. Young blacks see their parents unemployed, see the illegals working and getting freebies and see that they have no future, no way to earn an honest living so they turn to crime. Then when they go to jail and are released they still can t get a job because they have a criminal record while pedro and jose cross the border illegally and have criminal records in their Real countries but get hired here because employers can t check for records on them. Stand up black americans and we white americans who are against amnesty will stand up with you!

  • Average Joe

    Just proves their stupid to vote color dont it.

  • foxmuldar


  • paj

    Hmm, you get what you voted for!!! I sure did not, and neither did anyone that I talk with on a regular basis

  • francis

    it’s so sad my fellow blacks voted for free sevice for others and not themself. now look at yourself in the mrrior and say how folish i’am to vote for someone whom i thought would give me everything i didn’t deserve. now it’s time to pick yourself up and wipe the dust off and educate yourself about who’s really looking out for you and vote these people in office. one question for the blacks who reads this message here it is, have you ever been done wrong by another black and if so what makes you think oblamema (because he always blame others) wouldn’t be another black to wrong you? thank you…

  • Deepizzaguy

    Are you happy now that you voted for Obama because Mitt Romney said he was going to kill Big Bird? Serves you right that you are getting screwed by your own kind of politician.

  • Stan

    My gracious, what was Obama thinking? Guess they will have to get in line and wait for Obama to get back around to their wants and supposedly needs.

  • redwolf6911

    Elections have consequences.

  • DenverKitty

    Count me as laughing my azz off at the poor black community…did you really think the Butcher of Benghazi wouldn’t USE you???

  • Public_Citizen

    Boy doesn’t it just suck and blow simultaneously when your demographic gets completely played for suckers by the Community Organizer in Chief.
    Welcome to the plantation boys and girls. Democrats have been lying to you for decades and now you are starting to see exactly where they want to put you – back of the bus and out in the fields.

    How does it feel to be Stalin’s “useful idiots” – the new and improved American Edition?

  • TJ

    To bad that all you oboma voters figured this out AFTER you all voted. How do you feel about him now? Probably the same as I have always felt about the socialist in OUR white house.

  • infidel81

    ME,ME,ME,ME,ME! That’s all I’m hearing from the whining blacks. When I was a lot younger I couldn’t understand why my father used to say ” the blacks aren’t looking for equal rights, they’re looking for special rights. Mark my words, son, the domocrats will give them what they want, and then there’ll be Hell to pay.” Now, I understand my dad perfectly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=695726688 Lara Nunes

    awwwwwwwwww so 93% of the vote was african americans .. well Guess what fellow americans you didnt want to listen to us other americans who tried to tell you, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO you rather used the race card .. oh well its ok maybe next time you will listen.

  • CSHJ

    He didn’t have to do anything for the blacks because he already knew that he had their votes. 93% of the black population? A lot of whites voted for him because it was soooo cool to have a black president. NEVER EVER vote on someones color. Vote for their character and he has none. You get what you deserve.

  • amishmime

    In 1964 an Air Force member aboard Air Force One, overheard Pres. Johnson telling another Dem…”I will have them niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. Yes the same Johnson who was violently opposed to Eisenhower’s Civil Rights bills–along with everyone’s favorite Klansman Sen Byrd–flip flops, only when he sees it as a political advantage. Now we’re seeing the same thing being done with Hispanics. And to think African Americans call Black Republicans “Uncle Tom”.

  • DukeRebukem

    O and his ilk know what’s best for you so shut up, get back in line, do what you’re told and vote Democrat!

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