MAN STUFF: Bear Attack Survivor

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Survivor of a Bear attack a decade later with wounds closed after the animal hacked and cleft his head with his large claws in a jungle near a small village in Karnatka region of India.

From Facebook’s Hunting page.

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  • Ben

    Wow. Unbelievable!

    • mtman2

      “WELL”, that’s why WE have the 2nd in the USA. 44mag-revolver or 45/70-Marlin lever gun would leave the bear worse…like also dead!!! A 12-gauge slug gun would sit any bear down fast. This guys gotta be tough + must have a good healthy diet.

  • terrie

    That must of HURT!!!

  • bull57

    I fought the bear and the bear won! What ever caliber is recommend to kill bears get one just a

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