• Todd

    It’s better than killing someone accidently. WAKE UP!

    • Brian

      Nobody is ever killed accidentally. It is done with purpose you moron. Just like a car “accident” really is someone’s stupid mistake since they used poor judgement. I’ll bet your father thinks it was an “accident” to not use a condom with your mother.

    • gutterfalcon

      Accidently ?? How did you sneak onto a computer ? You Moron !

    • BigUgly666


    • caskinner

      Your ignorance is shining like a star…….not too bright one though.

    • TheColoredHand

      Did someone not perform an abortion on you “accidentally”? Theres always got to be ONE in this crowd!

  • Camden

    Accidently killing someone??? Todd, wake up! If a woman is being raped, she isn’t going to accidently kill anyone, she is going to purposely kill her attacker.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorna.doone.319 Lorna Doone

    Some rapists don’t care, they like a ‘bloody mary!’

  • jbp

    Why not just pull your concealed handgun and shoot the sob?

    • rikem9984

      That would require common-sense, and a gun both of which are a no no on college campuses.

  • American Patriot

    Shoot him in the groan. But if he doesn’t die. The police may charge you with malicious wounding. But for sure he won’t rape again.

    • TheColoredHand

      PUNCH him in the groin! Unless hes wearing a cup, which most rapists dont, he’ll double over in pain, THEN you can shoot him!

  • Marlin208

    How about number 11, stick a gun in his face, this way all the above are not needed.

    • DWeb

      And then watch him do #7

      • Marlin208

        LMAO, good one.

  • EBlake

    I think a whistle up there _ _ _ will let us know where all the idiots are!

  • gutterfalcon

    The people who wrote these rules/suggestions, They don’t have Daughters ?

    • Marlin208

      Or brains

    • James Maxwell

      Have a daughter and a grandaughter, I wouild tell both of them to blow the basturds
      balls off then put one between his eyes for good measure. I taught both of the
      gun safety and how to shoot from an early age and to always respect any weapon.

  • bodica

    ‘…that you have a disease or are menstruating…’ interesting correlation. Touch of superstitious misogyny there…

    • TheColoredHand

      Most people cant vomit and urinate on command, esp when dealing in a life and death situation!

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        That’s why God invented the concept of “Practice”. In stressful situations, you do what you’ve prepared for. No one said that the mere act of purchasing a weapon made you “Magic”. Practicing gives you a fighting chance at survival, nothing more, nothing less.

  • barbiecakes

    Tell them you have aids and if he doesn’t buy that line shoot to kill.

  • lokiswife

    I just posted this on the Whistle While You’re Getting Raped comments, but it adds another important item to the list, so here it is again:

    There is an excellent book by Gavin deBecker called “The Gift of Fear – Survival Signals That Protect us From Violence”. You have two “brains” – one in your gut and one in your head. The one in your gut is primitive and picks up danger signals to warn us and protect us, then our head brain starts using logic to overcome the signals from the gut. “Oh, he looks like a nice guy who wouldn’t hurt me”, “I’m just being silly to be scared of him”. “I’m not going to run from this situation or call for help, I would be embarassed”. Women need to learn to heed the gut signals and follow them. Better to escape than suffer the consequences of ignoring the message….

  • Sagebrush6

    A gun works really well. Best defense of all.

  • Jeff Shouse

    GUN CONTROL: The Liberal fallacy that it is somehow nobler for a woman to lie dead, raped and strangled than it is for her to be alive and explaining to the police why she had to shoot the dumb son-of-a-bi+ch!

  • Aristophanes

    Anyone notice the contradiction between 8 & 9? Is whoever made up this list really serious?

  • fcsuszka

    Oh this is great. Come up with a list of to-do’s to ward off possible rape or harm and then throw in number 9. “Understand that some actions on your part might lead to more harm.” Do you think? Where do we get these bumbling idiots anyway? Like most advice “men” come up with for women it lacks understanding and sensitivity. Why are there no suggestions by women? Why is it always stupid men who think they know everything making the suggestions? I’m sorry. I am a man and I don’t understand.

  • Don b

    The last statement in this article is correct. Only she can determine the best response. Why limit your choices in a situation like this. Carry a gun…

  • TPM

    Gosh, this sounds a lot like that saying, “if rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.”
    Don’t worry “Liberal Libby” you can always get an abortion and a shot of pennicillin.
    With a bit of luck your rapist won’t disfigure you or pass along his aids virus.

    These 10 non-violent ideas for how to deal with a rapist are less than inspiring.
    They pale in comparison to a double tap.
    THAT is how you stop a rapist, this time and forever more.

    • TheColoredHand

      You remember that infamous Tex Antwawn line, huh? Cant believe that-ruined his career, and soon afterwards, his life!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XE4WDDSZDVZZXLSST7TH5T6ZWQ Toni

    I will take my chances with a gun any day!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-Stevenson/100002324175685 Carl Stevenson

    All reliable data shows that women who fight back with a gun are about 5 times LESS likely to be raped, murdered, or seriously injured than women who “just give them what they want” or fight back with less effective means.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003743384006 David Henderson

    I feel very sorry for this mans Wife, and or daughters. How embarrassing that my country has come to this. To all the ladies that support this, next they will tell you to go ahead and just let it happen so the attackers soul isn’t damaged!!!

  • grannylake

    I guess it must be true. Democratic politicians are born with the stupid gene that blossoms after they are elected.

  • Bill Weston

    Another tactic is to ask the attacker if he has herpes, syphilus, or some other STD. If the attacker reaches for a condom, the woman could then run. Of couse this tactic could also allow time to draw your weapon and use it.

  • Marlin208

    ladies, ladies, just run to the nearest safe zone and blow your whistle! And if all else fails throw your tampon at him. There ya go, now you are safe and all worries just vanish away.

  • sovereigntyofone

    12. Pull out your conceal carry licensed .357 magnum (9mm acceptable).

    13. Aim at center body mass

    14. Give verbal warning ( optional) ” Halt, stay where you are or I’ll shoot.

    15. If he even bats an eye lid and moves towards you, pop him a new belly button right above the exisisting one.( If he retreats continue on your way and call police. Remember when there is no longer an imediate threat to your life you DO NOT have the right to use deadly force.)

    16. If you have a cellphone, call 9-11 report the shooting be sure to include you were the victim.

    17. Make sure the perp is no longer a threat ( don’t shoot any more rounds than needed to end the threat) If perp is no longer a threat place your weapon away so the police do not mistake you for the criminal and shoot you.

    18. If you have a lawyer ask them to meet you at the scene, when police arrive simply say ” I was in fear for my life “. When they arrive keep your hands away from your body and in plain sight showing you are no threat.

    19. Once your lawyer meets with you, they will advise you what to say or not say.

    This is America, you have the right to defend yourself against animals that would rather kill you than look at you to get what ever perverted pleasures from you.

    • Berzrkr50

      Nawww, go straight to #15. The other stuff is just fluff…

  • TPS12

    Well it appears democrats will give you contraceptives and abortions on the taxpayer dime but won’t let you protect yourself from rape?

    • aRareSaneOne

      How about free guns for women?! Cheaper than free cell phones!

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        I’ll bet some Progressive Idiot will counter with “Free Condoms for Rapist’s”.

  • jeremiahweed

    I was a law enforcement officer for 35 years. The worst rape/murder thatI ever investigated involved a woman during her mensus. The rapist/murderdidn’t care. He removed her tampon and flung it against the wall (left a very distinct impression on the eggshell white paint), raped her in front of her 5 year old and 2 year old, then cut her throat – almost decapitating her. In spite of her wounds, she walked over 50 yards to a neighbor for help with the children following. The bloody footprints of the victim and children on the neighbor’s carport have haunted me for over 30 years. I have suffered PTSD as a result of it. A coupe of .357 rounds would have changed the equation for all of us.

  • tim

    I guess I agree. In this case there is need of some gun control. She or he should carefully take control of their gun and put one round center body mass then one in the head. Always practice safe gun control.

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