MAN STUFF: What MEN played with until golf, pedicures, spray tans and conditioners came along.


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  • Todd

    What’s wrong with a manicure? Are you homophibioc? WAKE UP CAVE MAN! EVOLVE MONKEY!

    • JaeDub

      nothing wrong with a manicure if you’re female.

      • Right Side News

        Amen, JaeDub, Todd probably does spray tan too, and what does homophibioc mean……. appears to be another leftist redefinition of deviant behavior

      • jeepdude911

        Maybe Todd is female. That would explain his emotional outbursts.

        • lara


          • Mike Won

            The influx of women in the military was daunting but a contract was yet to be fulfilled However, the recognition of the influx of the gender challenged in the military was a deal breaker! 4 Honourable discharges and the final ‘General’ discharge were fine!

      • BruceInBaghdad

        Be nice guys or you’ll make Todd cry.

      • BruceInBaghdad

        Besides, my dad taught me to man-icure with a Buck knife.

        • Virginia

          I just use the Dremel Tool.

          • Joseph C. Moore (USN Ret.)

            That’s funny, I confess that I sometimes use a Dremel tool to trim my toenails.

      • Nick Lenarz

        Perhaps Todd is “man-struating”? Somebody get that girl a chocolate bar!

    • lara


    • Bulldog74

      sissy boy Todd strikes again…

  • marineh2ominer

    Great flicks , but I had to break a rule to see them , I don’t do facebook .

    • Oldtymepatriot

      Guess I won’t be watching, I don’t do facebook either even though so many sites are starting to use it. Judging by the photo under the headline though, it must be a good video. The only thing I’ve tried listed (golf, pedicures, spray tans, or conditioner) was golf and I wasn’t (for lack of a better word) “feeling” enough to be any good at it, finesse isn’t part of my character. I am disgusted at the sight of girlie men.

    • mom2marine

      Just saying “no” to Facebook. +_+

  • Allamerican

    This is probably going to unnerve some males, but I will say it anyway. Too many men have become wussy,s. Too much time on video games?

    • Pat C

      The feminist movement had everything to do with the sissification of males.

  • Fenwick

    The term “homophobic” was invented by the left as a put down against all persons who who would rather not mix with or support people who are gay. While it may be true that people have a right to express a sexuality different from the traditional heterosexual one, it is also true that I have a right to refuse to associate with whomever I please. Of course the left disagrees with that and they would like to force and dictate people’s choices of association with others. Well it ain’t gonna happen because I know which types of people I like and which types I dislike, and when you think about it, even the left does that and there are plenty of types of folks they absolutely hate with a vengeance (e.g., anti-abortion protesters)!!!

  • Tonto

    What was the term, “Metrosexual?”

    Glorified sissies.

  • localnet

    Golf? What is wrong with golf? I have firearms and golf clubs! To throw us guys in with the mani-pedi crowd is just wrong.

  • Austin Jones

    These days it is probably too expensive to hunt. What I am talking about is NOT the price of firearms and/or ammunition, but all of the licenses and other “fees” associated with the sport. Also, known as taxes under another name.

    • Idadho

      Most states have reasonable license and tag fees. They are not taxes. They are user fees that fund wildlife management. $50 will get a license and deer tag in many states.

  • CelticRune

    Real men don’t use Facebook………………………..

  • Barb Patton

    My 2 sons were taught to shoot buck by the age of 7, clean their guns by the age of 8 and thats that. We have encouraged our men to be sissies and it is all out fault. enough said

  • roguemedic

    I don’t use the civilization destroying facebook. Maybe if he subscribed to the Tea Party Community social network, real patriots could see this video

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