Joe Biden: ‘Buy A Shotgun!’

Vice President Joe Biden answered questions during a Facebook Town Hall hosted by Parents Magazine on Tuesday and advised a woman to buy a shotgun for protection.

“If you want to protect yourself get a double barrel shotgun, you don’t need an AR-15,” Biden said, referring to a type of semi-assault weapon. “You don’t need an AR-15, it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use…buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun!”

What are your thoughts about Biden’s advise?

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  • Brian Folks

    “Slow Brain, Fast Mouth” Biden seems to forget that shotguns are short range and sometimes you need more than 2 shots.

  • DrDulcamara

    “Hi, I’m Joe Biden and I always eat my own underwear before I speak…mmmrgl, mmmph…grrrmph…GULP!”

  • dshevlin

    “What are my thoughts on Joe Biden’s advise”…….. My thoughts are: “I NEVER take advise from someone who is less educated then I am” – “I NEVER listen to mentally ill people” – “I do not want to be like East London, under sharia law with NO guns” That is my answer Joe. What ya say to that? The UK has NO guns, their cops have NO guns. They think we should be like that? That is why E.London is under muslim patrol for sharia law, because the cops and the people have no guns to get rid of them. Did Joe ever take a competency test? How about a mental health evaluation? Can I please see the results because it doesn’t look as if he passed those tests. One look at his face tells me this. You should have to be competent to even suggest a new law of any kind. So Joe’s advise, words, and suggestions, IMHO, are null & void.

    • machodog

      …the word is adviCe and “than”.

  • MiHo1959

    Especially like his advice to fire both rounds into the air to scare off the attacker, then stand there with an empty gun… like an idiot.

    • Reb Biker

      That was the first thing I thought of when I heard that clip. Well, actually, it was the second thing. My first thought was “Is that person interviewing Joe male, female, or somewhere in between?”.

  • TexRancher

    Hey Joe,
    Defend ourselves with a shotgun against whom? The intruder who is stupid enough to invade our home? (Messy, expensive cleanup) or as the 2nd amendment intended against an abusive government which would require longer range multiple shots?
    You keep your shotgun, and I’ll choose a gun that suits my intent!
    Of course, any subversive government would definately prefer that we be limited to shotguns and short range antique weapons with limited capasity.
    So Joe, whose side are you really on?

  • $12994363

    Response to Biden’s “Buy a shotgun!” comment: “Kiss my ass!”

  • WRF

    I agree with Joe, buy a shotgun. It makes a great supplement to an AR type rifle and semi-auto pistol. We all should have multiples of each.

    • conservative

      Yes, but not double barrel. short barrel pump or semi-auto.

  • tncdel

    To each his own. My S & W pump shotgun carried six shells.

    • conservative

      My Mossberg 500 pump holds 8.

  • conservative

    Shotgun not my first choice. I do have a shotgun and it holds way more than 2 rounds. 12 gauge is way too much gun for many females and smaller males.

  • Nate

    This advice, coming from a guy I wouldn’t trust with a squirt-gun? Thank you, but no…

  • Bud Risner

    Joe the “BUFFOON” Biden. The people who elected that idiot as their senator are dumber than he is. Yes you are! Yes you are!

  • Dean

    How come we are so fortunate to have the “brain” and the “numbskill” both heading up our government at the same time? Neither one is worth a darn!!

  • blind archer

    If you are foolish enough to listen to our vice president, (the one obama put in charge of changing the gun laws), you likely should not own a firearm of any kind, until you
    know what a gun is, what happens when you pull the trigger, when and how it should
    be used.
    Never, under any circumstance, fire warning shots, either into the air or into the ground. Firing a warning shot is dangerous and primarily a product of television and Hollywood. Many police departments have policies, (and laws), against this type of action. Innocent people have been killed by firing warning shots and you are responsible for the bullets that leave your barrel. Remember the old adage that whatever goes up must come down. Anyone who has had even the most basic firearms safety has learned that we need to be aware of the target and what is beyond. Firing warning shots is a criminal offense in most if not all states, and it might get you jail time. If you decide to fire a warning shot to try to stop an attack — your legal position is the same as if you actually shot the intruder. And now that you have fired your two shots in the air all you have is a heavy, clumsy club. If the threat is close enough to see that you have a double barreled shotgun, and they can count to two, you may be in very serious trouble. I would then suggest that you do what the police do in Great Briton, shout: STOP, OR I’LL SHOUT STOP AGAIN !

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