• Abby

    Go Granny!!!! It’s amazing how your philosophy changes when you become the target. Detroit violence is out of control…it seems people have finally lost faith in the authorities and have begun to take matters in their own hands!!!

    • TLady62

      When push comes to shove…

      But of course this story will not make the rounds on any of the major networks or CNN. Doesn’t fit their idiotic template.

  • Bulldog74

    I’m glad that she’s ok — too bad it took an incident like this for her to see the light.
    I hope a lot of other people don’t have to find out the hard way that the Second Amendment is deisgned to protect them, not only from cowardly thugs but from cowardly wannabe tyrants in government (although I must admit, the thought of Bloomberg or Feinstein getting caught without their bodyguards and robbed at gunpoint would make my day).

  • amandaleane

    GOOD FOR HER!!!!!

  • http://Rfgamble.is-an-engineer.com/ Robert Gamble

    HEY !! I want to see some real work going on…I went here and bitched at my Representatives … Post yours ! Do it and then post something else. Quit the trash talk AND DO SOMETHING ! mine – Arrest the TRAITORS NOW !


    and don’t just sign the one I’ve got…make your own and send it and then post it for more of us to sign. I want those traitors arrested, convicted and then hung until they rot.

  • granny_forUSA

    We granny’s are he** on wheels these days. Know how to load & shoot. You want to take me on…prepare for your demise. Police never catch those guys, so its up to we licensed carriers to protect ourselves.

  • hiskid1964

    teach granny how to shoot

  • ableamerican

    Granny is a black lady..curious to know if the perpetrator was also of the same skin pigment..& how many on the bus were also? NO RESPECT or RESPONSE..from any!! Good job, Granny..More folks NEED to wake up..like she has..Draw the line in the “sand” & refuse to ‘take it anymore”!! If she did ‘hit’ him..fatally..he won’t be around to continue his actions..I’m ALL FOR THAT!!

  • wyatt81

    Reality (bad people out there who want to hurt/kill you) vs the fantasy (gun control/disarmament but the government will take care of you) of the lying Left.

  • shiloh

    Maybe she should switch to “critical defense” ammo and take a self defense course.

  • Tin

    Obviously granny needs some range time/practice.

  • doug63

    granny made a big mistake….. her life was not in danger. her backpack was gone but she was safe. she went after the bad guy and started shooting. If she had hit/killed him she would gone to jail. She is for gun control but has a concealed weapon permit?????

    • Roger Long

      I agree. If she was against guns, why was she packing?

  • sagebrush6

    Find out who that woman is and I would like to replace her ammunition free of charge.

  • beabea

    Not so good, 11 stray bullets, think about it.

  • Miguel

    Actually this story is not a good one to promote Second Amendment rights. Unless something was omitted, she was not defending herself when she fired on the thief. It’s probably a good thing that she missed. Otherwise she might have been accused of murder if she had killed the guy. The right of self-defense does have limits, as some unlucky people find out when they shoot a would-be intruder outside of their home.

  • Public_Citizen

    When you get underneath all the window dressing the Feinstein proposal amounts to a definitional ban on any firearm made in the last 500 years.
    There is a provision to ban any firearm with a “grip”. Since some sort of “grip” is required to allow the human hand to hold [or grip] a firearm it amounts to a back door complete gun grab.
    I’m happy that the woman wasn’t injured but disturbed by th4e reporting that nobody else on the bus would even come to her aid in a confined area like a bus.
    This is a preview of what every liberal wants to bring to ~your~ community. A complete de-socialization of “people” who are totally mesmerized by “American Idol” and similar brain candy and completely dependent on an all intrusive and unresponsive government.

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