DHS has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors

The video, titled “Options for Consideration,” also advises that people who get caught in an “active shooter” situation should run away, hide under a desk or take cover out of the line of fire.

The nearly four-minute-long video opens with chilling scenes from the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, and the 2011 attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords.

But the video quickly shifts to hokey footage of office workers scampering under desks, crouching in corners and racing into closets to hide from a rampaging gunman on the loose.

“To protect your hiding place, lock the door if you can. Block the door with heavy furniture,” recommends the male narrator, speaking in measured, authoritative tones.

Other survival strategies promoted in the video include hiding “behind large items such as cabinets or desks. Remain quiet. Silence your cellphone or pager. Even the vibration setting can give away a hiding position.”

Richard Feldman, president of the Independent Firearm Owners Association, said he has a better option for consideration than a pair of scissors when confronting an armed mass murderer — a legal firearm.

“That’s why I prefer a gun, and I usually do carry a gun when it is lawful to do so,” said Feldman. “Clearly, you use whatever you can” to fight for your life, he said.

So if scissors are all you’ve got, grab them by all means.

The video is part of the Obama administration’s ongoing campaign to reduce firearm violence in the wake of the horrific mass murder last month of 20 children and six teachers in Newtown, Conn., said a Homeland Security official.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.treadway Mark Treadway

    As a cop, I have no problem with any of these suggestions However, I also support each and every one of those people being in possession of a personal firearm (if they so choose). I would love it if the bad guy is already down by the time I get there….

    • Malcolm Jensen

      I agree.

  • Wheelerdude

    I would recommend two edits to the video. First, I would state early in the video, “At the first indication of an active shooting situation, instruct employees licensed to carry a concealed weapon to use their weapon to defend themselves and their fellow employees. This also will end the active shooting situation in short order.” Second, I would then state, “Those who want to wait for first-RESPONDERS, please consider the options listed in this video…and best of luck with the scissors!”

    Why do you think they call them “responders”? Cause you’re already dead!!

  • RockyMtn1776

    I have taken the Presidents advice, keep my Glock 45 locked away in a gun safe and purchased the latest government approved self defense weapon.
    I updated to a set of assault scissors with a 4 blade capacity magazine !

    • Malcolm Jensen


    • barbiecakes

      Under federal law the blades must not be longer than 6 inches. I feel much safer with my 4 inch pen knife.

  • opy

    carry a gun, when lawful to do so? i always carry a gun, especially in illinois. i just know enough not to hang around.

    never forget, never forgive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/walt.haefner Walt Haefner

    This video – produced by the SAME PEOPLE who told us to, in the event of a NUCLEAR BOMB going off in the vicinity – HIDE UNDER YOUR DESK!!! (You’re hiding
    under WOOD! I think THAT was to make sure that, as you melt – the extra
    kindling would help speed up the progress!)

  • barbiecakes

    Didn’t obama once say ”never bring a knife to a gunfight.”

    • CWDJR

      Yes, he did say that, and also used a lot of other street thug jargon (I guess to sound tough). I’ll bet Nappy and other Obamalike’s rely on more than a pair of scissors and/or hiding under a desk for self protection. I believe that method of self defense is (in their eye’s) suitable for us peons only.

  • CJ

    wanna lay any money on the fact that Obummers kids are protected with guns? Yeah, right, stinking liberal hypocrits! Leave our children out there to be shot by livberal idiots who watch too much liberal TV, and protect yours with the very guns you try to eliminate!

  • singingcowboy674

    Just remember Todd, if all you have is scissors to protect yourself or said kids, by the time you are close enough to hurt him with it, he/she’s going to shoot you with the gun. And then you have given away your position and he’s free to find the rest of the children that will likely respond when they see their teacher murdered. Now, I ask, Is it safer for the children to be in the same room with a responsible firearm holder, or is it better to be vulnerable and “hope” that a “active shooter” (like what’s an ‘inactive’ shooter?” doesn’t happen upon your hiding place? Unless of course you are moonlighting as a ninja and can like kill a man by hitting the right pressure points or something. But, I don’t know too many of them that are teachers. I think the safest option, or the most danger mitigating option is to have responsible people armed who are able to neutralize the threat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/walt.haefner Walt Haefner

    Todd – the GUN isn’t dangerous… it’s the person HOLDING the gun, AND his intent that makes the gun ‘dangerous’… I’ve left my gun, and ammo by the door, and never ONCE did it load itself and go on a rampage… just saying

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